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Creative Ideas: The Natural Diet

The Natural Diet

1) Introduction:

Natural Dietary Practices that will enhance health, lengthen life, increase intelligence, stabilize some forms of emotional and psychological distress.

2) What it is not and what it is:

There are a few guidelines to this diet. It is, first of all, not a diet as most people understand that word. We are not concerned with amounts of food consumed, rather it introduces a way of eating. It is brief, simple, and truly easy. However, these properties will make it difficult for those who are used to depending on a system, a book, or some "recipe for dietary success" and it is also not especially a weight loss or control diet. This is not a pill, or formula.

What it is then. It is a theory applied. The theory is that vegetables and fruits, the ones that can be eaten raw, have more nutritional value than if they are cooked, or processed. For this reason you do not cook food in this diet. We feel that over the centuries cooking and processing of food was done, for the most part, in order to increase the amount of food available, out of season, and to make the storage of surpluses easier. I will not argue against the points that cooking allows us to eat many kinds of food that are unpalatable raw, or difficult to eat, nor that cooking preparations extend the range of one's diet, as well as making the act of eating easier.

Our contention is that most all food contains micro nutrients, enzymes and the like which the cooking or other kinds of processing often destroys. These two activities degrade the vitamins and some minerals in our foods. So the theme is to focus on food that is natural in the sense that it is raw and unaltered. That said, I would mention a second contention and that is that this diet's recipes would reduce the energy, gas and electricity, one expends cooking and to some extent the cooling of ones food. It could be seen as a kind of "green" diet.

This means eating fruits, vegetables in salads, sprouts, nuts, whole grain cereal, and some other prepared but uncooked foods such as olives, artichoke hearts, flat breads, tortillas, and similar items.

This diet is focused on uncooked, or unprocessed, raw foods. It is an attempt to eat, perhaps in a way similar to one's distant ancestors. When one steams vegetables the idea is then to soften them for eating, not to "cook the through" for example greens may be wilted in a steamer as preparation. We are trying to get every bit of natural nutrition from what we eat. The second part is that we reduce liquid intake to water, fresh squeezed juices and teas. The third part is that protein will come from fresh fish such as sushi, or that prepared with marinades as well as soy products and the other vegetable sources. The theory speculates that boiling temperatures are to high, in that enzymes and micro nutrients are destroyed by them.

The last part is that there are some apparent exceptions, you will see from some of the recipes below that I include items, such as eggs and jellies. I suggest organic versions of both.

This theme

3) How to start

The diet is in a form of behaviors. All one has to do is to follow them all, each day. I believe that you will find some or all of the benefits listed in the introduction.

A) Liquids

Drink water. Drink nothing else. No soda, coffee, alcohol, juice, milk, the first exception especially if the tea if it is made in the following fashion: place the tea in a glass jar, only glass, then add filtered or "well run" water (this means you let the tap run for a few moments or minutes until you notice it chill, this means you are using water that has not been left standing in your pipes.). This container is set in a window so that the sun warms it. Sun tea is the way to go for tea. This would be the default method, some teas are prepared in particular ways, always look into that. Of course, no sugar. If this is in the winter, and or the sun is not strong enough, boil the water first, let it cool, and place the tea into it.

One should drink at least a quart of water for every 100 pounds of body weigh, each day. More does not hurt. If you drink water before a meal, the more you drink the longer you should wait. The main principle is to let the water get into your body and to not eat "on a diluted stomach".

The other exception comes about after you've made sprouts, (the best: mung, aduki, lentil, alfalfa) you can drink the water they were soaking in. This contains a good deal of minerals and other nutrients. Oh, yes, always rinse the seeds a couple of times before leaving them to soak.

B) Solids

Buy organic. Try to eat "live" food. Sprouts are living, Most vegetables and fruit are. Yogurt with a living culture is as well.

C) Brady's Ultimate Fruit Soothie

At one time I had one a day most every day of the week. It is a great breakfast, or mid day snack; it is amazing really.


You'll need: a 32 oz blender, this is the usual kitchen size and cups or glasses.


Two bananas

A whole peeled orange, in sections

A whole peeled lemon, in sections

An apple, of your choice, cubed

Water, probably two cups to start, and probably more.

An ample supply of any or all of the following frozen cherries or black cherries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, loganberries, you get the idea.


Place the bananas in a blender, along with the orange, lemon and apple this is what I call the base, it is used in all variations of this recipe. Please note the orange and lemon sections are added in whole, not squeezed and, if you want to be fancy, you can get zest from them both and add that in as well, yum.

Next add water, cover the blender and turn it on. There should be enough water in it to make it very fluid, so add some if you like. If it is to thick add some water as it blends, if it is to thin toss in another banana.

After it is swirling easily then you drop in the frozen berries a few at a time, but ultimately you'll add a couple cups or more. I like berries.


*You can add in a heaping tablespoon of still frozen fruit juice, my favorite was Pine/Apple/"Pine

*Frozen mango, pineapple, peaches pears

*Pineapple, grapefruit, kiwi, lime, grapes, mango, melons, figs

*Coconut milk, this goes great with just bananas, berries, oranges and apples.


Do not add milk, yogurt or any dairy product to this. OMG wrong way to go.

D) Salads

Eat only uncooked vegetables in salads. Salads should not be boring so make sure that when you make a salad that at least seven items are included. Always include home made sprouts of various kinds. There should be at least one salad eaten each day.

E) Avoid packaged foods

Packaged food can be allowed under the following restriction. One must read the portion of the label that lists the contents and if there is any one item on that list of contents that you do not understand then you do not buy, much less eat that product. Eat only what you understand, or what is natural.

