Copyright: 3/15/2004
By Daniel Brady and Wendy Wolters

Community of Light's Newsletter # 21

Affirmation: The land we seek is first found in the heart, then in the mind, then in the world !


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The word from here:

My own commentary:

I thought of the possibility of choosing and using a city to start our cooperative venture. The idea being to move to a city and share a particular property together. The thoughts behind this are we are urban people, we might be able to adjust to a move to another city, more easily than to a change of location and life style. We might consider a two stage approach. During the urban phase we organize, come together, learn to work in concert, refine who we are and begin to actively solve the problems we'll certainly face when we found our community.

I am not suggesting this overall, but offering it as another route to what we want.

In one sense, aging is our ally, we may have some who are retired, or who are for other reasons very mobile. We may be able to build something up before we move to our "place in the sun"

Lastly, perhaps there are other ways as well, in fact,I am sure there must be.


An overview of what we'd like:

Community of Light

We want to co-create a community in a rural area, grow a good portion of our own food, create a profitable cottage industry, and so be self employed. We want keep well the land that we live on and engage in right livelihood. We also want to contribute to the community around us and so benefit our society. Ideally, we would want to be near enough to a good sized town maybe some 50,000 or so, a college community would be something to consider. We could each use our talents, abilities, or professions to provide for ourselves as well as whatever "cottage industry" would be.

You are all welcome to express your ideas about what our community should be. We are, after all, the persons who will make it up.

There are a lot of ideas that we've discussed but I want everyone to know that what is or has been in issues are meant as working concepts. This whole idea is a work in progress and so let us know what you think.

If you have not been to the Community of Lights web page we now have a listing of communities that are forming. It may be educational to visit some of those sites to see what's new in the community universe See the links at: Commnity of Light

If you would like to leave a telephone message for us, you can, at this voicemail: 415-364-3045

Thanks, Dan and Wendy

Email Address:

New Contacts!

These are the introductions from persons that have written us since the last issue. Please go to Subscriber's Introductions if you would like to see the profiles we have on file currently. Some but not all of these people may have additional information there.


From: Grant ………

Thank you for responding to me. I would love to join-in with emailings and discussions. Except I have not a home Internet connection, thus my time is limited by opening hours of the local library.

I'm thinking the future is going to be positive, exciting, and interesting, and most importantly, "Real".


From Judy M ………

Please put me on the mailing list for the Community of Light. I am very interested in living in a community like this, if it's located in the Northwestern U.S. The talents that I would bring to the community are that I am a certified massage therapist (my specialty is foot massage, but I have had training in many styles). I am retired from gov't work, now work in home health care, and am also going to school, learning sign language and theater arts. Have also done some organic gardening, and just want to live in a peaceful, harmonious, happy, clean, drug-free, organic community among like minded people. Thank you!


vikivanwey .........

The following user would like to subscribe to the CommunityOfLight group.


S Magdalena ..........

E Kemp ..........

Hi , We are very interested in taking part in community in harmony with earth. We are moving to the Portland Oregon area this summer and would like to learn more.


A Cology ..........

I just found your website today and think it sounds magnificent! I'm an 18 y/o college student, so while I lack in some assets, I make up for it in desire and commitment. College doesn't feel like the right path for me, the people seem to value the wrong things. I'm looking for a path that is healthy and people (not money) oriented. Please keep me posted on updates. ~A. Cology~

Letters: Received

From: "Lenita"..........

Subject: good reading

I'm reading this amazing book called Sculpt Your Own House. It's a mud house (this book may just change your mind though!) there are a lot of good insightful observations the authors make about building in more green-friendly ways. I highly recommend it for the inspiration value if nothing else.

A place for faith?

Much of the recent commentary in the Yahoo group posts have had to do with religion, its role, its meaning, what we would or would not want, like, hope for, and so forth.

Because of this I have taken some of what I wrote and some of what others posted and placed it here

To: Everyone,

Early on, very early on, when Wendy and I were first talking about community we felt quite strongly that a vital aspect of life, that is to say the aspect that could be named "faith" should be a part of it. We also thought that we wouldn't want to have an "established" faith in the Community of Light. We

have thought, and some others have agreed, that we would have a place for activities related to the faiths present among our members. A king of ecumenical common house or room or meeting place.

