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January 2007 ... 01/06/07 ... This year gets off to a rousing start ... 2006 breaks records: number of journalists killed in action , China takes not of global warming, Iraq casualties on just about all sides of every conflict in that country have December as high mark of death ... Lebanon's dissolution simmers as divides widen ... Somalia's war spikes as a new front opens in 'The Great War", in the US the urge to surge faces resistance from many sides but Dumbledork in Chief seems blind, deaf and dumber than ever ... hotspots slated for increased heat the "weather of war" spreads ... several stories on the making and unmaking of Saddam, our one time "go to guy" ... and will the Democraps get ugly? 01/13/07 ... Iran in the Bush Man's sights, evidence, speculation, reasons, possibilities ... England declares all is going SO well that they are reducing their troops by a third. ... The US works op a coup attempt for Hammers ... Saddam gets parades and posters befitting his honor, how did we manage that? ... the Somalian front, the Islamic Courts are defeated, but fighting in the capital mimics, to my way of thinking , what is happening in Baghdad, namely chaos. ... What is polonium and why is it so dangerous? ... South of the Rio Grande they're actin' up and becoming' well, a new nation ... Guatemala, those who are ignorant of history are bound to repeat it. 1/20/07 ... Iran in the sights, what is said and not said tells all ... the US garners some support ... a 300 year old feud gives us a clue about neighborliness in Iraq ... Kurds on the move in and about the country ... Iraq's new oil law ... April in Iran? ... how to make enemies, when will we EVER learn ... 01/27/07 ... Hezbollah shows muscle in Lebanon ... everything is going to hell in Baghdad, except cell phone service - its a life line ... Kurds don't want to help out in Iraq, and it is hard to go far when only a mile from the green zone battles are being fought ... outsourcing a war, Blackwater, and the other army we have there ... Somalia's capital getting ragged ... big oil and the SOTU

February 200707 ... Early February and the hype for a war with Iran continues even as ships, men and material make their way to the "theater" ... a brief on the post WW2 history of England who also made the choice between being an empire and a democracy ... How US efforts help Sadr train and arm his men, by the man in charge now ... Afghanistan the other war we've yet to make progress in gears u for another round of fighting ... Exxon Mobil fights for global warming confusion ... our laughable congress takes non binding action, or tries to, responding to an imperial president ... 2/10/07 ... Iran's in the sights, did I mention the draft may be back?... hope in Florida ... copters down in Iraq signaling change ... New Mexico's Governor comes on strong ... climate change is upon us, no duh!, and there are considerations ... Though republican congressional members don't think it exists, really ... 023/17/07 ... Iran is still on the hot seat as "big pieces move into position", Bush the "idiot prince" flaps his yapper and experts call it a disaster waiting to happen ... Lebanon still hold's its collective breath, on the brink ... anyone for a third war in Iraq? ... slowly shifting the large nations of Asia begin looking to each other more and together - reassessing the US ... A die off of honeybees in the US, falling Euro fish stocks and melting glaciers, in the news ... NYT and others champion a strike on Iran ... but complain that people don't believe their anonymous sources ... oh well! ... 02/24/07 ... Iran chatter builds even more, both sides flex military muscles, make claims, denounce the other ... Iraq seemingly can't get any worse but it does despite some modest improvement in Baghdad ... the Brits plan a pullout or whatever name you want to put on defeat ... Global warming continues apace even as some eyes are blinking at reports ... South American slowly grows more distant ... Darfur continues as a crying shame and Sudan pushes its neighbors around ... in the US severe poverty reaches more people, corruption is given an escape route and the housing "industry" has some bad days

