Regime Change Begins at Home

Fourth Quarter of 2008

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October 2008



The "Great War"

The global reach of rumor mongering and accusatory remarks, Israel charges North Korea with arming opposition nations in the Muddle East. (100408d)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza - Israel - Jordan - Lebanon - Palestine - Syria


A car bomb raises tensions in this country, but the bigger picture remains a mystery, are they on a slippery slope? (092908f)


A military build up by Syria on the border with Lebanon? Do we need ANOTHER hot spot? (100108h)

Greater Islamic Region, Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


Looks like the effort in this nation has "fallen to shit" as they used to say in the horse business. Then the denials come (100108b)


Hints of a renewal of sectarian violence as US created "Sons of Iraq" are targeted by the Iranian backed Baghdad govt. (100308a) For examples we have some attacks (100308b)

It seems the "Sons Of Iraq" the Sunni movement backed by the US fears becoming part of the Shia led military. They think they'll be killed as a matter of fact (093008g) Part two, it seems there is a lack of trust (093008h) Part three: still they are real handy when finding the neighborhood baddies (093008i)

Bombings in Baghdad back in the news. (092908c)


What portends? But a long unraveling of the ties between the Taleban and Islamabad, yes? We shall see (092908d)

Open warfare has come to Pakistan on three fronts. The violence affects hundreds of thousands and seems determined, on both sides. (100308d)

And there is a new "data point" concerning the ISI and its support of those groups the government is currently fighting. (100308e)


A new cooperation with India. Friendship between it and the US is that forlorn nation's last grab and holding onto global geopolitical influence. The benefits will go both ways, for a variety of reasons. There is the other side of the coin however. Talk about a genie in a bottle! (100208a)

The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


A "boomlet"in building in Pyongyang? The question is, if they are facing a renewal of sanctions and another famine, where is the money coming from? (100208i)

From the land south of the O'l Rio Grande:


Russia, Venezuela and nukes, is this a recipe that the US can stomach? Do we have ANY say? Is this just one more piece of evidence showing how badly Bush the dumber bungled his presidency such that a whole continent has become alienated from the US and that a "competitor" has moved in with skill? (092808i)

The Future:

It seems the economic collapse or "deconstruction" of the US economy is ushering in a new era of economic multipolarity, but is this a good or a bad thing? If I might hazard a guess, I'd say it will be much more "dynamic" and that cuts both ways, thanks Bush, you royal dimbulb. (092808i)

Along with economic multipolarity comes geopolitical or power multipolarity, the US has gone the way of previous empires by failing, essentially, in similar fashion. Bush the Dumbest has been the fiddler, but unlike Nero, DC is not burning it is running out of cash, steam, power and falling into debt. (092808l)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Recent polling reports have McPain loosing ground in Iowa, New Hampshire and Ohio among a dozen or so others. Here are the tales of two persons who switched. (100408a)

Tent cities, another story indicates they are a "growth based phenomenon" (093008e)

The battle for voting rights continues as forces within states fight for rights. (100108a)

Says here that millions of voters are being purged from the voter rolls across the nation. This is done in widely different fashions with suspect agenda and in secret often enough so one might find out one has been purged until one shows up to vote. (100208g)

And according to this Federal Law is being ignored when it comes to the timing of the purges themselves. Who is watching this mess, anyone with the power to stop it? (100208h)

Yet another Repuglican attack on voters' rights; this time the targets are those voters who have lost their homes in the foreclosure mess. (093008b)

The Anthrax Attack!

Hey, guess what, the case is still open, and guess what, maybe there IS more to it than what we've been told! Surprise, surprise! (093008c)

Economics 101:

A number of states are being crunched themselves by the credit crunch, it is not clear, at this point, how the bailout is going to cure that ill. (100408d)

What happened to cause the "no" on the Bailout and then some on how it went to the "yes". (100408d) And if you are asking, "Is there a plan B?" The answer is no, there is not.

A single figure in a single paragraph indicates the state of affairs when it comes to a spreading and deepening financial crisis. (100308f)

Despite the passage of a "bailout" Wall St. takes a hit and the credit crunch munches away at business operations (100308c)

Home Moaner help? Well-named, but without any effect (100208c) The underlying problem of bad debt is one that the bailout barely addresses. (100208d)

Another perspective, the core problem is not resolved and the way the "public debate" is framed, massaged, managed whatever shapes the choices the public thinks it has, more smoke and mirrors (100208e)

A brief explanation of how Wall Street's problems become Main Street's problems (100108i)

The ripple effect: the sales of cars drops by double digits across the board. (100108f)

Another ripple: people who cannot borrow on their house now hit up their plastic and the limit to this is, well, more limited and so … (100108g)

The US senate bails and Asian markets take a hit … is that a clue for the clueless? (100108e)

McCain't keeps on talking about the economic crisis as if he has some idea of what he's talking about, while he makes the same mistake that nearly ended his career back in the 80's with the savings and loan problem and a Mr. Keating. (100108b)

And in a related aspect of this story we have those in power, who let the housing bubble "go on" are still in power and still don't understand its dynamics and how it is intimate with the crashing sounds they are hearing from Wall St. You'd think they'd "get it" and make a rational decision (100108d)

So how serious is it? Well, it is global, people are putting their money where it will survive and it the problems we are seeing now are only the harbingers of a greater disaster. (093008i)

After a steep one-day decline some come back comes back. Not quite all the way, but troubles persist, one way or the other (093008a)

A trillion dollar budget gets the go ahead, not the 700 billion bailout. Well, that is the way things fell out. (092908e)

Well, color me purple, if the house put down the bailout. Markets plunged they say and many who voted no cited "blowback" from constituents who were not at all happy with the bailout, even as a concept. (092908a)

The Street takes a "big hit" nearly 7% and that's not a solution. So what will Tuesday bring? (092908b)

They say that they have a plan. Some of the elements described in the article seem reasonable. The issue is this: the plan, after several others touted as "final" failed has one wonder. (092808a)

In terms of being skeptical, here is the word on that (092808b)

And if you want a stronger dose of skepticism, here are some staggering figures that give one pause to wonder (092808k)

And here for starters is how the banks feel about being "treated fairly" (092808c) And we're told that the problem was in part, caused by a lack of oversight,

Related to that story is McStain's relationship to a man named Keating and the saving's and loan that went belly up and McStain's efforts to cover up the deed, his part in it and more (092808f)

Meanwhile money needed by and for the people goes wanting, waaaay wanting, billions are wanting as a matter of fact (092808g) Then too, you'd think that the "center piece problem" foreclosures would figure into the rescue, but no, not on your life… (092808h)


The loss of five trillion dollars of housing equity seems to be the "incentive" to drive voters into the Democratic camp and Obama's big burly arms? (100208b)

Down the drain with John McStain:

Obama has a surge of his own, and McPain gets dumped on. (100208f)

The sagging mess that is John McStain had a terrible, awful, very bad, no good week. (092808d)

Palin and Pakistan, if she can't even answer a question, from an ordinary citizen without making several mistakes, can she deal with the world stage? (093008f)


The US attorney's being fired is still a story, the fact that wrong doing has been established is the news, what SHOULD come next are criminal charges, hahahahahahahah (093008d)


The "Great War"

Israelis want Russia to reconsider selling Iran advanced anti aircraft missile systems. They have not closed the deal and some gives denials. (100508b)


England and Iceland have "words" regarding the failure of Iceland's banks and the losses being experienced by the many brits who've invested up there (101008g)

Another casualty, Ireland, has its own financial crunch going on even though the government is fighting tooth and nail against the rising tide of debt and bad financial (101108i)

With the bank and finance contagion coming to light '"over there" the Euro's do their own 700 billion dollar dance. (100508a)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza - Israel - Jordan - Lebanon - Palestine - Syria


Well a build up continues, says this article and Israel goes on a higher level of alert, as if they EVER sleep. (100908l)


Greater Islamic Region, Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


The drug trade seems to go "right to the top" in this narco-state. The leaders brother seems to be dirty, many feel. (100508c)

The UN agrees with that nasty Brit who said the Afghan war, as it is being fought now, is not winnable. (100708e)


Iraq's violence has, perhaps, found a new target, Christian Iraqi's get the boot and the persons doing the booting wear security badges, nice? (101108e)

Says here that there is a surge in violence in Iraq. Shia's attacking US and Iraqi soldiers. Sound like calm to you? (101008j)

Unraveling Iraq? The NIE has it that there is a clear potential for things getting very hot again. Much of that ground has been covered in other stories; what is useful about this story is that it is an official pronouncement verifying the tone of prior evaluations of the situation. (100808b)

Meanwhile the SOFA hangs up on one hell of a hangnail: can US troops be prosecuted in Iraqi courts? I guess they want some accountability? (100808f)


This is a war without many face-to-face battles, rather US missile attacks and car bombs are the mainstay as far as casualty "production" is concerned. The US attacks made for bad press and popular anger gets directed at the government, and, as in this case, occasionally toward the Taleban. (101108f)


This deal is done, India and the US are getting their nukes together. This would appear to be the US trying to regain some global influence when it is loosing ground in many, many places (100508e)

The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


A rash of violence has Hindu's attacking Christians, killing some, burning churches and causing many to flee. (100908a)


A big time Bush flip flop, though no one will say that. Korea is off the "baddies" list and promises to do "the right thing". We shall see what we shall see. (101108d) They also plan a set of new aircraft carriers. The Bush legacy lingers on.


Russians report a successful test of a submarine launched ballistic missile. (101108b)

Russia sees UN and NATO moves as secretive and thus suspicious. Not helping to ease tensions anyway. (100908e)

From the land south of the O'l Rio Grande:

An overview of the disastrous decline in US influence and "acceptability in the continent of South America (101108a)

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Regulations regarding vaccines and terrorism that not only do not make sense but are inconsistently enforced lead experts to wonder WTF is going on with the US, no an uncommon comment these days. (101108c)

So, what DOES deforestation cost the earth, well some figures ARE available and they are huge. (101008i)

We are not yet seeing the worst of the economic crisis, but consider the "worst of the global warming scenarios" these are nightmarish and far more alarming than say a "great depression" which, at its worst would lift someday and be over with, global warming might well be "forever". (101008h)

With a quarter of the world's big mammals being threatened one would think that the world would wake up a bit and get its act together - not. (100608b)

This just in and just for laughs. I mean Cheney speaking to a conference on North American Wildlife Policy? Ya gotta love their "style" (100608i)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Soup kitchens and homelessness are up. Take this example from NYC. (101008e)

All we are saying is give chaos a chance. Colorado has lots of potential problems all of which were foreseen and could have been fixed long ago, but no. (100908d)

The right to vote is being fought for around the nation as the election draws near and much, very very much is at stake. Will this election be stolen by computers that fail to mark votes correctly, others that run up false tally's or states that use centralized voting lists to "check" the ID of voters for matching, no match with the list, no vote! (100608c)

Current efforts to purge voter rolls continue and the record is "truly mountainous" as huge numbers of voters are being "knocked off" (100708b)

Another take shows a big advantage for the democratic party when one looks at the registration of new voters. The election could be a blow out for the Dems. Still I think that they will have to have an edge of some 10 million to "undo the cheating factor" of the Repuglican Schemers and thieves. (100608j)

Economics 101:

How the previous downturns were managed show that what was done back in those instances has been done this time around and then some. The upshot: we need time for the "strategies to take hold" That may be true, again and again, time will tell. (101108h)

Clearly stated the risk is for a global meltdown in credit, borrowing and loan making. Even giant companies, such as GM, are feeling the pinch. (101108g)

Something of a portrait of the dastardly dumbbells that brought it all crashing down (101008f)

The overall view of the "decline", no one seems to be using the word "crash", has the Dow recording its worst ever week. (101008d

The overview as it is now. The nut is that no one knows how much debt is out there, so they say, or how the US government's plan is going to work, that is to say how will we, the tax payers, know what we're getting and when will we get our money back? (101008c)

Another down day around the world, though today someone made something of a fight out of it as the markets in NYC (101008b)

Prognosticating bears fruit or it doesn't. History teaches us that much, here are some historical examples (100908i)

A harbinger of things to come? Cook County sheriff, Mr. Dart, says he won't evict people without knowing they've been given proper warning that the house they are renting is in foreclosure. (100908h)

Now the US may take ownership stake in banks, now remind me again, don't we have a conservative government and don't conservatives "hate" activist governments that interfere with business and meddle? (100908g)

Following up on a recent story concerning car sales, this one talks about the companies and their woes being linked to the credit crunch and the falling global demand for cars (100908f)

Stocks plunge again, who wants to invest now? Dow below 8,600! (100908b)

From SLATE dated 100808 we've a range of headline blurbs; it is enough to get a "big picture" (100808g)

Global markets take a dump and tens of billions of pounds in England have not made the markets merry (100808e)

