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I have ceased placing news items up in this format. I will only send out the newer and more simply formatted copy upon request. I believe that Bush was the "straw that broke the back" of the United States, crippled western civilization and that these estimates will prove out. Obama has not steered the ship of state away from the wreck that it now approaches. I have said for some long time now that he is not proven himself out both generally speaking and specifically. I will continue to archive for some time but will not be as assiduous about it. After all, the ruination is well underway and although I may hope to be proved wrong, I am an optimist, I fear I will not be.

Dan Brady

From Dan:

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Walter Brasch reports on the Dingbat Reichwing Rethuglcan lie mongers in Wisconsin. Here are the main line lies and the truths which contradict them. (030511a)

From AP we have a story about a dam being built in Afghanistan and how this "hearts and minds" project has resulted in strengthening the Taliban, wasting money and extending the embarrassing circumstance that is the US effort in that nation (030511b) and this is part two of the story (030511c)

The Paks say Raymond Davis will stand trial. The murdering CIA gunman/terrorist is caught up in an intrigue that beguiles. One wonders if the decision has been made to "pull the plug" on him. (030511d)


wemustknow.koen lets us in on the EPA's "process" which allowed a dangerous pesticide, known to be extremely toxic to honeybees to be marketed to growers of corn. When the "word" leaded out the EPA simply ignored its own scientists, the truth and let the crap stay on the market. Amazing! (030411a)

Suzanne Goldenberg gives us an overview of the Reichwing Rethuglican Tin Foil Hat brigade, the Tea Party, and its assault on the environment - its all out war out there. (030411b)


F. William Engdahl provides another perspective to the Jasmine Revolution that is sweeping Arabic nations. He believes that the US and some internationalist partners are helping the change occur, spread and speculates that this use of "creative destruction" has, as its ultimate purpose, bringing the Arab world into an alignment with Western perspectives to "stand against" China, India Russian and, yes, maybe Israel. (030111a)

William Rivers Pitt talks about the state of the alleged "liberal media" he gives as an example the coverage of the doings in Madison Wisconsin. (030111b) Lindsay Beyerstein reports that the the capital police refused an order to clear the building of the protesters. (030111c) What amazes me is that even alternate sources do not continually hammer at the fact that before Wisconsin had its budget problem they had a projected surplus, albeit a small one until, that is, their governator pushed through about 130 million in tax cuts to his high end cronies and then, well, whoops, a deficit "just happened" and the unions had to pay for it. Amazing.

Nancy A. Youssef, Jonathan S. Landay, and Warren P. Strobel report of attacks and counterattacks an interview with a "delusional Ghadaffi, and the freezing of some 30 billion dollars in his family assets. (030111d) amid reports of US naval vessels arriving in the area.

Christopher Hellman talks about the "real" cost of the defense budget. The "normal" budget is something around 600 billion, but there is about that same amount in costs that are covered by other agencies and the annual cost of security is about 1.2 trillion dollars. Amazing no? Yes! (030111e)

Larry Beinhart reports how the Roosevelt administration dealt with the great depression, another Reich Wing Rethuglican product by the way, and successfully so. The current batch of neo-conservative goon-ologues have not learned that lesson - yet. Amazing. (030111f)

From think progress we have the tale of the legendary Koch Brothers who got their start, as most wealthy self made men do, from their fathers dealing with foreign dictators. In this case building oil refineries for Stalin. But their greed knows no bounds nor does their campaign to remake America to be a cash cow for their never ending lust. (030111g)


Stephanie McCrummen reports that the jasmine revolution reaching Iraq has caused security forces to use live ammunition and "sound bombs" against protesters. (022811a)

From ABC news we hear that insurgents, freedom fighters, rebels or "dead enders" have knocked out Iraq's largest refinery. So battles are still being waged in the country. I am SO glad that we've accomplished our mission there. (022811b)


James Kelleher and David Bailey report on the uptick in protests against Wisconsin's governor. (022711a) In a related story the hapless and Reichwing dolt of a governor was forced to flee a restaurant after the patrons raised a persuasive ruckus regarding his presence. That is called shunning - a great idea. Protest in solidarity with Wisconsinites held around the nation on Saturday. (022711b)

Dave Lindorff reports on what news outlets in Pakistan and India are saying about the CIA's man Raymond Davis - they're saying he is a terrorist. This must be rubbing the US the wrong way and popular sentiment is lurching against the US in both nations it would seem. (022711c)

Frank Gardner of the BBC reports on the "support" that Gaddafi has in Libya; exactly who is propping him up? (022711d)

