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There are a few coventures listed here. The first is a forming intentional community that my wife Wendy and I are discussing with others. Second is an engineer by day and a musician at night, he produces truly crafted band equipment. Third there is the Mysterium group, an association of creative individuals. Fourth is the Planetary People's Party's platform for political solutions.

1) The Community of Light, A Co-operative living development is a capital seeking coventure. We are more than 60 individuals interested in creating a self sufficient cooperative in a rural setting just outside of a small city. Although we have visited the American southwest we are open to other regions. Send email to, DB @ CI, if interested and we'll let you know how to participate!

2) The creative mind is a wonderful thing to see in action. The maker of this truly unique band equipment knows what he is doing. I am a harmonica player and have used several of the microphones that I have been asked to try out. I have to say that some are what they call screamers, while others are honkers, and some wail, but all were very good to great. He also makes amplifiers for these microphones. What is absolutely fantastic is that each and every microphone and amplifier is a hand crafted unique show piece built to impress. To find out more, just e-mail me.

3) There is a concept for a power generation system, which would encourage local, point specific power production; this is the link: Power Plant

4) The Planetary People's Party, presents its platform in the documents from the "Party of the First Part" a set of platform positions, ever being revised. Why not change the way things are done all the way around?

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