Summaries of 2004, our third year: HomeGuard News

For these articles see: First Quarter, 2004

January 2004 1/04/04...Mad cow costs US and payback...Lying about Saddam...Paul and Tony can't keep their stories straight...1/10/04...Soldiers want out but being kept on the Iraqi machines getting printouts? warming: research says - it's more serious than the terrorist threats...our economic recovery: does "trickle down" ring a bell? 1/16/04...fractions and factions in Iraq...Bush, lookin' stupid, but he "soldiers on" 1/23/04...Scandal on 9/11 commission, it investigates itself... Iraq's WMD all gone in 91, we knew by 95 and confirmed before the invasion, so why did we go in?

February 2004 2/02/04...Cutting up the Iraqi pie?...Investigative and independent news reporting gets slammed by Hutton in England...And the Stupor Bowl rejects protest...2/704...The Iraq error, just whose fault is it?... the deficit, just whose fault is it? warming and the ice age, just whose fault is it? 2/15/04... Bush's "military records" even when cleaned up, look bad ...pre war intel and its the media soft balling Bush...2/25/04...Bush abuses science for politics and profit?...Election section looks at some facts Bush would rather you didn't...Iraq's Chalabi takes a lesson from Cheney, passing the mega - bucks...and in Pakistan the trial of Pearle's murderer is truly amazing for who is involved and the lack of coverage.

March 2004 3/02/04...attack on Social Security funds...Republican military vets and firemen don't like Bush...DieBold continues Black Box Voting... England's army almost didn't go, but a lie helped 3/10/04/..Haiti's Aristide what's the story?...Bush/9-11/Electioneering antics: why can't he be real?...Got Jobs?...are the Kurds in the way?...3/16/04...More hints that climate change is underway and large scale...a bit on the media giving a megaphone to bush during the "run up to Iraq" no thought of editing, criticizing, analyzing, or, god forbid, thinking...and Bush being asked to practice what he preaches, after he asks for proof of facts when Kerry makes assertions...3/28/04...Bad news for Bush, 9/11 commission how much was known and when, the classic "Watergate questions"... Rockefeller says Iraq vote was wrong...Spain drop outs from the "coalition of the willing"...and environmental threats that supersede all else.

For these articles see: Second Quarter, 2004

April 2004 4/3/04...A new front in terrorism's war: Uzbekistan ..Lots on 9/11 how the "official story" unravels Powell admits bad evidence...cutting funding for anti terrorist action...the STUPID media...and how to get fired by Bush: tell the truth...4/10/04...Contradictory Condi girl...Palestinians and Iraqi's find a link...our weapons hurt our soldiers DU...Bush's focus was on Iraq months before 9/11 and certainly after...the terrorist war expands into new territory...4/14/04...9/11 misses some interesting questions...Bush self contradicts in public and within minutes...Street words from Iraq 4/23/04...We have Diebold's bad ballots, or rather non ballot software playing some kind of role in California's election...Republican influence in Cambodia ... Funny job growth numbers...EPA being gutted, before our eyes ... Iraq's chaos foreseen but not heard, the pullouts, and nuclear waste for the taking. 4/30/04 Compare Bush/Kerry service side by side...Two brother's companies count 80% of the US vote? our newest nukes...Bremmer told us how they treated terrorism, he was prophetically correct!...Israel's nuclear whistle blower breathes "the free air."

May 2004 5/9/04...Ukraine intercepts cesium 137, hundreds of pounds... Medicare being dissolved before your eyes...and, oh yeah, war spreads 5/23/04...prisoner abuse moves up the command chain, hurts the war effort and more...the US election looms as fraud, HAVA, and touchless voting become controversial...Guilty of VWB? Voting While Black?...Seymore Hersh the hero.

