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Creative Ideas for a Power Plant:

I had a dream about a power plant, and so the one I have in mind is one that requires only water as its driving force. A certain amount of water that is circulated between freezing and boiling. To do this we would use a combination of solar cells, frensel lenses, mirrors, and electrolysis. In the proper setting such a plant could produce substantial amounts of electrical power and it would be dependent only on sunshine, water and gravity. It would be power in our hands beholden to no one, only the forces of nature providing us with the limit.

This is, of course, where those of you who are engineers, and materials scientists, or physicists, would have the proverbial field day.

Essentially the water would be contained below ground, to keep it cool. It would be circulated to the surface where it would be heated by the use of frensel lenses to well beyond the boiling point. The steam would be used to power a generator. The solar cells would suppliment the generator's power and provide power for its control, for the pumps circulating the water and so forth. The whole would have to be enclosed so that there would be a minimum of water loss, allowing the continual recirculating of water. This last item, the whole of it being enclosed, would not have to apply if there was even a modest source of water for input.

Thank you for listening, DB

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