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First Quarter of 2009

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January 2009



The "Great" War



A globalizing effect of Israel's actions in Gaza, has Israeli's targeted in Denmark, wounded not killed, but the attacker fled (123108e)


Woolworth's a retail chain is closing its doors for the last time, tossing some 27,000 out of work by 5 January of 09 (122708e)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine

A briefing on the attack and counter attacks so far. (123008f)

A bit of an overview of this "administrations" handling of the region and a restatement of how the current "problem" is one of our and Israel's own making (010209a) More on the rocketry, its theoretical sources and effectiveness. (010109b)

The protests in the "Muslim world" continue and grow in number. (010209d)


The front page from the Palestinian News Network, the headlines and briefs fill in gaps that the usual sources ignore (010309d)

The fighting is well underway with a simple objective, force the cessation of rocket fire. (010309b Israeli forces enter Gaza (010309a)

Protests and a general strike spread along with word of the strikes in Gaza. (122708i)

Foreigners are leaving Gaza, the embassies or other institutions are telling them "it is time to go". Some thought, in other articles, that this kind of move would presage a land assault. (010209e)


The Israeli's are calling up "tens of thousands" of reservists (010309e)

Rabbi Lerner gives a bit of the old college try for making a resolution for the conflict. Although it is nice to see somewhat reasonable set of propositions, but these ideas will never fly. There currently is no solution to the Palestinian/Israeli dilemma. (010209d)

The essential quote is that there is "no humanitarian crisis in Gaza" according to an Israeli official who also claims that aid is arriving from Israel, which is true. (010109a) This comment fires up "commentary" from the Arab world.

The war's cost to Israeli's seems measured mostly in terms of inconvenience and fear. (123108b) In Gaza it is a rising death toll and wide ranging destruction, with more to come.

This article mentions that Palestinian rockets may have a range of up to 125 miles. Up until now only Gaza is involved with the firing of rockets and theirs are not the 125-mile variety, it seems. (123108c) Israeli citizens hail the action (123008e)

Some details, but the bottom line is that more is to come, and there is a possible ground incursion being prepared as well. (122708g)

The war goes into its second day, air strikes continue and so does rocket fire in return (122808a)

The war in its third day, air attacks continue, Israel calls up reserves and masses troops on the border with Gaza. Hamas continues to fire rockets, some with a range of 20 miles. (122908a)

The operation will continue for "a long time" until Israel is safe. (122908c)


Rioting spreads and deepens. Blood is on the ground. (122808b)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia


The ten most common myths being promulgated by our "ever lovin' media" (122708h)


Some of Iran's religious leaders call for volunteers to help Gaza against Israel. (122908e) More on that "movement" this article says that 10,000 have stepped forward (123108d)


Pakistan urges India to stand down its forward bases as tension stays high. Who knows what is really going on but a war would be a "not good" event for all concerned, not that this alone would allow cooler heads to prevail. (123008d)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater

Cause for hope here in this continent as several elections show that power can be transferred, although not all the time. (010309c) Then there is a countervailing piece, with evidence to boot (010309f)

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia, The "horn of Africa" Somalia and Sudan


The protest against Israeli action in Gaza has this nation stirred, it may be a foretaste of more and thus a part of the "Gaza problem" that Israelis did not consider and which could become a factor in any resolution of their war with Gaza (010209h)


The western backed leader of this nation resigns as rebels close in on the presidential palace. (122908f)

The Greater Asian Islamic Theater: China, India, Russia and South East Asia


The word "crisis" is used circumspectly in this country, is growing and Russia too is spending hundreds of billions to prop up its financial system. (122708d) Again the spigot is tweaked, and the politics of gas takes form. (010209c)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:


The salient quote of this article: Buscaglia warns against the "Afghanistan-ization" of Mexico, in which rival kingpins gradually take over different states. "If one criminal organization takes over one state, and another criminal organization takes another, then you have the ingredients of civil war," (122808c)

The Future:

10 reasons to be hopeful for 2009 and three reasons not to be (010209k)