F) Supplements: yes!

Have a good combination of vitamin and mineral supplements. Be sure you are getting micro-minerals. Herbs such as ginseng are useful. Investigate and establish a regimen of daily supplements.

3) Recipes

A) Deep Chili, a recipe

Deep Chili, a recipe This is good. It is also a large recipe meant for a group, a feast, or for enjoying over the course of a week for lunches and or dinners.

16 ounces of organic stewed tomatoes, 16 ounces of organic tomato sauce. Put these together in a large mixing bowl and add: 1 to 2 Tbsps of: oregano, sage, thyme, marjoram, mild curry powder, and a large head of fresh garlic, minced, and I mean minced.

One to two cups of fresh kernels of corn, uncooked.

Dice up one large red onion, one bell pepper, and probably two small zucchini's.

Two cans of Companion Curry Chai Pow Yu, well rinsed. This is a wheat gluten product that comes in a can. Vegetarians are just discovering it. It is made by Companion (TM) It is exported by Ever Companion Food Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan

About three cups of soaked kidney beans. What I mean is this: Soak the beans overnight, rinse them once a day for about two or three days, until they are plumped up and just about ready to sprout. or a blend. These should have had two days to sprout.

All of these ingredients are mixed up in a bowl, put in a large mason jar and it is placed in the refrigerator. Give it about a day to "blend"


The ingredients in the list are mixed into a bowl, and set in the refrigerator, until the flavors blend. You may not like it as thick as this so you can add some pure water or more tomatoes or tomato sauce. One can also add some olive oil, and your favorite herbs and spices. Now you will note that I failed to mention Chili, itself. That is because I like it hot. My recipe pointers on this regard are useless since, in a health sense, I believe that very, very hot chili has beneficial effects and it is an acquired taste. I suggest putting in what you are comfortable with. I toss in a half Bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce. This makes it hot enough for any living being, man or beast. Others will content themselves with the "commercial" brands, but to each his or her own.

As to the proportions of the ingredients, you will alter them to suit your tastes. I like dense chili, hot chili, and this recipe is that, but even I change it a bit every time I make it.

B) Sandwich Dressings

Sandwich spread A : 1 part mayonnaise, 2 parts mustard, your choice 1 part pureed tomato 4 parts live culture yogurt 1 part herbs of your choice

When using herbs and mixing with any of these: pureed tomato, mustard, and , a good effect is had if you mix in them in a bowl, and chill overnight. These combinations allow the herbs to season out. With Braggs, Bronners or soy sauce, one need wait until you can taste the change.

Optional ingredient: for the 1/2 part Braggs Mineral Liquids, or Bronner's Mineral Liquid. Soy sauce if you don't have these, but it is really not the same.

Sandwich spread B : 1 part olive oil 1 part mustard 3 parts live culture yogurt 1 medium avocado Blend all ingredients into a bowl, chill and serve.

C) God's own Burrito

A good flour tortilla, or corn, suit yourself, but large. Select a nice combination of ingredients, layer them onto the tortilla, roll and tuck, and enjoy.



garlic and any of the following: cabbage, beets, greens apple


onions and any of the following: carrots, squashes, leafy green vegetables


zucchini and any combination of the following bell pepper, tomato, swiss chard, spinach


corn, beans, alfalfa, et al


Leafy vegetables, fresh peas, currants, and the like And don't forget rice. Other grains may be used as well.

Others: Cheese, pickles, olives,


From the following list choose your favorite(s) combine or not as you like

Yogurt, Mustard, yellow or brown Soy Sauce, Braggs Mineral, whipped avocado (avocado, lemon juice, yogurt), Catsup or tomato sauce Olive oil, Most salad dressings, Truly hot salsa, Salted black bean pate,

D) Pancake Dressing

One to two cups fresh or frozen fruit, your favorite. Steam gently. Set fruit into the water when the fruit has softened. For this reason watch how much water you put in, perhaps put in as much as a third the volume of the fruit. Once the fruit is in the water add maple syrup, to taste, warm and stir. This is where you adjust the thickness of the dressing. Before serving squeeze the juice from one lemon or one orange into the dressing.

E) What else

These are OK too: Cheese, eggs (if soft boiled, or poached), and most kind of fish bread (again organic, untoasted), pasta, nut butters, honey, fruit jellies, preserves, and marmalades, all sugar free, of course, cereals, pickles and olives. For the cereals use non dairy beverages using soy, rice, wheat or other grains.

4) Extra dietary considerations

Attitude adjustments:

This diet is not limited to what you put in your body. But I will leave it to you to be advised that exercise, prayer, thankfulness, blessing others, and seeking out creativity in some form are all useful adjuncts what ever the endeavor and personally I believe that singing is good for the soul as is laughing and usually the more the better for that.

So keep the brain active. Learn things, take up hobbies, activities. Read. Turn off the TV and get a life. Go back to school if you cannot think of anything on your own. Get involved in some activity that demands attention, and creates something new in your life.

Exercise. I don't mean strain yourself, but anyone can go for a walk, pull weeds, move to music, dance, or the like. Anything is more than nothing, start with about 15 minutes a day. It will be worth it.

Try creativity. Find something. The easy things are art, writing, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, or home movies. Travel is also a good activity, and you don't have to go to far away places either. Heck, meet some of your neighbors, you may well find new friends not 100 yards away from where you usually sit and watch TV.

Try to make a difference in your community You do not have to be involved in politics. You don't have to run, but become informed on the issues, participate in community meetings, call your representatives on a regular basis, write letters, protest some decision. The idea is to get out and try


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