Regime Change Begins at Home

First Quarter of 2006

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January 2006



You know the Bushwhacker said, "when the job is finished" well, looks like the job must be getting pert near done in Afghanistan because the US forces are going to be ceding control to NATO forces in the "restive south". No matter that they are not as well prepared for the task, that the resistance is on the upsurge, and that they'll look at any draw down as a sign of victory. So, remind me again what was the reason we went into that country? What job did we want to complete. (010306l) Part two (010306y) Oh, and the story was reported in November by USA Today.

A spate of reports on a "renegade Syrian" who gives interviews and wants a change in Syria. (010606e)


In the saga another rumor surfaces, an aerial attack on Iran, it's been heard before (010306p) The Jewish state has something to say about Iran, that is this: "Bomb it". How succinct. (010306r) The Turks are up for a part of the action it seems (010306r)

The long slow burn continues, Iran says we'll do what we want, the US says "don't you dare." Sounds like mature, reasonable or rational leaders of nation states discussing a disagreement doesn't it? No? Well then kids about to scrap over some trifle. (010306b) The US reply (010306c)


Lest we forget just how crappy a situation Iraq is, thanks to the undying efforts of the neo-cons and their chicken - hawk allies and apologists, what I have to say to you all is, wipe off this blood and then talk to me. (010506e) And another milestone is reached, we've a double digit death day, 11 soldiers killed in one day. (010605a) Resistance claims a victory in Iraq (010606b)

We have stories such as this one giving an indication that sectarian violence is more out in the open as the US continues operations in Iraq. (010506a)

Here is a story about an attack on a convoy of tanker trucks, the salient point is the part where they talk about how oil from most all of Iraq is not making it to market, but rather that most all that is comes from "the south". I guess meaning Basra where the Brits currently are mismanaging in their own way. (010306q)

The rebuilding effort winds down, even though Iraq is still something of a mess. The 18.4 billion allocated for the cause was diverted in order to fund security for projects. One wonders that when the money runs out and the insurgents still "work their magic" then what? (010206d) and Part two (010206e) and Part three (010206f)

Air Force personnel are doing Army duty, the "fly boys" have their boots on the ground to back fill needs. Odd. But when there's a shortage of personnel what are you going to do? (010206b)

Iraqi oil was supposed to pay for the occupation and so make the war "pay for itself" how many remember that well argued point during the "run up to the war"? Such exports are at a low ebb. (010206a)

The commander of our forces in Iraq says the following: "The Iraqi security forces have matured relatively quickly, considering that we started at the zero point," regarding a civil war "... I think we would see it coming and I don't see it coming. ... I think we can work our way through 2006 in a way that has a good outcome for Iraq." and "There are a lot of `buts' out there but I am optimistic it can happen. And I'm not cautiously optimistic.' I'm optimistic." (010106f) I just want to put him on record. One can hope for a "happy ending" anyway.

This story, dovetailing with the next, has us see how Iraq's fault lines are showing more as well as more deeply. (010106g)

Some say civil war is already happening, in line with recent historical examples, it seems that is what is happening in Iraq, a insurgent vs. counter insurgent guerilla style conflict which ethnically cleanses neighborhoods small towns, cities and larger areas. (010106c)

The War On Terror:

He breaks the law, says he'll continue, does not stop and all we hear are "calls for testimony" What is needed to wake these people up? Where are the Filibustering Dems willing to shut down the government to make him stop, look and listen? (010106a)

Now, according to "sources" Bushwhacky says, in effect, "I'll follow the McCain law on torture, except when I don't want to. (010606c)

Speaking of breaking the law, Padilla's case has had its twists and turns, the Supreme's give bushwhacky what he wants, but may review the whole arrest and detention without, trial - that pesky constitutional thingy (010406b)

The covert CIA program still continues on, despite what furor congress et al are capable of, not enough it seems. (010206g)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

But the holy of holies, non-profits that just happen to have, as their reason for being, causes which conservatives find impossible to resist, are enmeshed in the Abramoff thing, but the press avoids pursuing such sacred cows. (010506d)

I just have to ask this, since, I mean, no one else is: Just who is going to be the Republican presidential candidate in 2008? Oh, and does it or will it matter? Maybe this matters: the pattern's Bushwhacky uses when "given a hard time" and I don't mean with a dildo strapped onto a cattle prod. Ariana tells it like it is (010306n)

Why wiretap whistleblowers blew their whistles? The man who broke the story speaks. (010306o)

The Future: 

South America increasingly charts its own course with nary a word from Bush or anyone else, I guess, see nothing means do nothing, especially if you think nothing. (010306d)

Gas supplies from Russia are being manipulated, by them the West says it's because of the Ukraine's pro-western tendencies the Russians say it's because the old pricing rate is obsolete. A new wrinkle in the petroleum "cold war"? (010106b) The update on that story? The "Ruskies" back off when the EU says "whoa baby!" (010206b)

The future of the US: 

If China does decide to "loosen up" and diversify its foreign exchange and do so significantly our "debt funded" recovery would suffer for it, who will step in to buy dollar debt? On the scale that China does? (010606g)

Let the dumping cash begin! Mighty repubs from the Prez on down get rid of "Abramoff Money." I guess ya wanna look your best BEFORE he begins naming names and such like and so forth and so on. (010506b) Well, except for Bush will be keeping most of his Abramoff cash because that portion of the cash is legitimate, though there are annoying details, details and more details. (010506c)

A round up of stories: we replace soldiers with UAVs, learn from wingnuts that the West is in deadly peril, spinning torture and the mining disaster. Symptoms of what is (010406e)

Yup, many people reading this are baby boomers. Such as we really start retiring in substantial numbers in 2011, then, gradually, we'll begin to consume far more of the budget than we put in and the result" An economic tsunami. Part one (010406c) Part two (010406d)

Another aspect of the tsunami is the conservative propaganda machine telling everyone the economy is great, but the figures quoted are incomplete, misleading and or contradictory to other "ignored" facts. Nowhere is there good open and sustained debate regarding the housing bubble and the nature of our "economic recovery" under Bush. (010606d)

Alito likes a strong executive hand rubbing oh so lightly on his one point proposals ... oh yeah ... right there ... Yeeeow ahhhhh (010406a)

So when a law is passed the President signs it, not Bushwhacky, he "goes the extra mile" he signs something else along with the bill, a "signing statement" which is, essentially, words to the effect that although he is signing the bill he has caveats, concerns, makes notes of exceptions and addendum's. Here is a sampler, the signing statement that was created for Senator McCain's anti-torture amendment to an appropriations bill, it is brief but a good read (010306m) More on signing statements; it seems that Bushwhacky is a ground breaker, a record setter and so forth. (100606f)

Voting systems are being debated, personally, I think systems that cannot be double checked, which do no have a clear paper trail have no place in our system, LA times: Part one (010306e) Part two (010306f) Part three (010306g) Part four (010306x).

Abramoff pleads guilty, probably several congress folk have been shredding and deleting for months already so as to make ready for this event. By the time he really begins naming names it will only be those so implicated and tied up that they cannot possibly escape, as my mom used to say, "half a loaf is better than none" (010306a)

Misinformation from the US government? "Perish forbid..." But canned tuna is far more serious a health threat than has been believed. So who will be loosing their job over this one? What companies will be held to account? Which news media outlets will hound this story until a new law is passed, regulations enforced, incompetents removed and fines levied? Don't hold your breath this is the New USA. (010206c)

The wire tapping scandal expands to other areas of the government and defense department. Clearly this is not a front page item, read on: Part one (010106d) Part two (010106e)


So what do WE the US get for our billions spent on/in/for/by Israel? Let's see, hmmm, ok, I give up what? (010906d)


Using language he used in the "run up" to the Iraq war, Bushwhacky spoke of Iran as a "grave threat" in a move that surprised aides and witnesses alike. (011406b)

Here are three stories regarding Iran, oh, keep in mind that this is an election year. Be sure that you keep that in mind, an election year. Because, it being an election year, makes some of this understandable, wag that dog.....Condigirl says, "options are on the table." (011306d) And then there is how we've "mismanaged" the "whole Iran thing" but we may get a war out of it (011306e) Meanwhile, the main argument for staying in Iraq, according to Bushboy, is the danger of failing and thus his calls to "stay the course" Here is a look at what failure means (011306f)

Well, this is the hoopla, everyone says, "We're going to do something, now!" But the sanctions that would "bite" Iran, an oil embargo, may never come to be. (011306b)

Looks like we'll see some "fireworks" on Thursday, Iran proceeds to restart things, the EU claims its been "slapped in the face" and no one seems able to "talk Iran down." (011106a) Well we shall see, now that negotiations are at "an impasse" (011206j)

Going nuclear? That is the issue even as Iran announces it will re activate more "sealed" sites and get back up to speed. Part one (010806f) and Part two (010806g) And here is a quick overview of who stands where and why regarding the whole issue (010806h)

