Regime Change Begins at Home

Fourth Quarter of 2007

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October 2007



The "Great War"

The US is still number one, in arms sales to poor and developing nations that is. We have what it takes (100107g)

Still the "black sites" where torture takes place exist and the "special" interrogations continue, even Alberto, "the dickless wonder" Gonzales seemed to say it was "A OK" by him. (100507a)

Many of the persons released from Guantanamo are certainly not the "worst of the worst" as they've been billed. Sometimes reporters show up when they land in their homelands to find shopkeepers, US allies, a victim of arson or an errant bomb. (100507b)

Privatizing and outsourcing war is the "latest and greatest craze" and one that has significant dangers when billions upon billions are paid out and no one oversees the effectiveness of the programs, projects and expenditures. (093007c)

Read this disparaging overview of the Great Hole's attempt to compare his "efforts" with those of previous generations, especially the WW2 folks. It is a sad, sad comparison, which can only be made by fucked up jackasses who are so possessed by idiot philosophy that they couldn't pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on its sole. (093007d)

Germany and France both speak up in harmony with the US regarding Iran. Now all we need are the other two "old colonizers" of the world, England and Spain, to sign on-and we'll have another chance for a "good old fashioned war (092607h)

While the US backs EU sanctions for Iran both seem to be doing business with Iran; Germany says it is hypocrisy but wants the business too. (092707d)

Why was Petraeus the front man for the report? Why wasn't he sworn in before making his presentation? How has the "Great Hole" changed commanders and described how well we're doing? (092507d)

Greenspan said the Iraq war was about oil. Then he is trashed in the media, then he backpedals the comment written in his book. Then we have the other evidence that what he said was exactly the truth, but which our media doesn't want to hear or carry to the public (092607c)

Bush's speech to the UN. Oddly enough he talks as if he supports human rights. You'll notice he doesn't mention Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, the "Black Sites" in Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan, the manipulations in Somalia, our support of the most repressive regimes such as Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and others. (0902607e)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Lebanon - Israel - Palestine - Gaza


Deadlock in Lebanon's selection of a president. Threats and hugs abound in this wild ride-the next date to watch is 10/23/07, when they try again. (092507a)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt - Saudi Arabia


The Syrian side of the recent Israeli "attack" "raid" whatever it was. (092207b)

In another article the attack was described as successful, that satellite photos show a wrecked site of some kind and the speculation is that Syria is part of a new "axis of evil" as far as Israel is concerned. (092207c)

The Israeli raid on Syria, even more discussion and this one seems to make the most sense, however the "nuclear story" is bigger news and fits the agenda of some (092407a)

The Israeli raid into Syria, another take on the situation and some new speculations (092507e)

Speculations about how the Israeli attack into Syria was done, this article claims that Iran is paying attention and has reason to, but who knows (100407h)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan


Kurdistan makes more moves to "go its own way" and how! (100407e)

Death counts are "down" at this time in Iraq. The problem with the figures is that no one has been keeping them especially well, ever. Then too, the people have been separated for the most part in Baghdad. Still less, is less, and the downside is that this makes it appear as though there is some measure of success-will it be enough to have the Dimwad in Chef think Iran should be a "go"? (100207c)

The two top Shia honchos sit down and hammer out an accord. What this portends for the Iraqi government, such as it might be called, and the US occupation is open to question. (100607b)

IMHO it seems that the Iraqi resistance may be taking a lesson from those in Lebanon, which is to say making a point of killing legislators who do not share their perspectives. (092607g) OK, you do the math. According to this and much earlier statements we've already killed or captured all the insurgents, a couple of times. (092707e)

No report would be complete with out a daily accounting of what is going on in this beautiful country of theirs. (092507g)

The recent Blackwater incident has gotten coverage but the military fears that the ripple effect will be worse than Abu Ghraib-will there be some oversight of these hired guns or what? (092607b) More on the "Blackwater Incident" the cannons are loose and take out anyone that happens to be around, or so it seems. (100507c)


Iran's reaction to a US detention of an Iranian in while he was in Kurdistan makes for sparks, troubles and a heightening of the fever that consumes the Iraqi government. (093007a)

A shift in the "attack" plans for Iran, now it is "surgical" strikes at the conveniently redesignated "terrorist" groups inside that country (100107c)

Here are some details on this affair, so called. (100107d) And hey the Brits are on board with it, now we CAN'T call them weenies. And maybe the French and Israeli's are in on the game as well. That would be "sweet" wouldn't it? All the capitalistic warmongering empire and ex empire builders getting together for a blast (100107f)

And here is Sy Hersh speaking on the topic… more than anyone needs to know I guess, but then no one, that matters, is listening. (100107e)

Sometimes local papers pick up the story, bombers practicing instrumental landings similar to those that were done before the Iraq invasion. (100207a)

Now that Lieberman and his friend Ky have set up "cover" for an attack on Iran, other, rational, persons have set up a counter move. Will it be in time? (100207b)

Iran is off, Iran is on. If stupidity is the deciding factor then "hold on to your collective hats And so: Even good Old Sy Hersh, he seems to think Iran is on. (092407f)War with Iran in the Spring of 08? Maybe sooner? Maybe … maybe what? (092907b)

The decision in Iran is delayed, at least the one by the Security Council. No one knows that the "Gutless Wonder" in Chief will be doing during the upcoming weeks. (092907a)

Some think the Senate in this action has opened the door to the possibility of attacking Iran. By declaring portions of its military terrorist organizations it could allow attacks on those forces, most of which just happen to be inside Iran. (092607a)

Ahmadinejad's visit to the UN and disallowed visit to Ground Zero is just the sort of red meat the war party wants. The facts don't matter, nor does history or our own fouled up deeds … read on (092407b) We, the US and its rulers, give him the platform to speak to millions beyond Iran's borders and they listen to him and like what they hear. (092407g)

Ahmadinejad's trip to Columbia, an impression of the circus, I mean event. (092507b)

Iranians don't understand why we pay so much mind to him, when he, in fact, does not wield the same power as the presidents of other nations. (092407h)


Pakistan at 60 is not a particularly pretty sight. Problems big and small are pressing enough to be co-opted, suppressed, bought off or strenuously ignored (100507e)

Pakistan puts down opposition to some good extent. Mr. M. seems miffed. (092507f) Suicide bomber strikes in Pakistan and the article says fighting "rages" across NW Pakistan for some time now. (093007i)


And the Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Sudan - Ethiopia - Somalia, etc.:


The condition of the people in Somalia deteriorates. Starvation is rampant and this whole scenario is a direct result of our Jackass in Chief's idiotic fascination with the delusion of being capable (092607f)\


Sudan is at risk of even more fighting. The peace deal between the north and the south seems quite strained. China supports the government in Khartoum while western "interests" support peace deals that interfere with "business as usual" (100607a)


And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Why is Putin so well liked in Russia? (100207d)


The US/ India nuke deal has some "blowback" for India's prime minister. It seems the US wants to make money of the deal, no surprise there, but also wants to play the "India Democracy" card against China's growing influence in the region. (092907c)


Monks get to see San Suu Kyi, the woman who has taken the lead in opposing her governments idiocy (092207d) 

Myanmar in the news as protests swell, at first, only to be brutally beaten down. Of course the illegal government has the trump card foreign supporters lusting after lucrative oil and gas resources. So those who could 'choke" the government are feeding it instead. Oh, and the US sends an envoy and locks up a few million dollars worth of assets, THAT will do the trick! (093007e)

Some talk of the weakness of the dictatorial regime in power as the heavy handed response comes amid a flurry of miscalculations of that self same dictator and his mysterious cronies. (093007h)

Myanmar the deaths are in the thousands with many disappearances and lockups. (100107a) Reports that satellite images show the oppression and violent governmental response. (100107b)

It's not nice to fool with mother nature:

Bird Flu virus mutates and becomes "friendlier" to humans. Probably this is not a good thing. (100407f)

Climate change, lots of smallish disasters all add up to something much bigger as "the change" begins to percolate through the "electronic wall" that surrounds us all. (100407g)

How does a rainforest go "up in smoke"? With "10,000 points of fire" as it were. (100507d)

The US west may have seen its "best" rainfall rates. With climate change taking a prominent position on the economic horizon, it behooves us to say "Go east young farmer, go east" (092307g)

The talk of "tipping points" is given some airing, however the Arctic ice coverage reaches a new low. The article says that dramatic changes are not in the offing, but then often times enough, in the last few years, such predictions have been shredded by new evidence annually, it seems (093007b)

The future: U.S., the "selection of 2000" and elections

This story was spotted before, but this has, at least, some details. A "North American Union" NAU is being formed and in so doing at least challenging if not ending US sovereignty? (092307h) More on the plan for a North American Union, Community, or whatever to supplant the sovereignty of the US. (092507c)

The follow up coup to complete the last one, loosing 700 years of human rights and speculation that the dangers to this nation only grow if an attack on Iran proceeds no matter its result. (092607d)

Dated by a few days, at this writing, this story outlines the "bubble economy" we've been enjoying for a few decades, how it came to be, what its problems are and who is to blame. (092407i) The housing market's weakness continues with sales and prices falling. I read in another article that more of the same may becoming. (092707a) Yet another example, as if we needed one, of how the sub-prime mess, which was made in the USA, has demonstrated "globalization" this time we travel to Switzerland where more billions are lost. (093007j)

A surge of Nuclear Reactors being planned? It wouldn't happen if not for the US government putting a guarantee on the investments so "no one" looses out if the loans default for "some unknown reason" sounds like good old fashioned socialism to me, uh, I meant capitalism, of course where one takes risks to secure benefits and the government butts out. (093007g)

Our Loverly Presstitutes inaction:

If you don't like Rush Limbaugh read this bit about "phony soldiers" then tell this joke: "What is the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg? The answer: Well, one is an over inflated NAZI gasbag and the other is a blimp …" (100107h)

How do congressional Democraps do it doggystyle? They sit up and beg for months and months before rolling over and playing dead. They give up on getting the President's Daily Briefings they were once so hot on. (100407a) Meanwhile U.S. Attorneys Investigation Waits on House Leadership (100407b And they don't seem to care about really cleaning up the Gonzales mess and holding anyone's feet to any fire. (100407c) And what about the "phase 2" investigation agreed upon, promised and now being ignored-and after all that hoopla and all (100407d)

For those ignorant jackasses who sport those "support our troops" decals on their souped-up SUVs maybe they should actually DO something such as helping some of the veterans who are going bankrupt right under the fat greasy snotty nose of Mr "Who Cares" our Dimbulb in Chief. (093007f)

Maybe the story will be called "RatherGate" (092707b)

Our "Great Hole" in chief gets caught out in a lie to the American people, how about that. Read it here (092707c)

A sampler of how the politicized media is micromanaged to the point that an interviewer seems to be reading from a "Bushist" script. (092407d)

More, much more, on the Greenspan flap about oil being the reason for the Iraq war and the toppling of Saddam (092307e) Part two, So, it IS NEWS, yes? (092307f)

Pappy Bush, li'l Bush, Harriet Meirs, the Vietnam "excuse" and Dan Rather's case-what a mess. (092207e) The Dan Rather "Tased and Confused" story. How he ruined himself, his nation and by extension the world, ruined a confidential source and walked away with millions as did another shady character… but Georgie boy got out of Nam and that's all that counts, isn't it? (092407j)

Here are the basics six nuclear weapons were loaded onto B 52s and flown from North Dakota's Minot AFB to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. (092307a) part two, the work life and a question, "why the mix up?" (092307b) Part three, an uneventful flight and then "let's go to lunch" (092307c) Part four, the blame is passed around and I hope that all is well. I had wondered, when the story broke, whether or not covert movement of nuclear weapons were part of a preparation for "dealing" with Iran. (092307d)

Somethings from the past into the present:

A blink into the past. Back in the 80's the "holy warriors" fought Soviet aggression in Afghanistan. But that was not really the case, completely anyway. Hear Zbigniew Brzezinski say it in a nutshell (092407c)


Good news? It seems like DNA will set you free. Unseemly and large numbers of convictions are being overturned around the nation as DNA evidence proves convicts innocent. Just a word to those who STILL advocate the death penalty. (100107i)


The "Great War"

A hundred years of war? It is being looked at. Read at your own risk (101107c)

Back to the Blackwater Massacre we go. Soldiers first on the scene say it was an unprovoked slaughter. (101207f) There is hard evidence of that it was murder from dead cold facts (101207g)The US military gets pragmatic and tries to clean up the mess. (101207h)

Ahmadinajad's "week in the west" was interesting he was slammed by many, one way or another, but, apparently unbeknownst to the US media, he was using them to play to a wider audience, or at least that was the effect. He is, therefore, viewed much more positively by a wider range of persons than heretofore. (101007i)

Here is an article describing a case where someone in the government released information that aided and abetted the enemy. Lives are at stake. And yet our "Decider and his baloney brained chimps" do absolutely nothing about it. I SURE am glad we have a "tough repuglican administration" (100907i)

Some say the Brits were "driven out" others say it was "politics as usual" still others think people are fed up with a thankless effort that has proven too costly. The beneficiary, of course, is Iran. (100907h)

Even more on the Israeli air raid into Syria. It seems the nuclear theory is getting a boost with an additional claim that North Koreans were killed or wounded at the site. (100707i)

Petraeus says Iran is creating problems, even their ambassador to Iraq is a Quds member, and thus a terrorist. (100707g) Sounds like we're making peace overtures to me, right! Meanwhile, The Brits view US accusations of Iran's meddling in Iraq with "a pinch of salt" not exactly a vow of support is it. Yet Dickless "the wonder hog" Cheney is mobilizing private "money men" to persuade when logic and reason fail. (100707h) So maybe we WILL start calling the m weenies?

