Regime Change Begins at Home

Fourth Quarter of 2005

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October 2005




This story follows up on a few things, notably the downturn in British Iraqi relations in Basra, with local officials openly saying they'll not "work with" occupation forces. Sounds loverly eh wot? (100805h)

Even though this election will be much better than Iraq's last, still a strong sentiment exists for voting down the constitution, ironic,but a man on the street explains. (100705b)

Want to know the key demands of the Sunni resistance? This is what they'd like. (100505c) Want to know what the Iraqi Jihadis' strategy is? It should be clear to the US by now and this article spells it out: h-u-m-i-l-i-a-t-i-o-n five simple syllables. (100505j)

Here is a story, a diary if you will, written by a reporter in Iraq's "Green Zone." Is this progress? (100505a) And this has been run before, but now may be updated, the arguments against the arguments for staying the course are all disposed of. (100505b)

So how about that security set up? Only one in four to be "trusted", civil war has started, talking about breaking Iraq up and more: part one (100405g) part two (100405h)

When the rules you make don't seem to work and the game time is running out, what to do? Well, change the rules of course. Shiite and Kurdish leaders did just that to now ensure the constitution's acceptance. (100405f)

So what does a "secured" Iraqi province look like? Read on, (100405c) And what is the overall "picture of progress"? The prez gives his take and then, well, we hear the truth of the matter. (100405d)

What does Iran want to do with Iraq? Well, lots of things, lots of possibilities, shall we look at them? Well, just the big ones. One question though, haven't we helped Iran enough already? I don't think so. (100805a)


Speculation: Regime change in Syria? The only thinking on this seems to be, "learn from Iraq." Could it be done? Yes, in various ways. Israel would be happy about it for sure, as would Lebanon. But only if it doesn't become another seething hotbed of chaos and Jihadism. Has the US learned to spell "plan" yet? (100505i)


The US and Britain have ceased training the military forces in seven central Asian nations because the individuals we train have a high desertion rate and they take their training to the enemy and use it against us. In Afghanistan 25% of the trainees desert and rumors persist that the rebels there are acquiring the means to shoot down helicopters, a feat which undid the Russian occupation to some good extend. (100505g) And the general picture of the Afghan National Army, our tactics and the strategic capacity of the "enemy" are up for serious review. (100505h)

Our media inaction:

Another election tale from Ohio? Yup, this ones a doozy too, a coin collector, uh speculator, uh big time republican supporter well, "inspired" widespread corruption in that state - had the story come out when it was "hot" it may have altered the fortunes of republicans, perhaps beyond the Buckeye state ... (100805d) Oooh and it's a two pager (100805e)

The difference between what gets the headlines "U.S. has disrupted 10 al-Qaida plots since 9/11" and the whispered reality: there was little or no way of checking the assertion made by Mr. Bush, read on and laugh or cry as you might want: (100805b)

First Pat Roberton's call for "taking out" the ruler of Venezuela, now we have Bill O'Reilly advising we take out the ruler of Syria. (100505e) You know I DO think that such shenanigans are against the law, I'm almost sure of that, what?

The Future:

Ah, film students, do any remember "The Will To Power"? Hmmmm? No, I guess not. I think it's time for a remake. Here is an overview of the conundrums of the greater middle east, how is the empire's expansion going? What would plans for Iran look like, how do we spread democratic revolution and the hypocrisy in our policy in Lebanon vis a vis, Iraq and Israel and how we treat friends as compared to foes, or our rationales for those treatments. (100805f)

Do new computers come to you complete with a device which forwards a record of your keystrokes to the Dept. of Homeland Security? That is what this person found on his new computer. Check out the story. (100705a)

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich put it mildly when he asked, "If we can't respond faster to an event we saw coming across the Gulf [of Mexico] for days, then why do we think we're prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack? Good question Newt, here is the scoop on the theoretical dangers: (100505f)

The future of the US: 

So, what about a flu epidemic? Are we ready for the big one? Word is nope, not yet we aren't but the report telling us we're not is due to be out soon, that's progress isn't it? (100805g)

Ok, Ok, now settle down children. Well, let's see, who can remember the color coded terrorist alert system? No one? Oh well too bad. It seems there are hints that then as now the "alerts" seem to have a convenient "sense" of timing. Sometimes days go by... then there is the "boy cries wolf" aspect of the thing, read on (100805c)

One of the movers of the current economic situation is the housing market, which may be in for a downturn. False alarms have rung before, could this be the real deal that sends our economy south? (100405x)

Katrina fallout continues, it seems, obvious to you and I perhaps, but "news" that the National Guard couldn't respond as well as it might because lots of the manpower and equipment were in Iraq. Imagine my surprise. (100405e)

The "Plame" flame flickers on. Testimony by Judith Miller leads some to speculate that the investigations tendrils may reach quite high into the administration. (100405a) Yes even to Rove and Libby et al, a possible conspiracy charge? (100405b)


Terror and Politics:

Trading blame, the US and England take on Iran. A war of words, wot? Who knows the facts of the matter, not that either side in the equation is to be trusted. What is next? (101605a)

It seems one might be able to predict a "large scale terrorist warning" any time Bush has bad news, well those darned terrorist seem to be right on top of his ratings. What the hey! (101305c) Then again you could just be on the "A" mailing list it seems. Those who are learned about the New York City "terror" alert days before the mayor and the police. How wunnerful (101305d)

What we have in M is "a female trailblazer who will walk in the footsteps of President Bush" (101305e)


Border areas between Iraq and Syria being compared to border areas between Cambodia and Vietnam during that conflict. Have or have we not crossed the line? Who knows it's a don't ask, don't tell, don't know sort of policy. (101505a)

Here I am recalling Bush saying " We don't want to get into the blame game" but that's not how it plays out with Syria The US and Syria accuse each other of allowing cross border travel which the US says causes so much trouble in Iraq. (101205b)

It seems one might be able to predict a "large scale terrorist warning" any time Bush has bad news, well those darned terrorist seem to be right on top of his ratings. What the hey! (101305c) Then again you could just be on the "A" mailing list it seems. Those who are learned about the New York City "terror" alert days before the mayor and the police. How wunnerful (101305d)


Voting on the constitution begins today. The constitution has been "changed" three times in the last 10 days. No less than 55 divisive issues have been postponed, not the least of which is the nature of the federal government and its relations to the Kurdish or Shiite regions and their oil revenues. It is said many have not seen the document. In that, at least, it was similar to the elections previous in which persons cast votes on ballots which did not indicate names, just party groups. (101505b)

Baghdad by day and by night, who controls it? Who knows. Here is a portrait of the mess (101405c)

Hey this is a great overview of the large scale problem, no disaster, that Iraq has become. The upshot is that there is chaos as long as we're there and not facing the facts and there will be chaos if we leave because we've not managed what we've done there at all well. How life is now, the nature of grievous errors we've made, the essential role of the Iraqi societal structure and a bit of 20th century insight from the first occupation. A good read. (101045b)

Auk, here is the "best" the Iraqi army has. A brigade so well qualified it has it's own area of responsibility and carries on the day to day operations in it. All I can say is I wonder how soon civil war will be so pervasive that even the broad US media will have to carry stories relating to it. (101405a)

Interesting thought, not that this administration would be able to do this, but for arguments sake, let's take high quality, painstaking and careful planning, I know, I know, but go with me on this, and apply it to a slow methodical withdrawal. The argument goes that only 20% of the country, the Sunni's, supply the insurgency. So we let the 80% gradually take over their own areas and then move on the rest. As long as we're there the insurgency has a reason and a target. (101305a)

If, as the President and Cheney et al claimed it was the intelligence that "went bad" then why was some accurate intel, the "cultural factors and political issues ignored while inaccurate, technical and WMD stuff believed?. One cannot have it both ways....(101205d)

Another major change in the proposed constitution, this one touted as being accommodating to some Sunni's concerns. It could be good news. We'll know in a few years or so, I would guess. (101205c) Here's what not talked about in this change: Sunnis are about 20 percent of Iraq's population, with Shiites and Kurds&emdash;who oppose Sunnis' constitutional preferences&emdash;representing most of the remaining 80 percent. With changes to the constitution requiring support of two-thirds of the next parliament, aren't Sunnis' chances of pushing through revisions darn slim? And if that's the case, why are they so excited about the announced tweak?