In the last century, the century of titanic wars, WW1, WW2 and the largest of all, the so called "Cold War", Iran played an important role, one might say, and the current anti Israeli and anit-western voice of its president, has precedent. Prior stories about NAZI and Arabic alliances is given more light here; Read on: (010806a)


It is said to be "proof that Bush lied" regarding the intel for the case against Iraq. I say what does it matter that books are written proving his lies, that he violates the constitution, ignores treaties, and attacks nations at will and, apparently, whim. NO ONE LISTENS. Time is short and little can be done except wait for the inevitable. (011406e)

We loose more helicopters than is generally let on, we have to replace the 100 lost in 2005, says the Army. (011306g)

If you can not imagine ANOTHER layer of chaos in Iraq, don't read this article (011206g) But then there is this too, oh well, when it rains it pours or how to fuel resistance without even trying (011206h)

Uncovering an underreported aspect of the Iraq war: the continuing role of air power - how it's been "swept under the rug." (011106g) But it promises to increase, will we hear more then? (011106h)

Fun Recollections of what was "heard about" Iraq in 2005, all the best ones are there and some bonus ones as well (011006b)

The "low end" figures for the death tally for which the US can take credit, come on now, it's waaaay more than a measly 30,000, we have give credit where credit is due - we're up close to a million if you count Clinton's kills. In fact Clinton is still ahead of Georgie boy (010906i)

Here it comes, the "How could we have known?" defense of US decisions in Iraq, especially the one disbanding the Iraqi army, oh well. (010806j)

Fallujah, once the stronghold of resistance, then conquered, then hailed as the safest city in Iraq now is called a "hotbed" of resistance. The news has another double digit death day in Iraq. What is going on? (010806c) Part two (010806d) Part three (010806e)

The War On Terror:

A whole set of stories, mostly about the "war on terror" and the salient facts are that the vast majority of the cases have little or nothing to do with terrorism. Very few convictions on that score but lots of immigration violations and other such pap. (011406f)

When one refuses to testify or answer a question for fear of "self incrimination" one has to wonder, which is why wondering is goin on when a Major General did just that when questioned about prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, well, where there's fire, there's, uh, fire (011206e)

We may never know what really happened, but this is the latest blip on the "Eastern European/ CIA etc... 'black sites'" (011106x)

How Bushwhacky's secret renditions, torture and now wiretapping will work against making us safer against terrorism. Whant to know the scoop? Read here: (010906f)

Our President Select claims that the war on terror is his strong suit, well, is it? According to this article we are not doing all that well, for al the "umph" we are shoveling into it. Part one (010806l) Part two (010806m)

Guantanamo's hunger strikers continue to "soldier on" as it were, Bushwhacky pulls the rug out from under their court cases, international "pressure" is ignored and, as I have said, any death there will have repercussions in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters. (010806i)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

See the story titled: "Bush Strategy of Mixing Politics and Terror" for an overview of how "terror" alerts coincided with other events, how odd the coincidence seems upon reflection. (011406g)

How do you "hide a gargantuan" budget deficit? Just spin those numbers baby, read on (011306a)

Abramoff and Co. had hundreds of contacts with the Bushies, but they don't know him well at all. (010906g) And here is how a real preestitute handles the Abramoff "thingy" (010906h)

So how come this story is just about as buried as can be? A known terrorist comes to the US and is protected from those who would extradite him for his crimes. We went to war with Afghanistan, toppled its government and raised hell on this issue, but it seems if its "our terrorist" well, then, uh, you see, it's uh, national defense or something...(010806b)

The Future: 

Conservative groups go global in their attempt to remake the world in their image; Bushwhacky gives the nod and the cash flow sprays in new directions (011406a)

Ukraine wants to make its own nuclear fuel, that is to say master the nuclear cycle; they are a source of ore, but they want to be independent of Russia. So I ask, doesn't everyone want to get on the bandwagon? And, incidentally, where is it going? (011306c)

Global climate change begins slowly, but the momentum is tremendous, inertia being what it is. Frogs in Central America the first casualties of an unlikely series of events precipitated by climate change. (011206f)

Arctic ice is in retreat maybe it's past the tipping point or just about - that is the range of debate. Stories talk about the size of the cap setting record losses, but more data lay beneath the pack, the fact that it is much thinner as well. The further uncomfortable news is that no one knows how quickly it will go, what it will mean for global climate and so forth, I mean the Arctic has not had real surface currents for tens of thousands of years, longer. Upshot: "We don't know what will happen to our climate save that it will change. (011006c)

2006 could be the year where imbalances become balanced, problem is that it could be a bit of a wild ride for those who are "equity rich, yet debt burdened and cash poor." Oh, and did I say that China's decision to diversify its foreign cash reserves may play a role? (011006a)

WE don't like THEIR Kyoto Accord so we will make our own, it's mostly all volunteer and the fixes are not yet ready, but hey, we can say WE did SIGN something, that'll be Dorkmeister in Chiefs rubdown on it, no doubt (010906c)

Record snowfall in Japan? Part of weather changing? The article doesn't say and one might wonder. (010906b)

We've carried stories about South America "going its own way" well Bolivia's new leader meets with China's leader and "makes happy talk", agreements to develop Bolivia's gas reserves and other deals. I cannot imagine such a deal taking place during the cold war, not to mention even a few years ago. The US is being out maneuvered and Bushwhacky is asleep at the wheel. (010906a)

The future of the US: 

If one were an arch conservative, and a staunch supporter of the Republican party, this would be the kind of story that would have you see that Bushwhacky's mismanagement has lost us allies, cost us influence in South America and leaves us weaker. (011306h)

Want the "cast of characters" for the Plame scandal? Here is the "A" list. (011106e)

Alito: has espoused a theory of executive powers called the "unitary executive theory" as it's name indicates it holds that the executive branch has much, much wider ranging powers and privileges than heretofore thought possible. Alito holds to this (011206a) and Part two (011206b) and here is a bit more on "Fudge Alito" sort of rolls off the tongue does it not? (011206c) Also, not to bead a dead horse, but get a load of who will testify on behalf of Alito. (011206d)

The question should have been asked, are you lying now or were you lying then? Alito can't have it both ways, but no one fired that shot across his proverbial bow. (011106b) Another Alito "tale of innocence" (011106c) Some one who tends to agree with Alito talks about why he's not such a good candidate (011106d)

A glimpse of the pimples on Alito's butt, figuratively speaking, of course. (010806n) Georgie boy goes for taking in all three branches of the Fed: More on Mr. Alito, if you can stomach the bile (010906e)

Bushwhacky, you know I've got to find something more pointed to call the jackanapes, but I can't think of one, anyway, Bushwhacky is putting at risk just about 800 years of Anglo-Saxon law and Western tradition, the Magna Charta set forth one shining principal, that being: "no person is above the law" But our Dorkwad in Chief clearly thinks differently and there are no riots in the streets, no stampeded of protest from the National Dems. To paraphrase Perot, that flushing sound you hear is the Constitution being flushed. (010806k)


One of the best "good news" stories I have read since I began this record: "Wars are on the Wane Worldwide" and it seems that this is the case. There are a few main factors, the end of the US - Soviet proxy wars, the end of the ripple effects when colonies tossed off European rule, fought out their civil wars and established themselves, and a increase in the number of democracies world wide. (011206i)



Here we have a story giving some attention to Afghanistan, suicide bombers make their appearance while an uptick in violence coincides with US plans to draw down its troop strength. (011706b)


Syria supports Iran's right to peaceful nuclear power, and the article continues with illuminating the conundrums that the Israeli nukes present, I mean Iran and others keep bringing it up, how come they get to have them and we don't? Oh well... (012006h)

Want some Wall Street Journal Q and A regarding Iran? Here it is: (011706i)

Will the west ever DO ANYTHING about Iran? That is the tone of the western press, but this story gives the details as to why it probably won't, see also the next article referenced under this one. (011606k)

China's hand in Asia waxes for the time being. The US seems to be outmaneuvered for the time being. Iran, the issue that won't go away, is a part of the equation, as is oil. (011606e)

An uptick in the rhetorical battle between Iran and Israel, oh well, just like "shit happens" war spreads. (011506a)


Let's go waaaaaaay back to the "yellow cake" story. Yup, here is an update on how ridiculous it really was. (011806e)

They shoot helicopters don't they? That is the happening thing it seems, bodes ill for our efforts there if this becomes TOO common. (011706g)

Here is the SCOOP JACKSON, if you want to know the nitty-gritty of Iraq, DON'T read Bremmers book, it doesn't help much says Arianna, (011706d) Here, for example is an interview reading this after Arianna's piece is so enlightening. (011706e) Paul, oh Paul, what happened to NINE BILLION DOLLARS on your watch? I just had to ask since Tim did not. (011706f) Here is more on Iraqi money disappearing (011706h) And here is a bit where Bremmer is quoted to himself, on TV and simply lies, straight out, lies. At least his book will do well. (011806d)

Great title for this article God, Blood and Oil, in Iraq. The marketing agreements in place for Iraq's oil allow some promise of "victory" as long as the oil flows, but we'll have to keep troops around - hey, maybe on those permanent bases we've been building? The risk is the players in Iraqi power politics, it seems to me, have their own agenda's which may or may not be helpful to ours. (011606f)