The Slate overview has the daily grist. Israel's attack is prompting its a growth in support for Hamas, typical of other attacks on Palestinians, this one alienates Arab populations from their leaders because none of them are standing up to Israel. (123008g)

A look at the camps being set up around the United States. The process of building them began in 1984 under Regan, but now there are some 600 of them. They are for "emergencies" (123108e)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Here is says the US military is preparing for domestic duty. The idea being this: what would happen, if, within the first 8 months of Obama's presidency "could face a "strategic shock" within the first eight months in office."(123008a)

The central portions of Slate that I would draw your attention to are the politics of replacing Clinton, oil shale and Israel's action. (122808d)

The lame George W. Jackass Legacy:

Here are some really great quotes, comments and memories of persons who dealt with G.W. Jackass over the course of his "administration". It brings back many memories and provides some insights that I think many will not want to see, but there it is. (123008h)

When G.W.Jackass was "selected" it was a different world, this brief article only covers his absolute major errors. Still it is a refresher on what the "idiot resident" said he stood for and how he turned coat, as it were (010209b)

Economics 101:

The US treasury is selling debt by the trillions and much of that current debt comes due in 2009. US treasury notes are the refuge that investors are flocking to. The danger of this is the treasury becoming unable to sell more or pay off the debts as they mature. This situation may have a bubble like structure to it in that belief fuels the investment and promises need to be kept (010309h) art two, more on that (010309i)

This web page shows the "Texas" rating for banks, essentially the higher the number, anything over 50, the riskier the bank is. (010209i) and this is a nutshell explanation of the Texas Ratio (010209j)

Ford says, we've had a bad quarter and a bad year and it does not look good in the near term either (010209f)

But that report is just an indicator of a far larger and pervasive decline in "factory measures" (010209g)

The Slate belongs here today, nice coverage (010109d)

As if we didn't need another bout of Bush Bungling, we have the TARP program, you know the "oh my god we gotta have 700 billion dollars or we're up shit creek" bailout that congress passed. Well, guess what, the arguments given for this "largesse" were largely myths. And, to top it off, the plan did not work all through its many incarnations, at least thus far. (123108a)

The overall view is dismal for at least the first half of 2009, figures in show that even bond prices have dropped a bit. That is a barometer to watch, if that market takes a dive then much else will follow. (123008c)

Canada, our peaceful neighbor to the north, has economic troubles, which cause its dollar to reach a 50 year low (123008b)

Here is a report suggesting that, at least in parts of Asia, notably not Japan, there are signs and portents of a "bottom" being found. (122908b) Though it is not "clear and present", and the first half of 2009 will be "difficult". Here is the counter opinion that "more bad" is to come (122908d)

The word "freefall" is used to describe the US economy. The problem with the "bailout solution" is that it did not work. It did not work because, as writers and experts at the time said, it focused on the wrong portion of the economic system. We are seeing the results of that misguided approach now as millions are out of work, under employed, loosing jobs, houses and here and there some loose their lives. (122808f)

The worst Christmas shopping season in 40 years. That is what the story says, all we hear over here is that it was not as good as expected. (122708f)


The case for "green construction" jobs it is a real "two for" kind of thing, hopeful. The only turd in the punchbowl is the notion that it would take congress and administrative leadership to accomplish it, oh, and yes, rationality. (123108)

Somethings from the "storied" Past

The Palestinian view of the events that took place nearly 60 years ago and UN resolution 194, which was supposed to be part and parcel to Israel's acceptance by the UN and being as well as the international community, but which has also been "forgotten" (122808e)


I guess now's about the time for some of this, don't you think. I did laugh here and there but lost most of it due to being a poet and rather out of the context of most of these jests. Still funny is funny. (010109c)

Lastly check out these links to heartening videos:


The "Great" War

Things from the past, and our present: Obama's relationship with one of his employers known to be involved with "security hanky panky", the uselessness of any proposal for Middle East peace and more from Mr. Blum (010309i)

A year ago, look at what was being said at the beginning of 2007 (010309l)

More on Obama and some other "walks in the park", that is the recent past. (010309j) and the mythology of the GWOT.

