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Political Solutions Anyone?
Here is the unique plan's outline:
First, persons interested should view the platform of the Party of the First Part, (This title of is still open for discussion.) If you follow the instructions given in the introduction to that page and find yourself with a substantial measure of agreement, say 80% or above, then you can begin taking some actions as suggested below:

I would download a copy of the platform, or ask me to send you a copy as an attachment to an email. Understand that is intended to be a dynamic document. Consider editing it as you will keeping notes on the changes so that we might discuss them. If you want me to consider any changes then please write me and let me know which number(s) you have worked on. If you put the number of the plank in the subject line of your email then I can use that as a reference. I also ask also that general remarks have email subject line indicating that you have general comments.

At some point contacting me to we'd discuss what we can begin to do. You might indicate what pledge you might be willing to make when the time for actually donating what is pledged comes. But make no mistake about this: no funds will be collected until we've some ten million dollars pledged. Nor will I, at that time, collect those funds, most likely a committee of members chosen by the party itself will bear that responsibility. In order to collect and hold funds we will have to be legally organized and I am certain that some committee will bear the responsibility of creating the legal organization(s) required.

By this time the platform will have been revised through discussions and we will know where we stand on basic issues.

As we become more and more organized we'd become more active in the political realm. I would suggest, here and now, that the collection and depositing of funds in an investment portfolio would allow a passive source of income for the party and allow us a budget to work within.

Candidate selection would be from our ranks and selected by committee. We would want someone who would function as our voice as they run for office. This person's main task would be to focus the dialogue of the major candidates on the issues as well as to project our views, gain press coverage for them and the party during the campaign. I will not run of course, and the campaign we wage will be one that is based in cyberspace and organized through the internet. I believe in the power of an idea that arrives at the right time.

We do not have to win. Our victories will be measured by how well we are able to shift the discussions from confusing competitive comparisons, vicious innuendo, and slanderous mud slinging that are common toward a true cooperative dialogue in which real solutions to social problems are contrasted and compared.

Political Issues, some specifics:

There are other political links that relate to the Party of the First Part and you should read these documents as well.

I have recently outlined some thoughts on Capital Punishment, Jury Duty, and School Vouchers. Here are the links to those documents respectively: Capital Punishment and Right to Life, Protesting Jury Duty, and School Vouchers: Revised and Revisited.

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