I love this: A story says we've killed 18 persons in an attack inside Pakistan. While it is known the person targeted was not anywhere in the town and it is not known if any of the killed had terrorist ties, we have this: "Now, it's a regrettable situation, but what else are we supposed to do?" Sen. Evan Bayh, asked rhetorically. "It's like the wild, wild west out there. The Pakistani border's a real problem. Maybe I can straighten Mr. Byah out - maybe we should target our enemy and not kill civilians. Maybe we should get Pakistan to get off the pot or shit! Maybe we should have a president who knows what the hell he's doing and maybe we should impeach his sorry ass anyway. (011605c)

Our casualties in Iraq are down for a time. That's the good news; the bad is that we're still there. (011606b)

The War On Terror:

Here is a bit of Chomsky interviewed on Iraq and the "terror war". (011806k)

A new wrinkle in the war on terror, Al - Jazeera is suing the English government to obtain transcripts of the conversation that Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush had in which Mr. Bush brought up, or argued for, bombing the aforementioned news network's headquarters in Quatar. (011706a) I mean, Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

Gee I am glad that we're being protected from the translators of this world (011606a)

Washington grows weary of Pakistan, its leader, and the army that backs him up. Quiet moves are made to see if change is possible. We've said Pakistan is a key to the whole terrorist conundrum but gambling with its future is a risky risk. (011506c)


Misplaced Pakistani ire over a US "misfire"? The final count, according to this article was 18 civilians dead, no sign of any targeted individual or mention that any among the dead were "insurgents" protests, threats against the government and Pakistan rails at the US so as to show "it wasn't them" that were involved...right (011806f) Luckily for US citizens coverage of the story was quickly buried (011806g)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

A raft of stories, "Presidential Zenith", "Baby Noor on CNN", part of an Iraq war veteran's suicide letter, and just a bit more. (0121006a)

Abramoff is "radioactive" that is the word. No wonder the White House won't fess up about anything. (011906e)

Look at what is left of the media, Patricia Goldsmith takes them to task, and how, Abramoff and all. (011806h) And here is a bit on Abramoff, who, according to federal records, was a Republican man all the way! (011805i) Abramoff's "bi - partisan contributions" is "explained" read the blog below though, its worth it. (012006k)

Look at CNN's recent "hire" F.A.I.R. has it that they are trying to out fox FOX with some neo-con jerkdork, but only time will tell. (011806c)

Maybe if this group was given coverage we'd have accountability in Washington DC. (011806a)

If we were to have reporting like this as our daily fare we'd soon have accountability from/with Washington DC? Bookmark this puppy and check it out. Read Martin Luther King's piece and bring it up to date by substituting "Iraq" for "Vietnam" it works too well. (011806b)

The Future: 

How Bushwhacky does it: He sort of gets all "aw shucks folks" and says things like "when I was growing up..." throws in a dash of, "If Al Qaida is talking to someone we've go to ask why..." Well it works for the controlled audiences he hand picks .. but the reality of what he's asking us to believe is quite different. (011806j)

A "fever that lasts 100,000 years? That's what this writer's book is about. (011606i) In another place the same "source" has us as being past the tipping point and with little reason for hope. (011606j)

The future of the US: 

For the Dem's sake I hope Arianna is wrong, but she 's probably right, Dems have a severe case of "WTF'sUWT" in their choice of a respondent to the Bushhumper's SOTU. (012006l)

A friend's blog spot, is a long but worthy read. A wide range of stories are included some duplicate what I have here, others dovetail nicely and still others present new data points. (012006j)

Housing not quite making it's mark? Do we see deflation of the bubble? Why buy now, people ask, if prices are getting soft? (012006g) The market had a bad day too; let's hope it is an aberration (012006i)

Suing the Bushwhacker in Chief is like teaching a pig to sing. By that I mean you just get frustrated and as for the pig, well, it don't sing a note. Still it is a record of what is happening. (011706c)

A war on terrorism, the most important casualty is the Constitution, the separation of powers, the balancing of those powers, civil rights and what appears to be the dawning of a "new kind of federalist" or an "old kind of dictatorship" but then, what 's in a name? (011605g)

The cost of the war outweighs its "benefits" that is the result of a new study, interesting article, read on (011606d)

If you are an economist then you'll understand this article much better than I did. I archive it because it goes into great detail concerning the money manipulations that manage our markets, the debt that devours our promised future and how China and others play a role in our financial security. (011506d)


There may be reason to hope that by 2050 the Earth will be a much better place, that is the upshot, then come all the "ifs" "ands" and "buts" (012006f)

Honoring Dr. King is a good thing, ignoring an important aspect of his message is not, looking at it is timely, for it shames us mightily to have such a lack of progress over the nearly 40 years since his death. (011606h)



Pakistan continues to, as the British used to put it, "muddle through" but there are serious problems in the border regions it shares with Afghanistan, Part one (012206h), Part two (012206i), Part three (012206j)


And "the beat goes on" The "dance of Iran" seems to continue headlines look good but "de debbil be in da details, yassuh, dey sho do, jes dat." (012706f)

A bombing in Iran, in a city at a time when their leadership had been expected to be visiting. Iran blames the "occupiers of Iraq." This is not the first such event, one wonders (011506g) How do we get what we want at the UN? We twist arms, pardon the pun, but we'll alienate India in order to get sanctions on Iran, sounds like good policy????? (012506h)

Details, details, give me a sound bite and a flashy image. But getting beyond the neo con war drumming on Iran we have the hardly heard voice of reason. We're hearing Iran is near to getting the bomb so "something has to be done". Before anything is, however, it is best to look at the possible blow back. If neo cons have learned anything, (have they?), it might be that, we would hope. (012506e)

The Energy Wars:

Iran and Georgia strike a deal and this is amidst rumors of an energy blockade on the part of Russia. (012706b)

We put up bases in Africa, a stunning correlation between their location and the location of oil. (012606e)


Sunni's are being told to "defend themselves" against the police ... something of a change (012606g)

A thirty percent increase in the attacks in Iraq, over last year - it's a good thing that this means we're doing the right thing, read how this "unfriendly fact" is spun dizzy. (012406i) Meanwhile anyone with brains, really, is leaving Iraq (012406j)

The War On Terror:

The Hamas victory puts the United States in a strange position since it has always been a strong advocate for spreading democracy (012706c) in the Middle East as a way to stop terrorism. President Bush tried to put a positive spin on the results saying that "there was a peaceful process as people went to the polls" but it does not change the fact that his administration spent (012706e) almost $500 million to help the Fatah party. Bush called on Hamas to denounce terrorism (012706d)and urged President Mahmoud Abbas, who is from the Fatah party, to stay in office in order to continue with the peace process.

Take a leisurely tour through the history of the war on terror II, that's right it is the second time around. What might make the effort successful is adhering to our own principals, the setting forth of clear definitions of what we are fighting ... I know, I know ... when hell freezes over, but it is a good read (012596c)

Europeans knew about the extraordinary rendition, investigations continue, but one must remember that this is only one theater in a world wide campaign. I wonder what is happening elsewhere in the world, in Africa or Asia for example. (012506b)

The "misfire" in Pakistan still reverberates, Mr. M. must be somewhat taken aback, abashed or embarrassed. Who knows but his time is limited, one way or another and when he goes, well, it could get real dicey, and quick. (012406g)

Bush once said "We'll smoke him out." Then he said words to the effect that he doesn't think about Bin Laden much, then, when Kerry quoted him as saying that in the debates, he out and out lied, claiming he did not say any such thing. Lucky us, our Homeland Security teams are on the look out for elderly folks who go to protests, they're watching, rest assured thousands of us, just in case (012406c) Part one (012406c), Part two (012406d) and Part three (012406e)

This person says he is "OK with being monitored" after reading what he has to say some others may feel that way too! (012406a)

Our current effort to keep Fatah in charge of Palestine's is fraught with troubles we "secretly pump in money" to help make them look good,(012206g) despite the fact that known terrorists are on its slate, but hey, he's at least ours, sort of, well ... (012206f)

Day Traders using congressional connections to help them make their decisions on buying and selling? That's what the story is about, so why isn't it headline news? Inquiring minds want to know (012406b)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

They say "the party's over" and news people are packing up and leaving Iraq. (012606h)

Domestic spying: Bush breaks the law, clearly, however this is now to become a rallying point for the Repuglican party. (012406f)

What if we could demonstrate the Bushies had early warning on Katrina? What if this information were to appear in a widely circulated news outlet? I'll tell you: NOTHING. (012506f)

The Future: 

I have mentioned "Peak Oil" before. Here is a good "primer" on the subject. Bear in mind this was written early in 2005 so none of its dire predictions have come true, however, the "data points" that are laid out seem to be accurate, what is described may happen or something like them might, but oil is not forever and as it is so integral to every aspect of modern "energy intensive" living we will, no doubt, go through "changes" when supply and demand spike the price of oil to a point where it does begin to bite, and bite hard. (012606i) This is the think tank approach to the problem (012606j)

