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Greetings and salutations!

.....I begin with an introduction about who I am and how I connected to San Francisco's poetry scene. Then ther are some video clips, an audio sampler, and my haiku artwork. This is where I often list upcoming appearances.

.....I currently curate Sacred Grounds Open Mic, the longest running poetry open mic known, serving up good food and fine poetry every Wednesday night since 1972. I invite you to visit my You Tube channel where videos of recent featured perfomers have been posted. We've a Facebook page for events and an archive of video from the Cafe Days: Sacred's live streams. Also a collection of links to video archives that stretch back several years!

 .... Through my imprint, One Insight Press, I have poetry collections, mine and those of others, as well as Science Fiction novels.

..... I also offer writing services and can provide those curious with my publication credits should either of these serve.

McLaren Park - 2008
Poet's with Trees
...To people who say I'm understated, I say, "You don't know the half of it!"
This is the philosopher's stone; I happened across it some time ago.

News, Events and Organizations

News and Events:

Poetry Flash for, local, regional and statewide events

San Francisco Heart - an Art and Poetry Calendar. by Nicole Savage

The One Page Guide These are the open mic venues in San Francisco that I know of.

Bay Area Poet's Coalition, based in Berkeley, CA a great group!

Poem Dome! San San Francisco's premier annual event!

Here is the audio of the Virtual Version of Poem Dome from 2021, thanks to Val and EK! The sound comes in low, there is some set up, but by 12 minutes in the show starts off and the sound improves.

Poetry Blogs:

Mission Poetry Center - La Mission Poética

Peace, Hope and 911: Voices from San Francisco


The Beat Museum

A Kerouac Connection

Poetry Podcasts:

Mystic Babylon is the location for the podcasts made by John Rhodes, many San Franciscan poets have been filmed by John.


SF Bay Area Muse Poetry List

A writer's past: Daniel Brady

Well, where to begin...

..... I began writing while at Washington Union High School there I eventually joined the Literary Club. The senior project, that year, 1969 -1970, was to produce an anthology of artwork and poetry. After some controversial drawings were edited, several hundred copies were produced to acclaim; this was where I was published for the first time. Subsequently, I attended Ohlone J.C. where I continued taking creative writing classes. Later, while attending San Francisco State University, from 1972 to 1975, I self identified as a writer, more specifically - as a poet. During those years I read a great deal and wrote more poetry than ever before. I graduated in 1975 with a BA in Sociology, all practicalities aside.

..... During my time at SFSU, I went to many readings and workshops. By the time I graduated in 1975 I, and several others, had begun Birthstone Magazine, a small press publication. In the late 70's I managed a reading series at a local anarchist bookstore, Bound Together Book Collective, when it was located on Hayes St. I also facilitated workshops during those years and began to be published in small press magazines around the nation.

..... I became increasingly involved in San Francisco's poetry scene as I performed numerous readings, often including haiku, and continued to attend and create workshops. I was published in a number of small press magazines and placed in several poetry contests. In 1977, I became involved with the Theosophical Society of San Francisco and my poetry began to include symbolic metaphysical content. A few years later, the Zen appeal of Haiku grew and it came to be a part of many of my readings through the early 1980's.

..... In the fall of 1985 I returned to San Francisco State University to obtain a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. I began teaching in 1987 with supplementary credentials in both English and Social Science. I have been an elementary school teacher since that time. This career change did distract me from writing as did my marrying a singularly enchanting woman, my wife Wendy.

..... I had turned to writing prose in the early 80's after having two short pieces published in the local small press. I began novel length manuscripts toward the end of that decade, mainly in the genre of Science Fiction. In 1991 I joined the Haiku Poets of Northern California. In this setting, I learned much about the intricate nature of the deceptively simple art of haiku. During that time I had haiku published. By 2000 I had returned to the open mic scene and to poetry writing, reading and performing, much as I had earlier on in my life. By 2010 I began curating Sacred Grounds Open mic, which has now passed some 50 years in providing audiences with great poetry!

Videos of Daniel Reading:

Some of these selections were recorded by my friend Martin Joseph at Sacred Grounds (SG). One can also go to my YouTube channel to see video from Sacred Grounds which includes other famed poets.