US markets do the same, by the end of the day, anyway. People are still playing the game however, it was a bumpy day. (100808c)

An interesting tid bit showing that the lowering of interest rates have not brought down the cost of borrowing short term business to business rates. (100808d)

So retirement plans have been getting the shaft for some time now, and this will, of course, have its own effects down the line. Another ripple of the housing, dollar, corruption, Bush, jackass, mess (100808a)

Hey, it's ANOTHER plan, both radical and new and this time we're going to be buying up commercial paper WOW! This aught to do the trick, once and for all. (100708j)

And a concise treatment of the glowering gloom from the SLATE, dated 10/07/08 (100708k)

Global financial crises come hard and fast now. The perception is that it is "every actor for themselves" from what I can see. Here are some "data points" (100708g)

A case in point, those who can are leaving the stock market, the process will only accelerate with time and the losses of Monday and Tuesday may continue for some time. (100708h)

So, meet the 35 year old who is in charge of 700 billion and more dollars. I can't say I have confidence, can you? (100708d)

So Tuesday follows Monday with another decline and we have an overview of the dire stats. (100708f)

Nomi Klein, in a nutshell, defines the "shock doctrine" which is to say "catastrophic capitalism" (100608h)

Here is a story concerning Iceland, a small country with a problem that mirrors that of the rest of the world are they "small enough" to go belly up? (100608e)

Pakistan is running short of cash and says a hundred billion would be a good loan to float them through the crisis (100708a) The rest of EuroWorld is affected as well (100608f)

The ripple effect of the economic deflationary cycle is seen now in large sets of statistics: upshot state budgets are going to be squeezed more and more as the economic problem worsens and spreads. (100608c)

As has been noted before the solution currently being pursued by the US has the one flaw of not addressing the cause of the problem, declining housing values. And the derivatives of debt based on their being bundled. There is a solution, but it is not being considered, of course. (100608g)

So the bailout is barely a day old and the stock market takes a dump. Then the story continues on mentioning further hundreds of billons of dollars that are going to be made available … WTF? (100608a)

Big job losses means that the economic malaise is "coming on home". The losses that Bush oversaw have not been recovered as of yet, despite some good hiring news during portions of last year. So … troubles spread and deepen. (100408f)

Some of the inside scoop on how Fannie Mae went bad. Seems like everyone wanted it to "go for broke" and it succeeded in nearly taking down the economy in doing so. (100508d)


Down the drain with John McStain:

As Palpitatin' Plain puts questions to Obamas past associates with radicals, a blown up poofy perception, McStain has his own fascist connections to contend with. (100708c) Never mind Palin's pals who want to pull Alaska out of the union and keep it all white.???? Flip flopper McPain in action, believe me it is a goodie (100708i)


The DoJ has detonated a bombshell that would be headline news, except for all the other headline stories that have one thing in common, Bush manufactures disasters and so there is a lot of camouflage for his bumbling corrupt and impeachable ways. (101008a)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

It seems, again, that Bush's words aren't worth the toilet paper they're wiped with. (100908k)

Something's from the past:

Right wing dumbbells will always be with us, so it seems as the Goldwater movement continues pushing the McCain candidacy. (100908c)

So the headline should read: Man Threatens Voter Official to "keep the nigger out of office" (100908j)


The "Great War"

An attack on Iran seems to be off the table. The "Russian factor" is in part responsible because now that they've demonstrated a willingness to commit forces in their near abroad and have been interested in and supportive of Iran, well … the calculus has changed. Not that the crazies in Tel Aviv and DC aren't still pining for "one last hurrah" (101808g)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza - Israel - Jordan - Lebanon - Palestine - Syria

This page from Arabic News, dated 09/30/08 has headlines and blurbs regarding the region. A quick snapshot of what is what (101308c)


Syria is angered at the Saudis who are angered at them and now bombers and spies are in the mix. (101108n)

Greater Islamic Region, Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


Part one; Tales of the Afghan Surge leave one bereft of civilized criticism (101108l)


There are street protests against the "pact" regarding the deadline for the US leaving Iraq. (101808c) But the interesting portion of the article is at the end: "The administration says it does not need congressional approval for the pact, but has nonetheless sought political support" Gee, I thought congress was supposed to approve treaties with foreign nations? It's that constitution thing. There may be a "deadline" for US troops to leave Iraq, by 2011. (101508d) Little mention of the irony of Bush going for a deadline, a time table a "date" when he was so dead set against it before, hail to the filp flopper in chief.

Was it a war for oil? You might wonder what the Iraqi man on the street will think when this sort of "sell off" is making headlines. (101308h)

What is victory? What does the word mean? More importantly what the hell does McCain's mean by it? (101208c) The kicker is at the end of the article, which compares what John McCain't says and what he supports in Iraq. Amazing jackass that he is.


China is willing to invest in Pakistan, build a couple of reactors and do more. Although the country is still "hooked into" the US, these moves are perhaps harbingers of more deals which would allow Pakistan to wean itself away from the US and "go its own way". (101808a)

Part one, The Taleban makes moves and threats while a more intense war is looming. (101108m) Report has it that things are getting more dicey with our ally of choice in the GWOT. (101508b)m Another factor is the financial status of the country, though this story has it that the Paks only need, maybe 10 billion to eek on through. (101708h)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


Bush the dumber has had a success. We are now definitely just where we were with the North Koreans almost exactly 6 years ago. Horray! (101508e)


An attack on Russian troops in the Caucasus, has me wonder if the Georgia conflict is morphing into something else or if Chechnya is warming up a bit. (101808b)

More muscle flexing on the part of the Russians. We're certainly in a multi polar world now. The war that will confirm that much has not yet come about. Perhaps that step will be avoided … then again, perhaps not. (101208f)

Part one, how the US influence in another region, the Caspian has also waned, the "Georgia" lesson is not lost on countries in the region. (101108j)

Part two, more bewildering details of deals and quotes from players, but the kicker is Iceland's being bailed out by Russia. Geopolitically this is the proverbial camel's nose in the western hemisphere (101108k)

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Warmest year on record for the Arctic was 2007 where it reached a stunning 9 degrees above its seasonal norm. (101708d)

The Future:

Torture from the top, that is the word, it seems. The US is marred by the scandal and it is a ticking time bomb that will pay "dividends" for some time to come, by that I mean generations. (101808f)

So now the US "gives up" is control over who is the World Bank's president. Change is good. (101308i)

Decline of US power, both soft and hard? Compares with England's loss after WW2. (101708e)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Centralized voting systems have problems. As many as 20% of those on the lists are rejected for some reason or other no matter how valid the persons information may be. The kicker is that the central lists are plagued with errors that then do not match the accurate data of the voter or the local lists at that point the voter is dropped from the rolls. In one case 4 out of 6 judges looking into the system were found to be rejected. (101808h)

Part two, some particulars and exceptional incidents show how flawed the centralized system is and, new though it is, 31 states will be using it, despite widespread errors and flaws. (101808c)

While the "fair and balanced" press harp on Obama's very slight association with a one time terrorist, a Mr. Ayers. It ignores Palin's "paling around with a secessionist, namely her husband. Both have long ties to the Alaska Independence Party, whose founder was killed in an attempt to buy bomb making material. (101208e)

This page has a good number of headline and summaries giving a portrait of the race at this moment … Obama nearly has a lead big enough to counter most of the voting fraud that we've been hearing about (101408f)

200k votes being challenged in Ohio (101708b) However, the unlikely source of resource is the Supreme Court, deciding against the G.O.P. (101708g)

Lame "Jackass" Bush

I guess we can have this as a section title now. This story deals with the Bush Admin supporting water boarding in a memo. (101508a)

Economics 101:

The fallout from the housing mess and the Wall St. sleigh ride has many of the ordinary millions facing homelessness (101808d) Meanwhile the bums at the banks get 70 billion "pay packages" for what, dropping the economic bomb and being so corrupt? (101808e) So that's about 10% of the total bailout package, no?

The yo yo ride continues on Wall St. this time its up a bit. Yowsa! (101608a)

And Friday is no exception. The market is being played and those that are running the game are running out of moves (101708a)

A ranging commentary on our culture and how bubbles fail to burst or how truth, especially painful truth, is hidden until it erupts. We, in the US, don't like reality all that much and always hope for the quick fix or kill. (101508h)

"We may well have passed the point where the federal government's total financial hole exceeds the net worth of all Americans." Some nice quote eh? (101508g) Asian markets take a beating too. (101508f)

Another day of market bashing, what rabbit will be taken out of the hat now? One wonders. A few more days of this kind of activity and we'll have to "do something". I mean besides throw money at the problem and hope that it will go away. (101508d)

I guess I'm a bit tired today, the SLATE main page dated for 10/14/08 has a nutshell of the economic status of the bank bail out. (101408c)

Here is another overview of the economic package, but read the letters there are a couple of excellent ones. (101408e)

A look at what the US is doing. It seems, as has been said before, the cures are not really applying their effects to the cause of the problem, the housing dilemma, the toxic debt totaling in the tens or even hundreds of trillions, the non transparency of the financial systems operations and regulation that makes sense. (101408e)

Banks are up and stocks took a downtick after yesterday's gorging. It just goes to show what 3.2 trillion dollars can do. (101408)

New York City loosing tens of thousands of jobs, high fallutin' jobs at that. (101408b)

Well below you can read the good news. Updates would reveal that US and Asian markets both boomed today. However, Buffets "weapon of mass destruction" is still just sitting there, a time bomb ticking away. This is the half quadrillion or so dollars in the derivatives market that many, many people hold but that no one knows the actual worth of. One wonders, therefore, if this is the next wave. Time will tell. (101308f)

I guess I cannot be everywhere. The fact that last Friday's gold price was 930 an ounce was a surprise. The last time it was that high was back in 1979 when the Russian invaded Afghanistan. It has fallen to 830 an ounce but the article says that buying bullion is actually a few hundred dollars more per ounce than the "spot price". (101308d)

For brevity's sake, here is the SLATE page dated 1013/08. It covers a broad spectrum of stories, albeit in nutshells, about the economic crisis and touches on the faltering campaign of John McStain. (101308b)

Well, it's not a "blue Monday" is it? Markets bounce back and hundreds of billions, even, dast I say it, more than a trillion dollars are directed at banks. Maybe we're out of the woods? Maybe time will tell. Keep an eye out. (101308a)

From Canada a look at what "blowback" they are suffering because of their role in Afghanistan. Once money is allocated to the military it is unavailable for anything, everything else, it is the US model. (101208)

As some previous, some months ago, stories reported, states warned the Federal government about the housing mess years ago. (101208h) Part two, more names, dates and details from Georgia (101208i) Part three, Ohio and Iowa get their cummupances and so the housing market "flourished" (101208j)

Take a break from the housing, banking, dollar, bailout, market and corruption mess. Take a peek into the contractors who make a lot of money by doing almost nothing, some get caught as did these, but many others, oh well … (101208d)

Some handy information here, it says that we are getting close to a deteriorating cycle in which trust, between creditors of all kinds breaks down, which slows economic activity, which then creates a credit crunch, which reduces trust, which slows economic activity … you get the picture. (101208g)

Now that we have the "bailout billions" set to go the plan is being changed. So soon? You might wonder. Yes, so soon. One wonders if a bad history writer from the future is having fun with us. (101208b)

Mentioned before here is an overview of the financial crisis as it appears on the state level. States cannot seem to borrow as is usual, nor can cities or other local governments. What this means is governmental problems for gathering income to pay public servants. (101108o)


Lies aside the Dems are better for the investors and the ordinary working person, that is what research would show, but conservative "researchers" find ways to twist the figures and come up with "new facts". (101208)

Down the drain with John McStain:

The moment John McCain't lost. When he was booed by his own (101308e)

If I get this article correctly some one John McCain himself said he'd listen to is also some one he wants repudiated for speaking about John McCain and the GOP's promulgation of hatred in the campaign. (101208a)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

How the press covered the bailout story was, essentially, irrational yet it was what drove the debate. Perhaps even forced the decision to go ahead with something that failed in the short term, because it was a long term, meaning, in this case, longer than a few weeks, fix. (101308g)

Something's from the past:

In 2006 public money was spent on partisan, Repuglican, politics. (101708c)

Seems US policy regarding Iran, prior to its revolution decades ago, helped the transformation of that nation and so helped author the problem the US faces today. (101708g)


The "Great War"


The US reassures the Baltic states that its commitment to them is solid (102208g)

A once cooling hotspot warms up again? Bosnia folks, that's what I'm talking about (102108f)

Greater Islamic Region, Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

The idea that the US-India nuke deal has spawned a twin, that of China-Pakistan is crossing people's minds. The root of a new "competition"? (102408e)


The case against the continuing escalation in this country. Oh well (102408d)


A collection of groups make a bold declaration that they'll soon be attacking the Iraqi government. Rhetoric? It may be, but then again it may not be. In either event it is not a good bit of news. (101908d)

