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From Dan:

Below find the The News Archive, which began with Obama's presidency. Below that, there are links to The Second News Archive'. which take you back to those thrilling days of 2001 and all through the incompetency of G.W. Bush up through 2008.

If you'd like to know why this is done or some other basics: Why did I make this? Oh, and if ribald satire is your suit, then check out the "Songs of Bush" you'll have some fun if you do. For a grand vision of a political platform and papers on specific issues: see Political Solutions from the Planetary People's Party

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The News Archive: from January 20th, 2009 to the end of the year.

News of the "Great" War ... Europe's News

Muddle East News, Central Theater: Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine
Muddle East News: Western Theater: Egypt, Kurdistan, Turkey
Greater Islamic Region: East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
News from Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater
Greater Asia Islamic Theater News: China, India, Russia, and the South East

Pacific and Australian News
News from the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande
It's not nice to fool Mother Nature .... The future in the News!
The legacy: News of America's "selection of 2000" "Repuglicans" and Obama

Economics 101 in the News ..... News of Hope! .... News from our "storied" Past

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News from the "Great" War:

Gareth Porter seems like a recent document brandished about and used to incite further sanctions against Iram is a forgery and may have come from, hold your breath, Israel. As Gomer Pyle once said, "Surprise ... surprise" (122809g)

Glenn Greenwald reports on our media's reporting. Apparently no one remembers names or fact checks all that well. I mean to say we've often killed the same terrorist several times, or said we did, only to claim, later on, this time we've go him for sure. I like the examples given, with sources too. Nice work Glenn (122709b)

Gareth Porter provides a portrait of the west's double standard regarding nuclear research. Iran and South Korea were working on "things" but it was Iran, the one which had made far less progress, which was sanctioned. Even though the information regarding both countries came to light within a week of each other. All the more reason for Iran to "stick to its guns" as it were. (122109e)

Sam Ferguson reports on the America that still prosecutes those who torture, will it's not the US of course, but it is close. (121209f)

Mary Susan Littlepage reminds us about Tony "the hum dicker" Blair AKA the "Bastard Bulldog" and his lying ways of Warmongering and turd gulping, just kidding about the last, really! (113998a)

David Stringer has a report that repeats the basics, Bush and Blair lied their nations into war. It is provable, demonstrable and yet, and yet, the two rat bastards are just sucking up money and living a good life. (112809f)

Jeremy Scahill gives us the straight dope on Blackwater's operations in Pakistan. (112309c)

Sudha Ramachandra reports on the Iran/Pakistan/India (IPI) pipeline which the US is NOT interested in seeing built and which has troubles in a troubled region. (112209a)

Jeffrey Kaye talks about the "mysterious deaths" at GITMO. One case of self strangulation by a patient under complete care and constant watch. (112009d)

R. Jeffrey Smith and Joby Warrick report on how China and Pakistan's "father of the the bomb" make progress through proliferation some years ago. Nice (111309b)

Pepe Escobar reports on the "Stans" and the US efforts to forestall Russian and Chinese efforts to secure what they want from the region. (110609f)

Jason Leopold reports on the massacre at Fort Hood by US soldiers on US soldiers. (110509c)

Per Reuters we have a court ruling in Italy finding 23 US intel agents guilty of crimes committed during an "extra - ordinary rendition" (110409a) - something unheard of in the "good old days" with the "old Europe" and so forth.

Michael TE. Klare reports on a "time travel" story, one that takes us to 2025 where US power is starting to wane. Wake up and see that it is already happening in 2009. (102609d)

So, according to Nick Mottern, the "great game" or, as I've been calling it, the "great" war has its oily roots exposed. We see quotations from 1998 that are illustrative and demonstrative. The "pipelineistan" update is useful, the races are on. But is the jig up? Well, that's anyone's guess. (102209b)

Asif Haroon Raja has regional perspective on the "Af-Pak" theater. If you think it is complex already then you won't mind reading his take on things, very exciting. (101809i)

And now, from Luke Haring reporting from Moscow, we get the europerspective on this "event" as Hillarsaurus Rex goes to the Ruskies to parley, well, they are in agreement, except on Iran, others don't like their pipeline plans, we're not going to nag them about human rights, they are not "going our way" when it comes to Georgia and we scrap a missile system, not that it is any real loss, except a form of face, anyway, which still counts for something, just ask the lousy Brits. So, whadda we get? Well, maybe MORE than diddly but what? Right on, read on read the facts mam, just the facts (101309a)

Paul R. Pillar, a CIA and intel expert has this salient quote: "The preparations most important to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks took place not in training camps in Afghanistan but, rather, in apartments in Germany, hotel rooms in Spain and flight schools in the United States." (101109c) He does not mention that most all of the 9/11 group was from Saudi Arabia. So, if we are in Afghanistan to "root out AQ" which we've done, prevent their using the place as a haven, which we've done, and weaken them generally, which we've done, then what is the real reason we ARE there?

From Truthout Newswire: Robert Fisk brings the long term in to immediate focus when talking of a raft of nations wanting to decouple the dollar from oil. The theoretical implications being fiscally dire , however the salient data points of his article are here, note the word "clash" and its context: The Americans, who are aware the meetings have taken place - although they have not discovered the details - are sure to fight this international cabal which will include hitherto loyal allies Japan and the Gulf Arabs. Against the background to these currency meetings, Sun Bigan, China's former special envoy to the Middle East, has warned there is a risk of deepening divisions between China and the US over influence and oil in the Middle East. "Bilateral quarrels and clashes are unavoidable," he told the Asia and Africa Review. "We cannot lower vigilance against hostility in the Middle East over energy interests and security." (100609b)

From Truthout Newswire: Robert Fisk brings the long term in to immediate focus when talking of a raft of nations wanting to decouple the dollar from oil. The theoretical implications being fiscally dire , however the salient data points of his article are here, note the word "clash" and its context: The Americans, who are aware the meetings have taken place - although they have not discovered the details - are sure to fight this international cabal which will include hitherto loyal allies Japan and the Gulf Arabs. Against the background to these currency meetings, Sun Bigan, China's former special envoy to the Middle East, has warned there is a risk of deepening divisions between China and the US over influence and oil in the Middle East. "Bilateral quarrels and clashes are unavoidable," he told the Asia and Africa Review. "We cannot lower vigilance against hostility in the Middle East over energy interests and security." (100609b)

Chan Akya reports on the "terrorists of south Asia. The angry young men are being played, of course, but it seems that once a terror group gets its funding then, of course, other players want to play also, and as time changes so do the players playing the "teams" so no wonder we have the chaos we do in Pakistan, for instance. (100509a)

Pepe Escobar writes on Pipelinistan's European connection. Apparently the various pipeline plans in the works, working and being dreamt of are the pawns being used in the great game currently played by the players in the region, not just Russia and the US, though they are the "heavies". Russia has the edge while US plans seem to be in the "pipe dream" phase still. This, as Pepe says, is the story that under girds much of what is passing for "real news" in Asia these days, the Georgian war, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to name a few. (100209a)

Ed Kinane reports on the new base that US drone pilots use. It is in New York City. New Yorkers may not, as a whole, be aware of this, have any influence over the whether or not the pilot's can be based there or thinking about this issue in terms of blow back, read 9/11. (093009a)

Michael B. Farrell reports on the string of terrorist arrests in the US. Speculation is thin, timing may be everything and the Patriot Act is nearing its time for renewal. You speculate. (092709d)

Adam Entous reports on the "debate" over Iranian involvement with Afghanistan's resistance. Whether or not it's a fact, the "take away point" is that Iran COULD decide to ramp things up if threatened or attacked. (092109b)

Bryan Bender writes about a US company seeking to amend a proposal in the UN that would limit the number of bomblets a cluster bomb could have. They argue that since 99% of their bomblets go off that their weapon is clean. Amazing. The article is stunning in its subtle portrayal of greed and what is acceptable in terms of collateral damage. (092009c)

You may well remember Muntazer al-Zaidi, if not by name then by shoe. This piece contains some of what he said by way of explaining why he threw his shoes at G.W., "the snarfing turd whacker" Bush. (091909f)

Gareth Porter has it that the IAEA has ignored the possibility that the evidence used to suggest that Iran was forging ahead with a nuclear program was forged. (091509a)

Sreeram Chaulia has this "mountain out of a mole hill" story concerning the "adventure of a hijacked ship called the Arctic Sea, the cooling off of US Israeli relations under Obama and the possibility that Israel may be seeking out Russian interest in common issues, perhaps such as Iran becoming nuclear. (091409e)

William Rivers Pitt presents a piece that looks at columnist George "the fag monster" Will. Who once championed excesses that were beyond even George "whore mouth" Bush. Now, however, he's against the wars he cheered on. Amazing. (090609a)

Peter J. Brown, wars in space? Killer micro satellites? Once far fetched now, innovation, makes the impossible possible (090109g)

Jeremey Scahill, reports on "flushing Blackwater" which is just the most visible rotten apple on the tree. (083009a)

M.K. Bhadrakumar, reports on the confusing moves and countermoves that the US and Russia are engaging in relative to the Asian heartland. Alliances flip flop, motives are inscrutable and the game is definitely on. (082409d)

From today's Slate: 08/16/09 we have the digest, Iran, Afghanistan and more. (081609m)

Reza Kahlili has it that the US should support the "voices of change" in Iran. He worked for the CIA undercover in Iran, saw horrible things and now, ignoring the fact that the protesters themselves have, and for some time, said the US has NOT been helpful in their cause, in fact, US efforts to help them have only backfired. What's a super power to do. (081109p)

Mark Townsend reports from Jolly Olde Englande that extraordinary rendition flights through, over or landing on British territories must have a paper trail but the problem is finding the papers. As in the US with millions of emails and disappearing video tapes of torture, well, things DO get lost. (080809e)

M.K. Bhadrakumar reports on the thrusts and parries in the Great Game unfolding in Central Asia. (081109m)

Dahn Jamail reports on the "homeland effect" the collateral damage that returning veterans of the current wars have on themselves and those they know. I might point out that the figure of 300K PTSD cases is lower than other figures I've read and the backlog in dealing with that "effect" was predicted as the war began. Yet nothing was done about it in terms of preparation. It was going to be a cakewalk, a few weeks long, or maybe months remember Rummy Dumdum's words? (081109h)

A catch all of headlines and nut shells from ICH dated 07/31/09. Just browse along and see what the world looks like to someone who is looking. (073109j)

From Lukery at Daily Kos, we heart that Bin Laden worked with the US and its allies up to 9/11, when, of course, "the world changed". Some interesting details, but who is surprised, really, after all he was "our man." (073109i)

Abdujalil Abdurasulov reports from Tajikistan where the conflicts of Pakistan and Afghanistan may be spreading. New US supply routes are probably the ultimate target of the resistance. (073109d)

Jeremy Scahill reports on the allegations that Blackwater's owner, Erik Prince, has been accused of murder and the company of various forms of corruption seated from the top on down, or so it seems. (080509a)

From the Mainichi Daily News we see the figures that 52% of the wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan have TBI, traumatic brain injuries. The total wounded in these wars has one consider that the number of TBI patients may be one to two hundred thousand. (072609e)

Greg Miller reports on the continuing saga of "limp dick" Cheney and his hidden hit squad. (072609d)

From Tom Dispatch we can read of David Bromwich's take on how America's "self image" regarding its military and "entanglements overseas" has changed, and radically so, from our founding principles, our original "mission" to free our people from the then European blight on constant warring. Part of this is due to a numbing acceptance of "wars being normal" note the plural. (072209e)

William Rivers Pitt talks about the brouhaha regarding the torture scandal, all the more salient now that a US soldier is in the hands of the Taliban and may face "enhanced interrogations" as Ronald "dickwad" Dumbsfeld or G.W. Jackass, or John Poo have called them (072209a)

Eric Margolis, gives an overview of the politics of assassination in US policy. He also says, of course, that the US is not alone in this behavior. (072109e)

Jeremy Scahill reports on the Cheney Hit Squad stories. What's new, it seems, is that hit squads or targeted assassinations are not at all new. I guess we knew that, such things happen when you topple governments for decades. (071609b)

Arrundhati Roy poses the musical and million dollar question: What happens after a nation "gets democracy"? What happens when it "goes bad"? Interesting food for thought here, and a long time in coming. (071509f) Although she talks mainly of India and Pakistan much of what she says applies to the good old US of A.

Seymour Hersh reports on Cheney's personal assassination squad and how Bush, in a way, told the nation about it and got cheers, really. Amazing, no? (071509a) From Greg Miller we have another story, LA Times, reports that although the program was secret, for years, it has been scrapped. (071509c)

Maurice Ulrich, writes about the vast struggle for equality and the debate over what equality means. (071409f)

Joseph Stiglitz gives us some outline of the cost of the current wars. The figures are not really in, but they'll be staggering nonetheless (070709e)

Gareth Porter, gives word on how Washington, the FBI and other agencies, seemingly did was was necessary to ignore Bin Laden and Al Qaida on Saudi Arabia's word, despite knowing better. (070309f) Another part of the story (070309g) shows how Al Qaida was let off the hook. And here is how the scapegoat was found, packaged and sold American (070309h)

Dafna Linzere and Peter Finn discuss the future of Gitmo and the "legacy" of G.W.Dumbass' sickly administration, another mess Obama has to hold his nose and clean up. (062809b)

Steve Weissman reports on how American influence in Iran has been and is ongoing and how this is muddying the water regarding the popular protests going on. One might speculate that some in the West prefer Mr. A, the current president, because he's so "helpful" in demonizing the country. (062809a)

Michael Schwirtz reports that Kyrgyzstan has reversed itself and is allowing the US to continue to use is Manas air base. (062309d) this has been a bit of a pawn between the conflicting ambitions of Russia and the US.

Jamie Doward, Gaby Hinsliff and Mark Townsend give some details to the memo, mentioned long ago, which may see the light of day, that concerned the prewar decision by Blair and Bush to "go military" even if it meant provoking Iraqi fire on disguised US aircraft. (062209a) Mind, this is while they were both talking about diplomacy and such like.

Nuclear devastation? You've all seen movies depicting it, but you don't have to go to the movies to see it, it's already happening and, conveniently enough, right here in the U.S. of A. Of course we do export the poison, at the point of a gun no less, to Iraq and other nations. (062009h)

My comment to the comments on this article is: Time is short folks. This is but one tale of hundreds. By that I mean instances where government policy is an important factor in the death rate in the population ruled by that government. The US alone has a quarter million deaths a year attributable to this. Think of the dead from the following: a lack of real health care or medical incompetence, the use of legal drugs and cigarettes, the use of handguns, industrial accidents, some car accidents and so forth, those who disappear each year, children and adults. The effects of poverty. Americans kill more Americans than anyone else does.

Many governments around the world have similar clean up jobs to do. And this is not meant to excuse the US from its role in the advertence or inadvertence of DU pollution.

Lisa Lambert reports that the jobless rate has jumped, and so one of the touted "green sprouts of recovery" has withered. Not a good sign at all, really. (062009g)

Jeremy Scahill illuminates how the Ir-Af-Pak war is now fully a Democrat/Obama affair. They had a chance to shut it down or, at the very least, pare it back, but they did not. It is full steam ahead and "away we go!" (061709e) John Nichols covers the 32 House Dems that do not back bad wars or busted, corrupt banks. (061709d)

Jason Leopold reports on the "legalization of torture". In this article Bush, itself, is seen as more connected to the "torture thing" than he's ever let on. Someday justice will prevail in this world. Someday may come soon, not soon enough for me or for those the US had run through a gauntlet of vicious and horrific experiences which, ultimately, provided scant "bang for the buck". (061709c)

Tom Englehardt reports on the latest neologism, the Ir-Af-Pak war, meaning the theater of operations including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obama, he says, is charming and disarming but the plain fact is that we are "into" man hunters and the kind of counter insurgency that we "went for" in Vietnam. (061509b)

Michael Winship answers the question: Just how many contractors are in the Af-Pak, Iraq wars? nearly a quarter million and the number is growing, just as under Bush. (060609i)

Glenn Greenwald reports on the reports that report how DOJ lawyers agreed to the "torture techniques" however, if one reads the actual emails cited, one can see that the NYT reporters Scott Shane and David Johnston were rather free of the basic facts when writing their article. (060709e)

A look at Slate's news paper coverage, Bin Laden speaks, attempts to upstage Obama in the Mideast, something about the Bush Admin's "understanding" concerning West Bank Building and some interest in interest rates increasing (060409a)

UN Calls for Inquiry on "Unacceptably High" Civilian Death Toll in Sri Lanka? So why do we hear nothing regarding Iraq or Afghanistan? What has happened to any investigation regarding Gaza? (053109a)

Jason Leopold's article has the Abu Ghraib controversy getting a bit of a boost. The article has it that General Taguba says he saw the video and photographic evidence of rape and sodomy. This was a couple of years back. (052909a)

As if the "Georgia Adventure" will end, the headline is that Georgia will become a NATO member, at some point, somehow. Specifics are not forthcoming, but war games are going on. Russia is not pleased but, for now, little is to be done. (052509d)

Pepe Escobar has it that the success of one pipeline's means the other is defeated. So the US and NATO loose out while our competitors may, for a time brag, but the kicker is that Balochistan's dreams become all the more poignant. (052809e)

Something of the mess that is Guantanamo. Prisoners which we admit are held illegally cannot be released. Prisoners that are known to be innocent are retained because no one knows where to send them once they are released. (052309b). Gee, thanks George, "old limp dick" Bush for saving us from these vital threats!

This is the "soft invasion" the "soft conquest" that of the destruction or replacement of a nation's culture. Iraq suffers from this but it is a problem that goes back decades as does some pithy commentary in this article a very worthwhile brief by Dahr Jamail. (052709a)

I wonder what Cheney the "limp link" would make of the rape photos being repressed? I mean would Donald Dumbsfeldt think it was "the kind of prank that college kids pull? (052809a)

The expanding Af-Pak war, the six ways it is stretching itself, and the US, as bit more than one would expect. (052209b)

The March of Fools, how a big organization, such as a government, can make silly mistakes, such as Vietnam and repeat them, as with Afghanistan, decades later (052109b)

So, not only does Obama not shut down "Gitmo", the courts say he can still imprison without evidence indefinitely (052109c)

Closing Guantanamo is a "dead duck", the Senate having prevented just that. In my mind the arguments used for defending this "inaction" are particularly weak. The very existence of the prison is harmful to our international image and endangers our troops because its existence is a recruitment tool for the those fighting US military forces. (052009b)

Why Cheney, aka the "dickless wonder" or "Mr. Short link" is being such a lout mouth these days, could Sy Hersh be right? that he's trying to get ahead of the torture scandal, the parts we have not yet seen the "hard core kid sodomy" and "mother rapes" and so forth? (051809a)

And who were the persons that saw to it that torture became a part of the interrogation methods employed by the US armed forces? We know the 13 names, and they are here (051809d)

Some pursue the "torture" 12. Here is why it is a good idea. I wouldn't mind Bush the dumber doing the perp walk. That would be cool. (052209d)

Cheney, "the short link" Dick blabbers on but does make one correct remark, amazing I know. He admitted that one of the reasons "they" hate us is our foreign policies and our support for Israel. (052209c)

Are we in for a "long war"? There are words of caution being heard by congress, but to what effect? (051909d)

For those who thought Obama meant what he said about shutting down Guantanamo or ending torture, this story is a disappointment. We have a new term: "being IRF'ed" or "IRF ing" as it were. Smashing noses, heads in toilets, smashing faces, breaking bones, blinding, and much, much more! All while medical personnel look on, lovingly and who then repair the damages done. (051609b)

Rummy Dumb Dumb's boys have a history of shoot outs, or rather shoot ups. It is a sad history actually, and seems to be counter productive, as one might put it. (051609c)

How about lying to congress and, by that means, to the American people? Will the CIA be held to account? (051509d)

No matter what the wing nut /aluminum foil cap contingent of DC and Tel Aviv the reasoning against making a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities still stands (050509c)

What is FUD? An acronym for "fear, uncertainty and doubt". The means for manipulating millions many times. The identification of a problem does not mean it is cured. The ruinous effect of the public's distrust of the information it receives is evident each time anyone asks, "Where did you hear that?" (050309a)

It seems that we must have a paper trail leading from the torture cells to the office cubicles (051209b)

And what does the "common man" the "man on the street" think of torture, well, as I 've said before until there is access to the process that formulates that questions we may not have a clear idea. (051209c)

In a letter to a friend:

Now that that is said, be wary. Be careful and cautious. For although we do have a new administration and I am very glad the election went as it did, in the fact that anywhere from 4 to 6 million voters, most all democratic, were not counted one way or another. We have severe problems that are currently being masked by the recent surge in the markets which is, essentially, based only upon the current bailout programs, however misguided and ineffective they might be ultimately. As long as there is a flooding of cash the "top of the pyramid" will remain stable and belief in the dollar, domestically and globally, will stand. If that changes we'll have a problem which makes recent reports of China scaling back markedly on its purchasing of US debt worrying. Also, both wars are currently being expanded, not contracted. In Iraq, the US is not doing the expansion so much as the insurgents are as a developing blood feud between the US backed government and the US backed groups that have been called the Awakening Councils, ramps up. The war in Afghanistan can no longer be called that, it is being called the Afgan-Pak theater, because this cross border conflict is now impinging on both Kabul and Islamabad. Look for changes there and soon. We have global warming and just this weekend I made note of the rainfall pattern in San Francisco. When I arrived here 35 years ago the wet season began sometime in late November and persisted through February and into early March. During the last few years I have noticed it shift and this year the wet season began in February and we're still having rain in May. This is a large shift. My thinking is that global warming will bring more rain to California in general and, with warmer temperatures, the state could see an even better growing season and an expansion of the areas suitable for growing crops. This would be true in the near term, the five to ten year frame.

    Of course you,ve heard of the swing flu event. This sort of thing may occur more often as microorganisms, of various types, take advantage of the warming and expand their ranges into human areas or visa versa. Latest on the polar melting: we may have an ice free Arctic in as few as five years.

The phrase "the American Century" is falling away, according to this writer, because the thing itself is ending. (042809d)

So he writes to his friend Jimmy:

    Thanks, as always, for the ranting, bug eyed, scatological take on the current scene being played upon the worlds stage. Is it much ado about nothing? Are we waiting for Godot? Who is the playwright and who has the copyright? What ARE the reviewers saying? Do we get ANY good press? Do we deserve it? And what is it that stinks so damned much I choke when I patrol the news?

    My pet theory is that chaos, all this chaos, is working FOR some set of people. Oh, we can trace the money easily enough, after all the Federal Budget is a public document, but that wouldn't be the whole story, not by a long shot, as you would noddingly agree, even as you read this. No, there IS some set of people who love this gang banging foreign policy of ours, they're making out hand over fist. My take is that these people are fascists, and while we might have the American kind, the English kind, the Euro kind, the Russian, Chinese and the Zionist kind, maybe it is more than that. Maybe there has been some consolidation in the West as one might infer from the growth of NATO and its far flung enterprises. Maybe the democracies of the west have been co-opted for the perverse purposes of some dark cabal bent on obtaining world domination, even if it means doing it in disguise while prompting everyone else in the world to fight each other. They'd then garner profits and influence to the point where they get their new age to finally dawn. And while it remains to be seen just who these folks are, we can see some of it, easily, Bush's connection to the NAZI regime, the heavy influence of the Zionists, such institutions as the independent central bank and deep connections with most all the previous colonial powers. The tool used to ruin the United States has been the deterioration of the rule of law, personal greed and the systematic corruption that has been brought to fester in the heart of every portion of every public institution. Also we the people have little real information, no real power to change our representatives decisions and only minuscule access to influence the course of government. We have a shadow government still, perhaps we always have.

    So what do I say about it? What does anyone care about what I say about it, or anything for that matter. So why do I write? Why do I not only persist but persevere, seemingly as if it mattered, I mean to anyone, besides myself, or, really, even, to myself?  I mean what IS up with that?

Seems like the ongoing disagreement between the US and Israel, regarding the "nation building" of Palestine keeps "nosing up" in to the news. (042209a)

Hypocrisy your name is G.W. "jackass" Bush, "the brainless, ball-less wonder. Here we see what we thought of the Geneva conventions before Iraq and then after. What is that they say about the goose and gander? The pot calling the kettle black? (042009a)

President George W. Bush ... issued a written determination on February 7, 2002, "that Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, which would have afforded minimum standards for humane treatment, did not apply to al-Qaeda or Taliban detainees." So, this OK for torture, does that mean he'll be held to account for it? Obama? Hello? (042509a) And here we have the nicely dovetailing: fact that torture does not really work, something that was known at the time GW Jackass made that written determination, decider my pimply buttock! (042509b)

It seems that US signals to Iran and Israel need to be clear and unequivocal as the potential for an open rift with the US regarding policies toward the Palestinians and any idea of attacking Iran.(041309c)

Take a happy jaunt back to the "big day" when this "great" war started, 9/11, when you read this page that talks about a building in china that had far more flames than any of the 9/11 buildings and yet it did not collapse. There are problems with the 9/11 fabrication, but you can check out the video on the page for yourself. (040909e)

Graveyard thinking in the Obama teams? An once over of the cost of shifting to the Afgha-Pak war. (040209f)

The new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan - reminds us that 'al-Qaeda and its allies - the terrorists who planned and supported the 9/11 attacks' - continue to be active in both nations we are warned that al-Qaeda still seeks to kill 'as many of our people as possible' and is 'actively planning further attacks on the US homeland from its safe haven in Pakistan thus 'our men and women fight and die our national security - is at stake" (040209a) Closely related to that story is this, illustrative of one of the problems US policy faces in the area (040209c)

Spain has an official need to talk to some of our Bush Administration people about torture. What I want to know is when will they go after the beg weenie himself? (032909b)

The Information Clearing House, dated 03/2709, has an interesting set of headlines and briefs. Obama talks about Al Qaida's intent to attach the US and that we need to eliminate it. Sound like Bush's words to you? Does that matter? Banking crisis to come, Israel expands it's war against Palestine to Sudan and more chaos to come. (032709e)

Pipelineistan, the region of central Asia crisscrossed with pipelines, loaded up with petroleum and being contested by both the west via the US and NATO and the east, via the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, comprising Russia, China, India and the stans as well as Iran. (032509e)

There is a lot of evidence concerning the CIA torture of prisoners, we may not need the video that was destroyed when it was supposed to be saved. (032309b)

Cheney's "assassination ring" is being uncovered. (031209a)

The latest wrinkle in the economy's downturn is that recruitment for the army is up, way up, in comparison to recent quarters or years. (030109a)

The ICA page of this date: 02/21/09 has a raft of briefs about the current global status. Lots of problems are outlined and the solutions seem brief. (022109d)

The war on US citizens, the Military Commissions Act of 2006. (021609f)

A series of developments, Iran's launch of a satellite, the base closure in Kyrgyzstan, a blown bridge in the Khyber Agency and more. (020609f)

Kyrgyzstan's leader wants the US base to close. Says things haven't changed at the Manas Base. so is ti just posturing or does Russia's billions in aid man a pay off? Some more on that , it seems there is a delay in a vote, but this is a one man show so bargaining must be going on. (020509g)

Now it seems Kyrgyzstan's decision to close the base is final, yet the US says talk is happening and there is an offer from a neighboring state to replace the base. (020609c)

So it seems push IS coming to shove, albeit peaceably thus far. The US and Russia replay Kipling's Great Game. (020409d) Then we get a "whoah baby" moment, with the nation's legislative body weighing in to consider the bribes .. oh, uh .. offer. (020409g)

Seems like the base will close and Russia is making an offer for transport, but won't allow lethal cargo nor, it seems troops going to and from the theater. (020809b)

This war's cost, some 400,000 American casualties, has come home, in the form of disability, health care needs and many other forms of support. (012909a) - oh, yes, it was predicted.

Europe's News:

Ellen Hodgson Brown J.D. talks about nations in Europe going bankrupt but "walking" from instead of "talking" to the IMF, much as Argentina did some ten years back and with a substantial success. (121609c)

Conor O'Clery Irelands economy is the pits and that is saying something. With their national government leaders taking pay cuts to "lead by example" (120909a)

Labor unrest is scattered in Europe but the trend is for more as the economic downturn becomes more and more painful. (020409b) There is, the UN's emailed newsletter, dated 01/26/09, stories are about Iceland's government failing due to the economic crisis and reports of restless crowds in eastern Europe. These developments, coinciding with the riots in Greece.


Spain's debt has less luster now that it has gone negative. (121009a)

Here is the skinny on the Spanish judges who are making waves the world over, especially in the US, China and Israel. The Spanish government is catching flack and those opposing the activist judges say that unless there is some direct connection to Spain or Spanish citizens then the case cannot go forward. To those I say that when Al Qaida bombed the trains in Spain that put the any aspect of the US war on terror and the middle east on the table. As to China, I'd say this, what if there were Tibetans in Spain who have become citizens? I think that would serve, no? (052509e)


David Sirota talks about verifying those who are supposed to verify, for example were the English people told the "45 minute WMD" threat of Saddam was intel that was gathered from a cabbie, I think they would not have been as gung go to go in. (122609a) but the kicker is, knowing that, and about other damned lies of Blair's Bastards those people are still roaming free, England still has a force in Iraq and is partnered in the "success" of that war effort. Amazing. Of course, this is an American who is writing this, no really, and stop laughing so hard.

Neil Clark: A trial would be warmly welcomed by millions &endash; so what happens next? Yes the Tony "the ball-less wonder" Blair may be stand accused of crimes against humanity, would that Bush were this close. Why is the US so damned bass backwards when it comes to just about everything? (121709a)


An outpouring of millions protest the current government's methods for dealing with the economic crisis. (032009b)


Some unrest continues, annoying attacks on police stations and personnel. (020409f)

From the BBC and likewise with debt problems we have Greece setting its own records in the financial time bomb category. (121009b)


It seems the global downturn has raised the "unprintable" ire of many here. Just as in other countries bankers get bailouts and the common folk are charged on the bill (022109a)


Nigel Morris reports a warning to the EU regarding Bosnia. Forces are at work, Russia included, to undo what was done and to "make a new difference". Peace is not really peaceful. (081309d)

Muddle East News, Central Theater:

Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria

The area in general:

John Hughes gives a brief overview of the progress in women's rights in the middle east region (112809e)

From Pierre Puchot, Mediapart, we hear about the rise of holocaust denial, in the context of the structure of the alternate views of history being promulgated by every interested party to the resolution of the "Palestinian Question" A revealing perspective on the history of anti Semitism is part of the mix. (111209f)

From Magus Norell we understand that efforts to arm the Palestinians are ongoing, this shipment was, they say, coming by sea. (111209g)

Jimmy Carter speaks on the Goldstone Report and the plight of the Gazan people. (110809a) Thailif Deen reports on the UN's Affirming vote concerning the report, however, like the many other UN resolutions concerning any criticism of Israel it too

Josh Mitnick reports on a shipment of arms found aboard a ship that would have docked, eventually, in a Syrian port. There is some disagreement as to who the arms were really meant for, though not in Israeli minds - everyone else has some doubts. (110409d)

Al Jazeera has a story concerning the "effectiveness of US policy in the Muddle East, housing demolition's in East Jerusalem. (102709b)

From Ken Shulman we have a report on the "other key" to a lasting Middle East peace, which happens to be water. With populations on the rise, water fall diminishing we can see a increasing possibility of chaos taking a more active role in how the nations treat with each other. (092409b)

Ira Chernus reports on the changing nature of the debate concerning what an "anti-Semite" is among people in Israel and the US. (063009h)

Via Tom Dispatch we hear Ira Chernus speak of the continuing sea change in the perspective of US citizens regarding Israel and Palestine. There has been a significant shift but some essentials remain static. (062609c)

Rory McCarthy illuminates the criticism leveled by President Jimmy Carter at NuttyYahoo's recent speech responding to President Obama's Cairo speech. Jimmy thinks things are worse off for what the "Big Nut" said, but I have to ask: "Are we surprised yet?" (061609c)

NuttyYahoo says a Palestinian state is on the table, but with limitations and not that the Palestinian street accepts such limits however welcome a state may be (061409a)

Ira Chermus reports on the growing chances for Israeli Palestinian peace, not because of what is happening "over there" but because of a sea change in the opinions of the American Jewish population's opinion. (060909f)

Michael Scheuer has an analysis of Osama's reaction to Obama's speech. The upshot is Obama provided a "scorecard" if you will that will allow Osama et al to evaluate progress. So now, it's "show time". (060909c)

Daniel Luban reports on the "three state" solution to the muddle east sit/com: Gaza goes to Egypt, and the west bank goes to Jordan. The idea is taking hold in the radical right of the US and Israel because its appeal lay in solving the problem without really solving it. Foisting it, instead, upon the two aforementioned neighbors of Israel who don't like the idea one bit. I report on it because it shows the perversion to which the "thinking" of the far right has fallen to. (060709a)

Noam Chomsky talks about the current "policy gap" between the US and Israel. Stories recently reporting on disagreements between the two allies. However, this article shows that nothing much has really changed while the Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank have an ever worsening situation. (060809c)

The US and Israel in a public disagreement over an issue that is both immediate and substantive? Seems like Paul Richter and Christi Parsons and Richard Bordeaux have the word on this (052909b

More on the developing rift between the US and Israel vis-a-vis the "Palestinian Problem" (042309c)

"Bin Baddin‚ just won't stay quiet, but he talks and the world listens, somewhat, these days, but Gaza is the "cause celebrate"(031409a)

It seems that a looming disagreement between the US and Israel is taking shape as the two nations move in different directions as regards Iran, Palestine and the region in general. (022009c)

And this later story outlines how this disagreement is taking form. (030309c) Part two, more details (030309d)

As the US makes some "positive noise" in and about the middle east Israel's right wing tilt makes for "interesting times" (021509c)

Turkish flags being waved enthusiastically by Arabs? Yup, Davos made a hero out of the leader of Turkey after he berated The Big Jew.(020509f)

Another day another set of attacks … seems like peace to me (020109e)

Obama's speech to the Arab world was done with a Saudi based media company, he backed Israel and ignored the Palestinian side of the issue. Sounds like a new way forward to me!(012909c)

This is a recap of the most recent "exchange" between Hamas, allegedly and Israeli forces. The US has a "big diplomat" in the region; if in 6 months or certainly a year, if nothing has changed; the prospects of an orderly and rational resolution to the problem will dwindle &endash; I don't think that the Arabs or Palestinians have much more patience. (012809d)

Five questions for consideration when looking at the "solutions" for the "Palestinian Problem" (012709e) So what if this was the "whole idea" that if the "Muslim world" were to "explode" it would first assault those nations that are both closest to it and having "a history" with them: Russia, India and China for example. All of them have Muslim minorities, which can be encouraged in their restlessness. Right now, that may have been the meaning of the Bush presidency, creating a ruckus in the back yards of several of America's global competitors. A multi generational regional ruckus, one that will grow with time and which will continue, as it does now, being self-fueled. Fascists in the US must be mighty satisfied at this turn of events. Why, all the US has to do is "pull out" of Iraq and Afghanistan to unleash a torrent of chaos and unrest in a vital region of the world. Clean up will be profitable. So, maybe Bush served well enough, indeed?