Controversy is part of life and I am sure that we will have our share of it, even have debates about the values a particular faith may or may not have relative to those or that of another, however, just because a given faith has certain values does not mean that we have to take the faith as it is, we may, as a community, decide how we interpret any given faith so as to find our way to what we believe in. It may be work but it is worthy work.

I do not want to "go on" so I will not. Suffice to say that we'll have plenty of opportunity to find out how we'll manage this aspect of our community.

Someone else wrote:

"...what I have noticed is the beauty of those who wish to build this community is beyond that of most. The patience itself shows loyalty; faithfulness. Most build without foundation. That is why most fail. So, it is apparent that there is wisdom among us. Be encouraged my brothers and sisters."

Some more from me:

I think that prejudging persons on the basis of appearance, espoused faith, political beliefs and so forth is not usually very productive. Certainly such attitudes would only have to be another "task" we'd have to "work on" while we found out who each of us really were, inside.

That is the task now, getting to know each other. And we are beginning that long road, thankfully.

Getting along is fine, but there is more. (There is always more) I believe that getting along is a vital first step, the others tolerance, cooperation, and loving, in the sense with a capital L, meaning the kind of love that is inclusive of the

following friendship, empathy, sympathy, caring, and the giving of aid and assistance when others are in need, and the kicker, whether or not you "like" what they are.

If we were in a community and one of us needed help of some kind, we'd all be there to do what we could. No matter the various "whats" the person in need could be described as.

In this sense you don't have to like a person in the community, but you do have to "Love" them. We will all be in this together, we will all have needs enough to require help, we are all human and have our frailties, weaknesses, and needs.

Together, the thinking is, that we can be more efficient, more caring, more helpful, more productive than we are on our own.

Another's thoughts:

"When I first contacted Dan, I was aware that he wasn't wanting a religious community per se, but thought it would be good if the members were spiritual people, regardless of the path they chose. I think that's the most important of all to remember. I also told Dan that though I am a Christian, I know how to get along with those who aren't. I guess that should be the only "requirement" as far as religion--if you don't think you can get along with folks who don't believe exactly like you do, you're going to have some problems, not just in the community but in life in general! I believe if you are really looking for the Truth, you're going to find it.

I'm in this mostly to be with people who have other things in common with me, like returning to a more natural, organic lifestyle in a way that is less harsh on the earth. Since that's a common bond that binds us, things like that should be what we concentrate on and with judicial use, let our differences add a little "spice" to the mix."

And some one else added:

"Loving thy neighbor, sharing in adversity, and plenty, giving freely of the self to and for others, selflessness in a higher cause, all these things are truly treasures. And so, such statutes would not be lost on anyone"

Then from myself:

I think it would be quite difficult to have a deep and joyous feeling and not share it in one way or another. If someone believes that they have found something valuable the tendency is to talk about it, to share.

" The truth cannot be taught, or bought, it has to be caught," a friend of mine used to say something a lot like that.

Put those together and one has something of my feeling concerning the conversation we have going on now.

(continued top of column two)



(continued from bottom of column one)

I feel that faith is a vital part of my life but I do not espouse any particular form of it. I would that the community of light be welcoming and a place where wonders are worked, even if they are the common kind, such as sharing, caring, helping, voting for decisions, working together, house raising, listening, providing one's reality or witnessing to others when and as needed.

I think that how we view "faith" has import for how we will make decisions, choices, and find our way to what we say or believe we want.

I want to be home. I want neighbors who I care about and who care about me. I want to know that if I am troubled or in need I won't have far to go.

I know that there is more but I don't want to alienate anyone or be so imposing as to lead when that is not what we might need now.

We need to talk, open up discussions and continue to find our way to


- by Erma Bombeck

(Written after she found out she was dying from cancer.)

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

I would have invited friends over to dinner, even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television and more while watching life.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later, Now go get washed up for dinner."

There would have been more "I love you's," More "I'm sorry's."

Stop sweating the small stuff. Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing what. Instead, let's cherish the relationships we have with those who do love us.

Let's think about what God HAS blessed us with, and what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually.

Life is too short to let it pass you by. We only have one shot at this and then it's gone.

Giving to Good Causes?

