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This is a sampler of the kind of artwork that I produce. I have used a simple graphics program to create artwork that is quite similar to that which I produce using paper and ink.

I am looking for a gallery that would be interested in displaying the pieces that I have already created. I sketch these designs on ordinary paper and so most all of them can be framed by an 8 and 1/2 piece of paper. My plans would include making larger versions of some of the pieces for the show. Later I would use the process of enlargement, which would not be purely photographic or mechanical, to create further pieces for additional showings.

Each drawing is done free hand. The process is one in which the drawing implement never leaves the surface and the line that is used as the basis for a piece of art is continuous unbroken, and unedited. I believe this aspect of my works of art makes them both unique and intriguing.

I have a number of these drawings. If you are interested in purchasing either those sampled here or others I would be happy to discuss the matter with you, just email me for details.

Below and to the left is a graphic I created. This is a sample of what a drawing looks like when I have just finished creating the line. I usually leave them in this state, but often I decide to color them in. To the right below is the same piece, but now colored in.

I guess my penchant for making political statements continues on. This piece was inspired, in part, by a news show covering the issue and a cartoon shown with the caption: 100% of the men opposed to abortion will never become pregnant. I thought that this was a quite a good laugh, and passed it on. Later, I created this drawing which embodied my feelings in this matter.

Freehand Bird

This one is fairly typical of the earlier works even though it is a new one. The complexity of the lines, as compared that of the "Old Woman" is indicative of the earlier styles. Most of these have not been saved, but this example shows the progress that has been made in later works by contrasting a complex styling for a simpler, and more direct one.

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