Ralph Nader is 'Mad as Hell' in Madison. Gives the Wisconsin governors playbook some light - after allowing 140 million in tax cuts he announces that the state has a 133 million dollar short fall and therefore unions have to go. Just as the Reichwing Rethuglicans bollixed Obama into bailouts before demanding spending cuts for the program that help the poor. It is a kind of 'mini shock doctrine". This perspective is not at all in the news. (022711e)


Stephen Lendman reports on some of the not so well known aspects of Wisconsin's so called budget balancing bill. (022611a)

David Corn gives us a peek at FOX news again not "fair and Balanced" but "crass and twisted" (022611b)

Simon Johnson reports on "Gutless" Geithner's current dictum, that giant US banks can "go for it" taking on business the world over without risk, that potential damage can be contained, and that reform is not necessary. (022611c)

Peter Michaelson gives a psycho-sociological analysis of the conservative mind set. No real surprises here that the father/decider makes the rules and does everything it can to do keep control, power and influence - no matter right, logic, or a world on fire. (022611a)


From London we hear that the man the Pakistanis are holding had some interesting, read nuclear and biological warfare, related documents on him. They think he was attempting to supply the Taliban with such stuff. (022511a) Sumera Khan reports that the US is threatening to use the ICJ against Pakistan, a near useless threat in as much as the US has, in the past, disrespected it, ignored its decisions and so forth. (022511c)

By C. J. Chivers, Alissa J. Rubin and Wesley Morgen report that an Afghan valley, once viewed as vital, will no longer be occupied by US troops. (022511b)

Jack Healy and Michael S. Schmidt report on the inevitable: the Jasmine revolution reaching Iraq. There it seems that the government is being ignored as are the religious leaders. This development is particularly salient, what the the people take over Iraq and decide to do things democratically, I mean really decide what they want. (022511d)


From the Guardian we have evidence of Libyan civil war, an incoherent leader, mercenaries on a terrorist spree sanctioned by the leader's son and some moment by moment events unfolding today. (022411a)

From Truthout we hear of the great hypocrisy that is the US. The enemy has a name and that name is fascism. Banksters do it, Hedgers do it, even presydink does do it, let' call it; we'll call it fashionable fascism the American Way. (032411b)

Truthout has it that the Koch Brothers "Prank" No Laughing Matter by Mary Bottari (022411c)

The News Archive: January 01, 2011 to the current week or so

News of the "Great" War ... Europe's News

Muddle East News, Central Theater: Palestine
Muddle East News: Western Theater: Egypt, Kurdistan, Turkey
Greater Islamic Region: East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
News from Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater
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The legacy: News of America's "selection of 2000" "Repuglicans" and Obama

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News from the "Great" War:

(Author's note: The term "The Great" War originally referred to Bush's Global War On Terror, G.W.O.T. Now It is beginning to include the other war news based upon the notion that the US should maintain complete superiority over all possible contenders and prevent any potential rival from becoming an actual one. Something the Bushites made specific and which, it seems, has carried on. 07/27/10)

The Great War:

From NYT: this is how bad war profiteering has gotten, apparently a British outfit has been making and selling bomb detectors to Iraq. Problem is that they absolutely do not work. It is not as if they have a poor functioning or are dubious for some reason, they are a fake, non-functioning assemblage of parts that have no function except to garner sales. They've been used across Iraq for some time and this story is only now causing arrests to happen. (022111h)

Wikileaks - Saudi asked US to stop oil lawsuits, it seems there is no limit to US accommodation of Saudi "needs" (021311c)

So if inquiring minds want to know here it is: the real reason Bush invaded Iraq. You'll be amazed. I had heard it before however. (020711e)

Tom Engelhardt lets us in on what it is like going through the "gates of hell" and just who drove our nation through those gates and why; this is a sad and quick romp through the wet dream of the Neo-Con fantasy lands. (020711f)

Sameer Mohindru reports on the rising cost of cereals and other food staples. If food pricing is a cause for unrest, then we've more unrest to come. The article does not say that but the food riots of 2008 are not so long ago and the prices are heading in that direction. (020411a)

Sibel Edmonds takes us back the the days before 9/11 when yet another specific warning was given to the US by reliable sources and it was ignored. After 9/11 those who knew were told "the warnings never happened." That's all folks. (020311a) here is part two of the article (020311b) and part three. (020311c)

Ryan Grim reports that Al Jazeera has been blocked from the US, however the "blockade" has many holes. (020111d)

Nick Turse wonders how many bases does the US maintain the world over. Surprisingly there are many answers and not surprisingly how could anyone know if even the US military has different answers? (011111d)