This is not the first report of the US "change of vision" in the Middle East, now we hear less and less about democratic reform, more and more about building alliances with the Sunni regimes, absolutist led nations and a bottom up approach in Iraq where Sunni factions are bought off, uh, I mean brought into the fold-all because we deposed a Sunni secularist, Saddam, and allowed Shia factions to grab the Baghdad government and give Shia Iran an inroad to grabbing power in Iraq. Can anyone spell "back peddling" or "dumbbell in chief"? (100807b) Of course the "fly in that ointment" will be what happens to Palestine, Israel and Lebanon … Oh well.

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Lebanon - Israel - Palestine - Gaza


Another chunk of land being grabbed from the Palestinians? A sorry state of affairs that only will add to the woes of both sides, eventually. (101007d) The dissenter's view of the thing. Thanks to Mr. Dumbbell in Chief we'll have more of a knot to unravel, if we ever start to try and do so. (101007e)


Technology developments in rocketry give Hamas, or whoever, more range and Israel makes threats … sounds like progress to me. (100707f)


Lebanon oh Lebanon, where for art thou Lebanon … a paralyzed central government is unable to lead the nation while time is running out on peace (101107j) Part two: the hints of a civil war to come? We can only hope not. (101107k)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt


That "mysterious" strike into Syria keeps on popping up in the news. What WAS it all about? Well, maybe that doesn't matter, what it because what it IS about now is whether or how US policy toward North Korea and Syria might change, typical: forget the truth, let's go for action (101007h) Syria makes an "official" presentation at the "attack site" for foreign journalists the message: "there's nothing here to see, move along now" (101107c) And yet another theory, maybe it was just some politician's way of waving his dick around to see if anyone can hear it flapping. He wants to move up and this is his "dance of succession" (101107e)


Something of a "sticky wicket" old boy, it seems the Turks are up for a bit of a romp in Kurdish Iraq, the Kurds are not having it. The US, in the midst of shaming the Turks over " a bit of genocide" wants the Turks to lay off. One wonders what will happen next. (101007b)

Turkey recalls their ambassador to the US over the Armenian issue…sounds like ANOTHER step in this administration's direction of chaos and asinine stupidity (101107a) because Bush the Dumber has lost so much "pull" that he can't negotiate well. Not that the truth should be hidden So what is up with the US government giving the word genocide some credence when it comes to the Armenian slaughter of 1915? Does the 'timing" have anyone thinking that we might be letting the Turks give Iraq just a bit more chaos so that the oil therein can be more effectively secured? (101207d) under cover of chaos? And the ADL gets embroiled in the controversy when it too, denies the Armenian genocide's existence. How cool is that? (101207e And there may be repercussions for our "efforts" in Iraq if the thing is passed by the full house. (101107x) Says here that the Turks are planning of something of a stay once they do decide to "go in" and that decision can come as early as next week. (101107b) Says here that the PKK is already taking action to make the incursion costly to the Turks. The Turks say they can "go into Iraq" because the US did and THEY didn't ask anyone. (101207b)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan


Is there progress in Afghanistan? Well, not really. We've been increasing the troop levels steadily, casualties are up as are attacks and other engagements as the US expands its main base. They talk about 10 years? One wonders … (100707j)

Although the annual Taliban spring offensive for 2007 did not "do it" the next is being prepared, may come in a matter of weeks as fighting in Pakistan is on the upsurge (100607c)

From an article a month old: indicates that the reason they currently enjoy some successes is because they've integrated various factions, resolved some philosophical disagreements, integrated some disgruntled Pakistani military and have studied how the Vietnamese and Tamil rebels "did their thing". (100607d) Part two, the plan now, is to knock out the Pakistani government. Only time will tell if they can succeed. (100607e)


We've Won! We've Won! How we've, uh I mean, the US, uh I mean the greedy bastards behind the scenes have "won" in Iraq. (101207c) Well, things ARE shitty! And I agree with this writer who talks about how Pelosi has "ended the Iraq war." It is a good read, if a bit volatile, though I should talk (100907l)

One touted goal of the surge was to buy time for the Iraqi government to perform some reconciliation, well, that seems to be off the table and the removal places our "strategy" at a big time loss (100907c)

Coalition of the willing has dwindled and dwindled and soon it will just be US. No problem, those others apparently did not do much, that's the word from the US military anyway, so thanks to all you willing folks … (100907a

Of course the few days covered in this accounting are only part of the story, but what a story it is … Iraq's day to day existence. (100607h)

But there are upside stories today:

A clear road upon which Iraqi's can flee their land? The highway from Baghdad to Jordan seems to be open and busy with flowing traffic. This is a sign of progress to be sure. It is welcome too. (100807c) Another related story shows positive change as well, at least in terms of a zero casualty count for a unit of some 200 marines in what was a hotbed of resistance. (100807d)


Al Quds Day in Iran, also celebrated elsewhere, had hundreds of thousands chanting for death to the US and Israel. (100707c)

Iranians as terrorists, the flimsy grounds upon with the accusation stand are analyzed withal. (100607f) Part two, has some of the counterproductive consequences outlined, clearly the cost of this choice by the US outweighs the benefits, however that is only true if we've any intention of dealing with them and treating with them. If we ARE going to attack then all these points are moot. (100607g)

SOMEONE is trying to knock the Pimple Assed Cheney back a few pegs with regards to his wet dream for Iran. (100907d) Meanwhile a report of "heightened tensions" overall between Iran and the US (100907e)


Washington to Waziristan the link is fast and the fighting furious as deal and wheels turn and spin the news. (101107i)

Because of a boycott by opposition candidates, Mr. M. of Pakistan, eases through an "election" as casualties mount in what would, anywhere else, be called a civil war or revolution. When one of the helicopters escorting him in his crashes it reminds everyone, the US included, about the fragility of depending on one man for stability in an unstable land. (100807a)

Pakistan military battles rebels in fierce fire fights using jet aircraft. Mr. M's hold on his presidency can be challenged in the courts and this IS the good news. (100907b)


And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia

How arms deal undermine our relationship with Pakistan … (101107l) And India for that matter…(101107m)


If you are going to boycott an oil company you could choose Chevron because of its support for the Myanmar regime-it IS legal but now, well, the excuse is that pulling out would only let someone else in on the blood money so they might as well stay on… I know, I know … (100707e)


Russia does not support any rash move regarding Iran. They are still playing a balancing act with regard to this situation. Eventually they'll have to either put up or shut up. (101007a) Russia and the US do not see eye to eye on several things and so some talks are in order. I wonder whether this will be a talk or a talking to. If it is the latter, I wonder who will be on the receiving end. (101007c) Probably it was not what the US wanted as it turns out. With disagreements getting the headlines the real kicker is the last sentence. It has me ask: "Then WHY did you go forward?" (101207a)

It's not nice to fool with mother nature:

Faux news says there is polar ice cap melting, that global warming is a debatable idea, but what "is fact" is the potential oil reserves that need to be claimed before anyone else does, thus the "race is on" (101307a) What is "Ecological Debt Day"? Find out more, disturbing as it is, it is still informative. (101307b) In some places, such as Australia, global warming and climate change have already begun their squeeze on the "business as usual" politics and awareness for that continent nation. (101307c)

The words "embarrassment" and British Government" go together so often that this story is not news. What is is the deforestation taking place in the Congo when the purpose of the World Bank was just the opposite. (100707a) A similar tragedy unfolds in the Amazon as development ramps up and protected areas and protective agreements or treaties are ignored. (100707b)

A shocking report from Greenland indicates the melting is accelerating making even the most recent studies obsolete. Time has come today. (100907k)

 The Future:

Human Rights Watch in 2006 condemned several nations for the very "interrogation" methods the US is now using. Back then, of course, some in the US trumpeted those misbehaving nations as being "bad". (100907f)

The future: the U.S., the "selection of 2004" and elections

The Damned Democraps are caught again bending over, grabbing their ankles and hoping this time Bush will USE the Jergen's lotion as a promised roll back is laid to rest-as tough talk on eavesdropping is remembered only long enough to be ignored. (100907g)

Our Loverly Presstitutes inaction:

Here is a disgusting sampler concerning a Reich wing set of nut jobs smearing a 12 year old who happened to have something the "Great Toilet in Chief" doesn't: balls. (101107g)

A very brief look at the "fake news" that dominates our "news" (101007g) And then: The top 25 most under reported stories of 2006 &endash;2007. As a quiz taker and something of a news hound I was pleased that I recalled reading 22 of them. That's not bad, but what is, is the news itself, what a mess (101107f)

The flap over continuing torture. Do the damned Dems have the guts or will to make a stand? Well, it IS the only tactic they haven't tried-of course that requires a spine (100707d)

Going back to the nukes that went on a joyride and were "missing" for hours on end, one might read this article and see how likely it is that a simple accident occurred and what questions need to be answered, not that this administration will deign to respond, assuming, probably rightly, that the citizenry won't pay real attention and that they can go about their dirty business as usual (100907j)

Somethings from the past into the present:

The modern day King Coal has its way in West Virginia as hundreds of communities and towns disappear and others are trapped in a death struggle with the vast monster our Jackass in Chief encourages to feed (101007f)


The "Great War"

A change in the "odyssey routes" used to develop western recruits into trained attackers who'll target Europe and the west. (101407f) Meanwhile: Our "Great Jackass in Mouth" talks about the Iranian nuclear issue being a threat which could result in WW3, I agree, but only if we attack them at this time or any time soon. (101707b)

Luckily our "Great Hole" does not know what he says, does not make sense, and can be written off. However note the movement of the "Goal Posts" so to speak regarding Iranian nuke ability. (101907d

Just how is it that we've shot our wad and our foot while the latter is in our mouth such that our enemies are coming together against us in the Middle East, the "Great Hole" has a role in this sea change of a really big mess. (1017 07e)

Another "black site" being investigated by the Brits, Diego Garcia certainly is far enough away from anyone and or anything so it MAY BE a "party house" after all (101907c)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Lebanon - Israel - Palestine - Gaza

Some evidence of various sides getting ready for conflict in the Middle East. (101707j)


Outside of the fact that Israel makes a move that enrages Palestinians and alerts Muslims around the world and a peace conference it quite near I guess the timing of this "move" is suspect, but really it is a "whatever" story for all that, no? (101407a)

ANOTHER story on the Israeli strike into Syria. This is another description of the target as being a nuclear generator, not missiles, not a uranium processing station, not a shipment of "some supplies" meant for Hamas and not any of the other items either. Oh, Iran was SUPPOSED to take note of the attack (101407d) and Part two: more vague "details" (101407e MORE on the Israeli strike into Syria. There is a story from a "mole" and pictures of a building. The details in this story both agree and disagree with previous stories. Oh well … (101907a) MORE, even MORE, preemptive is a word that is used and Hillary supported the bombing of whatever it was. (101507a)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan -Egypt


Just some background on the issues between Kurds and Turks that are the basis for "disagreements" (101907e)

The current thinking about an incursion, the PKK, Kurdish Rebels, may be at a bit of a loss as Turkish Kurds receive some improved benefits. In this view the recent attacks are meant to provoke a Turkish incursion and thus bolster their waning prospects. In another view the Turks need to proceed to "end it all". (102007e) Part two, US policies, the "Armenian Resolution" and bungling in Iraq have helped, guess who, Iran. (102007f) Essentially the Turks are willing to go the "extra mile" even if that means crossing the US purposes and plans in Iraq to secure their security.

