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Constructing a thesis, considerations from Creative Ideas Consulting

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Creative Ideas provides new perspectives, illuminates solutions and inspires new lines of thought. We are as fast as the internet, and as convenient as Email. Let us show you how valuable ideas can be delivered worldwide in the blink of an eye - imagine ... all you can imagine! Please look over the articles found at "Proof of Concept" where you may see cases from our research phase. These postings are meant to exemplify the range of our endeavors.


Creative Ideas for Theses

This is to be considered an advisement to those of you who are about to construct a thesis. To such as you I begin with the obvious that you should plan its construction with care. You will want succeed in the course of course, however, one must do more than demonstrate knowledge of your chosen field, competency in the design of a research project or your capacity for the undertaking such projects as may be of use in the real world - as it might be called. And, of course you should expect to do your best in demonstrating these abilities. To that common list I would then add talent. You must design a thesis that is at once rich, varied, deep, tapping into issues of import, which are ripe with the possibility of creating positive effects for society not just a particular subset of such; In this worthy endeavor I am certainly willing to lend an assist. For you I have assembled herein a collection of thoughts, which may be viewed as prompts, points of departure or even just food for thought, when in the preparation for the construction of a thesis

I will haste to add that there are secondary purposes in providing this information. I am a creative creature and have had many, many ideas that I simply cannot use, meaning that I do not have the capacity to undertake effecting these ideas no matter their usefulness and how dearly I would love to see them put into effect. So these ideas are all of a piece. Each encourages the development of a perspective, that goes beyond the simple creation of new knowledge, which is at the heart of all research and thus a given thesis, but engages the spirit with inspirational motivation to "touch the world" for the better. Many are projects of a grand scale with an implied consequential beneficial effect of positive social restructuring. In essence, I think you and those who are guiding your path would much rather take up a chance to explore the exciting possibilities of making a real difference in the world than "be ordinary" Thus I am suggesting that what I mean by putting forth your talent is to take on one of these or a similar challenge and demonstrate the value that there is nothing better than crafting a thesis designed to construct a better future.

There are still further other purposes. As I've said many of these ideas have been designed to affect the course of human social evolution through social, or other kinds, of engineering. I may also hope that these ideas, by their nature, will cause one who even considers them to alter their perspective regarding their view of what constitutes a "good" thesis is and so effect, for the better, the construct of their thesis - whatever it may come to be. I ask, in this way, about the ultimate purpose of human development and education. While I hope the reader will to do their best at making a positive difference in the human community on this, our world, it is also my hope that the evaluator might then also consider, as a metric to measure the value of other proposed ideas, by considering how far reaching, important and vital to human progress a thesis is. I urge persons in those positions to take advantage of their circumstances to create a thesis of vision, of impact, of simplicity and demonstrative use.

Last other reason, I believe that we should all be engaged in the task of bettering the state of human society and it is for that purpose that I offer these ideas for use by any. One final note, if any of these are unclear and or a reader would like clarification; I am available via email to provide further details on these ideas.

1) Measuring the Health of Society

The argument can be made that the state has a vested interest in the well being of its members. If the state has a vested interest in the health and well being of its members, how is that "concern" to be measured and or analyzed and what are the implications of such findings for the review of government medical programs, environmental policies, health and safety regulations, product regulation and various other areas of law or oversight? The proposal is to consider a study, which categorizes the causes of death in a given location, county, state or nation. Essentially the collection of such data would compare the number of deaths that are due to "social causes" meaning those deaths in which the "social factor(s) were high or very high to those of "natural causes", meaning those deaths for which the societal factor is low or very low. While the definition of "social causes" and "natural causes" would be essential, providing as they do the basis for debate and discussion, it would behoove anyone wishing to use this thesis idea to clearly define those terms, see the following paragraph, In essence, however, this process of categorizing the deceased into these two categories and creating a ration between the two would allow a true measure of the effectiveness of how well a society in provides its members with health and well being. Just thinking about this issue in this way would open up a whole realm of thought concerning how this measure should be made, what it shows and what it means for the review or revising of policy.

For example, I hold that deaths due to cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse are social causes because things like that are known to be harmful yet are legally bought and sold, that is to say allowed and sanctioned, by society. Likewise deaths due to poor medical practice, murders, gun deaths, DUI's have considerable social factors - as would deaths due to the unavailability of health care, or the use of dangerous products, devices or machines. On the other hand deaths due to "old age", or simple accidents would tend to be in the natural causes category. Some categories of death, notably suicide, may have to be done on a case-by-case basis.