From Counter Punch dated 01/02/09 or 01/04/09 You Remember It, Don't You? An Incredible, Hope-Filled Year by Alexander Cockburn (010309k)


I just archived this one, apparently Euroland has some lessons for us in the "recovery cook book" Read it if you like but I don't think they're doing so hot over there either. (010909f)

A series of incidents has Europeans wondering if the Palestinian conflict will have overflow in their own lands. (010709e)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine

The argument being advanced to "explain" or "defend" Israel's current "defense initiative", as it were. (010909h)

It says thousands are protesting … for all the fervor of the Muslim world, why aren't millions taking a stand, demonstrating with their feet, as it were? Much as the west's anti war effort has been surprisingly lax, so do we see a lack of will on both sides to reign in those who would ruin them? (010909e) Not to speak of Israel's folks who be lettin' their menfolk run jes'about hog wildt" as it werl. But the kicker is that Ghadaffi of Lybia is foaming at the mouth, just a bit.

Israel rejects the UN calls for a cease-fire, the fighting continues, rockets continue to fire and there was a report of a few rockets being fired into Israel from Lebanon. (010909c)

How long? No one seems to know. Rocketry in the north, currently dismissed. What gives? Not much and no one. Impression: grim. (010809b)

The rift between those who rule Arab nations and are "conciliatory" to the west, the US and Israel and those, "of the streets" who are the exact opposite grows (010609j)

Another viewpoint that reconsiders what a "real" pro Israeli policy might look like. Essentially it calls for a viable Palestinian state, however, in my opinion, this could not really exist without a seaport. I still support the original partition of the region and having Jerusalem as in independent city-state. (010609h)

A different impassioned argument, which should be heard. (010609i)

As if things are not muddled enough in Gaza, Al Qaida wants in on the action, it just hasn't had enough time yet to do so. (010609g)

This article, when read with an open perspective, supports my thinking for why the conflict is intractable. First, both sides have long standing, deeply emotional and overlapping rights to the same territory, neither side sees any possibility of their needs being met by the other. Both state that they have little or no choice in the manner in which they deal with their opponent and neither can reasonably give the other what it fully wants because both have radicalized factions which can control what is done or not by effectively vetoing any moderate proposal or agreement. Top all that off with the fact that both sides suffer from racism, religious fanaticism and the lingering effects of the Cold War, which are still, being played out. Thus, one has a recipe for disaster. (010609c)

And a similar story, in terms of understanding the tragedy of the situation (010609d)

Something of an overview of the international "efforts" being made to resolve the "disagreement" (010609e)

While anger grows in the West Bank, there is only the threat that, if Hamas should survive, in other words gain a victory, then there may be some disruptions here as well, Palestinians are not happy with the results their government is getting, to say the least (010609f)


A bit of history shows that a good portion of the current problem has its root in the decision that the US and Israel made in years past. Particularly their assistance in encouraging the growth of Hamas as a counterweight to the PLO. Oh well. (010709i)

Part two; another example is how Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza leaving, essentially, a vacuum of an "explanation" which Hamas exploited. (010709j)

The Slate here today, because it mentions how dire the situation in Gaza is; hundreds of thousands may run out of water in a matter of days. (010609l)

Some heavy fighting, reports of Israeli casualties being denied, the world doing the diplomacy dance and Gazan's without water or electricity (010509e)

The Israeli's prepare to enter Gaza City with "light" fighting so far (010509b)

The assault on Gaza City is prepared and fighting continues to kill civilians as mortar and rocket fire continue into Israel. (010509a)

The battle will escalate as time goes on, most likely, is the take away message from this article, since cross border firing continues so will the operation until the Hamas can no longer do that. (010409f)

The ground offensive has bisected Gaza, surrounded Gaza City as fighting intensifies and rocket fire still affects southern Israel. (010409a)

One Gazan's story of his grandfather who is still there because it is his home and his dream. (010309n)


Israeli media portray the war, let us say, differently (010509e)

What the word is in Israel on January 3 anyway. (010309m)

