Summaries of 2008, our seventh year: HomeGuard News

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January 2008 ... 01/05/08 ... The CIA and how it got it wrong on the tapes ... those in the know about the tapes had to know that the manner in which they were "kept" was important ... a reasonable "to do" list for the Middle East ... does the "Persian Gulf" go its own way? ... can the US hold onto to its 2007 gains in 08? ... The one Bush legacy that will linger on for decades: judiciary appointments ... the giant pork barrel no one gives much coverage to ... and why 2007 was such a "do nothing" year in congress ... more ripples from the housing mess ... and the best argument against nuclear power ... 01/12/08 ... When is a person not a person? When they're in Guantanamo ... George B, fuzzy on facts again as he lies again about the "run up" to the Iraq war ... Voter ID laws sweep the nation and target the electoral results for the 2008 election ... Sdrot, Israel, the front line takes the hits but keeps on "hanging in there" ... How complicit is the US in proliferating nuclear weapons, I mean besides helping Israel out ... can the US find common ground enough with Russia to make a difference?... more nuclear power plants despite the dangers ... 01/19/08 ... Antarctica has "the melts" in a change from reports from only a year or so ago ... what cost is Iraq victory? Well, I guess we'll find out when and if that happens ... the usual crap from Israel ... Sarkozy the newest lapdog pants after Bush the dumber in the Muddle East, he wants to build them nukes ... Bush the flip-flopper regarding Baathists reentering the Iraqi government ... troubling signs on the economic horizon, but who is listening anyway? 01/26/08 ... Some in NATO want a nuclear first strike policy ... Bush pardons himself ... Russia is even more feisty ... Gaza "busts a move" and puts everyone in a "tough love" situation ... Iraq, what more can be said? ... the sub-prime mess tops a trillion and the Saudis are about to check THEIR books ... states and cities get the double whammy ... and find out what the fastest growing corporate crime is!

February 2008 ... and let's see here now, deforestation is the number two contributor to global warming, right behind all the fossil fuels being burned ... the surge shows signs of souring and time is running out ... a new front in Iraq: Kikurk ... democracy for sale, or at least the impression of democracy with is the same thing as far as the US and the EU are concerned, image IS everything ... a look at Kenya and the players both inside and outside, lost of possibilities and Chad goes bad ... 02/09/08 ... More tipping points in nature and they're moving faster than we thought - this is becoming a theme repeated often now a days ... the US DOJ says it can't investigate what it had given an OK for, that means water boarding which was never done or only done in especial cases or out of the way places or not by US forces or only sometimes done or right or wrong or legal and or not legal ... Euro connection to nuclear proliferation ... loosing in Afghanistan - what does it look like? ... progress in Iraq has many, many faces and different time lines and disagreements and different futures ... from Africa the legacy of stolen elections in Kenya, Libya and fighting in various areas ... 02/16/08 ... Playing both sides against the middle we back both sides in the simmering Iraqi civil war ... Bush the Dumber defends torture on the world stage ... Iran and the US struggle for influence in Azerbaijan ... The Awakening movement is falling asleep? ... how to "load" a primary season and prevent the voice of the people from being heard ... 02/23/08 ... Saudis give a "heads up" on Lebanon if anyone is listening ... Sadr's truce is extended amid grumbling of the rank and file ... What IF it was Obama that was 0 for 10? ... who has America by the balls ? .... yet another, very painful, example of our Global Village Idiot's broken promises to our veterans ... and how the NYT "left handedly" helps John McStain