Saudi's making noise, or is it talking tough, or what passes for tough from them? (012409c)

The analysis purports to show how the IDF achieved "all of its goals" in Gaza In the press just before and during the war many things were said or claimed to be the goals Hamas being dealt a death blow, the cessation of rocket and mortar attacks and the sealing of the border between Gaza and Egypt so that tunnels and arms shipments would be halted. As far as I can tell none of these were achieved. Yes, Hamas was forced into a kind of cease fire reversing itself on its insistence that they'd fight on until Israeli forces left, and they made false claims regarding their effectiveness. Yes Israeli forces managed to improve their tactics to keep their losses low and do damage. But no, it seems, nothing much has changed at this time regarding the three objectives. Hamas is not currently firing into Israel, but one wonders how long this "peace" will last or how long the north or east "fronts" will remain calm. (012409a)

Well so much for the calm and "quiet" southern border area. (012409b)

The day of and the day after a cease-fire was separately announced by both sides rocket fire from Gaza went into Israel. Even Israeli commentators admit that the war was just a war and that if it made any change in the situation it was for the worse. (011809a)

A post war post mortem, as it were, Hamas did not do the damage that Hezbollah was able to wreak. My thought is this: terrain. Gaza is small, low, and mainly flat in comparison to Lebanon.(011909b)


Max Strasser reports on the continuing blockade of Gaza which with a new wall by Egypt, US support of Israel and continuing devastation makes 2010 look to be the worst ever for that suffering nation. I call it a nation. (123109a) Jean Athey provides stories of how the recent protests by "foreigners in Egypt are getting headlines in support of breaking that blockade, but little is to be expected with so much US aid buying off Egypt and so much "at stake" with Israel. (123109c)

Ian Black reports on a movement in Europe to get the EU on board to relieve the blockade of Gaza. (122209b)

Erin Cunningh talks about Gaza's energy problem with Israel keeping its hand on the spigot they can control what happens, what's happening is suffering. The war goes on. (120509a)

Alice Walker writes of what she saw when she went to Gaza after the recent "war" as it has been called. Women's life is hard in many places, harder still here. A good article that gives details rich with life itself. (072609g) "Ghosts" getting set to retaliate against Israel. Time will tell if the report is just speculation or if Hamas does have "tens" of bombers inside Israel already. (012609e) One of Israel's chief war aims was to destroy the tunnels used to transport goods into Gaza, well, clearly that objective failed. (012309a)


Ian Black reports on an explosive kind of story that Israeli armed forces harvested organs from dead Palestinians, as well as others, but this was denied until, of course, it was admitted. Israel says the practice has stopped, but what portion of the Arab world is going to believe that? (122109a)

Jim Lobe reports on the heightened tensions in the Muddle East regions as Israel goes ahead with building, Iran rails and threats or problems, many legacies from Bush the Jackass, compound themselves and confound solutions. (112109b)

Ira Chernus, of Truthout, talks about the "pathology" of Israeli thought and perception. Though Ira is not the source, he is reporting on some very respected, mainstream, Israelis who are beginning to voice a concern that the Israeli's have become "ill in their thinking". (111409a)

Paul Craig Roberts reporting on the possibility that Israel is going to, someday, attack Iran with tacit US support have been around, this is the latest bit of speculation. (102709c)

Yuvai Goren and Dan Even report on a horrific murder of nearly an entire family. It is a tragedy and I am hoping hat this is not the latest uptick in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. If it is proven to be so, peace efforts for the region will take a serious blow. (101809f) The story depicts a huge effort to determine the nature of the perpetrator and the security forces are involved.

Simon Tisdall reports on the backsliding away from peace in the middle east region. From Turkey to Egypt and Israel to Jordan the slide continues to build momentum. Another infitada? Another "kind of war"? The emotions run high and Obama's promised efforts for peace work against time on a slippery slope. (101809e)

Dan Williams illuminates the "newest" Israeli thinking on Iran which may go like this: They cannot really hurt us, after all and besides we're about to talk to them so we're cooling the rhetoric, for now. " (093009d)

Jonathan Cook reports on what I call the "purity" movement in Israel, where Jewish girls or women are being monitored as to whether or not they're relating to Arab or "god forbid" Palestinian boys or men. (092609c

Ben Buchwalter provides an overview of the Zionist movement and Israeli history, despite the errors sprinkled through, it is an overview of memories troubling enough to bring tears. (091909i)

Ira Chernus has a piece on the Holocaust still being a political football, how that came to be, why it persists and so forth. (090509x)

I got curious and sought out a listing of the UN resolutions concerning Israel and in regards to which Israel stands in violation of. Hey, there are lots and lots of them. Now the Israelis are complaining that Hezbollah stands in violation of one of them, admittedly more recent and salient, perhaps, but still Israel seems like the pot which is calling the kettle black. (081609o) and my favorite is the first, dating from 1947 calling for separate states - and they who are currently the most capable of implementing the resolution are standing resolutely in its way - nice! And here is a bit of clarification, the listing of those resolutions they stand in violation of. (081609p)

Then John Austin, an MP from England has another way to look at it; so how many times has the US has come to Israel's rescue by the US using its security council position to veto any potential UN action? (081609q)

From the PNN, a digest of incidents involving Palestinians and Israeli military (081609n)

Robert Dreyfuss covers the "red light" the US has been giving Israel regarding an attack on Iran. Though the article does mention a recent joint military exercise between the air forces of those two nations, the focus of which was refueling. (080209d) Amos Harel, has the Haaretz article dovetailing the account: (080209f) Another source gives some details (080209g)

Yossi Melman reports on that long ago day when South Africa in cooperation with Israel tested a nuclear device. (080209e)

From Pat "the holy roller" Buchanan we hear his argument against Israel's striking Iran's nuclear facilities. The ground has been covered before what is interesting is that he thinks they're still thinking of doing that. (073109h)

Ethan Bronner has a report from a group of Israeli fascists who are busy with taking part in the continuing conquest. Eventually push will come to shove, even if it is years hence and has nothing to do with Obama and the US. (073009c)

Uri Avnery describes the military procedures used by Israeli's in the recent "Gaza War", looks like the by word was "anything goes". And it did. (072109f)

PNN has some coverage on the recent reports that the Israelis are planning to remove 23 "outposts", illegal settlements. (072109c)

Jeffrey Heller covers a spark in the US - Israeli relations regarding East Jerusalem and some new housing units being planned. (090719b)

Mohammed Assadi, reports on the growing rift between Israel and the US regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. The US wants that while the Silly Mr. NutandYahoo hasn't seen the light. Perhaps he IS a fly up his father's ass after all. (061009b)

Could just be a politician shooting off his mouth from the hip, could be another brainless wonder running another nation into the ground, so, I ask you, "NuttyYahoo" threat or menace? (052509g)

You know, if you just read the headlines you'd think Israel is making something of a turn about due to US pressure, reading the article makes it clear that lines are being drawn and in such a fashion as the US's Obama may not be pleased with (052109d)

Israel considers the "nightmare scenario" which contains attacks against Iran and Pakistan, hardly likely, but the press disseminating this is indicative of what passes for thinking (050608a)

Regarding Iran and Israel, the much touted "Obama difference" may be fading away to be replaced by more of, essentially, the same. Punishment for Iran and no state for the Palestinians. (050109c) And, if you were curious, the drumbeat continues as well, officially. (050109e)

The most interesting thing about this is that, if recent history is any guide, analysis would show that Israeli policies are the root of Hezbollah's strength. And so any victory it has in Lebanon's upcoming elections will be ironic to say the least and "exciting" to say the most. (042409d)

The word is that there has been something of a rift appearing between the US and Israel. Maybe this is a "shifting sand" factor to be considered. (041909d)

A sign that the conflict is far from being over as a car bomb is neutralized. (032209b)

As stories from the archive would make clear, there are emerging differences between the US and Israel the demolition of housing belonging to Arabs is an example of one divisive issue. (032209a)

The current election brings "Nut n'Yahoo" to the brink of power. Known as a "fart mouthed fly up his father's ass", he is now a serious contender for the Fascist faction of the Israeli Reichstag. (020809d)

Israel's soon to be new leader will have "to talk" with Obama and the issue of Iran will come up. There are differences between the old time allies and this article speculates on the problems they face (020609d)

Nut'n-Yahoo leads in the polls; says that Israel did not "go far enough" against Hamas. It seems as though the US goal is not on his table, so you have to wonder what the hell is? (020409f) Then too his main opponent plays tweedle dumber to his tweedle deesterness

Check me if I'm wrong but wasn't Israel's most recent invasion of Gaza meant to stop the rocket and mortar fire? Wasn't there a cease fire? Doesn't this news story seem to show that very little has changed? Status quo seems to be ongoing attacks and counter attacks with no end in sight. (020109d)

A bit of fighting resumes, not much, but it may be that both sides are promising a bit more. (012709h)


I don't know if you could really call this "news" but when Ben Gilbert describes the breakdown of the "government" of Lebanon, perhaps temporarily, one wonders if this is a surprise to anyone and so newsworthy? (091409a)

Khirbet Silm reporting from southern Lebanon. A heated verbal exchange exposes the fact that both sides are prepared to act, violently, if it comes to it. What appears to some to have been a weapons cache exploded in the area caused some heated "debate" between the parties (081509a)

Sami Moubayed reports that the government of Lebanon is changing composition with March 8th turning the tables on March 14th if the Jumblatt's defection from the current government is 100%. (081109k)

Nicholas Blanford, reports that the elections in Lebanon didn't result in a gain for Hezbollah and thus are viewed as a set back for the Syrian Iranian crew, their backers. So the West pulls one out of the fire. (060809a)

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi reports that the election in Lebanon will heavily favor Hezbollah and thus give Iran more presence there. A sea change portends if Iran's military aid makes its presence known. (060209e)

Recent visits to Lebanon by high US officials "support and independent Lebanon" only. I know, stop laughing, who believes that? Somebody, I guess. The election is important because it pits a US backed coalition against one backed by Syria and Iran. (052409a) Oh, and US aid will be reviewed after the election's results. Sounds neutral to me, you?

And if you want insight into how elections and votes are bought and sold, read this article. (052409b) And they pay voters hundreds if not thousands of dollars for their votes, they are no pikers. (052409c)

The Syrians and Iranians back their party in the Lebanese elections. Last report has it that this may well come to pass, then, Iraq will settle into place, perhaps after a blood bath, and then there'd be a new block of nations to contend with, and one that is inimical to Israel or the US for that matter. (050509e)


Howard Schneider reports on the Jewish Pogrom of Palestinians in Jerusalem (120309e)

Besides the sacking of the PA's ambassador to Russia, the article mentions an arms deal to supply the PA. (040809b)


Muddle East News: Western Theater: Egypt, Kurdistan, Turkey


from the BBC we hear of Turkey making Kurdish political parties illegal. Riots have ensued. One wonders at the wisdom of this decision. If there is no legitimate path for recognition does that not encourage illegitimate paths? (121209a)

Greater Islamic Regional News: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and neighbors


Michael N. Nagler, talks about ideas, what other ways we might proceed in Afghanistan, say, (122809f)

Gareth Porter talks about how the "new" Afghan strategy announced this week by Obama has flaws, not the least of which is the misunderstanding concerning the nature of the opposition. (120509b)

Mike Whitney has some insight on the US plans for Afghanistan, it's not pretty, ethnic cleansing and civil war never are, but but then the Iraq model did have some weaknesses, yet, we're still there. (120409a)

Robert Scheer talks about "here we go again" the doubts regarding the "Afghan Mission" are serious, but no where near debated in this country (120209b)

Gareth Porter reports on the status of the ANA, the Afghan army with a desertion rate of some 25% which seems to be going higher. (112409b)

Helena Malikyar and Tanya Goudsouzian describe why and how moneyed investors are reconsidering Afghanistan's suitability for their efforts. (112009a)

Robert Naiman reports on the breathtaking extent of corruption in the Afghan government but then allows that it may well be overshadowed by that which accompanies the US efforts in the nation. (111809c) And speaking of that, Alexandra Zavi has a update on the Afghan side of the corruption issue. (111809d)

Julian Borger reports on the "enthusiasm" NATO and other nations have for a renewed commitment to Afghanistan. More boots are on the way, if not ideas. (111709b) Pratap Chatterjee with support from Dr. Ali Safi from some of the problems in Afghanistan where these renewed efforts will be dealing with corruption that is both vast and deep (111709c)

M K Bhadrakumar reports on the extent of Saudi influence in Afghanistan and Iraq, where their influence is seen to be on the rise, however, in Yemen the situation is reversed and trouble brews. (111509e)

Patrick Cockburn reports on the role that sodomy has in the Afghan conflict, apparently the Afghan army engages in the practice and this was a factor in a recent attack which killed 5 English soldier. (111309a)

Nick Turse reports on the building boom in Afghanistan, while politicians and others may talk, the evidence for a lengthy stay is being built every day. (110609d)

Jo Ellen Green Kaiser and Rabbi Arthur Waskow and Greg Palast give their perspectives on Afghanistan what is wrong and what some ideas or advisement are. (110509b)

Golnar Motevalli and Sayed Salahuddin both report on the decision for Abdullah to quit the upcoming run-off, meaning that it is not now a run off, but rather a referendum. This does not help the effort to legitimize the Afghan government. (110109a) Jonathon Burch reports from the scene of a battle in Afghanistan. (110109b) From Ray McGovern of Truthout we have a report on the "inside the box" thinking at the highest level regarding "our Afghanistan" (110109e)

Gareth Porter lets us in on a dirty little secret, how the "warlord" factor is a wildcard in Afghanistan and is costing us dearly. This is another part of the G.W.Jackass Bush and Dumbell Dumbsfeldt's "go to war with the army you have, only on the cheap" legacy. (103009f)

T. Christian Miller reports from Afghanistan with yet another striking bit of evidence of how corrupt Afghanistan is. Those in charge of the voting cannot seem to account for very large sums of money to be used FOR the election. (103009b)

M.K.Bhadrankumar jells the reports from the nations to the north of Afghanistan, they have fears, interests and reasons for their own actions as the "great game" goes on. (102909f) Robert M Cutler reports on the shifting plans for pipelines in one of those nations, Turkmenistan, and how lies and plans for lies have one ask Cui Bono? (102909i)

Dexter Filkins, Mark Mazzetti and James Risen provide the most recent evidence that Karzai, the "mayor of Kabul" has a brother who is not only a major drug dealer but on the CIA payroll as well. I guess that must be a debating point in the upcoming election, no? (102809a)

Glenn Greewald provides us with an unsavory parallel, that of Iraq with Afghanistan, instead of looking farther back to Vietnam. Even Dumbsfeldt knew better, or knew as well. (102009b) And, mentioned in passing, is another disturbing parallel, that of the US with both England and Spain as their empires crumbled.

Hal Bemton and Hashim Shukoor write from Kabul and cite a particular in order to illuminate the general, that is to say the economic downturn in that country, despite recent stories that portray a robust economic upturn. (101609a)

Gul Rahim Niazmand from Kunar Afghanistan reports that the district is well run, by the Taleban. (101209f)

Eric Margolis, from Common Dreams writes of the "misperceptions" that guide US military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, the myths that are believed has the US painting itself into a corner and there little sign of change. (101109b)

Robert Naiman reports on the recent Afghan election, the prospects for any resolution of the conflict and some ideas that may work (101109d)

Melvin Goodman reports on the myths driving US policy in Afghanistan, some of them are familiar to those who recall similar sounding advice form experts when Vietnam was getting under way. (100809a)

From Jean MacKenzie of the Global Post, we hear about a very important source of funding for the Taliban, the US military and, by extension, the US taxpayer. Allied forces want to create work for Afghani companies so they set up contracts, unfortunately the "bribe factor" and the "protection money factor" have a siphoning effect and that which is siphoned off winds up in the hands of the enemy. (100809b)

From Steve Weissman we hear of "the general's own words" as he makes a "modest proposal" for a force of some 4 to 500 thousand troops in Afghanistan a goal to be produced by an escalation plan that tops out in 2014. Why isn't hat headline news? (100609a)

From Steve Weissman we hear of "the general's own words" as he makes a "modest proposal" for a force of some 4 to 500 thousand troops in Afghanistan a goal to be produced by an escalation plan that tops out in 2014. Why isn't hat headline news? (100609a)

Melvin Goodman reports on the myths driving US policy in Afghanistan, some of them are familiar to those who recall similar sounding advice form experts when Vietnam was getting under way. (100809a)

From Jean MacKenzie of the Global Post, we hear about a very important source of funding for the Taliban, the US military and, by extension, the US taxpayer. Allied forces want to create work for Afghani companies so they set up contracts, unfortunately the "bribe factor" and the "protection money factor" have a siphoning effect and that which is siphoned off winds up in the hands of the enemy. (100809b)

Amin Jalali reports on an attack resulting in the deaths of 8 US soldiers, 2 Afghan soldiers and the capture or disappearance of several dozen Afghan police. The war goes on (100409b)

Julius Cavendish reports that the Afghans have cause and facts to support their contention that their election was fixed not only during the election but after by the very agency that purports to support open, free and fair elections. (100309b)

Norman Solomon, reports on rage. Afghani rage, the kind that wonders what the hell is all the damage about and why, why can't a person find food and shelter when all they ever did wrong was live in a place that was a war zone. Obama said these words not so long ago: "Know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy." I hope that he's right in one way, and certainly not in another. (100109d)

John Englehardt reporting from TomDispatch, introduced by John Feffer, Afghanistan has been touted as NATO's test, if that is so, then it is not doing well at all. In fact, the conflict is straining the cohesion of the alliance, not that Bush didn't have a similar effect which broke the ground for today's difficulties. (093009c)

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould report on the Afghan election being "handed" to Karzai, this despite widespread and widely recognized fraud. This "selection" comes on top of Bush's errors when he and his minions assembled the current government in spite of traditions, wants and preferences of the Afghan people. (093009b)

Gareth Porter reports on "the fear of blame" factor in the decision making process regarding troop requests for Afghanistan. The article contains a sprinkling of comparisons to a very similar factor that was salient in the deliberations concerning escalation in Vietnam. (092909f)

Alexander Cockburn talks about how insanity trumps common sense in Afghanistan now as it did in Vietnam decades ago. The few facts in this article are disheartening and are being, essentially, ignored. (092909e)

Here is the "for public consumption" statements from US leaders, military, civilian and so forth. (092809h) Regarding an "exit" strategy from Afghanistan.

P. J. Tobia describes the complex situation in one Afghan province where arms are being shipped, in or not, a mini war portends, the Taliban are NOT involved and this is a nation in progress? (092209b)

Syed Saleem Shahzad reports on the opposition to the US efforts in Afghanistan have combined their efforts. (092109g)

Simon Tisdall says that if McChrystal does get the troops he wants, 40,000 in the news - this article mentions 30K, AND we do not see substantial improvement in say a year's time, then, Simon says, we should get out. (092109f)

Sam Stein reports on the Reich wing nutjobs and their opinions of what is happening in Afghanistan. Obama and some Repuglcians are fairly close on what they think should be done, reality notwithstanding. (092109e)

Ann Jones covers the status of the ANA, the Afghan National Army. Her essential question is this: where is it? Recently, as we know, the US marines went into Helmand province in an offensive. If the ANA was at some 90,000 strong, why wasn't more than some 600 used? One wonders. (092109d)

Robert Fisk, there is a consensus slowly forming regarding progress in Afghanistan and that is that there is not very much of it, in fact things are sliding the other way. The US, however, does not appear to understand that and acts as if a difference can still be made with guns and boots. (091909g) While I would like to see a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan its advent is years away maybe decades. (091909g)

William Dowell, will it never end? The resistance in Afghanistan targets soft things too the work of aid agencies are being impacted as they are viewed as "being in league" with the occupation forces. (091909c)

Virginia M. Moncrieff has a report that nearly all of Afghanistan has a Taliban presence. That they have the momentum and the west's efforts are in tatters. Time will tell how close we are to an ending there. (091109e)

John Nichols reports on the "problem of Afghanistan" now that "our man" may have secured a win with "controversial means" (he cheated) and a recall is being called for. (091109c)

Norman Soloman reports after visiting Kabul. Guns are on the street and the "mayor of Kabul" has less and less to call his own. Time may be short. When will we understand what we're doing? (090909b)

Jonathan S. Landay reports from an ambush in Afghanistan. (090909c)

Tom Engelhardt reports on the "metrics of war" and how the one in Afghanistan needs more than a "way of measuring success". Then come the measures we already know about and they paint a sorry picture. (090809h)

M.K. Bhadrakumar, reports on the recent incident in Afghanistan where many civilians were killed. This has caused some name calling among NATO members, highlighted the enemy being on something of an offensive and moving strategically toward its end all while NATO weakens. (090809f)

From the BBC we have a report of "clear and convincing" evidence of Afghan election fraud. There is a recount being called for, discarded ballots and more. It seems that the Afghans have learned how to "run" an election from the "best", the US. (090809b)

Hal Bernton reports on further "inconsistencies" or "problems" with the Afghan election, seems that in some places "everybody" voted for Karzai and in some of these places there were more votes than people, probably due to the true enthusiasm that the common Afghan has for voting (090709c)

From an AP reporter in Dahaneh, Afghanistan a description of a firelight: (090609e) Part two of the story (090609f) Part three of the story (090609g)

Joseph Galloway asks the memory question of the day: do you remember the Powell Doctrine? This is a simple set of eight questions that were designed to help US policy makers when considering military action. These eight questions have not been answered by anyone, as far as I know, when considering either Iraq or Afghanistan. So why not now? (090609c)

Ray McGovern illustrates one of the problems that the US is having in Afghanistan and that is this: there is no clear definition of purpose, a means to achieve that purpose therefore nor a means to measure progress toward that purpose, but a big jackass says that we'll "know it when we see it." (090309g)

Dexter Filkins reports on how Afghanistan's election took a lesson from the US where the victory goes to the one who "cheats fair and square" (090309b)

M.K.Bhadrakumar has coverage of the Afghan election, the "wizard" may have surprised those who opposed him, mainly the US, but the results are not all in and it remains to be seen what anyone will make of them, or if "respect" follows. (090109e)

Nancy Youssef reports that the Afghanistan effort suffers from a "lack of enthusiasm from the public" as well as a need for as much as 45,000 more troops. Yikes! (090109a)

Kim Sengupta reports from Kabul for The Independent - an escalation may be in the cards, some 20,000 more boots may be touching down in Afghanistan. This is on top of the rise already in place. Time will tell, no? (082909b)

David Lindorfff has us see that Afghanistan is really spelled V-i-e-t-n-a-m. The central government is corrupt, powerless and pointless. The population is less and less "on our side" and we are putting more and more men and resources into the fight. When will we ever learn? (082809b)

Peter Graff reports on the "election" in Afghanistan, it seems it is in dispute already. (082509b)

Laura King reports on the growing controversy regarding the Afghan election. Claims of fraud are growing as are claims of "victory". Combine those items with a voter turn out that was substantially lower than that of the first election and the uptick in violence we can sense a "problem" is at hand. (082409c)

Paul Tait and Sayed Salahuddin report on the perception that the election in Afghanistan had widespread irregularities and the two leading contenders saying that they'll respect the result and claiming victory. (082309a)

Anand Gopal and Matthew Rosenberg report that both of the leading contenders in Afghanistan's election are claiming that they hold the lead and thus may exciting their supporters prior to a "real" determination. (082209b)

From the BBC we hear of reported fraud and the possibility of a run off between the two top contenders in Afghanistan. Voting rates were very much down from the last election. (082209c)

Carlotta Gall and Stephen Farrell reporting for the NYT regarding the Afghan election and its peaceful nature. (082009a)

Syed Saleem Shahzad reports on Karzai's deal making with warlords. In other stories the warlord Dostum has promised a half million votes in exchange for ? (082009b)

Gareth Porter reports on the possibility or nature of corruption in the election system being used in Afghanistan, not to mention the rising violence and the difficulty of placing poling stations in much of the country. (081909e)

Hamid Shalizi's article shows the fight in Afghanistan touches in and about the capital. However the election will go forward and despite media claims that the election will be disrupted, I doubt it will be seriously enough for the US and its allies to declare it so. (081109c)

Laura King reports on the casualty levels in Afghanistan. They are rising as are tensions and so forth. The elections are coming, the elections are coming. (080809c)

Golnar Motevalli has coverage to the most recent iteration of the "whack a mole" problem as it appears in Afghanistan, (081109d)

Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Theo Francis and Ben Levisohn collaborate on an article that shows banks have not learned their lessons, risky loans are not a thing of the past, and 40 billion dollars worth have been let this year so far. (080709c)

Paul Tait's story is illustrated by a map of Afghanistan which shows "progress", well perhaps a lack of it. (080509e)

Rukmini Callimiachi, reports on the repercussions of Afghan poppy eradication efforts. Without replacing the income lost to the farmers they fall into poverty, prey to radical anti government forces and support them, leave the country or become bankrupt. The central government becomes less and less popular in the areas that were once outside of the Taliban's range of influence. (080309c)

Hamid Shalizi, reports on the violence in Afghanistan, July had the highest US casualty rate in some long time and the upcoming election is seen as a test, as is the offensive in Helmand province. In three months time we'll be able to look back and, if the smoke has cleared, see what is what or what. (080209a)

Aziz Ahmad Shafe, Mohammad Llyas Dayee and Aziz Ahamd Tassal report on the mixed reaction and progress in Afghans Helmand province. A hint of progress is welcome as is the smiles from some of the people (072709f)

A book review by Christopher Hitchens, the brief is good for an outline of some salient features of the Afghan conflict. Some good news and some bad. (072009g)

From Ann Jones reporting out of Kabul we see how "democracy gone wild" plays out; it is beyond bizarre; the facts are in and names are named but the truth, the people and peace are not part of the picture. (071609g)

From Ann Jones reporting out of Kabul we see how "democracy gone wild" plays out; it is beyond bizarre; the facts are in and names are named but the truth, the people and peace are not part of the picture. (071609g)

Nancy A. Youssef reports on the recent "big" operation in Helmand. The whack a mole problem continues. (070809b)

From the BBC we hear specifically that the US marine operation in Helmand province, Afghanistan is meant to break the stalemate that had existed previously and so turn the tide of the war. There are no specifics in this article but that statement is worthy of being in the archive. (070309a)

Peter Graff reports from Afghanistan a large scale marine attack on the Helmand River valley is meant to demonstrate a capacity for decisive victories which will turn the tide of the war. (070109i)

Jason Leopold reports on the murders at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan. Does the US need this kind of revelation? Yes, so that it's cleaned up. No, because it enrages the people we are trying to "bring peace to". (062609f)

Barry Schweid reports from the UN that in Afghanistan drug production is down (062609b)

From Associated Press we read that the US is phasing out funding for opium eradication and pumping up funds for alternative crops and drug interdiction instead. These ideas have been floating around for years while Bush the Dumber diddled his bunghole, however, maybe it is not to late for these ideas to be tried. (062809c)

An Afghan effort to help them help themselves with what may be described as lightly armed local observers who can call for help. (060209a)

This is a plug for a book called: "Invisible History: Afghanistan's Untold Story" (053109f)

Khushal Arsala and Stephen Zunes give us some overview of the failing steps that led us to the impasse, at best, which we now call the current war effort in Afghanistan (053109e)

The deadly strike in Afghanistan, arguments continue about who did what, but the threat was to a provincial capital and, at least, it is safe for the moment. (051809c)

In the Afghan theater of the "Great War" the US has little hope of achieving what it wants, much less what it hopes.(051709c)

The problem with the Afghan war, well maybe a central problem that is to say, is the seemingly hard to ignore fact that they just don't want us there and most don't get why we don't get it (051209d)

When they say corruption goes all the way to the top in Afghanistan, they mean just that, look at the "Mayor of Kabul's" running mate, for example (050609c) And this "government" does not need to have incendiary incidents by its ally put the people in a heat, do they? (050609e)

A sample of the kind of attack being suffered in Afghanistan (042309e)

A brief on the complexity of the problems facing Pakistan is followed by a series of ideas. I love these pieces, the ideas sound good and you know no one is listening, or reading. (041909c)

This article supports the notion that we may well again be going into a war, reviving one in this case, without due consideration or hard questions being asked. (041409b)

So, let me get this story straight, we find this guy, train him. The Pak's train and supply him to drive the Ruskies out of Afghanistan, then he's valuable against the Taliban after the US boots out. After that he's forced into exile and the CIA attempts to kill him, then he goes back into Afghanistan, turns against the US and we put a 25 million dollar price on his head all while he has a big role in the Afghan government and wages war against NATO forces. This is the man the US is turning to for help in the war? Yup! (041009a)

The "supply problem" continues long after it was revealed and in time, presumably, before the "Afghan Surge" begins. Time enough to tamp down the action? (040509a)

Dissent is not heard when the administration holds hearings. Maybe that should change? (032909b)

Do we see parallels between Afghanistan and Vietnam? Is Obama's "new" approach going to make a difference? (032909a)

Obama's "new approach" is not completely new and the pronouncement held no real surprises so one wonders if it will make any real difference? (032809a)

With Karzai being ineffective the allies are seeking to place a "governor" on him. This will be "welcome" by Karzai and only serve to boost his status, not! (032309c)

The US Govt. claims that the drone attacks are having "good effect" in the prosecution of the war effort. (032209c)

Attacks and casualties continue. (031509a)

The troubles of Afghanistan never cease, this is the political side of the equation, (031209c) And more chaos, just a bit of it (031209d)

Word is that Kabul is quietly being invested, as it were, and what's being done to stop it? (031209e)

Making the same mistakes the Soviet Union are we? That is what is posed in this article. Certainly there ARE differences between the Soviet and US efforts, but the bottom line seems to be that the people don't want us there, and, uh, why are we there? (021609b)

The adjustments are just about made, talks are wrapping up and soon both sides will have at it with renewed gusto! (021509e) The bad news is not good, but the causes lie in the past. What is ahead is anyone's guess. (020909c)

The loosing of this war will be painful, but how long will we wait for it?No one seems to know. (020509a)

The narco-state needs to be tackled. How it can be done is already known and there are "innovative" solutions that would be cost effective in comparison to what is being done now. We'll see what time brings. (013109b)

The great game gets just a touch hotter. The US wants a new supply route, Russia declines to help, the US does a run around, but Karzai, the US man in Kabul, is now playing footsie with "the Bear" and seems to want their military aid too. Howzaboutdemapples? (012609d)

Well more details, the US VP "Joe" does not like Karzai and the Kabul Mayor knows he faces challengers backed by a frustrated US. Does Moscow get a toe in here, a shoe or the proverbial camel's nose. (020509h)


From the BBC Back to back Iraq attacks illustrate the security problems that exist, and, yes, violence is down, very much so, but security is insecure, very much so. (123009c)

Jeremy Scahill Much as the US had/has done in Iraq so does it manage in Afghanistan and before you say, "Yes, poorly." I don't mean that, or well, just that. Everyone knows how many troops we have in Afghanahoon, but the number of "trigger fingers" is much higher. We've some 189,000 "fingers ready to pull" as it were (121809a) And Pierre Barbancey of L'Humanité While it is not news to myself or others who read, say, it may be to anyone who is Palinesque or "Bushy" that the Afghans REALLY do not like their central governments at all, and especially not this one; also they don't like foreigners, NOT ONE BIT! (121809b)