So what about all the alternative fuels, the technological fixes and so forth and so on? (012606k)

2005, the warmest year in the last 100? That is the headline anyway, there is some discussion, but there it is. (012506i)

Fourth Amendment, right? Does the phrase "probable cause" come to mind? It should, but this expert doesn't seem to understand that and he is a former director of the National Security Agency. (012506a)

The Dems certainly don't have it, read this as to why Hillary won't get this persons vote, I agree, to tell you the truth. What a sorry assed affair this is turning out to be. (012506h)

Oil prices climb back up to "Katrina" levels, just why is, well, political. But note that the price doubled in a year's time, overall. Just shows ya' instability is a curse as far as oil production is concerned. (012206e)

The future of the US: 

After two reports, in as many weeks, from "Big Auto" that tens of thousands of jobs will "go" there is more: Here is the Bush Recovery for you. NOT! (012706a)

Spying on Americans, how un-American, the controversy continues with the Bush Administratio weighing in against the Bush Administration regarding the arguments used in favor of the warrantless surveillance, huh? That's right, read it here. (012606c)

Bush's health coverage plan is one of the three cases of incompetence for which the Mr. Bush is to blame. Millions are having trouble getting their meds, about half the states are hemorrhaging money because of a system that was supposed to have the opposite effect and despite the fact that this was a national program the people running it seem to have been unprepared to meet the challenges of implementing it. (012606f)

The state of our army, not overly good is what the Pentagon is saying, and they should know, you'd think. (012606d)

Hamas takes the election for the Palestinians, Washington is probably not happy, oh well, Egypt is saying, "We told you so!" (012606a) And this story has some quotes, unsettling though they must be. (012606b)

"Good -bye 'Rights of Man'" a famous has that quote at the beginning, we may as well say it now. Read this for an overview of what has silently vanished from our grasp. We await only the next "spectacular event" which will seal the fate of what was the leading hope of the world. (012505d)

What about reform? Here are some good ideas, which means they are ideas what will hardly stand a chance, read on and weep (012206b) And here is more on that subject (012206c)

In the debate over Roe V Wade, as it comes up when talking about the confirmation of Alito, we find that most women in the US do not have "official" access to abortion clinics. Here are the statistics (012206a) So the argument is not so much whether to keep Roe V Wade but to let it become the law of the land in practice. And what does this have to do with "human rights"? That's what inquiring minds want to know (012206d)

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February 2006




An updated review of the Iran war (020306h)

A survey of Iran's new leadership and how popular it is, the nuclear issue is one of the cornerstones causing public support. (020306d)

Does the world move closer to a more open confrontation with Iran? Headlines would seem to say yes, the details are murky. Sanctions are the key problem as would be Iranian threats to jerk the oil market around (020206c)

Bush wants Iranians to have freedom. He wanted Iraqi's to have freedom too, let's hope that he has learned from his mistakes, oh well. (013006e)

US - India relations may get a bit "sticky" when it comes to the issue of energy and a deal with Iran. Will the US manage to mismanage the situation, again giving a boon to Iran, as we did with Iraq and loose some of our good relations with India to boot? Can we goof it up badly? Why, sure we can! Bush, Bush he's our man, if something needs to be fucked up, we'll bet he can. Sorry, couldn't resist. (012806c)

The Energy Wars:

Here is what the energy war will be driven by, in part, speculation and rising prices. (013006h)


Don't fool with Mother Nature:

Just a local story: Oregon facing extreme weather, (013006f) Blair, whatever else one thinks of him, at least speaks out on the topic (013006g)

The Muddle East:

Something of a schism in Israel? It may be that fault lines are forming ... (020306c)

Will Hamas give ground under the threat of loosing western aid? I don't think that will happen, someone will fill the void and then we'll have no leverage what so ever, nor good will for that matter, remember the world is watching and, well, (013006d)

Secular government is challenged in the US, see below, but in Palestine it seems to be a dream that has ended (013106b) Part two (013106c) and part three (013106d) Oh, and did I say US and Israeli policies probably had a hand in this development? Yes, how wonderful.


Another "Downing Street" has our prez conspiring to "create an incident" to provide a pretext for an invasion that would happen anyway. Does it matter as a story? Is it a "high crime and misdemeanor"? Does that matter? (020306c) And here is a bit more on that meeting, with some overlap. (020306d)

12 sets of numbers tallied just one year apart give a statistical picture of Iraq that is mostly not good. (020206b)

Everyone wants us out of Iraq. This poll shows Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Sunnis, Shias, Kurds and so forth are in agreement. So who disagrees? Good question, can you say "oil" and Military Industrial Complex"? Sure you can. (020206a) Don't forget wet-dreaming neo chickenhawk cons.

Factionalism seems to be a plague on the forming government of Iraq. How, or whether, they solve this will determine the stability of the country in this vital and formative stage. (012906b)

Reverse integration, and you have segregation, Sunni and Shia can't be neighbors. Was this part of our plan for making Democracy work in Iraq? (012806a) Imprison the wives in an Islamic nation, certainly the way to "win hearts and minds." (012806e) More on the imprisoned wives and children (013006k) Other articles state that such practicers violate various international treaties and practices ... King Bushwhacky blissfully meanders onward to a peculiar rendezvous with destiny.

The War On Terror:

Spies, Lies and Wiretaps, they trot out sick lies and misinformation to make an end run around the wiretap scandal. (013006i) How the story plays out, wiretapping, Bushwhacky makes his excuses. (013006j)

Hamas has "promises to keep" and vows to do so - shaking up the status quo in the "Arab world." (012806d)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

At the time there were stories about Manhattan being unsafe after 9/11, nonetheless "authorities" said it was OK to go back. Here is the scoop on that caper. (020306f)

We lose our voice, our "media voice" that is as the world begins to turn a deaf ear to us. (020306e)

Nor, does it seem, the recent developments in the Plame case warrant attention. (020306g)

Old wrinkle, new wrinkle in the Plame investigation, seems there is a problem with getting WH emails, (020306b) seems there may have been plenty of time to see to just that, a nice weekend of deleting and shredding perhaps? Or just a cozy confab? Maybe we'll never know (020306a)

Another account of our "bubble boy in chief" keeping to himself while providing the illusion of press coverage. (013106x)

Maybe this story should get coverage, I mean Haiti is in chaotic disarray, we're the main power broker, it seems, and the republicans are involved with the mess - even to the point of supporting an accused death squad leader who helped armed rebels topple the country's government, oh well. a longish series here but the background is detailed: part one (012906e) part two (012906f) part three (012906g) part four (012906h) part five (012906i) Part six (012906j) part seven (012906k) part eight (012906l) part nine (012906m) part ten (012906n) and part eleven (012906o)

The Future: 

Warm weather, no make that some of the warmest weather, is happening nationwide this January. It is temporary we are told while Europe is cold. Weather change, due to global warming will be presaged by "chaotic" events as the global heating and cooling system adjusts to our input. Anyone guess as to the nature of this years hurricane season? (020306a)

Don't give out to much information, that is the lesson to be learned from a Dr. Hansen who says pressure is being applied to NASA so as to prevent the disclosure of information regarding global warming that the agency has uncovered part one (012906c) part two (012906d)

North Korea: incrementally we take steps, along with them, in the wrong direction. We take actions, they make noise. When will this dance of ignorance end? Who knows. (012806b)

The future of the US: 

Employment and unemployment figures seem to be "played with" by the big boys. The current "sad" picture is actually rosy. Our "boom boom recovery" isn't making it to the grass roots so what did we used to call the "trickle down" theory? Wasn't it the "piss on ..." (020306b)

Another wave? The Christian Right: flooding the land with "trained debaters" who'll become lawyers, legislators and the like, or dislike as you call it. (013006l) Then there is this attack on the separation of church and state, under the guise of "protecting health care workers." (013106a)

Why are we 28th in environmental quality? (013006b) or what about press freedom? (013006c)

An overview of the details and the broader scope go to (013006a)

Abramoff lead investigator is offered a promotion just after Abramoff "agrees to talk" but it isn't a political act and has nothing to do with anything, right. (012906r)

Involuntary servitude, it's supposed to be illegal, but the Army and the courts say differently. This is an issue that will effect the cohesiveness of army units. One wonders how much stress the system can bear before we see obvious and painful evidence, I mean that which shows up in the press, finally. (012906p) and the second part (012906q)

Just for a laugh, what if Bush used his own quotes to build a State of the Union Address, it might look like this (012906a)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle.