March 2008 ... and here we go, another good month, Gaza violence up, Iraqi killings up, the Afghanistan effort is more challenged every day and all three of the leading candidates speak of making the military bigger and none talk about "getting out" ... Russia, Serbia and Kosovo mix it up in the news along with NATO ... some interesting election information but nothing to get excited about ... well , maybe there is, you decide ... 03/08/08 ... Bush says torture is OkeyDokey ... military testing of "dust" on unknowing civilians and military ... KBR's secret to success: avoid taxes and more in the Caymans ... Fallon the bulwark against war with Iran? ... Gaza and suffering ... Secret to recent US success in Iraq: pay them off, it works ... how we overthrew Iran's government long, long ago ... and Pakistan's troubles only continue and become more complex ... getting India on board with an Iran attack has been difficult ... South America, the US hand and why we're not liked so much way down there ... 03/15/08 ... Hints regarding action on Iran, excluding the Fallon firing ... Russia is willing to help the US, for a price ... Tibet's effect on the Olympics? ... Repuglicans vote for Hillasaurus, it's all part of Limbaugh's plan ... the housing mess, Governor Spitzer, the feds fight FOR corruption and Bush the dumber still wants to make the air dirtier ... 03/22/08 ... separation of church and state? I guess that HAS gone out of fashion, witness Obama's "pastor flap" and the resultant comparison with McStain's ... Tibet has problems, but I think "they've only just begun" ... Alabama's ex governor gets to do the perp walk and the TV goes dark when an explanatory defense is given air time ... Iraq continues on but badly, very badly ... despite the recent good news why do so many of them not want us there? The housing monster keeps eating up cash like there is no tomorrow, 200 billion today and what will it want tomorrow? 03/29/08 ... the Fed's solution for the financial woes, give Wall Street access to a bottomless money pit and see if that works ... Iraq and its many surges ... but Bush the dumber says "normalcy is returning ... another slice of Antarctica cracks up ... housing continues to tank and the rate of value declination increases ... oh, yes, dollar woes and Russia makes a move on the Muslim world.

For these articles see: Second Quarter, 2008

April 2008 ... 04/04/08 ... very noticeable job loss headlines and people are starting to call it a recession ... more info on the military slow military build up in the Arctic ... how our man in Iraq has lost face and ground to the one time terrorist who is now hailed as a hero for putting an end to violence, of course Iran helped too ... violence continues in Tibet and my sense is that Tibet's time has come - even if not soon ... and what WAS the BIGGEST mistake G.W. Jackass made in regard to the GWOT?... some gulf states prepare for a nuclear attack on Iran - there will be fallout and then FALLOUT ... two US states fight over water ... and yet another way the Fed Govt. has of screwing over local governments that may be "out of favor" ... 04/13/08 ... McStain, or McPain, whichever, gets it wrong, Sadr didn't call for a cease fire, Maliki did, it WAS in the news, but he STILL got it wrong ... extra rumors of war in and about Israel, US military claims that hundreds of US casualties are attributable to Iran's activities in Iraq ... more centrifuges in Iran ... the housing mess expands to Spain and Switzerland ... everyone at the "highest level" of the Dimwad's administration was in on the "torture talks" except the "Great Weiner" himself. Now he can claim, as did his daddy before him, "that I was out of the loop" and check your cell phone for bloodstains ... 04/19/08 Our president reports that he agreed with and approved of the torture that was practiced by US forces ... Shouldn't we have a plan for dealing with AQ, preventing the next attack and disrupting their operations? ... Hizbollah and Israel gearing up? ... fortress Kabul ... food prices go up and so do problems created by it ... 04/26/08 ... a substantial increase in the number of troops attempting suicide or has data been "fudged" in pervious reports ... CondiGirl taunts our enemies and endangers our troops ... the Afghan war effort is in the hands of one man and he runs his own show ... the odd ball battle of Basra which someone must have won or something ... more rumors of war with Iran ... the "silent Tsunami" puts millions at risk without a headline ... the ubiquity of the Pentagon in day to day living