March 2007 ..03/02/07... Ramping up for Iran continues, a surge for Afghanistan, mission creep keeps our forces "occupied" ... if we were concerned about funding and arms reaching Iraqi resistance maybe we'd better look elsewhere than Iran ...Al Qaida beefing up and getting ready, more than ever? ...Darfur's oil is being mapped out ...Global warming's sting in France ...Laura Bush's revelations on Iraq, you know it's just that one bomb a day that makes it such a problem ...03/10/07 ... The state department hires a man who believes we are fighting WWIII ... a missile system that will or might work ... updates on "the surge" - another bloody day, no plan B and the resistance adapting, of course ... how to talk nuclear war without REALLY talking about it, the dance with Iran continues, but who is leading? ... Mogadishu cum Baghdad? ... Russians planning new weapons systems and more ... Lots of global warming info ... the presstitutes inaction indeed, several juicy stories that did not make the cut for prime time news. 03/17/07 ... Plame gets coverage and there is sniffing about White House folks ... Baghdad, the surge and devilish details ... lots in the Mother Nature category ... it's Iran this, Iran that ... what the hell is going on anyway? ... housing bubble gets to go the way of all things? 03/24/07 Iranians grab Brits and talk tough ... Brits go bye bye battles for Basra bust out ... in the US scandals make it into the press, Plame, US attorneys, Abramoff, FBI lawbreaking ... another front "lights up" in the GWOT - see Yemen ... Iraqi's in a survey say ... unkind things regarding the US ... how we've helped Iran get into Iraq ... Pakistan's leader, crossing a "bridge to far?" ... Darfur, the tragedy continues ... 03/31/07 ... The fake war over the war, what really was passed by our Congress ... the Saudis going "off the reservation" and calling us names? ... our DOD says we goofed it big time in Iraq's planning ... Iran, what can I say, the Brits have their maps, but who cares? ... Mogadishu the "mini Baghdad" ... Dollar woes, sub prime loans the "sleeper - spoiler ... how economics effect the antiwar movement

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April 20007 ... 04/07/07 ... Bush and terrorism, you wouldn't think that he'd be on both sides of the fence talking out of both sides of his mouth with a fucked, uh, I mean forked tongue? Wouldja, well wouldja? ... the life span of a poorly trained arrival in Iraq: 2 hours ... "CIA and cocaine" ... Saudi Arabia's camel nose snuffing it's way into the muddle east's morass ... McCain on tour in Iraq and he still says its better ... after rumors of an attack on Iran nothing, yet ... Devolution in Darfur how the players play ... if you attribute a story to "anonymous" then whose to say you've misquoted someone, but hey we TRUST the media don't we? 04/14/07 ... as tax day looms we've only scattered reports, a bombing inside the green zone, Sadr's million-man march, and the email scandal at the WH. Not a lot bet enough ... 04/21/07 ... The surge in death totals continue apace in Iraq and inquiring minds want to know, is it squeeze the balloon or whack a mole? ... Congressional oversight belatedly picks off Gonzales? ... the "battle for Taiwan" continues ... and what does North Korea want, plan? ... 04/28/07 ... Korea and Myanmar become fast friends, China looks on and smiles ... Pakistan, the closer you look the worse it looks ... Africa, and the rest of the equatorial world faces climate induced water shortages ... various USA corruption stories ... ordinary errands in Baghdad require extraordinary courage ... large scale election fraud still bubbling up and the DOJ scandal turns over a new rock