And the legal basis for Turkish attacks into Iraq seem to exist already. I guess that will make lawyers happy (101907f)

Just a short note on the Armenian genocide. There seems to be enough research on the matter. The problem is how its relevancy is being "played" by elements in the US, the region in question and by whom and for what purposes. I have my ideas but such are only speculation. (101507e)

While repuglicans claim the Armenian resolution is a Democratic torpedo aimed at Iraq they seem to forget they build identical torpedoes, and not to long ago, complaining that they couldn't deliver so Hastert decides to sell him self and his influence for a measly 500,000 to "tip the scales of justice a bit" (101607f)

You know it seems that Bush the dumber has so bumbled in his dry drunk way that the resolution regarding Armenian genocide in the WW1 era is likely to pass. Not that I disagree with its passage, but the Damned Dems seem to be making political hay with this, especially in light of statements from Turkey that they might "mess with" our military presence in their country-this would impact our operations in Iraq. Is this the Dems way of getting the US forces out of Iraq? Maybe, if things do go badly because of this there will be lots and lots of blame to go around. (101407b)

Maybe the "genocide vote" will not pass. Maybe the grumbling from Turkey did the job and the Dems don't want to risk anything, well, there is nothing new in that part of the equation anyway. (101707g) Again not that I think the resolution has good timing, and not that it wouldn't be a good thing to pass. There are pro's and con's.

Turkey and Iran form a cooperative effort against the Kurds. This is not the first time they've done this but this time around "more is on the table" (101607a) The Turks, as expected by many apparently, decided that incursions into Iraq are hunky-dory. (101707a)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan


Oh, Iraq and progress, whatever that word means, do go together, here and there, now and then … however it is mostly few and far between for each of those cases. (101907b)

The daily report on Iraq shows some signs of "cooling off" a lessening of violence perhaps is evident but the changes seem due more to bribery than to force of arms. (101801g)

What kind of non-combat deaths are "surging" in Iraq these days? (101707d) Abizaid said the Iraqi war was about oil. Enough said guys, enough (101607d)

Joe "the bastard" Biden, or "brickbat" as he is known to those he fondles, has pushed for and gotten a "non-binding" resolution to divvy up Iraq and so make some sense out of what we've done, unfortunately there are problems with this, but that is no surprise. (101507

The US is almost ready to declare a victory over Al Qaida in Iraq. This may be a bit of good news for The Great Dumbell but AQI only made up about 5 to 10% of the "action" according to numerous reports, analyses and so forth. (101507b) but then what comes of our "reason" for being in Iraq?


So here is more on that from "Pimpin' Pelosi's Palace (101407d)

Apparently there the Turks are shelling across the border already and are massing tens of thousands of troops in anticipation of a resolution to attack into Iraq. CondiGirl has said what she needed to say and, as useless as ever, has only managed to get her face in the news. (101407g)

I guess Pelosi has given our Dumbell In Chief the recipe for war with Iran. All he has to do is get them to attack us, SAY that they've attacked us or have some charred remains to demonstrate this. I wonder if Pelosi thinks that the current barrage of stories about Iranians supplying weapons to the Iraqi resistance is "good enough" or not? (101407c)

Iran plays up its friends who will not allow their territory to be used in an attack against Iran, Russia is one of the signatories. (101607c)


Pushtun is coming to shove as Pakistan vows to "pacify" the Waziristan and associated border areas. (101807a) Bhutto's return, intended to make things better, have proven, so far, to do just the opposite. (101807b) Even as she is escorted her entourage is attacked and 126 die. Welcoming? (101807c) Then there is the possibility that she is not welcome at all and parts of the Pakistani government or military have it in for her. (102007g)

The "deal" whatever it really is, between Bhutto and Musharraf is fragile and the civil war burgeoning in the country will continue on. (102007) Part Two, more on that (102007)


And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


What with a "cold" and or proxy war going on between China and the US it is not mystery why Bush the dumber has the Dalai Lama honored and why China is "furious" about it. (101607k)


Myanmar/Burma what is our, US, interest in the place? Not democracy that is certain, but what? Read on to be disappointed (101607h) Part two, more importantly, it seems that it is another proxy fight between the US and China. (101607i) Did I mention oil?


Russia warns against the use of force against Iran regarding its nuclear program (101607j) "pretty boy Putin says such a thing is unacceptable.


The Horn of Africa;

The main Ethiopian base in Mogadishu is attacked by insurgents, rebels or patriots-one wonders what they should be called. (101307e)

Somalia seems to be ahead of Iraq as it has three regions, they are named and have their own armies and they are fighting each other. Thanks George. (101507c)


Resource wars, Sudan-north and south, Darfur … just the opening skirmishes in a larger, grander game (101707c)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

A friend of mine who lived in Vermont said, a couple years back, that the "leaf peeping" season was moving. It has. That's global warming up close and personal. (102007a)

Drought in the US southeast continues and in some cases emergency procedures are being effected. (102007b)

 The Future:

England goes for the gusto, grabbing all that it can no matter the history and treaties and tradition or any other thing you might think of. (101607l)

America the land of the rugged individual, the champion of the "survivalist" school of capitalist economics-if you are an individual or a small company, but if you are an industry group, particularly a failed one, such as the nuke industry, well, no pockets are so deep that you can't just feed at the public trough, sorry about the mixed metaphor (101807e)

The future: the U.S., the "selection of 2004" and elections

Verizon goes the extra mile in handing over data to the government, not only suspicious callers but those they called and those that those persons called as well. (101607g)

Signs of shaky times: precious metals and vital resources go up in price while the dollar slides down in value. (101507f) this sort of thing precedes problems but is only a symptom, not a cause.

This is something for those who understand macroeconomics. Lots of charts and graphs to interpret, but I simply save it for others to see that the hell is going on with our "economy". (101607b)

GOP having a hard time getting money? Gee, I wonder why the that might be so-could it be our Dingleberry in Chief has screwed so many that he doesn't know who is still left unscrewed? (101707f)

What will the election of 2008 bring? Will we have one? The dark shaded musings are explored as the likelihood of the US citizenry's acquiescence to a "new 9/11" a larger war, some other "security disaster" or some such. (101707i)

Maybe this is one clue, as Crazy Mukasey becomes a pusher of the envelope surrounding our dearly beloved Hemorrhoid in Chief. (101807x)

Our Loverly Presstitutes inaction:

More details on the Bush braggadocio regarding the then future war on Iraq. While he was reassuring the American public war preparations were fully underway and time was short. (101707h)

What is Cheney's Law? Read and find out, I did and I lost weight, I mean to say I shit a Brick… (101607e)

The demise of the 4th estate: to what depths has the Washington Post fallen, each day, it seems, brings new lows. So the longer we wait, the deeper it goes. (1014067h)

Ya gotta love this "rule of law" administration. It firmly believes in "break a law get a pardon". That is surely the way to nab those scofflaws. (101807d)


The "Great War"

I guess this is not news but it gets play anyway, speculation about what might happen if Iran is attacked and retaliates with the "oil" weapon (102607e)

Another step toward the great war, putting parts of Iran's military and government on the US' terrorist list. (102507e)

Bush the Demagogue reaches new lows (102507g)

An overview of books that have analyzed the Great Hole's war on terror. (102307i) Part two, in part, asks why do we fight lawlessness with lawlessness? (102307j) Part three, enough with the books we launch into the findings of this "mega study" (102307k) Part four, more than enough blame to go around and the cure? It is still, at this time, a taboo subject: giving up empire. (102307l)

It seems that the government's spending for private security teams in Iraq can't really be accounted for, the books are a mess, no one seems to know what's been paid for or how we know we've received what's been paid for. This is the "oversight" that blackwater operates under (102307d) and Part two "Hotel Money", sweet! (102307e)

A spate of coverage concerning "extraordinary rendition" The upshot seems to be that most people think US citizens can't have this done to them. The comments on this article are worth reading for the gems. (102207g) However this article and those who commented have, it seems, forgotten the Military Commissions Act of 2007 which DOES allow the same kind of treatment discussed if "any person" is accused of aiding and abetting a designated enemy of the state.

A word on the torture position of the US government and Bush the dumber's participation which removes from him the cloak of deniability. Accountability is what should follow but, well that may wait for another time and place. (102107g) and Part two; Bush the Dumbest says the meaning of the word "torture" is not defined, or rather left as "what the law says" and that is the rub, in this case. (102107h)

WWIII, Israel says it's a Gog and MaGog world and they've conveniently drawn the battle lines for us. How nice of them. (102107k)

Bin Laden speaks, admits errors and urges unity among those who are resisting US forces but all evidence indicates that his forces were a minor component. What is interesting is the drop in violence being quoted in the article. The figures seem high but may not be, after all the US has changed its strategy, buying local tribes by the handful and working from the "bottom up" (102207c) Again the bad news inside this good news is that such evidence may make an attack on Iran more and more likely.

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Lebanon - Israel - Palestine - Gaza


Some few details on the Syria bombing. The claim is that is WAS a light water reactor of North Korean design. The US being quiet makes sense, we are SUPPOSED to have made progress with the North Koreans and have delivered on promises. Syria keeping quiet is understandable, Israel going mum is understandable because they wouldn't want to embarrass US efforts in Korea. (102207i) Part two, details shmeetails (102207j)

Then again Dickless "the gutless wonder" Cheney could be just leaking on the press, so to speak and they are lapping it up, uh, so to speak. And there was "nothing" there. (102207)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt


There are supposed to be satellite photos of the "bombed site" and it "looks like" the buildings are the same size and shape as a "Korean designed" facility. However the hype is being exposed, though who cares … something is up-but what? (102507g) and More on the Israel/Syria story. This article contradicts a few previous ones by claiming that Syria has not let anyone visit the site and check it out. (102607c)


The "Great Hole" has bungled enough with the Kurd-Turk problem, now push is coming to shove AND time is short AND some intelligence and effectiveness is being called for and, unfortunately, it is the US which needs do display those things. (102407b)

A commencement of military action by Turkey-using air forces only (102407d)

Despite actions, more threats and promises, which would effect the Kurdish north of Iraq, the rebels continue to attack. (102507b)

Time has been bought for amelioration between Turkey, which promises to exhaust diplomacy all the while building up forces and succeeding in getting Iraqi officials to acknowledge the problem and promise to DO something. We shall see how long the pause is (102307c)

What does the PKK want? It seems the best solution is no solution at all. (102507c)

There is a great deal of diplomatic activity, Israel foremost but Turkey is not far behind. Iran's shadow lengthens, allied "special forces attacking Iran, the Kurds "acting up" and Israelis invest, for the long term, in Iraqi Kurdistan. Push coming to shove? (102507d

It seems that there are mixed signals coming from various parties to the Iraq-Turkey border situation. Some headlines proclaim that the Turks will exhaust all diplomatic means before attacking, this one states that troops are in position, more are on the way and it could be a matter of days until some response is made. (102207d) Part two; are we approaching what may be Turkey's "finest hour"? (102207e)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan


Disagreement in NATO over who does what in Iraq, the "news" is that it seems to say that another 5 or 10 years will be needed before we can leave the fighting to the Afghans and, I guess, God only knows how long that will last. (102407a)

We call it the Persian Gulf, but what's in a name? Plenty if you live in the U.A.E. An interesting glimpse at one of the most backward "civilized" nations on earth. (102607f)


Iraqi nationalism getting reborn? The irony is that the parent would be the US and its idiot enforcers "team Blackwater" That we WILL leave is not the question, now it may only be a matter of time. (102607b)

Sadr City in a bit of an uproar over innocent dead killed in an air strike. The US makes flat denials and evidence mounts. (102307a) Luckily for us Sadr is and has been holding back his forces … so …

That last story segues nicely into this one which talks about our increasing use of bombing in Iraq. (102307b)

How are the refugees from Iraq faring in Syria? Read Riverbend's report. She's one who did make it out, just in time. (102207)

Another set of "end game" scenarios for Iraq. Each has its problems, of course, but the best solution, surprise surprise, is the one least likely because it would require a "reality based" policy from the US, Iraqi parties, Iraq's neighbors and also cooperation. Well that should put the kibosh on that sort of thing. (102107f)

An attack against an Iranian connected terrorist kills many, including civilians. (102207f) It also mentions, reminds rather, that Sadr has called off his minions from making attacks on US forces. This may be one reason attacks and violence is "down".

