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Creative Ideas, Testing, Conclusions


Creativity and the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator

The first test I will discuss was the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI. This instrument describes individuals in terms of how they relate to people and life in general. The MBTI uses four continua: Extroversion to Introversion, Sensing to Intuition, Thinking to Feeling, and Judging to Perceiving to create a profile. This is formed after responses are analyzed and used to determine one's placement on each of the four continua. The combination of each of these placements come to describe the individual that was tested.

My results showed Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging were my preferences, with Intuition being the strongest factor.

In my case the scores reflected someone who is Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. This is a relatively rare combination. The descriptions of this type are as follows: They are responsive and responsible, have a great concern for what others think or want and try to handle things with due regard for the other persons feelings. They can present proposals and or lead a group discussion with ease and tact, are sociable and sympathetic. This kind of person tends to be imaginative, likes variety, new challenges and is imaginative. They prize harmony, cooperation and are trustworthy.

In relation to creativity that portion of the scoring relating to intuition, which was my strongest suit, is seen to correlate well with creativity. No wonder I have ideas.

Creativity and the California Psychological Inventory

This instrument provided another view of creative ability. Again the test categorizes those who take it into four types. The names of the types do not hint at their meaning as did those in the MBTI. My results gave a extremely strong showing as a Gamma type. The descriptors given for such a person are as follows: participative, rule or norm questioning, adept at spotting flaws or incongruities in conventions, including those of the work place; eager for change and innovation, creative in their own thinking and behavior. The fact that my score was very high in the Gamma type indicates that I have an unusually favorable realization of the potentialities of my type, meaning superior intellectual ability, verve, spontaneity, clarity of thinking, and a zest for the new and different.

Relating this to creativity is fairly easy to understand. Being eager for change or innovation, being creative in thinking and behavior, and having a zest for the new and different. I am an artist, I write, play music, compose, and more. But creativity is not limited to just the yields one might suppose. Creativity permeates my life yielding interesting results on a day to day basis. There always seems to be more than one way of doing anything, there is, it seems, always room for improvement.

Creative Ideas and the Strong Interest Inventory

This instrument inventories your interests and compares them to that of various professionals. The idea being that if your responses parallel those of a given kind of profession then you might consider it. Career counselors use this test. The SII does not classify one into types.

Responses are first organized into themes present in your interests. The results typically focus on your three strongest themes. Mine were the Social Theme, meaning I have interest in helping and instructing; the Artistic Theme, meaning I have interests in creating or enjoying art; and the Investigative Theme, meaning that I enjoy researching and analyzing.

The second summary of the data outlines which 5 of 25 interest scales showed the most interest. Here my basic interests included: public speaking, social service, medical service, law or politics, and music or dramatics.

Third, the scores are compared to the Occupational Scales of other professionals. Here the results showed I had similarities with Social Science instructors, Sociologists, Ministers, Art instructors, Counselors, Lawyers, and Occupational therapists.

These results indicate a deep interest in helping people and a creative ability. This interpretation is reinforced by a farther breakdown in the results where the three themes mentioned above, Social, Artistic, and Investigative are analyzed. Although my highest score was in the Social theme, the most dramatic was that in the Artistic theme. In this area my scoring was consistently above that of vast majority of men and women, was wide ranging, and not limited to the arts alone.

The tests indicate, overall, a strong creative ability and a sociable personality. This is a reasonable attempt to provide you with some basis for analyzing the usefulness that Creative Ideas may have for your organization or personal needs. There are many testing instruments being used professionally, but the ones that I chose were those well known by professional counselors and analysts. Some of them were not so well known but had their own value.

I wish to be of service.

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