Iraqi's who were among the most active and persuasive proponents of our invasion now have serious second thoughts while we stay the course. (101005f)

One of the pillars of our Iraqi policy has been this: as political progress is made the insurgency will wane. Well, it is not happening that'a way is it? Here are some people being quoted as long as their names aren't used, talk about CYA, Part one (100905d) Part two (100905e) Another pillar was the idea that Iraqi oil would "pay for" the war, an idea that has also gone up in roiling clouds of black smoke (101205a)

In Basra it seems the "street" is controlled by several kinds of personnel, the British, the Iraqi army and or police and the insurgents who may also be the police or in the army. Part one (100905b) Part two (100905c)

Maybe the reason we went into Iraq is that Georgie Boy hear's voices that tell him to do things "God would tell me, 'George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan' And I did, and then God would tell me, 'George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq...' And I did." (100905a)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

The new line: Bush is a Victim of circumstances, that's why things are not going well. Poor boy, maybe he needs more vacation time? (101005c)

The Future:

To permanently contain the "growing power of China" has become more and more an important component of our foreign policy. Does anyone see where this leads and what it requires the US to do? (101605b) China VS the US in Africa, read all about it! (101605c)

Two environmental stories, "loyalty oaths" for the pork, uh Park Service, (101305f) And most people want more environmental protection than anyone in office is now willing to offer. (101305g) and "Pesticide Cowboys' on the loose! (101305h)

So the news Venezuela: they are kicking out missionaries, some of the em anyway, claiming CIA or other such imperialism. How different this is from "the good old days" when poorer nations took all the help they could get. Now the US being suspect of "things" well it's a new world honey (101305b) Here is the flip side (101505c)

Here is a thought, for the Bush Bashers to consider: Does not congress have the sole constitutional right to declare war? The last time this happened was WW2. Since then we've been involved with 5 larger scale wars and none were declared. Hmmm. If we don't like what Bush is doing we certainly should not like what congress is doing, or rather, not doing. (101005e)

The future of the US: 

Bolton's bedfellows? One wonders why our UN rep Bolton stands in Agreement with such luminary democracy's as Russia, China and Algeria in blocking a report to be given to the security council regarding the "Disaster in Darfur" He says he wants action there; so he blocks a report which might encourage action? I guess it makes sense (101205e)

Grounding the flyboys? Yup, that's what it is alrighty. The air force is assigning some 3,000 of its personnel to assist the army in its missions to Iraq and Afghanistan. The reason is there are shortages which need to be made up and since recruitment is off, well ... (101105a)

Well, here is the tip of the iceberg: the crony's, friends and hanger's on who have their hands on the agencies and policies that are vital to the country's functioning. There are only 15 in the list but well, it's enough to make one pause....(101005d) Oh, and here is another "cutie" who doesn't know her - - - from a - - - - in the ground. (101105b)

Auk, here is a peek inside the "bread and circuses" that is unfolding concerning Miers' nomination to the SC complete with "secret codes and promises" a roiling of the right and a promise of "interesting times." It all may blow over, after all the Dems just don't get it and are meandering meaninglessly mouthing mumbles, it seems. (101005b)

The way we do it in the good old You Ess of Ay: Katrina cleanup: let the lobbyists advise the senators what has to be done, sure that's the way to do it (101005a)



Condi Rice says she hold up Afghanistan's success as an example, something she wants Iraq to follow. REALLY? Well read here that now much if not most of the government is in the hands of narcotics dealers and or warlords. That is the word. With success like this we'll never have failures will we? (101905j) And hey, what do they mean when they say "narco state"? (101905k)


Then we DO like to help our enemies. We could hardly do better by having our soldiers being filmed burning the corpses of two Taliban fighters set to face Mecca. It was things such as this that made the resistance, during the Soviet occupation, such a popular boost. (102105a)


It seems that Iran and England are exchanging "they did its." The UK accusation is full of holes, then to the UK has difficulty managing a situation where they do not really manage it so much as bear the burden of maintaining a presence, while the US, Iran and the insurgents play the game all around them. Here are the details as to why they stay despite all that. (102105b)


It doesn't look like a good week for this country. They say they had nothing to do with an assassination,but well, no one much believes them. To be precise, the ruler stated that something to the effect that no Syrian would be found to be involved with the incident. Quite a bit different than saying something like, we did not do it. (101905b) There was a bit of an uproar over the UN report laying blame on Syria for Hariri's assasination on Valentine's Day last, so the heat's on but whose to say what the US et al will actually DO about it.


So in Saddam's trial why isn't he being held accountable for his invasion of Iran? That was a war, ladies and gentleman, in which horrors took place. Yet it is not on the list of charges. What does this mean, to us, the Saddam, to the resistance? Maybe there are to many paper trails? (102105c)

A powerfully written argument for leaving Iraq, or rather a set of reasons. (101905g) And a bit of an update in the thinking (101905h) And how does one spell incompetence? Is it B-u-s-h? (101905i)

Problems with the vote, the killing of innocents, corruption, bungling and a "non reality based" leader who pulls figures out of the air. (101905f)

A few reminders: The main oil pipeline is blown up (101905n) Colin Powell says that diplomatically we're doing OK. I ask what planet is he on? (101905o) 4 more dead (101905c) and burning the bodies and teasing the taliban (101905d)

Spending money by the billions, yes, public oversight? No. That's the story and they're sticking to it. (101805l)

Where does the motivation for the insurgency come from? Well, beside the family and tribal loyalties which make each "insurgent" killed a reason for any number of relatives to join into the fray there is the controversial constitution and a number of practical reasons, see them here (101805d)

The election is over. With some rumors of "questionable results" none of which will matter, of course (101805b) we have an analysis of the current status: not pretty, escalating and difficulties persist to say the least (101805a) And then the insurgency will continue because parts, or rather whole sections of the country rejected it. (101805c)

Here is more on the voting problems in Iraq. Unusual results and continuing violence. (101805k)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

How is it that three different individuals write three different papers the exact same letter? Is it possible that the paper's owned by the same company having an agenda all its own planted the "reader's letters"? Nah, couldn't be, not in the USA. (102105g)

How did the prez manage that interview with real US troops? Here is the skinny: rehearse rehearse rehearse (101805e) and, oh yeah, have a shill, just for safety's sake (101805f) Or would the term "flack" apply, it is a new term to me, so read on here (101805g)

The Future:

In the Lord of the Rings some one says: "The world is changing ... it is in the water" Well this is a warming warning: we have our first hurricane in the south Atlantic? a sea change in the arctic and the promise of warmer times to come, perhaps warmer than at anytime in a long, long time and we may not be talking thousands of years here either. (102105d) for the overview and here is the report talked about (102105e)

Warming in Antarctica has increased faster than expected, meaning that it was thought the oceans surrounding it would not be subject to the effects of global warming for some long time to come. This has proven not to be the case. (101905a)

The future of the US: 

The USA Patriot Act has all the support it needs to be renewed and made a permanent fixture of the political landscape. Time is close now. Can you tell the fat lady is clearing her throat? (102105e) It means we are in a permanent "state of emergency" that changes everything, believe me.

