Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas

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Creative Ideas, Testing, Introduction

I had the idea to share my creative ability, but I also wanted to measure its effect. I researched creativity testing and found instruments which provided what I needed: an objective description of my ability or talent. I hired a local career counselor who provided me with some tests.

However, I wanted something more quantifiable. So in 1999 I took a battery of tests which included the Creativity Assessment Packet by Frank Williams, the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking by Paul E. Torrance, and the PYTHAGORAS B/C, an experimental measure of verbal and nonverbal creativity, by Greg A. Grove, Ph.D.

This battery of tests was administered by Dr.Grove. He provided me with the results and an interpretation of them. On this page you can find the details of my Creativity Assessment . The results were updated in 2001 when Dr. Grove retested me, in the course of his research. There are a few other tests, therefore, mentioned on that page. If you'd like to see a summary of the findings please see this page: Testing Summary

Inquiries regarding creativity testing may be sent to Dr. Grove. If you would like to purchase a copy of his creativity test see: PYTHAGORAS B/C.

Or, if you would like to explore taking other tests via an online service, you can look into Careers By Design where you can take tests online for a fee.

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