Martin Chulov of provides an update to stories concerning the "dustbowling" of Iraq. The problems is a perfect storm of Iraq's neighbors taking advantage of its weakened state, pardon the pun, global warming and Iraqi mismanagement and waste. Yes the US engineers build purification plants but the nation as a whole has real serious problems. (121409a)

Sami Moubayed has a report on the "ripple effect" of the recent bombings in Baghdad, it seems the winners and loosers being sullied by the fallout have axes to grind, whet and more (121109e)

Martin Chulov in Falluja reports on the sharp rise in birth defects and tumors among the very, very young. What is amazing to me is that the cause is being debated, as if science wouldn't have (111409b)

Saad Shalash reports on the big bombs in Baghdad. Sure things are better, but ... (102509a)

Huma Yousef reports on the sparks of violence are still blown into flames in Anbar province. A trio of car bombs signal disagreement but between which parties? No one seems to know, though everyone speculates. (101209b)

From Truthout we hear that Iraq suffered a day of bombings. The current trend is a slowly increasing rate of attacks by "X" against "X" for whatever reasons. (092909b)

Martin Chulov reports on the Iraqi drought; it is severe. If you count global warming's effect as man made and the upriver dams built in neighboring countries the recipe for an unfolding disaster is understood. (082809c)

Sam Dagher reports on the spectacular attacks in Baghdad where US soldiers, witnessing the destruction following new protocols - only stood by, waiting for any request to help, that request never came however. (081909c)

Daniel Politi has today's Slate, wherein the tidbits include the ongoing uptick in violence in Iraq, attempts to ignite fighting - one speculates that taking down the barriers in Baghdad may be premature, the Dems surprised at the resistance to health care and a quadrupling of the US budget deficit. (081109n)

Sami Moubayed has it that the Kurds are putting pressure on the Iraqi "government" and what they want is "everything" or so it would seem as far as Kikurk is concerned. Independence is also "on the table" from my take on this. (081109l)

Gareth Porter has it that there is much more than meets the eye. The story is a straight forward look at a confusion as to who is fighting whom and why in Iraq (080709d) Jamal al-Badrani has a report on the violence in Iraq. There is something of an uptick and that's not good to hear is it? (080709b) Dahr Jamail's article talks about the rising violence in Iraq. Sunni and Shia violence, though in something of a different form, is resurgent. What's an occupier to do? Stay the course? (080709a)

Sinan Salaheddin reports from Baghdad that the concrete barriers are coming down. It is a good sign. People probably like the change. (080609d)

Maya Schenwar reports on the July 30th referendum of the Iraqi people to verify the agreement made by the governments involved to keep the US forces in Iraq until 2011 or so. What you did not hear the results? That's because the referendum was not held. It's called buying time. (080509d)

From Liz Sly we see a report on the ecological troubles in Iraq. This story centers on dust storms but the arable land is vanishing and water shortages are common; they use the term "dust bowl" to describe the place that once was bread basket. (073009b)

From Liz Sly we hear about the unexpected "Change" party, one that wants just that in Kurdistan. They are active and it is good to see real democracy in action. (072409d)

Mike Tharp reports from Iraq. The "Fertile Crescent" it was once called now imports most all the food that its people eat. Heavily subsidized food from the US has been an issue covered in other stories, this talks about the Iraqi government's own role in the demise of the "family farm" (071809f)

Mike Tharp reports that in the two weeks subsequent to the pull back from Iraqi cities the US has not been called on once for operational support, now that's some kind of progress - although there is violence and the US forces do supply other assists. (071509b)

Sami Moubayed reports from Iraq on how Kurdish ambitions and the roles of Iraq's neighbors all combine to make for interesting complex and unstable conditions. (071309g)

Kim Gamel and Patrick Quinn, report that we've moved out of the Iraqi cities, sort of. The Iraqi's celebrate, of course, but one wonders what will happen now. (063009c)

Patrick Quinn, has, perhaps the answer to that question, car bombings and four US military personnel dead - a foretaste? (063009d)

From Iraq the BBC we hear of continued violence, the security minister is killed by a suicide bomber and more. Thus the Bush "Somalia Policy" plays out its throes or whatever. (061809a)

Zaid Sabah and Nada Bakri tell of an important Sunni politician being gunned down. Just a bit more instability being evidenced ... what will come of this? (061409d)

Maliki went ballistic when he understood about the nature of the photos, now I wonder, did HE see them? If so, how were they described? Who delivered that information? That's why Obama "changed his mind". (060209b)

Sinan Salahedin, writing for AP says that the Kurds are exporting oil to the world, finally. The Baghdad government is getting its share too. Sounds friendly. (060109f)

Dahr Jamail continues coverage of the reemergence of the Iraqi resistance. Because of broken promises, inefficiency, lies and deceit on the part of the occupying forces and the Iraqi government itself. Violence is up and the US is talking about another decade of "presence" in the forsaken land. (053109c)

The Sunni fighters that the US organized turn the tide against the resistance in Iraq as well as Al Qaida are now targeted by the Iraqi government, violence is on the uptick and, well, it was made in the USA. (052309c)

Seems like violent events uptick in Iraq as US troops prepare to relocate. Although they are still targeted most of the deaths are Iraqi, of course. The article mentions that various groups attack Sunni militiamen, but it does not mention that the central governments forces are one of the groups. (052109a)

What certainly looks like the old "double cross" is playing out in Iraq, as the one time US backed Sunni groups are targeted by the government, violence has its uptick. (050609f)

Attacks against US troops in Iraq are on the rise, how do I know? Casualties are up. The Sabwa, an originally US backed Sunni based militia has been hung out to dry and is now, not only striking back, but by its absences is allowing Al Qaida something of a reprise. Meanwhile border issues with Turkey, Iran and what many already call Kurdistan, well, burgeon. (050409a) Then there is this, the idea of changing the withdrawal plan is not what the Iraqi "government" wants. (050409b) Hmmm, I wonder that kind of convergence they're heading for, "over there"(050409b)

The new violence in Iraq is due to, drum roll and cymbal rash, Tunisians. (042709c)

Says here that the uptick in the death count in Baghdad has been coming on since January. (042509c)

The uptick in the death and casualty rates in Iraq are due to a burgeoning struggle between two forces with a history of US support, interesting that it is bubbling up now, just as we are planning to leave. The kicker is that Al Qaida seems to be partaking and having some thing of a comeback. (042409b)

An uptick in Iraq attacks? The Shia's are targeted in these and perhaps this is a portent of problem, made in the USA, that we'll need to address before we bug out of there (042309b)

Another change in Iraq's course? Do we see some "blow back" from our setting up parallel militaries? (042109b)

The disconnect between the reality of what Baghdad or Iraq is like is belied by the US media's focus on the low level of attacks. (041909b)

What happens when the Awakening group and the Iraqi government forces fight? We are beginning to find out which American ally can hold the street! (033009a) And here is more on that story (040109a) And here are some particulars as well as an idea of the scale of the problem.(040209g)

This is even more on that, the fighting spreads, but, at this point, it is still small scale (040609a)

This month bombings are in the news. This uptick is unsettling and causes the "man on the street" to take pause (032709a)

Still unresolved at this time, the fate of Kikurk and the "Kurdish Question" remain a bone of contention for all who are involved with Iraq (031009e)

Money matters, and here we have, probably a series of corruption schemes that stole billions of dollars from the US efforts in this country. (021609e)

This may be the first example of success that can be claimed for the US effort in Iraq - an election that was virtually free from violence. If this is the first of many, the future may view the US effort differently, given a good deal of time and the establishment of electoral happiness. (020109b)

Some of the results provide a form of legitimacy to some office holders, notably the head of state, and then others too. One bears to much recent knowledge to hope that this election portends many others that proceed just as peaceably and are as widely welcomed. Indeed, if peaceful transitions of power, via transparent democratic processes takes route Bush may have some kind of credit due him, though one can hardly believe that the course he took was plan A. (020509c)

The Kurds are going to be challenged, probably successfully regarding some of their expansionist dreams, but the true gem, is Kikurk and the likelihood that it will fall under Irbil's sway makes for another drama (012809a)

It seems democracy delayed will not be deferred, but violence is a risk. (012809b)

And it seems that claims go far back for everyone, though the oil that is underneath has bee there longer than anyone. (012809c)


Catherine Philip in Washington for the Times Online, reports on the "nuclear triggers" that western powers tout as proof of Iranian intent to weaponize their resource. One wonders about this, if it is true, given the west's record, and then, even if it is, what then? Is the US going to ask them nicely to stop? Will Israel go ballistic, or become bombastic? I mean more than it already is? What then? Anyone sniff a war? (121409c)

Reuters has a story which talks about the Iran nuclear issue. The headline grabber is a statement that Iran wants to have 15 nuclear power plants. Oh well. (121309d)

Gareth Porter gives us an overview of the negotiations with Iran over its nuclear programs (121209g)

Iason Athanasiadis reports on recent riots in Iran as saying that the regime's legitimacy is tainted, so to speak, (120809a) Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich has a report on the "conversion of Jackass "the SOB" McStain who is "after" change in Iran (120809b)

Parisa Hafezi and Reza Derakhshi report that Iran "fires back" and says they plan on building 10 new nuclear sites. The responses talk about an "increased likelihood" of military action, the usual dross and drang. (112909a)

from Reuters we hear that Iran blames Israel for the delay Russia has in delivering anti aircraft missiles. Threats too are included. (112109a)

Julie Pace reports that Iran has rejected an offer from the west that "seemed so alive, just yesterday". Why did I expect that ANYTHING had changed? (102309a) Mark Heinrich has more on this story from Reuters (102309b)

Mordchai Shualy makes the point that if the US is SO worried about Iran maybe they should look at, um, the others. (102209a)

Fredrik Dahl and Reza Derakhshi report on a deadly attack on Iran's elite military makes for accusations, unveils the "Balochi" jigsaw piece to the regions "puzzle of peace" and more. Suspicions abound as the mullahs mull (101809a) And from the BBC we hear that Pakistan is also a suspect in this bombing. (101809g)

Amazing but the dance does go on. Just after prior stories run the round of news outlets up crops this one highlighting not what Iran has but what it COULD have. (100309f)

In case you have forgotten Pepe Escobar reminds you, the "Iran Dance" is still on, not only that it is a "full tilt boogie". Western leaders want the "talk" or do they? Only time will tell what happens or what does not happen. (100109f) This is the chatter that precedes the talks Louis Charbonneau and Parisa Hafezi report that everyone at the talks with Iran in which everyone seems to be saying nice things so it is a "feel good" moment that "eases tensions (100109g)

Gareth Porter takes a look at the "coverage" of the "new Iranian nuclear facility" but the facts, the facts the US itself possess and the statements made, again by US officials seem at odds with one another. (093009e)

Iason Athanasiadis reports from the Global Post on a spate of protests in Iran indicating that the resistance is not "over" the election. (092909c)

From Truthout's newswire we have the latest on the "dance" performance featuring the US and Iran. The headline reads: "harsh sanctions" and buried in the text is the same old, same old, Russia and China have business interests, etc. This time around the US is going after insurance and reinsurance companies that "cover" shipping into and out of the country. The word "blockade" is not mentioned but I think that is the effect that is wanted. (092909a)

Simon Tisdall reviews the economic relationships Iran has not only with Russia and China but with its other neighbors. These "valuable" friendships" protect Iran from harsh realities and force the US to utilize financial methods to isolate Iran. (092909i)

Fredrik Dahl and Hossein Jaseb describe the "run up" to the next "meeting with Iran" it seems the dance continues on if the public pronouncements are any guide, I know, I laugh at that as well, but what CAN you say. Going in it's "same old, same old" so what is to be expected? (092809c)

David E. Sanger and William J. Broad from the NYT say that the US now demands that the newly revealed Iranian nuclear facility be opened to inspections and a list of other demands as well. As with other steps in this "dance" one wonders what will happen if Iran, respectfully, declines or plays games. Recall that China is playing its hand here as did Russia, until very recently. So what will become of the "demand"? (092709a) Tom A. Peter reports that at the same time as this is happening Iran is testing missiles and Israel is getting more than a bit livid, wanting someone, meaning the US, to "do something". (092709c)

From the BBC we hear that Iran revealed the location of another Iranian nuclear site. Headlines used the words "outraged" when referring to western leaders, and more was mentioned about sanctions but other articles indicate that China may well not go along in the security council and so the dance goes on. (092509d)

From AFP, the dimwits of congress are still dreaming of "dealing with Iran". So does Israel, but the problem with that is the problems with it, meaning the chaotic blow back. (091109d)

The word "stalemate" has been used to describe the situation between the US and Iran regarding nuclear development. Threats are made. Sanctions are pending. Oh, tough ones at that. This story has been playing well for years. The basics are these Iran is doing what it wants to do as is Israel. The US does not like that. Oh, the US does what it likes to in the world. So maybe push will come to shove. (090809c) For a look at what has been considered, consider this month's old story. (090809d)

From Time comes some coverage of Neda Soltan. Her grave still gets visited and the unrest remains as government abuse has come to light (090309c)

Yossi Melman has it that the Iranians are working on components of a nuclear device according to the IAEA. (083109a)

Michale Klare, reports on the ongoing. Some are thinking that preventing Iran from importing gasoline is a "stiff measure" that is short of war. However, it is also thought that the calculus of what "Iran would do" remains the same. So what is a super power to do? (082309h)

Thomas Erdbrink reports from Iran where the grave of Neda Soltan was a focal point of a clash and in other places where demonstrators are beginning to fight back baton with baton. (073109f)

Oliver Roy looks at a Foucault's reaction and "look" at the Iranian revolution of some years ago to provide some perspective to what is going on now. (092909d)

Pepe Escobar reports on the Asian Game, oil, gas, nuclear development, the dollar hegemony being challenged, the Iranian election and more. (072709g)

Borzou Daragahi reports on Iran's Mousavi who is stepping up his support for resisting the current "president" of Iran. (072609f)

From the BBC we hear of new protests in Iran and some unique techniques of demonstrating as well as "old" standby's: roof top noise. (072109b)

From Ian Black and Saeed Kamali Dehghan we hear more on Fridays events in Teheran protest and repression, and a call from Rafsanjani to say that the nation is in crisis and that the election's results were not believed. (071809c0

Robert Tait of the Guardian says that the Iranian government's figure of 20 dead during the post election upheaval maybe low, perhaps there are triple digit figures that are more accurate. (071609j)

Steve Weissman provides a perspective on the meddling of the US in Iranian internal affairs. Mousavi may be what he is, as could the protests be what they are, but I suspect much is not as it seems. (070609d)

From the BBC on Iran we hear of further dissent in the ranks of the clerics, that prisoners have been released and that "harsh" statements are being made all around (070509b)

From Reuters we have word that Khatami has denounced the Iranian election; apparently he did not pull any punches. (070209a)

Borzou Daragahi and Ramin Mostaghim report on Iran, what might be called the resistance is off the streets but not inactive. The government threatens to arrest Mousavi, or rather the Basij do. It's not over. (070109d)

Reese Erlich covers the ground in considering he likelihood of CIA involvement with the protest in Iran. The conclusion is that the CIA is not "making and shaping events". However, I assert that although the protests and the upheaval may not be inspired by the west, the US is actively engaged in doing what it can with covert operations, however ineffective they may be. (070109b)

Steve Weissman, reports on the Iranian struggle. The role of the US and England is outlined, the "nerd factor" is personalized and the Iranian govt. may seems vindicated when it talks of outside interference. (063009a)

Ian Black reports on the Iranian/EU diplomatic row, it seems both sides are standing tall, just a matter of time to see who, if either, blink. (063009b)

Stephen Zunes responds to a previous article referenced, "Nonviolence 101" in this he counters much of what was said. However, what is admitted, that is to say the involvement of the US in Iranian affairs, is still important, even if besides the point. (062909b)

From Tom Dispatch we read Dilip Hiro's take on the events in Iran, essentially when Khamanei became partisan he lost his cache of being a fair arbiter of Iran's affairs. There is a bit of history too, good to be reminded, of how the election of 2005 was effected to allow Ahmadinijad to win, then too there are demographic changes that portend further "evolution" in Iran. (062909a)

Perhaps I spoke to soon, the Gulf Daily News reports of some fresh protests in Teheran. The number of protesters was put at 3,000. This happened Sunday. (062809h)

Nazila Fathi reports from Teheran where it is quiet, as they say in the old movies, "yeah, too quiet." Which means that people are not out and about and "normalcy" has not returned. Protests are over, the streets are patrolled and time ticks (062809g)

Fredrik Dahl reports on the "quiet" of Teheran, the looming decision by the ruling group comes tomorrow, Monday. But the headliner is the detention of several British embassy staff. (062809e)

Stephen Zunes responds to a previous article referenced, "Nonviolence 101" in this he counters much of what was said. However, what is admitted, that is to say the involvement of the US in Iranian affairs, is still important, even if besides the point. (062909b)

From Tom Dispatch we read Dilip Hiro's take on the events in Iran, essentially when Khamanei became partisan he lost his cache of being a fair arbiter of Iran's affairs. There is a bit of history too, good to be reminded, of how the election of 2005 was effected to allow Ahmadinijad to win, then too there are demographic changes that portend further "evolution" in Iran. (062909a)

Perhaps I spoke to soon, the Gulf Daily News reports of some fresh protests in Teheran. The number of protesters was put at 3,000. This happened Sunday. (062809h)

Nazila Fathi reports from Teheran where it is quiet, as they say in the old movies, "yeah, too quiet." Which means that people are not out and about and "normalcy" has not returned. Protests are over, the streets are patrolled and time ticks (062809g)

Fredrik Dahl reports on the "quiet" of Teheran, the looming decision by the ruling group comes tomorrow, Monday. But the headliner is the detention of several British embassy staff. (062809e)

Mary Louise Kelly, reports on Martin Indyk that back in 1979 Martin Indyk predicted that the Shah would fall, however the CIA "knew better" and we all know how that went. More on that problem comes to light (062609l)

Johathan S. Landay reports on the gathering that honored Neda Soltan a young woman killed during the protests and whose death has become a marker in the world evidencing tyranny. (062609h)

The Slate Page from June 26th, 2009; the overview is interesting the field of possible Repuglican presidential candidates is reduced by a third as two implode, Khamenei says the elections shall stick (062609d)

Chip Cummins story updates the Iran situation, protests continue but are smaller; one of the presidential candidates drops out of the protest, but it's really not surprising. Maybe the democracy movement is "down for the count" (062609e)

From the Associated Press comes some coverage of the women's efforts in the Iranian protests and the role of the martyr Neda Soltan (062609a)

Nazila Fathi and Alan Cowell report that the "great bearded one" has decreed that there will be no new election and, to make his point, groups of dissenters are being dispersed, some reports say by live ammunition fired over their heads. (062409j)

John Lichfield, from Paris, reports that opposition leader Mousavi is under 24 hour guard. (062409h)

Azadeh Kian provides an overview of the divisions in Iranian society that have been reshuffled and reoriented before, during and certainly now after the results. The legitimacy of the Iranian government is becoming the issue. (062309h)

Chris Hedges reminds us, after all, that Iran had democracy and the US, stomped it out, installed the Shah and the rest is history. We have no real moral standing with Iran; we've F - - - ed them pretty badly over the past 50 years and continue to do so . (062309j)

From Eurasianet we see that Rafsanjani is believed to have some moves in mind that might unseat Khomeini and Mr. A. the current "newly elected" president. (062309g)

From the BBC we hear that Iran's Guardian Council has said there were no major polling irregularities. Odd, considering some of the basic facts of the case and other governmental statements which seem contrary to this. (062309f)

From the IBTimes re Iran - a Revolutionary Guard commander defies Khamenei's orders to use force on the demonstrators. (062309b)

From CNN we see that more confusing and conflicting statements are being made by the Iranian government regarding the election's results. (062309c) Oh, yes, regarding the vote count how is it possible to KNOW the results in Iran only two hours after the polls mostly closed? A main reason the results are suspect.

This article posted by the IBTimes, UK, has it that Iran's clerics are considering the removal of Khamenie and Ahmandinejad, sounds far fetched to me. From what I understand of the Iranian form of government it could be done. (062209i)

Jeffrey Fleishhman and Ramin Mostaghim pass on the Iranian government's admission that there are voting flaws in some 50 cities in Iran. Some of those important to the dissident movement, though arrested, have been released, press restriction continues as does violence and the government is partially at odds with itself as is the ruling class of religious figures. (062209h)

Andrew Hammond, provides us with some of the reactions of Iran's neighbors. He reports some "gloating", however, as he said, and I agree, the ultimate outcome of what happens in Iran may be that the people in those neighboring countries may see that there are ways to change their governments as well. (062209e)

Parisa Hafezi and Fredrik Dahl cover the Iranian government's most recent moves. (062208d)

Andrew Sullivan gives some coverage to the uniquity of Iranian event. Tech is helping the people in the streets. Would that this had happened in 2000 in the US. G.W. Jackass would not have been "elected". (062209b)

Joshua Mitnick explains why, after all he's said and done, that Ahmadinejad is preferred over Mousavi in certain Israeli circles. (062109b)

From this page you can get up to the minute postings from Iran gathered from Twitter, there are video links and so forth. (062009e)

Thanks to Charlie Szrom, here is a summary of a debate between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad (062009c)

And here, Lara Setrakian, looks at the differences in each candidate's platform. It seems that they both agree on keeping the nuclear research going. Outside of that they both have populist appeal and support, but it is a culture war as much as anything else pitting an urbanite against a hard scrabble, "real man" kind of guy. (062009d)

Here is my comments to some of the comment's left:

This refers to two letters from a website I visited, their comments follow mine.

Listen folks, both candidates want to keep the nuclear program. That is what the "fuss" with the US and or the "West" is all about. Both either have supported surrogate forces in foreign lands. Neither want's to be beholden to the West and both have Iranian pride at the heart of their campaigns. This is not to say the fascistic subset of the Western ruling classes wouldn't want to have change, why not? But the essential issues will remain. The US has been violently meddling, for varied reasons, granted, in the region for the best part of a century, we are, therefore, viewed as not different from any empire in the past. Mr. "Keep the Change" seems to forget how "Bush the Dumber" created the messes he delineates in his fevered attempt to shift blame and vent paranoia. His species will soon be extinct, thank god. As for "HopeSprings", well, we survived, barely, our nut job, certainly they can have one for eight years too, who steals elections and ruins his nation's reputations, enrages neighbors and conspires to inflame foreign intrigues. Yes, they could do better, but we in the US have no place to speak from in that regard.

Iran, the region and the world would be a lot safer and stable if the Iranians vote this nut job out. On top of everything else, can you imagine this guy questioning his opponent's wife's academic credentials at a presidential debate? Ahmadinejhad is a very sick dude. Let's hope the Iranian people do the right thing. If there is justice, this guy's next assignment should be to be a tour guide at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

hopesprings52 Jun-11

Sounds like Ahmadenijad's opponent took the words right from Obama's campaign playbook. Hope, change, blah blah blah. The ONLY difference between Mousavi and Obama is that Mousave promises to "liberalize" Iran and take away some of the outdated control the government has over it's citizens. And Obama, well he's just the opposite, he want's the government to control everything from health care, to banks, to the auto industry, the tobacco industry, the unions, the firearms industry, etc. Mousavi won't be allowed to win. Our election last November proved that pie-in-the-sky promises and money can put a totally lost individual in the most important leadership position in the world. Just like ACORN and the "New Black Panther Party" used trickery and intimidation tactics to get this bozo Obama elected, Ahmadenijad's henchmen will be posted at all the polling places to send the same message and intimidate the Iranian voters. Looks like Obama might just get his chance to "sit across the table face to face" and appease Ahmadenijad and the rest of HIS Muslim world

Keep_The_Change Jun-12

Read this to see details of the effects Obama has had on the Iranian election, whether intentional or not. (062009b)

As Aki Akbar Darini and ZNasser Karimi have it, The "Giant Beard" has spoken. Khomeini backs the election and thus, Ahmadinejad. Violence broadens but red is not yet running in the streets. The "legit" govt. says that there is Western influence in the events, and I would not doubt that certain Western interests are more than happy at the turn of events and are working, even now, to make vital gains in the region. (062009a) What "turning point" do we see here? The technology factor is important, what the opposition lacks is a command and control com network to manage events on the street, marshal forces and or have "coordinated" mob actions. The Iranian govt. has taken action to prevent this from happening thus far.

Nazila Fathi and Alan Cowell update us on Iran's events. Khamenei stands behind Ahmadinejad. This portents repression the authors feel; it may be so. (061909d)

William Rivers Pitt favors us with a quick overview of the Iranian week. Speculation is that Obama's approach to Iran may have been part of the "equation of hope" that propelled the opposition candidate to such heights and the candidate's own promise of change, hope will do that, meanwhile Bush the Jackass' effects in the region are in decline but certainly not at all gone. The election was, at best, questionable. The question now remains is, how far with the government go to "enforce" it; and what will happen when they do. Short term and long term interesting "concerns" abound. (061909c)

Robert Parry reports on sampling done before the Iranian election and say that their results match what happened in the election. They also debunk a few myths circulating widely in the west. So, it could be that the election was "good". (061809g)

Scott Peterson, reports on the Iranian election and disagrees with Mr. Parry. (061809i)

Robert Dreyfuss reports on the unrest in Iran. The thinking is that the power structure is changing. Ahmadinejad's organization may be stronger than the cleric's in charge of the government. The resistance is stronger than anyone expected. Push may come to shove and then, well, who knows what will come of it. (061809e)

Matthew B. Stannard writes about a "techie" in San Francisco who is part of the IT community helping Iranians cope with their election results. Essentially he assists them in working around government information providers. This is a very hopeful sign, that, as he said, "The regime probably doesn't recognize it, but I can tell you, the marriage of civil disobedience with the social networking savvy is the death of despotism in these places. "If you combine these two, you have a very potent force." (061709g) I just can't help but say it, the Iranians are teaching the US how to protest a stolen election. Would that this trend hit here. A measured statement that, for one must understand the dangers as well.

Warren P. Strobel and Jonathan S. Landay report on the continuing upheaval in the wake of the Iranian election, now a major cleric has denounced the results further fanning the conflagration. (051709a)

And Juan Cole has some of the figures regarding the election being fixed, but, as I say, the US election that put Bush in and those held during his term were not fair. Even the vaunted election of 2008, in which Obama won, some 6 million to 8 million votes were not counted (061409f)

Maya Schenwar reports on the ripple effects still disturbing the peace after the Iranian election. It's not over till its over may well be the best description of the state of affairs as protests and rioting continue, influential people call for investigation or question the legitimacy of the result. It may come to nothing, it may spark a quiet revolution or even a noisy one, thought that is not seen as likely. (061609a)

Parisa Hafezi and Fredrik Dahl, update the situation: the election will not be annulled but some recounting will take place. This may or may not serve the interests of the people as they see it, what remains to be seen is what happens next. (061609d)

Patrick Martin has it that the "surge" of those committed to social change in Iran had latched onto a presidential candidate and they're insisting that he won. The problem for the current regime is to not only defuse this but cool down the culture war now burgeoning while the choices for repressing it are few. (061509c)

Ian Black and Matthew Weaver cover the reaction in Iran after the election. The US could learn a thing or two, they protested their "rigged" election with a huge protest and gunfire was not absent from it, also religious leaders are calling for an investigation. That never happened in the US. Bush stole elections again and again and no one rioted, no one took direct action, nothing and we'll be paying for it for a long, long time (061509a)

This day's 06/14/09,. Slate. What I noticed is the attention given to Iran's recent election which the west suspects as being fixed. Now, imagine that, a fixed election, that NEVER happened in the US, NEVER. The world did not investigate or condemn the rise of Bush or his serial electoral frauds, but hey, Iran is different, the horse backed by the US won. (061409b)

Balochistanis want more from this country, just as they want more from Pakistan so the violent struggle gets a bit more violent. (022009a) Part two, like as not, the Baloch are after their own game, and are unwilling to be someone else's pawn. (022009b)

So they launch a satellite, the thing is in orbit, this means something, though everyone disagrees as to what. (020309e)

Russia provides three reasons why it will not "go along" with the US on challenging Iran. (012909f)


BBC's Aleem Maqbool reports on a bombing in Karachi and the rioting that followed, perhaps someone is sowing the dissent between Sunni and Shia in a new location (122809b)

Eric Margolis presents Pakistan, a nation at many crossroads. I guess this is the argument against the establishment of Democracy, for if the people truly spoke then we'd be out of there in a New York second. (122009a)

From the BBC we hear about the end to an amnesty that imperils many many persons in the Pakistan government, not the least of which is its current head. Will this lead to even more instability? The opposition is loud and determined (112809a)

James Cogan explains how the war in Pakistan is expanding even as government efforts do. Can they afford the cost, can they afford to not fight? (112409a)

Ahmed Rashid lets us in on the "mainline media" of Pakistan, it seems everyone has their pet conspiracy theory and everyone loves to hate somebody. Why the "quality" of "public debate" is worse than in America! (112309d)

Syed Saleem Shahzad provides us with a bit of insight as to how US concerns over Pakistan's nuclear security have roiled things up and provided opportunities for confusion and chaos to advance. (112209b)

Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad reports on Pakistan's purchase of Chinese war planes. Is anyone curious that this is reported in a financial paper? Whither Pakistan? What OF China's hand? (111109b)

Hafiz Wazir reports on the war in Pakistan where a strategic and perhaps psychologically town was taken. (102309e) From the Pakistan News Net we hear of key US support for the Pakistan Army's offensive. Intel and predators are in the mix, probably much more, but we won't speculate, will we? Oh, and remember Blow back? I mean plowback? (102309f)

Eric Margolis reports some of the "outstanding" elements of the "aid package" to Pakistan totaling some 7.5 billion over the next few years. (101809h) The situation looks shaky since elements in the loan package call for what amounts to a reduction in the sovereign control of Pakistan's military.