Korea, Vietnam and Iraqi three instances when the US military engaged the enemy for a sustained period and had more than 300 casualties over the course of the conflict. In each case public opinion began to slide as casualties mounted. Check out the graphs. My take on it is that the only way Bush can reverses the pattern is to model Korea, that is to say when the US invaded at Inchon and reestablished momentum, if only enough to return to the status quo. I don't think that is possible in Iraq. So......? (102005b) and the "Vietnam syndrome" meets the one from Iraq. Sweet.

You want to read someone who lambastes, roasts, skewers, fries and faults the administration policies regarding the intelligence community and policy making? This guy, Col. Wilkerson, goes and does it up right, even calling names, when appropriate. An excellent read, I laughed. (102005a)

About 2,000 dead, 15,000 wounded and 50,000 veterans with illness, stress reaction and so forth with one in four seeking help. (101905e) And this in, hmmm, let me see, war on terror, a world wide war on terror at that, and our intel dept. is "bleeding talent" and embroiled in some internal power struggle. That's what I call focus. This is a one (101905k) two (101905l) three (101905m) part article - is that to much infomountain?


HEY! We honestly have something here: the infamous ozone "hole" over Antarctica is smaller this year than last, by a bout 10%. It is a demonstration of what can be done if nations cooperate as they did to ban certain chemicals associated with the hole's creation and growth. (101805h)

I don't know if this is hopeful or not but the Plame case may embroil Mr. Cheney. (101805i) And a bit more on the "secret snitch" (101805j)



They've said it before but it seems now there is some "extra vehemence" in Ahmadinejad's call to destroy Israel. Sounds like a ramp up in the rhetorical war. (102605a) Well the man does not back down, in fact he reiterates what he said. My thinking is that they must either feel quite safe to do so, meaning he does not fear the UN or that maybe nuclear muscle is not so far off? (1028/05a)


More on the "Serious pressure on Syria (102305d) There follows this article talking about Syria being the "next target" as was the case before we "took Iraq" now it may appear that the strategy of "reforming the middle east" could be on the neo con's mine once again. (102505a) And here is the letter that story refers to, it is preceded by a recent history of Syrian Jews (102505b)

Security council gets demands from the US, France and England to "put the screws to" Syria. However Russia and China don't seem to have such interest and can veto any meaningful or tough sanctions. (102605c)


Is chaos in Iraq part of the plan? Speculation here....(102705k) Yeah, and maybe civil war isn't such a bad thing, speculations run here (102705l)

Oil for food, remember that? The embargo was supposed to hurt Saddam. We looked the other way allowing billions in income. (102705i) France and Russia and a raft of others had their own ways and means as well. What does embargo mean? (102505j)

How close we just came to a major, major set back in the war? A strand of concertina wire snagging the the axle of a cement mixer loaded with explosives. Had that bit of luck not occurred a royal mess would certainly have ensued with hundreds of casualties captured on the world stage. That's the good news. The bad is that practice makes perfect. (102705g) But who was the target, journalists or these guys? (102705h)

What was it in our Constitution, there was something about forcing citizens to provide quarters for troops, that is was a no-no, yet that is what a we are doing in Iraq. Not that the situation is the same, after all an imperial power was trying to put down a rebellion of natives ... uh well ... you know (102705a)

Speculation: What could occur in Iraq if it does begin to come apart at the seems. Neighbors become involved due to "long standing concerns or interests" and more. No one can say we weren't told, or rather they can but they'll be lying. (102605b)

Oh, I almost forgot the Constitution passed, if just barely. The "official" result however shows that the Sunnis defeated it in two provinces and almost did so in a third. However now it is a "valid" document, apparently in celebrations three huge bomb attacks occurred in Baghdad. And the beat goes on (102505h)

The most recent and probably comprehensive poll taken in Iraq shows we've lost the battle "for hearts and minds." Only 1 percent hold the allies as being responsible for improving security. (102405e)

The Iraqi Insurgency Shows No Sign Of Abating, the headline says it all, we near 2,000 dead and it is still not clear why we went in and what we want, I mean really. (102305c)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

Cheney, let's talk Cheney for a moment. He began getting the US ready for war with his nuclear drumbeat, many recall that, but this article spells out curious aspects of his timing relative to what we know now about the Downing St. memo, the Plame Affair and other revelations. He clearly said certain things while the reality, now exposed, was evidently not in line with it. Could we call him (A) a liar (B) a god damned liar, (C) a faggot assed rat bastard, son of a bitch, mother ----ing shit eater of an outhouse maggot? or (D) All of the above. The choice is yours. (102705f)

If you cannot believe what some in the Bush Administration say from time to time, or want a few howlers, take this quiz, it's free (102405c) VP Cheney, liar in residence, has come out in favor of torture, per the Washington Posts headline. Can this be good for us in anyway? Not the Post's story I mean but Cheney's champing at the bit to get this to be acceptable (102605d)

The Future:

The war on terror expands: bombings in India (102905b) and high school girls beheaded in Indonesia (102905c)

Scientists say that hurricanes are "bred" in the Atlantic when it warms seasonally. Shouldn't some one realize, now that we have a record breaking season for both named storms and hurricanes that the ocean might be "warmer than usual?" No real US coverage of that salient point which happens to support the global warming theory. (102905a)

A bit of history for future reference, if a non nuclear state can proliferate anyone can. Swiss helped the South African Apartheid Government ramp up their nukes way back thirty years ago. (102705m)

The arctic, it seems, IS CHANGING, not that the MAJOR EVENT is even registering in the US. The kicker in the article is not just the part that talks about the Arctic ice cap becoming seasonal and effecting a wide range of climactic changes or that Greenland's ice cap could melt raising oceans by 20 feet but that the time line for such changes could be far swifter than the 40 to 50 years current thinking has. Oh well (102705e)

The future of the US: 

A bit of a conversation between Sy Hersh and Mr. Ritter, an overview of the "sinking ship" and what it means. (102805d)

In Hillary Clinton is the "current leading contender" who agrees in sum with Bush concerning Iraq, do we STILL HAVE an opposition party? One that seemingly can't take advantage of a Republican Goliath busy hitting himself with everything he's got? I guess not. (102705d)

Libby resigned after being indicted, could be that Rove is next, talk about Christmas (102805b)

Hints of indictments to come? Why it's almost like Christmas eve this Thursday, October 27th 2005, isn't it? (102705b) A Bush administration imploding? Could that be the strains we are hearing now? This article gives background and insight (102705c)

Tantalizing tidbits, if Rove or "Scooter" gave out Plame's name, who gave it to them? This article mentions Cheney. Will Fitzgerald "go for it"? (102505c) Oh, and Libby's lie, shall we take his scooter away? (102505f) And here is a bit where Cheney, uh, lied and they have nice fat quotes too. (102505g)

Here is a bit of news regarding that "yellow cake" document believed to be forged. Two articles name names and put them at places with dates. If it was forged some of these people know more than any of them have said. first one (102505d) then the other (102505e)

The USA Patriot Act has been abused. OK, everyone say, " Oh wow, how could that happen!" (102405f) And here is the document itself (102405g)

Presidential tantrums? Not quite but things aren't going well for the boy and well, he can't just take his toys and go home. Not the first nor last report of this I'll wager. (102405a) And, as he's done several times before, Cheney has gone "off the radar screen" why? What would be the Plame for that? (102405b) Maybe the "exacting" Mr. Fitzgerald does have something to do with Cheney's vanishing act, maybe he's just "gone fishin'" (102405d)

I'll just bet that "usufruct" is not in YOUR Funk and Wagnell's, but it is in Louisiana law here is the word's meaning (102305a) and here is what it "means" in Louisiana to those who have lost their homes, it is a crying shame (102305b) I've read a few stories on this and none make mention of how the "majority" of the homeless feel about this "wonderful idea." I have to ask, wonderful for who?