May 2007 ... 05/04/07 ...May begins, so far no attack on Iran, but where is the Nimitz and a couple of other aircraft carrier groups as well as others? ... the predictions for the polar deicing have been to conservative, even though they were "radical" not but a few years ago ... the track record: how well has the Middle East been transformed and democratized? ... terror attacks are up and this up tick is related to operations in Iraq ... word up on "the surge" ... Mogadishu = Baghdad - but are we getting our "bang for the buck?" and a n article on hubris ... O5/12/07 ... Pakistan is near to bursting at various seams what will come after its current master is the questions ... Fort Dix, the sitcom of the GWOT continues - I'm glad we can catch incompetent, infiltrated wannabes who give themselves away, must be dangerous work ... fear and lying over Iraq ... welcome wagon magic in Baghdad ... Iran "plans" and our generals reservations ... Russian oil wars ... China's changing face ... global warming's effects on ecology and a raft of other items, in the US WH emails that were lost are found ... some mailed to the wrong G W Bush ... and the usual cover ups in the press ... 05/19/07 ... An up tick in the three way war in and about Israel, actually four way, Israel, Hamas, Fatah and Chaos ... Admiral Fallon has both balls and guts ... progress, at long last in Iraq, now it IS the epicenter of resistance to the West ... vast quantities of Iraqi oil are "missing" ... when will we call it a failed state? ... Pakistan's instability is increasingly evident; it is just a matter of time before someone else is installed in the ruling circles, but who? ... The rampant and fevered idiocy of John Bolton ... China repeats the mistakes of 18th century colonial powers in Africa ... the US attorney scandal boils over and Gonzales gets the boot, or did he give it to himself? ... 05/26/07 ... Arab nations line up for advice on how to go nuke, if its good enough for Iran ... George W. Dumbass gives himself complete control over the government in the event of a national disaster, I guess he's planning ahead ... Darfur, oil, colonialism, cold war, corruption, proxy wars and much, much more! ... Even Myanmar wants nukes ... Iraq's surge is "not making it" I guess reality has a way of checking things ... And HURRAY! We have yet another proxy war in the making, Lebanon teeters and totters with idiots fighting over who will hold the match to the fuse! ... One hopeful sign is that at least someone in the military wants to put the "crazies back in the box"

June 2007 ... 06/02/07 ... a lone man scares the airlines to fits and makes headlines, a story that hints at much, much more. another plot in NYC at JFK too - big plans consisting mainly of talk ... considering that Iraq's most interesting export are terrorist teams, I guess Bush is right, I DO feel safer ... A new Hamas tactic reduces an Israeli town's population ... Turks and Kurds, Lebanon's fighting ... Pakistan's civil unrest ... the Afghan war ... new arms race with Russia ... then there is massive vote fixing scandals festering out of the attorney scandal, mother nature hitting back and much much more! ...060907 ... Women and children in our secret European camps for "high value targets? ... the JFK plot fizzles ... Tony Blair shows "how corruption is REALLY done ... fighting spreads in Lebanon, slowly ... Turkish incursion into Iraq? follow up stories conflicted ... chaos and casualties in Iraq, now news in that ... Somalia continues to slide away ... where the neo cons get their bucks ... their 40 year plan ... the GOP's candidates hah! 06/16/07 ... the US and Israel's pressure on the Palestinians pays off, Hamas gains control of Gaza, Fatah controls the West Bank but garners little respect ... what's wrong with the US left? ... a few pieces on "bomb bomb bomb, bombing Iran" ... evolution, most repuglicans find it "still questionable as do their candidates for president ... handing off Kikurk for a short term fix - no one notices, much ... the battle of Lebanon is underway ... read about Iraq's "startling progress" 06/23/07 ... funniest lead story that isn't one is the 1200 dollar a weekend male prostitute's many overnight stays at the White House - a one time press corps plant, has another trade to ply ... the surge is working as mortars hit the green zone regularly and casualties climb ... the "Diwaniya, melt away"... the mother of all scandals, Bandar Bush and his Billions ... in Palestine the old government is dismissed so that money flows, even as some violence grows ... Lebanon hangs on, a miracle of daily survival ... Pakistan IS unstable but then who is saying that or doing anything about it, really? And the VP doesn't think he's part of the executive branch, nice. 06/30/07 ... Hey we control, have a presence in half of Baghdad! ... Iraq by the numbers - it does not add up ... Congress challenging the Toad in Chief? ... China's moves in South America ... Russia redraws maps and the US is unprepared, the usual under its jackanape ... the US and Israel's role in birthing Hamas, once seen as the "alternative to Fatah -oops ... car bombs in London found by accident ... Kurds and the Turks: the latter more impatient and itchy on the trigger finger ... housing market woes ... and Pakistan has a brand new place for terrorist activities!