The daily toll in Iraq, even this set of summaries mention that there is a reduction in the number of dead showing up-still violence is high, chaos reigns and abounding problems overarch all aspects of life. But this IS a measure of progress. (102207o)


And the Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Sudan - Ethiopia - Somalia, etc.:

Chad has peace? That is the good news. Will it last longer than other periods of peace? That is the question isn't it? (102507a)

Ethiopia: Rebels claim a victory, government denial but what is clear is that there is less peace than previously. Ethiopia is involved in a few wars now. Apparently at least one of its own, Somalia's factional fighting and there has been rumors of another. This is the price it pays for being a US proxy in the "vital horn of Africa" (102107b)


And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Perhaps THIS is the intended effect of Bush the dumber's treating the Big Kahuna of Tibet, some dirt tossed on China's image, some unrest in Tibet (102107c)

 From the land south of the grand o'l Rio Grande

Just an indication of where we stand in Ecuador, which is to say nowhere. (102607g) One good turn deserves another, now Chile is opting to claim more of the Antarctic pie. If everyone gets into this act we could have "conflicting concerns" and soon. (102207a)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Another mega study, five years in the making is framed as a "call to action" while the data presented are actually in the "frightening" category. (102507h)

So before you look at specific incidents, data points as it were, take a look at the worst case scenario as envisioned by a world class mind, someone who knows where of he speaks. (102207n)

Acid oceans? What is interesting is that the process is accelerating and, being another global warming effect, should continue to do so. The focus of the article is the effect it will have on any ocean creature with a shell. That means plankton which is at the base of the ocean's food chain. Probably waaaaaay not good. (102107e)

Although they do not mention global warming, they do mention a drought, which is part and parcel of the warming trend. This is an example, therefore, of the local effects of GW in the US as 250,000 are evacuated from a drought stricken region of California (102207b)

Wild fires and global warming do connect an amplifying feedback is what it is called. Global warming sets the stage for fires and they enhance global warming's effect. (102607g)

A water fight that is not all "fun and games". Florida, Georgia and Alabama tussle over the limited resource in a time of shortages. The GW drought continues. (102207l) Meanwhile back at the ranches in "wild west" a similar tragedy unfolds (102207m)

And a larger picture of the water use problem that global warming and our civilization's life style has conspired to create. (102607d)

 The Future:

The radioactive dust from all that depleted uranium weaponry used in Gulf War's one and two have reached merry old England. By extension it has also traveled the world over. Luckily Halliburton has taken care of the problem and hushed it up for some time.(102107l)

It is not as if the problem DU weapons cause is unknown and unstudied. It has been and, most likely will be-and for decades to come (102107m)

The future: the U.S., the "selection of 2004" and elections

Just a quick set of stats for the housing market, the word glut is used to describe the cooling market (102107i)

We hear, constantly, each and every time a Damocrap "blasts" the administration about the war and how badly it is going or that it can't be won, that such a candidate will loose, well, history has proved such prognosticators wrong, but that does not stop such "media mush mouths" from continuing to flog their dolphins in public, does it? (102107j)

Our Loverly Presstitutes inaction:

Editing the testimony of his own government official, but team Whackoff hides the truth, right out in the open. (102407e)

The sad truth about the trashing of Gore in 2000, now that he's all Nobel and stuff some have eaten crow but have not realized it yet, others make excuses for themselves and their friends while, rightfully, trashing others. Oh well. (102107o)

The "chicken or the egg" phenomenon or question applied to polling. One good thing leads to another and it may be that this has led to "Clinton's inevitability" Forget the issue of how the election "coverage" is mostly about "horse race" statistics, headline phrasing or money. (102107d)


There was, some 40 years ago, another illegal war which some resisted. A strategy for those who resisted was created. The text of their "reason for being" is relevant for today. It explains why Vietnam was illegal and thus why Iraq and Afghanistan are. It is very eloquent and rational. (102607a)

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November 2007



The "Great War"

The man who might be called the "father of the Iraq war" already known as a phony and a liar is exposed, finally on American TV (110207a)

The roll out on the next "Big Tour" of the Bush and Cheney Show. It seems 52% of Americans believe its OK to attack Iran. The Labor Day kickoff of the campaign has borne its fruit so only time will tell. (103107c)

Here's a sample of a "coincidence" illuminating "the plan" (103107d)

What IS all this about that "building on the Euphrates" that was bombed by the Israelis? It's kicking up more speculation than George W's wannabe dick. (103007c)

I wonder if it might all be just a theft with accompanying murders, which has been played by others into whatever they want. Bush made 9/11 the 24/7 drama that it is but what if it WAS just a rather large scale robbery obscured by its "ripple effect". What about the gold stored at the world trade center, up to a billion gone? What? Read the discussion, it's a kicker. (102907j)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Gaza - Israel - Lebanon - Palestine


Hamas is getting training and newer, better weapons. The IDF understands this and a slight but distinctive up-tick in casualties among units taking action in Gaza. (103007e)


I guess Lebanese firing on Israeli planes in Lebanon's airspace is news but if it continues? (102807e)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt

Not of immediate concern are the plans for a number of Middle Eastern and greater Middle Eastern nations to build nuclear plants. (102907a)

Here is more on that, this article says that 13 nations are "going for it". This is all we need a nuclear "race" in the most unstable area of the world. Chalk up another jackass accomplishment to Bush the Dumber whose imbecilic efforts stirred a host of chaotic forces in the region to greater violence and impact. (103107f)


The language of defiance and suspicion that the Turks really want to destabilize the Kurdish region of Iraq to thwart any ambitions among its own Kurds is the perspective of one Kurdish leader (102807n)


Bush the Dumberest has managed to change Turkey, from a, one time staunch, no-brainer class, US ally, into something else, but what?. (103107g) Part two: more reasons, as if we need any (103107h) The politics of the region as well as various parts of the world have impact on this problem as well as how its resolved, not to mention its cause (102907g) Part two, But Is this the appropriate headline: "The Turks Are Coming!" (102907h)

Turkey has choices to make and considerations regarding any kind of ground incursion. A brief outline in this article sheds light (102807b) Part two; The cross claims of the blame game (102807c)

An overview of the various interests and how they view an incursion by Turkey - hint most think it is a bad idea, overall, but one that may be enacted nonetheless. (102907f)

Kurds killed hundreds of miles inside Turkey, Iraq talks collapse and (102807g) diplomacy is sputtering out, Turks are building up troops so it could get messy. My personal notion is that Al Qaida could have Kurdish recruits and who knows but dat wily ol' Bin Laden could be on the verge of draggin' in Turkey and even Iran into the Iraq party mix - and no one will forget the nuts (102807k)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan


A tactic used in Iraq comes to bear in Afghanistan, attacking the aid convoys and personnel limits what the NGO's can do (103007f) What's more we hear that there is " a surge" of insurgents entering the country, a bunch wilder than the usual suspects. (103007g)


A brief speculation on the "staying prospects" of the US or allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. (110207b) And we're talking, as did Dumbsfeld, about 50 years or more and it is NOT about oil (110207c)

It is nothing like hearing it from the people themselves, Iraqi's in the resistance are given voice, the film is currently not being seen in the US, but these few excerpts of what is said, though dated, still apply (103107e)

America's newest embassy - silently it sends a message: we will be staying on for some time to come. (lost this listing)

The upshot of a large discussion by those who know the "ground situation" in Iraq are seeing a future of "warlordism" the foundations are being laid by current US policy and fragmentation assisted by that same policy, there area 144 militia in Basra alone. This means national unity is "not happening" and that chaos is (102907c)

The US wants to make security gains in Sunni areas so it has bought off tribal leaders and pulled other tricks out of the bag and there has been progress, but setting up police and other forces from the "ground up" is not popular with the Shia's governing in Baghdad, so a rift or "misunderstanding" has developed. (102807j)

A segue to the fact that there is a decline in killing apparent though what made it happen is a question, still Bush the dumber will claim bragging rights if "the surge" could take full credit, nevertheless, as stated before, I wonder if this success may encourage action with Iran. (103107a)

And then, well, there ARE other explanations. One might consider, in the light of this data the notion that the insurgencies violence has long been focused on ethnic cleansing. (103107b)

Then too there are figures which say the decline has reached its nadir and there is an upsurge in the killings (110207d)

Just an example of the apocalyptic thinking going around, it is not only in the American Christian right, it's at home in Basra as well. (102907b)


A reasonable view of how to deal with Iran sounds good, except for one fact, it IS a reasonable plan and so ... (102907d)

Is Russia providing some kind of "deal" with Iran? A recent unusual summit swirls up rumors to that effect and some "entanglement" between Iran and Russia probably frustrate, to some extent Dickless Cheney (102907i)

Meanwhile an attack would give some of the Iranian leadership what they want, for them it seems they'd come out ahead in the short and long term. (102907e)

And here is some of what went on "behind the scenes" to Iraq, the neo cons misbegotten drunk for their "success" and before they saw the truth and began looking to Iran (110107c)

Here is an update on what the "chatter" is providing in the rumor mills, the "unnamed sources" and so forth regarding war with Iran (110107a)

Both the Iranian government and that of the US need each other, the recent sanctions make war more likely says this article and, unfortunately it makes sense, too much so. (102807m)

Related to Turkey's problem is Iran's Kurd Question. Only here the US is said to be involved with boots on the ground and is supporting the Kurdish attacks (102807h)


A loss in control for Pakistan's government? Radicals take a swat at him? (110307a) Part two, some details and bragging or threats. (110307b) Just a glimpse into the Pakistan resistance, a place beyond government control, a militia and passion. (102807a)


And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


A brief history of China and Iran, modern relations, that is. (110107d)


And the Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Sudan - Ethiopia - Somalia, etc.:


Mogadishu embattled again. Artillery battles are mentioned in this report so I would guess the "rebels" are getting a good level of funding from somewhere, hmmm, I wonder where? (102807i)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Maybe if they spent half as much energy protecting the Arctic from the effects of global warming as they do attempting to exploit the "openings" we'd see some helpful changes but the gold rush is on. (103007b)

The "Garbage Patch" a vast area in the Pacific where everything plastic collects, degrades and causes problems, the question is how to clean it up? (103007a)

Coal use seen as on the rise despite Global Warming's ever present present ... (102807d) And everyone wants a piece of the Chinese coal company's action, a veritable who's who of the robber barons and even Texan teachers are into the act (102807f)

 The Future:

So how DID those nukes get moved? According to this article the "it was all a series of accidents and unexpected 'one time' events" does not fly. The security on those weapons is very effective, so some one had to disarm the alarms for them to move. Who, why, who ordered it, and again why? (110307e)

The future: the U.S., the "selection of 2004" and elections

The "debate" on Iran continues, finally, with the Damnitcrapss and Repugnocant's going their own "debatable" ways. (110307d)

Our Loverly Presstitutes inaction:

One persons "tells it like it is regarding Iran and the article then portrays the "rest of the field, disappointingly enough. (110107b) So someone who surprises most by wanting to reinstate or revivify the War Powers Act and goes public and wants congress to act on this ... gets (yawn) coverage. (103007d)


The "Great War"

Bush seems to believe that if you repeat a big enough lie, often enough, everyone will just nod off and accept it for fact. Here are some of his favorites. (110907h)

The extra legal trials, the Military Commissions trying Guantanamo prisoners have succeeded in finding one self admittedly guilty person, guilty-after six years. At that rate we'll be "done" with Guantanamo trials in about 1800 years. (110907g)

Several crises now surround the "main front" of Iraq which, ironically, has shown some evidence of a "cool down'. However any one of these other situations can add to the complexity of managing US policy in the region. (110907c)

A book "The One Percent Doctrine" currently being ignored, details some of the Gross Dumbell's "administration" and making of war interesting details to be sure (110707b)

Calling the president a liar, a criminal and, in my mind since deaths occurred during "enhanced interrogation" a murderer. Shouldn't he be hung high and left to twist in a drying breeze so the buzzards could have at him? Why don't you read it here (110607f)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Gaza - Israel-Lebanon-Palestine


The growth rate is good in the occupied territories of the Palestinian people. Israel admits not keeping its word. (110807g)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan-Kurdistan - Egypt

A big meeting, lots of nice rhetoric and the upshot is same-o, same-o. Which the Turks, I would guess, do not like and so we may see some "action on the ground" (110407c)