A British officer refusing to return to Iraq embroils the military in a battle as to whether or not the war is legal. (102805c) Seems there are enough parallels with the charges successfully prosecuted at Nuremberg to make the man wonder.

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November 2005




If it's possible to become a little more hard nosed, they've gone and done it, a shake up of ambassadors etc...(110205l)

If we do go into Iran, or rather put nukes in our dukes to slap their nuclear programs to bits the reasons given will be many, but the crux of the matter will be "To demonstrate U.S. intent and capability to use nuclear weapons to deter adversary use of WMD." According to the Pentagon draft document "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations" (110205e) Oh, and from the same source, a possible year end scenario for "expanded conflict" in the operational theater that is the greater middle east (110205f) Granted these are nightmare scenarios but the world we're living in now is hell on toast for a lot of folks.


Will we be so thoughtless or proud as to take on Syria? "We Have Been Warned," says U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) and he thinks it is the coming thing. (103005d) Sy Hersh lets us in on a secret, anonymous is the name of the Iranian source for key pieces of the evidence against Syria in the Hariri assassination - so long as the French agree it must be OK by Bush (110205g)


The story in the "West" is that there is a lot of pressure on Syria, well that may be so but there is considerable support, mainly because, in my opinion, the US is viewed so horribly and the old "Arabic adage which runs something like "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" first, news paper stories (102905d) second Arab League and Russian support (102905e) And other papers weigh in (102905f) The point of all this that most all of the papers are "influenced" either directly or indirectly by their governments.


In a minor province, one once populated with the "marsh Arabs" whom Saddam could not ever quite quash, the British are having troubles. Here the insurgents only attack occupiers and so the people feel safe when they are not around. The population fought Saddam for decades and seem like to follow suit with the British. (110305x)

How in God's name did we get into Iraq? Here is the diagram which shows "how da' magic wuz done dunne" (110205m) And a bit of a story naming names and also letting us know that we could have known what we know now, oh about a year ago, but that would have been bad for Bush Boy and so Libby lied and more troops died and an election was "decided" by a public that was misinformed. (110205p)

Rover boy, is he "Official A" in the Plame investigation, guilty of violating executive orders? (110305s)

What does 30 billion get you? In Iraq, in part, electrical power substations not connected to the power grid or rather in areas where the power grid is not existent. Chaos is afoot and continues to be ignored (110105e)

What if Sistani decides to "accelerate" our withdrawal? He's called the shots before and we've heeded them. He's biding his time, perhaps for the new government to take shape? (103005h)

A three parter here on Kurds being in the way, get it? Curds in the whey? He he he he... Ok, so I've said it before. part one (103005a) part two (103005b) part three (103005c)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

Oil for Food scandal, yup it's absolutely a must that we find those responsible at the UN for allowing this to happen. When I turns out that US companies, some with ties to the current administration were involved, well, uh, um, the word is that there is nothing new in the final report. (110405c)

Corporation for Public Broadcasting, CPB, many are familiar with it, and many may not know how it is being run these days (110205c)

Not covering global warming we are "snowed" so here is the overview and insights (102905g) And then there is an organized "underground" campaign to debunk the "flawed" science of global warming, courtesy of Exxon Mobil (102905h)

The Future: 

South America, things are bubblin' right along and the US is the loser for it. The US, distracted by Bush's agenda and hobbled by his brash style and incompetence in foreign affairs has allowed the percolation of new social organizations and structures which have their own agenda which is inimical to ours. (110405x)

Here we have a nice concise article detailing how the Bush Cabal has so sullied the reputation of the US that it is effecting businesses and profits. Anti Americanism has economic clout and we "stay the course." (110405b)

South America, the anti-Americanism there has only grown, with Chavez leading the way, it seems. The problem began with our involvement in a coup attempt and continues with the "very skillful" Bush administration's ministrations to the region. You know what I mean, (110205a)

The future of the US: 

Links to Cheney and the "loosening up" of interrogation standards? That is what is claimed by Wilkerson interview and described in this article. (110405a)

Chalk one up for the Dems, that's right, it seems they did surprise the Repubs, just a bit, forcing a discussion of pre-war intel that has been delayed and delayed and delayed. (110205n) and who slapped who in the face anyway? (110205o)

Does anyone else remember being told that we do not send prisoners overseas to other nations whatsoever at all? I do, yet, finally, we have this wonderful article which mentions that we do, sourced from US government sources. (110205i) The story continues to describe "black sites" what are they? (110205j) And a couple of countries were very quick to deny they had "anything goin' on" (110205k) And here we have more on the "black" sites (1100305q)

Of course Don "rummy" Dumbsfeld thinks the hunger strikers are comparable to dieters (110305r)

The most salient selections from this article: "Democrats and their partisan supporters are relying on prosecutors to do what they couldn't at the ballot box a trend that, if treated by political leaders as appropriate politics, as the Roman historian Tacitus attested, is proof of a deceased republic" I arranged the extracted words into a nice quote, huh? (110205h)

You will be hearing from the "media" that Valerie Plame was not important, was in the US so how could what she be doing be important all sorts of "talking head" stuff meant to minimized her importance so that the investigation of her exposure is rendered unimportant. Here is part of the story which will be "untold" from a 60 minutes interview with an ex agent. A brief read actually part one (110105a) part two (110105b) part three (110105c) and part four (110105d)

Meet our newest nomine for the Supreme Court. It will hard to find someone farther to the right but it's not because they didn't try. Welcome to "his " world (103105a)

The overview of the Trillion, that's right, trillion dollar disaster that Iraq will be. A lightning fast description of the current status vis a vis what Rummy and other's have said. (103005f) And an article from Counter Punch, a hair raiser connecting all that is wrong with Bush and Co. (103005g)

Once you read this of course you get the idea, Bush cannot be impeached! Barring the unforeseen miracles or sea changes in the political landscape for what ever reason, we have a few more years of the "corn-holing" monkey faced bastard. (103005e)

A round up of stories from Mother Jones, John Kerry on Iraq, The Niger Forgeries, Global complicity in Darfur's genocide, Walmart being a "playa", Syria subplots and much more all in all, a nice read (102905i)


Good news: there has been a drop in cases of HIU being smuggled and progress in locking up the rest; bad news: there is a long way to go (110205b)



Syria again is warned and in "strident" tones no less from the Bushwhacker in chief. (111005g)


Will we have a count down in the long lasting "negotiations" with Iran over its nuclear program? If we get a count down and manage to get sanctions applied will they be as leak proof as those used against Iraq? If they are or are not and Iran gets even closer to obtaining a bomb what then? What happens when Iran tests? (111005d)

The Horn of Africa:

The "Long War" is what we call our strategy for the horn of Africa. We have eschewed the unilateralist approach that has worked so well in Iraq and now are trying to "work with nations in the region to forward our interests: keeping competitors out, stomping out islamist radical movements and holding onto whatever resources we think we need. Sounds like "peace, justice and the American Way." (111005e)