The Muddle East: Israel / Palestine:

In page two of this story covering another "act of infamy" in Iraq we have another example of how Lebanon is caught up in events it has no influence over. Civil war anyone? (022306g) and page two (022306h)

Palestine governed by Hamas gets support from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, despite appeals from CondiGirl (022306d)

Syria decides to kick the "dollar habit" and go Euro - in case we try to yank them around by their money. (021906g)

Is Lebanon being pushed to the brink of civil chaos as stronger neighbours and others push and shove their influence on the struggling country (022106a)

The old saying goes push enough and you will get "push back." There is a developing "axis of Islam" vague, not in anyway official, yet Syria, Iran, Hamas, Mr. Sadr, and others have been ... talking ... (021906i)

Israel mulls over what kind of policy will undo the Hamas win in Palestine, not offend the US or "world opinion." (021806a) And they "go for " sanctions that have some real bite (021906a) Meanwhile "Arab friends of Hamas" will, continue to send support to Palestine. (021906d) and part two (021906e)

The Muddle East: Iraq:

Following up on the article below, the disturbances spread, militias take to the streets and faith in the government is shaken (022406a) Even Sistani considers creating "another" militia, just what is needed (022606b) read the comments below the article, many worth the read

One incident, many perspectives, many being blamed, and everyone shouting about it has their own agenda. The destruction of the Askariya mosque dome in Samarra has had a divisive effect, a sampler of how chaos is fed (022306c)

Attacks have eased off now and again, the period from Oct 15 to Dec 15, was a recent example, insurgents wanted a political process to have "room." Now they want influence, to separate themselves from "foreigners" and to see if they can get the US out using political leverage. (021906b) and part two (021906c)

The Muddle East: Iran:

How precient: , China is an important customer of Iran, it also backs Sudan's "government" and thus the atrocities there. (021906h)

Into this category go stories about Iran. This article updates and illuminates the risks the US would run if it decided to "take out Iran's nuke capacity." According to rumour this would be done with "surgical" tactical and even "mini - nuke" strikes. The consequences are easy to guess at: chaos over a wider and wider area, perhaps even some sort of show down with China and Russia, in my humble opinion that is. (021806i)

Greater Islamic region:

In Nigeria the death toll rises as sectarian violence escalates. Is this another front in the "Great War"? (022206b) And here is more, a bit of recent history of Nigeria and the killing continues, sectarian? You betcha! (022306b)

The "cartoon riots" come to Africa after an ill advised Italian official had the images printed on a shirt and wore that s shirt on television. Lives are being lost and, in this case, reports have it that Christians are being killed. (021806b) part two (021806c) part three (021806d)

The Energy Wars:

The skirmishes have been going on for a while in Nigeria, now they indigenous people are becoming more assertive. (021806e)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

Bird flu stories from the worrying to the frightening. A major extension of Bird Flu's range (021906j) Evidence it is deadlier now? (021906l) "Two Mutations Away from a deadly strain" (021906k),

They say, now, that the "rate at which the Earth is warming" is 30 times faster than at one point in its history when it did warm up by as much as five degrees. Such data do not bode well for us. (021806h)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

Well, let's just call it the "Cheney Shot" and forget it, no chance of that, meanwhile HUGE stories are subsumed by those headlines and everyone is "OK" with forgetting, at least for a time. (021806j)

Where is the outrage? Where is the solution to what I would think is a record setting string of murders which numbers in the hundreds at least, and possibly a few thousand at most, over a span of 13 years? Juarez, Mexico not a safe place for "the ordinary working girl". (021806l)

The war on Terror:

Interesting segue between this story and the next, should "homicide" be a "cause of death" among our "detainees" (022306e)

Blair makes excuses for Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition flights through English airspace and for the US in general, the buzz word? "9/11" buh bee, buh bee, buh bee t-that's all folks! (022306a)

Action on the home front? Ohio arrests make headlines. (022206c)

9/11 and Cheney's "shoot down" order, shouldn't he have checked with the "commander and Chief" first? (022006d) See the highlighted yellow title. Then there is is this, maybe he was drunk and that explains much of the secrecy, and the delay in anyone seeing anybody about the "accident". (022606x)

US "secret flights" continue over Europe. (022006a) And this article asks: If kidnapping and torturing an innocent man is O.K., what's not O.K.? (022006c)

So, Guantanamo, why aren't the three major news events concerning it being given ANY coverage at all? (022006b)

The future of the US: 

Sometimes the "scattershot" approach works: here is an assortment of stories that portray the media, oh and in a not so good light (022606g)

So we have Halliburton's KBR subsidiary getting hundreds of millions to build "detention centers" capable of "holding" thousands, even tens of t thousands in the US. "KBR would build the centers for the Homeland Security Department for an unexpected influx of immigrants, to house people in the event of a natural disaster or for new programs that require additional detention space." (022606d) Here are some details (022606e)

What does this war cost? No, not just the budget and the additional supplementary requests on top of that, to spend on one thing means cuts on another. Eventually there is a tipping point, much like during the Vietnam conflict. This article talks about costs, tipping points and more. (022606x)

Well, Who IS the enemy? Take a look at this litany of excessive failure and you'll come away disgruntled at the very very least, maybe angry - your call (021806k)

"Pressure" is what they call the growing concern over "Gitmo." It seems that the US is increasingly isolated by the situation there, as well as other items, but fiery commentary from a church official in England says it all.(021806g)


This dovetails nicely with the article below: Seems there is a better way to go Solar and the article touts the success of a team from South Africa. This kind of innovation should have come from the US, but, well, it certainly did not. (022206a)

The headline reminiscent of news form Iceland a year or so ago. Sweden plans on going "oil free" (021906f)

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March 2006



A quotes from : (021906m)

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems. Mohandas Ghandi

The whole history of these books [the Gospels] is so defective and doubtful that it seems vain to attempt minute inquiry into it: and such tricks have been played with their text, and with the texts of other books relating to them, that we have a right, from that cause, to entertain much doubt what parts of them are genuine. In the New Testament there is internal evidence that parts of it have proceeded from an extraordinary man; and that other parts are of the fabric of very inferior minds. It is as easy to separate those parts, as to pick out diamonds from dunghills.- Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Adams, January 24, 1814

Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. Omar N. Bradley

Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity.- Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Horatio G. Spafford, March 17, 1814

Some other quotes:

"Many great and good men sufficiently qualified for any task they should undertake, may ever be found, whose ambition would inspire to nothing beyond a seat in Congress, a gubernatorial or a presidential chair; but such belong not to the family of the lion, or the tribe of the eagle. What! Think you these places would satisfy an Alexander, a Caesar, or a Napoleon? -- Never! Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored. -- It sees no distinction in adding story to story, upon the monuments of fame, erected to the memory of others. It denies that it is glory enough to serve under any chief. It scorns to tread in the footsteps of any predecessor, however illustrious. It thirsts and burns for distinction; and, if possible, it will have it, whether at the expense of emancipating slaves, or enslaving freemen. Is it unreasonable then to expect, that some man possessed of the loftiest genius, coupled with ambition sufficient to push it to its utmost stretch, will at some time, spring up among us? And when such a one does, it will require the people to be united with each other, attached to the government and laws, and generally intelligent, to successfully frustrate his designs." Abraham Lincoln, 1838, at the Springfield, Illinois Boy's Lyceum

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." - Mark Twain

"Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." -- Mark Twain

" Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty. This much we pledge - and more. To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends. United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is little we can do - for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder." -Pres. John F. Kennedy, The Capitol, Washington, DC, Jan. 20, 1961 (excerpted from his Inaugural Speech)

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The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first: The Muddle East:

Israel / Palestine:

Shutting off the flow of cash to Hamas/Palestine will be difficult but that doesn't matter to Israel or the US. Who will Hamas turn to? Would it be Iran? Who else? (022806b) Russia sticks its ursine nose into it, again, so the isolation that Israel wants is les and less likely. (030306a)


There is a belief, on "the streets" that is that the US and or our allies, were involved in the bombing of the Golden Mosque, does this help our cause? (030306c)

You tell the truth to power and get ignored, or shot down. Bushwhacky "hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest" (030106a)

We've had articles postulating this before: that "chaos is the plan" if not from the start, at least now. As long Iraq is in that state, we have an excuse to stay, US corporations make money, we won't be asked to leave, the oil is under our control and bordering nations have our military at their doorstep (022806) but there are risks....

And someone is saying it: "things in Iraq just don't add up" and that would be Robert Fisk. (030206b)

And then there is the "complacency tactic" which may serve as well. (022806f)

Death squads that go unmentioned, hundreds die in Baghdad monthly (022706d) and well, it's just plain "gone horribly wrong" as a famous conservative has put it. (022706e)

Sadr is the man of the hour, and although his "men" may have mixed it up in the wake of the mosque bombing, he also is garnering credit for "settling things down" more power to him, less to others, one wonders if it is a good thing. (022606g)

I was sent this grand and in depth perspective, thanks to Ray, who got this from Asia Times, I would guess:

Despite Iranian efforts to build up the capabilities of Shi'ite irregulars inside Iraq, the capabilities of the Sunni military caste remain formidable even after the dissolution of the Saddam Hussein regime, and the outcome of full-fledged civil war would be uncertain. Power within Iraq now is balanced the way the British intended it to be when they stitched together this Frankenstein monster of a country after World War I.