2) Restoring North America to pre-human status

This project requires the gradual removal of humanity from both North and South America. The essential idea is that if everyone in those two continents were to "return" to their homelands, no matter how distant, this would dramatically cause positive changes in the "homelands" and could include coastal zones of up to 400 miles. This would have the consequent result of resettling hundreds of millions of people and so effect a kind of integration through immigration.

3) Building an orbital ring city        

This would be an engineering feat for the most part. But it would require such a vast amount of every kind of resource that it would unify the social and industrial energies of the planet. The benefit of which would be beyond debate. The thesis would involve the practicability of the engineering of the project. The ring would orbit the earth to create a gravitational effect. Materials from the solar system would be employed.

4) Building another planet

This would, again, be an engineering project. It would also be a study of the idea and how it would be accomplished, to what ends and what it would mean for humanity. Remote controlled robotic devices would do all the work. The materials of the solar system would be garnered and put to use. Asteroids and other similar objects would be nudged out of their orbits and set to "fall" into place, a region either between Earth and Venus or Earth and Mars. These would form the metallic core. The components for water and atmosphere would be harvested in a similar fashion, when the time came, from the rings of Saturn, the Oort Cloud of by redirecting comets. The power for all this would come from solar panels on the robotic agents or from larger stations. Once the robotic devices had electrical power they could harvest ice, melt and then gassify it to produce thrust and the ability to effect tiny changes in very large objects which change their orbital pattern. If, perhaps, millions of these devices were in use it would not be long, some few decades, before a core would be taking shape.

5) Can man alter the instinctual behaviors of animals so as to enhance their survival and/ or compatibility with humans or human society

6) Terra-forming the Earth, a large-scale socioeconomic transformational policy what are the advantages, challenges, reasoning?

Target zones could include the Sahara, Australia's out back, restoration of coral reefs and more

7) The cost and benefit study for a space program dedicated to the practical removal of nuclear pollutants. 

8) "Flooding" a town or locality with Social Services: a trial investigation to determine the effectiveness of providing a population with adequate employment, health services, and self-help cooperatives.

The "effectiveness" would be estimated by comparing the subject town to any number of others with similar or comparable demographics. Again, public records and data, such as those from actuarial tables, the result of health studies and medical knowledge would allow a speculative paper to be created which could be the basis for seeking grant funding.

9) Community Gardening: Funding a service for urban areas which plants gardens in yards, fruit bearing trees and more to supplement local food supplies, provide work programs and nutritional education.

10) Interstellar communications by effecting changes in the solar appearance or in the signals it gives off.

This might, in part, relate to 7th idea.

11) Replacing the military in both budget and purpose, with a corps dedicated to the reparations of all war damage, mass emergency rescue, infa-structure repair, renewal and food production, habitat restoration and maintenance and developing sustainable power sources.

This would be a computer simulation, of course. The simple speculation based upon providing the members of the "armed forces" the current and or projected cost of their salaries as compared to the "value added" for the large array of tasks which would improve living standards, improve health care, nutrition, personal solvency and have the added advantage that every dollar spent on the program would be invested in local economies as they create large numbers of jobs for these workers

12) The manner in which manufacturers would be encouraged to pre-cycle their products, which is to say build into their design the manner in which the materials would be recycled efficiently.

This would be a speculative study on the amount of waste that could be reduced were manufacturers encouraged to build in "recyclability" to their product lines. It is my contention that many common products could be redesigned to produce less waste or be more easily recycled. It could be possible that a simple code affixed to any produce provides the recycler a credit or bonus of some kind.

13) A "smart kitchen"

The "smart stove, would be a household device that measures the electricity of gas used in the course of a given meal, day or week. It could also calculate the cost of the energy based on the local rates which the user could input. This would be coupled with a monitoring system that would also let you know the temperature of food inside cooking containers so that the device could alter its energy output to make its energy use more efficient. This "self monitoring" would be applied to refrigeration units as well and even broken down to its compartments. This relates to idea #23

14) The construction and design of a "restricting 'prison' helmet"

This would be a speculative study on the use and or effect of this device.