May 2008 ... 05/03/08 ... the Arctic and Antarctic both suffer from human induced climate changes but to opposite effect ... Iran, Iran Iran, the threatening rhetoric ramps up as do the ranking and influence of those who make them ... the Iranians don't seem to see it as serious, however ... the financial mess has roots almost forty years old - it all began in 71 when the dollar was made unredeemable and the secret fun began ... the bombing that won't go away - what WAS in Syria and why did the Israeli's bomb it, hush it up and why did everyone have a different version of the "real story"? ... Iraq devolves ... Bush and his friends the Moonies. 05/10/08 ... hundreds of thousands of disabled vets not getting the care they need ... as predicted ... in Lebanon and in Sadr City truces followed fighting which followed government moves against the "enemies of the US" in both places ... McStain's preacher man is a wowser ... Iran's red line remains where it has always been ... China makes moves and the south Asian arms race continues ... how empire ends - not with a bang but with a increase of the pump price ... 05/17/08 ... our wars of choice have troop suicide rates that are about five times that of the death rate and it was covered up by the VA ... hundreds of thousands of suffering vets have to struggle - this is honoring our troops? ... Arctic warming moves ahead of the computer models ... is the two state solution deader than the proverbial doornail? ... Another absolutely booming poppy harvest in Afghanistan is cause for a lull in the fighting ... Bush makes a jackass out of himself again, in Israel, at its Knesset - oh, excuse me, that's not news; it's par for the course ... Obama's problem of conversion 05/24/08 ... Mosul, Iraq is quieter but we're supposed to be after Al Qaida ... the Swiss destroy "explosive" evidence of their nuclear information peddling ... Lebanon, give the resistance what it wants and deals ARE possible ... Pakistan too learns that lesson ... Somalia, the new Iraq ... a chaotic year for Africa as hundreds of thousands flee violence, poverty, war and the weather ... nature, human kind, food, the corporation and capital flow - interesting combination of forces and don't forget greed ... flip flopper McStain ... and the mess of the Middle East goes back to the victors in WW1 splitting the spoils ... 5/31/08 ... Say, why do the Pakistani's give the Taliban a break? Is it because they have to? oil production declines in Afghanistan - because wheat prices are going up not because of NATO efforts ... Sadr holds on and then some in Iraq ... Carter "spills the beans" about Israel's nukes and more ... are we seeing the "end" of the American radical conservative movement? ... housing slump, bank failures begin, oil prices gouge everything and Bush is left begging and the Saudi hem ... fun and excitement for all.

June 2008 ... 06/07/08... the news marches on ... an isolated news report says that a nuclear incident accompanied China's recent earthquake ... The UN mandate which allowed US and allied forces into Iraq expires on December 31, 2008 - so what happens then? Currently the US is trying to find a way AROUND that and the Iraqi's are not all that interested in extending the presence of US and allied troops ... prisons on the high seas are "Abu Ghraib" proof ... the push for a war with Iran gets little traction but not for want of trying ... Afghanistan's uptick in attacks and allied troop levels signal a new round of fighting ... fixing elections Russian style ... Obama, AIPAC and the "issues of the day ... 06/14/08 ... Sadr throws a left hook and Maliki an upper cut, both react to the SOFA agreement that has NOT been agreed upon yet ... corn prices go up, partly due to "severe weather" read global warming ... Sarkozy the lap dog can bark at Iran all it wants ... Israel gearing up for another "summer war"? ... McStain has the killers on his staff warming up to his potential to deliver ... A politician from Louisiana is a possible VP but will he have time what with the need for exorcisms .... 4 trillion dollars lost so far in a housing mess that has not seen the worst of it. ... 6/21/08 ... isn't there a concern about nuclear proliferation - so why are hundreds of "things" missing? ... Israel does a "dry run" for an "Iranian gambit" ... meanwhile torture, American style, is detected, proven and made public and yet, yet nothing is done - amazing ... guess how we treat whistle-blowers ... US "policy" in Somalia has chaos on the increase and no sign of relief ... oil prices on the rise and news is soon to be released that the proven reserves of the world's 400 largest fields are not so proven after all ... and the prehistory of the housing mess 06/28/08 ... a naked North Pole can be happening this summer ... Obama caught in a flip flop ... What is McStain's edge? ... the "unsurge: of Iraq ... the housing and dollar crunch continues - no seriously homelessness reaches new "customers" ... Iran says it has the moxie ... Bush rewards N. Korea even though we DON'T get to deal with the bombs ... Zimbabwe falls

