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Science Fiction in the Classic Style:
A synopsis of: Weldon Tanner of the Beltways

This is an adventure story in which the hero demonstrates perseverance, a willingness to overcome prejudice (towards mechanical intelligence forms), self sacrifice, and courage in the face of overwhelming circumstances and odds.

The story begins with the hero awaking inside his mining suit on an airless moonlet as it orbits a ringed world. His mind, having been set in a near coma state, has left him unaware of his immediate past. Using his suit's log he sees a recording of how his ship, the Comet, was brutally destroyed by another vessel without warning. He also watches his narrow escape from their hunt for survivors.

Weldon has a resourceful nature as well as a wily understanding of basic physics. He undertakes a brave plan to escape from his would be death sentence and undertakes an effort to exact revenge upon the murderous crew of the mystery vessel, and secure mining rights the planetary system for himself, the survivors of his crewmates, and his new robotic partner who becomes essential to the plan's success.

However, all does not go well, even after he manages to board the "piratical" vessel and defeat its murderous crew. After he has made planetfall onto a civilized world, where he seeks justice for his deceased partners and their survivors, he meets a more implacable foe, and a challenge that threatens all he might hold dear or dream of, for the surviving villains manage to turn the legal tables on him and he winds up being accused of the crimes they committed. This is a great adventure tale that carries on right to the last page with intrigue and subtle meanings that resonate well with our world as it is today.

Link to an excerpt from: Weldon Tanner of the Beltways

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