A tad of an article on the world wide "Oil for Food" scandal. The shame of it is that, in other articles psted in this forum, many knew what was going on and the US forces enforcing the embargo looked the other way, orders from on high, you know. (111205a)

The attack on Jordan: the why and wherefores (111005f) An overview of the "terrorist war" and analysis of what the Jordan attack portends (111005j)

Chalabi, what a guy, this brief article shows just how insane the situation is with him. He goes to Iran to distance himself from it, runs for office, in Iraq mind you, as a US backed candidate...what the f----? and our press laps it up like a starveling dog would suck up spaghetti sauce (110705b) Oh, yes, and let's not forget his breaching US security and giving assistance to Iran, I mean he WAS arrested, it WAS in the headlines, so now, is all forgiven? Will anyone ask him questions? No one has yet, it seems? How odd that. (110705c) If you'd like to see the highlights of his criminal career, read this (110905b)

Chalabi, the cat with nine lives (111005i)

So the "Niger Documents" the forgeries which played such a role in our "run up to the war" the Plame scandal and the current Intel vs. Bush Regime struggle has a bit of history and this article gives the skinny on that, dates, a basic time line and a nice graphic or two. (110705a)

I don't' recall ever hearing anyone in the Bush administration speaking of how relations between Iran and Iraq would become friendly as a result of our invading and toppling Saddam. Do you? (110605b)


Some papers front the story that nationwide the disturbances are down but Paris continues to be more active.

Two stories covering France, the first an overview of opinions and a bit of an airing of speculations as to cause and effect (110905e) Then some details about the French police and what might be called their limits. (110905f)

What if it is the start of a "open sourced" war? (110905g) Here are some "people's comments on the situation (110905h) How Mssr. Le Pen seems to be prescient or calling the shots in France. (110905m) Then it seems as though the riots are slowing down a bit (110905n)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

The machine is set to "spin" and now the act of "checking the intelligence pipeline" that led to the decision to go to war is being "debated" The Bushwhacker's theme: Everyone had the same intelligence so everyone knew. That would be true if the congress had access to the president's daily briefing or other reports which showed the inteol sources to be "questionable" Will we get the promised investigation? Maybe and maybe not, at least not what we'd like to REALLY know. (111005h)

In the "run up to the war" (I love that phrase, don't you?) Few did more than Judith Miller to promote the notion of WMD thanks to her pals in the INC. Here is a cataloging of the stories she wrote and how WRONG they went. And as she wrote up misinformation so was the nation misadvised, by her though she points the finger quite well (111005c) She's "retired" now, thank god, but isn't she somewhat culpable?

One would think that this story would be broken over here, but no, it is broken in Italy. Millions will view the documentary purporting to show proof that in last year's assault on Fallujah, that US forces have used 'outlawed' phosphorus shells in Fallujah," (110905i) Well, the military said they'd only used the phosphorous for illumination, then one of their publications made a lie of that assertion (111005a.pdf) and here is another article relating. (111005b)

The Future: 

Back to back setbacks for the Bushwhacker, First South America give him the old heave ho and then in the muddle east an ally, Egypt, tosses in a monkey wrench before leaving early. (111205b)

Expanding on the article below, here is one that details South America's own 9/11, where we overthrew a government we did not like, and a bit of a startling example of how Bush's lack of historical facts or knowledge must have made the leaders of South America wince, to say the least (110905l)

The future of the US: 

"There's a man goin' round takin' names" so goes the refrain from an old song. Bush has a list and he checks it more than twice. Rumor has it that thousands of people are being kept track of, as Mr. Dorkwad Rove puts it: if you fuck with us we'll fuck you over. How American is that? (110905j)

A pair of stories that dovetail nicely, a bit of a reflection on Bush's failure at a South American conference, Cheney's fight for torture (110905c) And this article attempting to outline the current flap over "fixing the problem" (110905d) A bit more on that "torture thingy" that the CIA warned against a few years back. (110905k)

As long as we have idiots in control we'll have the "Top Ten Idiots List" a wonderful site that details the top ten idiots. (110605a)


Wouldn't a slew of bad poll numbers for the Bushwhacker be good news for us? Well then, smile, and take a look at the numbers. (111105a)

Intelligent design gets a set back in Dover Pennsylvania as the public turns out "designer republicans" and puts in "separate church and state" democrats. (110905a)

Curitiba, Brazil, as city that knows how? So it would seem from this enthusiast (110805c) and part two (110805d)

Weird science, hands that glow? A possible new diagnostic methodology? Years ago Kirlian Photography was all the "new age rage" now it seems science has come along and caught up, ruining all the fun. (110805b)

To good to be true, usually means that it is, but I cannot help but reference this article about a "new power source" that "turns quantum physics on its head." We shall see if this thing ever comes to pass. (110805a)

Strange bedfellows, the ecological movement and evangelical groups are seeing eye to eye, are getting on the same page, and so forth, concerning CO2 and global warming. I've noted articles on this movement before, well it's still around (110705d)


If you have not checked this site out, do so, it is a hoot and a half:


What the heck you say? Why is Australia in this issue? Well, it seems a group of would be terrorists might have been trying to blow up the country's only nuclear reactor that's why. (111405e)


Recent revelations: documents show that Iran was given some of the plans needed for a nuclear warhead. The supplier our friend and ally Pakistan. Understand that Pakistan is an ally, that we invaded Iraq because it was "had" nuclear weapons or was close to having them, because they could "export" their WMD to terrorists and others. But Pakistan, well they are our friend and ally. We would never bother them. (111905a)

If we do go for a "Wag the Dog" approach for Iran, who would be our allies? None other than a group we've labeled as "terrorist" but hey, friends in need are friends in deed. The MEK and USA vs. the Mad Mullah's of Teheran, tune in folks it could be "SmackDown" 2006. (111705h)

Currently the US touts "evidence" obtained from a laptop from an unnamed source(s) showing Iran is after atomic weapons. Understandably the world is skeptical. (111305b) Will the Russia still help Iran by negotiating with the west over its nukes? (111305c)


If you want to get an idea as to why "violence is up" in this legendary nation, all you need do is read this. It is an Afghani's response to one of our presstitute's who claim that the recent election in Afghanistan was a miracle. Sadly, it was not, it seems. Read on and weep...(111805f) Oh, it includes the article written by one of our presstitutes....wonderful.