(1) Reading at the Poets with Trees event (2009) (4 minutes)
Dan reading a romantic poem (at the renown Word Party! 2010) (3min.)
Dan Brady and Wendy Wolters featured (2012) (30m)
A satiric song in support of Bradley Manning (2011) (3m)
Reading a poem at Sacred Grounds  (2011) (3m)
Good News" at Sacred Grounds  (2011) (6m)
2 poems at Sacred Grounds (Jul. 2011) (5m)
You mustn't Be Afraid of Death (Aug. 2011) (6m)
And here now the news (Aug. 2011) (5m)
Send in the Clowns (Clowns Vs. Nazi's) (Nov. 2011) (3m)
In honor of Jehanah Wedgwood (Nov. 2011) (4m)
Time Will Tell, at Sacred Grounds (Mar. 2012) (2m)
Reading "Glory" at Sacred Grounds (Mar. 2012) (3m)
Reflections" at Sacred Grounds (Mar. 2012) (3m)
Dancing on the Moon at Sacred (Mar. 2012) (2m)
The Legend of Brady's Fart (Apr. 2012) (7m)
70's Mothers, mine and another (May 2012) (4m)
Ode To Pee and more (Dec. 2012) (5m)
Inspiration Point (Dec. 2012) (4m)
(20) Their Lights (2010) (3m)
The Passing of Brady's Fart (2012) (7m)
(22) As Don Brennan Would Say It (2014) (12m)
(23) Good News and Jazz Solo (2014) (12m)
(24) A 20 minute feature at Sacred (Jan. 2015) (21m)
(25) Advice from a deranged MUNI addict, the Epistle (Feb. 2015 @SG) (3m)
(26) Reading Avotcja's What is a Poet (Feb. 2015 @SG) (2m)
(27) Light, light, light (Mar. 2015 @SG) (3m)_
(28) The Last Poem (Mar. 2015 @SG) (7m)
Reading "Peace (at the renown Word Party!) (4m)
Dan Brady's "Speculation" on YouTube (2017) (3m)
An hour of Dan and Wendy reading (2017 @SG) (53m)
Dan Brady+Steve Arnston Central Coast Poetry Show (2018) (31m)
Dan's at San Francisco's main library Hosted by the Bay Area Poet's Coalition (2011) (35m)
Time Will Tell and Long After Time, read at Sacred Grounds (2018) (4m)
Dan kicking off Poem Dome (2019) (3m)
The Trump; The Grinch Song (2018) (3m)
Inspiration Point (2016) (4m)
A Haiku, Ghostly, and Unendurable Pleasure Indefinitely Prolonged (Aug. 2019) (4m)
My somewhat impromptu feature at Sacred (Feb. 2020) (24m)
Who Influenced You? (Jul. 2020) (2m)
Headlines and Frontlines (Jul. 2020) (4m)
Two poems at PAI, The Bridge (Jul. 2020) (7m)
Reading, at PAI, The Bridge (Dec. 2020) (4m)
Part One of my feature, World Poetry Online (Dec. 2020) (10m)
Part Two of my feature, World Poetry Online (Dec. 2020) (10m)
Feature at Mitch's Art Party! (Mar. 2021 (20m)
Excerpts of Madness (Sep. 2021 (3m)
Worlds, for Carlos Ramirez (Nov. 2021) (3m)
They Call It (Nov. 2021) (4m)
Dan at the PAI, December 2021 (Dec. 2021) (3m)
Dan at the PAI, December 2021 (Dec. 2021) (6m)
At Sacred Grounds, 2014 (Oct. 14) (2m)
At the SFPL,2020 Singing Donald The Drumpf (Oct.2014) (3m)
At 1428 Poet's, as feature (09/2022) (21m)
A feature at Poetry Near and Afar (01/02/23) (22m)
Whose Fault Is it? (Feb. 2024, at Sacred) (4m)

An Audio Sampler:

This page includes MP3 audio files for each poem, a reading on the web! Please note that other recordings are available: Upon Request

Selected Haiku Items:

I have an interest in haiku; it was the first poetic form I was taught and I've always enjoyed writing haiku. My haiku page has links to a haiku sampler, including artwork, and a couple of short essays about some interesting aspects of Haiku writing such as The Essence of Preference. I have also created a page about San Francisco's gem of a secret the Haiku Pond!

Writing Services:

I have manuscripts I am working on as well as a collection of what I call "idea files" that are plot lines or proto-scripts. These have been used as a basis for consulting with clients seeking ideas for stories, novellas, and novels or movies and television programs in the Science Fiction genre. Here is some information about plot lines.

Publication Credits: Upon Request

Venues and Poets


Sacred Grounds Cafe This is the longest running poetry open mic in San Francisco, perhaps in the US. See our Facebook page for events Have a cup of friendship and expound!

Jennifer Barone and Ingrid Keir of WordParty a pair of poets who knock your socks off!

Bird and Beckett Books poetry, literary events and jazz

16th and Mission Streets on Thursday nights the Poets take over and it is WILD!


Clara Hsu She performs in the Bay Area and hosts a monthly salon

Sally Saunders is a poetry therapist who runs workshops and performs in San Francisco.

Steven Gray, a poet, singer songwriter musician and artist

Joan Gelfand, a fine San Francisco poet who tours widely

Cara Vida, a performance poet with unforgettable style and panache!

Pablo Rosales A soulful, jazzy kind of reciter who is very smooth, you'll enjoy his work.

Virginia Barrett A heartfelt and compassionate poet whose artwork is intuitive and sensual.

Zara Raab A careful and well crafted writer of note.

David Erdreich A clever poet, singer musician, comedian kind of nice guy. The book shows it.

Garrett Murphy A poet whose satire, wit, humor and punchy understated style always impresses.



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