Europe's News:






Muddle East News, Central Theater: Palestine

Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, The West Bank and Syria

The area in general:

From PressTV has it that the US is sending naval forces to Egypt in case we have to evacuate US citizens. (020811b) Meanwhile Tim Ross, Christopher Hope, Steven Swinford and Adrian Blomfield have it that WikiLeaks is playing a role in exposing Israeli "interest" and involvement with the Egyptian government and the Egyptian press is turning on the leadership. (020811c)

Jonathan Cook gives us a look at the "negotiations" between Palestine and Israel. Somethings revelations are rankling the rank and file. (012511c) and here is part two of the article. (012511d)

Maybe we should call this the age of leaking. From the "muddle east" we hear of a trove of documents that will be shedding light on the Palestinian Authority, Israel and the US, of course, and the back room deals that will put an unfavorable light on the PA and the other parties as well. (012411e)



According to PressTV Israel wanted to cleanse Gaza and gave its troops inhumane sorts of orders. (020811a)


Ranya Kadri and Ethan Bronner let us know that the unrest in the Arab world has reached Jordan although there, it has been mitigated by some swift changes which, for the moment, seem to be gaining acceptance (020111h)



The West Bank:

Muddle East News: Western Theater: Egypt, Kurdistan, Turkey


Kareem Fahim and J. David Goodman report that the Egyptian military have sacked the parliament and is promising elections in 6 months. (021311d)

William Rivers Pitt has it that Robin Hood is dead. Yes, you say, you knew that. But read it anyway. Then maybe think about what has happened in Egypt and ask, why not here in the good old US of A? (021211a) Rosa Aguilar as if to answer that question we have this story about "balanced news coverage" which is to say it is not. (021211b)

David Keyes gives us an overview of the "experts" who missed the whole Arab uprising thing because, well, because they were WRONG. (011111a) Michael Collins reports on the "elephant in the living room" the role of unions in the overthrow of Mubarak. They played a significant part but you'd never know if from the coverage in the West or most any place for that matter. (021111b) and here is part two (021111c) Michelle Chen has a bit more on the composition of the revolutionary movement in Egypt and labor's part in it. (021111d)

Shashank Bengali reports that some organizers of the Egyptian protests are being arrested, perhaps abused, but there is no sustained and serious program that threatens the "good atmosphere" in Tahrir Square (020711d) Other stories report that negotiations between the government and the revolutionaries have not been successful.

Ralph Lopez reports that thousands of protester have been injured and Egypt' police and other enforcers are torturing while the US mumbles on. (020611a) Karen Kwiatkowski gives another take speculating on the causes which sparked the Egyptian revolution, those that existed within Egypt and adds some details about why Israel and even Iran are interested bystanders. (020611b) Franklin Lamb talks about the resistance to the revolution, meaning the US and Israel, and their motives (020611c) Michael Winship talks about blow back through implication mostly but interesting I guess the threat to the regime has the potential for creating problems for the US mainly if the Egyptians want to run their own country, in their own way and to suit their own needs (020611d)

Robert Alvarez reports on the connection between money, speculators, food prices, Egypt and unrest. (020611e)

Noam Chomsky talks about a comparison between the collapse of the ""So-Be-it" Onion" and they revolution roiling the Arab world. My sense is that there is more to come, like I've said, a "sea change" is on the horizon. (020311d)

Max Aji reports on the evolution of the past few days in Egypt, how the police, entering the fray as "counter protesters" have been unmasked and international interests are talking and, just as certainly, planning how to stop real democracy from taking root. (020311e)

Anthony Shadid, David D. Kirkpatrick and Kareem Fahim report on the street fighting taking place between organized supporters of Mubarak and the much larger mass of revolutionaries taking up in Tahrir Square, Cairo (020211a)

Rabbi Michael Lerner has it that there is considerable support for the Egyptian revolution among the Jewish community and he gives us his opinion as to why that's so. One may hope that it is true and that this "unheard voice" will be heard in Israel as well. (020211e)

Chris Hedges reports on the the near term future of Egypt. I suspect, from what he says, that a sea change is in the offing. Maybe the US will have what it wants a transformation of Middle Eastern governments into democracies. (020111a)

Lonnie Griesbaum gives us the tip that most of what Egypt's revolution is about, as in Tunisia was economic dispossession. It does not seem that "Islamist" parties or leaders are in the van or control, but people want jobs, food and stability. It may morph into more than that but people are not tolerating the old regimes because they did not deliver. (020111b) and here is part two. (020111c)