Changes in the forces arrayed in Afghanistan may be good may not be. We are taking some out and others are supposed to add? But who? (111405c)


North Korea surprises the US by saying they want to withdraw about a third of their troops. Coalition of the not so willing? (111805g)

Sectarian Torture? And the excuse for the widening rift separating the main segments of Iraq, (111705d) Here is a bit of follow up, yes there was some torture but as a result of the discovery has produced a mixed bag, some good some not so the US and the Iraqi government (111805d)

White Phosphorous used in Fallujah a while back, rumors that it was used earlier and is in other places. (111705b) That we ignored, then denied, and now admitted, sort of, that we are using, well, uh, chemical weapons when we invaded Iraq because, well, in part they'd used chemical weapons. (111705c)

US Army rules say "Don't use WP on people" (111905b)

Oil infrastructure in Iraq under attack, that much we know, but how bad is it? Well Iraq is a net importer of gasoline and heating fuel (111905c)

The role of foreigners in the insurgency was the reason behind a recent offensive, however, the continuing reality is that the insurgency is virtually all home grown. (111705a)

Hear the man, Chalabi answer questions that are pointed. He dances pretty well, I gotta say (111505d)

Why doesn't Iraq have an army? This introduction to the article, which is available through subscription, but the intro is interesting enough. (111305e)


The rioting continues but at a lesser pace. (111305a)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

Mr. "Wayward" Woodward. From "Watergate" to "Plamegate" as Ms. Huffington puts it, "quite a career arc, no?" (111805i) But he is not alone! No a co-worker also has "legal problems" (111805j)

"The End of News" is the title, government is part of the problem with the "fourth estate" but so is corporatization, the well organized media machine of the radical right and the acquiescence of those interested parties, namely the public, not to mention the industry itself. (111505h)

I still like the phrase, the "run up to the war" sounds like a football kick off or something doesn't it? I mean what's up with that monkey-puckey anyway? Here are the official debumkings of several "case making" points this administration used to get us to go "over there." (111505f)

Corporation for Public Broadcasting, politicized by its manager, hirings, firings, breaking the rules, yeah but does this decision have clout? Not really only the CPB's budget may be in danger of getting hacked. So how is this good news? Oh, that's right, I guess it isn't (111505e)

The Future: 

Certain portions, "vital" segments of the armed forces may have a few as 30% of the manpower needed for the current demands, despite a vigorous recruitment campaign. Some time ago a general was quoted as saying "the wheels are falling off this thing" meaning the military was under to much strain, that was a year ago, however, how much longer can we proceed along this road? (111805e)

Global warming: one effect is warmer oceans, that we all know, but warmer fresh water too. This means that certain fish, needing certain temperatures will move on, leaving their food chains wanting. Just another head's up, that's all (111705i)

"Wag the Dog" Bush has three main options for distracting the American people form his failing polls, policies, "plamegate", global warming, Iraq, a failing war on terror, loss of global approval and much, much more. A great article looks at North Korea, Syria and Iran as "options". All a push button away! Cool. (111705g)

Global forestry has good news and bad. Which is more? You read the story and you call it. (111505b) In California alone some 800 species are in danger from a variety of causes. Extinctions need not happen, but will they? (111505a)

Compare and contrast French Riots and the US poverty, racism and so forth. (111305d)

The future of the US: 

China and the US in Asia make military adjustments. Guam is now the "tip of the spear." (111805h)

The article claims Bush's speech is "cheap and cowardly." It seems part of the problem Bush has, according to the Bushwhacker himself, is critics at home. If only they'd shut up...." (111705e) and part two (111705f)

Grand Jury continues? Rove still suspect? While a wayward woodward wiggles on the hook? Who knows, stay tuned for the merry adventures of the Mighty Mouths of the Beltway, an ongoing sagging saga of misadventures and misspeaking. (111805a) and part two (111805b)

What happens when liars lie, despite the public record? When the lies become talking points endlessly repeated with the specific goal of relieving pressure on the presidency increasingly seen as "at fault" for having "mislead" the nation into a war with Iraq. Bush prevaricator extraordinary, or a common liar, you make the call. (111505i)

Another case of science ignored. I mean if it gets in the way of what we believe what are ya gonna go for? Kneel and pray brothers and cisterns, now is the time for your tears (111505g)

This story talks about the rest of the world getting onto the idea that the internet, truly a global resource, is one that should be looked after by the global community. The US does not like this idea. But here is my question: does anyone think that this would have come about if the US was respected, if we were honoring international treaties, maybe had not gone into Iraq, supported the international court, the Kyoto accords and so forth and so on. I know, I know so what will happen? Maybe two "internet centers, competing systems? Who knows. Good job Bush, what say? (111505x)

If we ever do have a terrorist nuclear event on US soil this report, a follow up on the 9/11 commission report, will be cited as part of this administration's failure to do enough to keep the US safe. (111405b)


A call to "redeploy" to reduce our "footprint" in Iraq, by the honorable Representative John Murtha, will this be Iraq's "Cronkheit moment"? (111805c)

What is it about the "Downing Street Memo" that has it trump the casualties, the intelligence controversy, the leak and the morass that is Iraq? (111405e)

When a known terrorist makes a strategic error, it has to help the US cause against terrorism. Musab al-Zraqawi has done just that, it would seem, by attacking in Jordan. He has lost standing among the people there according to this article. Such a change of heart can only reduce the potential he has for mayhem. (111405a)


If you have not checked this site out, do so, it is a hoot and a half:


"Unidentified western sources" get headlines: Iran wants to trade oil for North Korean weapons technology. If true it would seem the enemies we've thrown together are finding common cause against us. Tell me, before Bush were there any stories of this kind? I don't think so, yes, Bush is a uniter, no? (112605b)

Ya' know those pesky details keep cropping up. The Iranian atomic weapon laptop story, bursting onto the scene recently, has actually been around for more than a year and the reporters for the NY Times in reporting, belatedly mind you, apparently get some very basic facts wrong. (112005g)


A report has it that acreage dedicated to opium is down, we've heard that before, but news is that marijuana is up, in fact "Afghani Gold" gets production rates second only to Morocco. (112305g)

A quick look over to Afghanistan shows that we are coming up short of our own expectations regarding infrastructure and such like. One hopes that frustrations over this issue do not wind up helping the resistance. part one (112005b) part two (112005c) part three (112005d) part four (112005e) part five (112005f)


Rumors of troop reduction? Maybe, maybe not, but what drives the decision? The improvement of the Iraqi army? No. The peaceful evolution of Iraqi society? No. How about political necessity at home so that the upcoming elections of 2006 go well? Yes! Ding, ding, ding, you've got a winner there. And yes, I know it's not funny. (112605c)

So the congress gets told: Look you had the same intel I did, well even if you didn't you still voted the way you did - an approach that creates long term "issues" between the two branches of government centering on trust. (112305d)

Love the lies, ya' gotta' love em - what else is there to do? We first deny using white phosphorous, then we admit it, but only for illumination, then well, we used them but only as a last resort, then we say, well, they aren't chemical weapons, yet, according to the Pentagon, in 1995, when Saddam used white phosphorous against opponents we clearly decried this as a use of chemical weapons. (112105c) Read it for yourself (112105d)

If you want to hear what Bob Graham says he knew before the vote to authorize the war, read this. Did they, congress, have the same Intel as "the Bushwhacker"? (112105e)

An uptick in the chaotic combat that is the Iraq war now a days. (112105d)

So another persons steps forward the Honorable Representative Murtha, raises a flap over Iraq, Bush pounds him, as do others, then the Dems, as clever as always, back off and look on. Oh, well, onward and downward. (112105b) Here is a bit more on that story (112105c) And, if you want the real low's and simple descriptions of deceptions, read this (112105g)

So what's new besides even more news about the intel used by the US to "promote the war." It seems our main man, someone nicknamed "curveball" was known to be unreliable,yet we "came under his spell." (112005a)


Though recent troubles have abated the idea that "France is perfect as she is and perfect as she was." still seems to be the centerpiece of government inaction. Could it be that we've only seen the first wave? Will there be a French infitada? (112105h)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

Coverage of the war is literally marginalized - Iraq is the "television-crawl war: a scrolling feed of bad-news bits, pushed to the margins" A great overview of how and why the coverage of the war is not really coverage at all, despite its size and importance as a story the media sees not, hears not and speaks not: I think the first three pages of the story says it all (112305e) second page (112305f) third page (112305g)

