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So, why does he spell it that way?
I spell it: ((Cr((e(a.)t)(i'v)(e) (I'd)e(a)s because there is a tale to tell. It is a long bit of a story but as I have told it often I have learned to keep it brief.

Years ago when I began writing, I became intrigued with the idea of combining mathematical symbols with writing to effect the meaning of words in sentences. At that time I just put symbols in without any clear consistent meanings attached to them. Decades passed. Then somewhere, a few years ago now, as I was writing a poem, I chose a word and realized, as I did so, that its homonym would also work in the exact same place simultaneously. They both worked, not only in the line but in the poem as a whole. In a moment of inspiration I found a way to include both words. Simply using parentheses, and writing: (one) allowed me to indicate that I meant both the word "one" and the word "won".

Suffice to say that, as time went on, I began to see situations where mathematical symbols could expand the meaning of what I wrote by bringing out meaning from letters, abbreviations, syllables, and other pieces of words within words which were illuminated symbolically. Now, items within words, could contribute to the meaning of a phrase, line, or poem. As time went on several mathematical symbols were added to this vocabulary with forms indicating word roots and derivations, creating, in the process, a new kind of written expression.

And so, ((Cr((e(a.)t)(i'v)(e) (I'd)e(a)s was thought up in this context, as a translation from the English, to be understood in the following way:

Inside creativity the letter A is in parentheses to indicate the homonym, "Ah!". Then the pair of parentheses including the letters EA, with the period to be after the A, should bring to mind the abbreviation for the word "each". Then comes the parenthetical enclosure around "i'v"; this clearly indicates the contraction for "I have". Last, is the E, it is meant to mean the letter E as it exists in the well known formula "E=MC2" And so here it stands for the word "energy".

The interior words that are hinted at, indicated by the parenthetical framing of the exterior word, are to be understood or rather have its true meaning worked out as one might a mathematical problem, and that is to say from the center out, from the deepest part of the equation first and however in word equations one still reads from left to right when equations of equal depth are to be done. So the first word,"creative" has the following words or phrases in it, and they could be read in this order:

Ah, each, I have, creative, energy

To be punctuated and read as the sentences: Ah, each! I have creative energy.

The second word (I'd)e(a)s, then is simpler to understand it consists of the components:

I would: ah, ideas!

To be understood as saying that I would, meaning I will, should, and can, create ideas that would get clients to say "ah!" when they understand the quality of our thoughts, that is to say, their pragmatism, elegance, simplicity, or effectiveness. We believe that efficency is a the key to success.

This whole then is, poetically read as the set of phrases:

Ah! Each,

I have creative energy.

I would: ah, ideas.

To those who ask why such a lengthy explanation? The answer is simply that it is a way of demonstrating the depth of creativity I have experienced. Making up a new language? As a hobby? It is a sample.

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