Some quotes and statements by Israeli's regarding the ground attack (010309o)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia


The surge scheduled for Afghanistan may have advantages and disadvantages. This is discussed. (010709h)


Another suicide bomber strikes a sectarian blow, but if the perpetrator and those who are blamed are not the same person or group it is a step toward chaos. (010409c)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia, The "horn of Africa" Somalia and Sudan


10 million face drought and soon privation What seems to be a predictable event occurs; perhaps understatement will have the effect of the severity of the situation? (010909d)

The Greater Asian Islamic Theater: China, India, Russia and South East Asia


India has provided a "diplomatic ultimatum" to Pakistan regarding the Mumbai attack. Trouble is war is off the table and business as usual is the order of the day, so if Pakistan does not respond what is left? (010609a)


Russian and Ukrainian governments can't agree on the price of gas. Here is the politics and side issues relating to this "problem'. (010409g)

Now gas is being cut off and so some yowling has ensued. (010609k)

Now people are noticing that there are "gas problems" (010709g)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:


The participants in this "media" story should have the US putting one more mark on the "problem" side of their ledger and so one more mark on the "legacy" of George W. Jackass the still current resident, pretender and president select. (010409e)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

The Slate of this date 01/06/08 has a bit in it where a Mr. Yoo who argued the Bush case for scrapping certain parts of the constitution now seems to have "rediscovered the document" "And now firmly believes that any treaty with a foreign power requires a 2. /Three majority to pass. (010509d)

A Touch of Terrorism:

The US is "number one" we export more arms to the developing world than anyone else, we even beat out the Ruskies! Yahooooooo! (010709d

Canada? Terrorist activities: pipeline attacks? (010509c)

Economics 101:

Any signs that employment and house prices are rising will turn around consumer sentiment and point to recovery" (011009) And when that happens, you'll be the first to know

A dismal report hearkens back over 50 years to find a matching set of glum data points. (011009c)

And in this do we see a bit of blowback Dem style? (010909h) This might too, except it is more like a "man the life boat's" motivation (010909i)

Typical article for economics, too bad too, the good stuff is at the end, anyway, it lays out how finances got "messed" and then lays out the cure, well, it sounds good but time will tell if the writing of this makes a difference. It may, therefore, just be an academic proposition. (010909h

A lot of bad news, but the silver lining consists of these items, older workers are finding jobs or keeping them and, the bonus, if you have a job, there is a trend for an increase in wages along with a drop in prices, this is a sweet spot, as it were. (010909b)

For the date 01/08/09. Lots of implications and evidence in the headlines and brief blurbs. (010809a)

Huge, gargantuan deficits are projected and Obama mentions more short-term debt to help in fixing the economy. (010709e)

This story shows how the British bank rescue plan, which is similar enough to ours, is not working. hmmmmm. (010709b)

So an overview of what is needed and a couple of suggestions. Also a repetition of the fact that the bailouts have been focused on banks and their credit system, not on those who could use credit, the individuals and small companies. Basic math, if the US economy GDP is about 15 trillion and consumer purchases make up 70 percent of that, it would take some ten trillion dollars a year to "replace" the "effect" of a full throttled consumer economy, no one is thinking stimulus in that range, it is impossible. (010709c)

Close to 700,000 jobs lost in December, once the month famed for its "job jump" statistics. (010709a)

All major car sales plummet with Chrysler leading the pack with a 53% decline. (010609b)

The key word here is "unsupervised" which is used to describe the federal government's efforts to borrow over a trillion dollars to "invest" in the "vital" sectors of the economy (010409b)

Everyone wants their turn at the trough; five states say they could use a trillion or so (010409d)


You gotta love this story, a young woman has invented a kind of refrigeration device which has no moving parts, can be made out of "readily available materials, and requires no power source, outside of the sun. Designed for use in impoverished nations, the woman has made a wonderful contribution to impoverished areas. (011009a) So where are our think tanks, can't they produce something like this?