Will the press corps drum up support for exposing the President's Daily Briefing of 09/21/01? The one in which the Bushwhaker in chief is told that Iraq and Al Qaida are at odds with each other, that there is no evidence that they are or would collaborate and that Saddam viewed them as a potential threat to his regime? No, I didn't think so either but it was fun to ask the question. (112305a) Then, just for fun, compare those facts with what Bush and Cheney were saying, what fun! (1122305b)

Within the beltway minds may be focused on many things but at least a few are wondering what's next in the scandal surrounding a Mr. Abramoff, a one time "player" in the big leagues of lobbyland. Now a story involving congressional members, millions of dollars, cruise lines, dinners, junkets, legislation, and hotels all sordidly come to light, what we're missing is a stained dress, a death or two and a missing intern - then we'd get some prime time and 24-7 news coverage on this baby. (112105a)

This article contains this quote: "Polls are, it might be said, what's left of American democracy. Privately run, often for profit or advantage, they nonetheless are as close as we come these days -- actual elections being what they are -- to the expression of democratic opinion, serially, week after week." It is worth reading for that alone, but there is much, much more. (112105f) But the key is the last sentence, that is the worrying conclusion that those in power, from the Bushwhacker on down, might be afraid. And you know what a cornered, vicious, animal can do when it feels it has no options.

The Future: 

After a record breaking hurricane season, we have a report of an early winter in Europe and both these effects have been predicted by global warming models. (112605a)

Odd note here, some months, perhaps a year even, ago it was reported and heatedly discussed/denied that Israel was buying submarines and arming them with missiles, possibly to have nuclear warheads "in reserve" now we find that parts of that story are true or are believed true by the German's who are supplying the submarines. (11190e)

Chinese military buildup seems to be catching Japan's attention. Naval and air force activities are on the uptick while the history of the region plays a role in what is going on now. I don't expect much, but China does have more muscle these days.(111905c)

The future of the US: 

Europeans are having problems with our intel operations, this does not bode well for any future operations we might need to work up on the continent. Another example of Bush bringing folks together, forget about the fact that it's because they have problems with us. It's all good. (112605f)

War is bad for the psyche and is harmful, that is one side of the coin. (112605d) The other side is that it is helpful and constructive, even being held prisoner has its advantages. (112605e)

I don't know where to put this story, so I gave it its own heading: Did George "The Bushwhacker" actually need to be talked out of bombing Al Jazeera's headquarters in Quatar? That is what is alleged by yet another Downing St. memo. Only time will tell if there is follow up or more exposure or what. (112105e) Or maybe it was just some kind of joke? (112105f) Here's the update, maybe the important part of the brewing brouhaha is that the memo will "see the light of day" (112305c)

Sometimes the future is informed by the past, or formed by the past, then again some say, those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Here is a short piece that packs a wallop in that vein, so roll up your arm and bend over, doctor says... referencing a few books it points out how WW2 was ushered in, Pearl was not the surprise we've believed, it got us into WW2, ended, once and for all, our isolationism, and then we helped create another enemy, the Soviet Union so we could keep on the deadly treadmill. So, is being misled into war relevant these days? (112105b)

Election 2006 people, get ready. Hawkish republicans try out their new found "doubts about the war" building, or rather, rebuilding an image. Santorum of Pennsylvania is one example; he hopes people will forget Shiavo, his earlier stands on Iraq and notice, or not that he didn't appear on Veteran's Day with Bush when that dolt made his idiotic speech on that day. (112105a)

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December 2005



If you have not checked this site out, do so, it is a hoot and a half:


This country is one member of the "Axis of Evil" and that wily ol' Bushwhacker wuz gonn' git 'em, yahssh dat sho' WUZ da truf, but now dat wily ol Bushwhacka' he be wantsin' ta chat wif doze bad boys - so it seem lak. We hear that Chalabi is the man of the hour, being resurrected from "giving Iranians intel" and "corruption" and so forth, but now, he gets warm welcome from think tanks and he gets to go and help the Iraqi's and Iranians talk about , well, maybe stabilizing Iraq. Howzaboutdem apples? (112905k) Oh, and another thing, the denouement of our occupation of Iraq, and our policy there has been intertwined with our policy regarding Iran and its nukes, nice touch that, history is so funny sometimes. (112905l)

Reading this article about Iran's new ruler and how he: doesn't listen to anyone outside of his "trusted inner circle", is replacing pragmatists with ideologues in ministries and ambassadorships, is blending religious fundamentalism with foreign relations, is beginning to estrange his base and so on ... does he REMIND YOU of anyone, say, a Mr. Bush? (112705a)


Egypt's election's proceed with "controversy" as The Brotherhood make gains. But with reports of people being kept away from polls, and other violence, well, I am not really wondering why Bush is not heaping praise, the way he did some time ago when he spoke boldly about the wave of democracy sweeping the Muddle East. (112605i)


Cities we've "cleared" are not, it seems, though we do not hear of such and reports and video are denied. (120205c)

The word genocide has a particular meaning, and it may be that Bushhumper's most recent "victory" speech has thrown caution to the wind. (120105d)

In any real trial of Sodom WhoseSane? RumDumb would be a character witness and as an enabler a codefendant. (113005e)

We're writing their news for them too, isn't that nice us? Yes, I thought you'd find that an appropriate place to say W_ _ _ _ the F_ _ _ !, me too. (113005c) Oh, yeah and torture, secret prisons, death squads, nascent sectarian civil war and more, merry Christmas! (113005d) Oh but Iraqi's get their share of the money too (120105d)

Isn't it nice to know we have a victory plan for Iraq? And that L. Bush says we're going to have a really great ending. (113005a) Oh, and RumDumb doesn't think there is "really an insurgency" in Iraq. (113005b) Apparently the Bushwhacker's speech was a "point counterpoint" response to this article "Why Iraq has no army" (120105a) Oh, here's the speech (120105b) And here is some criticism of that speech, (120105c)

The proverbial fly in the ointment, the so called "turd in the swimming pool, the pustule on the dick as it were, for Herr Bushenvacker is that the "withdrawal debate" has been stirred up by a surprising unanimity from Iraqi's, the honorable Murtha, and dearth of good news from Iraq but few are willing to go on record so the stories we read lack, uh, um, well, verifiability to some good degree (120205a)

What ho? Bush to give a speech on Wednesday the 30th in which it is suspected that he will, in one way or another, say "Yup, we did it! The Iraqi army and police are up to snuff and we are going to be drawing down." That is the suspicion being analyzed in this article. (112905m)

Advice from a military historian who knows where of he speaks, says the invasion of Iraq was the worst military venture in 2014 years, another record breaking Bush accomplishment a nice short read. (112905f)

A multi part story here, "everybody's got their own death squads" many hide behind the uniform of the police. Part one, (112905a) Part two, (112905b) Part three, (112905c) Part four, (112905d) Part five (112905e)

Terror in many forms, here are just a few stories, about a fortnight's worth (112805f) About a year ago it was said that 70 to 90% of the prisoners taken in Iraq were innocent. (112805g) Then we read this: "Just two months after a review panel found that 60 percent of detainees should be freed,  the military has improved its intel to such a  degree that 88 percent of detainees are serious bad guys." So one wonders about the value of what is happening to the manner in which we arrest and process persons, to say the least. (112805h)

And then the salient quote from this article: "The sectarian nature of Iraq's low-level civil war is evident in virtually every major attack that takes place now." Remember when sectarian violence hadn't been in the picture, then was rare, then admitted, well ... (112805i)

In merry Olde Englande civil servants are being put on trial for the most recent Downing Street memo, the odd thing is the government prosecuting them has not "officially" admitted that the memo exists - however if someone publishes the non existent memo they're in big trouble. (112805e)