Apparently the SOFA is still having a hard go in the Iraqi government. Some demands are being called for and resistance is apparent (102008g) The end of US presence in Iraq due to the Iranian veto? (102408c) The veto is being exercised? We'll see. (102508b)


A ,multiplicity of problems compound in this nation and the perception is that the end of them is no where in sight. (102408a)

Pakistan trying out the "Anbar Awakening" strategy? That's what the word is. Well, time will tell. (102308c)

If the involvement of the Pakistani government with the US is a "hot button" issue with the "man on the street" then the developments described in this article will heighten the tensions all the more. (101908e)

Pakistan's financial woes, linked to those of the world has it ask for help from the IMF. (102208h)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


Seems that tension is running a bit warm along the Georgia South Ossetia border region, both sides claiming that the other is shooting at them (101908a)

Russian economic strength weakens with the price of oil and in the aftermath of the "Georgian Adventure" (102008f)

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

From a few years ago, this article spells out the dangers of having the Arctic warm up, as it apparently is now doing.(102008j)

An update to that report says that global warming is occurring faster, stronger and sooner than previous expectations. That kind of statement has been made before, a few times actually. (102008k)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

A laundry list of the problems our voting system has. (102508a)

This is the SLATE page dated 102208. It has a nice overview in a nutshell of the election and the economics. But it fails in that it emphasizes Obama's "change of mind" on public financing. Obama's commitment to that was not "set in stone" he said he wanted to run his campaign that way. And spoke in favor of it. He never did accept the public financing. McStain, on the other hand formally petitioned for and accepted public financing only to change his mind and break the law in doing so. Quite a different set of circumstances. But it passes unmentioned. (102208d)

Don't be surprised if the Repuglicans win, not because they really won but because they are good at stealing the vote (102008a) Part two, millions of votes thrown out (102008b) Partt three, How HAVA wreaks havoc and purges the typical Democratic person. (102008c) Patt four n fact it is 10 million voters purged from rolls, Colorado leads the pack iwht a 1/6 ration between purged and "allowed" (102008d) Partt five, he upshot is that in order for Obama to win his lead will have to exceed the number of votes Repuglicans trash, deny or cage. (102008e)

Economics 101:

Criticism of the bailout is not hard to find, this article gives an overview of its weaknesses despite what the press gives us. (102508c)

Another "down" day for the markets world wide. There must be a floor somewhere but the rescues, bail outs, interest rate changes, reforming of market management and regulations have not sparked a genuine "lifting of mood" that would drive a real "cure" for the problem. (102408f)

A leftist take on the current crisis and its source. (102408b.)

Wall Street Yo-yo ride continues to go on and on and on. (102308b)

Job losses make the headlines, but still, STILL, no use of the word "recession" to speak of, much less the dreaded "d" word. (102308a)

Another country bites hard on the Credit Default Swap mess, or is bitten by it, Russia, nearby, may well gloat. (102208f)

Well this is interesting the Credit Default Swap mess is looked at briefly in light of the bail outs, and Lehman Brothers and so forth (102208e)

The markets take a hit, globally. Other places put the US Dow down 540 points for the day. (102208b)

Housing crunches and crashes hurting all over, but more is to come (102108e)

In essence the "bailout billions" are already finding their way into the pockets of those responsible for the mess. I THOUGHT we were going to WATCH this? (102108a)

What is the death count from the Mortgage meltdown? No one knows but these stories show that it is a real and dire phenomenon, why aren't the bankers, who are in dire straits, doing the same? (102008l)

A quick look at the world's nations and their financial status. It would seem the crisis has receded for the time being, that is until something else prompts another crunch. (102008i)

A bit of good news sends the markets up. But recession is being bandied about when describing the US economy, or that of the world, in general. But the market's have a good day. (102008h)

The SLATE page dated 10/19/08 has a raft of data points regarding the economy, touches on the political and so forth, but it by itself is a read enough for chronicling this day in the general story of "our time" (101908c)


G.C.Wallace the "godfather" of the movement that brought us, ultimately to Sarah, "pistol packin'" Palin (101908b)

Down the drain with John McStain:

John McJackass is linked to voting fraud. You know his wife always does it with him on top because John ALWAYS F - - - s Up (102108d)

Colin Powel, a Republican, endorsing Obama for several reasons (102108b)

This edition of Daily Howler, dated 10/20/08 talks about McCain's relationship with robocalls, which take us back to the South Carolina primary of February 2000, where McCain was ripped up by them. Now the person who did that hatchet job has been hired by McCain to do the same. And John promised he'd "never" do such a thing. (102008m)

Something's from the past:

Who you are and where you live affects how you vote? Well take a look at the factors (102208c)

Says here that enriched uranium was rescued and returned to Russia. Apparently there are many places that have uranium which don't have real quality security. (102208a)

Going back to 9/11, the hijackers with box cutters and flight 77, well there are problems with the story. The man who told it created the problems and then compounded them by contradicting not only himself but "assuming technology" that would not function as he described. (102008n)


In California money is green and green grows the economy (102108c)

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November 2008



The "Great War"

In his waning days Bush makes a push for more ability to do what he does best, grab for more (102908a)

The US strike in to Syria is symptomatic of the new asymmetrical warfare being waged these are conflicts where the spin is as important, if not more so, than the actual facts on the ground. In a war over hearts and minds, it takes more than bombs and bullets to win. (102808e)

The article is not specific enough, but talks about the global thefts of radioactive material. While the main threat is a "dirty bomb", the whole idea that radioactive material is being stolen is disturbing. (102808b)

The economic impact of the credit, dollar, housing, investment, banking and borrowing crisis have spanned the globe. Repercussions may be many, ugly and large. (102708h)

What is the cost of slumber? This article talks about how other nations have become killing machines then, after the wars that destroyed them, it is seen how many among the defeated people knew what was being done though they became practiced at denial. Now the US is in that same position; we know what we do, yet we do not stop it, cannot seem to and "life goes on"(102708c)


The financial mess has reached Hungary also. The nation gets some billions on loan to keep a lid on things, but if it is true that there is over 500 trillion dollars worth of bad loans globally, it would be impossible to "pay it all up" as they say, since that is more money than currently exists globally, and by a few hundred percent at that. (102608e)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza - Israel - Jordan - Lebanon - Palestine - Syria

The financial melt down has reached the "Gulf region" and they seem to handle things the way GW Jackass does. For some time officials in the region have been saying that there is no problem, now, all of a sudden, there is a problem, a big one. ooopsie daisy (102608c)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza Israel Lebanon - Palestine


A further build up of Syrian troops along the Lebanese border. This follows a previous story of the same topic. Smuggling is the reason given (103008g)


A US attack mounted inside Syria? Civilians killed? That is what made the headlines. What the true story is will come out, eventually. (102608b)

The Syrian's reportedly are outraged. It does not seem, at this time, that there were "targets" in the attack zone. (102608i) Update: apparently, one arms smuggler was in the mix and was killed. Update on the update, maybe that was not so after all the US is being cagy about whether or not anyone was taken away dead or alive.

A touch more on the raid: if eight were killed and four were children and one was the guard of the building that leaves three other dead. Would that be the workers putting the building up? Well what WAS the target? Soldiers landed on the ground, just as they recently did in Pakistan. (102608k)

The Syrian's promise to take defensive action if "it happens again" opening the possibility of confrontation or a clash, which would be to Al Qaida's advantage, I would think. (102708a)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


The raid into Syria has made something of a furor in the politics of Iraq, shifting and realignment is underway and the likelihood of getting a SOFA signed has been reduced. If Bush wanted to make another LARGE error at little cost, he would have been hard pressed to do better than this. (103108k)

And here is more on the issue, some back ground and some interesting facts that contradict what the US media is saying about Syria's interests in the border areas with Iraq (103108l)

"Give us what we want or we'll make it hard on you." We've got ways of making the Iraqi's give us the legitimacy that we want, a whole line of threats to choose from. (102708d). It seems to be that we are in a lose-lose. If they don't give us what we want and we act on the threats,(102708e) chaos ensues and Iraq collapses. If we do get what we want the best we'll get is what we have now, which is to say not much at all. and AQ benefits either way.

Well now it's the Iraqi's turn, they make a proposal that we can reject. Maybe they'll come to an accord and then again, maybe not regarding how long US troops can stay in the country (102908b)


Another drone attack in Pakistan kills a couple, few dozen and one wonders where, if or when Pakistan will "draw its line" in the sand (103108b)

As reported last week, there is financial meltdown trouble in Pakistan, as well as wars as well as divisive demands by the US. Trouble looms. (103008j)

The major general says that they've "turned the corner" by capturing a village used by the resistance. It is strategic to their efforts and so a victory can be claimed, as to turning the corner, however … (102508d) Well here is more on that and a bit of the surrounding situation. (102608f)

Now it seems that Pakistan is getting serious about having the US halt cross border missile raids (102908e)

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The "horn of Africa" Somalia - Sudan


I was waiting for an "explanation "for the current crisis in this country, apparently it is the global market for a mineral used in electronic devices, rare as it is and valuable as it is. (110108b)

Apparently the fighting has other origins as well, but the over arching term might be "chaos" is loose and mostly anything goes, it seems. (110108c)


Back in the news this country is making deals and "getting its act together. Oh yes, Russia is making moves here too. (102908g)


Mogadishu, bombings take their tolls and so it seems we have another "war on terror" gone bad getting news coverage and one that will go on and on and on. (102908c)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


Seems like not all is a quiet on the western front. Shootings occur between Georgia and Abkhazia with each blaming the other in an area where even local people cannot tell you where the border is. (110108a)


In the context of a "subtle war" between India and Pakistan, this recent spate of bombings has many suspects. One wonders (103008d)


The financial crisis reaches deep into this country whose astronomical debt totaled the unbelievable 500 Trillion won. Amazing no? (102608h)


Seems like the economic bear is mauling The Bear. Seems everyone is throwing money at "this thing" and not much is doing (102608j)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:


Apparently the war on drugs or is it terror in this country has an "inflated" body count going on. (103008b)

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Both the Arctic and Antarctic show signs of human caused warming. (103008h).story

Water shortages loom in California the dreamiest of dream states. (103008g)

The Future

The economic crisis may well affect the price of food globally. It could make matters worse for the poor who are already suffering. (102808a)

Well the economy is tanking, people are cutting back on everything, jobs are being lost but those persons selling guns and ammunition are doing very well, thank you. Sales are up 8 to 10 percent over last year (102708f)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Widespread and troubling problems with the electoral process has sparked lawsuits already (103108e) For example in Ohio, we have a good deal of potential for trouble (103108f)

A new study shows that e-voting machines are hackable and seriously so. Even so the maker argues against the facts and the machines will be used, how nice is that. (103108a)

30K voters in Colorado may not be able to vote because of "problems" (103008a) An update has it that these voters will be able to vote, even if provisionally or so I've heard

SLATE page dated 10/27/08 has a nice nutshell of reports that give a good impression of what is happening, a pleasant read. (102708g)

Not that it matters but Al Qaida supports McCain, figuring that if they can attack the US that will help him win and then, there'll be a continuation of Bush policies which will benefit them and break the US well, that's the plan anyway. (102608g)

Down the drain with John McCain:

What would McPain do if elected? Well PNAC would continue, as would the kinds of things Bush itself talked about at the Citadel in 1999. (103108d)

Lame Jackass Bush:

The great dimbulb is truly a lame duck, starting on the 4th, but he is still pushing and unpopular, wrong headed, and ultimately dangerous agenda of deregulation. (103108j)

Economics 101:

And the bounce back in the stock market is described as "stabilizing", well call me a skeptic, but I'll wait a few weeks or months to see if we are truly stabilized. Banks may be lending money more freely and that is also hailed as a good sign. (103108h) I say this becasue that 700 or 850 billion dollar bailout see the Treasury's decision-making is reminiscent of playing 'whack a mole. (103108g)

The fiscal and monetary mess that we're in is given a nutshell outline, nice (103108b)

Retirement funds are declining in value. What's this another tsunami? (103008k)

Consumers buying less, well, that makes sense. However, the impact is the final portion of the cycle. Now, as consumers retreat, businesses do more poorly, these in turn buy fewer goods or services, providers of such then have downturns and there is a lessening need for loans and banking services and economic activity slows and as more people hit the streets they buy less and less. (103008i)

So, over in Germany they are doing the "bailout thing" but with a severe difference so why can't we do what they do and make it stick, yeah, stick it to the man, baby! (103008e)

So, wasn't the bail out to help banks loosen up credit and make loans so that the "engine of capitalism" can get a roaring restart? Well, so why does so much of the money, some 20% seem slated for payouts as dividends? (103008c)

The markets respond to the recent efforts, interest cuts and other measures have effect but the battle to restore confidence, prosperity and growth is in doubt. (102908h)

Joblessness makes Rhode Island a record breaker leading even Michigan. (102908f)

The shifting "meaning of the bailout" by that I mean what it is, what it will be used for, who gets it and how; all these vital parameters shift from time to time and it makes one wonder if they are just playing it by ear. (102908d)

Are the "Big Three" to big to fail? Do they get help? Who else is to big to fail? (102808g)

The yo-yo ride continues with an up day based primarily on rumors that interest rates will be coming down and soon. Well, we'll see. (102808g)

Mentioned some time recently, the next bubble is the "credit card" bubble. People are in over their heads. Because this is an "everyman" type of problem, it can be far more devastating as credit card companies deal with bad debt, cut off credit and individuals suffer. They may not go bankrupt but if their life line, the plastic, is cut off … well? (102808d)\

Housing continues to decline, August having the sharpest decline in a long time. (102808c)

The word "trillion" has entered the vocabulary in a rude way. Nearly 3tn in losses since this down turn according to this article, (102708i) but I believe that understates the true damages. That figure is for the losses in financial institutions. It does not include the losses of housing value that, globally, would double that figure. Then there is the 1.5tn of losses in retirement accounts.