Alamgir Bitani reports on the first engagements between the Pakistani Army and the "resistance" groups in Waziristan. (101809b)

Karin Brulliard reports on the attacks in Pakistan and the salient bit is this: "It is scary," said Arsalan Khan, a Peshawar resident and government employee, adding that he felt the Peshawar blast from his home. "Being a government servant is enough to make one a terrorist target." (101509a)

Militants strike into Pakisatan and raise the stakes. Pakistani military plans a big operation in Waziristan. (101209a)

From the BBC we have the word that the Pakistani military IS going to take action in the Waziristan areas. (101109a)

Syed Saleem Shahzad has it that Pakistan is getting ready to make "real attack" on its militant tribal zones. (100709b)

Syed Saleem Shahzad has it that Pakistan is getting ready to make "real attack" on its militant tribal zones. (100709b)

Ben Farmer in Kabul and Javed Siddiq in Islamabad report on what looks like an expanding war. Complete with threats, danger, gambles and rhetoric. (092809g)

J. Sri Raman reports on the Balochistan portion of the India - Pakistan conflict. Is this another issue that "won't go away"? Time will tell (080309d)

From Karachi we hear Syed Saleem Shahzad report that although there may have been interest by the Western allies in talking to the Taliban, it may be that the interest is not mutual (071309d)

Shibil Siddiqi, reports, in detail, on the Pakistani situation. The summation might be" the problems Pakistan now faces are a product of how Pakistan came to be, how its original divisions had been united via Islamic ties. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, the US and allies created the forces they now fight, after 9/11 contradictions between social realities and government policies made a volatile mix. (063009i)

Huma Yusef advises that the current expansion of fighting by the Pakistani army is being met with an expansion of attacks by the resistance. It is possible that even more may be drawn in as the struggle continues ... only time will tell. (063009e)

From the BBC, another drone strike in Pakistan, dozens dead when a funeral is attacked. Some militants among the crowd perished, but the vast majority of the dead were simply people in the wrong place at the wrong time. (062409i)

Jeremy Scahill reports on Obama's war in Pakistan, from candidate to president, his message was and is clear (062209f

Zeeshan Haider reports on the "final phase" of the Swat offensive by Pakistan's armed forces. It is the most demonstrative attempt in recent times. (062209c)

Ishtiaq Mahsud reports on the spreading of violence in Pakistan now that the Swat Valley operation is winding up. (061209f)

Gary Leupp, has me wonder: Pakistan, oh Pakistan, where for art thou Pakistan, whither goest thou? Into the valley of death? (0530090d) Weighing in on this issue is the leader of Libya himself, Moammar Gadhafi, this is his perspective. (053009e)

In the current battling for Pakistan its government has the upper hand. (052809d) In a related story we hear that Pakistan is quietly and quickly ramping up its nuclear programs, one wonders who they are playing catch up to? (051809e)

The possibilities of rending Pakistan in to a trio of unstable new states become apparent. That is now the important emerging threat to the region and to the world. (05170b)

The scope of the current Pakistani army's attack, or counterattack to be accurate, is large scale and determined. What remains to be seen is what happens after the 400 square miles of territory are secured. (050809a)

The Balochistan region of Pakistan has become one of the latest "fields" in the "Great Game" this one pits China against the US and a threat of "Balkanization" for practicalities sake, but whose? (050909c)

So now we are considering the alternatives to "our man in Pakistan" and "his ways" (050709a)

Pakistan's attack against militants seems poorly implemented. Maybe some blow back is coming their and our way? Can we afford that? (050609b) Let the exodus begin? That is what is happening now. (050609d) Pakistan's army is now going at it hard and tough against the Taliban, however, they are also loosing the hearts and mind battle, causing tens of thousands of refugees and so far no real promise of success. (050509b) If Pakistan does not have enough troubles, the assessments in the west see double trouble (050509d) and a peck of Pak trouble, seems like the enemy is them or are them or whatever, the clarity that is needed is needed now. (050409d) Obama says Pakistan's government is very fragile and Clinton says more money is needed to keep the thing afloat.(050109b) Meanwhile, in other articles Petraeus is quoted as saying Pakistan has maybe a couple of weeks to end the Taliban threat (050109d) A battle won by Pakistan's military? Time will tell. (042809a)

It seems that Pakistan is the place to watch as the "enemy" sets up camp in Islamabad's surround. (042409a)

One wonders how long the "two faced" policy of the Pakistan government and the US will last? How long can they both lie to selected friends and allies? (042309b)

The government's recent deals with the insurgents, rebels or whatever you want to call them have encouraged the rebellion. Only now are some voices being raised. What portends? (042009c)

A successful attack on a police training facility demonstrates many things, chief among them is that US plans are in need of being revamped and Pakistan has to decide which of several sides it is on. (033009b)

The Taleban are "getting their act together" promising a lively welcome for the US Afghan surge (032709b)

It seems the Pakistani support for the Taleban in Afghanistan is substantial, much more than thought and ongoing. (032609d)

A new plan for US drones to attack Quetta? Is madness rampant? Will there be consequences? Time will tell. (032109d)

The Pashtun have never really been a part of anything they don't want to be a part of, like Pakistan or Afghanistan for examples. They are becoming more than annoyed with the US drones which have killed innocents of theirs and this is not helping. (031609d)

The lawyers win and the ruling power loose out, but it's all for the best, or should ought to be. (031609b)

A showdown between the opposition and government forces, already there is violence and repression; what is next? (031509b)

National protest gets underway, just one more destabilizing factor in a nation that does not need any at all. (031209b)

The protest goes on as does government opposition and tensions rise, so much so that the US is "talking" to both sides. (031309a)

It seems that protest is a way of life, but the resistance the government is putting up may jangle a few nerves (031109a)

Pakistan's court rules that Sharif cannot run for president, nor can his brother. If Sharif has had a conviction and his brother as well?? Riots broke out. (022809c)

The effects of the court ruling have ramifications for Afghanistan, essentially instability in Pakistan means room for play in Afghanistan (022809d)

Are Pakistan's nukes safe? That is, or should be, a burning question for someone. (022109e)

Probably the most explosive story to be breaking these days, considering the consequences, the US military and the Pakistani government have always said no US troops or forces are based in that country, however, this seems to be untrue, and if the Pakistani public reacts &endash; it might be very, very hard for things to remain calm and "orderly". (021809d)

Part two, the denials continue but so does the presence of evidence. Pakistan has publicly declared that they don't want the drones, has made the strikes a "bone of contention" has made growling noise. But the duplicitous façade has now been broken, what next? (021809e)

Pakistan frees its nuclear proliferating father of their bomb regardless of US opinion or desire to question him. (020609a)

Peshawar, is this the battle before a battle? Some signs indicate such and Pakistan is very, very frail; dangers abound. (012909c) Part two, some details emerge from an interview (012909e)

Long have I said that this country is the one to watch. This article, in details refreshing enough to read we see how fragile is the status of the Afghan and Pakistani governments, how strong the resistance has become and how dangerous the near term is for a variety of reasons, for a variety of players and everywhere the ante is being upped. (012509a). Refer back to the recent post I made Muddle East; central theater. This is the ground view. The strategists who've fomented this movement are not Saudi, though the money comes from there, not Islamists, per se, but are inordinately interested in spreading chaos, war and instability among a large and nonwhite region, who have an interest in seeing Israel in the van, taking shots while being bought off with their own land. Nice, for them, it seems.

Saudi Arabia and neighbors:

Saudi Arabia:

William Maclean reports on the import of the Yemen Saudi war. Dangerous alliances and regional politics are intertwined to make peace remote, at best. (112409e)

Mai Yamani tells us what is at stake now that Saudi military forces are directly engaging Yemeni rebels. (112309b)


Eric Schmitt and Robert F. Worth Another front in the "anti-terror" war, Yemen. The Saudi's and US trainers are involved against one of the groups giving the Yemeni government so much trouble. (122809a)

Patrick Cockburn has coverage on Yemen, we may be rushing in hoping to make the kind of progress we've made in, let's see, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, Gaza and so forth and so on.(123109b)

BBC reports on he continuing struggle that Saudi Arabia is waging against Yemeni rebels; it seems they have their own version of "Afghanistan" where air raids kill civilians and despite what SA military authorities say, the rebels, on the ground gain support (122109b)

Vivienne Walt-Balhaf reports on Yemen's instability and its new pipeline, it could be a boon for the nation or a target for any one of the groups fighting the government. (111109c) From Salah Nasrawi we hear a related story about Saudi Arabia's imposing a naval blockade on Yemen against ships from Iran, fear is a proxy war. Beyond that some other conflict could be possible. (111109d)

Bradley S. Klapper reports on the spreading violence in Yemen. Another front in the global war. (082509a) Jeffrey Fleishman reports that Yemen may actually face three disparate resistance groups and that its neighbors may well be involved, sweet. (082509c)

BBC reports from Yemen that government forces have routed a rebel force. So fighting is still going on there. (082309e)

Ahmed Al-Haj reports that nine hostages have been found executed. The war in Yemen continues as does its poverty and the unrepresentative government. (061609f)

Yemen, it seems, has the preconditions necessary for AQ to establish itself, poverty, corruption, more than one restive region and a central government that is not effective is making life better for the millions under its care. (050309b) and part two of the story (050309c)

Alistair Lyon reports on Saudi military action against Yemeni rebel positions in their border regions. Instability for Yemen is attributed, in part, to the Taliban. (110609a)

Asia: Greater Asia Islamic Theater News: China, India, The Koreas, Russia,


M K Bhadrakumar continuing on with China's hand coverage we see movement and shifting aplenty in Asia's heartland's (122509b) part two, pipelines come and they go, US assumptions vaporize and it gets the short end of the "stick" (122509c) part three, how China and Russia are cooperating and cutting US out. (122509d)

Bruce Pannier brings us news of China's moves in Central Asia. The latest has many layers and expansion is the theme. (121909d)

Edward Wong reports that China knows how and how when it comes to breaking the patterns of infection from H1N1. (111209c)

Javier Blas and Carola Hoyos report on China's oil exports to Iran. If the west ever does use a blockade, this factor will be an important hurdle to deal with, before hand. (092309a)

Sharon LaFraniere and John Grobler report on how China scratches its own back when it comes to "third world" loans. (092209a)

How long will the dance go on? China seems opposed to tougher Iranian sanctions, right out of the box, so the US is left looking for other solutions. This has been the status quo for years now. What will "break" the game open? (091109b) Not that Russia is "gung ho" for sanctions either.

Barbara Demick reports on the Han protesting the recent Urumqi action in Xinjiang (090409c) The celestials are restless?

Siddharth Srivastava has coverage of the competition between China and India in and about the regions containing the Maldives. (090109f)

Wei Gu writes of the Chinese governments attempt to "deal with" their own situation. They to are pumping up their economy with trillions of Yuan, they too are propping up banks and so forth. The drop of 20% in their markets have not "hit" the west either. So how long can they keep the "magic" flowing? (082309g)

Jeremy Gaunt reports on China's market, the notion is that instability there could spread to other markets and result in a tumbling tumult. (082309d)

Dan Murphy reports on the Chinese Military's "biggest war game ever" and says that India is watching and may be worrying. (081109o)

Gerard Wynn, reports on China's taking the lead in "green collar" jobs, wind turbans figure heavily in this. The turbans, incidentally, are a home made product - there is a message here, but is the US listening? (080709f)

M.K. Bhadrakumar reports on the Chinese presence in and near the Black Sea, not traditionally their stomping grounds, but interesting for more reasons that that alone. Geopolitics involving Russia, its concept of its near abroad, NATO and the aspirations of various people and the spread of electoral political systems. (073109g)

Chisa Fujioka's article gives voice to the Uighur activist leader who claims thousands are missing in Xinjiang since the ethnic riots last month. (072909e) One wonders about the "grip" China has on its far flung province. Time will tell

Donald Kirk reports on the National Endowment for Democracy, a US institution, and its role in the Uyghur's unrest in China recently. (071709c)

From CBC news we hear of some unrest in Teheran and more importantly "big voices" speaking out. (071709b)

Robert Marquand speaks with the spokesperson for the Uighurs, an exiled businesswoman who tells much more than the Chinese government wants anyone to hear (071309a)

Peter Lee has us take a peek at continuing efforts by China to gain connections, or influence, in Africa when Obama has offered so little. (071309e)

Meanwhile Jian Junbo reports on the unrest in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang proviince and speculates that as China changes the differences between ethnic groups are emerging and this could fuel divisive movements. (071309f)

Chris Buckley reports from China that the Uighur/Han problem has continued with riots in the city of Urumqi, China (070709b)

Chris Buckley reports on the unrest in Xinjiang where protests two days ago left 156 dead. (070609e)

The pipeline wars and central Asia's "blue gold". Who will walk away with the "gold" will it be China or the USA? (051308c)

The winds of change do blow and favor China at this time. Their economic "good fortune" is explainable, essentially they did things we did not and didn't do things we did. (050409c)

The growth of the Chinese navy is historical and so this small event may be a precursor to others. (031009d)


J. Sri Raman writes about the "troubles" Democracy faces in teh "great" sub-continent of India. Distrust is advised for the peoples struggling to control the exercise of reform in several nations. (123009g)

J. Sri Raman reports on India's "big time" purchase of nuclear power plants, 12 of them, all in one day! Their history of nuclear accidents and mismanagement is disconcerting. No matter they proceed apace. (121209e) The US is to supply 8 and Russia 4. Balance of power?

Sanjiv Butoo reports on female foeticide among women of Indian descent. It is common enough and illegal enough with pressures enough and expectations enough so I ask when is enough enough? (092809a) India is, of course, not the only place that has this happening. More or less, it is world wide - as is the bias against women in general.

Sudha Ramachandran lets the world know that India has joined that exclusive group of nations with nuclear powered submarines; it was a home made job at that! (072709h)

Arshad Mohammed write about a possible arms deal between the US and India. If this goes through then it will be a signal that the "continent nation" will be switching arms suppliers from Russia to the US. China will take note, of course and the geopolitical shifting will be clearer if not just as significant. (072009a)

Gethin Chamberlain reports from India where water shortages, due to drought, due, I think, to weather changes, have created "water wars" where neighbors kill neighbors and rationing is a life and death matter. Oh yes, the agriculture suffers in this mess also. (071109d)

Siddharth Srivastava describes a resource insurgency in eastern India over a share of the regions mineral wealth. China has something of a hand in, as does corruption in all probability. (062509a) More nukes for the country that has not signed on with the NPT? Yup and it is all possible because the US pushed through the changes which allowed the sale to happen. India is being used by the west I think, and well they seem to think that "it's all good". (020409c)


From Reuters: Oh Joy! Hurray! Now this is progress, South Korea is going to exporting nuclear power plants to the UAE, more nuke power in an violently unstable region, just what the doctor orders. Iran MUST be noticing how peaceful atoms are being put to work right next door. (122709a) Now, does anyone think that this would happen if the US was set against it?

John M. Gliona reports on a naval exchange between the Koreas, it makes the news but what does it mean? (111109a)

The ever lovin' Slate for this date: 07/20/09 has a nugget on North Korea's gulag, the health care legislation meeting resistance from governors because of its costs through Medicaid (072009f)

John Herskovitz and Seo Eun-kyung report on the missiles fired by North Korea this "holiday" weekend. The game goes on, oh, yes, thanks George W. your fuck-up continues. (070509a)

Scott Badauf reports that Kenya is massing troops along its border with Somalia. Intervention is a possibility; so is blow back. What next? (062609j)

Hyung-Jin Kim, updates us on the Kang Nam, the first North Korean vessel being monitored for weapons violations by the US which believes it is heading for Myanmar to deliver weapons. Since forced boarding is not allowed and any real consequences are the responsibility of the nation it ports at, one wonders if this ban will be effective in some cases, such as this one. (062309e

Ewen MacAskill updates on the preparations for the US navy's interception of a North Korean vessel. The prep work is vast, actually, as the US tries to cover all the bases and think out the various contingencies. (062009f)

David Morgan and Jon Herskovitz update on North Korea, the US is tracking a vessel and the North Koreans seem to be preparing a missile launch to "celebrate" the 4th of July, how nice! (061809f)

Blaine Harden reports on the "end run" North Korea has been working for some time now. In order to get hard cash they've been defrauding insurance companies for hundreds of millions of dollars. Amazing, no? (061809b)

David E. Sanger describes the policy regarding North Korean vessels. They will be hailed and permission will be required for any boarding or inspection. The back up is that any ship refusing inspection will be tracked and the US will try to have any port it docks at do the inspecting whether the ship is fueling up or off loading cargo. (061609e)

Varner and Green report on the UN decision for further action against North Korea. This includes the inspection of shipping which North Korea has said would be an act of war. (061209e)

Jean-Marc Vittori reports on the "romance of June" why already people are giving the impression that "it's all over" as banks repay loans and worry leaves everyone's mind. (061209b)

The US says it "won't accept" a nuclear North Korea, well, I wonder just what that means since it already IS one. China suggests that the Korean peninsula be free from nuclear weapons. Might be nice but if the US does not remove its, why should the North Koreans remove theirs and then too, what's to prevent the US or other powers from having naval nukes or airborne ones present in the region? (053009b)

Of course this is the "other view" of North Korea, the arguments in favor of its continuing to develop nuclear weapons. You've probably heard enough from the other side, which includes most of the nuclear world. (053009c)

South Korea and the US on higher alerts after the North's nuke test. (052809b)

Well, it looks like this time North Korea tested a bomb that was big enough not to be second guessed. Then they followed up that with a missile test. Nice. Now, everyone is talking, but they are not. (052509a) This says that tensions are high. NK wants attention; it will probably get just that, though in what form remains to be seen. (041409d)

The pending launch of a ballistic missile has some on edge there is talk of "shooting it down" and there have been, recently, a counter threat of war. (032609b)

Some "saber rattling by the north? I think probably, but the danger is that it may not be. What then? Obama's first global crisis, that's what. (020109c)


From Al-Jazzera we hear of the continuing strife in Nepal, the proxy contest between China and the forces of the West as represented by India. (122109f)

Peter Lee reports on India and China's proxy struggle for influence in Nepal. The UN process for resolving issues regarding a constitution, integrating the army and more are foundering. (111509c)


Andrew Osborn in Moscow reports that a train wreck was a terrorist act ... brave new world? (120309d)

From Reuters we hear about a bombing attack on a Russian train. One wonders if this is a new tactic for those resisting Russians grasp (112809b) Of course Chechin's are suspect, but they are the only ones with a gripe.

Luke Harding reports on the tensions bubbling up between Ukraine and Russia. Some fear a war or some action on Russia's part which would render Ukraine something less than independent. (101109e)

Per the BBC Russia's "words" with Ukraine are testier and testier. (082409a)

Lyubov Pronina and Ali Berat Meric report on Russia's dealings with Turkey regarding oil, pipelines, nuclear coordination and so forth and so on. (080809f)

Amie Ferris-Rotman has some coverage of the tensions in and about Georgia, with Russia raising its readiness and accusing the US et al of rearming Georgia. There is some cross border firing. (090804b)

Meanwhile, back in central Asia, the great game continues. The decline in oil prices and the economic crunch have sapped Russia while at the same time the US is prying away some of the stans. (042509d)

The clearing of the Arctic regions have Russia all excited about creating more of a presence "up there" (032709c)

Something of a cold war going on? Do you feel the chill? NATO does. (022009d)

Russian economic problems are evidenced by declining stats, oh well (021609c)

The economic problem generates protests in Russia as "solutions" are tried out. Perhaps the start of something larger as discontent burgeons. (013109e)

The "gas problem" continues between Russia and Ukraine. The Euro's watch and voice their concern but it is really out of their hands, isn't it? (011809b)

News from Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater

The continent of Africa, struggles where the developed world is inconvenienced by the economic tailspin the greedy bastards have foisted upon an unsuspecting public. (031509g)


The Congo, the fighting, the chaos and a neologism, "femicide" the purposeful killing off of the female portion of a population. Read all about it. (052009c)

Refugees flee in all directions as war spreads. As if this country needs anything like this. (021809a)


From the Independent we hear of the rains failing in Ethiopia and that another round of famine may be in store, certainly the evidence of indicators is already in hand. Global warming is not mentioned, but in other articles it is implied that the Horn of Africa is a region that is slated to have a lessening of rainfall. (083009d)


Bennett Gordon reports on a text messaging system used in Kenya. It was used to map the violence of an election gone bad but now has possibilities for helping people organize and assist each other during emergencies. (111909d)


From the BBC we have a report on Guinea, Africa. A long time leader is dead and the military, upon whom he was long dependent, has taken control promising elections and more. (092809e)

Also from the BBC, it seems that the "popularity" of the coup is in doubt. (092809f)


Instability here (031609f)

Similar to other nations where governments are being challenged or failing, the people are hurting and they want change. (012609c)


Alex Duval Smith Back to Nigeria, still not completely quiet, in fact, it is still uneasy. (122009d)

From the BBC it is reported that some thousands of "oil rebels" have turned in their arms. There are some hold outs and only time will tell if their threats materialize or if this struggle has been peacefully concluded. (100809d)

From the BBC it is reported that some thousands of "oil rebels" have turned in their arms. There are some hold outs and only time will tell if their threats materialize or if this struggle has been peacefully concluded. (100809d)

From London comes the word that Polio vaccines distributed in Nigeria have been the source of several outbreaks of the disease. This fact complicates the medical world's task of convincing African people that vaccines are safe. (081409d)

Aminu Abubakar reports on the new front of fighting in Nigeria, a separatist insurgency in the Moslem north has left hundreds dead in recent days. (072909a)

Russia makes its moves in Nigeria; and it's "all about oil" (021209e)

Sierra Leone:

Instability here (031609e)


From Al Jazeera we hear about Somali pirates and their very good, not bad at all, nicely done financial year (123009d)

Reuters, a deadly bombing in Somalia is what gets the news, that and pirates at other times and warfare. (120309c)

From Mohamed Ahmed, we hear of Ethiopain troops, oh, uh, advisors, who are not in the country officially, "helping" Somalian government forces "take" a town in central Somalia. The war rages on. (082909a)

From the BBC we have a report of Clinton saying the US will "take action" if Eritrea does not stop what it's doing. Last I heard the so called Somali Government was on the ropes, but the US is shipping arms to them and fitting to double down. (080609g) Mohamed Olad Hassan gives us a view from the areas nearby Mogadishu. (080609h) Apparently a new government is forming,but the challenges are grave and great (080609i)

Mohamed Olad Hassan, reports on Somalia, or rather that area on a globe which is usually thought to contain it. The nation does not really exist any longer. The bankrupt US policy has long since failed and not chaos reigns as a result Al Qaida or similar groups will find a new home there. (060909a)

Somalia, now the fighting has entered the capital and the shreds of a US policy gone bad flap lamely in the cold breeze. (052209a)

The US "effort"in Somalia seems headed for a crashing kind of halt. What became of US purpose, US allies and US designs? (051809f)

The piracy continues and legal tangles ensue. The problem is the problem that the US "engagement" in the area has rendered this result. (041909a)

Piracy on the high seas continues off this nation's coast is symptomatic of the global communities failed policies overall and the US policies in particular. (040809a)

A new leader and the one-time western "enemy" the Islamic Courts form a new government. Now that Bush is out, it may be that rational approaches are in. So the west may now deal with this nation, reasonably. (013109a)


From Reuters we hear that Sudan may well be "warming up again" as the north south divide, well, divides them again. (121809c)


A nation in crisis, although help is arriving the disaster is spreading and takes various forms. (021709b)

Pacific and Australian News:

The strategy, down under, is the same as in D.C. deficit spending to recover the economy. What if this simply creates another "bubble" of "good debt" that doesn't do the job and it all goes bust? (020309f)

News from the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:

Sam Ferguson, truthout, reports on how Argentina has reached back to deal with its torturers from the days when thousands were disappeared. (121509e) Oh, guess what, they repealed laws which allowed the crimes against humanity to be swept under the run, when will that happen here in the US?

Some of the nations: Honduras, Mexico, Peru

Julie R. Butler reports on the recent election in Uruguay where change has come to pass and a runoff could make history for that nation and set US influence back another notch; that aspect goes back to Nixon. (110909b)

Nadja Drost reports on the uptick in arms purchasing by big South American countries, an undertone of US Russian involvement and the scale of the "investments" relative to the needs of the continents people. (092009e)

Benamin Dangl, gives coverage to a new book: Dissecting Utopia, edited by Patrick Barret, et al. and the article illustrates how the Latin American left movements are not of a piece and though progressive, mostly, still progress is needed. (080209b)

John Sauven reports on what I call the "battle of the Amazon" will cattle ranching win out over conservation? A pair of laws working their way through Brazil's government could expand the damage and legitimize the illegal clearing already done (060809b A bit of history wrapped up in a suggestion that Obama scrap the Monroe Doctrine. Don't know about that? Well read on brother and sister, read on. (020209b)


Judy Rebick reports on the plans that Bolivia has for reinventing itself and the way government interacts and assists its people. (111209e)

Rory Carroll and Andres Schipani team up to illuminate the Bolivian Lithium bonanza. The impoverished country has half the world's supply, a leftist government and a do it yourself attitude. Previous articles discussed the fact that there is not enough Lithium to make the batteries for all the cars that would replace the gas guzzlers now in use. So a bonanza, yes, for how long? Anyone's guess. (061809d)


Benjamin Dangl, reports on the newer bases in Columbia and why the Presidents of 12 South American nations suspect that the stated plans are not what "it's all about." (091309a)

Nadja Drost has it that a US company supplied financial support to a paramilitary group accused of hundreds of murders. (053109g)

El Salvador:

Amy Goodman interviews Alexis Stoumbelis, Executive Director of CISPES, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador talks about violence they begin with: how on Saturday, thirty-two-year-old Dora "Alicia" Recinos Sorto was shot dead near her home. She was eight months pregnant, carrying her two-year-old son (123009f)


From Courtney Carvill at the COHA, we hear about the state of democracy in Guatemala. The recent murder of a a Mr. Rosenerg has galvanized some protest, with an IT factor yet, and the battle to keep democracy or revive it has been engaged. (070309d)


Bruno Oden of L'Humanité provides illumination of how Death Squads have returned to Honduras. Mutilations, mahem and murder, the signature effects of the "bad old days" have returned and the US role in this seems to be "supportive". This from Obama? Where is the change we can beleive in? (123009e)

Tom Loudon describes the US supporting role for the coup leaders in Honduras, no wonder "negotiations " are "going nowhere fast" as my mom used to say. (112409d)

Elisabeth Malkin reports that the "Honduras Deal" has been undone. (110609b)

Sara Miller Llana reports on a deal that seems to rectify the problematic conditions of the Honduran government, however the article seems to cast the US on the side of the good guys when it mentions US sanctions. In a work, the sanctions were long in coming, at best partial and very outweighed by the efforts of conservative elements in US politics and society. (103009a)

Greg Grandin reports on Honduras and the increasing difficulty all the way around. Everyone suffers and no real progress is being made. (100909a)

Tyler Bridges reports on the Honduran regimes suspension of civil rights and the closing down media outlets unfriendly to them. (092909d)

Laura Carlson, off OpEd News reports from Tegucigalpa that repression is ramping up, tanks are in the city wounded protesters are taken from hospitals and "resistance" is forming up. (092809d) So, one wonders why Hillasourus Rex has not bothered to make commentary on these developments. I guess she's getting her nails done.

From the BBC comes a report that Honduran security has surrounded the Brazilian embassy and cut of utilities to "asphyxiate" the embassy. (092209c)

Laura Carlsen reports that Zelaya has returned to Honduras, albeit in a foreign embassy, but it is a giant step. (092109c)

Tom Loudon, describes the increasing pressure, both internal and external, on the coup leaders in Honduras. They act determined to hold on. This may be a watershed moment, if the "soft" pressures outside and the peaceful protests inside manage to make a difference and restore democracy. One hopes for this anyway (092009a)

Eric Farnsworth reports on the status of Honduras and how the US has, it seems, made matters worse. (091709c)

Paul Richter reports that although the US has cut 30M dollars in aid to Honduras, others have stepped in with the cash, the IMF for one. It is such a shame that a simple set of actions from the US could have reversed this idiocy. Imagine what the US could have done with the neighboring nations? Oh well ... (090409b)

Tom Loudon reports on Honduras and the recent turn for a violent worst. (083109d)

John Lamperti reports on the US role in the Honduras coup and the return of a danger that many in the region thought was gone for good. (083009b)

Kathia Martinez from the AP has reports from Honduras that supporters of the ousted president are being charged with sedition. The condition in the country begins to have violence - one wonders if the nations in the region will actively take a hand and see to it that justice is done. (081509d)

Robert Naiman reports on the Honduran "situation" the raising of the minimum wage is thought to be a factor in the deposing of the government. Once the old boys get a strangle hold on a country they just don't "let" go. (080809g)

Marc Weisbrot reports on the failure of US diplomacy to resolve the Honduran Problem, so, the case is made, it is time for the Latin American nations to take a hand. They've resolved a couple of international difficulties in their bailiwick, now is the time to step forward yet again.(080109b)

Roger Burbach has it that Obama and Clinton seem to say one thing and do another when it comes to Honduras. It seems to much like "same old, same old" in this piece and time is not on the side the US seems to have adopted. (072709k)

Mark Weisbrot reports on the support the Honduran coup enjoys in Beltwayistan, the bizarre capital of the US of A. (072409g)

Tom Loudon reports on the Honduran "event" and how the US has not yet really lent any more support to what it calls the legitimate president than what easy words offer. (072209b)

Rory Carroll reports that the Honduran talks, hosted by Costa Rica's president have broken down. Airas will continue to try but has said "three more days". Everyone wonders "and then what? Civil war? (072009b)

Robert Maiman speculates on Honduras and the US, how president Roosevelt had a close call with a military arrest when his reforms were attacked. (071809g)

Tim Gaynor reports that the Honduran government led by Micheletti is softening its stance in the face of continuing protests, international pressures and the "heat of the spotlight". What with this event, that of Iran, the earlier events in Kenya to name a few that come to mind, the color revolutions, perhaps, even Tibet I might be excused for thinking that a genie is working its way out of the bottle, when mass movements can, by force of popular dissent, bring governments to heel. (071609d) That would be a new age, to my mind.

As if we don't have enough trouble messing around with our own body politic, Robert Naiman shows we have to mess around, indirectly, with others, meaning Honduras. What DO the polls taken there and misrepresented here, have to do with anything? Well read on. (071409h)

Tim Rogers and Jim Wyss report from Managua on the deadline Zelaya is giving to the "president". Would that the, in the US, such bold action had occurred some years ago and prevented Bush the dumber from ruining this nation. (071409g)

Stephen Zunes reports from Honduras. This article also quotes the Honduran constitution saying that the referendum was legal and, because of the manner in which the once time president was deposed, the people have a right to assemble, protest and organize to change the government (071109b) Then too there is the historical US involvement with Honduras

Patrick Markey talks about the international unanimity regarding the Honduras coup, but the nation itself seems steadfast in its course. (070109h)

Benjamin Dangl reveals a brief timeline for the Honduras coup. The US media got some basics wrong regarding a controversial referendum, the deposed president was well regarded and a national strike is already growing while a military commander says he'll refuse orders from the new "government." (063009g)

Ton Loudon reports on the coup in Honduras. Essentially the military removed the president from his office and the country. The seeming motive is that president Zelaya wanted a non-binding referendum on extending the number of terms a president may hold - thought this story mentions the referendum; it does not mention what it was about. The action has been roundly criticized from all corners and the US denies any involvement, not that any is suspected mind you. (062909c)

From the BBC, we see the Honduras president deposed by the military, many questions remain, who, why, what and so forth. (062809f)

From the BBC, we see the Honduras president deposed by the military, many questions remain, who, why, what and so forth. (062809f)

From the BBC we hear of Honduran president, Zelaya, whose plane being forced off course to land in Nicaragua while two protesters at the airport were killed as troops dispersed awaiting crowds. (070609a)

Hugh O'Shaughnessy reports on the influence of the church, the "School of the Americas" and others in the Honduran Affair. (070409c) The article has some errata, in comparing this "coup" to others. The military is not directly in charge in Honduras, the speaker of their congress is.

Octavio Sanchez writes about the Honduran constitution and the events which led to the current crisis. His opinion is that the law, as written, was exercised. The president had violated the constitution, the courts had taken action and the president had been defiant of those requests. The military acted on the behalf of both the congress and the courts. (070409b)

BBC news reports that Honduras' court is backing the current government and vows to arrest the president should he return, the nation seems to have no allies in its quest. (070409a)


Joan Grillo reports on the vigilante violence in Mexico as people turn to their own means to secure some security. (102909d)

Tabassum Zakaria reports on an arrest of 300 persons in raids on Mexican drug operations in the US. A measure, perhaps, of the depravity to which this nation has fallen, the US is an "incredible" consumer. (102209c)

Sara Miller Llana reports that Mexicans crossing into the US have a new motive, a fear for their lives as the violence in Mexico ramps up with casualty numbers that match America's total dead in its wars, each year. And, despite the economic downturn, millions of them still say they want to go north. (092709b)

D'Angelo Gore reports on the brouhaha surrounding the number of Mexico's crime scene guns traced to the US. Essentially a lot of US guns wind up in Mexico and are used by criminals. But the debate is over how many and who uses them not about how to end the condition or resolve the issues involved (061509e)

The Narco-War in Mexico is ramped up as about 50% of the nation's military is deployed to combat the violence. (040509c)

This story from Mexico details the outbreak of a new infectious agent the pedigree of which is global and at least the scientists are sitting up and taking note. (042409c)

The drug war continues and the US is the source of the weaponry used by the druggies and the source of the drug cartel's profits: US sales (031909a)

This country is a "security concern" for the US and the situation is worsening. With hundreds dying monthly the country is in the midst of an "underground" war. (011809c):


And winning in the "absolutely bizarre" category for today, we have the "Fat Killers of Peru" Say no more but read on. (111909f)

BBC has a report that the Peruvian indigenous people rack up a costly victory against their government. (061909e)

Guy Adams reports updates us on Peru, the cover-up is unraveling as pictures emerge along with a horrific truth. The government is shaken and protests occur. (061909b)

John Vidal, reports on the "second oil war" the first being Iraq, this one, being Peru where thousands of tribal members are defending their lands against a government with US interests at heart, which wants to exploit the natural resources of those lands (061509d)

Greg Palast reports on the manner in which natural resources are taken. You can still buy valuable property for trinkets, blocks of cheese and the "proverbial dollar". This relates to the hubbub in Peru but the US has its own tales as well. (061209d)

Tom Loudon covers the violence in the Peruvian Amazon where 100 have died in a police action directly linked to the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the US and Peru.(061209a)

What does a civil war look like? From Peru Milagors Salazar reports on the clashes between native protesters and police. The government is, with US policy in mind, "developing" native regions without their consent and using controversial legalities to do so. Peru's government blames leftist neighboring nations for the troubles. (061009a)

Carla Sleaze, Tamy Higa and Frank Bajak team up to cover the protest and violence in Peru as natives resist the exploitation of lands without compensation or consideration of the ecology, the law, morals and so forth. (060709h)


Norman Solomon, reports on how the US and Chavez of Venezuela are both mixing it up in Iranian affairs, one way or another. Bush "the dumber" did his bit, Chavez is now doing his and the Iranians are saying that the US is orchestrating the protest. (062609i)

Arthur Bright reports on the destruction of two food bridges between Columbia and Venezuela, while they "weren't much" the event "says" a lot. (112009c)

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Margie Mason and Martha Mendoza from AP in Landana Fla. report on a new strain of TB appearing in the US. (122809c) Likewise they also report on a drug resistant strain of malaria overseas. A distrurbing trend that has the global meidal community guessing, worrying even. (122809d)

Brandon Keim gives an overview of seven locations where global warming will evidence "tipping points". (122409a) The commentary is typical of the "debate" surrounding the issue however and makes for interesting reading. Howard Bloom provides a relatively cogent coverage of the "global warming and cooling cycles have happened before, so what" school of thought. To which my cogent reply is: yes, fine, climate change has happened before, but it IS happening now and humanity, as a whole, is part of the change this time around, and we seem to be helping it along. (122409b) Then there are happenings such as this where Gore, a favorite punching bag of the Tin Foil Hat Brigades makes an error, at best, and is pilloried for it, nay , some even use this as an argument to support the denial of Climate Change, amazing. (122409c) Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D. speaks of the inadequacy of the "computer model approach" to looking at climate change. The page is "deep" but the point has been made before and by those using climate models. However the main argument Spencer uses, that data are not included as a check in the computer models is dated. Many recent mega studies of climate change report that when data is checked the phenomenon has progressed further than theories have predicted. (122409d) For the record's sake, here is a Wikipedia article listing the many scientists who argue that Global Warming is natural, cyclical, not man made, not happening or of no consequence. (122409e) And to counter balance that we have a list of some thirty one thousand scientists in the US alone who have signed a petition indicating they do believe human's have a significant role in the current climate change we're experiencing (122409f)

From Reuters another blizzard, this time targeting the great plains area and up into Canada. A lot of corn still needs to be harvested. But this along with the continuing harsh winter in Europe are the harbingers of the "new norm" in a "global warming world" where, with the Gulf Stream shutting down, we'll have harsher winters. Europe will get the worst of this pattern sooner than the US, I would guess. (122309b)

BBC reports on the America's monster storm (122109c) Meanwhile Europe has its own snowfall to deal with (122109d) Neither story mention that this is the kind of winter that the northern hemisphere can expect if Global Warming continues and succeeds in shutting down the Gulf Stream's warming effect.