 A very easy way to give food to the hungry is to set the Hunger Site as your browser's home page. Check out the Hunger Site to see what it is about and how it works.

The rural small town advantage:

Third street is on the edge of town.

You dial a wrong number and talk for 15 minutes anyway.

You write a check on the wrong bank and it covers it for you.

You don't use your turn signal because everyone knows where you're going.

You can't walk for exercise because every car that passes offers you a ride.

You drive into the ditch five miles out of town and the word gets back into town before you do.

When a letter is addressed with your first name and the name of the town and nothing else, and it is delivered.

You move in and you are no longer a stranger after ten minutes, but you're still a newcomer after twenty years.

If you tend to lose your car keys, you can leave them in your car.

No one cares what you drive, or what you do for a living, as long as it's honest.

Those sirens that remind you when it's 8 am, noon, or 7 p.m. on the first Monday of the month; or your football team just won state championship, etc., etc., etc...

Anonymous bags of sweet corn. And tomatoes. And zucchini...

You can pay your home off in your lifetime.

You can afford car insurance for your teenagers.

You can see the stars. All the stars. Even the little ones.

People are important. All the people. Even the little ones.

And the No. 1 REASON for living in a small town: One word: NEIGHBORS

Communities Resources

If you want to research intentional communities this is a good place to start.

Communities Magazine comes out regularly and is a resource for those seeking to explore communities. The directory that is a great primer in the variety of the community universe. You can write them at the address given below. This is their office address.

Communities Magazine, 138 Twin Oaks Road, Louisa VA 23093 USA or call them at: Tel/Fax: 540-894-5126. Their website is at Intentional Communities

The resources on the Northwest Intentional Communities site might be valuable. There are lists of legal documents, process advice etc. They're at:

This is a list of places seeking members, communities forming and the like. I have come across it at the F.I.C.'s website:

It might be a place to do research, who knows there may be a place within a relatively short drive.


We have nearly 90 on our mailing lists!

Email: Dan Brady


I am willing to make my yahoo ID available to persons interested in chatting. Several of us are trying to work a schedule. It has been suggested that a weekend time might be the best. The link to our group the CommunityOfLight

If you are a member of our Yahoo group you can access the current polling data, or vote: this is the link to our group Below are the data that we have at this time.

What kind of climate would you want to live in?



















What sorts of things would you want to use the land for?







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Raising feed crops












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Water/solar for alt. power



What land locations would you like?










Land bound w/coast



land bound no coast



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Would you consider a buy/sell/relationship with the outside world?










Would you consider having the community based outside of the United States?



Outside the U.S. preferred



depending on country chosen



Neutral - no preference



would but not first choice



NOT consider outside U.S.



Community Resources

We receive emails from time to time from persons who are interested in sharing, or informing. That is what the three letters below do.


From: Kurt in Manitoba

Does your community still have to buy things like toothpaste?... Laundry Detergent, etc., and stuff? If so, I've got an environmentally rewarding way for each of your families to garnish extra income.

Have a look at our website:

Ecology minded folks can help each other.

All the best, Des


from: BE

Do a search on "Community Supported Agriculture." (use the One good site is Another

CSAs are created in many ways. In some a farmer sells shares of his produce before planting. Members get an equal share of whatever grows. All share the risk and the low price.

In other, a group of citizens invest in the land and hire a horticulturist to manage the growing and in some, all chip in with a few hours work a week to maintain the garden.

In the Seikatsu club of 100,000, housewives in Japan are divided into "hans' of 5 five. The house wives meet with the farmers and together plan what is to be planted.

Many CSAs are co-ops, some are associated with food co-ops.

Bill Ellis

From UENF, Anonymous:

We notice that many of you wish to create your own new community or join one, but do not have a system, rules, goals, contracts, etc. to easily go by, therefore we rearranged and renamed our web site to fit this gap. We invite you to read and join our Utopian EcoVillage Network Federation. Basically, if you agree with ALL our philosophy, goals, rules and contracts you may join our federation as an individual or as a group, this will give you a link in our website too. There are many issues not covered, for example joining fees, working hours, age acceptance, to name a few, this are all up to you as a groups, for an example please see Los Visionarios. Our goal is to offer a template for you to start with and a web page to point to others when you want to show what is it that you are trying to do and to say this is what I believe in and what I/we want to do.