Billions into the banks and the markets are mangled. It may be that we need time, but do we have it? (102708b)

A cycle of lay offs spreads over the nation as the economic crisis unfolds its latest stage. What a mess, thank you GW Jackass. (102608d)

Ukraine goes in debt to the IMF because of its banking sector, reacting to the world's slump, is slumping dangerously. (102608a)

Bankers just don't get it, bonuses keep on going on despite the fact that bailout billions, taxpayer money, is "saving them: (102508g)

Last Friday was the day when many saw a global economy finally taking a rest from growth and the tumbling slowdown that has supplanted it. (102508f)

The Bailout Burgeons Bigger now insurers are lining up at the cash trough and getting ready to slurp the green slop (102508e)

Something's from the past:

A bit of an explanation of the "politics" which had India "give away" Tibet oh so long ago. (102508h)


The "Great War"

The Bane of Bush, Hersh: a bit of background and information, nice (110508b)

For the past several years the notion of a US attack on Iran has been bandied about and nothing has happened, thankfully. Is this last hurrah for The Great Dumbbell? Will see him "go ballistic"\? This article speculates that it is now or never, after the election. It ends concluding with the following "no brainer": " … we can come to a very simple conclusion: America will either attack Iran in the next two and a half months, or it never will."(110208g)

Israel is also in the same boat, a narrowing window of opportunity in which to act or let history take its course, whatever that means; even it is a nuclear Iran. (110308a) The equations have not changed much save for references in the above article.

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza Israel Lebanon - Palestine


The situation as bad as it is, is only getting worse. I know there is little attention being paid to this horrific tragedy, but no one is pressing for relief. Therefore, the sorrowful wailing will continue, is there more than just a hope for hope? (110208i)


Some in Palestine support a Palestinian state within the confines of the 1967 borders, which would be a wonderful start if Israel would be amenable to such but it is not, at least currently. (110908d)


China makes moves in this country and in various ways. (110508e) Part two: more on that? (110508f)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

This story involves the head of the Gulf Cooperation Council visiting Iran. The article indicates that the nations are not accepting the narrative the US has attempted to write, concerning the danger of a nuclear Iran, is fact it is not "read well" by these states and so they seem to be supportive of Iran's nuclear program. (110308j)


A call from Karzai to Obama sets the groundwork for what "has to be done" "over there" (110508c)



The story is brief, but allows mulling. Is this another flash point? Probably not, but still (110508a)


Another missile attack by the US. (110708b) While it is thought, by some in other articles, that though these are publicly condemned they are also privately condoned by Pakistan's government as it plays a balancing act.

More warnings from Pakistan that the current US approach using cross border drone and missile attacks is counterproductive. (110308d)

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The "horn of Africa" Somalia - Sudan


By the way, fighting continues, deepens and more refugees are on the run or being slaughtered. No specific story on this, but I mention it as a matter of record.


Following up on a previous story, the Libyan leader traveled to see Putin and there will be nuclear power plants in Libya if all goes according to plan, as well as conventional arms sales. Does this bode well for US "influence" in the region? Yet, another one of Bush the dumber's long term consequences (110208c)


Oil politics at its geopolitical best leaves the US out cold and the giants of Asia, China and Russia haggling over a pipeline deal (110208h)

The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


A rise in border tensions between Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh has their military forces either building up or on alert. (110808c)


Evidence that the world's economic problems have reached the doorstep of the Chinese business world was seen at an industrial fair when the usual crowds were absent as were the buyers from around the world who usually show and spend, spend spend! (110108d)


Some debate about how the Russo-Georgian war started, all is not as it seemed, it seems. (110708c)

Military moves in Euroland and Russia make for rumblings and tensions. A lasting legacy of the Bush Error or can something be done now that we some one with a brain in the WH? (110608b)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:


Increased ties with Russia are on the agenda now a days. The status of the whole continent is in flux and change and, essentially, alienated from the US because of the Jackass Bush. This may be a lasting legacy too. (110608c)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Following up on a previous story that reported a surge in gun buying, this one adds that the surge continues and sales are booming. The story seems to indicate that buyers are NOT Obama fans and fear that they will loose some of their toys. (110808b)

Slate's home page for 11/06/08 has a nice nutshell overview of what is happening today. Economics, the president elect's new cabinet, Bush speaks and sounds, well, human, and Kenya declares this day a national holiday (110608g)

The giant news is Obama's victory as well as that of the Democratic party. While the Dems may not get the 60 senate seats that would prevent the Repuglican's filibuster, they may get very close. Here is the skinny on the fact two days later (110608f) I do not make much more of it here because the focus of this whole project is his predecessor and his gross errors. Yes, I was cheered however.

More on the end of a 40 year era of economic conservatism that really was not conservative, considering all the waste and loss that have come to bear fruit (110608a) The markets liked the news, to say the least. (110408a)

The SLATE from 11/03/08 gives a brief overview of the state of the election on the eve of what has to be historical. (110308i)

So here it is, with less than 24 hours to go a tale that will, if things go wrong, prove hindsight is 20-20. The means by which McStain might win is that the voting system has been corrupted and biased against those populations who are traditionally Democratic the Repuglicans are doing their damnedest to steal this election and they have a real shot at doing it. (110308b)

Here is more on that subject exposing yet another tactic that can be used. Hacking the simple email that is used to send voting results to central databases. (110308c)

This is the word from Florida, controversy over the voting there too (110308f)

Down the drain with John McCain:

John McCain and Ethics = turd floating in the gravy boat. (110208a)

Lame Jackass Bush:

A nice article that describes in terse terms the sum of the Bush legacy, if it can be called that with any justice to the term legacy. It is a good hearty read however and is highly recommended (110308e)

Economics 101:

Bernie Sanders proposes a "rescue package" that involves "New Deal" like infa-structure projects and some 300 billion dollars. (110808a) Problem with this idea is that this is what Japan tried some ten years ago and it did not work all that well. Second problem is that this down turn is global, more severe and has, as its basis, mountains of debt. Those conditions are not what cost Japan its economic well-being in its down turn at least according to other stories I've read but not archived.

The "big boys" line up for a trip to the treasury trough, hoping for a fill up, meanwhile they run on fumes in Motown (110708e)

A couple more bank failures make the news. (110708c)

Job losses continue and the recession is on, though we do not YET seem to hear that word used in any official pronouncement (110708a)

Here are some vital stats, and the summary statement that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. (110708d)

This is an example, what needs to be done is known, whether or not Bush begins this work or Obama starts fresh, the fact is we should know what to do and begin, on day one, getting it done. (110608e)

The whipsaw effect continues bits of good news, Obama's election for example, caused a rise, yesterday and today we had losses. This pattern is extreme, that is to say record seeing gains and losses alternating indicate that the financial system is unstable, the stress must be gargantuan and planning or looking forward must be near impossible. (110608d) And it is, of course, not only the US that suffers, but the world as well. Seems like "… a times they are a changin'" (110608h)

Recession is global that is the word from the round about tables anyway. (110408b)

The auto industry is hurting, maybe at the worker and plant level, maybe at the sales level or mid managerial level, so that now, when sales drop the owners are taking notice. (110308g)

However, it's not called global gloom for nothing, a recession is on. With inflation not an apparent threat low interest will be the order of the day, but debt, the driver of the mess, will not be "inflated away" (110308h)

The Euro-zone is scheduled for its own recession. Things look about as bad as they do in the US. Slow train comin'? You betcha! (110308k)

A quick guide to what is happening financially in nations around the world, everywhere are signs of trouble (110308l)

Tales from around the world indicate that the financial mess is getting attention. The IMF has some 200 billion dollars on hand and is loaning it to nations in trouble. Problem is and will be the size of the debt, globally as previous articles suggest that it is something near 500tn dollars, if that is even 20% true then there will be more contractions to come. The US has some 50tn in debt or some such figure so one wonders (110208f) Other reports have the global debt at some 682tn, in which case the term Quadrillion becomes functional.

The bailout is a giveaway or a steal? You decide after reading how W. Buffet got a much, much better deal when he "bought into" Goldman Sachs than the US Govt. did. Why is that? Inquiring minds want to know why about 50% of the money is going … where? (110208e)

A view of the housing, financial, banking, bailout, default credit swap, monetary mess from Australia. The salient points: the article says that 20 less than trillion in losses or have already accrued in this mess, which means we are not even half way through the 50 or 55tn of debt that other articles have quoted as being embedded in the US alone. Then there is the outline of how bi-partisan efforts helped make the mess so messy - plenty of blame to go around. (110208c)


A new method of making solar panels much more effective at capturing sunlight allowing the possibility that they'll become more and more common. (110508d)

How Iceland goes green. With most of its energy needs met with domestic sources of hydro and geothermic sources the nation is about 80% independent and so may be a guide as to the benefits of taking on such a large task. (110408b) However, this country did still suffer from the financial meltdown allowing disproof to those few comenators who have irrationally and causally linked the meltdown to the energy crisis.


The "Great War"

Some not so heard about chapters and characters in the cold war's final chapter, that of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Brzezinski replied: "Regret what? That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? ... What is most important to the history of the world? … Some stirred-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?" Great quote, especially since those "hopped up" Muslims "did 9/11 a few years later. (111208d)

Secret missions into nations that, well, might not have appreciated the US taking action on their territory. (111008b)

The hints of a changing face to the post Bush world? Some of what Obama has said and some advisements as to what should be done. (111108a)


Russia and the EU make nice talk about a "pan European security pact" Does this not cut the US out? Can we not give G.W. Jackass the credit for this "development" (111408i)?


Another "big bank rescue" in another nation (110908a)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza Israel Lebanon - Palestine

A longer-range rocket is being used by the resistance and this is trying the Israelis both sides say the other is causing problems. (111408c)


It seems rockets still fall on Israel; the border areas are still killing zones and the fighting goes on, as if a lack of reporting would have you think otherwise. (110908e)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


Word is the agreement, SOFA, such as it is or may yet be, has drawn not only criticism but also now an alliance of resistance groups have decided to fight. If the up tick in violence is significant, if the chaos increases and spreads it will be a whole new ball game, all campaign rhetoric aside. (111108h)

Suicide attacks are coming back into the news; these are the latest ones (111008g)

The history of the Iraq occupation as seen through the "real post war plan". The article describes the post combat plan for Iraq, the problem was not that there was no plan; the problem was the plan did not work. (111108b) In addition, here is a bit on the "Shock Doctrine" Amy Goodman interviews Naomi Klein. (111108c)


Money problems plague the country as crackdowns net 'evil doers" (111208k)

Problems continue, it is a war against insurgents and the nation's financial condition is problematic. (111408b)

Militarily, the problems could be described as challenging, with a long winter ahead. (111408f)

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The "horn of Africa" Somalia - Sudan


The fighting continues with the resistance taking a town close to Mogadishu. The situation is not really stabilized and the US backed Ethiopian force seems to be pulling back. (111308e)

More on that story, the US backed effort to prop up a pro-western government seems to be failing at this time. (111408e)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


The latest on Suu Kyi, the imprisoned leader of the freedom movement in this country is that she is quieter and quieter. This has caused some to question her commitment. (111008f)


China does its "bailout thing" too. To the tune of 586 billion dollars worth. (110908b)I keep asking but if the debt is measured in the hundreds of trillions, aren't all these cash infusions just delaying the inevitable? I mean money will run out soon at this rate and then what?