Nafeez Ahmed brings the global circumstances into the "Egyptian equation" showing that global warming, food prices, declining oil production, in Egypt, and commodities speculation have created a perfect storm of conditions which contributed to the overthrow of Tunisia's government and threatens that of Egypt. (020111e) and here is some more thoughts to follow (020111f)

Anthony Shadid, David D. Kirkpatrick and Kareem Fahim let us know that the Egyptian army has said it will not fire on protesters. This makes it a revolution and Mubarak's time may be limited. Only time will tell. Tuesday huge events are planned and that could be a turning point. We'll see. (013111a)

Yana Kunichoff the spreading of riots in the Arab world has Al Jazeera "riding high" on the Tunisian success and now Egypt is showing signs of distress. (012911a) From the AP we have some WikiLeaks showing that the US was not that interested in pushing human rights in Egypt. (012911c) From the Daily Mail we have some photos from Egypt and reports of the widespread discontent. (012911d) Peter Beaumont, Jack Shenker in Cairo and Ian Black report on the crowds swelling into the thousands and more. (012911e)

Kevin Gosztola talks about the tens and hundreds of thousands of protesters in Egypt as well as a military that seems to be less than interested in clearing streets and firing weapons. (012911f) and here is part two (012911g) and then part three. (012911h)

Jeffrey Fleishman reports on the rioting in Egypt where people were able to outfox the police and face off against them. Are times a'changin? (012511b)


Greater Islamic Regional News: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and neighbors


Gareth Porter explains to us how the US military could experience a 50% increase in enemy attacks over last year but declare that the enemy is not getting stronger, that, in fact, it is no stronger than it was a year ago - how to do that? Just simply declare that enemy strength has not increased. (021811e)

Nadia Prupis reports on the opium industry in Afghanistan, still going strong despite a crop failure of sorts and the remarkably ineffective effort by allies (010611b)


From Michael Slackman and Nadim Audi we hear that in Bahrain for now, at least, the protesters have been driven off with deaths and hundreds of wounded. (021711b)

Michael Slackman reports that in Bahrain the protests are getting under way and another square is the focal point for the protesters. (021611d)


John Leland What have we done for Baghdad? Plenty! Why, just look at the way they live ... off garbage. (011211a)


From the BBC we hear of an "interesting development" Iran has sent a couple of naval vessels through the Suez canal for training practice off Syria. Israel is not pleased. (022211d)

Iran claims it has taken another step in the development of its nuclear industry. (010811c)


From ABC news we hear of the row between the US and Pakistan over a man Pakistan accuses of a double murder and now the case expands as Pakistan accuses another consular employee of killing a third Pakistani, both involved with the incident. This has become a sore point between the two nations and, apparently, the US ambassador to the nation has not been, shall we say, diplomatic and or all that capable. It does not help that the accused double murderer, a Mr. Davis, is rumored to be involved with terrorist networks and all sorts of "juicy" items. Other articles state that the Pakistani authorities are fearful that the US will make an attempt on his life. (022111f) and here are some more details. The Pakistani site originating the story has been unavailable for some time now. (022111g)

William Rivers Pitt gives us a bit on the risky nature of Pakistan's circumstances. The portrait is bleak and this is not "news" per se, the comments following the article, those critical of Mr. Pitt's article, do not make for reassurances. So ... (020511a)

Saudi Arabia and neighbors:

Saudi Arabia:




Laura Kasinof and Nada Bakri report that the president of Yemen has said he'll not run for reelection in 2013. My speculation is that he may not last that long. (020211b)

Asia: Greater Asia Islamic Theater News: China, India, The Koreas, Russia,



Donata Hardenberg reports on the connection between Sudan and China, apparently US oil companies abandoned the place ad so the Chinese got a foot hold which is now ever so much more than that. (011111b)

Sudha Ramachandran reports on the subtle changes that China is applying to its relations to India vis a via Jammu and Kashmir. India has indicated that "two can play at that game and I think it has already begun. (010311d)











News from Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater


Kareem Fahim and David D. Kirkpatrick let us know that fighting in Libya is approaching Tripoli. Currently Ghadaffi is deploying troops some 50 miles west of Tripoli to forfend any effort to unseat him. (022311c)

From Al Jazeera we hear that Gadaffi is "digging in" to fight it out. But a number of cities, most notably Benghazi, are out of his control. In Benghazi military units deserted and sided with the people. (022211a)

David D. Kirkpatrick and Mona El-Naggar report that Qaddafi's control is slipping, Libya's second city, Benghanzi, is in "rebel" hands and the capital is chaotic. The jasmine revolution looks set to take out another secular Arab leader. (022111i)