June 2004 6/03/04...The month hardly begun and stories about Iraq rip offs, Bush talks well about 9/11's first responders but fights giving them health care, forget about the EPA's fudging about air quality...And don't forget dumping on veterans...12 questions about Iraq we'd like to see Bush asked... and we swell terrorist ranks and the prisons, well, stink...6/12/94...Finally, a major news outlet covers the 2000 election fraud in Florida, CNN's intrepid investigators hot on the trail, years late...US job news is not what it seems, Bush/Plame/lawyers and more...Insurgent victories in Iraq...the terror war not going according to plan...Iran proceeds with nukes...Cheney and Haliburton's billions in no contest contracts - he says he has no ties with his old buddies, well except for a mountain of stock options...Enron back in the news for F.......g California. 6/21/04...The remaining axis of evil nations N. Korea and Iran, now "sharing"...nearly 2 million votes not counted in 2000, how many this time? ... Kurds making their move...The "Plame Affair" heats up and fuels an intel war: our spies versus our spies...and a refresher on the 9/11 timeline involving the hijacking of the planes and our "response"

For these articles see: Third Quarter, 2004

July 2004 7/08/04...who is our enemy in Iraq...what is up with the Kurds are they in the way? we are handing over Iraq city by city to, well, Bathists, clerics and whoever ..Brazil won't let us in to see their nukes and want to sell enriched uranium, when do we sanction, threaten, invade? NOT...Oh, yes, by the way, Iraq? It's still a mess 7/15/04 ... Election: Nader takes Repub cash ... NAACP can't see Bush ... Continental drift/Allies away ... Pakistan asked to help out during Dem's convention ... Iraq, uh, still a mess, but no one is at fault say the Brits, US says everyone is ... Israeli nukes a nonnegotiable as is the fence.

August 2004 8/02/04... from the last week in July ... Bush sets sights on Iran ... Bush and Blair make up Iraqi mass graves and don't give US the proper credit for our contributions ... selling life insurance to those about to ship out to Iraq ... and is the draft coming baaaaaaack? 8/22/04 ... China in Sudan complicates the situation in Darfur, with the Janjaweed, the UN, etc ... the trial of Daniel Pearl's killer is interesting for who is NOT being mentioned, by everyone ... Pakistani government's involvement with 9/11 money ... goofing up intel for political gain during the Dem's convention ... Iraq's body count, we count it the way we want to ... loosening of safety guidelines at nuclear plants ... and media bias/

September 2004 9/06/04 ... 9/11 links between terrorists, Saudi Government and protection by US intel ... Revising the Constitution ... How Bush got into the Texas Air Guard his "angel" speaks ... Gargantuan Bush flip - flop - flips ... Poverty and Health care, losses for Americans at new highs ... 9/13/04 Bush gets the soft berth and still blows it and no one covers the tattle tales on Bush, but millions find their way to the "Swift Boat" people, Iraqi forces desert more than help ... in a time of terror Bush thinks that repealing the ban on assault weapons is a good idea ... humongous Bush flip flops that go unnoticed in the press ... 9/11 terrorists, Saudi Government and US intel all working together - to bad we didn't find out in time ... and, oh yes, a change to the constitution, need I say more? ... 9/23/04 questionable polls give Bush an edge ... who is "Bandara Bush?" ... more troops headed for Iraq? ... Bush and his lost trillions of dollars