For these articles see: Third Quarter, 2008

July 2008 ... 07/12/08... Big time Iraqi leaders are telling the US it is time to go, will we? ... Iran, the US and Israel continue the "dare me - dare you" dance and while it all may be a show ... it may not be ... Guantanamo's torture techniques come from documents captured from the Chinese - I guess that is a state that knows how to torture - might as well learn from the best ... Afghanistan, Afghanistan, wherefore art thou? Who planned this anyway? ... the housing bubble bursts in England ... hurray, even more oil in Iraq ... Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get bailed out - its huge but a done deal ... 07/19/08 ... the Antarctic has evidence of its melt and consequences to its ecosystems, meaning die offs - not that the human factor isn't heavily involved in that ... Iraq's govt. has Bush the Dumber do an about face and opt for a timetable for troop withdrawals ... various Iran stories, attacks, flash points, meetings, and same old, same old but with a new two week deadline for what? ... housing and markets, they're talking trillions in these articles, some of them - I gather that this is serious judging from the ineffective action and the huffing and puffing ... Pakistan's unseen problems and Afghanistan's casualties mount, maybe this is the new central front, again ... 07/26/08 ... McStain says, in sum, "if we'd listened to Obama the surge wouldn't have happened and we would not see its good result" Well, apparently he's forgotten that he also fought against the surge, not to mention that Obama did not want to go into Iraq in the first place, as he did ... which do you prefer, "citizen soldier" or "warfighter" ... the arguments against torture ... why so much Turkey bashing by neo cons? ... a raft of stories on Afghanistan, US and allies loosing the "war of words", the "clueless candidates US prez, the narco-state and bombing brides ... The Iran dance ... deregulation of commodities markets produce deprivation and starvation ... China's economy and empire - some simple data points ...

August 2008 ... 08/02/08 ...Big ness with those almost forgotten anthrax attacks, experts, at the time, claimed that the anthrax "had to be from Iraq", when, in fact, it did not. Now these experts, and the "main man of interest" all lived cozily on the same base. So when the main man commits suicide right before being charged, well, one wonders who those experts were that set helped set the US off on a war against Iran, among other questions ... the US role in the Iranian revolution of years back ... a housing bill that won't start helping for several months and then will "get to" about 5 or 10% of the problem ... More from "flip flopper" McStain ... the bee die off - why didn't we simply ask those who knew? ... the ecological hazards of bottled water - do you have a drinking problem? ...Bush cronies cash in on Kurdish oil ... 08/09/08 ... Global warming and jellyfish woes ... Russia and Georgia at war - a flash in the pan? ... Obama and McStain's nuke plans ... Iran still doing the dance ... Pakistan's ISI reaches out, to China, Afghanistan and seems to be marching to the beat of a very different drummer ... mostly doubts about the anthrax attacker who was harassed into suicide from what is said as the "real" persons or persons STILL is running around free ... 08/16/08 ...nearly 20 stories on the Russo-Georgian War of 2008 ... Juicy tidbits: hints of John McPain's campaign connections to the "suffering nation" ... connections to oil, east west real politic and much much more! ... the EU looks at Russia anew ... Kikurk is a piece of work and everyone wants in = problems ... for everyone ... Voting problems are being foreseen already ... Happy Birthday, Dan ... 08/23/08 ... Russia STILL has not done as it was told and the "or else" kind of talk, thus far, has proven to be ... more talk ... tired of bad news, well there is some GOOD: California plans some big solar plants ... Russia ceases to deal with NATO and now a nuclear treaty is on the chopping block, thanks to Bush the Dimwad ... Oh Israel really would prefer to "deal with" Iran, at least the Hawknose faction ... the signs of unraveling peace between Sunni and Shia in Iraq as the clock runs out and a deal allowing US forces to remain gets rocky ... and don't forget Kikurk still sticking in the country's craw ... and another tid bit on the anthrax attack 08/31/08 ... Arctic melting keeps up its pace and it's carbon footprint may be hundreds of times bigger than suspected ... the Russo-Georgian War has repercussions around the world, as does the "new cold war" as its called Iraq Maliki has his "rendezvous with destiny" while gun battles erupt between the US supported government and the US supported "Sunni Awakening" folks ... Korea wants to jump start its nukes again, nice, very nice ... If LameBrain McStain could make a bigger error than the criminally suspect and inexperienced beauty queen cum governor, we'll have to see ... and, finally, in the "era of responsibility: those responsible for the housing mess, say they're not and no one is pressing them, not under this administration anyway.

