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San Francisco's Haiku Pond!

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Hello everyone, to all the tourists, visitors, the artists, and the heartfelt souls happening across this brief note.

Yes, San Francisco has a Haiku Pond, it is famously not famous and all to nondescript for all that, please enjoy the photos, the few links and, when you have a chance, come on by and enjoy the subtle peace and quiet that I have come to enjoy there.

There are some photos of the place, a map for clarifying its location and then a few haiku written at the scene.


......... ......... ......... Dan

Metson Lake San Francisco Haiku Pond

So, where is San Francisco's Haiku Pond anyway?

The mysterious Haiku Pond is more commonly known as Metson Lake. It is a quiet place, out of the way, picturesque, and inspiring. The map shows you where it is in Golden Gate Park, just off Middle Drive West between two sets of car barriers, so, seekers of bliss, who wish to come and visit for a quick little moment of eternity, have to leave their cars for a bit of a walk.

Along the roadway
Meeting million year olds
For the first time ...

After winter storms
Trees fallen by the wayside
Old friends come to mind


Exact reflections
Still - water fascinates
As time ... goes by

The munching - right here
On and on - and yet - yet
The leaves - motionless

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