This device is affixed to a wearer's shoulders and encases his or her head and in this part it very much resembles a motorcycle helmet.  However it is actually a remotely monitored and controlled and is monitored 24/7 and 365. The remote operator can see and hear what the wearer does. The wearer's position is always known as are his or her vitals, blood pressure, heart and respiration, perspiration other metrics could be measured as well, blood sugar, alcohol content, the presence of drugs and some or all of these could be used, even remotely to determine whether the person may or may not be lying. If need be the remote monitor could close either a transparent or opaque face shield, communicate with the wearer, render the wearer unconscious, deafen them, provide electric shock or a variety of other input, even data streams from the web, voice and telephone and video.

The purpose of this helmet would be to control the wearer using a variety of means. The first purpose would be to manage the most violent of offenders without resorting to physical violence or weapons. Secondarily, various "grades" of helmets could be developed to allow finer management of prison populations and/or to monitor those who have been released to society but for which a measure of control is still needed.

This device would reduce prison populations, create a large pool of new jobs have an enhancing effect on the social services such an individual needs.

15) The "New World Model"

This would be the consideration of the means by which "positive" world model would be made. Much as computer models are used to create global models for the warming effect, population growth and economic forecasting so can a model be made which is designed to "test" how well global society would function if the destructive forces such as war, economic waste, poor health, lack of equitable income distribution, poor farming techniques, as well as the "social costs" of crime and poverty eliminated. Granted it would be a magnificent computer model to construct but it would be instructive to develop the overall concept for, once it was created the theoretical applications for the model would be many.

16) Health Plan One

Perhaps an idea whose time has come, speculate this: If research were compiled concerning how an individual could augment their ability to enhance their health via diet, exercise, mental, emotional practices and the extensive use of natural amendments to each of these areas so as to measure the survivability of a human, given the best possible environment. What would that consist of?  How would the research take place?  What would the results tell us? How could the simplest and or most accessible of this information be disseminated and how could its effectiveness be determined?

This could, of course, have a crowd sourced" "crowd verified,"social networking aspect in which knowledge best proactive and active health practices could be disseminated, evaluated and have that body of knowledge available to as many people as possible. If the governments do not really take care of health care, we, the people, can certainly do whatever we can to make a difference in our lives. That would be the overarching appeal of smaller studies.

17) Public School Teacher's Abuse; Principles for Principals

A research project into this area of public education. The state of affairs could be inferred from publicly available data as long as the data are interpreted in a valid manner. Direct research; interviews and a call for teachers to provide direct accounts of how a school site manager is effective and positive or ineffective and negative. The interviews and stories would then be considered with the original data set to allow the researchers to construct set of principles,. standards if you will, of a teacher's expectations for students, parents, administrators as well as the district, states and national institutes of education. It is my contention, my reason for inspiring this line of investigation, that site managers, commonly called principals, are an unexamined factor in the success and failure of teachers and thus the whole educational system. (I have conceived of the idea to begin this research using a writing contest as a means to get a good sample of direct testimony. The research would have in mind the creation of a "popular nonfiction" book meant to inform the public so there is move to improve the lot of teacher's who suffer from abuse, either systemically or personally from whatever source.)

18) Middle School Advanced Studies Program, suitable for High School or Middle School students:

This would be a special studies elective class. It would require the students to attend one hour a day. Each day of the week would focus on a different area of the curriculum. For example, Mondays would focus on music. The students would warm up, practice and perform during each session. The objectives would be improved play, performance skills, technique and to demonstrate compositional skills. Tuesday's focus would be literature. Students would present pieces either by reading or recital and these presentations would include drama, poetry, literature and essays all of which would be follow by discussion and or debate. In this area classic literature, philosophy, poetry, essays all would be useful. The objectives would be the development of advanced reading skills, practice at presentations, participation in discussion and debate and the management of investigation into relevant social events - either current or historical. Wednesday would focus on the crafting stories, essays, commentary, persuasive writing, humor and more. Each day would consist of project oversight, one on one meetings with authors, co-authors or teams with the teacher, presentations of finished works or the discussion of works in progress. Worked into Tuesday and Wednesday would be exercises in clear thinking, logic and chess. Thursday would be reserved for Social Studies, here the focus would be on the identification of social issues or concerns and the formation of cooperative groups who design projects to analyze or effect, for the better, the identified social issue or concern. This would include the taking of surveys, opinion polls and the creating of activist projects designed to effect society for the better. Again discussion and debate could be a part of this program. Friday would cover experimental science and math. The objective here is to demonstrate a professional understanding of the scientific method and to undertake studies, provide demonstrations, do experiments to generate new knowledge or to verify already established knowledge or in order to clarify theoretical principles. Math and Art would be combined in an ongoing project based effort to create scale models directed by the teacher or by the curiosity of the students.