From Reuters we hear of the BIG NEWS Copenhagen has reached a Global Warming agreement, sadly it is not legally binding, promises money from somewhere somehow to do something, and the big news is that they'll meet again in a hear to work out details. The worst part is that even if the accord IS implemented it would not limit global warming anyway. What DO we pay our governments to do anyway? (121909c)

Suzanne Goldenberg, John Vidal and Jonathan Watts in Copenhagen the rise in temperature is guaranteed with what we've agreed to at this moment. You've got to love these leaders of ours. Pray for them, they certainly need it. (121709f)

John Gibbons reports on the 6 problems that make our "time" so short, as far as "life in these United States" as we have come to know and expect them to be, that is to say prosperous, pleasant and peaceful (121709c)

Truthout via Le Monde: Seems that the Eu has found out that certain strains of Monsanto's GMO corn is unsafe from any seed, not good for human consumption as it is in the US of A. (121509c) Oh, the kicker, Monsanto's own data is part of the sourcing for this "finding'

Joshua Frank, Truthout, the Copenhagen thing is going on, no matter yesterdays 'stutter". What is here is that the mathematical modeling of the use of biomass as fuel. It may be that the figuring is off and that encouraging the use of bio mass for global warming reduction is questionable - if this is true then things need to be recalculated, and, probably, in a hurry. (121409d)

Jason Leopold reports on Obama's Nobel speech and the criticism that is being leveled upon it by those concerned with human rights abuses that have a disturbing continuity with Jackass Bush (121209c)

Brad Reed reports on the "quality of food" marketed to US consumers bleechhhh (121209d)

World Business Academy illustrates the basics regarding Global Warming: the liars have the game gamed and are in the lead. (120909c) Andrew C. Revkin and James Kanter have the essential word that Global Warming does not seem to be slowing down. (120909d)

Associated Press  David Sharp reports on one incidence of chaotic weather of the kind global warming models have predicted in readings I've done. (120409a) Julia Whitty reports on geological records which indicate that the last two "freezes" were relatively quick events, happening over the course of weeks or months. (120309b)

Richard Black advises on that one exception to global warming, a portion of the Antarctic is keeping its cool, not forever, but for now (113009d)

It seems Antarctica is melting faster than anyone thought. Are we worried yet? Apparently not. (112309a)

James Randerson talks about the increasing rate of biodiversity loss. With Global Warming getting the juicy, sexy coverage this plain jane topic hardly gets ogled and nary a wolf whistle (112009b)

Sindya N. Bhahoo reports that the rate at which the ocean is absorbing Carbon Dioxide is declining, meaning, of course that as this "sink" fills up the atmosphere's concentration of the gas will accelerate all the faster. (111909c)

From Richard Black we have a new estimate that the world's warming could well reach to 6+ degrees and make for some "interesting changes. (111809e)

From Hervé Kempf we hear about the global impact of "eating meat". Beyond the "humanity" of saving animals, there is the industrial sized impact meat production has on the production of global warming gasses, pollution and health, not only of the animals in question but of humans as well. (111509f)

Michael Casey from The Associated Press Ocean warming = Jellyfish swarming that is the message here in an overview of the variable effects their migrations are having on fishing in particular and visa versa. (111609d)

From Alister Doyle, we hear about Greenland's increased loss of ice - the rate is more than expected. (111209h)

Lester Brown talks about what it might take to really deal with global warming. More is being done that one thinks, however, as he puts it, the time is running out; mother nature has the clock and we can't see the time. (110309a) Mark Henderson reports that a substantial number of life forms are under threat according to an annual assessment. Not good I guess, but what's your take, read it here. (110309b)

From Herve Kempf of Le Monde we see some one has analyzed the attitudes Americans have regarding climate change. Yes, the landscape has changed, no it does not mean we're even close to making up our collective and "so called" minds. (103009e)

From Reuters we hear about a triple whammy for the Adelie and Chinstrap penguins; there is global warming changing their landscape, krill population declining and commercial krill trawler's having an increasing harvest, some action is beginning to be thought out, one wonders though. (102909b)

Chris Hedges gives the simple figures, facts and overview regarding global warming and the "individual's role and responsibility to make the needed difference. (102009c)

Ben Webster reports on the changing Arctic, it seems that "the beat goes on" and a clear Arcic will be seen much sooner than expected. (101509e)

Derek Henry Flood reports on the state of Kurdistan, not just the seemingly independent Iraqi north but the rest of it as well, an issue that Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran share. (101509d)

A new film covering "Global Dimming". A phenomenon due to air pollution, jet contrails and which came to light or into focus rather, in the days after 9/11. The effect of the "high flying" pollutants is to cool the planet through filtering the sunshine, this does not counterbalance the effects of global warming however. (100509e)

Mike Collett-White reports on a film investigating the disappearance of bees. One of human kinds most ancient of "allies" has been suffering mysterious deaths since 2004. (100309d) From the USDA comes this article to apprise us of the "current status" of the problem in the US. (100309e)

Gerard Wynn from Oxford England talks about a two meter rise in oceanic levels as being unstoppable, and, to my lights, the minimum effect we might expect. What is problematical, in terms of a solution, is the time frames scientists use. When the whole darned world seems to think in days, weeks, quarterly reports and election cycles, the idea of thinking in decades and centuries is beyond the "intellectual pale." (092909g)

From the radical fringe of reality, comes this: written purportedly by a Dr. Leonard Horowitz, claiming that a human made plague is on the way and there is a conspiracy behind it. (092809j) I include this zany bit here because it exemplifies the "quality" of ideas that circulate as well as the fears that many may have, but my question is this, what if mother nature provides one, what then?

From David Adam we hear of a report that a 4C rise in temperature, globally, is a rising possibility. The key sentence in the article, however, is this: "A report last week from the UN Environment Program said emissions since 2000 have risen faster than even this IPCC worst-case scenario. "In the 1990s, these scenarios all assumed political will or other phenomena would have brought about the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by this point" (092809b)

Johann Hari briefly describes the solution to our human energy needs. We have the means to solve the global warming problem but lack the will to see it through. We are blinded by coal and oil, soaked in it. Time is running out. By the time ordinary people see that it's too late it will have been to late for some long time. (092409a)

Constance Okollet provides us with a Global Warming story from Kenya where it is described up close and personal. (092309e)

From the BBC we hear of a great dust storm in Australia. (092309b) Also from the BBC a report on the record breaking high temperatures that are also in the mix in the land "down under". (092309c)

If you are tired of hearing about the swine flu, for which tens of millions of doses are currently being readied for distribution, David Morgan brings news of the Chikungunya virus. it is supposed to be worse than the West Nile virus another mosquito borne virus. (091909e)

Susan Goldenberg reports that the ocean has touched a record high temperature globally. Partly due to El Nino but this is also global warming's effect. (091709b)

From the TomGram, we hear of the lack of overall coverage concerning the spreading of drought in the world. The article focuses on those in the US, the fires which are a consequence and the "water wars" which are also coming to the fore, all while the overall picture, as the article says, is obscured by pointillist journalism (091409b)

Andrew E. Kramer and Andrew C. Revkin report on the opening of the North East Passage. Using a warmer Arctic allows shipping to save thousands of miles, time, fuel and money. (091109a)

Robin McKie reports on the scientists who, in analyzing geological evidence, understand that an upsurge in volcanism and even earthquakes may be a side effect of global warming. (090609h)

Andrew C. Revkin has a report on the warming of the Arctic. The details show evidence of a warming trend that has put to an end a cooling trend that was millennia in the making. (090409d)

Associated Press reports on the controversy surrounding methane "seeps" in the arctic regions. The controversy is not if it will "ramp up" global warming but how much and how soon. (083109b)

From the AP comes a story that a woman has contracted a form of HIV that is from gorillas, rather than the kind from chimpanzees. (080309a) This and the next story are included to update regarding the fringe threat of a plague being a destabilizing factor in the present age.

Ariana Eunjung Cha reports on an outbreak of Pneumonic Plague, similar to the Bubonic Plague from history, save that it can be transmitted through the air. (080309b)

Seth Borenstein reports on the warming of the oceans, this is a record setting year and the arctic bears the brunt having temperatures that have gone up ten degrees. (082009d)

Judith Burns presents a bit on global warming and the warming of the ocean releasing another GW gas, methane (081909d)

Kirk Johnson writes about a hopeful technology that consumes carbon dioxide and produces biodiesel fuel (081809a)

James Painter, BBC, reports that Bolivia's glaciers, like those of the rest of the world, are loosing mass, melting. (073109c)

David Ljunggren reports on a warming arctic which is greening and thus providing another feedback loop in the warming effect. (073109b)

Duncan Clark provides coverage of a "perfect storm" which will amplify the global warming process, El Nino and solar maximums are on deck (072709l)

Suzanne Goldenberg and Damian Carrington report on the evidence of Global Warming that Bush the Dumber had kept under wraps as well as the need for funding the research that would monitor the process of warming. (072709b) From the UK's Guardian, here are some other photos (072709c) And some others (072709d)

Claudia Wallis reports on environmental pollution's effect on the IQ of children who are exposed before birth and in their formative years. They focus on PAH's but the article mentions others and other effects as well. (072409a)

Bryan Walsh reports on the science which has evidence of another global warming feedback loop, as the oceans warm, low cloud cover disperses and this allows more of the sun's energy to reach the oceans warming them further. What happens is that much higher clouds form and these do not give as much protection. (072409b)

Missy Ryan reports on Iraq's water problems which have various sources, upriver dams in other nations, global warming and a drought and then there's mismanagement, corruption and the long US war and occupation. (072409c)

Alex Morales reports on updates regarding global warming and the ocean's rise. It seems that the take away message is that change is happening faster than thought, nothing new there, research has always been lagging behind the event and, oh yes, the changes will be more severe. (061809c)

Nicole Baute reports on what I would call "global femicide". 100 to 200 million women of all ages who "should be alive" but are not for a variety of reasons, including simple murder in many, many cases. (060909g)

WHO declares the Swine Flu to be a pandemic, the first in 40 years. The death count is small, less than two hundred, but this is an outbreak that is being watched carefully. (061209c)

By Michael Roddy's lights the acidification of the ocean, an ongoing process is outlined as are the seemingly distant threat to a world just decades in the future. Speculative, yes, but the run of studies on global warming has seen the data stream lagging behind the fact since the change seems to outpace our capacity to measure them. (060109d) If that generalization holds true then might we expect more change and sooner. Some hint of global warming's effects, and mismanagement by human kind causing some die offs (051909a)

Global warming will be about twice as what was thought recently. (052109e)

Probably a salient in Mother Nature's advance against a burgeoning humanity. China believes it will have to relocate some 150 million people from a farmland area currently under attack by encroaching deserts. (022009a)

Where is all that mercury coming from in the ocean's fish? It seems algae draws it in from the atmosphere and then, when it dies, the gasses released. (051509b)

A brief on the overview of the swine flu's reach. (050309d)

The kicker, in this article, is that the polar ice cap may be gone in as few as five years! Howzaboutdemapples buzzy? (043009h) And here's an article that gives one pause to consider that the swine flu should be called the NAFTA flu, odd but "catchy". (043009i) Ironic if this hybrid organism is something that sets humanity back a notch, or two.

"Ch - ch - ch - changes" as the song goes, now may be applies to the Arctic where change is all fast, vast and deep. (042809c)

Perhaps forest fires are one of most easily understood "feedback loops" in the global warming conundrum. (042409f)

This article says it has good and bad news. The problem is that the good news is not really good news. In sum, if the globe warms the calthrate deposits in Greenland and elsewhere could release large amounts of methane and accelerate whatever warming is going on now. (042309d)

Just how many active pharmaceutical chemicals are released into our water systems? Good question, the study indicates hundreds of millions of pounds worth, which is based on the scant records that exist now. (042109d)

More evidence that the Antarctic is undergoing large scale change due to global warming. (040609b) and here is the news from the Arctic, also signs showing change. (040609c)

The Arctic, responding to global warming and other factors may be more clear of ice and much sooner (040509d)

Just a bit of noise about pollutants, seems that fire retardants are becoming ubiquitous, as in they've found it in human breast milk. (040209d)

The Exxon Valdez, remember that? Read the update, about the pollution, the deaths, the poison and the fact that corporations still kill and get away with it. (032509b)

It's not climate change," a new name is needed. Science is behind in cataloging the events, policy is behind the science and programs are behind that. We are in a serious "catch up conundrum" (031309d)

The rising seas continue to do just that, what's new however is the pace, it is faster, the consequent effects, these are more widespread and damaging and, if Greenland and the Antarctic ice melts we'll have a nearly 70 meter rise in sea levels, not to mention much more violent storms and disastrous weather changes and or turmoil. (030809b)

There's a future in water wars, yes and no? (022809b)

The drought in northern China is more than inconvenient. And a mention of the loss of snowfall around Beijing is indicative of a change in precipitation patterns, though the story only mentions the rarity of the snowfall. (022509e)

Global warming occurs faster than thought and so polar regions are loosing their cool, so to speak, faster than previously thought (022509a)

CO2 levels continued to rise in 2008, However, what this article ignores is the increasing methane. That is a far more potent GW gas and it is not being studied getting any press anyway (022509b)

Drought in California begins to have practical impacts (022209a)

Although global warming was not mentioned this drought in California has been heralded as part of that, water rationing has begun in SoCal. (021709d)

Global warming happening faster, some interesting facts and figures (021609a)

Global warming happening faster than predicted by the best science which is less than two years old portends more of the same, I would think, yet no one is battening down the hatches and people look at me as if I am a numbskull when I talk about the seriousness of Global Warming, WUPT? I mean to say WTF? (021409a)

A call for an "Ice Refuge" in the Arctic, so that the region of ice can be preserved as would the animals, notably polar bears. (021009c)

Science and ordinary folks are teaming up to document the ecological changes being driven by global warming. (020809a)

Is water is the next crisis coming down the pipeline, as it were? Reports from the world over show the effects of global warming chances, the adaptations that are being tried and the costly effects on societies that cannot adapt to the environmental changes. (020309b)

The sea is changing much faster than previously thought, some say the acidification is taking place at a rate 100 times rate that usual variations occur (013109g)

The latest chapter in the Global Warming story, from Australia, a record breaking heat wave sets off fires and, indirectly, causes power outages for hundreds of thousands.(013109d)

The Future in the News! AND our Presstitutes inacton!

Ernest Partridge, Co-Editor of the Crisis Papers brings us an artcle titled: A Convenient Delusion: this is about how effective the climate change denialists are being when it comes to swaying public opinion with their claptrap and "Voodoo Journalism" (123009a)

John Pilger when it comes to "useful idiots" the press in England is "all to willing to serve"; when it comes to Iraq, "the crime of the century" there are dead heroes, and those who have benefited and continue to do so. I would call it shameful, but then I am an American (121309a)

If you are not familiar with Tom Paine check it out, today's page, 12/13/09 has a raft of nut shells all worthy of merit. (121309b)

Digby has an update on the "shock doctrine" as applied to the US. If things get bad enough there are those who think that this is the time to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. (121309c) This from the wastrels who bankrupted us and got trillions for their trouble who claim that we cannot afford these programs any longer.

Nick Mottern goes to distribute "alternate" information for military personnel in a US town that has long hosted a military base, the responses are varied and surprising. (121209b)

Ellen Goodman lets us know what "truthiness" is, what "news" has become and how reality is served, now a days, as you like it. (120609b)

Media manipulation: you'll recall the toppling of that statue of Saddam, the "crowd" in the picture jubilant? How it was hailed the world over as "historic" and the TV in the US had "coverage". Well, here is a picture of the same time and place but taken at a wider view. The scent had, at most, 200 persons attending and most all of them were US soldiers. (120109f)

Harvey Wasserman provides some "context" for the recent "discovery" that nuclear power is growing in popularity, well, perhaps it is, with one person, oh, plus the author of the piece, so make it two. (112709d)

Walter Brasch, provides a record of Rush Blowing it, no I'm not talking about a flute made of beef, thought that WOULD be interesting footage, as it were. No this is him going ballistic and in a sputtering fit of some perverse impersonation of patriotism he attacks the Constitution of these United Snakes. (111909a) Which brings to mind my favorite Rust Lumberbra: What is the difference between Rush and the Hindenburg? Well, one is a flaming NAZI gasbag and the other, is a blimp!

Michael Moore has his recipe for "fixing things in the good old US of A. What I don't like is the fact that though I agree and do some of the things; I cannot seem to think that it will help. (102209d)

Mark Weisbrot has it that America's Real Quagmire is what is seen through the media as "discussions" of policy. The example in the article is a recent group analyzing Afghan policy. The group represented the military, arms industry and known hawks. Nowhere were the 52% of Americans who want to see an end to the conflict represented. This happens over and over. Obama is in this up to his neck. (102309d)

Taegan Goddard's political wire reports on something I've thought of but had no indication of, until now. A pollster cooking books? Not just an ordinary, run of the mill type either, but a respected one. The issue comes to light because their cover up is so sloppy. Has one wonder about other things as well. (092609e)

Frank Rich reports on the rise of Glen Beck, a weirdo for sure, but one who is tapping into the incoherent rage that is stalking America's soul. If the economy has a further slump, as some predict, then we may expect the violence that is born of such anger. (092009d)

Rosemary and Walter Brasch report on how the big news companies get it wrong in their mad dash to "get it first." (091909d)

Ira Chermus, two Zionisms, two reports, two futures and two presents, which set of possibilities will form the basis for moving forward in the muddle east? I would suspect that these reports will change little "on the ground" and for that reason may only be something of a speed bump on the highway to hell (091909b)

From FAIR we see a description of a "debate" on Afghanistan. More media madness, as if we don't have enough already. (082509f)

Charlie Reed reports on the "screening" of journalists or reporters who want to embed with US troops in Afghanistan, the same company that is doing this screening "helped" the US military to a similar job in Iraq. And we know how well that worked. (082509e)

Max Burns reports on the effects virtual worlds have on the real one. While the examples cited are small, the article posits their growth in scope and influence. While that is hopeful and presented as positive - the future remains unseen and only time will tell if this is just a blip or the start of something new. (082909g)

Stephen Mulvey has it that the math does not work all that well. Limits will impose themselves if humans do not do it themselves. Time is short, but a generation hence should see some effects of "limits." (082509d)

This article, from Facing South, talks about the 5.3 million Americans who, convicted of a felony are unable to vote. There is a movement afoot to change that. Then, consider this, that in the last presidential election some 6 million voters could not vote either - and they were not felons. So a total of some 11 million possible voters were denied voting. You don't have to guess which party they'd mostly vote for either. (080609c)

Dahr Jamail and Jason Coppola report on the "cradle to grave" connection between violent military video shoot-em up games and the real deal. Recent veterans speak of how "GI Joe" was their first recruiter. Military training simulators make it into prime time game time. The recently released "Gi Joe" movie is just the most recent iteration of this trend. (080609a)

From Cathy Ceibe, we hear about another weapon of mass destruction the globalist, capitalist corporatist media's reach and take and spin on everything (080509c)

David W. Moore, has a report on the Gallup polls of recent note and how their own analysis of the results indicate bias as well framing of a question to provide misleading data on the attitude of voters and the public at large regarding the issue of health care. If "good public information" is vital to a democracy then this bias is a disservice. (080509b)

Thom Hartman reports on why Reich Wing wingnuts loose millions, even billions of dollars on conservative media and "stink tanks". It is because the pay of is in the billions or hundreds of billions. How these "outlets" frame and form the debate over taxes. (072609a) Here is more on the "one percenters" and what they stand to "loose" so that others may gain. (072609b)

Glenn Greenwald, covers the coverage given to the passing of Walter Cronkite. It seem, these days, that I have tears in my eyes to often. I ask, to no one really, when will we see an end to it all, meaning the wars, corruption, bought off media, lies, insanity and illogic passing for "normal". (071809e)

Chris Hedges talks about how truth, in this corporate culture, that of the US mainly but of the west in general, is denied, well, buried is a more accurate term. (070109a)

Josh Harkinson covers what is not being covered, apparently M. Jackson and F Fawcett are more important than the climate bill and even more buried in the "news" are the bald faced lies Repuglicans are spouting from their oily mouths. (062009d)

Robert Parry's overview of the US media's efforts to misinform and promote a violent agenda, And cover it all up. If you are not sick enough of their bullshit then read on, otherwise, don't toss your cookies. (061809h)

Eric Boehlert points out the obvious: Faux News' Mr. Bill "slim Jim the Bung holer" O'Reilly - Dimbulb and budding blubberite fans the flames of extremist thought and fails, quite badly, to recognize his handiwork when someone takes action based it. (061009c)

How media moguls, or mongrels, such as "Blundering Bill O'Bleary, uh, I mean O'Really, or whatever. murder with their words. Not likely that he'll ever be held to account however, nor see the light, save that which passes between his two ears through his empty head. (060609h)

Dominique Soquel reports on the role of rape in the economics of our tech age and the minerals used to support it. Sudan is mentioned also, but that is all about oil, I guess. (060109e)

A film: Torturing Democracy details the nature of "enhanced interrogation" as Dick "the limp one" Cheney likes to call it. This article, by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, has salient facts reiterated and some new ones, at least to me. (053009a)

Neoccons favor bombing journalists and media outlets but don't take my word for it, read for yourself (052309d)

I'll bet you'll be amazed to hear that the "era of republican apologizing is over." I mean, with so much ground to cover, it seems like a miracle. Of course, reality is that they have not even begun that era, however welcome it might be. (052309a)

If you want a measure of how influential the conservative press has been or Israel's "lobby" is, just read the opinion polls quoted here, you'd think we were at war with Iran. (052209f)

In March, a Rasmussen poll reported that nearly one-third of Americans under 40 say they get more of their news from Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and other late night comedy shows than they do from traditional sources of news (051709a) No matter what they really "mean" by "getting news" it is disturbing that this effect is even measurable, much less effective in swaying voters

The means of media and entertainment have gone through changes over the last century of so, radio was revolutionary once and changed the media and entertainment industry as did movies as did television as does the internet and things like "twitter". Each time the old fights for its life, as the papers do now. (051009b)

Here's a couple of links you might like, first talks about how public opinion is, surprise surprise, against torture, which should worry Dumbass "short link" Cheney. (043009b) And then this, the O-man saying he's agin' it and says water boarding is torture (043009c)

The legal history involving the method of torture called "water boarding" has been called just that by the US over the course of the last century and the Bush "lawyers" had to have known this when they "made up" their "opinion" concerning "enhanced" interrogations". (042709b)

Today's Slate gives an overview of the "debate" over the US media's use of the word "torture" or the "kinder gentler" terms meant to be more objective, no matter the inconsistencies. (042609b)

More on the irresponsibility of the right leaning media in the US (041409c)

As random violence or mass murders make a newsworthy uptick, we are reminded that forces in this society encourage violence. (041409a)

Fox News goes for the "tin foil hat crowd" and recent killings support the notion that broadcasting inflammatory rhetoric "inspires" these acts, at least in part. (040909d)

Bill Moyers, "The financial industry brought the economy to its knees, but how did they get away with it?" He brings some light to the issue with interviews (040209e)

The state of our news media is, well, still not good and getting worse, unless you consider the "bright spot" the cable companies still have news shows but do not really "do the news"(032709d)

Some coverage on the instances of popular unrest fomented, largely, by not just the economic crisis in the world, but by how governments respond to it. Iceland and Latvia may not be extreme cases. (020609f)

The future, of capitalism in the US is, according to this writer, in grave danger, as is democracy, such as it now is, or, more accurately, what passes for it in the USA. It is a pessimistic read, but worth it. (020209a)

The legacy: America's "selection of 2000" The "Repuglican' Party, our future and Obama

The lame George W. Jackass Legacy:

Joe Conason on the "legacy" of Cheney and Bush; he touches the tip of the proverbial iceberg (120909b)

Henry A. Giroux gives us a nice run down of the "crap hole" presidency of Bush but does not fail to point at others who failed. However, what is to be done? He has suggestions, they sound nice too, to bad no one will take sage advice (113009c)

The Bushwhackoff's legacy smells on, you recall AIG, you know the "no bail out to big nor bonus to small" Well, the Global Village Idiot himself, or his underlings knew that bailout money was going to be "shipped out". (111909e)

Abby Zimet reminds us of just how STUPID G.W. "the raging jackass" Bush still IS. In a recent appearance in Montreal he mentions standing front of that "Mission Impossible" sign.(102309c)

Matthew Cardinale reports on the Bush era push for modernizing the US nuclear arsenal. Obama has inherited the program and the debate concerning it. With his rhetoric concerning arms reduction it will be interesting to see what choices are made. (093009g)

Steven Bodzin and Daniel Cancel report on a new intercontinental grouping involving 60 nations from South America and Africa. It is a start. (092809i) It is a result, partly, of the idiocy of G.W. Bush, without his failures in both regions neither would be thinking about this sort of thing. His "approaches" to these continents had both realize that the US is no longer beacon of hope, has been and is working against their interests in favor of its own even as China is doing.

William Rivers Pitt reports on the week just past which provided some reminders of the unwholesome jackass that was stuffed into the White House some years back. The speculation is that Obama may transcend that "burden" by creating his own, read Afghanistan, errors. (092509b)

Marshall Fitz, puts to rest the lies the "Jackasses of August" put forth against the health care reform packages, mostly the lies were in regard to illegal immigrants. (091709a)

James Ridgeway reports on the Katrina fiasco of a few years back, the murders, the incompetence, the will-full abuse of power and the role of the great ass-hole himself, the "dickless wonder" Bush. (082909e)

Greg Palast reports on a talk he had with a man who knows the dirty secrets of Katrina. He knew there was problems with the levees, predicted what would happen to them, knew that Katrina was dangerous, knew that the Bushites knew the levees had broken and knew that they did not tell anyone. Bush and the government owe many many people for their houses and their lives. (082809a) So, when an acquaintance of mine said "Bush is a shit eating pig fucker, a rim jobbing bum humper, a snot gobbling, dickless pederast and a howling, farting mouthed fly up his father's ass!" I did not, exactly, jump to "the pretender's" defense.

Lexington has a description of the "crazy fringe" that is currently the "Reich wing" rage. Then the article goes on to dismiss conspiracy theory, and specifically mentions 9/11. However, regarding that particular, I would have to ask, what does one do when the "official story" does not make sense? Believe it? (082409b)

Robert C. Koehler reports on "then and now" when Bush was presydink, people were arrested for having "controversial" t-shirts and any dissenters were whisked away or assigned to "free speech zones". Now armed individuals lurk around public meetings, even those with the president in attendance. Whassup dudes? Where is my country? (082009c)

Tom Engelhardt takes us back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Bush was "riding high" (to say the least) and America was to teach Iraq how to ride the "Democracy bicycle" We are still hearing about that bike these days, but it is a different kettle of fish. (081409b)

Jason Leopold reports on "Ramblin Rove" whose "sticky fingers" are found all over the evidence implicating him as a "prime time player" in the US attorney firings of some few years ago, under Bush, of course. (081409a)

Mr. Palast takes a blast at Obama who seems to be "pulling a Cheney" when it comes to private confabs with Big Pharma to cut us a deal, and such a deal, why over ten years consumers might save as much as 2% of the expected rate of price increases. Nice ... Sweet! (081309a)

Eric Mandonnet reports on Bush's conversations with the then French president Chirac and the "biblical" inspiration for the Iraq war. Also Chirac's prescient response. (081109f)

Henry A. Giroux reports on another vomit inducing Bush Legacy, the torture of children in the G.W.O.T. as it was called, God knows what Obama calls is. (080309e)

Jason Leopold has a report on the recent evidence that indicates G.W. "the jackass" Bush and Karl "the bunghole" Rove were much more involved with the firings of nine US attorneys than their previous, on the record, statements showed. Isn't that called lying? (073109a)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reports, in the Rolling Stone, about a hush-hush meeting of governmental health officials who "discovered" or "revealed" that the mercury based preservative used in vaccination injections for children has health hazards that, if known, would make any parent hesitate to have their child treated with them. The word has been out for a long time, how many millions have been injected and effected? (072309a) By the way the meeting was by invitation only and no copies of any documents were allowed to leave the meeting, nice. Yes other persons were involved besides Bush, Clinton for one.

Doyle McManus takes a look at Obama's "let's move forward" approach to the Bush years. However, that may not remain politically expedient. (072009c) For example:Gwladys Fouche in Oslo reports on a journalist who is leading a suit against G.W. Bush regarding his incarceration at Guantanamo Bay (072009d) For another example: Paul Harris from New York reports on the cases working their way through procedural stages in which those who perpetrated torture and participated in other scandalous behaviors will be brought before congress. (072009e)

Scott Shane has it that Cheney is linked to CIA lies to congress. Maybe he is the "weakest link" and needs to be placed roughly in the trash bin of history. (071109c)

Oh, HOT NEWS FLASH: the CIA has systematically misled congress SURPRISE! I'll bet no one EVER thought that was possible, NOPE, not ME, Never! (071109a)

Jason Leopold offers the indications that James Baker and "oily boys" thought that invading Iraq "was a good thing" and they had Cheney's ear, through his "energy task force" so .. war for oil. (070309b)

From the Boston Globe we read that Saddam allowed the world to believe he had weapons of mass destruction because he didn't want to appear weak to Iran. This thought was one of the reasons US commentators and intel services believed. (070209d)

Jason Leopold illuminates the further torture memos from the US Govt., this time we have some "input" from Ronald "limp member" Dumbsveldt (070109c)

William Rivers Pitt gives examples, as if we could forget, of the lies that the US was led by and the lies that continue to this day regarding Iraq. (063009f) They celebrate this pullback of US troops and call it sovereignty, when it is not.

William Rivers Pitt offers us a prime example of a Repuglican demonstrating his "family values" complete with "juicy" and hypocritical quotes (062609g)

From Caille Millner we see a bit of an overview of the "Reich wing - wingnut" faction of our society - the danger of the "lone wolves" as they are called. (061609g)

Arlen Spector becomes a born again Democrat along with 200,000 other Repuglicans (043009e)

Evidence of the torture program surfaces in Poland. (042809b

Jason Leopold reports about the bottleneck at the VA, the backlog reaching into the million range now causes a 6 month delay in servicing a patient. Long enough for some to die before they are even seen. Bush, the dumber, sure knew how to support the US troops. (060609c)

Some do dare call it treason, Yoo and Bush, probably Cheney too, all are guilty as hell and ought to be taken out for it. (032609c)

Dr. Willmer J. Leon III reports on the The Sotomayor brouhaha where the radical repuglican rumor machine has geared up to fight, unfortunately fighting with facts is not their forte and so we have the "garbage pundits" being activated for another run. (060609b)

Repuglican Party:

Cheney lying again, what is news about that? Nothing much, except that his lie defends the Bush "administration's" record on "enhanced interrogation". (053109b)

The prize of Republican idiocy, today that is, goes to South Carolina's governor, Gov. Mark Sanford, who is so opposed to Obama's financial rescue plan that his state has not even begun making bids to use the hundreds of millions of dollars allotted to his state. A man of principal, even if it means unemployment and starvation, oh yes, not of his family or friends, of course. (042609a)

I'll close with this one today. The "Tea Parties" of 2009 may be marked as the point at which the Repuglican Party, so called, picked up real momentum in its downhill slide. (042509e)

The "Condi-Girl" seems to like it "really rough" she thinks nothing of water boarding. One wonders if she can really "take it" as well as she "puts out"? (042309a)

I have to say I "love" this article. It says that "all went well" in the 2008 election, that the margin of victory was to big to be questioned. Then it goes on to say that millions of citizens were not able to cast votes because of the outdated voter registration systems. So I ask , if millions were not allowed to vote, how could anyone possibly say that there were no problems? Indeed one of the major problems was the Help America Vote Act, which had states centralize the voting rolls and cause many would be voters to be turned away from the polls because a voter's ID did not match the data in their state's record. HOW COULD THAT MEAN "no problems"? I am just asking. (032009b)

The current state of affairs according to our new "intel" chief, and he is not at all sanguine, really he's not! (021609g)

The distaste lingers on … hypocrisy, the gift that keeps on giving. Repuglicans get to eat crow regarding how "awful" the filibuster is. (020909b)


Alexander Cockburn gives us an overview of the "death of the left" on the US political landscape (123009b)

David Michael Green writes about the "first decade" it is a very good read but you have to have the stomach for it. I did, was glad, even for the consequent indigestion of Obamacare and such like "thrills" (122709c)

Ronnie Cummins reports on what he thinks will be an uprising. He gives facts and figures and proposes great ideas. Trouble is no on is listening, corruption is rampant and only a collapse will allow something new to grow out of the rubble. That's my "optimistic" take. (122609b)

Ellen Hodgson Brown J.D. Here we have the flaws of the "health care reform package" touted as "historic" as "sweeping" as "victory" given a once over. What it is, as it is now, is a bailout for Big Insurance, Big Finance and others. What it isn't is complete coverage for everyone at affordable prices with good available care - which was what is wanted by a majority of the people (122409g)

Camillo "Mac" Bica provides an overview of the arguments that the left and right are using to justify a resurrection of the draft. It is a thoughtful presentation and he debunks the arguments well enough. I would only add that given the recent history of "banking reform", "health care reform", "housing help" and "peace plans" would anyone seriously argue that any draft would be fair, equitable, comprehensive and free of loop holes? I mean really, this government? (122209c)

Marjorie Cohn, the argument is that the wars waged by the US in Afghanistan and Iraq are illegal. Seems to be a good set of arguments but I am against the wars anyway (122209d) And besides, what does it matter what is legal, right, what the world thinks, what logic says or anything for Chrissakes alive!

