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Biographical Data and the Story behind Creative Ideas

Recall the ancient oriental curse, "may you live in interesting times". Well, I believe that I have. In retrospect Creative Ideas was a long time in the making. Once I began to create this site I saw that quite clearly. I also saw that I would have to demonstrate my abilities. To that end I have taken tests which purport to measure, directly or indirectly, creative ability. If you would like to know about the results please follow this link:
Creativity Testing Results.


Biographical Data

I was born in New York City about sixty years ago. However, I have lived in California since I was seven. I grew up in Fremont and later moved to San Francisco to go to college. I now consider myself a San Franciscan because I've lived here most of my life. It is a great city, come and check it out if you can.

When I was three years old I contracted a serious bone infection, was hospitalized, and had several surgeries. When I was seven my father died of a heart attack and my mother moved her seven children to California. These life shaping events served, ultimately, to lead me to feel that life is precious, brief, and wonderful.

Later, during the Vietnam draft I thought the disease that had caused such pain had one benefit, I was 4F. I thought I'd be unaffected by the war. I was wrong. The death of my older brother Thomas proved there was no "escape" from the war.

My brother's death and the most extensive of my surgeries both occurred during high school. For most of that time I was in an isolation room since I was contagious and susceptible to infection. I watched as the world changed, there were riots, Nixon, Vietnam, protesters, Hippies, new music - the whole gamut. When I got out both the world and I had changed. The cold war was raging at its hottest, there were troubles at home and abroad, a schism between the "doves" and "hawks", adults and youth, and I became one of those who stretched the mental constraints of our time.

I went to Ohlone Jr. College and later to SF State where writing poetry became my main interest. Later, I became more appreciative of Haiku. For the past few years I've been involved with the Haiku Poets of Northern California. Then, during the past year, I have finished a science fiction manuscript while producing poetry that is both rhymed and metered. Currently, I give readings in San Francisco, and edit a column "The Haiku Corner" in The Sound, a Sufi publication from Northern California.

I have performed as a singer, poet, humorist, and lecturer. I have, for the last 15 years, been employed in San Francisco as an elementary school teacher, been active in developing the use of technology in the classroom, and mentoring new teachers in the district.

I have been writing for over 30 years, developed a unique style of graphic art, and have begun to market book length manuscripts of fiction, poetry, and Haiku.

Through Creative Ideas I have enhanced my life and that of others by rendering assistance to other persons with projects of interest around the world. A task has which has proven to be most fascinating.


The Story behind Creative Ideas

The story is this: an acquaintance of mine was teaching me GO. However as he was explaining the game to me I would interject and speculate upon different ways the game could be played. As we played the game this musing of mine finally caught his ire. Whereupon he, exasperated with my contemplated variations, complained: "Why can't you just do something the same way twice?"

And that was, it to take an old phrase with a twist of irony, when I saw the tree for the forest. I saw that I had often found unique ways of doing things, sometimes through the adoption of an unusual perspective, or when problem solved in so unique a manner as cause notice amid my coworkers. However, the other shoe dropped some days later, as I realized the real surprise was that it had taken me so long to see it.

It became clear that the inspirations, inventiveness, and the new ideas that, unbidden, would surfaced in my consciousness were a consequence of a habit of mind that was creative, intuitive and native to my approach to the world.

Soon after I began to keep records of ideas, inventions, innovations, products, and processes as they would come up. Story ideas, jokes, songs. This record keeping made the talent I had clear and thus it was my first practical result. I had so many ideas that I really could not focus on any one of them. So at first I only kept the file in which I stored the notes or drawings of all that came to me.

Some years later, I wanted to find a way to make use of this talent for, sometimes, when I shared ideas with friends I would get quite a good response to my thinking style. I created my web site with the ideal of sharing of the talent I have. I believed I could share my talent through the web and so find a practical means of sharing this unusual form of abundance.

I have helped people find jobs, businesses find products or customers, persons to problem solve, and illuminate new perspectives for large organizations. I can help whether it be small conjecture, suggestion, or point of departure to other ideas, and, sometimes it has been the small ideas or simple solutions, a simple paragraph in an email or two. I have been successful with customers.

The bonus has been that I have found placing a demand on my creative ability has allowed has sharpened my focus, enhanced problem solving ability and so my own projects have seen benefit.

I can problem solve, find solutions, and make a difference by sharing. It has been wonderful.

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