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Our Commune: Newsletter #5


By Daniel Brady
Affirmation: The land we seek is first found in the heart, then in the mind, then in the world !
We are 1/8th the way there!

We Almost met in California


On my website I describe how we should have a capitalization of two million dollars, well I have had disclosures to the effect that shows us as being about 1/8th the way there. That is to say that we have about one quarter million dollars being reported out. This is at least a beginning and I hope that others will let me know what they have as an estimated capitalization fund.

I hope that others will let me know what they each have. The person(s) want confidentiality which I will honor. And I offer that, of course, to any others willing to be so bold.

I hope that all is well with everyone during this season of light.


Some new folks have contacted us.


From Basha:

We have heard from a few other persons in the mean time. I am including what we know of them in this newsletter.

Basha wrote us telling us that she is an acupuncturist herbalist with an interest in communal living. I promised to add her to the mailing list and I thought it prudent to let everyone know.

Her email address is:


From Julie:

Hello, I'm Julie. In May 2003 I will retire from the military and am starting to research where and how I will live. I find the communal living concept very interesting. Things I would bring to the community would be horticulture and sewing/craft skills. For the past 18 years, I have had a home sewing business. This year I became a master gardener and am going to specialize in food production.

Please put me on your mailing list: mail to:

Thanks, Julie


From Tasha:

Hi there, this is exactly what I want to do, I'm 21 and find few others that are interested in becoming self sufficient. I am working towards this goal by saving and learning skills. One important question for you. Where do you live currently and what area are you hoping to create your homestead? Are you from U.S.A? I live in Canada. Thanks, Tasha.

I told her that we are from the U.S. and she said that she would like to remain in Canada but be added to our mailing list.

Her email address is:


From Rebekah:

Hello, my name is Rebekah I am 29 and currently live in Philadelphia, Pa. I found your web site while searching for intentional living communities. I am very interested in self-sufficiency, but realize the difficulty in going it alone, so I am looking for a community of similar seekers. I am a graphic designer / fine artist / teacher / inventor and more. I currently make my living teaching and doing graphic design (about 80% web design). I also run creative problem solving and lateral thinking workshops.

I am also into virtual drama and the building of computer based training programs, I have several SBIR grants in review for virtual drama and mind technology (neurofeedback and entertainment systems couples with multimedia scenarios). I think I, like you I am a creative thinker and although I do not wish to abandon technology, I do wish to use it for the greater good and marry it with more earthbound, earth conscious activities and work. I can work from anywhere and although I enjoy solitude, I also want community. I would like more balance between work time and life time or better yet, no separation between the two.

I want to create / participate in an environment that isn't so materially driven. I also wish to tell you that I am gay--it is a non-issue for me--but isn't always for everyone else, so I wish to be candid from the start. Write back if you wish to discuss the possibilities further. Sincerely,












Wendy and I heard via email from Peggy and Jim who were headed for Humbolt State Forest for a Marathon to be held this past Oct 17th. They told us that they would be flying into San Francisco on the 14th, and their time sight seeing as they went up the coast. Since their return flight was to be on the 19th they thought that they'd have time to look us up. They said that they had a few other old friends who defected to the west coast that they wanted to look up as well. To make a long story short We did not hook up as we might have planned. It was hard to organize the timetable, reservations, sightseeing logistics.

They didn't meet up with any of their friends out there either because it was hard to work out everyone's schedules. However, they did say that they had a good time up in Humbolt.

They spent 4 days up there besides the one spent driving up and the one on the way back. Peggy came in second in her age division in the marathon. Not bad for her first one.

Jim& Peggy

That's the kind of place we need, Bob!

A friend of mine recently returned from an area called the "Lost Coast" up in Northern California. While there he saw a place that was for sale. It had about 200 acres, a year round stream, two houses and 13 smaller cabins. I forgot to mention the apple orchard which I have sampled, and which, according to my friend, is/has been organic. The asking price is around 300k or so.

Well, I thought, maybe limiting ourselves to the Southwest portion of the U.S. is limiting, especially if that kind of property exists relatively close.

The other aspect of the property that was "good news" is that its access road connects directly to 101, although it is "a ways in".

I mention this because it shows what happens when you keep an ear out. Perceptions change and opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed get to see the light of day.

It made me think that perhaps California might have possibilities as well.


Communities Magazine

This is a magazine that comes out regularly and it is a resource for those seeking to explore the life in a commune. The directory that they have is a great primer in understanding the variety of life out in the community universe. You can write them at the address given below.

Communities Magazine, Rt 1 Box 155D, Rutledge Mo. 63653 or call them at: 816-883-5545. Their website is at Intentional Communities



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