David Michael Green is royally pissed off at Obama. I guess looking over the article I am as well. It is as much an indictment against the Democraps as it is, of course, at the Republocraps who have their heads so far up their asses that they can lick the shit off their tonsils, being that they are so full of it. Question is, what to do? (122009b)

Former South Carolina Senator Fritz Hollings talks about "who is against creating jobs in the US" seems like most everyone that is in charge of creating them, not to mention the "bugaboo banker with serious butt spread issues (122009c)

Jason Leopold reports on what passes for "Health Care Reform" One can argue easily that it is not reform as was hoped for, that it is not really "reform" nor is it Health Care, unless you are talking about the financial health of the health insurance industry. (121909b)

Sam Stein says the AFL-CIO is talking tough regarding the health care "reform" well, what I want to know is what does "tough" mean, and what were they doing all this time while senators and congressmen were being browbeaten by well heeled bastards with bucks in their briefcases? (121709b)

Congressman Ron Paul talks about the "sanction" legislation that is now pending. Stories covering this have outlined his concerns before. War could happen. (121709d) Kaveh L Afrasiabi reports on Iran's launching of an improved missile; does this sound like a nation that is cowering? (121709e) While I cannot pretend to know what would happen if the US went to war with Iran; it seems that things are not getting calmer or more peaceful in that region.

Jason Leopold reports on Obama's Nobel speech and the criticism that is being leveled upon it by those concerned with human rights abuses that have a disturbing continuity with Jackass Bush (121209c)

Dan Benbow gives a blog like page with links concerning the changes that Obama has wrought. I am at a turning point personally, waiting to see which way I'll go. (121609a)

Ira Chernus talks about NuttyYahoo and Obamawan and wonders what planet are they on? (121609b)

William Rivers Pitt, truthout, reports on Joe "the Jackass" "Old Lovehandles" Leiberman apparently was "for" the public option in healthcare before he was dead set against it, as he is now, so much so he's willing to filibuster against it. Does this nitwit have balls or what? (121509a)

Greg Palast reports on a court case that would unleash corporate slush funds to wash the democracy out of our, well, democracy. What a royal mess. (121509b)

From Common Dreams we hear about (I Vt.) Bernie Sanders getting the Senate to debate a single payer option (121509f)

Glenn Greenwald has a look at the strange consensus of approval Obama's Nobel prize acceptance speech has gotten Right and Left are "liking it". As to what was said there is a connect between the Bush legacy and the continuation of what he did. One wonders ... (121109b)

t Matt Taibbi has an overview of the Obamacrats and fat cats or porkers, if you will, who formed up his "economic team". I guess, as one commentator put it, that there are two teams in this country, not the Republocraps or the Demogongs but the haves and have nots. One team has been getting richer and richer and the election of Obamawan has not changed that, it seems. (121109c)

War, More War Or Morer War By Ted Rall - or how our US Debate Freezes Out the Majority View: Get Out Now of Afghanistan (121009c)

William Rivers Pitt Catches our Obamawan in a fibber of a fib (120709b) Richard W. Behan takes us back to the sickening days of Bushwhackoff and his jolly ranchers who did their darndest (120709a)

Robert Naiman - You know, I have to laugh. This is a serious article but it talks about an "honest vote" in congress, an "up or down vote" for or against the funding of Obama's Escalation of Afghanistan's conflict and, the topper, that Congress would assert its power of the purse and use it against a sitting president to reflect the fact that the majority of Americans don't want this approach. Amazing, and I am wiping tears away from my eyes, for various reasons. (120509c)

Tom Engelhardt reports on "Obama's Big Fat Surrender Song" only it was a speech given at West Point (120309f)

Nicolas J S Davies Obama's plan, the popular take, the practical effects, in Afghanistan, and the scattering of lies that make it all "possible" (120209a)

Alex Abdo, legal fellow, Apparently the disappeared tapes of torture "heads for the top of the heap" as it were. (120209e)

Dean Baker tells us about "Peterless" Pete Peterson whose, as a ball-less wonder has the idiotic sense that cutting into Social Security and Medicare is a good idea. He and his billions have been at this game since the 90's and with the Jackass Wingnut faction of the Repuglicans and the Dimbulb faction of the media have put lipstick on this dead pig and they hope to sell it to a bought off congress. (120109a)

By Tony Pugh reports on the demise of COBRA. If nothing is done health care costs will rise sharply for those benefiting from the program. Another result of the "idiocy of Bush" (120109b)

Jeff Cohen tells a tale of the past and how it relates to the present, comparing Obama and Afghanistan to LBJ and Vietnam, saying that the presidency was wrecked by war as well as to Clinton and NAFTA, both need the backing of conservative fringe repuglicans to "make the magic", both ignore the resistance of their won party, both risk failure and, it is expected, Obama will not get anything for his efforts in healthcare "quid pro quo is a no go" as it were (112809d)

Glenn Greenwald the parallel rhetoric of G.W. Bushwhackoff and Obamawan regarding their wars of choice. (120109e)

Says Ray McGovern one of the myths surrounding Vietnam, Kennedy and Johnson was that Johnson "only continued the build up that Kennedy began. While Kennedy send in more troop in the months preceding his assassination he was determined to pull out and there is plenty of evidence for that. Relate this to Obama's decision regarding Afghanistan, is it parallel? Are there lessons? Who knows. Who knows what would have happened to the world had Vietnam not been fought. Trying times, yes, now and then. Difficult decisions, yes, now as then. Not for the faint of heart is the presidency. (112709a) Ron Smith talks about whether or not seat belts are a good idea if you're driving your car off a cliff. Most would say that it wouldn't matter that much, in much the same way Afghanistan is being "debated". Who knows what is in the mix now, and how unstable the results of either school of thought will be. (112709e)

Paul Zimmerman gives light to the outright lies that US soldiers are being told regarding depleted uranium - for one thing they are told that is is not harmful and it goes downhill from that low point (112009e)

Yana Kunichoff, reports on the rising suicide rate in the US military. (111909b)

Henry A. Giroux gives us all a heads up as to what "Zombie Politics" is all about. A great term for what is passing as politics in the US. His strong language is not nearly strong enough for me, but a good read. (111709a)

Phil Wilayto talks about changes in the "team" facing Iran and I want to know if it is a case of good news bad news? (111609a)

Le Monde, Editorial the case is made for the definition of the muddle east "peace process" as a fiasco. Obama has flamed out, Abbas wants to quit and that would leave Hamas in the cat bird seat. Is everyone happy? (111609b)

Alfred W McCoy's article outlines the various ways in which the US government is "bringing the wars back home" (111509d)

David Corn, talks about a "credibility gap" as Obama decides what to do about the Afghan war, he must persuade the public his policy is reality-based. And he's already having trouble (111409c)

David Michael Green asks the musical question what the hell will you, or the conservative jackasses that have ruined this country say to their offspring in 20 years? We know they'll be lying; because they are lying right now. (111409d)

From Truthout we hear about the various "soft whispers" into Obama's sweet ears regarding Afghanistan and troop levels. (111209b)

Dean Baker disassembles the opponents of the current Global Warming legislation by making the correct argument that any government measure that interferes with market outcomes reduces efficiency in the economy and thus results in job losses. However, the oil industry, et al, fail to apply this same argument to the gargantuan increases in the military budget with which they "have no problem." It too effects market outcomes and by the industry's own measure has cost and will cost the US many, many jobs. (110909a) That is a fair and balanced approach to the issue that no one seems to talk about.

On the issue of health care reform the bill just passed though hailed seems to provide us with more of the same. Kucinich tells why he voted against it. (110809cl)

Matthew Rothschild reports on the US House putting down the Goldstone Report; Dennis Kucinich has some choice words about that action and some of them are here. (110409b)

From Juan Cole we have a report on the "serious" terrorist plots that have been uncovered recently. If this is a serious a threat as we can find then what IS the problem? (110409c) Juan Cole's column dated Nov. 4, 2009. Some words from Iran are in the article as well. It is a mixer.

From Russ Baker you get an impression of the factors in Obama's slow seeming start. Why "hasn't the world changed?" The story goes a ways back... (110209a)

This is the Halloween winner, read the "Republican winner for jackass of all time, well, it IS a pretty big field, for Repuglicans particularly, what with Lieberman and all - But here is my offering (103109c)

Yana Kunichoff reports on yet another Obama promise falls to the wayside as the Military Commissions Act he campaigned against is maintained under his watch to the dismay of former supporters. (102909c)

If you already don't like "Lyin' Joe" Lieberman then this report by Robert Sheer of Truthout will only add shit to the compost pile, ever the "pork meister" shilling for Connecticut he, all of a sudden, becomes "concerned" about the fiscal impact of any health care reform that contains a robust public option. (103009d) From AFP we hear that some 17,000 children died in the US over two decades due to lack of health care. I would venture to guess that this is a low estimate. But then it depends on how the accounting is done. (103009c)

Gareth Porter reports on Iran and the US efforts which resulted in their expansion of their nuclear program, a BushShit legacy being digested by Obama (102609e)

Lynee Adler reports that the housing crisis is moving to new areas and that there is support for the supposition that, nationwide, the problem will be deepening for a time longer. (102709a)

James Pethokoukis has a nice article on the "health care debate" but it is sparse when it comes to facts, the comments are a worthy read however. The question is why is the health care debate mainly about money? (102609a)

Hey! From the New York Times, something that makes sense, how rare is that? Of course it splatters Obama with BushShit, but since he's decided to keep the mess on him, well, what can I say? (102609b) Odd that the dickless rag waited until NOW to complain about something that was going on so long ago, during the "years of the Jackass."

Maggie Fox reports on the 800 billion or so in waste our current health care "system" has. Plenty of room for improvement there, cut the waste and spend it on people. (102509b)

And now from Honolulu we hear of the immanent "official" disclosure about the existence of extra-terrestrials in late 2009 or early 2010. Bizarre but who knows. I add it to the archive for the spicy effect such discussion brings. (102409a)

Eugene Robinson reports on the Obama administrations efforts at "managing the financial sector, executive pay is one thing, but preventing the bubble's inflation or the crash that will come of it, is another issue that awaits action. (102409b)

Glen W. Smith reports from Firedoglake that some 30 Repuglicans have voted to support corporate supremacy over the rights of a woman to be free of rape by fellow employees working for private corporation under government contract. So, rape is OK by these dorkwads? Are they all dung chewing flies up their father's asses or just vomit sucking vampires seeking a dry hump? (101809d)

Glen Greenwald reports on "government Sachs" as yet another "Sach's man" gets into the profitable government position. It seems that the "record returns" being hyped in the press have the US Government and an increasingly jobless and hopeless taxpaying population to thank for it, but they don't, of course, thank anyone for it, in fact, they fight hard, using those profits mind you, to secure better and better treatment at the hands, or rather, paws of the foxes being put in charge of the proverbial hen house. (101609c)

Perry Bacon Jr. reports on Obama's original promise of transparency regarding the formal debate on health care reform.(101809c)

John Pilger reports on "war is peace" Obama's foreign policy prepares the groundwork for expanding a new war, using Columbia as a launch pad and now has Honduras as a "second" I though we had some progress here, now it seems that, sadly, we do not. (101609b)

Well de gubbernator ob Texass has done sed it, secede, he be wantsin to do jes dat, yassuh and de udder Republocraps dey be wanstin dey own turrible foreign policy too. Well'a feets, get moobin' (101509c)

Greg Palast, the reporter with a hat and a mind to go with it voices his opinion on the Health Care debate. There is a way to get what we want. (101509b) Und as fur Herr Limbaugh, wir haben es als er ein grosse sheisskopf isst. Ju, sicher!

Howard LaFranchi is more polite than I, it seems. He reports that, again the Grand Old Farty and the You Ess of Say'what finds itself in good company. We stand tall with China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and it is with a measure of apology to the Celestials among us, that I finish by clarifying that these "erect pillars" of the global commune are those that execute more of their own citizens than most all the others combined. Is anyone's ego slipping? (101309d)

And now from Scot Galindez of Truthout, we have a winner for the "I sure as hell can shoot myself in the foot and go on record as doing just that" category ... and the winner is ... the Health Insurance industry! Yay! Claptrap, claptrap and give me MORE G. d. claptrap, but it IS what de fax is, my man! (101309b)

Eween MacAskill has the Day's Favorite, this far is, drum droll peace is our current NoBell Price Winner, Mr. Obama prezydink of these United Snakes. Ya'll be 'nowin' dat he be sendin' eeben mo' troops, but hey be be doin' mo' den eeben dat, yassuh! He be sendin' obaah 13,000 guys dat instead o'bein' shuved into de shithoile Iraq dey get dere down flack jackets and go to dee shithole Afghanistan. I gess id don' mattah if'n yer gutz is blowed where is dee blowin' be dun at, nosuh not a biddy bit. (101309c)

It is getting incrementally harder to understand why Obama seems to continue the bad Bush ideas that are cropping up in coverage here and so we come to the most recent story, defending secrecy as did Bush when dealing with Guantanamo prisoners when openness was promised. (101209e)

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar reports on the health care debate now raging, but read the comments, they are great. Essentially the question is why can't the US do what other poorer natinos are doing? And THEY do it better with less and cover more with more? (101209d)

William J. Astore writes about the precipice Obama is looking at and which is called "Quagmire Afghanistan" Judging by who his advisor are we can speculate that he'll follow the "old LBJ Vietnam trail" (101209c)

Scott Galindez reports on the Republican leaders who support health care reform, unfortunately they are the ones NOT in the senate now. So rather than listen to the advise that they recommended others listen to, they the repuglicans, travel to the beat off of their own drummer. (101009b)

Henry Giroux, Truthout, School violence, a couple of cases in points, speculation and philosophy. All academic in this period of budgetary excess. (100809c)

Keith Olbermann has some personal and philosophical treatment for the health care debate. It seems we are going backwards to the Dickensian era, where the difference between the survival rates between poor and wealthy are what we're headed for. (100709a)

Henry Giroux, Truthout, School violence, a couple of cases in points, speculation and philosophy. All academic in this period of budgetary excess. (100809c)

Keith Olbermann has some personal and philosophical treatment for the health care debate. It seems we are going backwards to the Dickensian era, where the difference between the survival rates between poor and wealthy are what we're headed for. (100709a)

Gareth Porter provides insights that cast doubt on the Obama Admin's contentions regarding the "new" nuclear site in Iran. (100309a)

Katherine Butler reports on the meetings with Iran. "Defusing" would be the term most appropriate to the results. Some agreements made are important, somethings are on the back burner. Time has been gained and confrontation postponed. Is this a game changing moment? (100209d)

Chris McGreal from DC reports on the many, many millions being spent to "lobby" the legislation on health care reform. (100209c) Amy Goodman interviews an insurance insider turned whistleblower regarding the "debate" on health care (100209b)

Andrea Borde` reports on what "ideally" could happen to benefit the poor suffering from HIV if the corporations would be both kinder and gentler. So I guess that means "fat chance" huh? (100109c)

M.K. Bhadrakumar, Moscow gives Obama hope but as to China, well, that is another story, isn't it? (092609d)

Bill Maher talks about America and why we cannot get anything done. He speculates that our diet, of all things, can be part of the problem as can the "lack of balls" of our representatives in D.C. (092609b)

Robert Parry from Consortium News reports on a Laurence Silberman in the news these days for putting down a lawsuit brought by Abu Ghraib victims against CACI the company that was involved with that mess. His history is interesting and illuminates the Iran hostage "crisis" that helped Reagan and hurt Carter. (092609a)

Obama, trapped in a war? Going deeper? Despite its being a disaster? Are we three for three? Yup! (092509a)

Kaveh L. Afrasiabi discusses the ramifications of Obama's sudden yanking of the plans for a missile shield in eastern Europe. The consequences could effect the upcoming talks with Iran regarding its nukes, but perhaps not for the better. (092109h)

Robert Dreyfuss has a report on AIPAC. The "51st State's" powerful lobby group ginning out support for Israel. (091909h)

Michael Winship reports on what I call the best government money can buy! Money flows into Beltwayistan and the "debate" over health care, carbon credits, financial reform and more are all stalled by walls of money from "interested parties" (091909a)

Christopher Cooper writes about the disappointment concerning Obama. What is up with all the hopes and "change we can believe in"? Hmmm? (091609a)

Bret Stephens has it that US "inaction " has Obama "pushing" Israel into war with Iran. Another deadline looms and I ran has already answered with a definitive "no". So what will be will be and only the future will tell that. (091509c)

Jonathan Walker has it that even a weak "public option" in the health care reform package would save the average person over 500 dollars a year because of the effect it would have on competitive pricing. however, what about a "strong" public option, one that would save the average person some 20 or 30 percent? That would mean saving 2,500 to nearly 4,000 dollars. A stronger measure might do even more. (091409c)

From Gene Emery we hear that a recent poll has it that doctors favor a public option for inclusion in the health care debate. (091509b)

Dr. Ron Walters, PhD talks about why Obama may speak and rouse such controversy even when he speaks to the nation's school children and delivers an innocuous and positive message. (091209c)

From Christopher Moraff, we hear about a book which speculates on the dangers that president Obama faces. Speculation is that the "tin hat brigades" are foaming at the mouth and, what with the economic problems, have a perfect storm in their favor. (091209d)

Ben Smith and Nia-Malika Henderson illuminate a "cautionary tale" the recent resignation of Mr. Jones, the "green czar" is a victory for the "Reich wing, farting mouthed shit eaters", such as Drudge, who inflame their "public" and leave Repuglicans breathing heavily as they try to catch up. Obama's caving to this "wingnut" faction in the press, according to the writers, is a serious error. Much is at stake, meaning the Obama legacy, meaning: will there be one? (090709d)

From CNN, we take a look at what happens to any public official who questions the official 9/11 story, they get pressure and they resign. (090609d)

Bill Moyers, reports on the uncivil discourse that has laced the "debate" on healthcare. Probably when the economy resumes its decline, the six month mini-recovery is almost at an end, then we'll see the shit hit the fan. The further decline will radicalize, as has happened in the past, and what now passes for debate will be come viewed as polite dinner chat. (090609b)

Ralph Lopez helps us understand why the wars continue despite the fact that two elections have now passed and our congress surely knows that the notion of ending the wars was part of the reason they were elected, this goes double for the president. (090409a)

David Brooks has it that the Obama presidency has stalled. Polling numbers essentially question the direction of the country and trust is failing. Now, I 've said that he was going to have a honeymoon but if by Sept - Dec there is not a marked change for the better, the health care bill say, real housing help, a cleaning out of the financial mess, a solution to the wars the addle pated idiot, that shit eating horse humper, Bush started, well, he'd have a difficult Christmas. (090109d. Not covered in this article is the effectiveness of the "Reich wing" media and organized "spontaneous" protests that have mobilized the "tin foil hat" brigades.

From Barry Scheck, we hear about a man who was innocent, had the evidence and stood by his word only to be killed as the murderer of his children, sad, very, very sad. (090309a)

David Bailey and Helen Massy-Beresford talk about the upshot of the now expired cash for clunkers program. (090109b)

Robert Reich, reporting in his blog, gives a touching if disgusting overview of the "great DC echo chamber" where quotes are king no matter the source. (082908f)

Steven Thomma writes about a "nut based" advocate group that makes the "birthers" look positively sane. The "Reich wing tin foil hat crew" has a new chorus to tout, read on ... (082909d)

Favilla gives the essential coverage of the battle over health care in the US with a European perspective. We do look silly, corrupted and incompetent. (082609b)

Frank Rich reports on the "guns of August" the militia activism now seen at town hall meetings and getting "support" from members of congress and of course the usual Reich wing "tin foil hat" contingent wanting to water the tree of liberty. Coburn, the jackass, is in the van of their efforts, it seems. (082309f)

Ed Pilkington has a report that should be a "talking point" in the effort to drastically repair the "health care system" in the US. A successful doctor gets sick, looses his practice and becomes unable to afford care. He goes through the "hell" that millions suffer through and becomes a cautionary tale. But the "debate" goes on. (082309c)

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar reports that although critics of a possible government option for health care state that since it will reduce competition it is not viable - the situation right now is one where most people face just that problem and their health care costs are going up now. (082309b)

Mike Elk, reports on the Chinese effort to flood the US markets with cheap tires, displacing thousands of US workers, meaning making them jobless. Thousands more are under threat and what's an Obama to do? (081309c) But Bush lobbyists and money is doing its talking.

John Hari and a portrait of US politics in chaos as the Republicraps and their gooney squads smear lies upon lies and Obama does not seem to "get it". Meanwhile thousands of people die each year for want of health care that is beyond them. (082209d)

The "ever lovin' Slate from this date, 08/21/09, covers the election in Afghanistan and the state of Obama's popularity. There are other fluffy items that may be of interest but the survey is good as it is . (082109b)

This is the ICH dated 08/20/09 and it has the headlines and news nuggets for the day and the past week or so, it is a handy read (082009f)

Robert Creamer, has an argument reasoning that the public option will be a part of any health reform package. (081909a)

An editorial from the Populist, has an peek at the millions being spent on fighting the popular support for a "public" or "government" option (081909b)

David Espo reports that Obama seems to be "giving way" on the public option in the health care reform package. (081709a)

Patrick O'Connor has it that any economic good news is "bad" for the Repuglicans because it would be "good" for Obama. Well, that puts them in an interesting position, and they are working their wordsmiths and talking points to have it both ways no matter logic or reality. (081609l)

Arthur Bright reports on the a new "growth industry" the all-American militia movement is back and is inflating with all the hot air it can muster. (081609j)

From UK's Independent, we see a portrait of American Heath care inaction, pun intended. Recently some 10,000 received free health care in Inglewood CA, the portrait is telling, one wonders if the Repuglicans or Obama are listening. (081609i)

Zachary Roth exposes an "oil industry" memo which talks about organizing "grass roots" "astroturf" protests to convince congress that any global warming legislation is fraught with errors and dangerously unpopular. I guess Big Oil talks to Big Pharma and are trying a variation on the guerilla warfare being waged against health care reform. (081509c)

Michael Winship reports that the guerilla warfare being waged against the health care plan is inflammatory and there are cracks in the conservative blowhards - just beginning with the idea of considering what will happen if this current effort at health care reform goes bad. What will Repuglicans gain? What will that "victory's legacy" be? More of the same health care system we have now? (081509b)

Dr. William J. Leon III, reports on the worsening stats regarding the health care system in the US, costs go up, coverage goes down as does quality. What's a president to do? (081309b)

David Michael Green talks about the "Reich wing" nut jobs being given their thuggish sway in the "land of the free" and making headway, at least in the health care "debate" it is push coming to shove mentality that gives one pause to consider how radically to the right this nation has been shoved and how its "thinking process" meaning the media and government has been thoroughly corrupted. (081109r) The dangers are present - who will step into the breach and stem the tide? Oh, where is Superman when you need him?

Cathleen F. Crowley reports on the health care system in the US where the number that die because of treatment errors is a staggering 100,000 per year, or thereabouts, now, isn't that a talking point? (081109i)

Bob Egelko reports on the Obama administration fighting to keep a lid on a torture scandal in three different locations, another Bush "legacy". (081109g)

Ed Stoddard, reports on the "religious left" finally taking heed and responding to the national campaign, organized by "Reich wing nut bags" to disrupt town meetings meant to discuss the health care issue (081109j)

Amy Goodman speaks to a CIGNA insider regarding the "health care" industry's "game plan" to deal the the Obama health care plan. The resistance is based on stoking fear in voters because of their fear of a "single payer" plan. (081109b) This story was reported some time ago, but Amy is interviewing the man and so we get details. Dean Baker reports on "Moose Mouth" Palin and how the media, by repeating lies and distortions, has affected the "debate" on health care. (081109a)

Joseph L. Gallway reports on the "debate" over health care at community meetings, the Ugly Repuglcans using their "playbooks" are succeeding in disrupting the meetings and protecting the corporations that deny these very "protesters" coverage. If that sounds whacked, well it is (081009f)

Sara Robinson reports on the status of Fascism in America. The current definition that is used and our location in the "stages" being late and worrying at the very least. I say time will tell, another few months, if a war starts, if the economics take another steep dive, if some other precipitating event takes place to highlight and open the deep divides of this country and people take to the streets. Obama had better stay alive and well. (081009e)

Kara Hadge brings us today's Slate, a nice overview of the papers and issues of this day. Will some investigation of torture take place? Can anyone be held accountable for anything the conflict of interest between AIG and former Treasury Secretary Paulson? (081009d) Yes, I know, don't hold your breath, after all we are "looking forward" aren't we Mr. Obama?

From the stories of today we see how gun dealers sell to anyone and well they then do horrible things, really horrible. (080809h)

David Sirota reports on how to "argue" with the "Me firsters" the "Tea Partiers" and those who've been trained to disrupt public meetings discussing the health plan. (080809b)

Michael Winship reports on the state of science when it comes to gathering data to assess the damage and or changes in the globe's reaction to the warming effect. Not only that we have turned a blind eye to other things as well. (080809a)

Alan Wheatley takes a look at the comprehensive health plan being worked out in China, the reason is that since health expenses are so, well, expensive that people really sock away money for it. The idea behind the health plan is to help with this, loosen the savings habit of Chinese citizens and have them spend on goods and services thus creating jobs. The US has a similar opportunity. (080309f)

Michael Winship reports on the 133 million dollars, the low figure mind, being spent by "interested parties" to "influence, advise and promote" their "perspective" regarding health care reform, that's the total for the second quarter of this year. (080109c)

From Lee Fang, we hear that the Repuglcan jackanapes have seized upon a new strategy, attack representatives in their town hall meetings. The objective to disrupt and rattle, to present the impression that there is widespread resistance to health care reform. How do we know this, why it's in a memo! (080109a)

Ceci Connolly has a bit of coverage on how Repuglcian dimbulbs have used fear mongering to effect the debate on the health care reform. (080109d)

Greg Palast writes about "the day the president turned black", interesting story, check it out. (073009e)

Paul Krugman pens a piece concerning the "Blue Dog" Dems and their chaotic approach to the health care debate. (072709i)

In some other news, today's Slate, 07/27/09, has a nutshell coverage of what I call the "Birth Bill" maybe real talk, compromise and some solutions were reached; only time will tell. (072709e)

Paul Harris reports on a whistle blower who recently testified to congress: "I worked as a senior executive at health insurance companies and I saw how they confuse their customers and dump the sick: all so they can satisfy their Wall Street investors." (072709a)

Henry A. Giroux reports on yet another area where Obama is following in Bush's footsteps: Education. Money is going for testing, testing and more testing. How nice, as a teacher I can certainly say, "Boy oh boy, that's what I want!" (072409f)

Tom Engelhardt speaks to why Obama WANTS to "look forward" and not back. The list of egregious, horrific US policy decisions under Bush is sickening and vast. Yet, just looking at an impartial list of the torture flaps has one wonder what will fester up out of that morass if we do not clean house? (072409h)

Roger J. Newell offers his opinion on the advantages many other nations' citizens enjoy, that is to say single payer health care. (072309d)

Kip Sullivan writing in Physicians for a National Health Plan, shows how the original idea for the "Public Option" in the giant health care bill now coagulating in congress has been significantly altered, so much so that the term "bait and switch" applies to it now. (072309c)

Dr. Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein give an overview of why the "public option" in Obama's plan is worse than the single payer option. (072209g)

Obama makes the push for health care (072209c)

And Adele M. Stan illustrates why the Repuglicans are pulling out all the stops to fight real health care or any health care bill, especially if it is written well and does the job of reducing health care costs and providing services for those currently without them (072209d)

FactCheck has it that claims regarding the job creation generated by the stimulus package being hard to support is backed up by the government's own data. (072109d)

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship report on Obama's nominee for surgeon general. It times of trouble you need a saintly figure to focus the nation; and this pick is just that. I liked what I read and pray for her hard work to make a difference. (071809a)

Sam Pizzigati reports on the funding source for the health care bill that is being formed. It can be done. Now that we have a saint running the show; she'll have a plan funded to allow her work to work! (071809b)

William Rivers PItt reports from Boston where Obama's stimulus dollars are putting people to work fixing the place up. A portent of what other cities may get? Possibly, a fix and a cure? Maybe. While that remains to be seen it's good to have a good story, about good news. (071709a)

Obama following in Bush's footstep? (071609h) regarding wire tapping? Obama following in Bush's footstep? (071609i) regarding Cheney's hit squads?

Steve Weissman talks about Obama's "chess mastery" in the nuclear arms negotiations that were sending signals and signs ... there is a reason, see what you think of it. (071409i)

Lara Jakes reports on Obama's notion that there are no grounds for probing Afghan war crimes. (071209b)

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship bring us the bad news, which is not unexpected, that corruption runs deep in Beltwayistan. this brief outlines just a few of the most recent egregious examples. I am tired folks, wake up! (071209a)

Maurice Ulrich, writes about the vast struggle for equality and the debate over what equality means. (071409f)

Steve Weissman talks about Obama's "chess mastery" in the nuclear arms negotiations that were sending signals and signs ... there is a reason, see what you think of it. (071409i)

Eric Desrosiers reports on the "expense" and waste of the US health care "system", oh, yes, there is lots of it. (070709d)

From the Slate dated 07/06/09 we have the broad brush coverage of the revolving door between government and health care lobbyists, the Honduran and Chinese instabilities and more, (070609f)

Chris Hedges covers a man's story, justice, as it is now, in America, and the state of affairs in a down trodden place, Trenton, New Jersey. (070609c)

You know, we elect a president voicing hope and "change we can believe in" and over the months we've been disappointed. The latest is this, as Fred Shulte reports, Obama's health policy czar, Nancy-aAnn DeParle, one of the salient points Mr. Shulte makes is this: "This woman owes her fortune to the corporations that she is making decisions about," said Dr. David Himmelstein, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard University and a cofounder of Physicians for a National Health Program. "She cashed in really big on her previous role in government and made millions and millions of dollars. Then she divests and all of a sudden she's Snow White. It's ridiculous." (070309i)

David M. Drucker reports on a poll that shows 69% of the electorate support a health plan that is government sponsored and financed through a tax. Much fewer say that they'd take advantage of it, probably because they doubt the government and some are satisfied with what they have. (070209b)

Bob Herbert asks: "Who are we?" Meaning what kind of nation are we as he details the continuity between Bush the Bastard and ObamawanKenobi (062309i)

Paul Joseph Watson and Steve Watson give an overview assessment of Obama's regulatory reform plan (062409a) It seems, to the authors, that the Federal Reserve system is being given even more control while its oversight is quite nominal at best. Price Hill verifies some of the details of the plan (062409b) From Jim Puzzanghera we see some other details corroborated, the seizing of companies, not just banks, for example. (062409c) Aaron Dykes reports that some time ago the largest US banks coordinated efforts to defend themselves against any government action or legislation that would hold them to account. (062409d) Paul Joseph Watson reports that the Federal Reserve just doesn't tell us where trillions of dollars have gone, this is the organization that is being given more power under Obama's plan? (062409e) And Mark Pittman adds some details to that accounting, or rather, lack of it. (062409f) Steve Watson reports on what may be something of a cure, a "sunshine" bill to shed light on the Fed's operations. However it is an uphill struggle. (062409g)

Robert Kuttner reports on the spinelessness of the Congress when it comes to supporting the people's will concerning health care. While it is screamingly clear what the people want, our "representatives" have booted it badly, yet again. (062209g)

Robert Reich gives us the word on the "healthcare war". Obama has squared off against the giants of the health industry is spending millions and pulling out all the stops to do in anything remotely like what Obama wants. (062009i)

The "Big Speech" to the Muslim world was extraordinary. But the bottom line will be what happens on the ground and how soon. No matter what words, phrases or the timing, what remains to be seen is what happens. Perhaps Obama has bought time but, I believe, the ball is in Israel's court and it's time for them to get off the pot or shit. (060609g) Today's Slate, 04/20/09 has an overview of the various crises. The one that sticks out is the economic rescue which seems to be taking its own sweet time about making an impact. Maybe that is because most of the money is not being spent in ways that would do just that. (042009b)

Here is the edgy news concerning the disconcerting segue that has shaped up between Bush, may he he rot in hell, and Obama, who we thought was to save us. What I'd like to know is who decides the kinds of polls that are taken. Shouldn't that be a public trust? I think legislation in this regard is more than tardy. Anyway, some facts and quotes which should make you uncomfortable if you "voted for change you can believe in" and had foreign policy and torture in mind. (050509a)

So I wrote my friend Jimmy, Jimmy the driver:

We are on the same page!  Get it, Jimmy ... Page ... ??? Led Zeppelin? Hahahahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!

