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Creative Ideas: Products

On this page you will find items that are in development or for which interested parties are invited to discuss how a partnership or co-venture might be formed to bring the item to market.

If you would like to see the products we have to offer go to: Sales. The items available are as diverse as "How to buy a used Car" to ideas for epic disaster movies

You may want to look at the services we also offer, please see the following page: Services

If you'd like to see some examples of the work we did during our research phase, please see our References and Samples

Special of the century: We have an interest in helping you develop your thesis! Creative ideas for consideration in the construct of your thesis!

1) For written products as well as writing services: Writing: Main Page

I have many story concepts on file suitable for development into stage or screenplays. Others may be suitable for development as manuscripts. I can apply my writing skills to your professional needs or for special occasions. I have written letters, résumé's and other documents. I have also crafted poetry for weddings, made presentations, and given orations.

2) Board Games

I have developed board games. These are games that involve competition, thinking and strategy, as well as problem solving. I have several completed with others in various stages of development. All are suitable for conventional board gaming or as computer games. Some are fairly advanced while others are deceptively simple. For example, if you are familiar with Parker Brother's "Risk", I have developed a new set of rules for that game making it a game of skill, intrigue, and true dynamic play. You can email me for information about this. The rules I created involve some principals of game playing that were originally created for another game I developed, however I have created a modified version of those rules to suit the game of Risk.

3) New Waffles?

A recent innovation of an old idea has me excited. This idea has to do with taking a wonderful food, the waffle, and creating a whole new market for waffle making machines. These would be very upper scale at first, but large corporations, resorts, and institutions would find interest in this idea which combines marketing and promotion.

4) Exercise Video with new techniques!

In the conceptual stage is an exercise video in which an all new exercise method is demonstrated. It is aerobic, low impact, requires no special equipment, and can be done at home or in the office. This unique system can be done by anyone and is open ended, that is to say, once you learn the principles involved you can create newer motions and routines. I have a major orthopedic problem and I have found these to be easily within my limited ability.

5) Musician's Compositional Jam sessions:

Musicians may want to take advantage of compositional jam sessions arranged with others for the purpose of jump-starting new ideas for composition. For example you can go to Chimes(for to hear a sampler of ringtones and Music Box Music.  Here are a couple of samples of what I've done: a song, Christmas in the Air, a bit of Harmonica music and some political ditties Songs of Bush.

6) New Artistic Expressionism:

I have developed a style of abstract artistic expressionism. For years I have been creating these designs/drawings but only now have I created a small sampler of pieces for this web page. Please visit the Art Gallery to see this unique sampler. Ideally I would want to create designs for companies, logos, and make large printed masters which would be suitable for display in art galleries.

7) Natural, Organic House Freshener:

In the category of new product ideas is our house freshener. This product will have several features no current air freshening system offers. Our product will freshen air, using a variety of scents, will not contain synthetic chemical agents. It could made, therefore, to be allergy safe and will be simple to operate. The material used to create the scent will be natural, and, as a further selling point, could be organic. Customers will be able to create their own scents. The device does require power, although in minute quantities and it could be powered with its own tiny solar cell. It could also have ad ons, such as timers, ionizers, and an incense container, but options such as those would be for the higher cost models.

8) Anti flatulence product!

One of my favorite ideas currently is a product that would aid persons afflicted with excess intestinal gas, flatulence. Based on a simple product already being made, which, if modified, would allow the marketers to create a new, successful product.

9) Simple improved fireplace:

We also have a nice household item for homes with fireplaces. This device will distribute heat from a fireplace through a room quite quickly. The amount of fire wood or fuel can be conserved. This system could be made to work with the oldest of fireplaces. The product will be ideal for metal machine parts manufacturers in cooperation with home building supply companies perhaps.

10) New Dice:

Simple improvements in the design and manufacturing of dice, are easy to understand and yet have not been made, an opportunity.

11) Ideas for new products:

Lastly, there are ideas for new products: These may be brief descriptions of new products, product lines, logos, mottoes which may be appropriate for companies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, or an individual's business.

And so I ask you to let me know what it is you need! 
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