September 2008 ... 09/06/08 ... Russia and the EU have some amenable discussions regarding Georgia, even though arms begin to flow, seemingly ... Cheney sticks his dick into it, of course ... arctic temperatures are rising faster than the other parts of the globe, per global warming models, this may be another record year of arctic melt down ... meanwhile Malkiki is "feeling his oats" in Iraq and seems to think he can do what he wants ... in the USA Palin is the silliest thing to be given a place on a national ticket since Bush 2, Cheney 1, or little Danny Quayle ... the India nuke deal moves forward and the hot button issue is still Iran, war or not. ... 09/13/08 ... What does a flash point look like before the flash, see the Black Sea ... Palin, keeps on talking and we keep on seeing just how disastrous she would be and how ignorant she is ... India gets special treatment ... not much from the muddle east this week, except Lebanon ... global warming's special effects on Antarctica seem to contradict previous stories but are predicted by global warming theory ... The neo-con crew's policies in a wreck, an overview ...0920/08 ... Palin gets ripped by a neighbor who should know ... Pakistan get permission to open fire on US forces if they cross the border ... Iraqi Kurds take territory that is not "theirs" but a weak government barely manages to take some back ... the economic crisis is being discussed as if corruption and various kinds of criminal activity were not a part of "the puzzle" ... Afghanistan has its time get tougher as the Taleban begin to "invest" Kabul and the needed troops are not really forthcoming ... 09/27/08 ... the political lesson of 2008 is that lying works ... Arctic melt is destined to warm the world with a vast trove of methane just now being released ... Painful Palin exposed by a "friend and neighbor" ... the never ending Kurds in Iraq story proves embarrassing for the "central government" of that struggling territory ... Russia makes more moves ... financial crisis? yes, should we pay for it? No.

For these articles see: Fourth Quarter, 2008

October 2008 .. this time and panic is in the air ... meanwhile US influence is no where near bottoming out in South America ... Russia steps up to the plate ... Afghanistan needs a new plan or something, maybe no drug kings in the government might be a first step ... The Iraq mess shows hints of unwinding and well things can just get worse ... 10/18/08 ... The Russians make moves as do the Chinese while Pakistan destabilizes, albeit slowly ... the Arctic temp rose about 9 degrees above normal in the summer of 2007, warmest yet ... Iraq has a paper deal with the US regarding how long our troops will stay, but "the people" don't like it ... check me if I'm wrong but if the bailout is 700 billion and the bonuses big time financial fat cats comes to about 70 billion isn't that 10% of public money being given to bastards that ruined our economy? ... voting fraud is a nationwide concern, but not by ACORN, by GOP SOB's who purge hundreds of thousands, even milions of voters using HAVA and centralized voting data bases ... oh, yes, this just in, McStain's a jackass ... 102508 ... Global warming is happening both faster and stronger than ever thought ... Pakistan has problems that just won't quit ... US and India plus nukes so China and Pakistan plus nukes ... the economic rescue plan in the US changes as the days go by, now we are bailing out insurance companies and the auto makers are getting in line ... Afghanistan' troubles mount as well ... voter suppression in the us reaches the 10 million mark ... McCain is tied to scandalous Bush operative who he fought against in 2000 ...