David Mednicoff brings us his thoughts on how secular governments such as that which was in Tunisia and is still in Egypt compare to those where "royalty" prevail when it comes to stability. (013011b)

Cam McGrath a number of persons have burned themselves to death in the Arab world since the events in Tunisia and one wonders if further changes will be inspired. (012311b)

From Reuters we hear that protests in Tunisia continue despite the fact that many of the highest government officials "officially" quit the party they belonged to. The people don't buy this as "change you can believe in" and want a new slate. (012111c)

Yvonne Ridley reports on the Tunisian government's collapse. A suicide lit the fuse, WikiLeaks fanned the resultant flames but it was ordinary human courage facing off against murderous intent that make the difference after decades of repression and abuse. (011611f)

Ryan Rifai gives us a timeline of the significant events in Tunisia which lead up to the leader of that nation abandoning office and running for it. (011411a) From Aljazeera we get some info about where the leader went but no clue as to whether or not the government will stand (011411c)

Larbi Sadiki reports on the instability of various nations from the increasingly violent state of Tunisia to Egypt and others where elderly leaders and corruption make for a fragile state of affairs. (011111c)

Pacific and Australian News:



News from the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:




El Salvador:



Georgianne Niena has it that the preliminaries to the upcoming election in Haiti are not over, apparently someone's "plan" has gone awry. (020811e)

Sebastian Smith reports on the "progress" in Haiti a year after the earthquake. Disappointing is an appropriate word. After all the Katrina episode proved how well we can take care of our own, and that situation is still wanting as well. (011211b)




It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Reuters another report on the burgeoning crisis in food prices. (021611a) John M. Broder reports that a UN expert is saying that global climate change is effecting food production and thus, pricing and thus, also, political stability. (021611b)

Leslie Thatcher reports on the Monsanto Monster now bringing an end to organic beef in a market place near you and threatening nations overseas. (021611e)

From the Mail Guardian we hear a report that the global stock of oysters is in decline due to over harvest, destruction of their environment and disease. (020411b)

Damian Carrington provides some coverage of the drought in the Amazon. This is another tipping point. It may be that the Amazon rain forest is changing from a carbon sink to an emitter and could emit as much Carbon into the atmosphere as does China. (020411c)

From Rudy Ruitenberg we have the salient quote from an uncomfortable article: "We don't want to accept this speculation on agricultural commodities, which undoubtedly enriches a lot of people but which impoverishes the rest of the planet," Le Maire said. "We determinately reject speculation that leads to the ruin of farmers and an unstable situation in emerging countries. (012411a)And from Pallab Ghosh we have a dovetailing article which talks of a "perfect storm" comprised of global warming, population growth and speculation in food markets which threatens to effect the food security of hundreds of millions on this sweet little world of ours. (012411b) And if those articles are not enough, a larger picture of what 2011 may hold is disconcerning as well (012411d)

Axel Bojanowski reports to update us on the changing Rift Valley of east Africa. Volcanic activity and earthquakes are increasingly common and the landscape is evolving at a rate that fantastically fast, geologically speaking. Change may come sooner than anyone thinks and it will be a large scale change. (012111a)

Richard Black writing for the BBC reports on 2010 being either the warmest year on record or darned close to it. (012011a)

Mike Ludwig the salient news brief has it that 99 to 100 percent of women have toxic chemicals coursing through their bodies, DDT has been found for example and others which could put developing babies at risk. (012011d)

Dale Bowman reports on another die off, of fish this time, and on Chicago's shoreline. It's just one kind of fish but at least some birds are happy. (011211c)

Wil Longbottom gives an overview of the mass animal deaths that have spotted the news and the globe this week. (010811e)

Maggie Fox reports on the losses of four species of Bumblebees, catastrophic is an appropriate term when range contracts by 87% and population declines by 96% (010411b)

David Sirota talks about the New York's newest annual extravaganza "snowpocalypse" but Mr. "I'm a friggin' billionaire so give me a break" Bloomberg thinks that because Broadway shows are getting full houses that the city is just fine thank you. No matter deaths in the city attributable to the cut backs he engineered in snow clearing crews. (010111b)

Meanwhile, in the southern half of the globe we have Australia's annual extravaganza getting into full swing, a flood zone larger than France and Germany combined effects hundreds of thousands and will force the further pinching of pennies. (010111c)

The Future in the News! AND our Presstitutes inaction:


According to there are several nations in line to "enjoy" the benefits of the "jasmine" revolution. I hope for a sea change that will spread globally. Could this be what we've been waiting for? (021311e)