In fact, the worst outcome from the vantage point of Washington's interest would be a stable constitutional government in Iraq. Once Shi'ite elements controlled leading ministries, Iran would have unlimited means to meddle in the classic Middle Eastern style of infiltration, bribery and intimidation.

Middle Eastern governments, after all, are not governments in the Western sense, but rather hotels in which different factions rent rooms. With footholds inside the Iraqi government, Iran could develop forces on the ground in depth and at leisure. Full-scale civil war, however, would make it difficult for Iran to stand by while Shi'ites were slaughtered, yet open intervention in Iraq would give Washington the opportunity to make a horrible example of the Islamic Republic, with or without the issue of nuclear weapons.

Resistance to gradual Iranization comes from the Sunni military caste, not from foreign infiltrators, whose numbers and military capabilities both are overrated see: Will Iraq survive the Iraqi resistance, (022806g)

The Sunnis already have shown themselves willing to employ suicide attacks on a scale larger than Japan's World War II kamikazes, and cannot be defeated except by bloody attrition, see: Why Sunnis blow themselves up, (022806h)

But they cannot attain victory either. After a millennium of martyr status, the Shi'ites are prepared to sacrifice themselves in frightful numbers to achieve the potential of their historic moment see The blood is the life, Mr Rumsfeld, (022806i)

The Iraqi Kurds, meanwhile, have established a quasi-independent province. They have all the benefits of partition without the liabilities, such as fending off outraged and humiliated Turks.

America's military already has repositioned to the periphery of cities; there will not be another siege of Fallujah. Although the proximate cause of this redeployment was reduction of US casualties, it has two other effects. One is to allow both Sunni insurgents and Shi'ite militias freedom to assemble military forces capable of inflicting large-scale atrocities on each other. The second is to prevent either side from massing sufficient forces to launch a full-scale civil war.


 So a "significant escalation" in Iranian nuclear production happens just ahead of another "big" meeting. Oh well, as if they are concerned. (022706a) And you wouldn't want to miss the ever so exciting second page! (022706b)


So why haven't we "done something" besides hurl insults, call for investigations, mount financial skirmishes and fund a bunch of nobody opposition parties? (022806e)

Then: The Greater Islamic region:

A report from Saudi Arabia, lists details of an attack on that nation's oil production infrastructure, multiple car bombs and gunfights, maybe this belongs in the energy war section, maybe not (022806c)

I guess Afghanistan falls into this category, This article illuminates how the "opium war" not only has failed, but works against all our other efforts. It exposes a level of corruption and waste that is staggering and posits that the primary function of our presence in the country is strategic, that is to say, we're there so that no one else can be there. (022706c)

The Energy Wars:

What they say and what they do, are two different animals. China say it will be cutting back on the oil, but their own numbers say "uh uh, not without some pain will come that gain. (022606e)

They say that no good deed goes unpunished. Well finally someone goes after an oil company for antitrust violations, no less, but who's he after? Citgo, the Venezuelan company giving discounts to the poor. (022606d)

We've heard this before, that if nations around the world started selling oil in currencies other than the dollar there would be economic repercussions in the United Snakes of Amerigo, so Norway's story belongs here. (022606b)

Sounds like Chainky or Rummy Dumdum, old Mr. "poop pants" himself: "There is no shortage of things to destroy" but it is the Nigerian rebels, shall we call them, talking about the oil companies. (022606c)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

Climate change related to air flight, related to ocean temperatures and draughts. (030106d)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

An argument over whether it is simply hundreds or more than a thousand bodies "processed through" Baghdad's morgue really misses the point, an uptick is an uptick, a surge is a surge and many hasten to add that this is not civil war. (030206a)

The Iraq quagmire sucks ever harder on Bush's balls, yes he's up to his balls in it. This article gives startling poll numbers that show support among the troops for the mission as described to them and the public, has vaporized. (030106c)

Bill Kristol, is what passes for a "media news resource" great fun to read the comments responding to his claim that the problem in Iraq is that "We Have Not Had A Serious three-year Effort To Fight A War In Iraq" (022706f) Be sure to scroll down for the famous, now infamous, "Powell Doctrine."

When Bushwhacky talks about "new energy" and "technological breakthroughs" look for the numbers, the one commentator in this article says, in sum, that while there is some movement for support of alternate technologies the "support" given to big oil and the "usual technologies" buries them. (022606a)

The war on Terror:

Lucky us, we KNOW all about the terror groups, even though there is more of them, at least we know their names (030306b)

The reason the UAE managing our ports might be a bad idea is that Bin Laden seems to be on good terms with the rulers of that country, having missed an "opportunity" to hand him to us on a platter, and having been advised that their security has been breached, makes one wonder. (022806j)

And another thing, it is a place known for trafficking in all sorts of things, nuclear weapons for instance, Pakisatan's Mr. Khan would know. (022806k) And here is how the MONEY is talking on this one (022806l)

Ya gotta love Bushwhacky, regarding the Port Security flap: the first thing that was said, was: it is a minor deal, then it was that there was that he did not know anything about it, then it was that 'everyone had said it is a good idea" then it became we'll let congress look into it... Coast Guard says it's a big issue (022806a)

The future of the US: 

The reason we may have reason to fear for our future is the Bushwhacky in chief. I saved the text of a recent interview; it is hard to read, only because one tends to be amazed at what excrement he vocalises. (030106b)

The trade deficit, hurts American workers. Now that might concern Bushwhacky and Chainkey Wanky, old dickwhacker himself, if they gave a hoot about workers anyway. Learn about "trades Grand Canyon". (022606f)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:

Israel / Palestine:

This article shows why the Israeli side of the equation will not move, we know why the Palestinian side won't move, the time of negotiation is ending, it would seem. Now it is only a matter of the Palestinians finding an effective way of inflicting damage on Israel. I feel that the door is opening for other parties to make their influence felt. (030606h)

Today, Israel and Palestine both take several tiny steps in the wrong direction, if the right direction is peace and understanding that is, or living by the decisions or opinions the world's organisations. (030606a)

So what do we make of this, Hamas says Russia is or will be helpful in the Muddle East, but in nearly the same breath adds that Hamas has not changed its attitude toward Israel one bit. (030406c)

So what is up with this? An "attack" in Nazareth, headlined around the world, was a set of firecrackers? But small though the story may be, the response was "interesting" and in the back of everyone's mind is the nagging, "What if ...?" (030406a)


They want the port deal, and can "make noise" but will they? (030906e) Even though they are not really a "reform-minded" government (030906f) according to other accounts of this report, a number of our "allies" were on this list; it can't have helped "our cause" in that area, whatsoever at all.


A government with no military and no territory, that is how Iraq is described at this point in time (031006b) Everyone wants what they each want, compromise is hard to come by the government hasn't formed yet (031006c)

How civil war "works" for the insurgency, and some unpleasant totals (030306e) Tales of ethnic cleansing, families being murdered and so on (030806h) And how much more "major progress" can the Iraqi's stand? The answer is here (030906d)

And the pullout of Iraq that is not a pull out of Iraq the best change is no change, I guess (030606d)

Sly helping hands work their magic in Iraq, but it is our perceived pro Israeli bias and bungled policies, in Syria say, that put the greater middle east at risk for chaos. (030506j)

If this story is true, it's not covered in US papers, that the US and Brits will "be gone by spring 2007" I guess that means we know we'll achieve our objectives by then. (030506c)

Abizaid says "expect more bombings" because the bombing of a shrine last week was so successful in igniting violence. (030506a) On the other hand Anbar province has cooled off a bit (030506b)

The Greater Muddle East


We hear talk of a "harder edge" regarding Iran. The expectations and tensions mount, but to what end? China and Russia are not in favor of sanctions, while the US wants more pressure (030906a)

Dubai is just across the Straits of Hormuz from Iran. 40% of the worlds daily fix, uh supply, of petroleum pass through this narrows. Is war with Iran in "countdown mode?" Is there a connection between that and Dubai's involvement with the US ports? Questions more than answers, yes, but interesting reading (030706i)

Do they or don't they? Can they or can't they? Make atomic weapons that is, the article is somewhat informative but ends with a punch, saying that US intelligence has missed "signs" that several countries were going nuclear, they are Russia, China, India and Pakistan, the last went nukey in the 1990's and even though they were allies, we still missed the boat. (030506d)

On the even of yet another "event" with Iran the current players have their "red lines" and such like, an overview (030506e) And the two, the US and Iran, toss threats about, I guess they want attention, poor babies (030306i)

The Greater Islamic regions:

Pakistan: border areas are troubled and the area affected grows more "distant" from the regime of Prez M. (030906c)

India, until a group takes "credit" we won't know if this bombing was part of the "great war" but it may be. (030806d)

France, the culture war bubbles on Sikh's have to remove turbans. I wonder if it is allowable to wear a crucifix, say around one's wrist, or neck? What is the point? (030606c)

Afghanistan, that war that "gets a pass" from even those who are fit to be tied over Iraq, well, the same dynamics play out there as in Iraq, albeit at a slower and lower level (030506h)