The issues arising from a delayed phone call are a signal fire that exposes a raft of issues that Obama and his comments have brought up is change afoot? Wherefore art the relations between India and the Obama administration? (111108g)


The news is that things are sticky and messy. The word is that something could happen, but it may be very bad. (111408g)


Foreign cash reserves though quite large, some half trillion dollars, or thereabouts, is being drawn down for a variety of reasons, the debt crisis being one of them, the strengthening of the dollar another along with a weakening of the ruble. (110908g)

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

They are called "brown clouds" a regional phenomenon in many parts of Asia spreading pollution and effecting the weather, rainfall and health of various populations. Oh, it is a man make phenomenon. (111408c)

The level of the global warming gas, carbon dioxide, is still peaking despite the current efforts. No mention is made of methane, which should be peaking as well; this story has other information as well, (110908d)

This is about nature to some extent and about how our industries, Monsanto in particular, have made us all guinea pigs for free. (111208c)

The Future:

Says here that three times as many people die from prescription drugs than die from illegal drugs. Do we need ANOTHER kind of war on drugs? (111208e)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

The Slate dated 11/12/08 has a lot in it, the nuggets, as it were are interesting how the Repuglicans may be blamed if GM goes under because it does not get a slice of the Bailout Pie, Obama and lobbyists and so forth (111208i)

440,000 voters purged in Colorado. One wonders how many were purged across the US in the last election, not that this "strategy" worked ultimately, we have Obama as proof of that, but still (111208h)

Obama's energy plan, the one he used during his campaign is interesting but you may not know about it. (111208g)

Since Bush was never elected, never legitimate and never truly president any of his actions are suspect on a legal basis. In this article, Obama is making a list of those actions he can undo ASAP. (110908f)

Then too the economic and environmental problems overlap as far as solutions for both are concerned. This is a nice story, a good story and a story that brings hope to mind, if not yet to heart. (110908g)

The Slate page dated 11/09/08 has some nice overview of the stories making the rounds in the papers. This is a good page to read on a daily basis. (110908c)

Lame Jackass Bush:

Veteran homelessness not a thing of the past, even in San Francisco. (111308c)

Economics 101:

An argument against the "smooth transition" and for a lurch toward the right direction in handling the economic crisis. (111408j)

Silly story about a pub owned by two brothers is illustrated by the plans of national governments to do the same. (111408h)

Do these clowns KNOW what they're doing? They change whatever they want; however, they want to change it. Playing by ear? Maybe they are tone deaf? (111308a)

Regarding that story the overview is bleak to say the least. The end is not only not in sight it seems to be moving away from us, from what we can tell. (111308b)

So, who is getting these loans and what is collateralizing them? Shouldn't that be known? Well, it's not, not yet anyway. (111408a)

Yet, the wild Yo-Yo ride on Wall Street continued with a gargantuan swing to the positive, which the article leaves unexplained. (111308d)

In addition, the day before, Wednesday, the Dow lost about 400 plus points. (111308f)

Again, the Slate page, from 11/13/08 giving an overview of the chaos that the "Bailout Plan" seems to be as well as that which it seems to be creating. (111308g)

Something under 300,000 foreclosure filings in this past September alone. Not a good trend. (111208h)

The salient point: the problem is not that otherwise creditworthy borrowers can't get loans. The problem is that people are not creditworthy. This article talks about trillions of dollars being lost in the credit and stock markets. This means that we STILL have a ways to go before things begin to bottom out. (111208f)

Whatever the bailout was, it has morphed into many things and many companies or such like are trying for a big piece of the pie, but there is not enough to go around (111208b)

The mortgage crisis is over a year old and the "rescue plan" Bush and his cronies put together is "not happening" while the crisis grinds on. (111208a)

Well, the 700 billion has become almost three times that much, 2 trillion in fact. Much of this is undisclosed and no one, outside of the Bernake crew knows what is what. This despite a pledge of transparency. (111108h)

This is becoming the shortcut for me; the Slate page dated 11/11/08 has the nutshell economic overview that is so handy. The US government take over of Fannie Mae and the plan for AIG seem to be going a bit flat, meanwhile with nearly half the 700 billion bailout being accounted for the other half is now needed and, well, with the effectiveness of the first half being questioned one wonders if the 700 billion is enough to solve "the problem". There is the Obama call for another stimulus package of some half trillion, but one still wonders if that will "do the trick". With the mountain of debt corrupting every aspect of the economy one HAS to wonder about any plan's worth. (111108f)

Another perspective on the "Bailout Billions" Naomi Klein. (111108d)

Here is more on what might be called the "Greenspan Legacy" (111108e)

From England we hear that the housing market is contracting also, prices for homes drop, those willing to buy are fewer and loans are harder to get a triple whammy. (111008e)

The "street's" Yo-yo ride continues, as instability becomes the constant and more and more debts come to light. (111008a)

The basics of why policies so far have not worked: the consumer, who drives the US economy, is suffering, cutting back, fearful and does not have a lot to spend anyway. (111008c)

And a loophole worth 140 billion. Is this the time for this nonsense and no one seems to be calling a halt or doing much more than say "wow!" (111008d)


The "Great War"

Once nearly all-powerful by many, many measures the US transformed itself from a producer to a consumer and then, finally a debtor state. Empire's cannot be run that way, for long. (111708d) Part two, the remains that will be studied. (111708e)

The morphing of the original "great war" which was the war on terrorism may be replaced by a resurgence of what was called the "cold war". A missile and anti-missile row in the EU has some thinking that way, anyway. (111408m)

If a new administration is going to "reinvent" brand USA, we need to clean house and here is why. (111708a)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza Israel Lebanon - Palestine


A news blackout maintained by Israel keeps everyone in the dark as to what is happening in Gaza. The situation is only getting worse and one wonders when "something will give" (112008a)


Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


Preparations for a show down early next year? Seems like both sides are trying to get ready (111908i)

Can we use the word "disaster" to describe what is happening in this country? This article does and tells why (111708b)


The notion of pulling out of Iraq or drawing down, whatever has a serious roadblock. Ironic though it may sound to those who recall the "faster, lighter army that Rummy Dummy touted and "created", all the "stuff" we brought with us will have to come back, including the multi flavored ice cream machines and Burger King grills. (112008c)

And there is popular sentiment that runs against the SOFA, a Sadr rally demonstrates this (112208a)

The SOFA faces further hurdles. I wonder what will happen if it is not a "done deal" by new year's eve. Will we "go be they law of the land" or will we just "Bush It" our way through? (111908b)

The Iraqi leader backs the pact! Well, that would be great; except for the SOFA is still neither a "shoe in" nor a done deal. One wonders what will really happen on 1/1/09 when the UN mandate, allowing the US presence, has expired. (111408k)

Well the SOFA has been approved by the executive level of the Iraqi government, now it goes to the representative body. If approved we will see what kind of reaction plays out in the streets, I would guess. (111408b)

For example, Sadr wants to raise the ante. Previous articles archived referenced still other groups deciding to take up arms against the US and its Iraqi allies. (111408l)


US missile strikes continue and, in this case, break new ground. Resistance to such actions are being threatened, only time will tell what their words are worth (111908c)

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The "horn of Africa" Somalia - Sudan


As it would seem the locals know what they want to do, maybe we should let Somalian solutions be found for Somalia by, guess what, Somalians (111808a)

Chaos at sea, piracy and more in the waters off this unfortunate nation. (112108f)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


Japan is in a recession. As is the US, but over here we don't use that word (111708g)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:


Russia and Venezuela make the nuke deal happen. A reactor is on its way. This cannot be viewed by the "old guard" in the US as anything but good and a direct product of the "Dumbass Of All Time" (111908a)

But a proposed visit by a Russian naval squadron gives evidence that the Russian navy is not what it once was, if ever. (112108e)

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

The acidity of the world's oceans is on the increase. There are risks to that, outlined in this article, the worst of which would be a die off of smaller animals at the base of the food chain which would cause a population crash of larger fishes, many of which provide food for people. (111808f)

The Future:

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

What is the balance between Hawk and those who opposed the entry of the US into a war with Iraq in the "run up" to the formation of Obama's cabinet and staff, well, it is not favoring the Doves, that is what seems to be happening. (112008f) Here are more and more details on the Hawkish nature of what is shaping up to be the persons who will help Obama form foreign policy. (112108c)

Election problems, calls flooded in by the tens of thousands and complaints ran the gamut from long lines to bad machines. (111908e)

The Slate from this date 11/18/08, has a good deal about the GOP "digging in D.C., the FDIC's chief getting feisty, no hope for mortgages, how corruption in Iraq's government is getting a hand from, you guessed it, the Iraqi government and, implied, is the lack of help for the automakers nice set of nutshells, really, worth the read. (111808d)

The "battle of Ohio" was given some coverage before the election but this story gives a wide array of facts and suppositions that show the GOP had massive voter disenfranchisement as their "main battle plan" for 2008. This is just one of 50 states. (112208c) Colorado had a similar tale to be told but I have noting from the other states, other than what came through in other stories (s) Here is a detail, a data point, if you will, supporting that story. (112208b)

Lame Jackass Bush:

Perhaps something of a parting shot. The 2008 report contrasts sharply with that of 2004. Then the US was "lookin' good" now it is, more along the lines of "Oh well … " The US is facing a changed world and GW is the man who made it all possible the man may go, thank God, but his legacy will linger on and on and on. (112108b)

Economics 101:

Stock market reaches new lows, a ten-year low, it looks like. Probably more of the same is on the way. The holidays will be rough, tough and mean. (112108a) Then the next day bounces back. Instability? Has to be such (112108d)

When you have a plan and it fails smart people have a "plan B" but in this case, Paulson, our "money man" is thinking of a "plan b" that closely resembles "plan a" so what IS new? I mean, besides the danger of continuing on the way we are with our financial rescue? (112008g)

A slew of economic nutshells from Slate's "today's papers" The "market" is now down 43.5% from its high just over a year ago. The big three get grilled and investors head for the bonds (112008e)

Dow down 400 plus points, unemployment up and as a Christmas present, I guess, unemployment recipients are getting an extension to see them through the holidays. (112008d)

Jobless claims reach a 16-year high. Yet ANOTHER sign that the Bush legacy will be fit for the trash heap or cess pool of history. (112008b)

The risk of deflation and the cycle that generates it may be serious (111908j)

The Slate of the day, gives the economic overview, the Big Three want the bucks but aren't going to get them anytime soon. I say hold on to your hats. (111908h)

The fall in the price of oil, effect the value of petro-dollars, as well as the value of "investment securities or whatever" based on them. Thus, those banks, which have grown fat on them and used those deposits as a basis for loans and or other financial activities have a day of reckoning coming, and soon, (111908g)

The Asian market takes a drubbing as does "the street" (111908f)

Congress gets mad at the Fed about the "Bailout" but "the man" remains steadfast, no mortgage help, no bucks for the Big Three (111908d)

I guess you don't have to look far to see signs of the problem economy; the "parking lot" of new imported cars grows as demand declines but there are other details that make it an interesting read. (111808h

From England, we see a drop in inflation indexes. This should mean that a depression may be looming, not an inflationary spiral that would bathe the world in tides of worthless paper money. (111808g)

The "Big Three" say they need 25 billion to "fix themselves up" and claim that it will be disastrous for the US if aid does not come through. Well, those arguments have been used before and they got the US to dump half of the 700 billion "rescue package" already and no one can say it has helped "turn around an increasingly dire economic devolvement" Therefore, they need a new playbook or something. (111808d)

The economic crisis, as measured by calls for help to the IMF, grows steadily on and so the crisis deepens, it would seem, by the hour. (111808b)

The talk and governmental wrangling over a "bailout" for the big three. One wonders if the track record of the bailouts thus far will be broken and we'll actually see one of them that is done the way it should be, meets expectations and is managed well. I know, I know, but it COULD happen. (111708i)

I've not been archiving stories about job losses, but this one is big 52,000 jobs being cut by Citigroup Inc. (111708h) That number is on top of an already decided upon cut of 23,000 for a total of 75.000 jobs in the next few months. Ouch!

The Bailout Billions, 60 days on and counting. What has it accomplished, well, do YOU see any good news? A stabilization of the markets? Jobs being created, credit being loosened, the housing market steadying on? No? You don't? Hey, give it time and a few hundred billion more (111708f)

A good question, if we ARE to bail out "General Bullmoose" then we should make them rebuild what they tore down first, the public transit systems that many cities had 'before the car" took over (111708c)

What is up with "our" government's promises to use the "bailout billions" in the manner promised? Not much, apparently, or rather we just don't know how the money is being spent, where it's going and so forth (111508c)

"The financial situation facing the Big Three is not a national problem, but their own problem," Senator Shelby said. Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, a state that is already writhing in pain from the auto industry's troubles, would tell Mr. Shelby that the industry "supports 1 in every 10 jobs in the country. It's easy to demonize the American auto industry. It has behaved with the foresight of a crack addict for years. But even when people set their own houses on fire, we still dial 9-1-1, hoping to save lives, salvage what we can and protect the rest of the neighborhood. (111508a)


I have to say that I am thankful that the focus of this newsletter and my archive had been to document the current "awful administration". On January 20th, this effort will no longer be needful because the "end of an error" will be at hand. In the time that remains stories, concerning Obama will show up. Right now, that is happening because of the need for massive and pervasive errors, which need to be addressed I suspect this will continue for some time.

