Summaries of 2003, our second year: HomeGuard News

For these articles see: First Quarter, 2003

January 2003 1/01/03 Resistance? See 12/30 and 12/31 as well...1/04/03a Just how did flight 93 "crash" in Pennsylvania? Questions not answered... 1/07/03 More news from fewer and fewer sources...1/10/03a Bush and racism, not pretty. Bush and the rich, same old same old...1/11/03a Want to know which US companies helped Iraq build what we want to bomb?...1/16/03a Rumsfeld says Vietnam draftees "added no value" were of low quality... 1/22/03b Some Good News: France Vows to Block Resolution on Iraq War... 1/29/03 Frist gets a billion and 200,000 Gulf War 1 Vets get sick?

February 2003 2/03/03 Nazi past of Prescott Bush! Is George W. A chip off the old block/head?...2/07/03 Blair and Powell use a 10 year old graduate student's paper as "intelligence"...2/13/03 Resistance? The Pope, Nations in Europe, A reason for hope?...2/14/03 Powell lying? Making it up as he goes along? You decide...2/15/03 Powell and CNN lying? You decide...2/18/03a Senator Byrd, Telling it like it is, and still no news coverage...2/22/03 Religious leaders say: "No to Iraq war, Bush and NAZI's...2/22/03 Rumsfeld and North Korea, and he lets Al Qaida slip through our fingers?

March 2003 3/03/03 Why Graham decided to run?...3/08/03 US evidence for Iraqi nuclear plot found to be forged...3/11/03 Bush the first tells Junior he's not quite up to par...3/10/03 Humor worth reading, Bush contortions on the UN...3/15/03 We alienate Turkey, and "cook" our intelligence to a specific recipe?...3/21/03 So we defeat an army of 300K and create on of tens of millions?...3/26/03 Big and little, long term problems begin arise for the U.S. , Oopsie, baby?

For these articles see: Second Quarter, 2003

April 2003 4/02/03 Here comes the draft: If you drive, you might be registered already...4/17/03 Billy Grahams son preaches "Islam is Evil" and is on his way to Iraq?...4/27/03 The 9/11 investigation gets started with a bang. Read this one for sure!

May 2003 5/5-5/9 There is more here than I can mention. The "News is bustin' out all over"...5/15/03 So many stories here, updates of older stories, perspectives...5/27/03 Media Monopolies Multiply, Why everyone wants The Bomb

June 2003 6/04/03 The FCC gives away the media, US image deteriorates, and much more...6/18/03 People speak out, CIA, Senators, questioning the "Lie of Iraq"...6/29/03 Ministers knew war papers were forged, says diplomat... 6/29/03 Iraq's resistance war was planned for

For these articles see: Third Quarter, 2003

July 2003 7/1/03 Pressed to Distort Some Evidence by James Risen and Douglas Jehl...7/1/03 Denial and Deception By PAUL KRUGMAN...7/6/03 Is there anything left that matters? By Joan Chittister,OSB...7/11/03 A story on "paperless voting machine fraud + evidence for Bush as a liar ..7/15/03 Unraveling WMD stories, Rumsfeld's Revisionist Rhumba, and questions ... 7/30/03 Voting problems and concerns? Lots of information about HAVA

August 2003 8/19/03 Where have all the generals gone? A source for the Florida vote scandal, an inside look at Rumsfeld's workings, global warming, 9/ll and Tony Blair's troubles. A whole lotta shakin' been goin' on...8/25/03 ...The newsletter makes it appearance on this date. England's government is in trouble still, and we hear of the California recall and Arnie's Tales.

September 2003 9/6/3 Bin Laden's folks flown out after 9/11, Iraq's problems mount, a look at the mystery that is Pakistan, more on voting machines and a maker who vow's to reelect Bush, and serious indications of more foul weather to come, even though global warming is "not happening, or if it is there is not much that can be done"...9/15...What happened to the captured on the most wanted list, why have we not heard word one? How Wolfowitz can lie and claim to tell the truth ..9/20...Iraq's stories are unsettling, our General Zini has harsh analysis for Bush's policy. An update on 9/11 and the Bin Laden's escape from the US...9/24...We hear Powell admit, boast, that Iraq was not threat months and months before the war.

For these articles see: Fourth Quarter, 2003

October 2003 10/4/03 What seems to be going on, cause for hope? ... 10/7/03...Not really, Turks back into Iraq? A crazy California election, wow. 10/11/03...Diebold Voting machines effect results in California, you won't hear this on the evening news...10/15/03...Mislead into war, more wars to come, Turks in Iraq? What next?...10/18/03...A UN resolution for Iraq is helpful, not ...How we contract out in Iraq, not sharing the wealth...We hold the bag in Iraq...10/22/03...The US doesn't protect its soldiers, medically speaking, as required by law...Bush tax cut fails to produce promised jobs...Kucinich gives Bush questions that we're unlikely to hear answers to...More on DieBold's voting machines...Pakistan and Saudi Arabia trading nukes for oil? ...Lots on Iraq, the Turks, and how things are going well or not...Cheney twists and spins, a poll result to his own satisfaction...10/28/03...Voting machines aren't perfect, more troops for US troops for Iraq while Turkey's "offer" is shelved?...Why can England's media give us stories US media doesn't, and why they're under pressure.

November 2003 1/02/03...Iran and nukes will they? Won't they? Does it matter anyway?...Iraq, death, money, and some "good" do we treat these veterans? 11/8/03 ... Bush's speech gets Arab reactions...Just who ARE we fighting in Iraq?...Anti Jewish or Anti Israeli? There is a difference... How enriched uranium is a good idea. 11/11/03/..US coverage of J. Lynch... just how did we go to war?...11/17/03...Iraq problems compound, oil is not paying the way...who are we fighting...the money squeeze, terrorists have loopholes. 11/24/03...US considers giving up some control, Iraqification, allies, UN, who knows...and similarities to Guatemala of the Regan 80's. 11/28/03...US budget threatens US...Neo-cons loosing influence?

December 2003 12/02/03...Voting machine fraud?...Lack of a free or combative press...who are we fighting in Iraq, I wish they knew...and being out of step, again. 12/07/03...dirty missiles gone missing...US mimics the "successful" Israeli strategies in Palestine ..Electronic voting meets resistance ...12/14/3...Where to the Al Qeda millions come from? Why can't we stop the flow?...Global warming seems to be here, and ahead of schedule, a bunch of stories on that...We don't share the wealth of contract's in Iraq, but want those excluded to forgive debt?...stolen dirty missiles anyone? 12/21/03... Saddam gone, same-o, same-o? How was he found?... by whom?...12/28/03... President Musharraf's assassination attempts ..While 9/11 victims decide to eschew money and sue for the truth, amongst other things.