In Pakistan running battles with hundreds of "militants" or whatever they are being called. Sound secure to you? No, nor to me. Casualty figures don't matter, what does is the report that battles are being fought, whether or not they are or no matter the real as opposed to reported results. (030406b)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Here is a bit on how the dollar became the "petrodollar" and what it means to challenge that status. (030906g)

Japan and China can't seem to see "eye to eye" on a set of disputed oil and gas fields in waters between them. (030806e)

Nigeria's oil production has been effected by the "rebels" and no negotiations are planned. (030806b) And here is a map (030806g)

Water has been mentioned before but not by me, this article illuminates one nations preparations for "water wars" (030706e) India has been highlighted as a nation with "water resource" problems. (030906b)

A nations listed "proven oil reserves" is a vital figure for OPEC or such like nations, it seems Kuwait is having problems with the numbers. It is this kind of fudging we've seen mentioned before and it will be this sort of "fudging" that could bring on the "Peak Oil" phenomenon sooner than any one thinks if we really don't know how much is left in the tank (030706c)


Yup, they want to be in the news again, so they fired off a couple of missiles, lots of opinions as to which way they went, why they were launched, and what it all means (030806a)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

Another hint of "Global Warming" from Maine, the lakes thaw faster now a days. (030806c) Africa headed for persistent droughts and famines? That is what the article talks about (030806f)

Until today the estimates this article now dismisses as to conservative were the norm, that is to say global warming would get us a 1 - 4 degree increase in temperature, this article reports that changes on the order of 11 degrees are possible. (030706d)

This story, about losses in the bee hive business, bee hives succumbing to the varroa mite. They use chemicals, of course, to control the pest, but will we see another cycle of resistance? Then what? (030606b)

Another report explains why Antarctic ice is being lost faster than it is being replaced. (030506f)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

So Alaskan's want to see their election records, first they are told the records belong to Diebold, then they get told they can have them but Diebold and election officials have to prepare them, then releasing data becomes a "security risk". Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. (030706f) And don't forget Florida; how could we? With only 100,000 reported voting machine errors in the 2004 election, everything, just luckily, turned out exactly right, that's what they want you to believe (030706g)

Here is a good on, a video, says the story, showing how emphatically Bushwacky was warned about New Orleans and his promises - then, when the vacationing "acting prez" has to "handle the criticism" he says "no one knew" "I wasn't told" and so on... (030706a) (here is the link to the page with the video)

The Buckeye state and the Bush "win" of 2004. Does it matter that hundreds of thousands of voters were "removed from the rolls" or other "irregularities"? I guess not. (030506g) And here is another story detailing how "voting reform" has been stalled, sidelined, underfunded and we still have questionable systems and debatable results (030506i)

The war on Terror:

Here is a story reporting how the UAE's ports have been used to ship atomic research and development supplies, illegally, and, not incidentally, the vehicle used for the bomb that killed Hariri in Lebanon. And Bushwhack want's such to take care of our ports? (030706b) Halliburton gets the port deal? (031006d)

Kafka and Orwell have their chops but Bush beats their band, hands down and cold. Torturous torture regs and a "unitary executive" make nonsense of the law (030606g)

This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. One of the stories used to "sell the Iraq war" is proven to be a fake. I know, I know it is late, but since the truth is out, let it all the way out. this should be the kind of story that reporters hound, but I hear no rush to cover or uncover or discover, oh well (030606f)

The future of the US: 

Chile makes history with its new leader and her attempt to form a "parity government" one in which the proportion of gender is balanced. (031006a)

Murtha speaks some sense. I disagree with what he says when answering "what to do about Iran" My answer would have included, "not lumping them into an axis of evil", not funding terrorist groups, as we define them, for action against Iran, maybe not threatening war by using war on two of its neighbours and in other ways. The interview, otherwise is quite good (030606e) 


Polls show Bush in a very poor light, but, as I have said to my friends, what does that matter, if reality itself doesn't matter why should Bushwhacky care about public opinions? (031006e)

A snapshot of Cheney, whose surprising level of approval, 18%, is surprising because it is still so high. (030706h)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:


It seems an oppositional front has formed. It includes the Muslim Brotherhood. This group is influential enough that it has been feared as the likely benefactor of any US supported regime change, allegedly this factor was primary in dissuading the US from pressing for serious regime change earlier. Where is the money in this game? (031706b)

Israel / Palestine:

What exists now is not stable, the reason is simple the short article could be a warning, but no one is listening. (031506h)

When will we see the last of this lame brain idea, that of Israel attacking Iran's nuclear facilities. The idea has been debunked, it is stupid. However, I'll put nothing past Bushwhacky. Can this help the Iran situation, even floating this idea? (031406g) and then there's this: U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John R. Bolton said Monday, "I don't think we have anything to say to the Iranians." (031406h)

Palestinians kidnap foreigners in response to an Israeli attack on one of their prisons. Now that Hamas runs the government it may be that this is a harbinger of stronger reactions to Israeli attacks. (031406b)


Ordinary Iraqi's prepare for "problems" such as being forced to stay inside for weeks at a time, fleeing for their lives or barricading their neighbourhood and buying weapons. (031806d) And how an Iraqi mayor decided to protect his town from the attacking "suburbs" (031806e)

How it is being fought, "Largest Iraq Air Assault Since 03" (031806a) Then, despite all the blather, there is no resistance found, nor battles fought, but it is said "We achieved tactical surprise." I'm not making this up. (031806b)

Vietnam is not Iraq, but this article shows the stages that the two conflicts seem share. It is not optimistic. (031506d) The problem is that I don't believe there are any truly good options which don't seem to stretch into the future as the promise greater and greater costs.

We want "permanent access" to Iraq, this means bases, huge, sprawling complexes with 21st century, suburban US style amenities. Are we leaving any time soon? If you believe we are ask about the instant Iraqi battalions, we've created a force of 100,000 in just six short months, this is after we said we'd already done this by the way. (031406d)

Oil, the economic backbone, is more than just weak, it is endangered, and not just by saboteurs. (031406c)

You recall Mr. Sadr, well, here is an update on this once time rebel and hunted criminal (031306e) What will he do when faced with what may be reprisals for his followers attacks on Shias? (031306d)

Another major attack, as it is called, 250 casualties, dead and wounded, altogether. Punch drunk, the nation heads toward civil war, part one (031206a) part two (031206b) and part three (031206c)

The term "civil war" is being used more and more, it has become the paramount threat, greater than the insurgency, but, and luckily, for the US, the Iraqi army will "take care of it". (031106a)

The Greater Muddle East


I had to laugh when I saw this headline, "Iran allocates 15M for Anti U.S. Budget" Now, first I thought they were setting up a program to fund anti-US sentiment in Americans, then I thought it was to create a "radio free US", but the real story is just as funny, but then I have a perverse sense of humour. (031306)

Another step toward crisis, by an administration that is notoriously inept at crisis management. Arm twisting by the US gets Russia to flip - flop on an issue. Condigirl gives them cover, sort of, and time marches on (031206d) But it is all for naught, China and Russia don't want to be harsh ... will there be a coalition of the willing? (031406e)

Yet, this article has me wondering if we are considering "action" on Iran as quotes in the article hint. But it is a different world now, what with Iraq and all (031406f)


Several problems are mentioned in this article, the border regions, namely Waziristan and Baluchistan. The Taliban seems to make gains and suffer losses as does the US and Pakistan. (031106d)

The Greater Islamic regions:

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Water wars, may still be a thing of the future, but water battles and struggles are here already. (031706a) For example this story sparks controversy between the US and Mexico (031706c)

Another war going on, another form of genocide, backed by powerful world forces, Britain, the US and their corporations, all making money off of West Papua's resources, have been for decades. This kind of rape is what fuels the "terror war" and we wonder "why they don't like us?" (031106h)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

Somehow this article made the news, again, it is from 2005 and reports that 2004 was a record breaking year for the increases in "greenhouse" gasses. (031406a)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

Lap Dogs of the Press, that about sums this one up. It has been argued that if the press had done "its job" providing the public with fact checking and investigative analysis we wouldn't have gone to war. I agree with that. Here is the scoop Jackson (031806c)

Just how will the "information war" unfold in the US, meaning propaganda, here are the 12 principals that are being seen, as applied to Iran. (031506e)

Sandra Day O'Connor, not forgotten by you, I trust, dear reader, has, reportedly, talked about democracy failing in the US and being replaced by dictatorship ... sorry no transcript only a report about it. (031306g)

A study has it that we see more "news time" but fewer stories and those are covered in less depth. That is the "skinny" from the study the story fronting it goes on to present an impression that there are some improvements, but I think the few facts presented in the article depict " a sea" of reality that allows disinformation or "non-information" to become "the news as we know it" (031306a)

The war on Terror:

Why, in Gods holy name do we bother spying on our own leafleters? Don't we have bigger fuckin' fish to fry? and I'm not talking about Mr. M. Below. (031506b)

Mr Moussaoui, recall him? The Gov wants to kill him, but fumbling, can't manage to Kangaroo this court or its juge. (031306c)\

A law is passed to prevent torture, however those being tortured, since they are outside the US, in Guantanamo, for example, cannot avail themselves of the law, nice (031106c)

The future: 

There is talk of a "unipolar" moment, here is a bit on that (031506c) The trouble is that Krauthammer is wrong. The world is already multi polar. Can't he spell C-h-i-n-a? Does he not know how to spell I-s-r-a-e-l? Just because the US cannot seem to be challenged and is the only power with global reach does not mean there are not other restive sources of power. Those sources, all of them, are all the more so "free" because of Bushwhacky's asinine, sort of dumbfuk in a mining disaster, kind of blind, deaf and dumb policies. India and China go their own way, Russia plays its own agenda. Yes, granted we are all over the board, but everyone knows we can no longer "be everywhere at once" We did have a unipolar world, once, under Clinton, and no I did not vote for him, but that's gone now. The worst part is the bill for the price we'll be paying has not been added up yet, much less presented.

