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Creative Ideas in Science Fiction

These are representative samples of my work in Science Fiction. I have chosen long and short manuscripts. In the classical style of Science Fiction, I have: The Idea of Metal and Weldon Tanner of the Beltways. In the Science Fiction and Fantasy area, I have: The Hiker and Hera. Last, for the kind of Science Fiction that might be appropriate for the Twilight Zone, I have: The Dreamer.

I have other manuscripts that I am at work on as well as plot mechanisms, plots and proto-scripts that I can use as a basis for consulting with others who are looking for ideas that might be useful for future stories, novellas, and novels in the field of Science Fiction. Here is some information about plot lines.

A finders Fee?

I am seeking an agent and/or publisher. Someone you know might be interested in representing me, if you help me find representation which results in publication I will provide you with 2 percent of my first contract as a finder's fee.

Purchasing copies of manuscripts?

If you'd like to have a unique copy of either of the novel manuscripts, The Idea of Metal, or Weldon Tanner of the Beltways, they are available. The idea of metal is priced at $55.00 while Weldon Tanner of the Beltways is offered at $70.00. This is payable by check or money order. For the prices indicated you will recieve an original, printed copy of the manuscript you select. It will be signed, attributed to you, dated and have a unique register number. This price includes shipping and handling costs. It will be a unique copy and I will keep a record of the order. Both short stories are available in the same way, but the price for each of them is only $15.00.


1. The Idea of Metal: Synopsis:

A brief overview that is less than two standard pages in length.

2. The Idea of Metal : Excerpt:

This is from the full length Science Fiction the full manuscript is about, 72K words. Recently revised and set for revision.

3. The Hiker and Hera, Synopsis and Excerpt:

This if from eerie Fantasy story of the same title, 4.9K words.

4. The Dreamer, Synopsis and Excerpt:

This is wonderful short story of about 2.9K words in length.

5. Weldon Tanner of the Beltways: Synopsis:

This brief lets you know the kind of Science Fiction tale I can weave.

6. Weldon Tanner of the Beltways: Excerpt:

An adventure story of courage, perseverance, and triumph over villians and, ultimately, lawyers. The full manuscript is about 170K words+ recently revised, set for another revision.

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