November 2008 ...This month begins with news that the Antarctic IS showing sings of the global warming effect as recent research updates the old, which is not that old ... a US raid into Syria has consequences in Iraq and the SOFA there ... the economic crisis deepens as Wall St. does the Yo-Yo dance over and over, the most recent "surmise" is hat the markets have stabilized ... Yes, I know and I'll stop laughing soon too ... The US election, days away, is being contested by many lawsuits already as voting machines are being proved, again, to be untrustworthy, as voters are being purged across the nation and people are voting absentee in record numbers already ... What will be the cost to the US, each of us here, when the piper has to be paid and the world holds us accountable for the misdeeds of this looser of a president and his wars? ... Pakistan's troubles mount and mount even as US cross border raids provide the opposition or resistance with popular support ... 11/08/08 ... Obama wins, everyone knows that, and thank God ... Just imagine how you'd feel if the "dark side" had prevailed ... recession is globally recognized, save in the US where the term is not in common use ... Pakistan gets pushy, at least in public, with US raids ... Iraq cannot get agreement with the US on the SOFA talks ... some exposure of the "truth" of the "facts on the ground" preceeding the Russo-Georgian war ... and other lots of economic reports that indicate the system is under severe stress and that there is no light yet at the end of the tunnel ... 11/14/08 ... The economic meltdown effects Russia, Pakistan, England and others ... carbon dioxide levels still rising and do you LIKE being a Monsanto experiment? ... brown air in Asia ... US: with half the bailout money accounted for the oversight committee has not yet been hired and no real relief for mortgage holders two headline promises for the program - oh, and it has changed its focus a few times since being put together ... Pakistan's war gets risky and Somalia sees its US backed effort falter ... 1122/08 ... Iraq's SOFA has a long way to go before it is approved and resistance is apparent ... what happens, on December 31st, if it is not approved? ... the world wide economic downturn is still gaining momentum with US markets doing the "yo - yo" moves and its government taking a "wait and see" position, so it seems, awaiting Obama ... election fraud in Ohio, a battle still rages ... Venezuela to get nukes from Russia with "love" ... the oceans acidify putting food chains at risk from the bottom up ... another report of GW's "legacy" the cess o man still makes stinky ripples ... 11/29/08 ... Trillions of taxpayers dollars committed to cleaning up a mess congress and unregulated financeers made ... Bush's midnight legacy ... Afghanistan's mess deepens ... Somalia is "lost" to the resistance ... Iraq gets its SOFA, but who will be the couch potato on it? ... oceanic acidification increases far faster than theorized, a factor of 20 ... US sells "bad baby food" for fun and profit , excuses offered ...

December 2008 ... 12/06/08 ... The big news is the quiet news: the arctic is warming faster than any place on the globe and it seems consensus is growing that it is past the proverbial tipping point ... the other piece concerns a form of pollution, noise pollution, which, in the oceans may be a very large if "unheard of" problem. In Afghanistan the front line closes in on Kabul ... the Lame Jackass Bush continues to leave his stain on the presidency ... economics: job losses average 400,000 per month for the last three months ending in November ... 12/13/08 ... a look at the "great" sub continent by Arundhati Roy considering the effects of Mumbai ... jellyfish blooms get back in the news ... what CAN Israel do about Hamas, Gaza, and the rocket attacks? ... escalation is the plan for Afghanistan are there parallels to Vietnam? ... the first hint of a "water war" in Asia? ... Greenspan says "oops" ... the economics 101 shows how awful things are ... a 50 billion Ponzi scheme blows up ... bond markets doing well, the US IS the place of refuge for liquid capital, but do we have a balloon inflating? ... 12/20/08 ... the global finance mess takes out the Belgian Govt. ... trillions of tons of ice melted over the past few years ... China preempts water upstream from India and Bangladesh ... Russia sells missile systems to Iran; the US sells to gulf states ... geopolitics and oil play out in the region surrounding Afghanistan ... other countries follow the US lead in dealing with the financial mess but do THEY KNOW what they're doing? ... 12/27/08 ... only a few more weeks to go then I can cease detailing the idiocies of George W. Jackass ... global warming increases more rapidly than previously thought ... Israel and Gaza are "at it" again ... Pakistan and India are having words but no one is saying it will come to blows despite rhetoric ... Japan is trying massive "make work" projects and bank bailouts and still it is not working well ... Cheney says he did have something to do with Plame and torture, but it does not seem to matter ... South America goes its own way ... and a piece on the legacy of GW "what a mess" Bush.