It may not be diplomacy that stays the Turks hand in Kurdistan but the formidable enemies of General's Snow and Mud that will (110507c)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


US gives word that things are getting better, others debate that assertion (110907e) 2.3 million internally displaced, that's the figure. Other data points include Sadr getting nipped by the "other Shias" with whom there may be grudges "goin on" (110607d) A land of refugees and prisoners, that is the portrait here, given of Iraq, despite the touted progress in violence reduction. (110607e)

The violence is down. That seems to be accepted and welcome news. The downside is the cause for the decline, the strategies and the means used. This may be a window of opportunity which needs to be expanded, framed as it were, securely. (110507d)

Odd, but not really, that this is in the news, the "Iraqi government" boots the Russians out of an oil field, soon to be opened to "outside interests" and so Russia threatens to hit back financially (110407d)


Get yer' brand new Nukes here, get them while they're hot! The US knew more about Khan's doings than we've been led to believe. A shocker that should be front page news, but instead it is in a book being published overseas. (110907d)

Bhutto is "freed" but the planned rally was not held. (110907b) update: no it wasn't. The media is not a lap dog in Pakistan. There are news feeds reaching the people and the government can't shut off the flow. (110907a)

Well, Mr. M. SAYS the elections will happen, but as arrests continue one wonders who will run against him? (110807c) Meanwhile the money flows on and on. We send cash, by the way, 100 million a month goes to Mr. M. and he promises to spend it wisely. (110807f)

Arrests, of some thousands it is implied, but protests none the less, instability and threat (110607a) It seems the Taliban is quick to take advantage of the distraction (110707a) Mushmouth says its all about fighting terrorism and then makes the necessary excuses and lies, however, few buy it (110607i) And then Bhutto to hold a rally? Amid the "crack down" what showmanship, eh? (110607j)

A ringing call for rebellion? But what they don't say is that Bhutto left Pakistan shortly before the world's newest dictator took control. (110607b)

Where else does repression begin but on "the Hill" itself. MushMouth Musharaff has his minions swarm the place, with lobbyists of course, money is awash no doubt and it is not at all clear that Bhutto or any opposition has a presence at "the table" as it were (110607c)

Despite the media lock down the web manages "go-a rounds" and the information super highway allows information to circulate. (110607d)

Some portions of Pakistan's press speak out as evidenced in this brief. (110507a)

But the crackdown is severe, wide spread, and this article said it was "sparked" by the Pakistani Supreme Courts being prepared to decide that Mr. M. should step down. (110507f) Part two, much is being done to shut down any attempt at organizing "the people" (110507g) Part three, the only question, it seems, is how long will he keep it up? (110507h)

But the money still flows and Mr. M. is still "our man" in "Pakiland" (110507b)

A sudden seizure of power, papers shut down, opposition members arrested by the hundreds, phone service cut in the capital where the troops have been called out. (110407b What gives? Well, not Mr. M. doesn't that seems sure. Here is a bit more on that (110407a)

Well this is the story of the hour, and, it seems, that Mush Mouth Musharaff will be given a "talking to" by both the Brits and CandyGirl Rice. (110407f)



This article indicates doubt about the "facts" George W. Jackass stated as a reason to upend Clinton's nuclear agreement with North Korea. What the story ignores is the fact that the intel "used" was probably as good as the intel that led us into Iraq-that aspect of the issue is ignored. (111007a)

And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


A brief history of China and Iran, modern relations, that is. (110107d)


It seems the "colorful" revolutions spawned, some say, by US institutions with the connivance of "the decider" has had a set back. You'll recall the "Rose Revolution", the promises, the BushTalk and now, well … (110807d)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature

A bit of an update on the drought punishing the south east of the US. Atlanta Georgia is the largest city with a desperate need and a closing deadline. (110907j)

And in this story you can see a map of the blighted region and read of some particular incidents that show the depth of the problem. (110907k)

From the land south of the Old Rio Grande

What might be one of the great dumbbell's "finest" achievements, South America is going its own way, is a process that has ramifications that only they know. (110907i)

The Future:

This speculative article outlines the "cost of the decider's presidency" It is breathtaking to see just how vast and profound the errors have been and it is clear that a few generations shall pass before it is all repaired. (110807e)

Herr Gropenfuhrer dictates budget cuts, why? Because the housing markets corruption and rancor festers large scale losses, everywhere (110607g)

I archive this because it is an attempted portrait of the financial systems under duress. I can only understand that a great deal of "non-money" has supplanted "real money" which has supplanted real things of value such as gold and commodities. (110507k) Part two, a flood of numbers and some salient quotes make an unsettling image (110507l) Part three another set of notes concerning "the troubles" (110507m) Part four, stories from around the world (110507n) Part five, the blizzard of facts and figures continues. Some one will sort this out some day. "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when … " (110507o)

America's "selection of 2000", current elections and future

We hear it mentioned, the "sixty vote requirement" to "get anything done" in the Senate. It simply is not true. What is true is that the DamnedDems are unwilling to fight with anything like backbone or courage. The Senate accepts a person who is "wrong on torture" and so the US goes on record as being "wrong on torture" (110907f)

That housing market thingy just won't go away and we go inside a banking story to look for the billions and billions of losses-yet to come (110507i) Part two, where the "ripple" effect will effect-the long road to the top (110507j)

Politics, elections, Iran, Iraq all mixed together for a "fun time." (110507e)

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction:

One wonders if this story about "construction opportunities" in Iraq will EVER make the mainstream news. No, I don't really wonder. (110807a)

Salt Lake City Mayor says 'We won't take it anymore!' meaning Bush and Co. and says much more than that, so this won't be on the "headline news" will it? (110807b)

Somethings from the past into the present:


Some hope in that the "national ID" has met significant resistance and may fall by the wayside. However it is still "alive" and so best keep an eye on the issue. (110407e) If these people are right then we've a reason for hope:

A word from Global Warming doubters, some points might be considered but, well, I believe the issue has been settled (110407g)

Part two, continuing on with arguments and evidence. (110407h) However one must ponder the facts from the field, glaciers did not meld en masse back in the 30's, we did not see the Arctic ice in such stark reduction, nor did the ocean's temperature rise or its PH begin to change and then the deforestation and extreme weather events are all counterpoint to the article.


The "Great War"

On Memorial Day, 11/11/07 we mourn the dead, well, it seems we mourn our dead and forget the million plus we've killed since the Iraq invasion (111607b) Seeking a smoking gun for the "Iran factor in Iraq" that is the word. But it's not as if the US has not announced many examples of "proof" already. (111007e) Some resistance against a strike on Iran is in evidence, but one has to wonder (111007l)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Lebanon - Israel - Palestine - Gaza


Fiery words from Hezbollah in Lebanon and this article, written by an opponent of Hezbollah, is outraged but also outlines some of the difficulties ahead. (111307g)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt


What may be the last word on the "infamous" Israeli attack on a "facility" in Syria. (111307i)


Some cross border action is being reported between Turkish and Kurdish forces (111307a)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan


Moqtada makes more moves-gusto for a new government? Putting his followers into the Iraqi army by the thousands and mournful Maliki both want to shun Sunnis that Syria is "getting rid of" (111707c) Part two, more on that (111707e.)

The latest glitch in the "improvements in Iraq" comes from the Baghdad government US military says (111507b) Part two, what may be tearing Iraq apart is exactly what is contributing to the relative peace right now. (111507c)

Upbeat news: the number of roadside bombs has dropped. Again, as with all this recent good news from Iraq, my worry is that it all only makes an attack on Iran more possible. (111307c)

I don't like the title of this article, but the depiction of a fire fight is essential to understand the kind of fighting and the kind of injuries that US troops suffer through (111207o)

An overview of the improvements in Iraq are mostly statistical, less attacks, less bombing raids, fewer bodies found and some economic activity taking place. However the "window of opportunity" to take this peace respite and extend it is limited and it is unnerving to note that the US may still miss the chance as the article makes clear (111207m)

Some more on that-violence is down but that is because the sectarian killing has done its job, there are two Baghdad's. Also Mr. Sadr has called off his boys, massive bribes have former insurgents putting on "legitimate uniforms" and then there IS the surge also in the mix, seriously many more cache's have been found (111307f)

So the plan is to take in volunteers who are then trained and armed the problem is most volunteers are Sunni and the Baghdad clique is distrustful and then the program is not managed well, resources lacking and all that-still it IS part of the solution (111207h) And some street scenes that exemplify the problem (111207i)

A look at one of the reasons violence in Baghdad is down, there are now two Baghdad's (111207j)


A speculative look at Iran's demographics and why it may be war, now or never for them (111307g)

More "proof" that Iranian support for certain insurgents in Iraq are causing US casualties. So do we see a new set of "go for Iran arguments" or what? (111107c)

Efforts to isolate Iran prove more difficult especially when one or more of our "regional allies" help ease Iran's worries. (111007b)

This writer thinks an Iran war is "on the back burner, for now" citing something of a return to rationalism to the current US administration-however we're not out of the woods yet (111107d)

However the National Intelligence Estimate for Iran has not and is not what Cheney wants, there is resistance in the intel community yet (111207b) and the details, details (111207c)

Something of an odd story from Iran, Sufi's fighting with heavy police after sectarian fisticuffs or gun battles (111107a)


Maybe "game theory" is helpful in understanding what is going on in PakWorld.chaos (111707a) Part two, why PakWorld.chaos will slide into problems (111707b)

Losing ground are we? That is the worrisome word, the crackdown on the streets has pulled "human resources" away from other problems and so has helped the militants obtain some gains. (111607e)

Bhutto is allowed to travel but Mushmouth is still holding the reigns of power (111507a)

So brief and so horrific, I must take pride in this article, though not to much, after all I'd want a different indication from what it presents, nonetheless, I've been saying for several years "it's Pakistan" that would be the place "most likely" to render US policy efforts their greatest defeat, possibly a crushing blow (111407)

You know it is enough to make me think that there is a pattern, a distractive one, in which we are swept along from focusing on one then another of the world's ills. (111407e)


Meanwhile the field of fodder, drying in sun, awaits that one spark. The tide is up at the dam. even as Mushmouth has painted himself into a corner. (111407d)

As Hillary runs for Prez, we should recall how well her hubby schmoozed with the mysterious Mr. M from Pakistan (111407b)

Bhutto calls for Mr. Mushmouth to resign and an alliance with another big time opponent of Mr. M. (111307b)

And there seems to be something of a ticking time bomb, Thursday, Mr. M. is supposed to make a decision, well, well see, won't we? (111307e) And there is some debate as to whether the "state of emergency" has weakened efforts to deal with an insurgency that is gaining ground. (111307d)

A brief interview portrays the difficulties in Pakistan as being made much, much worse by US policies, activities and military action in Afghanistan (111007k)


And the Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Sudan - Ethiopia - Somalia, etc.:

Global warming is having its effect in Africa, disproportionately so. (111207g) The upshot is that the extent of the damage and change is not sustainable for many of those effected. (111207g)


Battles continue in the capital and the number of internally displaced tops 800K (111207p)


And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia

Russia and China both make further sanctions on Iran quite difficult and Russia is to begin sending fuel for Iran's reactor. (111607a)

How that "housing issue" has metastasized. International monetary trading is being effected and Japan may have been set up for a rude awakening. (111107b)


The crackdown continues and worsening, if anything. (111207a)

 The land south of the grand o'l Rio Grande

Why do we "want Chavez' out of there? Could it be that he and his nation sit on top of an oil empire? (111407a)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

The political, military and social consequences of global warming are being considered-a changing world means meeting changing needs (111207d) Nations of the Arctic regions are seeing the changes and are trying to alert the world (111207e)

The bee population crash recently has seen fixes put in place, but is there a guarantee that this will not happen again, maybe they should LISTEN to the science the US government has paid for. (111007c)

America's "selection of 2000" elections and future

Polls show a post 9/11 word taking shape in the US electorate (111607b)

An example of what media mavens are saying regarding the "true cost" of the Iraq/Afghanistan war (111407c)

The price Kucinich pays for "going against the flow" of Pelosi et al. (111207n)

Kucinich puts "impeachment of Cheney" on the table over Pelosi's protest. Even some Repuglicans went along for this ride. Perhaps we'll see something of a show? (111007h) And here we are led to see that the plan DOES include targeting Bush the dumber as well (111007i)

If you want a glimpse into the demise of the Repuglican party read about its rising star a huckster named Huckabee. He is "wowing" them in Iowa, for now (111007f) 