Eric Boehlert reports on an interview with a FoxNews insider who reports that they spin, make things up and more. Surprised? No, not really, there has been some coverage of that, but not much. (021311f)

Robb Kall expresses my hope that the Huffington Post will gain a greater reach and so will, therefore, a liberal perspective. Of course, if that does not pan out there will be one less "liberal" voice in the world. (020711a)

From Reuters, who got it from a Norwegian paper, who got it from WikiLeaks who got it from Assange who got it from Manning ...??? Need I go on? This story purports to illuminate the Iranian' drive for nuclear weapons. Not that they're not, but this kind of headline is what the hard right in the US and Israel want. (011711a)

Mike Whitney reports on more WikiLeaks information. This describes how the Lebanese government conspired with the US and Israel in the latter's attack on Hezbollah a couple of years ago, the plan was for Israel to knock Hezbollah down and for the Lebanese army to finish them off. It did not work. This revelation roils the region to some degree. (010811a)

Another WikiLeak: Israel kept the screws tight on Gaza keeping its economy on the brink of collapse. (010811d)

According to Wikileaks documents nearly a year ago Israel was gearing up for a "big war" against its neighboring foes, Lebanon, Gaza and I guess the West Bank, but that is not mentioned. The essential is that an Israeli military official spoke, briefed, an American government official and those are the purported facts. I guess time will tell, won't it. (010311c)


From the CSM we have a report on Olberman's leaving MSMBC. This year the "left" has lost more of its pillars and so skews, ever more seriously, to the Reich, uh, right, the perspectives available to the American public for consideration. (012211d)

William Rivers Pitt fires back incendiary verbiage at the Reich wing, nut job, blabosphere (011011a) Steve Rendall has a reminder of how "hate speak" has resulted in making the "weak minded" into killers. (011011b) and from Michael Winship we hear the similar connection between "hate speech media" and the whacko's that find inspiration from them to go out and "take direct action." (011011c)

The legacy: America's "selection of 2000" Repuglican' Party, Obama and North of the Rio Grande

The lame George W. Jackass Legacy:

Gustav Wynn reports on the Huffington Post's exposure of the "Bush War" in Iraq and how our government lied while our media gave them plenty of cover. Bush lied over a million died. (022211b)

If you can believe some of this stuff, some of it is HARD, but this is the Rethuglican way of thinking. (022011a) it is called their "war on women" Here are the referencing links to the articles for each of the ten items (022111b)

This is my "favorite": South Dakota is considering altering their definition of "justifiable homicide" to include allowing family members to kill an abortion provider who provided said services for a family member. (022111c)

Debbie Hines give us the overview of how the "new" Rethuglian majority in the house is doing. After chanting "jobs, jobs jobs" during the election they are not only doing nothing to make jobs but are seeing to it that jobs are lost, benefits are trashed and women get less protection. I guess it must sound like progress to someone, but now me. (021611c)

Again from PressTV we hear a story that Bush may have "justice waiting for him" when and if he travels overseas. (020811d)

Mike Ludwig reports on another instance in which our "government of the people" has been sadly used by corporate idiots who don't know what they're doing, except when they're making money or whoopie, and damaging the environment in the meantime. (020711c)

Max Fraad-Wolff and Richard D. Wolff talk about the latest conservative idiocy, blaming public service workers and their pensions as being part of the economic problem. No matter that the statistics do not bear that out; not so odd that the media plays it the way corporations want it to be played. (013111b)

Eric Lipton has it that the Bushites violated the law, the evidence is in but no one is willing to do anything about it. So it goes. (012511a)

De Capo Press brings us a piece by Michael Wolraich - it is an analysis of Glen Beck's rise to influence and how he's made his place in the Pantheon of Reich Wing Idiotologues. (012211c)

Peter H. Kemp talks to the "whackers" those public figures who have publicly called for Assange's death. (011611d)

Steve Striffler speaks on Jared Loughner's Politics from a broader perspective. The comments are a rich variety of takes on the article and the matter at hand; a worthy read. (011511a)

Nadia Prupis, the "jackanapes branch of the Rethuglican trash machine is set to start off the congressional session with a bang, voting to kill Obamacare. No debate, discussion, research, hearings or any such nonsense - Sounds like gummint varmints to me, ya'll. (010411a)

Chris Hedges talks about what Nader says about things going Rethuglican in a handbasket. Nice. (010311a)

Christopher Brauchli reports on a congressman King who wants to hold "hearings" because, as he says, "When I meet with law enforcement, they are constantly telling me how little cooperation they get from Muslim leaders [when conducting terror investigations.]" and so congressional hearings are on the 2011 agenda and Muslims will be the focus. (010111a)