The good news is that renewable energy sources are increasing production at a good rate, the bad news is that this progress is being obfusticated by an organization that refuses to report as much and this organization advises nations on energy policy. (010909k)


To whom this may concern,

I have kept a record of the Bush Years. The time of his "Reign of Error" is now ending. Since covering that "story of the century" was the sole purpose of this newsletter I am free to cease operations at this time. It may be that I'll revive efforts with another focus. If I do my newsletter will be the place to look. For now I bid a fond goodbye to the worst Supreme Court appointee to have ever disgraced any office in United States history.

Dan Brady

The "Great" War

So who the fuck is to be blamed for this war? Well, Bush and his coterie of suck offs, of course, but then there IS the media, which promulgated the lies supplied by them to the US and the world. If Bush ever goes down so should many columnists.(011509a)


The situation may have calmed somewhat, but a group has come to the fore claiming it will be on the attack. (011409f)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine

Heavy fighting, negotiations and rumors. (011709a)

The negotiations are described along with the basic error that Hamas "began" this round of fighting by breaking the truce. (011509d)

Obama weighs in on a few things that dovetail nicely or perhaps not, with parties to this conflict. (011309c)

This writer makes an impassioned case for the fact that Israel has lost the war already. That Hamas can only come out ahead, one way or another and Israel only lose. (011209k)

Only a few disagreements with this article, mostly in the middle. The "math" used for Israel at the end may be the correct analysis of the formula being worked out, but there is misunderstanding of the Palestinian strategy if not their tactics. Still a good read and, more or less, dovetails with my thinking. (011309a)

To me this article illustrate the above story objectified. Neither side is officially talking about ceasing action. From what I read, Israel might go home when the rocketry attacks are at zero for some period of time. How they will then leave and guarantee that state's continuance is another matter. Obama has his work cut out for him here. (011309b)


The most recent "up tick" in violence has Israeli forces attacking the main UN compound in Gaza. Um, not very good press, actually, but then, I don't think they care overmuch. They may be "going for broke". (011509c)

The attack on Gaza City has begun, not all out, but damaging enough and street fighting is well underway. (011409a)

Tens of thousands flee the fighting; many have no choice but to remain where the fighting is taking place. A sore situation to say the least. (011209m)

Hamas' struggle shows signs of weakening as Israel "invests" Gaza City. The Israeli count of rocket and mortar attacks is way down. This metric may prove to be the ultimate measure. (011209a)

Fighting continues as Israeli forces edge into Gaza City. This is not yet a "game changer" though I think that is what Israel wants. A secure southern border, I believe is the goal, from what I understand that is. (011109a)

A wider offensive is threatened, leaflets are dropped and in the most recent 24 hour period only 15 rockets went into Israel; it seems this is the metric being used to monitor progress. (011109b)

Claims of war crimes are being levied, unofficially, investigations are being done, by Israeli's and maybe someone else will have a chance too, (011109c)


Repeatedly the Israeli's said their objective was to halt rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. This was the metric. Today the Israeli's say they've achieved this and all other objectives and so will be unilaterally institute a cease fire. This while rockets, admittedly in smaller numbers, fell in Israel. (011709b)

A crossroads? Israel has two main choices: pull out or go for broke. The third is to reoccupy parts of Gaza to keep the rocketry down. (011209i)

And the indication is for an escalation, according to this article (011209j)

Israel is starting to send reservists into the fray. Apparently rocket attacks are still occurring. (011109h)


A second volley of rocket fire from this country may give pause but it is not a second front … yet (011409d)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia


A peek inside the Talib fighters of this country as it heads into the unknown of a new year, with a new US leader, new recruits and more struggle ahead. (011109j)

We are on the verge of sending 20 to 30,000 more troops to this country. However, all this time the aid programs, which should have been winning hearts and minds, were instead lining the pockets of the wealthy "no bid" style contractors much as they did in Iraq. (011209g) And the money spent over there then comes back to the US in the form of campaign contributions to the "ruling party or class" whatever. (011209h)


A disagreement between the Great Dumbbell and Israel regarding its proposed attack on Iranian nuclear facilities prevented the Israeli's from mounting the attack, alternatives were allowed however. This from 2008. (011109d)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia, The "horn of Africa" Somalia and Sudan