    Ok so it's not that funny, but neither is the mess we're in. Nothing is clear now. More players than ever are playing and everyone is arming to get hurt. Aiming? Excuse me, what does that difference matter? It doesn't and you know it.  I would say "enough said" right there but you know me; I can't leave well enough alone.

    You are more down on Obama than I am, clearly. However, neither of us are optimistic about the remaining and greater collection of problems humanity faces now a days. This collection together is far more important any president of the US can now be. We will not face the fact that we've lost it and badly and big time. Mother Earth and Father Time have made their judgment and humanity has been found wanting. It is only a matter of time before one cascade leads to others. It is only a matter of time before we've a disorganized dissolution of the global community, such as it may now be called.  Obama may be able to rudder this massif nation into a more viable current and so have it stay afloat, but those other issues, those beyond his or our or any control, will eventually have their effects and to survive them will be a remarkable achievement, to get back what we have, as Americans lost, would be more in the nature of a miracle. Ironically or not, what some may call "the grand transformation" may be the only way to get the governments out of the way so that solutions can be found.

Dan Eggen and Robert Parry, team up to have the musical question asked: can 119 million Americans be wrong? That's the number who are dissatisfied with their health care, so much so that they WANT an alternative. Also, Democratic activists want to put single-payer on the table. Big shots don't want that. (060709f) Robert Reich has it that Big Pharma has this thing targeted for destruction, however. (060709g) Rhonda Hackett compares the Canadian health care system with the "system" in in the US. Some myths are debunked but the conclusion is clear, the US could and should do better than what it IS doing. (060709d)

There is a slight greening of the greenback, by Obama's budgetary lights, but the US is not a leader yet, and, try as it might it will have a way to go to address not only the gross errors of Bush but the tides of civilization! (043009a)

Obama's being called upon to "deal with" the crimes of Bush and maybe this will be an acid test? (042109a) Or maybe we will see something? (042109c)

Pelosi gives some explications on the budget, getting the truth from portions of the Bush "administration". (022009d)

The thing is 30,000 inmates and I, for one, did not know the figures were this large. What I'd like to know is the rate of turnover, how many people are "processed" in a month or a year (020909a)

What will a national health care program look like? This article takes a look around the world to see how other nations created theirs, and why they did so. The term "path dependence" is used to explain how several nations built from what they had to create their national system. The lesson that is what we'll have to do as well. (020109a)

Economics 101 in the News:

Dean Baker wonders about some basic math questions when considering how Freddie and Fannie have had to have their credit extended seemingly far beyone what is reasonalbe. It hints that some kind of problems exist and we, the US citizens, footing the bill by the way, are not being advised of. Then there are the multi million dollar bonuses for yet another organization which has performed "horribily" (122809e)

Nathan Olivarez-Giles reports on the rise in small business bankruptcies, if such enterprises are the "backbone of job growth" then there's trouble in River City (122809h)

Zachary A. Goldfarb reports that the US government is going to "back" Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Whoopdeedoody. What annoyed me is this excerpt: Republicans, who say they are evidence of how government support for the housing market contributed to the financial crisis, the excerpt reads: "The Obama administration's decision to write a blank check with taxpayer dollars for the continued bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is appalling," said Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.), a member of the House Financial Services subcommittee that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. "Not only is this a continued bailout of failed entities that need to be privatized to protect the taxpayer, the timing of the announcement is clearly designed to try and sneak the bailout by the taxpayers." So I wonder what Mr. "I'm a jackass with tits" Scott Garrett thought of the "to damned big to fail" bailouts of the banks and Wall St. And where was he when whistle blowers were whistling Dixie about the housing crisis which was, for the vast most part, fueled by the Federal Government. I know, I know but I'm just asking. (122509a)

From Reuters comes an article concerning the ups and down, mostly, of the housing market, but the comment posted is far better, explanatory and with enough details as to explain why the efforts to "save housing" are not working. Plenty of blame to go around, not that those who are to blame will be held responsible. (122309a)

Wall Street's Economic Rampage by Zach Carter need I say more? Read on (122209a)

Michael Winship reporting on the Audacity of Banks ... no shame ... no remorse ... no morals? You read it and you decide (121909a)

What-recovery-Budget-deficits-get-worse-for-states By Ron Scherer we hear that the majority of states have fiscal problems percolating into their budgets for the upcoming year and the gaps seem to be widening. (121809d)

Laurent Pinsolle of Marianne2 has an article with this extracted quote: "liberalization leads to specialization and concentration in production, which makes agricultural prices more volatile." Volatile means that some people starve and others profit buy up third world land and create huge corporate farms. (121409b)

Sasha Abramsky reports on the large, read millions of workers, who worked for decades assuming a retirement only to have that yanked right from under them. Jackass repuglicans, Bushists and others, your Madoffs and so forth, now we see the suffering and deaths (121109a)

Hossein Askari and Noureddine Krichene report on the "state of global inflation". While most persons do not think we have an inflationary cycle going on, because we area in a recession and this means money is harder to come by, the rise in the price of gold, going on globally, indicates that the dollar and most currencies, are loosing value and that inflation is here (121109d)

Reuters has it that the decline in job losses, impressive as it is, means that the "end" is near and job gains could be as few as three or four months away. Nice news, if true, that's what I say. (120709d) Greg Palast has words with the "Generalissimo of Globalization, his is, apparently, an Egyptian, being as he is in Denial. (120709e)

From Reuters we have a snapshot of the credit crunch, which has had some relief, from the Christmas Bump which comes each year, however there is a danger of another bubble and the "real economy" may be a spoiler of the season (120609a) David Goldman provides an arcane index shows that there has been no pickup in items being shipped. (120609c) From the AP we hear that the banking "industry" losses have now been some 40% realized, not paid off, but showing up. That means that we're not yet half way through that morass (120609d)

Jacques Attali talks about the global scale of the economic downturn. While we may be treading water "successfully" this year and some time next year, eventually what is being "borrowed" must be repaid, and how long CAN we go on borrowing and from whom? (120209c)

From Reuters we hear about US government data that suggest an easing off in the rate of the plummet. A local phenomenon? A transient one? (120309d)

Nicolas Baverez reports on the "global recovery". It seems very few areas of the developed world are doing well and the much touted recovery is spotty, fragile and questionable. (120109c)

Caroline Valetkevitch reports that the popular benchmark US Dow reached a high today. The street is good, thank you very much (120109d)

Andy Kroll has a report from the Housing Crunch. (113009b)

Ron Scherer reports on the Duibai Debacle of Debt and how it is connected globally and speculates upon its effects on "confidence" (112809c)

Yasha Levine we hear of how the "Bailout King" AIG, the "too big to fail" behemoth is "soaking the poor for their water" Amazing, this egregious, rank and disgusting corporate rape has people choosing between water and food and has been "rubber stamped" by local government, more or less. (112709b)

Elinore Comlay and Jonathan Stempel provide the analysis Dubai has money problems, even just talking about it drove markets down. How "serious" is it? Who can tell, who is talking besides that class of people who want to see the easy money continue flowing to them? (112709c)

Art Levine has us look a the lack of real reform and the raft of broken promises from the "too big to fail" crowd. We are told, by the bubble builders, that they are not building a bubble, that they have learned their lesson, well this is not at all clear and the US taxpayer is footing the bill. (112509c)

From TomDispatch we hear about the recent revolutions and battles in the war against globalization and corporatization; there have been victories but the main engagement is still waiting upon those willing to fight for survival. (112509b)

From Reuters we have "good news" for the economy, jobless claims are only in the 400,000 plus range and housing us up less than a percent after loosing almost that much the month before. Sounds like progress to me. (112509a)

John Buell reports on the economic "recovery" which is what it is called. However danger persists and "politics" can easily make matters worse. (112409c)

Ellen Hodgson Brown J.D. tells us that Japan's solution to its economic malaise is very much similar to what we're trying. Gee, that hasn't worked; that's been said before. But what hasn't is the cure, or a cure, read it and cheer up, or not. (112309e)

Rolfe Winkler reports on what is called a "sudden stop". This is when a nations credit and monetary system "locks up" because of credibility issue and people abandon their nation's currency in favor of the currency of that nation or nations who had been extending the credit. However, England IS the nation to whom their nation owes debt and so the problem is trickier, as it is for the US. So there is a slight chance of a precipice, not a Rubicon being crossed. (112209c)

Nick Turse, AlterNet, reports on the death toll the housing crisis is producing, no real investigation is being done into it, much as Fort Hood's death count is. People are dying out there, killing others, themselves, police officers and Realtors are being tortured. (112009f)

Mark Guarino reports on the economic crash in Michigan where the Pontiac Silverdone was sold for a penny on the dollar, based on the original price of thing when it was built. (111809a) Continuing with the economic good news, we have Lucia Mutikani reporting on the drop in housing starts. (111809b)

John Nichols reports on an innovative way to staunch the flood of job losses. A job sharing plan that encourages employers to keep people on while reducing their hours and pay and the difference is made up from unemployment funds. It is a strategy that has worked overseas and in the US. So what is the delay? (111709d)

Mark Weisbrot from The Guardian Unlimited, November 12, 2009 talks about the blame game for the difficulties of the dollar, but it is a US sourced problem and one that requires us to DO SOMETHING, I mean besides listen to the people we've given trillions to and who hand out billions in bonuses, ship jobs overseas and seem to be happy with that. (111609c)

Julie Ingwersen writes from Illinois about the problematic food harvest in much of the middle part of the US (111509a) And from Reuters we hear of the conditions in Mississippi. (111509b) Neither story mentions Global Warming, nor, perhaps should they, but both stories illustrate the difficulties that climate change brings to highly developed market agriculture, such as is practiced the world over - the hungry and poor will suffer from the price rises, 15% for corn, in a matter of weeks.

Martin Hutchinson talks about the large scale economic problems faced by the biggest six economies in the world. There is a possibility that defaults could occur, though the thought is that it is not immediately in the offing. (111209i)

Scott Thill reports on the violence that occurs when homeowners react to "bad news" and how the sense of "fair play" and the "social contract" has been damaged by the greed of Wall Street and bankers as well as the congress which has, for the most part, let the housing problem fester and go rancid. (110909c)

Sylvain Lapoix provides us with a nutshell piece on how big banks are making money without having to "work with" the real economy. They just play with currency trades and do quite well, even though smaller banks are suffering as is the real economy. (110609c)

Dean Baker reports on job losses still registering in the six figures monthly. We've passed the 10 percent mark in unemployment too, nice? (110609e)

Jean-Marc Vittori gives a brief comparing the Euro and US solutions to the banking crisis, the US opts for Mammoths and the Eruo's oft for letting failures fail and competition cures. (110509a)

Mark Trumbull reports on the economic "recovery" NOT. It seems income is dropping, overall, as is spending. In fact, were it not for the federal government, cash for clunkers, very extended unemployment benefits, some of the housing effort and the dumping of massive mounds of cash into bastardly banks, well, we'd be far worse off. The upshot: the government is keeping us afloat, barely. (110109c) Greg Gordon of McClatchy Newspapers reports on how "Government Sachs" looted, robbed, cheated, lied, stole, connived, conspired and much more when they were "busy as bees" converting dicey home loans into triple A rated securities, even as the market was going bust. (110109d)

Sam Mircovich and Edwin Chan report on a spate of 9 bank closures during a single day. The economy is still in trouble, as if that is news to anyone these days. (103109a)

Bill Moyers interviews James K. Galbraith about the economic crisis. He thinks that the cure is not working all that well. (103109b)

John Browne talks about "Ninja Inflation" by which he means that when an economy collapses prices drop as part of the deflationary effect of a crash. However, we do not have deflation, we have steady prices. The conclusion is that an inflationary effect has been underway and the evidence for it IS the stable pricing, which should not exist in this economic condition and now, we're even seeing some price increases, some in housing for example. Right now the government and the banks are playing with the money to keep this "game" going; however it does not have to last. (102909g) And, David Goldman, reports on some stats which show the "insides" of the money system acting to freeze credit. (102909h)

From Reuters we hear about growth in the US economy, sounds nice and some credit is given to the torrents of government money that has washed over the economy these past months. (102909e)

Paul Craig Roberts gives a brief overview of how the financial crisis came about, and why the threat of another is still waiting in the wings. (102609c)

The salient quote from the article by Steven C. Johnson and John Parry is this: "But Connolly said there is "a real disconnect between the rebound of risky assets and the real economy, and added that "financial markets are working their way up to ... a renewed bubble, which will burst again." (102009a)

Linda Mutikani reports on the deepening unemployment crisis. Many fear their jobs are gone forever, many have been unemployed for nearly 7 months. Though I hear that Wall Street is hiring! Howzaboutdemapples? (101009c)

John Parry reports on the bankers hiring again, because, well, they are in recovery even if no one else is. (101009d)

Mike Whitney is of the opinion that the government's own bubble made out of "quantitative easing" meaning "print up the money" will collapse ... and he asks, and then what? It's a good question (100509b)

Les Leopold reports on how the rich STILL get richer and the poor, well, they get diddly squat. (100509c)

Matt Bivens has a humorous touch and gives us some perspective on the rich, the budget, the bail out and history. Good read, read on (100509d)

Caroline Valetkevitch reports on the "market" there is optimism about the earnings and the last two weeks of decline is brushed aside as is the fact that much of the "profit" being generated is because companies have downsized, laid off and and sold off. So we may get a "rosy" third quarter and the market may continue to rise - but for how long? (100309c)

Kevin Krolicki and David Bailey report on the plunge in auto sales, no surprise since the cash for clunkers program ended. Hyundai and Kia are are the winners and Chrysler's new head honcho says he's going to turn it around. (100109e)

Jim Hightower reports on a new investment scheme based on "securitizing" something, this time its life insurance policies. Bankers figure they can make a buck betting on death. When will these bastards ever get taken down? (093009f)

From George Monbiot we have a discussion on sex and money related to global warming that is. Lots of ground covered here, especially in the comments. Read them all for a laugh and for some insights. (092909h)

Jacques Sapir reports on the "roots" of the current economic crisis and how, because of their nature, the current "relief" is bound to be short lived. (092509c)

Lucia Mutikani has it that some economic number defy the "happy hour" news presentations that use the word recovery. The message is, at best, mixed. (092409e)

Lawrence S. Wittner gives us a global overview of just how much money is being spent on military stuff. As one might expect the US is in the lead, but how MUCH is what is surprising. Still, others spend too and they aren't stinting either. (092409d)

Robert Borosage has it that the touted recovery we hear about is, of course, a fiction. Obama's plan, is being criticized but at least things are holding together for the time being. But time is also short and we need a real solution, one that generates jobs, which would mean spending, which would mean purchasing, sales, and companies hiring and taxes being paid and a return to some semblance of economic growth.(092409c)

Robert Reich explains the nature of the "good economic news" and that of the bad. As consumers are spent so the government has lent. Debt is piling up in mountains behind the "happy news" reports of a recovery. While jobs are shed and the individual continues to suffer mightily. (092309d)

Greg Palast reports on the memo that the US sent to the G-20 participants. Greg then asks the musical question, shouldn't Bernake's med's be reviewed? (092209d)

Nick Zieminski has a report containing a number of data points which indicate that the economic conditions for "ordinary people" are worsening. Even the relative good news, the amount of credit card debt, is in decline because people are not using the cards they have. (092109a)

Pedro Nicolaci de Costa reports that, despite the glow in the markets and their rise in the last six months, there are substantial risks because the "recovery" is built upon easy money, centered on financial institutions that are still shaky and we've now swung from a historic low to another historic high. What is next is the question very few are even asking much less listening to those who are talking about it. (092009b)

Lisa Lambert reports on the next mortgage crisis the "option" mortgages, another kind of financing vehicle which is just now starting to push home owners who have them out of their homes. Nation wide, some millions may be involved with this sort of problem. (091809b)

From Jonathan Ford, we hear what to me what may well become a cautionary tale, that of Dubai. They build and grow debt like no body's business, but now, with the global downturn, their plans for glory may have come a cropper. (091809a)

David Korten has a piece on "who really crashed the economy" And I think he goes on to cover the cover up. (091709d)

Tom Abate has some stats on California's unemployment rate and a couple of case studies. (091409d)

Alex Berenson, reports that on Wall Street the changes since the crash are few and far between, hardly worth noting and, as for new proactive regulations - well they're not there yet. (091209b)

Martin Hutchinson, has it that our economic time may be short. The Fed printing money that has not caused inflation nor effected the bond market, not, at least, in the ways historical perspective would expect. Also the expansion of debt has not effected the interest rates being experienced. So what is up? A bubble, it is speculated, and if that is true then, when it pops, we'll have pain and lots of it. (090809g)

Reuters has a report that shows Americans are still not buying. They do not want to or cannot. They are not taking on debt and so, the amount of personal debt is shrinking, which is a good thing really, but not for businesses or if you are trying to get an economy, dependent on consumer spending, started up again. (090809e)

Tom H. Hastings shows what could be done about unemployment with a few quick figures, of course his problem is that he makes sense, is logical and reasonable. (090809a)

Dean Baker asks the question should we trust Bernake's argument against an audit of the Federal Reserve? He seemingly says that an audit risks an economic crisis, well, aren't we in one already? And wasn't he and his predecessor in the captain's chair when the shit was moving toward the fan? So shouldn't we have a look see over his shoulder? (090709e)

Mark Brenner, is this recession over? WHY don't we call it a depression yet? Anyway, whether or not whatever it is is over depends on who you are ... 25 million unemployed? Recovery? Give me a friggin' break (090709a)

Robert Reich has it that the heart or bedrock of the American economy is in trouble, and that is the value of "real wages" for "real people" (090709b)

Mike Whitney has an overview of the economic status. He debunks the "green shoots" PR fizzle, the stock market rise and the notion that optimism is realistic. The projection is that another sickening slide is about to take place. Before the end of the year. Insider selling over matches insider buying by 30 to one. Companies are not doing buybacks. So what does that tell you? (090309f)

Lucia Mutikani has another case where the "not as bad as we thought" news is hailed as a hint of the "turn around" we're all waiting for. (090309d)

South of the Rio Grande

Pepe Escobar reports on the "American" activity in South American and the connections to NATO, the School of Assassins and more. (090309e)

Alexei Barrionuevo reports on the surprising turn of attitude toward the press in Central and South America. Where is there a fount of good news? (083109e)

Tim Ahmann reports on the effort to provide some congressional oversight to the Federal Reserve. I know, don't all laugh at once. It could happen that something meaningful could come of this. (083009c)

Laurent Belsie, reports that personal income in the US remains flat as does spending. The only exception was the "cash for clunkers" program. Here is the lesson to be learned: give ordinary people money and they'll spend it creating jobs and economic growth. So what is the US government doing? Ending the program. (082909c)

Doug Noland reports on the Credit Bubble. Essentially the US is guaranteeing and or issuing titanic amounts of debt. How this "flood" is managed can determine whether or not a global recovery is in the offing (082809d)

Lucia Mutikani has figures that indicate a housing recovery is "here". It could be a good thing if it is - Yet the overall picture is mixed I sense. (082609c)

Rhode Island shuts down its government for 12 days, among other things, to trim its budget being hammered by the economic grind. (082609a)

Edmund L. Andrews reports in the NYT Bernake saying, essentially, that we've turned the corner, globally speaking. There are those that believe the worst is over, recovery is underway and that the "right thing" was done. (082209a) This although 81 banks have failed and many, many more are in danger. Also, this recovery has yet to meet the proverbial "man on the street".

The Mogambu Guru reports on the "Ginnie Mae's" venture into the repackaging of mortgages and the fact that now the US citizen is backing about 90% of those loans. How nice, that is, until the house of cards collapses under its own dumb weight. (082109c)

Kevin G. Hall reports that the "next wave" of foreclosures is rising, that of good loans to people who HAD good jobs but now that the jobs are gone their ability to keep their home becomes harder and harder. (082109a)

Danny Schechter reports from New York City and the effect that the depression is having in that city. You do not have to look far to see indications, however, the media have it that we are nearing the turn around point. Only time will tell. (082009e)

Matt Taibbi gives us a seven part series in Rolling Stone concerning what others call "Government Sachs" the bank that "knows how; and how" (081609a) How Goldman got started and its first "ponzi scheme" helped usher in the Great Depression - great for them depressing for us. (081609b) Fast forward to "modern times" and see "how they 'did the internet bubble' and got away with hundreds of millions, nay even billions while being fined pennies on the dollar their greed grabbed. (081609c) And then the monster moved into the "housing business" writing crappy loans and then, by betting against them, made oodles of money (081609d) Of course, greed, knowing no bounds and having corrupted the oversight systems in place, moved on to "supping on oil" and brought us another boom and its bust which brought us to 2008. (081609e) And then, topper after topper follows, how G.Sachs has an effective tax rate of about one percent and manages to beg for money while handing out gross bonuses to the "hard working" bankers. (081609f) Amazing though it may seem Goldman Sachs has a plan to make billions, hundreds of billions maybe off of Global Warming. Their plan involves rigging the game of Carbon Credits which is built into the government's global warming legislation. It's an inside out gamed game and they, G.S. LOVE IT. (081609g)

Mark Weisbrot reports on a few of America's "Economic Myths" explodes them actually and well, what 's to be done? (081409c)

Lucia Mutikani reports on the "green shoots" phenomenon taking hold in the minds of observers. The thinking has shifted among experts that the recession will be seen to have ended next quarter. Time will tell, of course, and so we await developments. (081109e)

Edmund Conway, reports that the "damage" of this recession is a headline grabbing 11.2 trillion dollars. But his math is way off. Housing market in the US alone was estimated at about 10 trillion some months ago, the US stock market alone, another 12 or more trillion, again as measured a couple of months ago. If you add in the loss of nearly 6 million jobs, and average that "loss" at 30,000 dollars a year in lost spending, you have 18 trillion dollars. Finally add in the US deficit and you have some 12 to 15 trillion more in debt. And then there are proportionately similar losses around the world. So the US has had losses of some 70 trillion all by itself. (081009c) If you take that estimated figure and proportion it to the world, you could simply double it, you have 140 Trillion in debt and this would mean each person in the world would get 31K dollars or there abouts - that's my kind of bailout, really.

Ross Gitins in Australia reports on why their unemployment rate is not rising. Could e what is happening here, that companies are cutting back hours. They also want to hold onto older workers as here, explaining the rise in employment rates for older, 55 or above, employees while other age groups suffer losses. (081009b)

Dean Baker reports good economic news, admittedly it consists mostly of measurements showing that things aren't getting worse as rapidly as they were. There are facts that are incorrect, such as "the 700,000 monthly rate in decline" that was not the average from November to February, for example. (081009a)

From Isaiah J. Poole, we have a report that the stimulus is working. This is the first I've seen from a "liberal" slant. The Green Shoot phenomenon has been touted by those on the other side of the spectrum, however, perhaps the effectiveness of the stimulus programs can best be gauged by the resistance it receives from Bumbling dumbells such as Republican Whip Eric "the gutless wonder" Cantor who would be easier to understand if it did not sound like he had a penis in his mouth when he talked. (080809d)

Lucia Mutikani has it that a drop in the rate of new claims for unemployment is good news, it is, but having over one half million applicants is still troubling. There are now two firm schools of thought, we have a nascent recovery at this time, the "green shooters" and the "time bombers" those who think the boat is still sinking. (080609f)

In an article edited by Dan Grebler we hear a forecast that the housing market is set for further and serious declines despite the recent flurry of good news, pending sales and some housing prices rising. The article is vacant on evidence, but this article is included in case it may prove instructional, at least in hindsight.

Mike Whitney has it that the depression is just getting under way. The "mini recovery" the "green shoots" area chimera's based on greed, trickery, chicanery, and hope. Oh, well. Time will tell - it may be "going under" by the end of the year. (080409a)

Eric Eckholm reports on the extension given for unemployment is going to start running out and so about 1.5 million persons now in that category may be cut off. The other fact is that some 9 million are receiving benefits and they too must be under some kind of time constraint, unless further extensions are offered. Time will tell (080209h)

Soyoung Kim reports on a success in the stimulus realm, the "Cash for Clunkers" program has had people return to showrooms to buy cars. What is not said is this is also an example of how a program that effectively puts money in the hands of consumers the consumers spend it. No surprise there. (080209c)

Jeremy Gaunt reports on the flow of capital from cash holdings into the market, thus the market recovery from March, however, many are still on the sidelines and this "recovery" is more based bargain hunting, IMHO, than on a real recovery in which profitable companies are making, well, profits. (073109e)

Karen Freifeld reports on the 32 billion in bonuses paid to the banks that received some 175 billion in taxpayer money just to survive. Does that sound OK to you? (073009f)

In fact, according to this article, written by Grant McCool, it seems that some banks paid more out in bonuses than the total of the profits they earned. One wonders, just asking mind you, what kind of business model would that be? (073009g)

From the BBC the Latvia bank bail out updates prior stories about this nation doing very well during the economic decline, well, it seems that its fortunes have deteriorated. (073009d)

Sasha Abramsky reports on California's "budget". Amazing is not a word used lightly and it fits in this case. Big cuts to the needy, no tax increases and more borrowing still. (073009a)

Arianna Huffington gives a criticism of the "green shoots" phenomenon, second guesses the markets rise looks at patterns and declaims that we are still in trouble and the villains are getting another chance, this time with taxpayer money. (072909c)

Alan Zibel and Daniel Wagner report on the progress of Obama's plan to relieve those in threat of loosing their homes. Some of the recent optimism in the market came from the heralding of this plan, however the reality is not yet living up to its promise. (072909b)

Some housing numbers are being hailed as "the bottom". The data is suggestive but other data and facts in the field make such pronouncements cautionary. (072809a)

John Miller reports on the real unemployment rate; guess what it is higher than the official rate. This article also misses one point, that being this: that in any given month the economy has 150 to 180,000 new entrants into the job market. If we have job losses, overall, then these individuals can't find work and since they have not worked do not show upon the unemployment rolls. This means that, this year, we have something over one million persons in this category. (072709l)

Robert Kuttner writes about the "miracle" performance of Goldman Sachs, there are practices that are questionable, considering what the market is supposed to do, however the barn door has long been open but that doesn't mean that closing it is a bad idea. (072709j)

Christian Science Monitor reports on a spike in the homelessness of families with children. (072609c)

Robert Reich's blog, and its commentary, provide a peek behind Wall Street's "big numbers". The illusion of profits created by cutting costs has created a "dead cat bounce" and time may be short before reality sets in and we plunge into an uncertain depth of economic despair. (072409e) For example, from James B. Kelleher we have Caterpillar Inc. Their stock is up and profits too, but look deeper and you wonder how much of that "gain" was due to cutting 17,000 jobs since the start of this year? (072409j)

Leah Schnurr reports on how "Big Companies" are "putting lipstick on the pig" reverse stock splits are not new, what is is the need for using them to make for appearances. (072409i)

Laurent Belsie has it that the market rise in the last few days has historical parallels, patterns, if you will. The notion is that August might be good and that after that we'll see some "correction". This dovetails with the Great Depression's mini recoveries which, according to that pattern would have a slump in the September to November portion of this year. (072309f)

Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello and Brendan Smith offer a perspective on what the US and others have tried when recessions or depressions hit. The solution is something that Obama has tried and, by reading the article, one might ask, why not more of the same, much more? (072309e)

A translation of Le Monde's editorial, has a salient fact, that the total bonuses slated to be paid, 20 billion dollars, by one financial "institution" Goldman Sachs, is the equivalent of what the UN spends for hunger in the world during an entire year. This is to reward those who "took risks" the bankers might say. Well, I have to ask, what risks? I mean did they risk failure? No, they are "to big" for that. So what then???

Natsuko Waki reports on the biggest "green shoot" of them all the world's stock markets reach a high point, relatively speaking. Exuberance is pervasive in the markets ... now all we need is a real recovery to get underway. (072209h) One wonders what happened to those reports of the hundreds of trillions of dollars of losses due to the bizarre and arcane financial tools. Is that still just waiting for things to go pop? (072309b)

George Monbiot gives an overview on the "progress" of biofuels. The science says "no", practicalities say, "no" and hunger around the world says, "no". When will US policy makers "get it" and join in that chorus? (072209f)

From Mark Felsenthal and Alister Bull we have "the word" from Bernake who is using the word "recovery" in his presentation on the state of the US economy. Not that we're in one, but he references it. It seems conventional wisdom is that we've pulled back from a brink. The question that will be answered, certainly by the end of this year, is this: are we in a mini "come back" such as the Great Depression had? It had two, each of which lasted about 6 months. That means by September/October we will see and certainly by December. (072109a)

Lisa Lambert gives a broad brush overview of the economic downturn's effect on the states' budgets for 2010, already there are shortfalls appearing and job losses continuing to mount. (090719a)

From the BBC comes a report that there is something of an uptick in housing starts, which though they are still down over the year, it is evidence of the positive side of the mixed data regarding the status of the US economy. (071809d)

Ros Krasny reports on some economic data which shows, overall, poor or problematical conditions continuing. (071609e)

Robert Scheer has it that "Government Sachs" is not hurting, bailed out and profiteering on an egregious scale off the financial debacle that they went along with, encouraged and profited from makes them the "profitable company" they are today making headlines, as a matter of fact. (071609a)

Lynn Adler reports that the foreclosure rate is at a record high as some rescue plans play out, job losses create more damage and prices continue to decline. (090715e)

Alister Bull reports on something that is currently typical, good news has become reports that show things aren't worsening at the same pace as they have been. (071509d)

Mike Tharp reports that in the two weeks subsequent to the pull back from Iraqi cities the US has not been called on once for operational support, now that's some kind of progress - although there is violence and the US forces do supply other assists. (071509b)

Emily Kaiser reports on a bit of a lift in US auto sales, a hint of inflation and so forth. (071409e)

From Reuters we hear that the monthly federal budget gap is nearly 100 billion. Indicating a fiscal weakness. (071309c)

Emily Kaiser reports on a bit of a lift in US auto sales, a hint of inflation and so forth. (071409e)

From Reuters we hear that the monthly federal budget gap is nearly 100 billion. Indicating a fiscal weakness. (071309c)

Michael Lewis, reports on the collapse at AIG. The article attempts to explain what happened from the inside out. It boils down to pride, ignorance, complacency, lack of government oversight, greed and so forth. But no one at that company is really being held to account - why? (070809a)

Jonathan Stempel reports on the growing problem of credit card payments falling behind at a record pace a predicted and predictable event. (070709c)

Seth Sandronsky takes a look at Market Myths past and present; a pleasant read, really. (070709a)

Hery C. K. Liu provides an update from 2004 regarding China, Asia, trade and the dollar hegemony. (070609h)

The Slate page from July 3rd, 2009, by Daniel Politi, has some salient points, one is that the job loss rate has had an uptick, that could signal the beginning of the end for this post crash rise, the green shoots phenomenon. The great depression had two such rises before it settled down into a long slump that only WW2 lifted the US out of. (070309e)

Matt Taibbi exposes how Goldman Sachs continues "soldiering on" marching from bubble to bubble and is now poised to do even better. They have their people where it counts and the money stream they have gotten and are poised to get is vast and impressive. (070309c)

Mike Elk reports on a worker victory over a bank,which was trying to shut down the factory. (070209f)

David Lawder reports the jobless rate is at a 26 year high. Also reported are some good signs, few and weak, but there nonetheless. (070209e)

Zachary A. Goldfarb reminds us that Madoff had set off alarms at the SEC and a warning was made but no action was taken on it. (070209c)

Paul Jorian from Le Monde reports on the "odd reimbursements" that banks are making. There are some that paying off the government TARP loans and "getting out from under" as it were. One wonders why the haste, the author provides insight. (070109e)

Stephen Koff and Sabrina Eatory report on how members of the House Financial Services Commission bought and sold bank stocks while they were supposed to be overseeing the debacles progress and the fixes. (062809d)

Mike Elk reports on the "logic" of banks when handling foreclosures on commercial properties such as factories and production facilities. (062609m)

From Daniel Schulman we hear of Wall Street "Hires the Liar" to burnish its image so that it, "the street", is viewed as "interested in change" is "part of the solution" and so forth. (062609k)

David Goldman has some details about the economic mess in the US. Factiods: 300,000 foreclosures in May alone, sub-prime AAA's are trading at about 0.25 on the dollar. (062109d)

From our madcap daffy advisor, the Mogambo Guru, we get some facts, governments world wide are trying to print their way out of the mess. No matter the risks. (062109e)

Edward Conway informs us regarding the "death of the dollar" which may be described as that of Mark Twain's, which is to say, exaggerated. Nonetheless, there are troubles and the potential for serious, even vital dangers. (062109c)

From Reuters we see a nutshell description of Iran's Federal government. Nice to know considering events. (062109a)

William Pesek talks about the thriller of the week, two Japanese men are found at the Italian border with Switzerland and they are smuggling in 134 billion, that's right, billion, dollars worth of US bonds. The number of questions regarding this impressive as are the effects it could have on the dollar, US policy, relations with Japan and more. (061909a)

Matt Renner reports on the "Bank Plan" to be unveiled. According to statements and information already available the idea of providing "consequences", i.e. punishment, to the greedy villainous bastards that criminally conspired to cause the ruination of the financial system is off the table, as are pay caps. To top it off one of the men, a Mr. Summers, who is in part of "the team" is one who led the charge in making deregulation changes that are directly linked to the fiasco. Sounds like it's good enough for the "big fellas" so it must be good, right? (061709b)

Chris Hedges has it that the "dollars days are numbered" essentially there is more and more incentive for nations to reconsider the role of the dollar as the "world's reserve currency" ()061609i)

Mike Whitney has an overview explaining the import of the recent rise in the 30 year fixed loan. It may be that the first "false recovery" is drawing to a close and we'll soon see repercussions in the form of economic collapse. (061609h)

Nick Turse gives us the word that a new cause of death needs to be coined, "econocide" which is when economic factors lead to suicide, death by cop, murder and mayhem. (061409g)

Wilson and Bogardus team up to illuminate the Senators who held stock in the banks that they bailed out. Nice work if you can get it. (061409c)

Jean-Marc Vittori reports on the "romance of June" why already people are giving the impression that "it's all over" as banks repay loans and worry leaves everyone's mind. (061209b)

Jim Christie reports on California's financial meltdown. A constricting revenue stream forces reconsideration again and again of options that will be painful. (061009e)

Mike Whitney gives us a general picture of the economic status: depressions change behavior, people become frugal and savers, loosing "everything" does that. Deflation may be the rule for some time to come, although Zimbabwe type hyper inflation is a nagging threat which, it seems, which only government mismanagement could heighten. (060909e)

Here is an article with nice graphs that shows how this depression is very much like the last one, waaaaay back in 1930 or so. (060909d)

" 'GAO found that it was 'nearly impossible' to ensure that offsets really were additional. It concluded that offsets present 'a significant regulatory challenge' and should probably be viewed as a temporary measure at best. 'In practice [offsets] have proved impossibly difficult to successfully implement without fraud,' writes Michael Wara, a carbon trading lawyer and coauthor of a Stanford University study that found that one- to two-thirds of offsets authorized by the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism didn't represent true emissions cuts. 'Even in the presence of a tough regulatory system…that is working hard to get things right…lots of counterfeit carbon currency is making it into the system.' " What this means is that not only do carbon offsets not do what they're supposed to, that is, to reduce carbon production and reduce global warming, but they can be gambled with, just as the housing market was. And this is the road we're thinking about traveling on again??? (060909b)

From Arienna Grody comes the report that Americans are less and less welcoming to illegals as the economy tanks and they become viewed as threats to job security, such as it might be called. (060609k)

Adrianne Appel outlines the "benefits" of the Chrysler and GM bailouts, Neither company can be held to account for dangerous defects in their cars when people are killed, maimed or injured for life because of them. Nice. Now, who put that plank in the platform? (060609j)

Mike Whitney gives a simple overview of what happened in the US financial sector, we get an indication of how big the "fake money" debt is, some 20 trillion dollars worth of vapor loans to "ninjas". (060709c) However, the impression is that it may be worse than just that.