What I want to know is how can this Jackass saying these asinine things possibly help the situation in any constructive way? With idiots like the Rev. Franklin Graham, or Mr. Dorkwad himself, Pat Robertson, speaking from their anuses like this? What could possibly be their point? (031506a)

The chicken, industrially farmed, bird flu, wild birds are given the blame while farm factories still run the same. (031306h)

The future of the US: 

This article has it that a big terrorist act is soon to occur, or a real worrisome, serious, tangible warning because Bushwhacky needs to wag the dog with its tail. I have said as much before, but I go a step further than the article (031506f) I feel that a sizeable attack, to my mind at least a dirty nuke, or a real one, would solve Bushwhacky's problem, it would prove we're in danger, we could blame Iran, he'd look "heroic" again, and there would be "proof" that 'fifth columnists" were involved in the attack, thus sealing off debate about that "constitution thing" Some people think the Bushwhacky run is just about done, the problem is that their problems won't go away with them. (031506g)

400,000 lawyers agree, Bushwhacky has violated the constitution and so forth. Their organisation has spoken. But Mr. Bushwhacky doesn't listen, the lawyers don't get air time on Fox or CNN and so I say, so what? I don't think the creaking gears of social activism are going to get rid of Bushwhacky in anything like a timely manner, time is short, (031106e) Here is the letter, a PDFfile (031106f) Here is what they're talking about, a PDF file (031106g)

Trade deficit, the record breaking, mind numbing numbers continue to be posted, how long it can continue, how and when it will end is another question as we "hollow out" our economy (031106b)


Senator Feingold prepares an attempt to censure Bushwhacky. Is this the last gasp or the touchdown that turns the tide? (031306f)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:

Region wide there is a split concerning the issue of nuclear weaponry in the middle east. Arab nations are divided, Israel's nukes are figuring into the thinking, and fallout, both figurative and literal are real concerns of the moment. (032206d)

Israel / Palestine:

Why does it take months for it to be reported that Israel has severely limited the foodstuffs that are allowed into Gaza? Food is short, rationing is in effect and there is little or no reserves. Such actions will amplify the difficulties that Israel will face, world opinion for one thing, for another further reducing the possibility of peace. (032106x)


No government yet and dozens die daily, that is what it seems like, sectarian killing is acknowledged and common. (032506c)

We wind down our funding for reconstruction and shift such costs on to the Iraqi's. Oil exports, their main source of revenue is down, as is electrical production and job training which is way, way way down. (032406x)

How corrupt was/is the Iraq reconstruction effort? It gets bad marks from an insider who ran a good portion of it, or tried to: part one (032406b) part two (032406c) part three (032406d) and part four (032406e)

How do we know it is grim? Even worse than we know? Because we say so. (032306d)

A shift in casualties, US down and Iraqi up, way up. (032106d) Then, too, it is what is not obvious that is the unsettling part of the puzzle. (032106e)

And here's a bit on the prewar intelligence: Part one (032106f) and part two (032106g)

What do the bases we are building in Iraq look like? How big is big? Here are some features of our "non permanent" bases, part one (032106b) and part two (032106c)

Iraq's neighbors and internal divisions provide a recipe for "interesting times" this article outlines what Iraq's neighbors have to fear, hope for, want , and details some of their "interests" in either a failed or successful Iraq. (032006d)

The Dumbsfeldt says,"It won't look like the American civil war." Well, DUH! But I guess he gets info that we ordinary mortals don't. (031906a)

The Greater Muddle East


Rumors persist regarding "nuclear options" in Iran. The most "reasonable" of these consists of "bunker busting nukes." The dangers of this idea are given some coverage here. (031906c) But the word is that we aren't going in before March 28th, anyway, or maybe longer because the American people have to "get ready" Lots of interesting quotes in this brief article. (031906c)

Bill O'Reilly, or should I say B.S. O'Fartmouth, wants to "blow Iran off the map" or some such. What a diplomat he'd make. I wonder what his butt would taste like if it was fried up? (031906b) Probably the like the shit he's full of? How could he think that such a comment, made to millions of Americans could possibly be helpful, even to Bushwhacky?



The Greater Islamic regions:

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Big, read multinational, water companies are withdrawing, under fire, from poor countries. The reason is resistance from local populations or national movements, such as in Bolivia. The world bank still thinks it's the way to go. It is a fight for control of a vital resource. (032106i)

This article makes a case against Iran's oil bourse being a threat to the dollar and or a cause for a US attack on that country. While that may be a relief, it goes on to show how financial mismanagement is putting at risk the international system which has made the US dollar the fiat currency for business, government or trade (032006e) For details see the "Spiraling Cost" article in the future of the US section.

A GREAT article, simple, easy to understand and it explains several of the threads that have run through articles on China, about the politics of "currency maintenance", empire, resource wars, inflation and more. A seminal tying of the knot. I only have the page forwarded to me, I do not have a link directly the the page on the web (031906i)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

A bit of an update, "glacial quakes" those that are caused when a glacier "gets a heat on" and moves faster than usual. Such events are occurring more often in Greenland and we may have a 4 to 8 degree warming curve "goin on" . (032306a)

In increasing detail, scope and depth we hear stories from the far north. This article gives all three as an update to the warming, which up there is as much as seven degrees at this time. (032206a) and part two (032206b)

Even Evangelicals see the need to do something about global warming. (032206c)

Don't worry, the levels of radioactive material is not that great, and besides it's being diluted in the nearby river. I guess that means a leak of nuclear material is OK. Well, I am reassured, aren't you? (032106j)

The most powerful cyclone in 30 years hits Australia. Can we say "weather changes?" (032006a) Humans can take the credit, and do so in a variety of wonderful and interesting ways, for the extinction rate now at some 1,000 times the "normal". (032006b) And part two of the story (032006c)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

So, there is a vote against permanent bases in Iraq, it succeeds, but no one hears about it. (032506a) Neither nation wants such bases. (032506b)

Just a story here, one that is worth some attention, anyone know of the "Halliburton of the Abstinence Movement? (032406a)

The war on Terror:

What do do with an American "citizen" who makes bombs and gets caught in a country suffering from terrorist bombs? That's right, send in the FBI, haul his sorry ass out of that country and hide him over here. (032506d)

When substance is trumped by spin, image and sound bite then situations like what happened in Oakland, a bomb scare, can provide a template for those who wou d disrupt our society - and, as I've said before, they wouldn't need a single bomb to do it. (032106e)

The future: 

This is not the Central and South American of the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's. The LLOL (Latin Left Laughing Out Loud) trend continues, deepens and will have impact, especially if Mexico joins in the trend. All of this can be laid at Bush's feet, his incompetence in general has allowed a loss of nearly a whole hemisphere of friends and allies who, not so long ago, could be counted upon to support US policies and back it up in the UN or other bodies. (032106a)

Long, long ago, a poet, I want to say e.e. cummings, wrote about the 5th Avenue El, meaning elevated, meaning elevated railway. How it was torn down and its metal scrapped out. Much of this went to Japan. That nation returned the metal, sort of, during WW2 when, in the form of attacking ships and airplanes. Now, look at this story about China. (031906e) and part two (031906f)

The future of the US: 

Our apocalyptic prezydink select, Bushwhacky, has a bit of exposure here, more than enough actually, considering, (032306c)

The estimate is that the war in Iraq will cost some TRILLION dollars by the time it winds down in 2010, that is if it does and nothing else happens in the mean time. (032306b) remember we were told it would be maybe 50 billion and that Iraq's oil would pay for it all? Remember how the term "cakewalk" was used?

The Spiraling Cost: how our deficit and fiscal mismanagement corrode our prosperity, and economic strength. (032006f)

I guess you CAN call it "pension reform" when it puts the future of millions at risk, more so than when the president and congress set out to "fix" the system. Who says this? The government does, but no one notices that part, it doesn't make the headlines. (031906g)

Bush signs into law a bill that was not passed by congress, even though he was told, even though it was a small matter of a couple of billion dollars. It is the principal that counts, oh, my bad, I forgot that such doesn't matter to Herr Bushvacky. (031806e)

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