The overall theme for each of these five areas is to create new knowledge or bodies of work, a new composition, a new story or poem, a new understanding of an ancient text, a better understanding of a social issue based on an action plan to investigate or effect it and new knowledge based on empirical proof.

Ancillary to this would be group tasks, such as a collective fund raising effort. This could be as simple as organizing to sell recyclable material, holding bake sales, setting up a student run store or other such ideas. The class would determine how to raise the funds and what to spend their funds on.

I would very much appreciate someone undertaking to run an "elective like" study group to see just how well it would work.

19) Optimum Developmental Influence, a longitudinal study(ies)

By providing a set of women planning to be come pregnant a complete support system allowing them to behave in the optimal fashion so as to enhance the development of their offspring. This would include prenatal care, physical and psychological care, optimizing body care and this would continue after birth. Explorations would be made of alternative care, such as infants learning to swim, and the effects of music and physical contact for the child and mothers. Factors to be enhanced are diet, exercise, education and certain other factors known to influence the successful development of a human being. This would be continued until the second year of the child's life. These children would be compared to a control group which incorporates all the relevant factors.

A secondary study, with completely different sets of children. The factors that will be studied are: hydration, vitamins and other health related supplements, a balanced diet, exercise and meditation.

A tertiary study, this one involving a comparison between a group of children who do not have access to telephones, cell phones, the internet, television, radio or recorded media. Both the control and the experimental group would be living in an area remote from the influences of society and from each other, of course. I believe that there will be substantial differences in the psychological states and social-emotional development when comparing the two groups.

20) Direct Democracy, a developmental model:

Ideally a small town would be used to determine the effectiveness of direct democracy. By this I mean that those individuals elected to serve the public, politicians, would not pass regulations or laws, rather they would propose such to the public which would then decide on the merits of any given proposal. Using the internet those managing the town in any capacity would be charged with the responsibility of informing the public of actions they believe would serve the "public good" but it will be for the votes, the citizens to decide any matter. Also citizens, or groups of such, would be encouraged to organized and advocate making their own propositions, regulations and laws. In sum managing the town would be completely transparent cooperative venture. Voting records would be public, transparent, verifiable and secure.

21) Confederation of Independent American States:

This plan incorporates the ideas in numbers 23 and 14. In sum the idea would begin in the United States where the indigenous peoples would network themselves in the fashion indicated in number 14 to create a model for a true, transparent and 100% accountable democratic governing system. It would allow the entire population of indigenous people to coordinate their efforts, resources, and intentions to not only better their own lives but to demonstrate that real democracy can be effective. I would suggest at least one goal which would be for the first peoples to reestablish their sovereignty over the reservations they currently occupy and secondarily reclaim all lands that were lost to them in preparation for idea number two, perhaps.

Hawaiian and Alaskan independence

Subsidiary to this larger idea are two smaller ones. These would be feasibly studies on a gradualist approach to Hawaiian independence. As the island nation was brought "into the fold" in a questionable fashion and some of the islands are free from the most obvious forms of cultural colonization a gradualist approach would be for the unoccupied islands to secede from the union first. This would be followed by successive changes until the entire chain is independent. A similar process could be implemented in Alaska with parts of that state and, ultimately, perhaps, integrating with Nunavut.

22) Palestinian Independence:

This is another feasibility study regarding a troubled people. It is posited that that Gaza declare its full and complete independence from the West Bank and petition to join the community of nations in the world. That is the first stage of this plan. The second stage is for the new nation of Gaza, should they decide to keep that name, is to not only make absolute and complete peace with Israel but to also sever all ties with it. Gaza would seal its borders with Israel and pursue opening borders with Egypt and constructing a port that would enhance and develop trade. A peaceful and prosperous Gaza would result. This new state would contrast sharply with the West Bank. The third stage would be the dawning, in the consciousness of the peoples of the world, of not only how different the two Palestinian states are but why they are so different. The fourth phase would be Israel seeing the value in treating the West Bank Palestinians as they have the Gazan Palestinians. In sum this would be a social psychological "set up" where the "good" Palestinians cause the world to decry, in ever clearer terms, how Israel treats the "bad" Palestinians on the West Bank.

23) New Cooking:

After considering how much fuel and electricity is demanded by current culinary practices, regarding food "train" from creation , to preparation and its preservation - I wonder, wouldn't there be a way of changing those preferences so as to reduce our "dietary dependence" on gas and electricity. See idea #13.

