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How to contact us via email


Formatting an email to contact Creative Ideas.


The address is: creative1(at) Just replace the (at) with @

Next, please to manage inquiries the subject line is important, please follow these guidelines:

First: the subject line should have: To: Daniel Brady, from (your name)

Then add one of the following:

Re: Consulting - -
if you want ideas for solutions to issues, conditions or problems

Re: Dr. Dan - - if you want to contribute, use or, amend one of the ideas

Re: Community of Light - - regarding the communal effort

Re: Sacred Grounds - - if you want to know about it or venues I am connected to

Re: Writing - - if you want to discuss manuscripts, publishing, or appearances

Re: The Global Open Mic - -
to amend entries in either listing

In the body of the email, please, be brief. We will clarify in subsequent communications.

One thing more, if that email address is off line for maintenance, the reserve email used at such times is creative2(at)

We appreciate your inquiry and will reply to you soon!

Dan Brady