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Creative Ideas: Services:

Sales has the listing of items in stock, items as diverse as How to buy an old used Car, recipes and ideas for epic disaster movies! Consider the Products page form items suitable for partnership in development or if you'd like to see samples from our research phase, please see: References and Samples

1) For writing services as well as written products: Writing: Main Page

I have many story concepts on file suitable for development into stage or screenplays. Others may be suitable for development as manuscripts. I can apply my writing skills to your professional needs or for special occasions. I have written letters, résumé's and other documents. I have also crafted poetry for weddings, made presentations, and given orations. I have been published, and am capable of expressing ideas in a dramatic, compelling and creative fashion.

2) Compositional Jam Sessions

As mentioned in the listing of products, I am interested in hosting musician's compositional jam sessions. We create musical patterns together and the participants take whatever they can use to create new musical pieces. Here are a couple of samples: A song, Christmas in the Air and a bit of harmonica music. I very much enjoy composition as well. I have several hundred tunes many of which are recorded. I can send one your way upon arrangements.

3) Ideas for inventions and product design

There are a wide range of product or invention concepts that may be profitable to the correct company, ideas that may in some cases be revolutionary in the sense that they are simple, practical, and easy to put into production. Creative Brainstorming Sessions allow either the development of new ideas or the alteration of others you already have on hand.

4) Creative problem solving, brainstorming

We enjoy Problem solving, in fact it is a specialty and available only upon the meeting of specific conditions which seem to vary with each case. Please write us if you are interested in what we have to offer in this regard.

5) Mentor Teacher for new teachers

I can offer services as Mentor Teacher. I enjoy my work with children in San Francisco and have mentored teachers in the district both officially and unofficially. I also have references which are available upon request. See: Mentor Teaching.

6) Creativity Consultations

I have a number of professional references as a consultant in the field of creativity at the following link: References and Samples feel free to browse through them. You'll see the range of persons and organizations that I have assisted.

And so I ask you- how may I be of service?

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