Repuglican Party and its "Tea Party" munchkins:

From Lauren Monica we hear about how Governor Walker was punked by a man imitating David Koch and how plans for bringing in troublemakers to bring violence was being thought of and evidence for a bribe was offered. (022311b)

From the BBC we hear of what I call the "Wisconsin Flap" spreading to other states as workers unite in protest against the Jackass Wing of the Rethuglican Party, the Wing-nut Faction of the Tea Party and their fascistic enablers such as the Koch Brothers. (022211e) proposals In Lansing Mich the same thing is happening. (022211f)

From ABC news we hear that the Wisconsin lawmakers fled Madison in order to defend the rights of the tens of thousands protesting in the capital. I recall a similar event that happened in Texas during the Bush occupation of this country. More power to them. (021811d) William Rivers Pitt gives us a take on Madison's protest. Maybe the US citizenry is waking up. One wonders if they police or National Guard will be called out as mentioned. Times are getting lively. (021811e)

Robert Pollin and Jeffrey Thompson report on the Reich Wing's nutjob attack on public employee unions. Regardless of the facts the tin foil hat branch of the Rethuglican/Tea Party want to blame someone for the pain, and it may as well be an innocent who has, except for Wisconsin, forgotten how to defend themselves. (022111j)

John Nichols of The Nation reports that in Wisconsin a wildly Rethuglian governor is going full bore to attack public employee unions who have in turn shown up in Madison by the tens of thousands. Maybe things like this that are long overdue are getting started in the US, finally. (021711a)


Kevin Zeese reports on Obama's budgetary priorities. When it comes to cutting no military items are put on the block. Everything else is "on the butcher's block" (022211c)

Heavy handed FBI actions against American Citizens amount to harassment no matter that baseless charges are being pursued. (022111d) and here is part two of the story. (022111e)

From the Partnership for Civil Justice we have a story of "Hillasourus Wrecks" who, speaking condemning governments that arrest peaceful protesters, kept speaking as her thugs bead a man who was standing silently watching. Apparently his shirt was offensive? (021711c)

William Fisher reports on the "latest trend" in prison design, the "Communication Management Units" where everyone is incommunicado. It's weird! (012111b)

Katrina vanden Heuvel reports on the efforts to undo Citizens United. And speculates on how they may come about. (011911a)

William J. Broad, John Markoff and David E. Sanger report for the "reputable" NYT that Israel and the US conspired to use the "stuxnet" virus to infect the computers used in Irans nuclear program. (011611a) Say, wouldn't that be an act of war? Just asking.

Rob Kall gives us a bit of an update on the stuxnet, US, Israel and Iran episode. The speculation is that it could be considered an act of war to damage another country's industrial capacity. (011611e)

From AP we hear of a Reichwing nutjob threatening the lives of government officials in Indiana. The "wild child" is currently being held on 100K bail. (011611b)

From Glen Greenwald we have a bit of coverage on Bradley Manning, a new kind of pioneer. (011511b)

Andrew Kreig reports on Obamawankenobi's war on whistle blowers. The witch hunt is underway and damaging enough as it is. But that Obama is in favor is yet another error pile he is stepping into. (011111a)

Christopher Lawrence has us look at the "damn the teacher, full corporatization ahead" movement for reforming the education system. (010811d)

Joanne Barkan writing in Dissent Magazine's Op-Ed illuminates the disproportionate influence billionaires have on US education and how, despite their "reform efforts" they have not had anything like real success. Further US students DO compare well with students around the world - no matter how the rich dimbulbs confabulate otherwise. (010611c)

Roger Shuler reports on politics gone bad, how bad? How about a man found dead in a land fill who is associated with the purchase of tankers, a 35 billion dollar contract, Alabama politics and big business as usual. (010511a)

Stephen Zunes offers us that "ol' timey fa'rit" musical question, can US policy in the Middle East get worse? And the not to surprising answer is why faster than you can hable, "si se puede" you can see that we CAN do MUCH WORSE and thankfully with gutless hawk-eye Pelosi, Benjamin Nutty-yahoo and a crop of Neanderthal Rethuglicans coming into congress we'll get a bird's eye view on this caper as it unfolds (101011d)

North of the Rio Grande

Economics 101 in the News:

Stanley Kutler reports that the origins of most all the "deficit problem" in Wisconsin is due to a 117 million dollar set of tax cuts to the rich. The governors own fiscal watch dog said this package would create a huge deficit and that without it the state would have been in the black. (022311a)

