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Creative Ideas: Sales

This page contains brief descriptions of items that you can request by email. To purchase items email your request. Through email we arrange for a money order to be sent for the requested amount.

In your initial email specify which item(s) you are requesting, how you want them formatted, and sent to you. (There is a price differential for printed matter.) With your money order include your email address, what you requested, and the date. With receipt of these I email you to confirm its receipt, and send on the product as requested.

Please feel free to look at our Products page as well. There you will find newer items that are in development or for which interested parties are invited to discuss how a partnership or co-venture might be formed to bring the item to market.

You may want to look at the services we also offer, please see the following page: Services

If you'd like to see some examples of the work we did during our research phase, please see our References and Sample

1) How to buy a used car

This pamphlet is meant for persons who have very little knowledge about cars and yet are faced with the challenge of buying one. If you are without the help of one who knows enough about cars to really point out the reasonable buys from the proverbial lemons then this pamphlet would be for you. It was developed when I had to go about this task myself while being uninformed and unassisted. Yet, I managed to find a car that was suitable. This is offered up for potential publication by companies who are interested As a PDF file on CD: 10.00 ( this is now meant for older cars )

2) Writing and Manuscripts

For my writing services as well as written products: Writing: Main Page

3) Creativity blocks for writers

This is a small set of exercises that I have used because they were a good deal of fun. As a poet these came in handy for times when I wanted to work with some raw material, exploring the nature of words. Later, I found that others thought them useful for jump starting the creative process, available as a PDF file sent via email only, $15.00

4) A treatment program for Herpes 1

I have a useful program that reduces the severity and duration of my outbreaks. There are several aspects to the treatment and it is definitely worthwhile. Again this could be offered to publishers, but it would be a small pamphlet, available as a PDF file via email: $10.00

5) A recipe for the Super Smoothie

I have found this to be a noteworthy addition to my diet. I have successfully lost weight, in part because of this drink. I had to have something that was delicious, very low in fat and filling. The Super Smoothie fills that bill available as a PDF file via email only: 5.00

9) A Compilation of ideas for a Political Agenda:

I have developed a political platform, a series of ideas and proposals that would be the basis for development into a new party. This would be for those interested and agreeable to create a party based mainly in cyberspace, and would campaign through the internet. The goal would be to drive the dialogue of the major candidates toward solution oriented discussions. For more information see. Committee for Political Solutions available as a PDF file via email only: 10.00

If you are interested in current the "legacy of the Bush administration" I have collected thousands of news stories from the web, made commentary, saved links and archived the whole shebang. This collection may be useful for providing an understanding of how things went so wrong. On CD, several thousand web pages and other digital records as well as commentary chronologically ordered: 200.00

7) Rapid Depopulation

This is a collection of scenarios. Each has to deal with large scale die off of humanity. The scope or scale of these events range from those scenarios in which a 5 to 10% die off occurs to those in which one could argue for a 99.999% die off rate, virtual extinction. These each have a scientific basis, and a rate of probability which would not preclude their being used as a background or outline script for radio, television, cinema or stage productions: only available by negotiation and contracted arrangement

8) Food of the Gods, Wonder Diet

We have a diet plan that we distribute for free. This diet should be investigated by any one interested in health and well being. It is a text document about 14K in size, yet it incorporates concepts that revolutionize dieting. This is free to copy from the page: Food of the Gods, Wonder Diet available as a PDF file via email only, 10.00

9) Political Items:

These items are available for use from our website, we ask for donations, or contributions in kind, that is to say articles, information, useful quotations and the like Protesting Jury Duty several items will be sent. Capital Punishment and Right to Life (Arguments against Capital Punishment) School Vouchers: Revised and Revisited (How and why they could/should be done) These are available as PDF files sent via email

10) Prenuptial Agreement:

A proposed prenuptial agreement that can be purchased. It is meant as a model, free.

11) A contractual Terms of Use for a website:

This document is a compilation of ideas that have been sent to me over the years and collected into one place. It is meant as a model that I expect the purchaser will alter to suit their specific needs. available through email: $15.00 and printed matter: $20.00

12) Songs of Bush

This very short page contains songs written about Bush. Two of them are completely my own composition and I am hoping that someone will be interested enough to record them. I have to say that they are humorous, at Mr. Bush's expense, naturally. available by negotiation and contracted arrangements only.

17) Music Box Music

I have begun composing Music Box Music. These pieces of music are created on a glockenspiel and are suitable for different use as ringtones, alarms, doorballe type chimes and, of course, for music boxes. Take a look at the samplers at Chimes(for) A savvy computer user can use these for alerts and other purposes, making their time at the computer a little less hum drum. available through negotiation due to the range of variables.

14) Objecting to the Draft

A couple of documents that I've created, from contributions, that may help individuals understand what the draft process is like and something about conscientious objection. available as PDF file(s) via email

15) Clean up voting?

This is a suggestion for anyone who is interested in cleaning up the voting process used in the US or anywhere for that matter. I believe that the cost of "doing business" in this realm is worth the expense of making absolutely sure that each voter has absolute confidence in the process, that there is transparent accountability and that electoral results are provable upon request. Available as PDF file(s) via email

16) Preventing Credit Fraud:

A few simple ideas that may help a person prevent suffering from credit fraud. These ideas are not absolutely guaranteed, of course, but they are practical and most are easily accomplished. Available as PDF file(s) via email: cost 3.00

16) Playing Parker Brother's game: Risk - new rules!

This is a set of new rules to effect how this classic board game is played. There are variations of the usual rules, the "classic" rules from over 40 years ago, and my thoughts on how to make it more interesting, difficult or quick. available as PDF file(s) via email: cost 25.00

17) Recorded music,

There are many recorded compositions are available; all of these upon arrangements, free and I do participate in compositional jam sessions freely in San Francisco.

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