The "Great War"

Here is the "skinny" on the "deal with or for Gates", maybe Obama will read something like this and we'll get someone in charge who has some idea of what we want or what we CAN accomplish maybe, maybe (112308f)


Merry aulde Englande has its mortgage and housing and banking and monetary and confidence problem which seems something of a "sticky wicket, eh"? (112808g)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza Israel Lebanon - Palestine


The human cost of the Israeli blockade is telling. Daily it gets increasingly serious. There is no peaceable solution to this morass of moral turpitude. (112408a)

The "freedom sailors" as they might be called trickle in to Gaza and do what they can to make the deteriorating situation less dire. (112808e)


The UN's green light for nuclear development put the US concerns to the side (112608c)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


What is going on in the Taliban Zone? Lots but the allied forces don't seem to "get it"(112208e)


Dubai shifted into crisis mode this week (112208h)


What we leave behind in Iraq may be "haunting" (112208f) and cost Obama his promises.

However, what if the Iraqi's don't approve of the SOFA? This article has it that they'll ask the US and its few allied contingents to leave. (112308l) But what about all our "stuff"?

Well they "done did it" and passed a SOFA; I don't know if this is a sign of reason and rational thinking or if it is "just more of the same" until whatever really happens. (112708a)

The SOFA, a discussion delayed means tension is not. (112408k)

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The "horn of Africa" Somalia - Sudan


The Ethiopians are to pull out of Somalia by the year's end. The US effort to rid Somalia of Islamist elements, Al Qaida or other "anti western" forces. (112808d)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


Here is a fascinating short, an analysis of what the "silver lining" in the Mumbai cloud is and how India and Pakistan can grow their similarities to yield a peace that allows them to solve the terrorist riddle (112908e)

Another set of attacks, by whom and for what reason. Many dead, many more wounded, hostages taken WTF? (112608e)

Pakistan is mentioned as being the source of the attackers. One wonders what this will do the "relations" between these two nations. (112808a)


Apparently, tensions are on the rise and balloon messages are a part of it. One wonders what "decisive" means (112208g)


New missile test is successful. (112608d)y

I guess "good news" comes in packages, another successful missile test. (112808c)

A shooting incident, with no one hurt, highlights the fact that tensions have not relaxed in the Georgia Zone (112308a)


The unpopular government faces a crisis; its choices are step down in peace or step up in violence. (112908d)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:


Talk about a headline that indicates change, Raul Castro shows up at a church ceremony. (112908b)

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Another story concerning the acidification of the oceans, it seems that the process is happening far faster than theoretical models predicted some 20 times faster; the threat is to the base of the ocean's food chain. (112508e)

The Future:

If we take a look at the Obama security team that is being assembled and who is being placed where and who or what organizations are being nurtured or culled for "expertise" we do not see the "new thinking" nor the "change you can believe in" that was touted during a campaign, no, we hear that there is no time for "experimentation" and old hands are put to the wheel, hands that steered us into twin disasters, no less. No lies. (112608a)

The future as viewed from what is called the fringe. Disaster stalks the US and the world according to this site. Still, it is food for thought, if only to be disregarded when "things turn around" (112508a)

If children are our future, what are we doing with our youth? Are they disposable? (112508c)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Our "health system" as it might be called, is steeped in myths, would you like to examine the top five myths? (112408c)

and, Part Two, the rest of the sad, sad story (112408d)

Lame Jackass Bush:

Fire the whistleblowers! Another Bush the dumber act (112908g)

Unsafe baby food products make the market, the Bush FDA contradicts itself and or science all while money was being made (112908f)

It seems that peppering the federal government's science advisory panels and what not with idiots is another legacy Obama will have to contend with (112308j)

Economics 101:

A return to a foregone economic philosophy is seen, by some, to provide an answer to the economic problem, but is it? (112908g)

Much of Slate's commentary regards the economic, and the broad picture is poor, though the US is touted as being the "best ship in the storm" that doesn't seem to mean much (112908c)

So, "Black Friday" has come and gone and, indications are, that the recession is here and sales are off globally poor news trickles in. (112908a)

The real estate in NYC is taking "the plunge" as economic woes pile up. (112808f)

We have a review of the recent US government's effort to stem the crisis; it is a mixed review, of course, essentially saying, "time will tell." (112808b)

While we've heard about the housing mortgage mess, we're only beginning to see the commercial property mortgage mess. The first signs are showing themselves in scattered spots around the country (112608c)

The slate page, my favorite shortcut, has it that just over 7 trillion dollars have been committed thus far in the US effort to "resolve" this crisis. I have heard reports that it is almost twice that, but this figure is big enough for me. Then too the world's effort must be something similar. To bad the "bad paper is worth about 100 times that amount one wonders how this will play out. (112608g)

The debt "cold turkey" continues, according to this article. The "black hole" of debt, as I've described it, should be capable of absorbing all that is being tossed at it and then some. So deleveraging, globally, should continue, which would mean that, eventually, the US dollar will have it's comeuppance (113008i)

An answer, at last, it seems that the government can keep on "flooding" with cash and piling up debt because the debt has a market, many, in this world still view the US dollar as a safe haven. Thus, bonds sell; the dollar has gone up in value. So far, creating debt seems better than letting big financial institutions crash and creating doubt in the minds of those investors seeking safety for their money. However, lest we forget, wasn't the creation of debt what brought about this fiasco? I guess we'll see what's what or what. (112608b)

A nice summary of the crisis, from its start to its current status. In addition, a some data points on the man, or men, in charge of it. Read all the way through it is instructive and highlights the large errors make already, I hope this is the darkest before the dawn type of time. (112508d)

Another 800 billion is released by the Fed to "unfreeze" the market. Where is this all coming from? Where is it all taking is, perhaps, more important. (112508b)

The Slate's nutshell of the billion stories, all of them and the oddball "rationale" that the reason the Federal Reserve, which has been handing out billions also, does not make public what we, the public, actually get for the trillion or so dollars we, our representatives or whatever, have spent is that, well, telling all would be to telling (112408j)

The "ripple effect" of the Wall St. downturn has damaging job loss potential for New York City and state. (112408i) Joblessness and foodlessness both on the rise (112408f) Here is another report, more of the job angle (112408g)

Another 700 billion rescue plan, this one by Obama. I guess the markets will jump up and then crash back down, what's your guess? (112408b)

Take the CitiGroup's bailout for example, can you spell "yo yo?" (112408e) Yup, and here is the proverbial up tick in the pants (112408h)

Just a brief three weeks after getting a "cash infusion" from the government, Citi Bank's stock value has lost 70%. Although it is the worst such case, the "industry" as a whole has lost 40% value in that time. So, are they just piling up the money and setting it on fire or what? Maybe it is that 700tn dollar black hole I've spoken of? (112308h) Then, look at this story: Three hundred six billion dollars for Citigroup? That's what the story says. Now that would just about "use up" the 700 billion package that, up until a day ago, was supposed to be saved for when Obama took office. Luckily, that 306b is NOT part of the bailout billions, as some might have assumed. (112308k)

The legacy of the Bush "administration" lingers on and on and on. What are the seven deadly deficits and what needs to be done about them? (112308g)

A brief overview of the economic crisis with the charts and graphs to make sense of the text. (112308c)

The headline asks: "how deep a recession" and the answer really is "we don't know". Historical incidents do not seem to be instructive and historical remedies have not been effective thus far either. The problem is debt. Institutionalized debt that has balance sheets going red, consumers holding back, deflation making headway and confidence ebbing with each massive lay off, each decline in the housing market or any of the many other measures of economic health or vitality. (112308d)

In addition, for a worst case, best-case analysis, which is none to good, read on McDuff. (112308e)


The restoration of the US "name" is one of Obama's first concerns, which would mean, "dealing with" Gitmo. (112308i)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

Our brain-dead media, you will recall, claimed that Bush had a "mandate" when he won by three million votes, however, Obama, winning by twice as much, does not appear to enjoy a mandate. Funny that. (112208d)

The NYT used to be the paper of record, now it may be, fairly, called the paper of discord. It reports a hysterical account of Iran's already having enough nuclear material for a bomb. Well, NOT, as the kids used to say. (112408l)


The notion that non-food plants should have been the first candidates for bio-fuel research should have been a no-brainer at least after food prices priced the poor around the world into starvation, but it wasn't. Profits came first. Now it seems that research is being done. A year or more ago several articles reported on research that had ALREADY been done and indicated that there were numerous plants far better suited for bio-fuel production than either corn or sugar cane. I have heard that kelp is a candidate too. Well? (112308b)

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December 2008



The "Great" War

Obama inherits the whirlwind from the Mr. Jackass the Dumber, and this article questions how well the errant wars will be managed. (120508d)

Those on the receiving end of the war on terror, experience, well, terror. The illegal and immoral wars being waged demonstrate the obdurate and blinkered thinking that has wrought such a large and dangerous failure of policy; one that Obama does not promise to alter in its essence (120108d)

This relates to the "Great" war: what set of nations has not agreed to "deal with" cluster bombs: the US, Russia, China, Pakistan and Israel are among the naysayers, quite a group, I'd say. (120508e)


NATO and Russia "have a disagreement over missile placement, oh well, welcome to a new world. (120408d)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


Loosing control to a variety of groups with a variety of goals and aims for their new nation the front line is the city line around Kabul (120508k)


Things are dicey in this country, with many players playing, making moves and looking out for "number one" as AQ has been doing "quite well thank you." (120108c)


The Greater Asian Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


The US leans to making Pakistan "respond" to India. The US has been trying to get into India's pants for a while now, and maybe in the heat of passion She will see things "our way". (120408e)

It seems that "all options" are on the table with Pakistan as far as India is concerned, disconcerting as that might be. (120508b)

India demands active and substantive cooperation, presently in the form of extraditing 20 suspects from Pakistan. India says that although it won't go to war over the incident they do make the demands already mentioned and do not say what will happen if they are not satisfied. (120308a)

The phrase "war alert" is not used lightly and it is what is getting new headlines (113008a)

Its Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature:

You know I'd like to have a story, a big story, with deep and abiding good news, instead I get this mess talking about yet another form of dangerous pollution, which is all the more so because it is so hidden from the human community and so disruptive of the oceans ecological nature. (120408a)

What passes for a global discussion on warming may just be a lot of hot air despite the extremity of the situation. (120308b) Meanwhile the polar region is warming up faster than any other place on earth and it may be past the "tipping point' (120508j)

No acorns? None? That is the story; at least in many areas around the country there are none, really, none, not a one. Squirrels are nutso of course, but why? (113008e) Part two, a rainfall did it? Or did it? Upshot: wait and see if it changes next year (113008f)

The world's seed bank and more history of the Rockefellers, world power grabbing (120608a)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

The lame George W. Jackass Legacy:

Here is another legacy, home losses setting records (120608b)

The secreted remains of presidential documents are more secret now, thanks to Bush the dumbwhacker (120408c)

An overview of the "legacy" that this Jackass the Dumber has saddled us with (113008b)

"Burrowers" have been mentioned recently, and here is the union's take on that prospect (120308c) Some other particulars, saving industry the trouble of defending itself against safety nets for workers. (113008c) And even more invidious garbage Bush the dumber is leaving behind in the trash bin of history that his administration is/was and will be (113008d)

Economics 101:

1.2 million jobs lost in the last three months. The car companies are still not being rescued? What if they do go down? (120508h)

It was the unemployment figures, some half million in November, that had lawmakers think that maybe helping out the automakers is a good idea however the details of the bargain, having the money come from a fund dedicated to developing fuel efficient cars, will probably be swept aside in the passion of the moment. Upshot: don't look for change any time soon in Motor City (120608c)

The Slate page covers the housing mess in a set of nutshells. (120508f)

The Slate page, a nice overview (120308j) Lots of rich detail about Monday's bad news, but the kicker in this article is the fact that in November alone 300,000 non-farm jobs were lost. That is an army of losses. (120308h)

Some movement on a Big Three Bailout? Time will tell; time is short. (120308f)

The unsteady gyrations continue, another upswing after a plunge. Time will tell (120308g)

Some kind of consensus is emergent for a stimulus plan which is all the more impressive since this one is voiced by a one time critic of what he espouses. (120308d)

So, with all the bank rescuing going on the banks have a terrible, awful, no good, very bad day (120108g)

And if you need more data points, well, here they are full on (120108h)

Trillions, the word has a ring to it, and that's what we're hearing about now a days. The plan to "rescue" the US financial system, the dollar and economy is massive and historic in many ways. It is also not without substantive and serious risk. (120108f)

Well here is the argument for massive governmental spending, but what we are doing now is not the kind of spending this person is talking about. (120108e)

Obama called for a redistribution of wealth during the campaign and caught a little hell for it, but now that trillions are being "redistributed" well, mum seems to be the word. (120108a)

