Summaries of 2002, our first year: HomeGuard News

For these articles see: First Quarter, 2002

January 2002 ... 1/23/02b ... An overview of the Greedy old party

February 2002 ... 2/06/02c U.S. intelligence agent who knew about 9/11 months ahead! ... 2/14/02b Bush lets Bin Laden get a pass, calls off watchdogs ... 2/15/02b New York Times removes, article on Bin Laden from 9/9/01... 2/26/02b A peek into how Florida's voting lists were changed.

March 2002 3/05/02b Democrats, Republicans, whose leaders have veterans?... 3/11/02c Ashcroft bizarre? Could be, could be ... 3/13/02c The Carlyle Group, what's up with them? ... 3/27/02b What is a "chicken hawk"? ... 3/29/02a Republicans, Money, and Taiwan's Government

For these articles see: Second Quarter, 2002

April 2002 ... 4/15/02c Why don't we hear what Gore has to say? ... 4/18/02b The U.S. and the Venezuela Coup? ... 4/22/02b The U.S. and the Venezuela Coup 2? ... 4/23/02a ..... Republicans, Money, and Taiwan's Government 2

May 2002 ... 5/02/02a An overview of US intelligence and 9/11 ... 5/04/02c A few hundred questions Bush et al should answer ... 5/07/02b World class microbiologists disappear, die, missing? ... 5/14/02a The U.S. and the Venezuela Coup 3? ... 5/21/02a The man who was called off the Bin Laden hunt.

June 2002 ... 6/06/02a Global warming, out of step with the world, but not with oil ... 6/28/02b Bush gets lots of laughs with his 9/11 joke!

For these articles see: Third Quarter, 2002

July 2002 ... 7/11/02a We have not forgotten Mr. Cheney, or have we?

August 2002 ... 8/08/02 Do we have suspicious people in our biological weapons sites? ... 8/15/02b Ashcroft wanting to establish camps for suspect citizens? ... 8/20/02a Ask Rumsfeld about it, it must have been a gas!

September 2002 ... 9/27/02b War is Peace. Where have I heard that before? 

For these articles see: Fourth Quarter, 2002

October 2002 ...10/11/02c Saudi Arabia, a terrorist supporter or close ally? ... 10/18/02 US Intelligence and CNN/Foreigners drafted for the US army? ... 10/18/02c Veterans of Operation Desert Storm, give warnings ... 10/23/02a BS shows a comedy on Election 2000, not the documentary? ... 10/29/02b US targeting of N. Korea encourages them to build their own ... 10/30/02a Freedom of Information, yeilds on Harkin Oil and Bush

November 2002 ... 11/08/02a A grand overview of Mr. Bush's lies, pride, attitude, and idiocy ... 11/11/02 Bush Lies, and a law suit alleging White House chicanery. ... 11/12/02 Voter Exit surveys dissapear, discrepancies with final results? ... 11/13/02 What is in store? Maybe no one wants to know? ... 11/18/02 Why do they say Saddam kicked out the inspectors? ... 11/24/02a Return to visit the man who said we knew about 9/11 ... 11/28/02a Why Kissinger should not head up the 9/11 investigation ... 11/20/02b Or why Poindexter, liar to congress, heads a security operation?

December 2002 ... 12/02/02 Some terrorists deserve citizenship according to Bush! ... 12/09/02 Questions for Kissinger ... 12/09/02 Iceland can fix their oil problems without wars why can't we? ... 12/20/02 Kissinger for 9/11? Can he ask these questions and get answers? ... 12/23/02 Who has the only copy of the Iraq Report? Why Republicans want Mr. Frist? ... 12/30/02a New Chairman of 9/11 Commission/business ties with Osama's Brother in Law