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July 2007 ... 07/14/07 ... apologies for being out of town and not posting last week, the upshot is Russia talks about scrapping a treaty that prevented arms build ups ... Pakistan gets blow back for its Islamabad Mosque operation ... Al Qaida seems to be on a media surge ... China worries its neighbors ... punishing a nuke proliferator Bush style ... we're ahead of the enemy in Afghanistan, in killing civilians that is, oh well ... There's more but you'll have to read for yourself. 07/21/07 ... Musharaff and Pakistan: it IS getting dicey with protests and peace accords breaking down and the US applying threats and pressure and militants demanding more ... BushOff goes for MORE executive privilege and Plame is still not out ... stats for Iraq are, well, mixed at best ... the upside of the downside in Iraq ... Lebanon, oh well ... Iraq misses 10 out of 10 benchmarks and we begin handing out guns ... and FINALLY we've gotten back to square one with N. Korea ... Russia readies the new cold war and new weapons to boot ... Democraps get lots of laughs from me - read on why ... 07/28/07 ... Well, let's see ... Saudis and the US not seeing eye to eye ... so we give them billions in military aid ... the prez sez all torture, uh, I mean interrogations are going to be legal ... Palestine the leader decides to be a decider ... Afghan suicide bombers are "different" ... Iraq: just arm everyone - is that our plan? ... Musharaff reaching out for "support" ... lots of global warming stories, some close to home ... Housing market hell ... US sinks N Korean vessel with radioactive cargo as it heads for Iran, what you DIDN'T read that ?

August 2007... 08/11/07 ... The US housing market makes worldwide headlines, explanatory details and a look at what is at stake ... black market weapons "flood" the Iraqi region and "people" complain ... electricity and water get harder and harder to find ... in Iraq, hired guns the "low ball" approach to security has its "draw backs" ... and how corruption has become the "second insurgency ... another election, in Lebanon, "goes its own way ... apparently not having enough to do the US may be considering strikes into Pakistan ... the India nuke deal, it would be nice to know WHAT it was/is and Russia makes more moves ... Paraguay and the new US approach to the region ... and, finally, selling off America ... 08/18/07 ... Where to begin: lots of Iran stories part of their armed forces is a terrorist group, despite our past partnerships with them ... Padilla convicted but not the way president Cheney would want, there WAS a trial ... a promise of "persistent conflicts ... Petraeus' report to be written by DC hacks ... Hamas has high morale ... Afghanistan's bungled billions ... Russia flexing military might and making more moves than ever ... Iraq mess is messier ... in the US spy satellites for everyone, insecure borders to the south ... the dems crap out again and further rights erode ... 08/25/07 ... Bush uses Vietnam "experience" to rationalize the Iraqi blunder, you read the quote and decide what does he mean ... a block of Asian nations coalesce into a form - the US policies give it impetus, and the US failures give it opportunity to feed ... the north polar ice cap is the smallest ever with the end of the "warm" season still a month off the pace of the melt exceeds recent models ... Iran still in his sights while his administration looses its main players - are the rats jumping ship? ... Edwards has some words to say - it was nice to hear them.