Garaeht Porter allows that the brouhaha over an "Iranian laptop with nuclear plans", which made headlines and hardened the attitudes of the west towards Iran actually was put together in Israel by the Mossad. (060709b)

Maggie Fox reports that 60% of the personal bankruptcies are related to an individual's health care costs. It reflects the cost of not having a health care system that "works" for individuals. A prior article reported a similar figure for small businesses too. (060609e) David Swanson's article relates directly here, it says that the US taxpayer, the one's supporting the current "Health Care System" and who provides the "bailout billions" wants single payer health care. (060609f)

Julie Haviv reports that the 30 year mortgages are rising, and fast. This relates to a previous article concerning the confidence in the US dollar's value. Longer termed US bonds, even those in the 10 year range, are not selling well and their rates are rising. (060609d)

John Lee speculates that if the other recent/modern economic crashes are considered as a model, then the measures used to describe the one in the US indicate it will be difficult and some years in length. (060409b)

W. Joseph Stroupe has it that the long term outlook for the dollar is dropping even as the day to day confidence in it weakens. What's left are short term bonds, say as long as a year or so. What this means is that confidence is waning and troubles therefore loom for a currency that is made of thin air. (060409c)

The article continues to give hints as to what may occur if the Treasury Bubble breaks ... not pretty at all. (060409d)

Yet more on the bailout billions and how the banks are killing the workers, this time it workers pension plans that are being drained of cash and replaced by GM shares. Such a deal!

Nick Turse, introduces the term, "Econocide" another "post Bush" neologism, meaning someone who commits suicide due to pressing financial considerations directly attributable to the Bush Administrations "ripple effect" on the economy of this man's world. (060609a)

Persistence, the story by Patrick Rucker tells of surge in home sales and confidence in the economic sit/com. There has been a sprinkling of these stories, no use getting excited yet, this time next year will be telling, or should be. If we are still "guessing" and seeking confirmation well, we'll have some years to go then.(060209d)

Seems like one vital and "leading indicator, globally speaking, bespeaks of a long time before recovery, how do you recover from an 80% loss? One wonders. (060109a)

An excellent summary of what was uncovered of the housing bubble when it was "still a'bairnin' and then even as it commencet t'grow on sumthin' tuurrible like" So, it argues for consequences, reasonably so, but will any real consideration be given to something more than purgative? (060109b)

Tim Paradis, has some reflections on the recent spate of moderately good news from the economy. Every few months a raft of indicators are reported, quarterlies are coming up in this case. The key is this quote: "A turning point in sentiment indicators is not a turning point in real indicators," said Bruno Cavalier. (053109d)

Here Lynn Adler saying that the downturn in the housing market is tied to the unemployment figures, makes sense, but then they say that we may have another year or so before we see the bottom of "this thing". HMMMMM (052809c)

Pardon the "bankiness" of this article but it seems to me that Pedro Nicolaci da Costa is saying that the US is having "Peter pay Paul" and that it's not working out all that well. (052709c)

Hundreds of banks with problems that's the news for the nation. So one wonders where all the "bail outs" will end. What end are we rushing towards? One wonders, so see what Margaret Chadbourn and Alison Vekshin think. (052709b)

The "Dollar Crisis" is that what we'll call it? China is still buying some dollars but for how long? I don't know that anyone thinks the government is "big enough" to bail out the banks, the insurance companies, the auto industry and the housing giants of GMAE and GMAC. Whaddayathink? (052509f)

The "keystone" to what remains of US prosperity is in China's hands. They are STILL buying US treasury bonds despite the slipping of the dollar. They have bought in so deeply over time that it seems they are committed and must be hoping that the dollar and the US economy will recover. (052509b)

To: J. the H.,

I found your phone number after thinking I'd lost it.  That's how the great minds work. Thanks for this but you did send it to me. Usually another friend sends me things on this theme.

The article was clear.  I understand the gold standard's role in keeping the economic system balanced. With it there was a physical limit to the wealth, credit or currency that a nation could have. So if one nation produced a lot and exported to another, over some years, the gold would have to be exchanged between those nations to clear their outstanding overall balance.  A nation loosing gold would have to reduce its money supply and an inflationary cycle would ensue. The nation gaining gold would have to print the money it backs and so a deflationary cycle would ensue for them. Once both those cycles were underway the trade balance would reverse and settle at a medium. Without gold-linked currencies this check on credit growth or debt growth nations could rack up titanic debts or credits until it becomes unstable.

To wit, the US has been a nation with a negative trade balance, effectively shipping off tons of dollars to China and elsewhere. These dollars created massive credit and this credit had to be invested: we had things like the savings and loan bubble, the dotcom market bubble, the housing bubble and, briefly, a global commodities bubble as well as the banking bubble. The bubbles burst because the amount of money going into them inflates prices to levels which are not sustainable for one reason or another and collapse ensues.

I think that the article should have mentioned what makes this bubble's popping worse than all the others. In sum, as I see it, all the others dealt in things, savings and loans, stocks and bonds, houses and commodities and, in manipulating them, caused the cyclical crashes. Primarily, I would suppose, because the items being dealt with were finite while the printing of money or the granting of loans or credit is not. In the case of the derivatives however, the bubble had nothing to do with something or, at the same time, had everything to do with nothing. By that I mean to say, while governments and businesses can manipulate money or goods and services - in the derivatives market anyone could create debt by taking a debt package, repackaging it and then reselling it. A theoretically endless series of middlemen can thus be created. The rest is clear, generating debt, which is to say contracts describing a promise to pay over time, became a business in and of itself. Banks found a way around their limits and Bush the dumber turned a deaf eye to it all.

It was this sort of "wealth generating" that was left to grow in the dark, as it were. That's what makes this bubble worse &endash; without the gold standard, without a limit of referent a black hole was opened in the financial sectors and the debt is dragging reality after it.

The immense amount of debt was securitized and sold as if it were a "real" asset when in fact is was just a promise to pay. It is something like the old "trickle up" theory. And it worked as long as the housing loans were productive and growth continued in the markets for then the money trickled up in streams which went into flows and finally floods which were siphoned off by all the investors along the way.  A skyscraper economy was built on promises, essentially, and eventually the draw at the top dried up the source at the bottom and the thing had to "go down"

A long time ago the book "The Wizard of Oz" became a sensation, what is not known by many is that the book had a lot to say about the issues of that day relative to gold and silver standards for money. (052409e)

A global overview examining the roots of the global downturn. The writer posits that the dollar is due, overdue really, for a collapse. When is debatable, as is whether or not it will be an inflationary or deflationary cycle that takes the Uncle Sam's greenback down. (052409d) It all goes back to Nixon Not a part of the solution? Yup, the SEC, under George, aka "monkey balls" Bush, was compromised and so was its mission to be a watchdog. (051809b)

While banks get billions, hundreds of thousands of foreclosures go through in the past month, at the highest rate yet. The official unemployment rate is just under 9% and that figure is definitely soft. What gives? Not the banks, they are making out very well, thank you. As for Joe Sixpak and Joe the Plumber on Main Street, well they get squat. (052009d)

A bit of risk appears for the US dollar. For the moment it is down, what happens in the next few months will be telling. (052209e)

The housing slump continues, with a few signs of upticks. (051809b)

Workers taking over work places is one of the solutions to saving jobs in declining economy? (051909c) And a sneak peek at the car debacle.Vulture capitalism is "doing its thing."

That crazy Mogambo Guru guy continues with his rant regarding the coming crisis. Out on a limb for so long no one I know pays him heed, yet, intuitionally I think he's on the right track (051609a)

The "stress test" for those banks reveals that they are in a weak condition, fragile really. If another downward cycle begins many will be in serious trouble, hundreds of billions worth (051509a)

The problem with the economic crisis is the solutions being applied which are, of course, not that at all! (051509e)

GM has the "bankruptcy blues" and could go through the process. The auto "industry" could shed 90,000 jobs when GM and Chrysler close outlets. (051509c)

Just how much money are we, the US citizen/taxpayer, laying out to save the bloated butts of bureaucratic bastard bankers? I'll bet you think it's nearly a trillion dollars or two, by now. Well, it totals out to be much, much more than that - with even MORE to come, or go. (051309a) And the overview of this sit-com is simple, the US does not know where a trillion dollars have been sent, nor how any of the rest is being used. (051309b)

So, why don't we have some of the bail out billions going to Credit Unions? These institutions are healthy and have not had the problems that the bilker's banks do? Whassupwiddat? (051309d)

This is what a job loss situation looks like when it gets worse, mind this is not "bad", but as losses mount one wonders why people talk of a "recovery coming soon" (051209a)

As has been mentioned the Great Depression began with a bang but then had some ups and down on its way down. The recovery we're getting whiffs of may be one of those. This article explains that the profits being claimed and the bounce of the market is mainly due to cost cutting, layoffs and the reduction of expenses, not the rebound of sales, the movement of product or delivery of services. In fact April saw 620,000 jobs lost. (051009a)

With a decline in housing prices and "underwater" properties declining, you would think that letting properties be sold for "something" would be a no brainer, however, this IS planet Earth and the banking/investment/securitization/housing/crap/mess won't allow it, here is why. (050909b)

Where has all the money gone? When asked a spokesperson said "I don't know" so much for spending 9.7 trillion dollars. (051009c)

It seems corruption is bad for your health. I mean really. Just think about what cannot get done and needs to be ... there is your hidden agenda and money flow (050709a) And here is our favorite "whipping boy" in that theater, the bankers who "own the place (050708b) This, despite the fact that the banks are still "not doing all that well". Seems they could use a few dozen billion more, I mean what's that between friends, close friends? (050709c)

They say, "The banks own the place." When "they" say that they are usually talking about congress, but now one might add in the White House too. (050109f)

Can't say as I blame the Chinese for not wanting to buy our "good debt" when so much is going wrong over here. If the do "cut the credit line" we'll be forced to find "some other place to sell our debt. (050109a)

Chrysler goes under the knife, unkindly so, it seems (043009d) And then we have this from GM They're being "restructured" too (043009f) But it is the IMF saying that the worst has yet to come (043009g)

The emergency food system in New York City is seeing stress as resources are tested (042709a)

The optimists who see these last few weeks as a "turn around" may not know history: as the Great Depression several it too had "rebounds". (042409e)

There is a considerable bit of noise about how recent good news is a sign that we've "bottomed out". Well, we haven't. Slosh enough money around and its price goes down, interest goes down and it becomes easier to get and so it moves around more. But jobs, confidence and optimism are all in a short supply. (041309a) The salient quote is this: "the American Worker does not depend on Wall Street; Wall Street depends on the American worker. Destroying the American worker to save the investment banker truly defeats the system." (041309b)

I guess this might be considered good news; the criticism of the financial "rescue plan" is sharp and on target, but the kicker is the part where we learn that the US cure looks very much like the one the Japanese used, and well, their economy never did really rebound even after ten years. Is that what we want? (041209e)

A controversial solution to the "crisis" can be found in historical examples, such as what president Lincoln used to deal with the financial crisis precipitated by the government's need to borrow to finance the Civil War. (041209d)

A handy guide to "how to recognize a recovery. Again although it is not 100% bleak, there is no solid indication of a turnaround by most of these measures. (041209c)

To finance things both the US and England are offering government bonds, but the appetite for these is in decline, for practical reasons. It reflects the growing perception that investors are not optimistic. And if government balance sheets and recovery efforts depend on them ... well? (041209b)

The funding crunch hits states and local governments as property tax revenues decline. There is a bit of a silver lining, those who can buy can do so (041209a)

The upshot of this article is the prediction that although we are seeing some momentary "growth" there is another shoe waiting to drop. Accordingly the writer argues that another 50% drop in the stock market is due and the threat of hyper inflation grows. (041009b)

Taking candy from babies? Taking money from the older or elderly? That's what is being proposed, cutting Social Security in the name of fiscal responsibility? When trillions are being handed out to incompetent boobs willy nilly? Angry? Well, if this gets past get ready to learn the meaning of that word. (040909c)

Some traces of good news after Wells Fargo reports out its own. (040909a)

The thinker here posits the threats that loom as the bailout waste expands and the bubble, sadly in need of inflation, is not reexpanding, it is contracting. (040609c)

The FHA taking some of the heat for working on the housing mess now sees some problems emerging with ... foreclosures. (040509b)

The "Old Regime" in France being compared to the financial elite of this day and age? Interesting and illustrates the difference between the European and American experience of history. (040209b)

The Slate for 03/30/09 is mostly economic, but the kick, so to speak, is the latest wrinkle in the housing mess, banks "walking" away from a house. By no foreclosing they leave the maintenance responsibility on the one time occupant, nice! (033009b)

Seems like some places are doing well, like Subic bay in the Philippines, where storing unused cargo vessels is good business. (032509c)

The Slate for this date 03/2409, has the overview of the economic mess which seems to have some mixed points, but no one is crowing yet. (032509b)

Another kind of 9/11, this time the terrorists were homegrown and very well to do, in fact, many still are and living well in our land of the free (032309b)

The headline says it all, as credit froze banks loaned hundreds of millions to insiders, yup, more garbage to be cleaned up (032309a)

AIG, how the crap house became a defecation spewing bunghole of unending financial feces. (032109e)

More on the Trillion Dollar Bond Bailout. Where will it end? (032109c)

Housing markets keep loosing out despite rescue packages, bailouts and more which have not stanched the rising tide of red ink. (032109b)

It may be that the world is tiring of the US and its dollar. If the dollar looses out to a "basket" of currencies will we still be able to "go on" as usual? (032109a)

This guy says it roughly, and maybe he should be president? Keith Olberman in 2012? All for one and one for all!

Seems like some spoil sports are spoiled brats who wouldn't know what honesty and constancy is, especially as applied to the rule of law or integrity. (032009a)

The Slate issue for 03/19/09 covers the mainstream complaints and debates about AIG and the now trillions of dollars being printed to "fix" things (031909b)

The AIG scandal, scam what am, has some hidden pain for those of you interested in reading about where the money goes (031809c)

The AIG fiasco, imbroglio, brouhaha or whatever continues with cash just sloshing all over the place! (031809b)

Housing starts take an uptick? Good news but does one month's figures make a trend? (031809a)

Disaster and Capitalism, the Repuglicans and debt. More Indonesia's they cry! (031709a)

And more detail on the AIG scam what am. (031709b)

This is the full explanation of how, over the last 30 years, the economic "flowering" we have the luxury of experiencing now came about, something called the (031609c)

Read this story, it is short and gets attention with this: "A.I.G. bailed out to the tune of 165 billion taxpayer dollars and proceeds to pay executives what is now approaching 300 million in bonuses" (031609a)

The explanation may make sense to someone, but AIG is, to say the least, a public relations disaster that colors citizens' perception of the whole bail out mess (031509c

An "I told you so" tale of the economic crisis, which, it seems, could have been avoided had warnings been heeded and not the slap of hard, cold promises. (031309e)

Mentioned some time ago, was the business development loans on track to go belly up, another fine mess (031109a)

Mortgages still taking their lumps (031109b)

Just a clue, an example of how the rescue, bailout, whatever is dysfunctional or appears so. (031009a) As the scale of the problem grows its depth becomes clearer, unfortunately (031009b)

Well now, how much is enough or too much?after 145 billion in bailouts some banking giants are still woeful and troubled (031009c)

An overview of the overviewers view on our economy, but I guess it's not news to anyone out there, its bad (030809a

Auto and housing sales drop as do the stocks low, lower and lower still. (030309b)

Does slavery produce your produce? If you are talking about winter tomatoes, then yes. Read on and try Whole Foods. (030309a)

This article talks about the "panic phase" that is just beginning these days as the sell off continues, accelerates, broadens and deepens. (030209d

Switzerland having troubles? Banking and loans going bad as the economies that they loaned billions of Swiss Francs to, mostly eastern Europe, go bad as do their currencies. (030209c)

Financial problems globally cause nations to look toward those that seem to be weathering the storm, Germany is one such nation, while the US seems to be stuttering along, but only for the moment as the issues, pardon the pun, are in doubt. (030209b)

The Dow and other indexes reach 12 year lows on the continuing bailouts and rising fears that that there is "no bottom" in sight. (030209a)

Housing values accelerate their losses. Obama's plan, worth some 75 billion dollars seems small in comparison to a projected 20 trillion dollar loss over the next year if trends continue. (022809a)

And the Slate report has an overview that seems to be mixed, but isn't all that much really (022509d)

An overview of the business world, the optimist sees a turn around, maybe in 2010, with a lot of "if thens" And AIG looses 86 billion, that is AFTER huge bailouts. (022509c)

The Slate for 02/21/09 is mostly money, money and more money and the problems everyone has with it. (022109c)

Big Bank Bailouts Burn Billions, that would be the headline, maybe, but it seems the efforts to keep these bloated bureaucrats bumbling (022109b)

The global downturn continues with another day of "bad news". Even China has unemployment problems and it appears that hope is not happening. (021809b) And more of the same in part two of the article (021809c) The Slate from this date: 02/17/09 has coverage of the meltdown and more, always a nice overview (020709e)

The latest evidence in demonstrates that the bail out has not increased lending, much, if at all. (021709c)

What, more bad news? Well yes and it is widespread. Last year, as the slump got underway I predicted, to friends only, that the Dow would retreat to between 7000 and 7500, everyone said, "no way, that would mean a loss so great that we'd be sunk. "Well, hello, guess where we are? (021709a)

What's a few trillion between friends? I mean really? The perspective here is that the economic problem we have was caused by to much new money' much of it I the form of securitized debt and this new money and too much new spending" over the past few decades that produced the inflationary booms in the prices of stocks, bonds, houses and size of governments.(021509d)

But expectations are lowered and the GD Repuglicans are obfuscating with abandon meanwhile some dolts like Rush, the oxy-contin man, Limbaugh has reportedly claimed that this is the "Obama recession" bizarre that! (021509a)

More on the recession, an overview of global and domestic problems, the trend: uglier and uglier (021059b)

A brief on gold, oil, currency and the fragility of the economic system globally. Some have been saying, week after week, that we can't have more weeks like this but we do. (021009d)

What? Another plan? This time two trillion dollars are being mentioned? WHAT? (021009e)

Meanwhile good jobs get the ax and no one seems to understand, in terms of the actions they are taking anyway, what the hell to do about anything. (021009f)

Why wont' Repuglicans support the new economic stimulus plan? Could it be because A) because it's not theirs, B) because money is being spent on people, well at least some is, C) because it might work D) they want to delay a recovery so that they can take back congress, claiming Obama's plain failed or E) all of the above? Your answer is E. (021009a)

Here, for example are some specifics related to what was originally planned and what has already been given up. (021009b)

January job losses continue to mound and revisions of some prior data only make it worse. There is no up tick in sight. (020609b)

Reuters page from 02/05/09, just the blurbs and headlines, gives a bleak economic picture for the day. (020509e)

People who should get unemployment are not. Not because they don't fill out forms, they do, but because the offices are loosing staff just as the demand for their services are rising. (020509b)

Madoff, apparently the "scandal" was reported on, and not just once, whistle blowers blew their whistles nearly 40 times, reported to state AG's and to newspapers. (020409a)

Banks not loaning after they take the bailout money, meant to help them do just that, so what's up with that shit? (020309c)

One consideration of our Obama's bail out is that much of it won't be reaching the people any time soon and the economy IS tanking. (020209c)

Job losses continue on a large and unsustainable scale. Desperation becomes common as the ration between job openings and seekers runs about one to four. (013109f)

The one, largest employer in the US is hiring even as everyone else is firing, that would be the USGovt. (013109c)

Economic facts are not good, some statistics are the worst in 27 years. (013009b)

And the Slate 01/30/09 portrays some facts and other nuggets that portray the economy as the number one concern in the US media. How about that? (013009c)

A dump on the DOW and, according to other stories markets around the world went south. However, there is still hope, Obama's plan; will it rescue? (012909b)

The salient point of this article is the mentioning that the US share of the 'great black hole of debt" is in the tens of trillions of dollars and mentions that what with the losses in the stock markets, housing, jobs and the devaluation of the dollar, my list, we've not accounted for half that debt. What Obama may wind up doing, eventually, is using the printing press to turn an deflationary depression into an inflationary one, and so buy our way out of the debt by "inflating it away". A hard choice (012809e)

Obstructionist Repuglicans fight against the Obama's rescue plan because it just might work. (012709c)

As for the Repuglican plan here is the salient quote "The public was told that the money would be used to loosen the frozen credit markets and thus help revive the economy. But as the article pointed out, there were bankers with other ideas. John C. Hope III, the chairman of the Whitney National Bank in New Orleans, in an address to Wall Street fat cats gathered at the Palm Beach Ritz-Carlton, said: "Make more loans? We're not going to change our business model or our credit policies to accommodate the needs of the public sector as they see it to have us make more loans." How's that for arrogance and contempt for the public interest? Mr. Hope's bank received $300 million in taxpayer bailout money (012709f)

And so AIG is reportedly laying out 450 million dollars to retain about 400 employees whose department brought the company down. Odd that, no? No! (012709g)

What proportion of the bailout will make it to the non-profits that are a big part of the social safety net? Well not much from what I can tell, but this article makes the argument in favor of their inclusion. (012709b)

Globally 70k job losses are announced in a single day; that is an unsustainable pattern (012609h)

This Slate goes here, dated 01/26/09 mostly for the economic news bits, though there is enough on the wars to warrant its consideration (012609g)

The Mogambo Gambit, a funny little column from Asia has some basic facts which indicate that major currencies are devaluing relative to gold. When cash becomes worth less and less, gold, of course, goes up. When cash becomes so devalued it becomes a problem on a day to day basis we can all say this person told us so, and for a long, long time at that. (012609f)

Here is a bit of acidic commentary from Greg Palast, regarding who SHOULD be secretary of the treasury. Maybe a flaming snot of gibbering greed is what we need, someone who can trade turds for gold? (012609a)

Housing starts and applications for unemployment both provide poor numbers. Optimists see some hope for a turn around this summer.,But it is bleak for now. (012209a)

Banking in England is having a rough go of it. They are thinking of printing up money, just as the US is and has been But such plans may not work. Also, inflation is nearing zero. Wouldn't this mean

that interest rates would fall and then, so would the profits to be gained from loaning and other banking activities? Just a question. (012109b)

Seems like banks in Euroland are not loaning much after their bailouts either. Seems like the commonalties in solutions are producing commonalties in results. (011909a)

Overseas banks have trouble too, the Royal Bank of Scotland, for example (011809f)

Where has the bailout billions gone? (011809c)

Meanwhile the banking industry has only one area of growth, the estimate of the losses which range up to 2 trillion (011809e) Historical models

News of Hope!

Bill Moyers interviews Howard Zinn, "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God." Says Susan B. Anthony. (121509d) great set of quotations sprinkled in the story

In the good news category we have David Miliband and Bernard Kouchner report on a movement for the control of arms shipments. Of course I don't expect that this means military aid arm shipments. (111209a) Then we hear from Jeffrey Donovan that small farmers could be the next means by which capital flows are expected to address poverty. Give the dough to those who know; that's what my uncle said. (111209d) Then we have a report from By Nicholas Kulish who gives the death penalty folks a run with their money; a man is given a life sentence for the murder of a pregnant woman, in court, as she is about to testify against him. He is given a life sentence the nation, Egypt, from which the woman hailed seems to think this is a good decision. (111209e)

Richard Spencer in Dubai reports on the phenomenon of converting cell phones into the means for providing credit to receive food aid. (102909a)

Erom Brockovich, yes that's right, is still fighting for clean water against the titans of industry. (102709d)

Maria Armoudian has a good news piece, that is not just fluff, but details the growth in the economic value of coops and other forms of alternative economic enterprise organizations that are "under the radar" as far as the common mind is concerned. (101009a)

Belinda Goldsmith helps us understand the term "upcycling" which is different than recycling and has its advantages (100409a)

Mark Engler reports on a "green victory" way over in England, seems they know how to protest effectively over there and got a court and then their government to agree, amazing what a free people can do! (081109q)

Ben Hirschler reports on "green cement" in a carbon careful world, it could be a boon. (080609e)

Andrew Sparrow, Larry Elliott and Heather Stewart report that in Britain the govt. is letting people use the internet to vote. I submit that this could be done on a larger and better scale and to much greater effect to inform the government of the will of the people. What a concept. (071609c)

From Robert Shetterly, provides a commencement address to High School Seniors, it is good, to the point and, well, a valuable read. (061709f)

Bill Quigley writes about , "Gerard Jean-Juste, the man in Haiti who would be liberator who survived dictatorships, the ire of the US, and was worshipped and protected by the poorest of the poor. (060209c)

In the hope category, India's farmers and finding the green in organic farming to be appealing and practical. (060109c)

Some places have decided to go green in a big way, Gregioire Alix reports from Apeldoorn, Netherlands with the skinny on this scoop (052809c)

When we turn away from petroleum power we look at lithium batteries which work, but then the supply of lithium in the world will not be able to meet the demand created by hundreds of millions of vehicles that will be built. So - we've another bottleneck. (052509c)

One of the Jenna 6 speaks out and we are cast back to read the words of Martin Luther King's "been to the mountain top". (040509e)

Some large portions of the far west of the US are getting more protection, a step forward in the effort to keep America beautiful. (032609a)

Seems like this is a relief of change for Appalachia, a questioning of "mountain top" mining. (032509d)

Something old is new again, organic no-till farming is seen as a way of sequestering carbon and improving the environment (031309b)

Europe's way of coping with the slow development of Solar Power has now reached Florida - will it catch on? (031309c)

Green fuel? Some progress on this front with cellulosic biofuels. (021609d)

Euroland bans a number of pesticides and limits the use of others (012709)

Some News from our "storied" Past:

Christopher King
talks about blow back. Looking at Pearl Harbor that way and then, of course, 9/11 and more. What is clear is that the US has been dead bang intent upon making the world after its own image, or for profit (120809c) and then there is this, the ICH for 12/08/09. Nice read about some happenings in the US, UK, Israel and more. Nutshells all. (120809d)

Henry A. Giroux, recollects a seminal article, if small, that takes all the mysterious "big pieces" of the puzzle and puts them in an order that makes the picture clear and in so doing, disturbing. The Powell doctrine, no not THAT Powell, caused little notice some decades ago, but as the article posits, it could be called the formative battle plan and foundation document of the "Reich Wing" conspiracy tin foil had brain dead, wing nut, head up their ass, factor in American politics. (100109a) This explication informs the reader as to why any "liberal" meaning non-corporatist, progress is so difficult for Obama or those that preceded him. Brad Reed, as if to support the thesis of the Powell doctrine, provides a concrete example, the "Health Care Debate" of 2009. (100109b)

Kim Cranston has a wonderful piece titled: "Humanity's Greatest Challenge and Its Solution" (092609f) I'll bet you won't be surprised at either.

Pepe Escobar provides us with a partial reprise of the "unasked questions regarding 9/11. There are 50 of them here. A few years back there was a longer list, but this one is long enough for me, now, not that they'll ever be satisfactorily answered. (091209a)

Noelle Burgi reports on the last great Labor battle in England as the "Iron Lady" broke the miner's strike to forward her counter revolution, recall we had Regan who'd busted the Air Traffic Controllers and the conservative sway was underway over here. Over there the "new order" broke ground that has not been redressed at all. (090909a)

A look at two mass murders My Lai and Lockerbie, how the perpetrators were treated in comparison speaks volumes, which many would not want to hear. (083109c)

Andrew Zajac reports on President Nixon's "offer" to get Brazil's government involved with the overthrow of Chile's Allende. You may recall that Allende's death from over 70 machine gun bullets was legendarily labeled a suicide, which, in a way, was correct, he did buck the system after all. (081609k)

John Atcheson reports on the seriousness of Global Warming. The threat not only grows but is clear and present in current ecological changes world wide. Time is short and so he asks us, "Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" (081609h)

John Feffer reports on suicide bomber, our suicide bombers. from those aboard the USS Intrepid attacking enemy ships harbored at Tripoli to more modern tales from various wars in US history. We celebrate our martyrs much as our enemies now do (080709e)

Greg Palast explains how Robert McNamara lost WW2. A touching tale really, brief and worth the read. (071309b)

Michael Meyer reports on a wink that changed the world. This hearkens back to Cold War Europe and how reform came to Hungary and tipped the scales in favor of reform which saw the toppling of the Berlin Wall. (070609g)

Howard Zinn writes to remind Americans that the Revolutionary war was not as it seemed, he paints some broad strokes and sketches as to that. (070609b)

In the realm of "I can't believe she stuck us in the same place we were planning to stick other people", we have a reaction to "snowballin'" Palin's powerful perorations (070509d)

The Slate of this date: 07/05/09 and
there is some on Carribou Barbie, Palin, some on the events of the week, Iran, Korea, Housing assessment disputes and more. (070509c) "Air America" an airline that plied the skies over Vietnam was a CIA front. A bit of the story (041909c)

This is a review of the US/NATO war on Serbia in the 1990's. Object lessons included as well as some perspectives garnered after ten long years. (040909b)

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