Somethings from the past into the present:

Holocaust denial is verboten in the good old US of A, except if it is the Armenian one, then well, it was an unfortunate chapter in history and no reason to allow any interference with current policy. So Bush the Dumber kowtows to Turkish tantrums and the problem goes away. (111007)

This story is included, just as a hedge. Some few years ago I heard that the schema for obtaining global control would proceed from the "cold war" theatre piece to that of the "terrorist performances" and then transition to the "alien threat". Each of these would entail more governmental security and such like. Is this a supposed harbinger of the "next phase"? (111007g)


The "Great War"

RummyDumbo gets a break from the French courts. It seems that he can claim immunity from the charges of torture. The precedent cases cited are those that involved Chile's Pinochet and Chad's Hissene Habre-just plain nice folks, I guess (112307c)

When it comes to Iran securing what it needs, it seems US allies such as Germany and Italy are the places to go. In the case of Italy it is just another example of how disjointed the NATO nations are and how loose the "West" has become (112207b)

Armed men attempt to breach security at a nuclear site? (111807e)

Opening a new front in the "Great War" an Islamic woman debates the approach radical Islamists have taken, not that I agree with all she says, especially about Israelis but she has a point and it is hope as part of it. (111807a ) Meanwhile Israel wants IAEA's chief to step down, he's soft on Iran you know (111907d)

Repuglicans have been "betting" that Iraq will go well, recent news has been supportive but time will tell the most (112007b)

What IS waterboarding, for those not in the know, here is a detailed description of the "enhanced interrogation method" that is NOT torture according the prezydick of these United Snakes (112007j)


What? Another war looming? Kosovo and Serbia are at odds, to say the least and time is short for a solution. Will miracles ever come? (112007i)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Lebanon - Israel - Palestine - Gaza

The role Turkey will play in this region is unclear. Various issues: the kurds, the US debacle in Iraq, Iran, oil pipelines, NATO's expansion, a "frisky" Russia, and more. This article has nuggets to mine and explains a good deal. (112007)


Some interesting historical details about Israel's nuclear weapons, US foreign policy, history and corruption, of course (112007k)


Lebanon is close to chaos. Friday is the deadline for some solution to the crisis in "non-government" government (112007f) Surprise, word is that the military is "holding the fort".

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan

Thankfully there are some who believe an attack on Iran is not in the cards but what if an "accident" occurs. Speculation is that either the US or Iran's leader could benefit from such an occurrence even though the cost is huge. (111907c)


A couple of years ago there was a story predicting this, a tide of wounded coming back from the Iraq war where 1.5 million have served thus far. The estimate is that maybe 150K have head injuries alone while the "official" figure is a fraction of that (112307a) The article implies that this category of wounded is separate from the others.

A raid creates a set of data points concerning where the foreign insurgents come from. Is it any surprise that more than half come from our allies in the region? (112207a)

Finally, a hard figure, 4.2 million Iraqi refugees. Another article today mentioned Iraq's population at 26 million. Let us do the math then, 4m left the country, 1m dead, 2m wounded, injured, collaterally, 2 million internally displaced. That totals out to 9 million, more than 1 in three Iraqi's have been "impacted severely" and negatively by the US policy. Yes some are returning home, but to integrated "sect neutral" neighborhoods? Hardly likely now. (112107c)

A number of articles say the same thing, yes improvements are happening in Iraq, deaths being down and such. But the caveat remains, we seem to be having a window of opportunity, for one reason or another and we need to take advantage of it. But the catch is the reason for the window and what that portends. (112107d)


Dozens of dead in Pakistan. Is this the start of a new front? (112307e)

The idea is to mimic the strategy the US has used in Anbar province, that is to say funnel money to tribal groups or other leaders and pay the tribes to "shoot the bad guys" as it were. (112007c) Part two, the article continues and, essentially does not truly discuss risks, rather it attempts to argue for the theoretical merits. (112007d)

Mushmouth's packed court gives him "a break" and so it is same o same o for Pakiworld's main man while things fray around the edges (111907b)

We, the US, via the "honorable" Negroponte tell Mr. M. what to do, we "urge him, I wonder what the "translation of that is. (111807b)


And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Russia makes its moves in many ways, here we see another oil deal (112307b) An interesting story that Italy might look at. (112307c) And this is another story Italy might consider in its "energy plan" (112307d)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Drought usually lasts for ten years, they say, so that means the west's is at least half over but it seems to be a record breaker in the 500-year category. (111807f)

We hear that the time is short for the plateau areas of South America where glaciers, a major source of fresh water, are melting away. Time is close for impact here but still life goes on (112307d)

The Future

Here is an assortment of stories that demonstrate how the US housing market is pulling at the pillars of world financing, I know it's not just that and other factors play but it may be a dozy of a year coming up (112307e)

Probable cause takes a back seat sometimes and one wonders what the future will bring if this trend is given its "head'' (112307b)

This is interesting, sidestepping the issue of stem cells allows the kind of research that conservatives wanted to halt. We shall see if they allow what amounts to the ability to clone being "on the table" (112107b)

Sometimes inadvertence in stories are the gem for the discerning mind. The story is supposed to be a bit of a rehash of the murder of Litvinenko. He was poisoned in London with the radioactive isotope polonium-210. But at the end this sentence appears: "Lugovoi maintained Britain has historically regarded Russia as an enemy and imperial rival." The use of the term "imperial rival" is what catches the eye. The writer is saying that Russia is imperial. This had me consider the power alignments before WW1, such passions led up to that great war. A lot to read from a pair of words, true, but then, the news is the supporting data. (112207)

The long slow slide of the dollar has long term consequences, one is that it will cease to be the "default" currency and that would mean a difficulty in sustaining deficit spending which the US govt. depends upon (112007e)

Part of the problem the dollar has is the housing mess, which has NOT seen the real crest of the problem, that comes with balloon payments in 2008. (112407a) I smell a bailout of course, the taxpayers will duly fork out the requisite hundreds of billions…..

Yet another hidden cost of our "great dumbbell's" reign, the spread of Democracy has apparently stalled and there are some setbacks. (112007g) Part two, if the US had been focused on spreading democracy and modeling it, it might have helped. (112007h)

America's "selection of 2000" elections and future

At the heart of the cool off in the stock market is the housing mess, which has managed to spread its effects worldwide, to Japan for example (111907a)

According to this article the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill authorizes use of US military for domestic purposes, rather quite against the common perceptions of what the constitution or centuries of US practice allows, eh? (112007a) You can get a pdf file of the bill and find the relevant quotation on page 673.

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction

I guess since the press won't do the work people write tell all books. This one has Bush and co shown as culpable in the PlameGate scandal (112207c) Now that the "cat is out of the bag" what will the damned Dems do?

Love this story a microcosm of what is "wrong" with our news system: corruption. Will the 100 million dollar law suit against Ghouliani get cleavage, uh, I mean coverage? Will the other stories connected to it "get any"? Will we see the "long" and short of it? please! (111907h)

What a difference reading a report makes as opposed to reading a report about the report-leave it to our "news hounds" to apply all the lipstick any pig will need (111907e) uh, so to speak, that is-and it's not just OUR press either. You have to go to England for a balanced view of the report.

How to sell a war with Iran, well first you do research, this means focus groups being asked which phrases or terms would "get the public on board" as it were (111907f)

This is more of an OMG moment. I miss out not reading the idiots that pass for, well idiots such as a Mr. Friedman whose psycho playground instinct laid bare for all the world to see-both enemies and friends must find him "entertaining" (111907g)

Somethings from the past into the present:

Would that this WAS in the past. A new set of studies, done by economists, appear to show the deterrent effect of capital punishment. Debate rages anew, of course, logic notwithstanding, reason notwithstanding and morality notwithstanding. The studies apparently "show" lives are saved. I doubt it, my position still stands. (111807c) Part two, the kicker is saved until the last, apparently the heart of the studies are simple assumptions, comparing rates of executions with homicide rates and assuming that one effects the other. If that's logical I'll eat my hat (111807d)

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December 2007



The "Great War"

Three thousand, five hundred billion dollars. What WOULD that buy for America and its citizens? That is the estimated costs of our failing GWOT, remember that acronym? (112507d) And this is a set of story summaries marking out a portrait of the moment as they might be considered today. (112907h)

And something similar from only a couple of years back, just for comparison's sake (112907i)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Gaza - Israel-Lebanon-Palestine


Darkness falls, that is what this story is about. Lebanon literally and figuratively suffers what may be the frightening calm before a storm. (112607a)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt


Some action on the Turkish/Iraqi border continues, despite a troop build up there is no word of a large scale attack. (120107c)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan


Says here that more than half Afghanistan is ruled by the Taliban, we need to double our troop strength to deal and humanitarian problems are severe. Oh, by the way allied forces outdo the Taliban when it comes to killing innocents and the drugocracy ruling the place is doing well, thank you. (112507a)

And this story begins with the description of an incident, segues to a "larger picture" which informs and "fills in" that story. (112507i)


The Sunni groups formed and armed by the US is touted as being a cause for the lowering of violence in Iraq, there is a threat that Iraqi's see and only the future will tell us whether or not it is valid (113007a)

The real story about the returning Baghdadi's, something about the inadvertent mention of a "5 year plan" and more. (113007b) I would think each and every presidential candidate would be asked about this "plan"

What is the Algebra of Occupation? Read on (112807a)

The genocide that is done on the side (112607b)

Well, we are changing our minds about permanent bases, even the Hillary isn't nay saying another decade or so in Iraq and she's ANTIWAR, or so we understand. The comments for the article are good. (112707b)


Interesting notions from Scott Ritter concerning why we have not attacked Iran as of yet and what's up with the "delay" (113007c)

A new missile made by Iran with enough range to reach Israel. New submarines are on the way too. Talk is still "sharp" and issues are still at least heating up. Oh well. (112707a) Indicators show an uptick in fuel delivery to US naval forces in the Persian Gulf region. Speculation has it that some increased activity will be happening. (112507b) That story follows closely on the heels of this one, which lays blame on Iran for a bombing in Baghdad. (112507c)


Talk about "hot shoes to fill" the new leader of the military has to "fish or cut bait" and the insurgents offer of ceasefire, I guess, will not wait. (112907e) He has to choose between his country and the US interests.

It seems Pakistan is in for some kind of change. Who is the "most nuclear" of the possible replacements? The argument goes on, but the US MUST be interested in the possibilities (120107a)

and if history be a guide both Bhutto and Sharif have had their day with the Taliban and have bragging rights about how "inclusive" they each are. It is thought that both will "toe the line" with the US, but what will the people say? (120107b)



Mogadishu continues to suffer greatly, fighting continues and the possibility that the war might widen cannot be overlooked as the US proxy-bully in the region has, perhaps, bitten off more than it can chew. (112907j)


And the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Russia begins a build up "in response" to NATO's moves. Nuclear weapons have readiness improved and so forth (112507g)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Drought is the unheralded marker of global climate change. This report highlights some incidents world wide. But the question is, what does a metropolitan region of 4.5 million people DO when that tap is tapped out? (112507h)

The Future

I guess this is someone's plan for the future. The article talks about the disappearing of Canada, but it should really read the Disappearing of America. (112907)

For an overview of what is going on see the August Review posted by 11/29/07. I guess covering the basics. (112907c)

How fares the dollar? Not well it seems. If logic and history be a guide the dollars days as "king of the hill" are numbered, the only question remains: how long? (112507j)

America's "selection of 2000" elections and future

So stories of budgetary items that can be described as large scale "holding sites" for people are being built. One can hold over a half million persons. Question is what is the need? Original stories said they created to be used in the event that large numbers of persons needed to be deported. So what's up? (112707c)

Faith Based Spending, one hears little about this "legacy" of the Global Village Idiot's policy but it is here nonetheless. (112507e) What WAS that pesky "church and state" stuff in the constitution anyway?

What is the "Fascist Shift" that Naomi Wolf believes it is "on track" in America? This brief interviews gives one an idea that we are in a dangerous time. (112507f)

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction

How they explain themselves. Explain away rights and liberties and those who would resist. (112907g)

A survey of news reporters in Iraq gives hints as to why the coverage such as it is, is as it is (112897b)

Somethings from the past into the present:

What did the US get for 500 billion dollars and about a half million incarcerated? Not much it seems if the purpose of the "War on Drugs" was supposed to eliminate availability and abuse. (120107d)

So here is the six part Rolling Stone article that gives all the details and fills in the picture sketched in the above story Part one (120107e) Part two (120107f) Part three (120107g) Part four (120107h) Part five (120107i) Part six (120107j) And that's all folks…..

