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Creative Ideas: Links

For those of you who, like myself, are doing a web site by hand and plodding along, these are a few links to places that I have found to be handy. So I have a few kinds of links in these categories listed below. However, I have first given credit to a place that has helped me materially in the production of this web site, the Center for Studies in Creativity. Credits ..... Site Development ..... Sites for Registering your URL ..... Patenting information resource


I would like to acknowledge the role that the Center for Studies in Creativity played in the creation of Creative Ideas. Here is a link to their page: Center for Studies in Creativity.

Site Development

This site focuses on the parts of setting up a blog that people get stuck on - -

This is a wonderful site that walks you through the steps to set up a blog using the intuitive "Word Press" resource. This is the link that takes you there:

The Goodies HTML Banner Primers is a good place for resources from the basics to Java Scripting. The site includes tutorials. Lightsphere is a good location for a variety of web site development tools, I used the 256 Color Picker there to match and coordinate colors.

Easy Submit This is a site that will provide a detailed information of the META TAGS that are on your site, it is also a place to register your site and it is listed in the next section for that reason.

Sites for Registering your URL

Add Me! This is a good site for listing with different search engines. What you find here is a series of pages each specific to a Search Engine. You fill out the boxes and click to submit your site to that engine. It is lengthy, but then, you can list with many engines here.

Patenting Information Resource

I want to let you know about a free patent searching site, I am letting the inventing community know about it. The site has more data and features than the USPTO or any other free site, so I hope it will be of use to you. James.

Also is you want an overview of those accredited with changing the world through creative ideas, meaning inventions consider this website:


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