For these articles see: Fourth Quarter, 2004

October 2004 ... 10/02/04 ... Eisenhower, long term Republican turns on Bush ... voting fraud in Ohio ... Bush's hometown paper in Crawford Texas goes for Kerry ... Bush had Osama in sight but did not pull the trigger, three times? ... battleground states get visits from scientists warning about global warming ... attacks by insurgents, increase, increase in size and spread over a wider area ... 10/15/04 ... Diebold's machines crash in election practice run ... more voter fraud in more states ... The hump on Bush's back during the debate ... Bush's awful economic record ... the CIA's war on Bush et al ... nuclear related equipment in Iraq disappears by the ton, by the building load and more ... Bush's horrible ecological record and isn't that enough? No? Well now we can chip lots and lots of people according to the FDA it starts out as a medical ID but it can do SOOOOO much more than that. ... 10/23/04 ... We have approval for "chipping" humans, of course it is on humanitarian grounds, patients unable to communicate can "give data" but then isn't it also "humanitarian" to chip violent felons, visitors from suspect nations, military personnel who are going into battle, an employee of a company with security issues, and on and on and on? ... top republicans tell why they like Kerry ... Lots of stories on voter fraud ... and what was Bush wearing under the back of his coat, inquiring minds want to know ... oh, yes, global warming, its not the big problem, its the tip of the iceberg and how reassuring is that? Can 500 national security experts be wrong and Bush right on Iraq? You decide. 10/31/04 ... Al Qaida said Bush is their choice ... Polls continue to be controversial ... Florida's voting fraud begins early, why wait for 11/2 ... electronic voting, paperless, traceless, unreliable and will account for a large fraction of Florida's votes and other states as well .. Pakistan ally or worry? ... Bush, tough guy on terrorism is gun-shy when it comes to Mr. Abu Musab Al Zarqawi a known killer of Americans ... Pakistan the proliferator is still our ally and the nuclear store's shopkeeper is still not talking ... WP lets Bush have it on the terrorism front ... Dems and Repubs, which "team has knowledge, experience and respect for combat troops? Read the facts ...

November 2004 ... 11/2/04 ... stories circulate about voting irregularities ... there are protests that are not covered ... voter fraud that preceded the election ... Bush, when offered Bin Laden, declined, and though this was some time ago no one seems interested in giving the story play ... the "hired guns" in Iraq are well at the very least questionable, but no one seems to care overmuch. 11/21/04 ... Fraud stories abound but not on the evening news ... In fact a lot is not on the media news, there are hints of a draft in Louisiana ... two thousand soldiers not showing for Iraq ... shotgun suicide at "ground zero" to protest the war ... Russia plans to unveil new nukes ... and 15,000 species, a record mind you, are currently endangered. 11/28/04 ... Election fraud 2004 is kept under wraps despite several states being involved ... The answer to the European query, "How could so many people be so stupid?" is found: what we believe, as a people, has little to do with reality and the bubble starts at the top with Mr. B. himself ... Fallujah fighting continues, after victory, after "occupation" and after the mess we've made of things continues to deteriorate ... and several articles that focus on the longer term prospects of the US in the world

December 2004 ... 12/05/04... stories from Ohio continue to surface, as well as stories from other states ... how we overturn elections overseas ... if Libya was no longer in the market for a nuclear bomb factory ready to be shipped from South Africa, well who was? ... macro economics are looking shaky, but who has time to notice that - its the holiday season ... meanwhile the euro trounces the dollar and another free trade zone looms on our competitive horizon, this one outsizes us and will comprise of China, India and a few associated neighbors ... 12/11/04 in OHIO protests, congressional hearings, lists of voting irregularities and fraud, computers that cannot be examined .... Fallujah out of the news but not done with the fighting ... Pakistan's role in nuclear proliferation ... The EU and a new free trade zone for China and India bring competition home to the US ... Al Jazeera has the ears of the Arab Nation and we don't ... 12/18/04 ... Ohio continues to bubble up and be ignored by everyone ... more alienation of the US most recently by Canada and South America ... Fallujah continues to be a combat zone, weeks after it was occupied it is still not safe for residents to return - you will remember we went in to secure the city so it could participate in the election ... how US "legitimacy" in the world has been knocked about seriously ... and several stories detailing long term prospects for the US, not a source of good news, overall ... 12/25/04 ... News continues to be ignored from Ohio, recounts, fraud, improbable results, all being ignored ... Oh, don't forget Florida and New Mexico ... How Bush works: creating a "day of the horse, to honor their role in history" and then to allow the slaughter of the wild herds for meat because cattle interests want the grazing land ... Media continues to ignore what would be the Bush top 20 stories ... in Iraq the Kurds are more interested in independence, some say we'll be there for 10 years, and voting in a war zone disallows large proportions of the Iraqi electorate.