How it was supposed to be done, Israel and Palestine, how it was done and some slight hope that


The "Great War"

An "outsider's" view of the Great War. One might take issue with some items but the upshot is clear, the Great War isn't going so great. (120307b) An empire in decline? That is the point being made. Some mysteries of the cold war are exposed and the picture isn't pretty. (120707d) Destroying evidence, the CIA somehow gets tied up in explaining itself while others are glad to have a chance to make hay while the moon shines too. (120707b)


Apparently the JerkAHolic Administration of the US has told England that it is perfectly OK to kidnap, anyone for any crime. It was once thought that this prerogative applied only to terrorists, but oh ho! No longer! (120307f)

Well, Europe, both "old" and "new" lets Condigirl put her hands down their pants when it "comes" to Iran's nuke issue, doesn't it. (120607g)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Gaza - Israel-Lebanon-Palestine

Read a bit of Tutu. It is good for the soul. (120207f) How US policy vis a vis the nukes in Iran and Israel have strained relations with those that are usually held to be our allies. (120807a)


Israel is not moved by the "Non nuke" report on Iran. Same o, same o. (120707f)


Lebanon finds some partial solution to its problem, a military leader? (120207a)

Greater" Muddle Eastern Theater: Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt


The headline talks about a Turkish attack into Iraq, but the details are vague, then it segues into other issues related, it seems, only to Iraq illustrating that nation's unstable central government. (120207b)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Afghanistan


A raging battle to retake a city the Taliban have held for several months. (120807b)


A look at the Battle of Basra, where 80% of Iraq's oil is located. Several interested parties are vying for their share as the Brits pull out saying "All is well, now. Our job is done" (120707e)

The Surge is the touted reason for the decline in violence, but as I've said before other reasons allow a "confluence of influence" and these other factors are not stable, each allows a chance for destabilizing effects (120507c)

In an interview one of the resistance in Iraq say that it is regrouping perhaps to wait out the surge (120307c)

More good news from Iraq according to the commanding US general (120607h)


Pragmatics are looked at, Bush the Dumpers' "approach" to Iran does not seem to be informed by information, logic, rationale or even the security interests of the US itself. (120707d)

Iran is NOT determined to get nukes? That's our own government talking, not Bush mind, he STILL believes it IS so. No matter the war with Iran may be based on the attacks in Iraq, which, oopsie, are also down, even from militants "associated" with Iran, well, uh. Maybe bugger boy should just punt? (120307a)

So, one would think that Bush the Lesser would then moderate his rhetoric regarding Iran, but you'd be wrong. The Jackass in Chief continues his farting mouth ways. (120407a)

And Bush the Lesser says "I didn't know", well, that's just B---s--- as they say, (120607b)

How this intel flap has repercussions around the globe and for those involved in the Iranian issue, such as China and Russia. (120607d) Part two the detail and how other nations have to learn the new dance (120607e)

Of course the Pentagon and Dickless Cheney have no reason to reassess or change their planning or not planning as the case may be. (120707a)

And the funny thing is that Bush KNEW about the report for a LONG time yet he still managed to APPEAR surprised in recent other news worthy comments (120507b)

But the paradigm shift is played, now the line is that Iran simply cannot be trusted with nuclear technology whatsoever at all. (120507d)

And this take on the story, what is the upshot? I think the US intel community is overtly firing back at the Great Dimwad himself and making things "hard" for the poor intelligence challenged individual. (120507e)

Iran does an abrupt about face and puts the kibosh on previous discussions regarding its nuclear program. The terms used were quite strong and some called the talks a disaster. (I20207c)


How to rig an election, step one, prevent your opponent from running. Sounds like good old US democracy in action-I guess that's why we like Mushmouth so much! (120307d) A look at what is nagging everyone who is "in the know" these days, what OF the nukes? (120207d) Part two: the plan to make those nukes "loose" (120207e)


Asia and the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Another side step in the long ongoing process that may well yet yield peaceable nations on that peninsula. (120607f)


Just a side note really, democracy "comes of age" in Russia. It is harsh but then it is Putin and he'll have his way with the country and the world, it seems. (120307e)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Climate change and carbon dioxide emissions both pick up pace and exceed what was expected, even in recent studies. Reality is outpacing research. (120207g) Part two, some talk of growing political will, but will it be in time? (120207h)

Here is a another report indicating how far behind research is from reality, a certain change is going on right now that was supposed to come about decades from now. (120207i)

The Future

The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. A bit of Orwellian history here and newspeak (120207j)

America's "selection of 2000" elections and future

Are the neo-cons "down and out"? Maybe they are and maybe they're not. (120607c)

A prediction that since housing losses reached a peak in the July-September quarter we might see a recession next year. But prior articles stated it has not peaked. Who knows. (120607a)

A primer in the American concentration camp program, Haliburton is in the lead of this effort, how reassuring, (120507a)

Habeas Corpus regarding the Guantanamo detainees reaches the supreme court (120407b)

Interesting read and responses. Reads like a who' who gabfest though (120407d)

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction

An exemplar of how a major news outlets "cover" Iraq, they really do a job, honest (120407c)


What would be the "best reason" to grant a corporate charter? This brief answers that question (120807c)


The "Great War"

Keith Olberman gives it to the Dimwad in Chief, again. If you've never read his commentary check this one out, it is a doozy…. (120907a)

This article talks about how the CIA often gets it wrong through history, and while this may be some consolation to those who are against the "new" NIE on Iran this is a two edged sword that cuts both ways (121007g)


How the NIE for Iran is being played in EuroLand, is there any change? Nada, nope, nil, none, nix etc… one almost wonders why. (121007g)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Gaza - Israel-Lebanon-Palestine


The squeeze on Gaza continues and life gets tougher and tougher. I wonder how long it will take before something "breaks" and we see some kind of change. (121007d)


The repercussions here regarding the "new" Iran NIE has everyone huffing and puffing about the place (121007e)

It says there are hundreds if not thousands of housing units already approved for construction in Jerusalem, fueling a controversy but plans go ahead (121107e)

Greater Islamic Region: Western Theater: Afghanistan - Iran - Iraq - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

From the every "balanced" WSJ comes the opinion piece that there exists, among Iran's neighbors, a goodly reservoir of private concern and anxiety" concerning Iran. The piece goes on to detail some of Iran's ties with the region and suggests that the Gulf States, together, could knock out Iran's nukes with air strikes of their own. Not that that is likely, however, religion being what it is and pragmatics following from that, still good info here (120907c)


The myth of progress, is seen in the relative calm in the country, but our "propaganda" and media management continue to present us with a reality as we like it (121307c)

An indication of another power struggle getting underway Sunni on Sunni, it seems (121307b)

A report of a mutiny, that was "understandable" read it here (121307a)

Something of an up-tick in attacks around Baghdad. I'll take a wait and see attitude before asserting the existence of a trend (121107a

What is the Mahdi Army up to these days? (121107b) They seem to be mixing it up a bit and making plans (121107c) And some sorting out to do, right now calm seems to work for everyone (121107d) Controversy over the NIE for Iran, the new one, the one the neo-cons couldn't switch out and reconfigure at will. (121007a)

So what is up with Kikurk? This is the news, some "integration" in the ruling of the area is "on the table" and talks are happening, however the Kurds are returning, still, by the thousands and so "the problem" still remains. (121007f)


We wonder whether or not this is true. If the Iranians are already cashing out of the dollar and that IS some sort of threat to the US petrodollar monopoly then what IS our next "rationale" response to them? (120907e)

Meanwhile the polls say that the people say Iran is going for nuclear weapons and that they are a threat. Seems like the propaganda machine is doing its job. (121007b)


An end to the "emergency in Pakistan and the question remains, if Mr. Mushmouth is fighting for democracy why is he doing it in a manner inconsistent with basic freedoms? (121507a)


The "Horn of Africa

Another war looming? Eritrea seems to be willing to stand up and fight, at least with words now and maybe "other things" later. (121307f)

And how does this "story" play out in the broader context? The peoples of the region and the Muslim "street" view this as another poorly planned war against them waged by the US (121507b)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Another example of how modeling predictions are being outpaced by reality. Arctic melting is occurring much faster than research can account for (121307e)

The climate change is underway already and we'll suffer even if we put on "the brakes right now and hand" that's my translation of this well organized article, well worth the read (121107f)

Meanwhile oil companies, eyeing the price of a barrel of crude, see profits in the tar sands of Canada despite the physics which have such extraction contributing significantly to global warming, before the oil is even processed into fuels and used. (121107g)

The Future

That "banking thing" just keeps popping up. More billions for the bankers so as to keep the illusory economy afloat. (121307d)

America's "selection of 2000" elections and future

I have saved this page from 121407 Reuters home page. So much on so little space, the headlines and briefs are all you need to read. (121407a)

How has American society changed in the last 30 or so years? An important factor is the "mobility myth". Americans still believe that hard work and good character will allow one to rise in the world, however that is not reality. Our society is, overall, stagnant and stratified thanks to conservative attacks over the years that have created a risky environment that penalizes poverty and so perpetuates it. (121107h)

A look at the election of 2008 with some perspective of history and patterns. (121007i) Part two, here's more on that (121007k)

What limits are placed upon the US government or its agencies for spying on US citizens overseas? None. What are the limits that this president accepts? Uh, none. "The Department of Justice is bound by the President's legal determinations." Great quote no? (120907b)

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction

Comparing Al Gore to Jerry Lewis in the film Nutty Professor when reporting on the awarding of the Nobel Prize? Sound incredible well CNN is the station where "anything goes" and courage is not lacking and so forth and so on. (121007c)

Check out this report that was censored. It explains how vaccines made by Merk, a large pharmaceutical company, have all sorts of "surprises" them. Polio vaccines and others for example. (120907d) Admittedly a bit of an "out there" story but then what if?


Understanding the nature of a "Central Bank" is important to all American citizens. Start looking into what it is "exactly" and then raise a fuss. Find out what these guys were so upset about

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks...will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." President, Thomas Jefferson

History records that money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance." President, James Madison

"The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest." Abraham Lincoln

"You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out... If people only understood the rank injustice of the money and banking system, there would be a revolution by morning." Andrew Jackson


The "Great War"

How might an Al Qaida "year end review" sound? Well, read this article to see what 2007 has wrought. (122007e)

I like the convenience of reading headlines and there are a bunch in today's, 12/19/07, Reuters, for example you can see some good news regarding the housing crisis, Morgan Stanley gets "support" from China, homeowners find little relief and foreclosures are down, albeit slightly. We get some "horse race" coverage from Iowa: Obama, Clinton, Huckabee … yawn. Israeli housing in J'lem draws "fire" and France embellishes its US "lapdog" status regarding Syrian involvement with Lebanon. (121807f)

Four big time Admin. Legalbeagles took part in the Waterboard tape discussions. I find that interesting. (121807g) One wonders how what they've said so far will juxtapose with the truth whenever we DO learn about it

Also law suits regarding extraordinary rendition are popping up (121807h) As I said, popping. (121807i)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Gaza - Israel-Lebanon-Palestine


If hundreds of thousands of supporters rallying to Hamas isn't an indication of its solid support I don't know what is. There is the promise, in this article, of continuing violence and bloodshed. (121807o)


Something of a setback for those Israelis who want to build more homes in Jerusalem (122007a)

Greater" Muddle Eastern" Theater: Egypt-Jordan - Kurdistan Syria - Turkey -


Turkish air raids strike into Kurdistan. The description has it that US intel helped guide the raid, civilians were killed as well as some rebels. I suspect that the "limitations" of this kind of tactic will be the same as that Israel faces with the Palestinians, that is to say there may well be a good measure of collateral damage and this may be counterproductive. Time will tell (121707a) It says, significantly, that the US gave the Turks permission to do the raid, not Baghdad. Part two: the collateral damages (121707b)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iran - Iraq - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

Regarding the story below from Kyrgyzstan, one can see from this one here that US policy regarding democratization is consistent, fair and effective, NOT (121707e)


An example of how the fighting "goes" in Afghanistan. (121607d)

These two reports constitute a devastating indictment of the Bush administration's invasion, which has compounded, not alleviated the crisis facing the Afghan population.(121807j)