September 2007 09/01/07... British defeat in Basra ... no one notices because it is in slo-mo ... France gets to be our "Great Hole's" latest lapdog ... Shia's and Sunnis now have a 50-50 share in attacks on US forces ... an unung chapter on 9/11 the case of the confiscated video of the pentagon: why can't we see it? ... attacks in the capital and than opium is up, waaay up ... people STILL claim the war is working as is "the surge"... IED's are the killer, the group in charge of US tactics regarding them is in disarray ... the chatter on Iran escalate even as plans and preparations seem completed ... changing tides in Asia, Pakistan's leader weakens, Russia waxes as does China ... Polar ice at a record level with weeks of summer wrath to to ... tales of the last superpower ... and some notes of hope! 09/0807 ... Nukes headed for Iran and plans laid, ready to go? ... vast, vast corruption Iraq and the trouble with becoming a "hired hand" if you're ever hurt ... G. Bush and the WMD lies, caught out again ... Lebanese forces finally take a camp ... Riverbend posts again, welcome back ... ethnic cleansing reduces violence in Baghdad along with the surge, which gets the credit? You guess ... the "Great Game" gets an uptick in a most unlikely but historical location ... record breaking weather keeps coming and so do looming crises. 09/15/07 ... Much information about the surge, Iraq's overall status the difference between a DC view and a street corner view of the place ... regionally the nations seem to be arming and "allied" forces are redeploying in Iraq ... the civil war that is not being named and the regional backers on both sides ... and all the rest of the news lots and lots of little surprises 09/22/07 ... France and the US see "eye to eye" on Iran? ... war talk is heard loud and clear in Europe ... measuring the "success" of the surge ... the Israeli attack into Syria mysteries that don't make sense ... financial troubles for the US dollar ... why didn't Greenspan speak when he could have? ... 09/22/07 ...What event in Iraq may be worse than Abu Ghraib? The Senate gives a thumbs up to declaring portions of Iran's government and military a terrorist organization &endash; clearing the way for what? The coup to follow up the coup of 2000? While the US and others want sanctions on Iran many in that group are doing a "good bit of business" with Iran. And I wonder what Rather would rather be doing? Some think his backing off the Bush/Vietnam story allowed Bush the Dumber to win in 04. Shame is the story was around in 99 and could have stopped him the first time &endash; but thanks to our "free press" …

For these articles see: Fourth Quarter, 2007

October 2007 10/06/07 ... Israel's foray into Syria produces a number of stories, statements and theories but since most everyone involved is not "really" talking one wonders - Iran was looking closely at the matter as well, for obvious reasons ... Pakistan has reached 60 years of age and, well, age has not been kind to the place ... Sudan has its problems and maybe more on the way as a contest heats up between China and the West ... Blackwater gives the Iraqi resistance a boost ... the evidence for an attack on Iran comes from an unlikely place and there is STILL intent in the air ... Arctic ice coverage at a new low as "unusual weather events" reach a new high and, taken together, make for a large scale catastrophe, but no one is watching so it's all sidelined ... 10/13/07 ... We want the Turks to leave the Kurds alone, but we call them genocidal murderers and have allowed the Kurds their own turf and severely crippled Baghdad regime so an attack is in the offing ... Iran and the US heat up rhetoric, displays of arms and Russia is still their friend while becoming "distant" from the US because of our "lovely" policies ... The race is on for a "black gold" rush into the Arctic where "suspicious defrosting" is perhaps going on and making exploitation so much easier - I've a couple of "progress" stories from Iraq but these ARE overwhelmed with what is going on overall ... even the Brits are shoving off for home again ... don't mess with Repuglican agendas, they GO after 12 year olds, no matter how sickly or needy or truthful. 10/20/07 ... Abizaid says Iraq was about oil ... some calming in Iraq but problems overwhelm progress ... Pakistan heats up with Bhutto and Musharraf making nicey nice ... until she talks about how the bomb that almost killed her had her consider the source ... Vermont's late peepers show global warming's cost, speaking of that Atlanta and other southern states are feeling the "sun's love" all the more these days ... Democrats cave again, so what else is new? ... Iran making friends and allies at our cost and the Turks "go their own way" and then what WAS bombed in Syria? Hillary backs bombing, maybe a kindler gentler bombing? 10/27/07 ... Several; articles on Global Warming the overarching picture is that it is happening, accelerating and "worst case scenarios" are being eclipsed by facts on the ground, by the way the ocean's chemistry is changing, par for the course, of course ... a flicker of good news from Iraq but the rest is not ... the Israeli incursion into Syria on a bombing raid is still in the news and Cheney gets his point across ... Iran's shadow in the Kurdish region and the Kurds making their way in the world while Turkey is impatient ... South American nations go their own way ... Rummy gets a served for his role as a torturer ... and the beat goes on ... 11/03/07... A nice bouquet of items, the surge is touted as being the reason for a lowering of death rates and attacks but the death rate may be climbing and buying off or arming tribes and groups may be contributing, short term, to this effect ... another 9/11 wrinkle, no one seems to know about the gold that was stored there, about a billion's worth actually ... Israel and Hamas getting frisky ... Turkey and the Kurds the situation continues to mystify those in the area, time is short - so it seems ... with Iran well, it is still any day is "day by day" ... China and Iran a summary and then the "race for the Arctic"