David Glenn Cox has it that those in the know are bailing out. He uses only a few cases and says there are more but the salient parts of the article are the facts concerning what's called "quantitative easing". (021311a) and here is part two. (021311b)

Greg Hunter has it that the unemployment rate may be as high as 22%. It seems the magic of math is being used to help make a recovery out of whole cloth. (020811f)

Paul Craig Roberts reports on the "Kleptocracy of Brunei" as compared with that of the US. By the way, the US wins the "comparison. (020711b)

Robert Reich let's us in on a secret, "the street" is up, way up and doing fine; housing is down, maybe double dipping and the average Joe is suffering. Yet headlines are heady claiming "recovery" or "bounce back" and so forth and so on. (020211d)

Here we see Raffi Cavoukian using the mythical story of King Midas to compare what some moderns call "monetization" meaning how we translate "everything" into money and how this penchant for perverting our perspective on the world has indeed provoked the global climate changes that are, even now, sweeping away the old Earth and bringing forth the new, perhaps less user friendly one. (013011a)

Andrew Steele talks about what I call the "dollar effect" that meaning the manner in which the dollar is being manipulated, meaning printed up willy-nilly, has caused inflationary effects overseas. This has caused price inflation in other nations that have to import dollar denominated items, which means most all major staple commodities. (020111g)

Stephen T. Asma reports on a man exonerated for the murder of his own daughter. It seems his confession was forced that either fortune or fate managed to intervene on his behalf through the US justice system. DNA evidence was the key and it was not "heard" for several years. Amazing (013011c)

Joseph E. Stiglitz reports that the economic cures being offered in the "first world" are not taking hold. One would think that the lessons of Japan during the 1990's and of the US in the late 20's would be heard, but you'd be wrong. The big banks and Wall Street are doing well, thank you very much, but a jobless "boom at the top" is not going to last, or rather will last as long as money is being printed. (012411c)

Robert Weissman gives us the highlights of corporate control of congress this past year; he makes the case that more of such is to come the rallying cry? "Regulation gets in the way of jobs" (012311a)

From Alternet we have a snapshot of how the global economy works, first JP Morgan pumps up the housing market, when it crashes they get US tax money, then they foreclose, illegally, then they get into the "food stamp debit card" biz, then they outsource the service call jobs to someplace in India - to save bucks. They make money everyone else gets screwed. Nice work if you can morally afford it, as they can, it seems. (012211a)

Here we have an analysis of the role that the US dollar plays in global inflation. As we print our money, other currencies, tied to it, are effected. Our "quantitative easing" becomes inflationary pressure overseas and this effects, for one thing, food prices, oil, gold and whatever else. (011611c)

Ellen Brown talks about the coming insolvency of municipalities and some states while the Fed, and congress, fiddles. (011411b)

Michael S. Rozeff reports that "big wigs" think that the "day of reckoning" for the US dollar is near to hand. The annual tradition of "raising the debt ceiling" is needed, but in other articles we read about a Rethuglican" Tea Party plan to thwart any raising of that ceiling. Economic chaos would ensue if those idiots get their way, but maybe chaos is the plan. (011111f) From PressTV we hear about another move to change the status of the US dollar from its preeminent position as the world's reserve currency. Something unthinkable even a few years ago. (011111g)

Non-employment, those who've quit looking or have never found work to begin with, unemployment, those who are still looking for work, underemployment, those who would work more hours, need better pay or have downgraded to accommodate their changed circumstances are legion. The comments are interesting too. (011111e)

Jerry White reports on the increasing numbers of bankrupt Americans (010811b)

Javier Blas reports that the cost index measuring the expense of staple food supplies globally has reached the kind of insupportable peak seen in 2008. That was not a good time to a poor human in a "third world" country. This time around the old record is broken and it seems like the peak price range is still in the offing. (010611a)

News of Hope:

Gabriel Donohoe lets us know that Dennis Kucinich has done it again, proposed to have money be just that, money, not an interest bearing note of debt. (021811a) l and part two (021811b) and, finally, part three (021811c)

Ellen Brown lets us know that the "state banking movement" is gaining momentum is the good news in the economic realm. (021611f)

From Alternet we hear from Vermont, apparently they've had enough of corporate rape and have drafted a constitutional amendment with would deny corporations the status of personhood, which is a source of real power for them. (012211b)

Some News from our "storied" Past:

Going back to 9/11 we have some thoughts on the flight that "came to earth" in Pennsylvania (012911b)

Ira Chernus has us glance back to Eisenhower's renown "military industrial complex' speech. It seems that the phrases that followed the oft quoted passage offer us a very different look at the man who peaceniks laud as a "reasonable man" (012011b)

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