As winter settles in the country is divided no matter the recent victory touted in the press, the net summary of 2007 may well read: stalemate, overall, with the gains possibly favoring the insurgents (121707k)


Another change in strategy, this one has troop concentrations remaining high in Baghdad while outlying regions have reductions. This is because the decline in violence allows the surge to end and some shifting to take place. We shall see. (121607b)


Russian made nuclear fuel arrives in Iran. The US says now they don't need to enrich, Iran says it does, still and will. So this change in tactics has not garnered the desired result, oh well, back to the drawing board. (121707f)


This ally of the US, host to our military and once democratic nation now has a "unanimous" representative body. How democratic of them and my how time changes in the wild west. (121707c)


A suicide bomber kills 9 soldiers, suicide bombings have become "part of the political reality" and rumors of an alliance among the resistance which has given a 10 day notice to the government, time will tell (121707d)


The "Horn of Africa

One does not have to read long to see the import of this simple article detailing the meeting of a legislative body for a nation that should be a part of Somaliland, but apparently does not think that it is. More chaos in the "horn of Africa:"? Seems so (121807c)

And this story of some 14 years ago, while Bush the first ruled the US, indicates that there is an "oil issue" in the background of Somalia's problems anyone surprised? (121807d)

And in case you want the skinny on the current "situation" as of a few months ago, I mean to say the "why" of it, here is an article covering the "covert" US support which included giving an OK for Ethiopia to buy North Korean weapons, amazing that last bit, no? (121807e)


Asia and the Greater Islamic Eastern Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


China making more moves, expanding its influence into heretofore "virgin' territory, namely Afghanistan. (121607e) while India, shacked to the US policies regarding the region is loosing out. Part two oddments and details (121607f) demonstrate the costs of "doing business:"

Again, another story on the housing mess, the dollar and China's policy regarding buying our debt-are they caught in a financial trap? (121607c)

Peacekeeping missions for the big C are happening and this seems to be a part of China becoming a "global player", a role the US might have issues with (122007c) Part two, here is some thinking on the thinking behind these "moves" (122007d)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

I had read an article recently which stated that the only ice mass on earth that was gaining mass was Antarctica, however this article says the exact opposite. Computer models had predicted that there would be gains on the icy continent and snowfall continues but so does an increase in the melt water (121807a)

This is another article that references some of the recent debate concerning the Antarctic ice's status. (121807b)

The Future

Just a detailed look at the global credit conditions as inflation seems to be running quite a bit higher, in many places, and the bubbles, which "need" to be managed continue to build inflationary pressure all the while undermining the value of currency-sound like fun to you? (122007f) Part two, someone can make sense of the numbers but losses totaling hundreds of billions can't be ignored. (122007g) Part three, more and more figures … (122007h)

Mercury being injected into millions over the years, long after it was known that mercury is not good for us? The practice continued after it was exposed and after a few thousand law suits followed suit which had Merck say it ceased the practice, well, what up wid dat sheeeeit, oh mah brutha! (121707m)

In 1991 the problem was known, well known and well not at all known, was it? (121707n)

Here is a brief and recent history of the issue via the headlines and introductory paragraphs of a number of stories. (121707o)

And another set of articles which indicate that the fight continues and mercury still moves in the "health care products" pipeline, I mean nasal sprays??? (121707p)

Welcome to the Intel-internet-telecom-state. A place where every communicant has his or her file and every file an earmark. You too are being monitored. (121707i) The article has one glaring error, it claims that we basically still have freedoms, that we elect our representatives, well, do we? When more than 30% of the machines used in the last presidential election were "suspect" and when there were many, many cases of fraud that were simply ignored. My God what have we become/

Secret courts, secret decisions, secret procedures and no one is allowed to check up on what "they" are doing, America wake up? (121707j)

America's "selection of 2000" elections and future

If unions are a counterbalance to business interests then the Bushwhackoff team has made war on the unions one of its priorities with big time successes (122007j)

Here is an interesting data point for you, "how to win an election" talks about the 2002 New Hampshire phone bank scandal and the guy who was "thrown under the bus" is talking real shit! (121807k)

But then you can always just bug the system from the get go and then hack it to pieces altering an election and leaving no trace … nice work if you can get it. (121807n)

Bush Admin goes the "extra yard" to protect itself, congress, law and justice be damned. (121707g)

A second story, the Negroponte Memo, what is it, where is it, and why its so important to this case, if it is a case (121707h)

It seems everyone is in on this act, the CIA's disappeared tapes, a prezydick gone bananas along with a congress and the courts who all seem to have forgotten the rule of law and, "the American way" (121607a)

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction

The "bombshell" that was not heard. A look at the most likely effect that G.W. Jackass will leave as a legacy. Get your calculators ready (121807l)

And then there is this, a quick overview of the facts (121807m)

A tad more on the housing-banking-wall St-dollar value crises … what's another 30 billion among fellow capitalist war-mongering, running dog jackal, paper tiger … etc … etc … usw (122007b)

Only if you have not had your breakfast, or any other meal for that matter, should you read this examination of what passes for election coverage. Amazing is the only word that describes the decline and fall of the American press corps. Or should I write the American Press Corpse? (121707l)


Keith Olbermann, over the years I've referenced several of his stories, the one that is referenced early on in this article which profiles the man and gives a bit of his history and how he came to be "on the scene" (121707q)


The "Great War"

This wins the "that's not at all good" category of news events for this week, maybe even this year or decade, I mean Bhutto's assassination. It was, apparently meant to look like the work solely of the suicide bomber, but the cause of death was a bullet. (122707a) Part Two, the usual people, leaders, say the usual things, but many in the country blame Mushmouth (122707b) Part three, Sharif another Mushmouth competitor pays his respect but even his followers are not immune from being shot at and pressured. (122707c)

Impacting the US GWOT effort, remember that acronym, is the deteriorating status of the US. One reason is what this article calls "US exceptionalism" (122407a)

In the two major theaters of this war, Iraq and Afghanistan the air war is escalating, particularly in Afghanistan, no one, it seems, is paying attention. (122307e)

And the wars continue on, but few hear about them or even know where the countries are. (122307f) So, what went so darned wrong with this great war such that it isn't so great anymore, more of a spreading malaise and waste .. .hmmm? (122507g)

Central Muddle Eastern Theater: Gaza - Israel-Lebanon-Palestine


Lebanon's government inaction continues, my guess is those external forces interested in what happens are still the "hidden hand" in this mess (122807b)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iran - Iraq - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


The "Iraq Today" blog for Wed. 12/26/07 has a coverage of news. Rumblings between Iran, the US, Turkey, Kurdistan, and other related places keep tensions high although violence has dropped to a lower level, for now. (122607h)

The "Anbar Awakening" as its been called, has it limitations, who really controls them? Well, nominally the US does, but on the streets the reality is a bit different and therein lay the rub (122407e) What is called the Iraqi government, does not trust these folks, probably for good reason and so the question, which was asked when the program began, what is the plan for integrating these forces into the "legitimate" forces of Iraq? (122407f)

But here are the graphs which show the decline in violence even as the article attributes the cause to various effects. As I've said before such data will only allow Bush the Dumber to crow about successes and thus encourage that portion of his cabal lusting after some definitive action against Iran (122407i) Attacks are still down but occasionally, well, they up tick. (122307b)

Again, the Kurds, again a look at northern Iraq and what may be something of a powder keg getting all set to go (122307c)


We may have been getting "help" from Iran, so this article says, and well, what if it's true? Well, it makes The Dumber look, well, dumber. (122307a) Then again, maybe we are NOT getting help … or maybe Iran has many actors on the "stage" called Iraq as does the Iraqi government and so there is room for confusion (122407g)


Rioting continues, and the PPP accuses the Mushmouth government of lying about the cause of death and of poor security precautions. (122907a)

Some further thoughts on the "larger picture" the roles of the US and other "outside" forces in this mess (122807h)

Violence erupts, of course, it is widespread and "being dealt with" (122807e)l

AQ takes credit for Bhutto's death? Corroboration seems to come from Pakistani "intelligence" concerning a nation wide network of cells operating with the purpose of eliminating pro-western leaders (122807d) Other stories allege the opposite, but in a world of "image" and "sound bites" who knows? And here is a brief look at the rather long list of possible suspects in this assassination. (122707g) It seems there was no autopsy done, that there are varying accounts of the gunfire and the cause of death … so … lingering problems will haunt the country and, like as not, fuel sectarian like conflict (122807f)

Stories such as this one indicate that in the chaos of the event there was room for various kinds of possibilities. Who did it will be debated and fought over, probably. (122807c)

The largest bit of fallout from the Bhutto assassination is Sharif pulling his party out of the election. What kind of vacuum now exists? Who will fill it? What will the reaction be? Only time will tell. (122707d)


The "Horn of Africa

A brief report indicating that the "allied" forces in Mogadishu have had some setbacks as the Islamic Courts take back some of the cities districts. (122507e)

And another report on the build up of military forces on both sides of the Eritrean-Ethiopian border. The border commission was not allowed to mark the border decided upon and both sides appear confident. (122507f)


Asia and the Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia

Russia and Iran seem to "get it together" and between the two of them they hold a good chunk of the worlds gas and oil. (122507b) and so it seems like the US and EU both have some "dealing to do" with serious competitors Part two, 2007 a real winner of a year for Russia, a loss for the US and the Iran factor (122507c)


Russian weapons for Iran, air defense systems further emphasize how far Russia and the US have diverged regarding Iran and its plans (122707h)

Putin's youth groups? Sound familiar: "We're talking here about a civilized protection racket," he says, cool as ice. "If they don't give us money, we attack them." (122507a)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Arctic walrus populations are threatened by the same changes in the arctic ice that threaten polar bears. The "slow motion" changers are described as a "death spiral" by observers who've seen some recent die offs. (122407d)

From the land south of the Old Rio Grande

When people vote with their feet you have a "true" poll. It seems the US economy is slowing and many illegal immigrants are "self-deporting". While figures cannot be exact the article describes a trend. What will come of it is anyone's guess, perhaps some businesses will "follow their workers" reducing further the opportunities for American citizens or the affected companies will up their prices if those replacing the immigrants require better wages to work in the US and to manage its "cost of living" (122407b)

An interview, or rather a report on an interview with the leader of Ecuador who seems to make waves for those interested in profiting off the sorrow of others (122407l) Zapatistas have a calling and it may be that Mexico is preparing to rout them (122307g)

The Future

Keeping it all simple housing and the dollar both have a bad week and a bad year. The question is how bad will it get next year? The trillion dollar question (122608a)

Taking a large scale view of macro economics, this article cites central bank managers and others who see danger signs for the upcoming year (122407m) Part two, an array of facts, figures, charts and graphs illuminate the size of the problem (122407n) Part three, so what's a few trillion between neighbors? That IS the question the EU may have to answer if the dumping of credit does not stamp out the threat of a credit crunch driven downward spiral. (122407o)

America's "selection of 2000" elections and future

Read this and weep: "Employers and some unions contend that retirees under 65 have a greater need for employer-sponsored health benefits because they are generally not Medicare-eligible. Large employers have often provided some health benefits to retirees 65 and older, to help cover costs not paid by Medicare. But employers have for years been trying to reduce retiree benefits or to shift more of the cost to retirees" (122707f) Well, they have succeeded as US ruling backs benefit cuts at age 65 in their retiree plans, wunnerful and amazing, yes?

Just the first page of the story, a peek at the "Gospel of Wealth" and a look at one who suffered the cost of her belief. (122707e) This is part and parcel to the Religious Rights funding source, I believe.

Mitt Romney, the candidate accepts few or no limits on presidential power. He is serious about this. And he is a leading Repuglican candidate, how wunnerful is that? (122407j)

The housing mess, and our Dumbell led administration have created an opportunity for foreign buyers of US houses as the value of the dollar declines "bargains" appear (122407c)

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction

What makes some people so darned angry at Bush? Well here is a well reasoned, even "fair and balanced" look at a laundry list worth it reminiscence (122807g) especially if you are a conservative.

Bush as a war criminal? That is the thesis of this simple article, the comments are worth the perusal, if you are patient. (122507d)

Re: the CIA's erased tapes - so how come no one is asking who lied? Apparently, long before the tapes were destroyed investigating justices asked if there were any tapes, many who should have known said nothing-someone lied, the question is who? (122307d)

A bit about New Orleans and the loss of public housing stock. (122307h)

How to not report a story, well, you COULD simply not report it. Hows about that for hard hitting journalistic balls? (122407k)

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