I ponder how much we might be able to reduce the energy input required to prepare our foods which may be taken to include production in all its phases, from farm to shipping, packaging, wholesale, retail, kitchen prep and cool or other kinds of storage. Back yard gardening could be included in this study as well.

It may begin with the simple idea of "cooking ahead" that is to say preparing large quantities of rice, beans, pasta and other foods which are consumed during a given time periods without cooking. It may include recipe design, cooperative cooking behaviors involving neighbors, family or friends. It can include preserving, cold storage and slow cooking and more. Once does not need to cook to eat as much as one does.

One might also consider how to determine what kind of diet would allow a given person to meet the nutritional requirements as set out by health experts or agencies. This could a simple constructed web resource which allows a person to input certain data and be given access to the output which would include some dietary suggestions which provide the kinds and amounts of foods which would satisfy a person's needs. The site would allow the user to control for vitamins, minerals, micro-minerals and herbal supplements, there would be a way of inputting illnesses and so allow an output for dietary, herbal, self care and plans for supplements.

In sum although we begin with a collection of data to be analyzed for its "energy footprint" we then proceed to run an analytical process determining the effectiveness of the food system to deliver what a given individual needs.

24) Intra/inter planet holographic communication:

Long ago an experimenter determined that one effect of trimming a plant is that the plant responds. When plants that were connected to lie detectors were damaged the readings of its conductivity changed. The speculation is this. If one were to "train" a plant to respond to electrical stimuli, in a Pavlovian fashion, say by associating light or warmth with induced stress and then clone that both plants would retain the training. After that is determined, the clones are absolutely separated. Then one plant is stimulated and as this happens the other responds. This then is the heart of instantaneous, non web-based communication. This would be limitless and instantaneous. The plants could be grown as cells in a culture with a grid work of input pads made of very fine, extremely thin and highly conductive material. Very very slight degrees in the stimulus/input of one plant would be read in the responses of the other.

25) Eugenisis Research

This idea concerns researching the design of a project meant to explore how we might enhance the evolutionary development of the human species. The term eugenisis is not to be confused with the discredited eugenics theories and movements of previous centuries. I created this new term for a purpose, while the unfortunate historical context of the other closely related term is brought to mind by this one, this approach is exactly opposite, while the former term, implies an attempt by a dominant subset of a population attempting to improve itself, this refers to a grass roots approach, a cooperative effort, a community effort, meant to improve lives via a common interest in mutual welfare.

So then, allow me to proceed. First, this idea is timely because we are increasingly capable of affecting our own evolution simply because any set of individuals can determine traits they wish to forward as well as those they do not and can make personal or group decisions with those ends in mind - that is simple enough. Second, we know how to make mutagenic compounds, Agent Orange for example, and we know genetic changes can be made by other means, radiation or X-rays for examples. Third, we can read our own DNA and have begun exploring how to modify that molecule by various means. In sum, we are aware enough, capable enough, and have the means to alter our evolution already. For this reason I submit that this idea is not far fetched and perhaps those with noble aims should take note and consider that this idea is being considered by those with not so noble aims, just saying.

Since the evolutionary process is constant, changes are happening all the time. And here we come to the crux of my inspirations, as it is my contention that amid the numerous historical accounts of people who were either born with, or developed, inexplicable or unbelievable capacities and or demonstrated knowledge, skills, or abilities for which there is no rational or scientific explanation - are those whose genetic makeup are the cutting edge leading the species, as it were, onto what it is becoming or will become. To be simple, I am talking about people who could be called psychic, who demonstrate various forms of extra sensory perception, those who have transcendent abilities, which cannot be explained by science as we know it.

My speculation is that if these individuals represent the leading edge of our evolutionary development, then it may be worthwhile to study these individuals, determine which, if any, have genetics as the most likely source of their capacities and so indicate the direction our evolution may be taking. The research could then be to find the genetic basis for these exceptional characteristics. I believe the difficulty, or one of them, would be to determine which kind of ability or person, had a genetic component, and which were produced by environmental circumstances, conditions or events.

The following are some of the obvious considerations involved if something like this effort were to be undertaken by individuals, groups, or large organizations deciding to cooperate to produce a better human being. What would society's role or responsibility be regarding any such an effort? What are the moral and ethical considerations of any such an effort? Would the answer to those questions depend on the abilities being demonstrated? All these questions, and more, would be part of the necessary philosophical prerequisites and, I feel, make for a very interesting paper.

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