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Science Fiction in the Classic Style:
A synopsis of: Weldon Tanner: Trial for the Treasure World

This is the sequel to "Weldon Tanner of the Beltways" The story picks up as Weldon comes to, or rather is awakened by, heavy pounding on his door. This does not improve his hangover a wit. Matters quickly go downhill when the police enter only to arrest Weldon's for the crimes he'd suffered from and for which he'd sought justice. The dizzying segue from being a celebrity, hosted everywhere and living high on top of the world to being hauled off and tried for heinous crimes is hard to handle. Harder still was dealing with is the number one witness for the prosecution, his own mouth, or rather recordings of what came out of it. Then too he did not manage what he says while on trial.

However, ridiculous the case seemed to him at the start, the "odds" only get longer as the trial plays out against him. With the legal tables are turned, he and Alpha are forced to fight for their lives - defendants in a corrupted system where only a few helping hands make the difference.

The case is sensational, a circus on the outside, a courtroom drama inside. Ironically, it's only after he becomes a registered friend of Alpha that they are both found guilty. However, when Weldon's is determined to take the secret of the planet's location to the grave, all hell breaks loose. That decision precipitates a riotous melee at the jail and he captured. The final scenes have his new friend, Alpha, delivering the winning assist to finally put an end to the villains and their lawyers and all their plans. There are then eight brief intriguing epilogues, which bring the ending to real ends.

Link to an excerpt from: Weldon Tanner: Trial of the Treasure World

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