The face of the auto industry can be seen in a single man's perspective. Big auto is maybe to big to fail, with so many jobs at stake, but then how effective has the US been with the financial sector? Can we afford a rescue or can we afford not to rescue? (120108b)J


An example of Repugiclan overreach that is now biting them in the ass, and since that hurts they want to change their own law … believe it! (120308e)

I don't know about you but I'm tired of being a "stand out" nation, especially when that means we stand apart from the world and are wrong headed about it.(120508i)

Here is one thing that is wrong with American style medicine (120408b)

Naomi Klein, if you have not heard of the "Shock Doctrine" you should, then too this mostly about Klein herself and how her life's experiences helped her see the light, even if not perfectly clearly. (120508d)


Without having a grasp of the real details, the idea is, at least, worth developing, universal voting registration keep it simple and get it right at the same time. We spent a few billion on machines that did not work, or were, to say the least, very republican why not some on this? (120408a)

In Thailand they did it, protest and create a fuss until the government was brought down, legally. Hurray for Democracy! (120308i)


The "Great" War

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza Israel Lebanon Palestine


The article posits the debate points concerning larger scale action against Hamas and Gaza. The idea being preemption so that not only will rocket production be impacted but the development of rockets with a 70km or more range will be postponed. (120708i)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

The US to sign a nuclear agreement with the UAE? The article "mentions" problems with that idea, but they are dismissed, should they be? (121308b)

A description of the "status" of Afghanistan's conflict. The upshot here is that the Taleban is not one entity and it has morphed into a nationalist movement. (120808j)


The US military says it needs to double the number of US troops in this country in order to achieve what is wanted, over the next four years. (120808b)

And here is more thoughts on that, a discussion of how parallel the "debate" over whether or not to "escalate" in Vietnam is to the "non-debate" going on now concerning the same kind of action in Afghanistan (120808h)


The man says Iran has no nukes; this may be the case. What policy will come of the Obama view? (121008b)


Pakistan's military gets a set back from the country's government, however this is an opening shot not a "change of circumstances", yet! (121208h)

Pakistan will not hand over the persons India wants, the word "war" comes up in this article, more than once (120908b)

So, there is blame for the Mumbai attack fixed, and the Pakistani military attacks its one time puppet. (120808c)

As we all know things are tense between Pakistan and India, however a prank call, during the Mumbai attacks, contributed to the subcontinent's overheating (120708j)

A continuing insurgent strategy has attacks on supply convoys getting headlines (120708h)


The Greater Asian Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia

A "water war"? Affecting this region in general is China's plan to divert a major river's flow for its own development, downstream; India and Bangladesh will be found wanting. (120808e)

Something more on the Mumbai attacks, the insurgent, militant, whatever groups are, perhaps, preparing for more so that they will lose less or, perhaps, nothing at all, if and when an escalation of US forces takes place after Obama takes the reigns. (121008c)


An excellent read by Arundhati Roy, a well known writer and speaker from India, she posits the "what is next" for India and Pakistan after Mumbai, India's 9/11. (121308a)

A "new India" seeks to find its own way in the world, not be just some other power's sidekick. (120808f) If direct evidence is needed the joint statement by India and Russia mention a new approach to Afghanistan, for instance, not what the US might like, however. (120808g)

Some talk of "hot pursuit" or other tactics that may rankle the relations, such as they are, between Pakistan and India (120708g)


Some missteps by the US govt. re this nation's nuclear status has the 6 country process "delayed" (121208g)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:


The Russians make moves with Argentina this time around and the US just seems to sit back and relax. Bush the Bunghole's legacy lingers on and on and on. (121008f)


This nation decides to default on some of its international debt as a ploy to restructure or reduce it. A shot across the banker's bow? (121208e)

Its Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature:

A bit of an update on a prior story concerning jellyfish "blooms", which are worldwide and associated with human induced ecological change (121208f)?

Climate change up close and personal from around the world anecdotal evidence is dovetailing with science, global warming is here and waxing on, as they say (121008a)

The "cradle of corn" in Mexico is now being "polluted" by the GMO strains from the US. What gives? (121208c)

The Future:

Workers occupy a factory. The owners are shuttering the place, but did not give the workers proper notice and may want to renege on money owed to them a picture of things to come? (120708b) The union workers take over a plant when they are not paid according to contract and law. The uproar made headlines and this is the tale behind the tale. (121208a)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

The ever convenient Slate overview, indicates Obama's more "correct response" to his vacated Senate seat being put "up for bid", another bombing in Iraq, "torture from the top" for Abu Ghraib, a failure to bail out the Big Three and more. (121208g)

The great state of Georgia has had its "election messed with" and now the famed, and dickless, Mr. Chambliss has bullied his way into "victory" (120908e)

Will Obama keep to his promises? There are worrying signs, not that he or his administration is a direct subject of this news project, save as it relates to the Bush Error and its ripple effects. This article makes the cut because it relates to platform planks, which had Obama make hay out of Bush the Dumber's policies. (120808i)

Obama's margin of victory was large enough to wash over the systemic errors that our election system has. It IS broken and NEEDS fixing, but how that's to be done is a matter of debate. Here are some thoughts (120808a)

I'll put today's (12/07/08) Slate here, some nuggets about Obama's great stimulus plan and the possibility of the Repugs ditching abortion fanatics (120708f)

The lame George W. Jackass Legacy:

That Jackass keeps on "Jacassin" at a terrible rate! Legacy is not the right word (120908c)

While 9/11 has been called "a new Pearl Harbor" and the G.W. Jackass "administration" has been clear about pre-emptive military philosophy, the facts are that, the Japanese simply did what G.W. Bush says it is now US policy to do, strike first for advantage. (120708c)

Get your guns! Bush the dumber makes changes to allow the persons to carry loaded and concealed weapons into national parks (120708a)

Economics 101:

The effects of the downturn on unemployment payments. Many, no most, states are hurting and some are close to being "cashed out" and thus depending on loans from the federal government to keep payments going out to those in need. (121308c)

Only in America, a 50 billion dollar fraudster is finally arrested. (121208d)

The House passed a rescue bill that the Senate rejected, so markets took a dive worldwide. The question is, at least immediately, what will happen on Monday. (121208b)

The financial problem we face needs to be solved, however, the causes need to be understood so that, when we design fixes, we can keep these historical errors in mind to fix them. We need to know how we went wrong, in sum, (121008d)

In addition, part two ends with this quote: The truth is most of the individual mistakes boil down to just one: a belief that markets are self-adjusting and that the role of government should be minimal. Looking back at that belief during hearings this fall on Capitol Hill, Alan Greenspan said aloud, "I have found a flaw." Congressman Henry Waxman pushed him, responding, "In other words, you found that your view of the world, your ideology, was not right; it was not working." "Absolutely, precisely," Greenspan said. The embrace by America&emdash;and much of the rest of the world&emdash;of this flawed economic philosophy made it inevitable that we would eventually arrive at the place we are today. (121008e)

Todays, 12/09/08 Slate offers the hope that some kind of plan will emerge for the automakers, but can we use the word "nationalization"? We shall see. (120908d)

The argument that it is the workers in Detroit that are the problem, that if only wages and benefits were cut that … ,well that is debunked in this article to be sure (120908a)0/

The Slate for 12/08/08 has the overview, just the facts mam (120808d)

Tom Paine common sense, dated 120708, has a nice collection of nutshells, the economy, the rescue plans and who like or does not like what is going on and or how it may be solved. (120708l)

Previous stories reported that investors and such like are investing in the dollar, specifically by means of buying US bonds. This "last resort" or "fleeing to safety" has worked to make the dollar more valuable and now, we hear, that there may be "bubble trouble" with the multi-trillion dollar bond market … what the hey! (120708k)

Who could have known? is a myth that needs deconstruction when it comes to the banking crisis etc … (120708d)


An ancient technique of preserving the quality of soil may be a means of resolving the carbon problem the earth is facing, it is an interesting idea, perhaps worthy of real research bucks (120708e)


The "Great" War


While I'm not sure if this story fits in with the theme of this report, that of Bush the Dumber's actions and their consequences, I now feel remiss in not recording it since, now it seems, that the Greek government may be challenged and the state of the economy is a factor in the rioting. (122008h)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza Israel Lebanon Palestine


Analysis of the upcoming "end" of a truce. Such a truce it is! Not! Anyway, the 19th is the day that "something" "might" happen or not. Like all things from this conflict there are contradictory statements, threats and counter threats, same old, same old. (121408i)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

The financial conditions of some of these states are perilous and that means further dangers along the way to any global recovery (121608b)


We are sending people to this country to fight and sometimes die. When told this is because the effort is to defend democracy the common Afghan is wont to say, "What democracy"? (122008g)

Geopolitics, the Afghan war/ civil war, supply routes, Iran and Russia, China and more. An interesting and volatile mix coming down to what kind of antiaircraft defense system Russia provides to Iran (122008c) Dovetailing with this in other stories is the sale of US antiaircraft missile systems to Iran's neighbors, our allies, across the straight.

Part two, the war for US influence in central Asia enters a decisive phase; if those powers around Afghanistan ever sit down and are able to agree on what THEY want, the US would be hard pressed to continue "business as usual" (122008d)

How the allied forces in this country help out the enemy, paying them a "tax" in order to get supplies delivered by out sourced suppliers of transport. It does seem very odd, but then it is an odd war. (121508b)

Apparently what was used in Iraq will be tried out in this country, organizing and paying for locals to form militias. (121808b)


A briefing about a book concerning Iran and Russia. Some of the article provides a few facts worth noting. (122008e)

This guy says "let's negotiate with Iran". One wonders if such advise will be heeded, or will demonizing continue to be US policy? (121908b)


Another "inconvenient" attack on NATO supply lines this past weekend. Are there alternatives? (121608d)

The financial markets in this country are taking a severe beating with very little going on when "official" prices are used, and a thriving "unofficial market" where "real " prices are used. (121608c)

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The "horn of Africa" Somalia - Sudan


The end nears for the US effort in Somalia, the government crumbles from within as its feeble hold, small in extent as it was, fails. (121708e)


The "war" continues as peacekeepers and efforts to start effective negotiations between the various parties are still wanting while thousands die and millions suffer. (122008b)


The Greater Asian Islamic Theater: - China - India - Russia - South East Asia


While our auto companies are being fiscally resuscitated, in China they are taking hybrid's off the assembly line and marketing them on an industrial scale (121908f)


The man in this article discusses nuclear war with ease and something of grace, however, he approves of such a war with Pakistan and he is not some soapbox radical, he's influential and has many, many followers (121708d)


As has been noted in other reports, the commodities "boom" or bubble has burst. This report from Russia is typical. American corn, in an article not archived is down about 50%; the same goes for other grains and oil is down 70%. (121408h)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:

Another set of nations going their own way, forsaking the US and its dollar one step at a time. (121608f)


This story, on the other hand is a regular laugh riot, what with the irony and twists of fate being played out on the Caribbean Stage. (121908g)

Its Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

I guess policies which harm local and or smaller farmers would fit in this category, consider the "right to food" as a new clarion call. (121808c)

Since we are getting familiar with figures in the trillions it is interesting to note that 2 trillion tons of ice have melted in the past few years with promises of much, much more as the globe warms. The process is accelerating to such a degree that it cannot be followed all that well (121708c)

Despite all the economic mess going on, the global warming issue will not go away and is the more dangerous. A look at why and what could be done. However the caveat here is that this is a rational article and presupposes some sort of rational human community taking the bull by the proverbial nards. (121608f)

From Russia we see a new landscape, not the traditional Russian winters scene at all; they don't believe the "old" winters will be coming back any time soon. (121408j)

They call it "Abrupt Climate Change" and it is the thing of fiction in most persons minds, however, it is documented as having happened a number of times, so that what we "know as normal" is really not. (121408k)

The Future:

One of the rarely reported stories, the extent to which the environment has become the dumping ground for many chemicals which interfere with how testosterone is used by the human body. (121908e) Some time ago a few stories, which may not be in the archive, reported the extensiveness and intensiveness of this form of pollution. The relation of this form of pollution to the environment is indirect for it induces poorly operating endocrine systems in a variety of animal life forms of both sexes.