November 2007 ... 11/10/07 ... Casualties are down in Iraq but for SEVERAL reasons ... the country of dispossessed ... meanwhile all around Iraq other pots begin to boil ... Pakistan has the news for a while until a late breading story today has Kucinich getting impeachment on the table ... over Pelosi damn her hide anyway ... the reality of global warming seen on a local level from the drought region of the south east US ... and the absolutely staggering cost of the "Great Decider's" presidency an OMG experience to be sure... 11/17/07 ... Pakistan has seen better days, almost any one of them it seems ... global warming gets political and economic ... violence declines in Iraq but not solely due to the surge other large and worrisome factors are at play ... no war for Iran? That would seem the upshot of various stories ... frightening Repuglicans make a messy show of themselves in Iowa ... 11/24/07 ... Iraq casualties down, a job well done though doubts linger ... droughts in the Americas ... Russians use the "oil weapon"... Israel's nukes ... how housing eats away at the global financial markets with the big wave set to come ... the US underestimates its wounded, by many, many thousands ...

December 2007 ... 12/01/07 ... Power sharing in Pakistan? ... half of Afghanistan is lost ... Global warming the droughts world wide - a tour guide ... the puffery behind the perception of people returning to Baghdad because it is safer ... the long term problem of arming everyone in sight in Iraq ... Why haven't we gone into Iran yet? ... the building of camps in the US, holding facilities for hundreds of thousands of persons ... Beirut's descent into darkness and fear ... US navy fueling up in "The Gulf" and How the US lost the drug war, a six part expose from Rolling Stone ... 12/08/07 ... The great Dumbell, Bush the Lesser, appears uninformed, no surprise there but it IS regarding the Iranian nuke issue ... US legal representatives actually TELL England that kidnapping is OK by them, any time andy place ... Politics Pakistan style takes democracy in a new direction ... and Russia too, has its own "style" ... and a bit about how our news agencies "report" on Iraq ... 12/15/07 ... Another story on the progress in Iraq: how much is illusory? ... news from the Arctic and Greenland these places are melting far faster that even recent studies predicted ... Al Gore's Nobel ceremony is compared to Jerry Lewis in "The Nutty Professor" ... US intel folks playing the field and so the most recent NIE on Iran makes waves here and abroad ... Israel preparts to take anotehr bite out of Palestinian areas of Jerusalem ... another war brewing in the Horn of Africa? ... 12/22/07 ... Mercury is NOT back in the news but it should be, this time the source is our meds, nasal sprays, flu shots and such like so forth and so on ... stalemate in Afghanistan, which is not good news ... The CIA's tapes who saw them, when, what was said, decided and by whom - nice questions if you can get any answers ... Antarctica slipping away? ... AlQaida's year in review - wouldn't you like the skinny on those shenanigans? 12/29/07 ... The end of another year ... global warming takes more victims ... Pakistan takes a drubbing and chaos gains ... the US dollar and housing market take beatings ... Lebanon delays again and again the formation of a government ... Iran and Russia get closer ... you know if I didn't know better I'd think our Great Jackass in chief wants to ruin his own country for fun and profit ... what do you think?