Africa's Horn:

China makes its moves, has been for some time, one may only speculate as to the "ultimate aim" it has in this "mini Great Game" (011509e) There is this too, the US and others are making themselves known, albeit in a limited fashion and for a certain reason only. (011509f)


A bit of a border problem with Djibouti, the US is involved, of course, one way or another, just a side bar? (011409e)


What seems to be a predictable event occurs; perhaps understatement will have the effect of the severity of the situation? (010909d)

The Greater Asian Islamic Theater: China, India, Russia and South East Asia


No sooner had a deal been "done" than it was undone, the background of NATO/US vs. Russia is relevant some say. (011109i) Then, like magic, the flow is back on, desperate times are avoided, mostly (011209f) Then again, soon after, there wrer stories that it was not quite turned on or that it was turned on and then turned off. Time will tell what wil lhappen.

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Using recent records of temperature increases and their effects on regional crops a theory can be crafted, which outlines how as many as a billion people will face food shortages by the end of this century if global warming proceeds apace. (011108h)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Going back to "The Land of Enchantment" for the election fraud that Ohio's buried. (011209l)

The lame George W. Jackass Legacy:

The US government official admits that Guantanamo Bay inmates were tortured. (011409g)

Some investigation into the criminality of Bush, FINALLY! I hope he is jailed (011409b

The Justice Department was politicized during the BushWhack Error and the truth slowly comes out. (011409b)

The approach Obama is using to resolve the economic crisis hearkens back to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Keynes, an economist who believed that deficit spending could buy a country out of recession, and since "the usual cures" have not proved effective, we've gone to the history book. My question is "What, Mr. Obama, is plan B?" (011009e) Part two, the more you look the more you wonder (011109f)

Economics 101:

Today's Slate, 01/17/09 goes here for the nuggets relating to the economy. (011709h)

The first page of this five-page article demonstrates that the housing/financial crisis has spread to many who did not take out risky loans (011709c) Part two, the boom years, and how! (011709d) Part three, then too, other factors both direct and indirect hit (011709e) Part four, reality bites and hard so some "bug out" (011709f) Part five; unrealistic borrowers become unrealistic foreclosure "victims" (011709g)

The article mentions a giant hole at the bottom of the American economy. Now, it seems as though the writer is talking about the very rich who have manipulated things to their benefit. However, I thought of the hundreds of trillions of dollars in "lost finances" the global debt. To date the size of this hole, last estimated at some 650 to 700 trillion, has been fed with, at best, some 5% of that total that I can see or estimate. Since we are already through trimming the fat and into the carving, one wonders what it will be like when we get to the bone? (011509b)

Today's Slate belongs here, many nuggets concerning the financial hoodoo. What I want to know is where is the Voodoo? (011409h)

I wish I knew how to really understand this, but it seems that another bubble is forming that of government issued bonds being used to "bail out" just about everyone. The problem is that everyone in the world is hurting and seems to be trying the same thing at the same time. So, who is buying the bonds? More importantly, can this go on long enough to start up the world's economic engine? Then too, what if it's not? (011309e)

An indicator of trade, something touched on before, the drop off in the use of shipping containers, their use is now priced, effectively, at zero. Global trade declines, even with China. (011309d)

So why did oil go up so far and then crashed so far, when, at the time of its rise "big oil" said it was demand-outstripping supply, that there were shortages. Now that the price is dropping, we see a different picture. Other stories covered the entrance of speculators in commodity futures, seeking profits after the housing bubble burst. (011209b)

The historical rise in oil's price of 25 dollars per barrel in a single day, was the big clue. (011209c) The biggest oil company in America? Is not an oil company, it is Morgan Stanley (011209d) In addition, we hearken back to Enron for the "experts" in how to manipulate commodity prices. (011209e)

The lead story in this category is one that debunks the current flock of disinformational "arguments" that conservatives are offering up on the altar of public opinion. This is a crushingly good, and brief, serial put down. (011109g) Should I say smack down?

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