One would think women had advanced into the boardrooms, not really so, they haven't, after all, arrived. A good thing when corporate shenanigans may well bring down the American economic machine, but what made me laugh was the writers suggestion that this "male debacle" might lead to reconsidering the lack of a feminine touch at managerial helms … Now, that was funny, expecting the male dominated world to consider, even at this late date, even reasonable change. (121908d)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

Regarding electric cars and global warming, there are issues and they are scientifically based and grounded in physics. (121908m)

The Slate page overview, a favorite read of mine. (121408c)


I know that I will not segue into covering Obama as I did Bush the Diaper Dumper, but his choice for the swearing in ceremony? What IS UP WITH THAT????? (121808a)

Well what of this, does he or does he not support single payer health care? (121808e)

The lame George W. Jackass Legacy:

Cheney and war crimes, that trial will be a "good one to watch on TV." He admits his failure to follow the law publicly now someone has to arrest the arrested bastard. (121908c)

Another "set in stone" marker for George W. Jackass. Auto troubles given an overview it is a cold winter this time around, a cold winter. (121808f)

The brief stories of persons who should have a voice in what is done with G.W. Jackass. (121708b)

Cheney gave the word for the torture scandal to get started, it was not a few rotten apples at the bottom of the barrel, it was Mr. Dickwad himself. (121708a)

Midnight Regulations … another legacy and Bush the Dumber will be a record setter here too, as he does all he can to "make a difference" and impact Obama's administration before it gets going (121508d)

One of the selling points of the 700 billion bailout was that executive pay would be "limited" in financial institutions that participated, well Bush the dumber changed a sentence in that bailout which, as it turns out, cancels out such limits (121508a)

This seems like such a simple idea. So why did it take so MANY weeks for it to be thought of and used? It took a law suit for Fannie Mae to "have a light go on" (121408g)

Economics 101:

Clearly, this is the major world story now. Different nations are pouring trillions of whatever they use as currency to prop up a failing or failed system of finance. Belgium's government has fallen because of this mess and others are following the US lead in methodology of dealing with this if the US has taken the wrong tack what then? (122008a)

The final sentence is the salient point of this article, it reads "Virtually all the things that indicate the health of the economy are deteriorating rapidly. Everything looks horrible at the moment," (122008f)

The "cure" for the economy has its risks, the downside is a disastrous inflation that has the advantage of devaluing debt and the disadvantage of destroying the currency and the people who use it until the debt is eliminated. Does that sound like a plan to you? (121908k)

Here is another take on that (121908l)

Interest rates decline, as does the fed's rate, and some effect is being seen in the housing market it may be to early to call it a revival but it is more than a wish, certainly (121908i)

What speculation was happening before the above announcement (121908j)

The auto bailout gets the federal go ahead. Now the limitations of the loans give a deadline of March 31 for the companies to "prove themselves". I wonder who is optimistic about them making that "goal". Sure, by then, Obama will be in, but what WILL the economy be doing will people be buying enough new cars to make the Big Three "viable"? (121908a)

And here the FAQs; the salient details regarding this bailout (121908i)

Chrysler preps for shutting down for a month. Perhaps in the hopes that some rescue will fore fend collapse. A tight timeline for Obama or whoever. (121808c)

Meanwhile, this article describes the beast eating its tail, as sub prime mortgages are "back in demand" for investment purposes, but a careful read shows that while one could use the term "cherry picking"(121808g) I would imagine culling would be the proper analogy.

The ever lovin' Slate page, nice over view of the economic stories making the grade today. The fed goes for broke, but what if that means exactly that? That is my concern. (121708g)

A Reuters page that shows just how the auto industry is faring, not well, as these headlines and blurbs would have you understand. (121708f)

Global economy is slowing, so no one region can depend on others for help. (121608e)

Today's news has it that the markets bumped up some 300 points and the fed reduced its rate to 0 0.25% they are related you know. (121608a)

This article leads me to believe that the auto rescue is dead. I guess we'll see if any of the big three fold in the next few weeks. That would be, shall we say, bad. (121508e)

Oil production may well reach its "peak" by 2020 according to a revised estimate based on global factors, such as the economic "downturn" (121408f) And now for a radical take on what money is. (121408e)

So how come we, the citizens providing the trillions, nor the congress for that matter, do not get to know where all this money is going and what kind of risk it is being subject to? (121408a)

And so homelessness and its related ills are a growing problem in a majority of surveyed cities in the US. (121408b)

Speaking of housing, the Obama pick for a "housing chief" gets positive coverage in the press (121408c)

Somethings from the "storied" past

The Rwanda genocide war of the late 20th century, a bit of a review and after you've finished turning your stomach, read the last paragraph for a twist. (121808h)

Health Care as it is and why it is goes back to the 30's and 40's of wartime USA (121508c)

Bin Laden, the US, CIA, Pakistan, the ISI and more. How the past comes home to the present and the US tries to give it the brush off. oopsie (121708i)


The "Great" War


A bit of a tale, how Iceland's financial meltdown evolved, let's see it started with giving away the banks to jackasses who were not watched as "unreal" profits were made year after year. I guess no one bothered to look to closely or at all (122108d)


This posits whether or not what his happening in here is a presage of similar events to come. This is the place where democracy was founded. The people can text message and organize by the hundreds and thousands. Freedom of speech, freedom to assembly being exercised who would gain say such? Who indeed! There may be another battle being fought between backers of both sides in this, thus international ramifications, perhaps. (122108f)

An explanation is offered as to why the riots continue on. Some portion of the motive may be unique to Greece but it may be that there is enough common cause with others, affected by the global morass, that what is happening here can happen elsewhere. (122408g)


The latest nation to buy out its banks and go begging for foreign money to help it through these tough times. (122308d)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine

Another incursion or attack or counterattack or whatever seems to increase in likelihood, at this time. (122608)


The "truce" ends and attacks resume, the situation is dire and some kind of "game breaker" is going to happen, sooner or later. Why do I believe that? Because, for both sides, the situation is unstable and untenable and neither expect the other to make the concessions wanted (122208a)


Air strikes on Gaza. Hundreds dead; hundreds wounded. The war continues. Neither side having good moves, intelligent or rational leadership, an effective means of dealing a decisive blow to their enemy, any diplomatic influence to effect change and both sides feel "forced" to do what they are doing. (122708a)

Something of an analysis on the "potential" for change. (122708c)

The story is not sourced in this country but the leader is, so, we cover it here. Looks like patience is wearing thin, all the way around. What does it matter? More violence, another attack, another barrage, no peace, no agreements, force is king, chaos the rule &endash; so what else is new? I guess we'll see what crude force yields. Happy New Year. (122508b)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia

Here the summary of what is going on on the subcontinent, rumors fly, misperceptions grab media space and tensions rise, war has not started, troop movements by both sides are rumored but unconfirmed mostly. (122708b)

A bit of an update on a prior story regarding a nuclear power generating agreement between the US and the UAE. Iran is, off course, watching. (122308b)


Differences and similarities between the US and Russian "efforts" in Afghanistan. (122108b) So there are some words of advice (122108c)


A measure of progress, in one area of life, the trickle of people returning continues, violence is down and the Brits are leaving off. (122208i)


Report is that military resources are being diverted from the Afghan border areas to the border areas with India. How much and how quickly is not stated. Other articles not archived, state that this is a rumor, but this article gives more credence to the movement being real. (122608i)

More on that, Pakistan cancels military leaves and India says that its citizens should not travel to Pakistan. (122608j)0

Update is that troops are on the move; some 20,000 are being shifted to the eastern border from the western border. (122608k)

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia, The "horn of Africa" Somalia, Sudan


The coltran wars continue; the lood metal, it is called. (122608h)


Sudan's "oil war" is as underground as the oil is. Peace seems fragile and there is concern that all may not go well between the North and South. (122608g) This story does not cover China's current support for the Khartoum government, the role of religion and race, nor the trafficking in arms and the terrorist factor.


The Greater Asian Islamic Theater: China, India, Russia, South East Asia


The downturn here is worsening, surprised? It is expected that there will be no real turn around in 2009 and they've begun a public works program that sounds like what Obama is planning. (122608)


Evidence of an arms race is clearly present in this brief about a new set of intercontinental missiles being deployed (122408d) This despite some testing set backs in other non-archived articles.

And they are deciding to build more, update older weapons and modernize, just one more thing I am thankful to Bush the Dumber for. (122408k)

Then the bear growling about defending its interests, saying that no option will be left out and Georgia was an example. If the US wants to continue its somewhat successful attempts at limiting Russian influence in that nations near abroad &endash; there is the potential for conflict. (122408g)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:

Well it seems that the US has finally "noticed" a Russian presence in the western hemisphere. Looks like guns and butter as opposed to ideology and class warfare this time around though. (122208h)


Ecuador has a 10 billion dollar foreign debt, has an annual spending budget of about 15 billion dollars, and so doesn't spell "trouble"? They are bailing out banks and, following the US lead, embarking on rescuing banks, starting up large-scale public works as a way of dealing with the global economic downturn. (122508a)


Survival is close, money is short and repressions both political and economic run the live of millions right next door. Sounds unstable or unsustainable to me, you? (122608a)

This year the drug wars in Mexico killed more people than the US has lost in both of its wars combined. Yet, this war receives little coverage, and almost nothing has been done to stem the flow of arms into Mexico, apparently by either nation. (122108a)

Its Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

The latest climate data suggest that the global warming process is accelerating faster than previously thought. This is another example of "scientific lag" the chronological difference between the effects of GW as opposed to the documentation and computer modeling. (122608d) Part two; the story says that methane is not yet bubbling up from frozen seabeds and or the tundra regions with any great effect. This contradicts several previous stories which detail those very occurrences, so what is up with that? (122608e

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future:

And the Slate for this date. 12/24/08 covers the broad ground; even offering Bush how to become something of a hero, imagine that. (122408i)

An event worthy of a "made for TV movie, a man who was to testify concerning election sabotage in the Ohio election of 2004, a man who worked with Rove, described as a top Republican IT strategist, has died in a plane crash, just before he was to speak. (122408a) The article gives an overview of the voter fraud, which took place in 2008, in many states where results were inconsistent and favored Republicans.

The overview has questions for Obama, the global economic crisis that grinds on and on and on. (122308f)

The lame George W. Jackass Legacy:

A brief summative look at the Jackass Legacy. This pointedly bullets the major disappointments of this Idiot in Chief's illegitimate reign (122608f)

Cheney is also a "legacy object" in the world of George W. Jackass (122608c) for example: in the "Plame game" chubby gets a new wrinkle, apparently fat boy had "something more than nothing to do with the affair. (122408c)

Economics 101:

It says here that jobless claims filed reached nearly 600,000 in the week ending December 20. Now, this is the week before Christmas, when, usually, companies are hiring like mad for a Christmas rush. This indicator indicates that the economy is deteriorating. (122608b)

The "big D" word is used, by someone else: depression. The IMF says it is possible (122408j)

Economic impact will vary from state to state, industry to industry as the recessions deepens into a depression. I think that is what is coming unless Obama makes a big enough difference. However, that "black hole" of debt I've referred to may not allow simple or large scale rescues viable. (122408d)

The housing market: a sharp drop in construction starts to the lowest level in 50 years. The problem is not that builders can't build, that credit is not available or that credit worthy persons are not seeking credit; the problem is that people are not applying for loans to buy houses, imagine that. (122408b)

This story's headlines portends a contradiction of that story, but the details lead one to think that refinancing is "going through the roof" as rates drop. (122408f)

The 50 Billion dollar Ponzi scheme, a bit of a primer. (122308g) And part two, the actual loss, by this writers lights, was zip, nada, zilch, zero and so forth. Money invested was multiplied, fictitiously, then the fiction disappeared, and so everyone was left with what they had. (122308h) I don't believe that, really, people used their "wealth" to bankroll other things and now, that they have no expectations that their payoff is coming, are in trouble. Oh well…

The focus is on Asian nations and their export dependent economies, which are now taking a hit, even China is affected by this process. (122308e)

A splash of data points, most of which are not good. The word is that things will get worse, much worse, before they get better, hopefully sometime after the middle of 2009. These are the optimists, I believe. (122308c)

The criminal aspects to the financial mess we are now in, previous financial messes and the danger that boatloads of "criminal cash" present for the legitimate economy. (122308a)

Even the modified home loans that have been reworked are having problems; many are "re-defaulting" as the economy continues to sour. (122208g)

A whistleblower is being heard now that a 50 billion dollar fraud has collapsed and exposed the truth of what he'd been saying for years (122208b)

In addition, there are regulators who are allies for those whistleblowers, allies who are making a name for themselves by, uh, regulating. (122208f)

Wouldn't it be nice to know where the bailout money is going, what it is being used for and how? (122208d)

Somethings from the "storied" past

Regarding the killings during Katrina, the wars of choice in Afghanistan and Iraq and the "burdens of empire" we hear from Joseph Conrad who witnessed the Congolese genocide as promulgated by Belgium at the height of its colonial and civilizing effort in Africa (122208e)

The story of Katrina, horrific though it was, has unilluminated chapters, like the murders in Algiers. (122208c)

Slavery is a booming business. This article contains a how to guide, as a farcical note to some extent, but nonetheless makes the impact the author desired: slaves are cheap and easily obtainable. (122108) There is some little progress, but clearly not enough.


In Australian their great underground reserve of fresh water is now being more regulated, efficiently used and watched over than ever before &endash; and they need to do this (122508c)

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