The debate over the war is becoming one of moral issues. Both sides claim the high ground, of course. The interesting thing about this article is that it contains a nutshell description of the "just war" tenets. Somewhat different from the centuries old version, based in religious thought, but still, nice to look over. (112605h)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

So what does get covered? Take a look at these headlines and excerpts. Maybe the problem is that people just ignore the stuff? (120205d)

Why Bill Moyers quit CPB? Pressure, political pressure that the CPB by design was supposed to be immune from. Bill carries on the fight, but not from where he sat. (112905h) Here is what he was up against, more or less: the Karl and Ken show (112905i) And if you aren't sick then jog over to this story (112905j)

Padilla, "regardless of the outcome of h is criminal trial, he will be held" that is the gist of the governments position. Odd, one would think that being proven "not guilty" would regain one's freedom. (112805d)

The Future: 

Something of a row over CIA "black sites" in Europe. The EU is interested in finding out which country has done what. Chief suspects: Poland and Romania, while Germany suspects there have been flights landing on US bases in their country which were transporting prisoners to such sites. (112805j)

How to help the ozone hole come back, even bigger: first sign a treaty promising to reduce the use of methyl bromide, second sort of ignore the treaty, or ask for exemptions and exceptions, after all what the ozone ever done for political fundraising that a billion dollar industry can't? (112705c)

Big changes in the Arctic region, receding ice means more opportunity for mining, gas and oil exploitation and a need to divide up the "pie". A ship has reportedly sailed to the north pole without the help of an icebreaker, but in the US no news is good news. (112705d)

Carbon Dioxide levels are greater now than in the past 650,000 years. Also, the story notes, that the regular fluctuation in that greenhouse gas, a factor used by global warming detractors, has been exceeded and significantly so. And the US mainstream media's reaction:? It doesn't even rate a "ho - hum" (112605g)

The future of the US: 

Bush/Cheney bumperstikers have usually been hard to spot in San Francisco, but now I hear in Red and Purple areas they also seem to be scarce, what is also missing is the DamnedDems, I mean, what the F_ _ _ is up with that S_ _ _ anyway? (113005f)

Amazing though it may seem the "casualties" from this administration's ministrations are not limited to Iraq. Here is an article that provides an overview of hundreds of persons who have quit, been fired, replaced, or what have you because, well, they opposed the thoughtless policies of the Bushwhacker. (112805b) Here is a list of others (112805c)

The nature of fascism: most people think of Hitler or Mussolini, weird speeches, goosestepping, and warfare. They don't usually consider the economic policies relating to labor, corporations, the concentration of wealth and market shares. this article illuminates such considerations and draws uncomfortable parallels to the US and the west today. (112805a)

Hints of more to come? DC still plays the plame game with more names to be named. But read the story referenced below this one. What is the deal? Pardons are available or will such not be good enough? (112605b)

How is Plamegate similar and yet dissimilar to Watergate? Well, first, times have changed, the political landscape is morphing toward a one party state, and the media landscape is vastly different. What else? Well read here for an informative, yet, discouraging, comparison. (112605j)



Supposedly "new evidence" that Iran has weaponizing on their minds has come forth, but no one is quoted as saying they have it, what it is, where it was found and so forth, still the ante is upped, albeit slightly. (120405c)

But, putting "new evidence" aside, the stated positions of Iran and the West seem to at odds, one wonders how much of all this is bluster or brinksmanship (120505i)

What is said and what is not said, that is the question. Israel mentions a military option, but quickly adds that the who, when, how or what of such an option is not being discussed. Time will tell, I guess. (1210405b)


A thought that has been coming up, now and again, is the idea that "chaos is a good thing" and that the chaos in Iraq allows the Bushwhacker and his cronies or puppeteer a chance to do what they want, get the oil, have a big military presence and claim that as soon as we're asked we'll go without having to be concerned that we'll ever be asked. (120905a)

Prisoner abuse widespread in Iraq? If you doubt such read what the US military has to say, or prisoners, or doctors for that matter. (120705x)

A bit more on the "managed news" or "story planting" story that's been getting coverage, a nice overview of what it means, oh, don't be surprised, it's not good news, oh well, (120605c)

Let us go back in time to Sept. 6th, 2002, the article's title: "Lack of hard evidence of Iraqi weapons worries top US officials" (120505g) Then see what CondiGirl said on Sept. 8th, 2002 (120505h)

The War On Terror:

So, then attorney general, John Asscraft, said this case was the biggest test case since 9/11, the US government can't convict the defendant. But, hey, I feel safer already. (120705c)

How are we doing in protecting American against terrorism? Well the GPA is not at all good, lots of D's and F's and incompletes...On a 4.0 scale we our average is 1.88, not quite a C. They used to call that a gentleman's grade. I mean I don't think that the Bushwhacker implied that we'd be getting a D in preparations? (120605d)

Define torture correctly and it is clear that we don't do it, that is absolutely clear. (120605e)

The Kashmiri Earthquake and the war on terrorism, how the Pakistani government, read Musharraf's, response as well as that of the world's, read not nearly enough, may well feed the recruitment drives of those we are fighting, alienate those we need as allies, and threaten Musharraf's hold on his country. (120605a)

Courtesy of the FOIA Act and ACLU: This link is to a page which shows how persons, in our custody, have died. Several had heart attacks or some such, others, blunt instrument injuries, bullet wounds to the head, broken skulls. What is the surprise? That there are many, many more pages just like this one. A favorite quote: DOD003329 "blunt force trauma and choking, died during interrogation" (120505d) Yet Ms. CondiGirl comes to the rescue and says, in part: "The U.S. does not permit, tolerate or condone torture under any circumstances" I am sure Mr. DOD003329 will agree. (120505e) This simple sample is simple and succinct. Cause of death: Homicide. (120505f)

Here they are blunt: Condi doesn't make sense when she defends extraordinary rendition or the "black sites". (120505l) The black sites were there, but they were shut down in time for CondiGirl's "tour". (120605b)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

How do they behave in congress? How are bills passed? What does it look like when the party in power begins to show cracks and disorder in the ranks: Read it here (120805c)

Bob "Watergate and Nixon" Woodward was played, as they say on the street, by " the man" and, it seems, big time too. (120505j)

The Al Jazeera - Bush bombing story gets a bit of a historical perspective. Killing the messenger. (120305c)

PBS: the sad tale is ongoing, but it seems when you're "right" you're RIGHT and that's all that matters these days. Fait acompli, coup de gras, and so on (120305b)

How about this bit of history: Louisiana is in dire need of funds to rebuild, the Bushwhacker in chief has promised to "do everything" so why not give them what the other 49 states get? That is to say a share of the revenues produced on federal lands within their borders? Louisiana is the only state not allowed to get this money, it is a long story but it is time to make amends. (120305a)

The Future: 

We don't like Kyoto here, we don't like Kyoto there, we don't like Kyoto anywhere Sam I Am: How US companies tried to Bushwhack Kyoto in Europe (120905c)

Egypt, the Bushwhacker hailed, is becoming democratic, it was part of the "Democratic spring" that was touted not that long ago, here is a portrait of the actuality, water cannons, rubber bullets, thousands of riot police preventing voters from getting to the polls. (120905b)

Now then, if you don't believe your cash flow what do you believe in? Radical weather patterns and their effects made 2005 the costliest year, 2004 was the previous record holder - how surprising is that? (120705k)

Total Surveillance, the marketing concept using radio frequency identification (RFID) is dawning as is the concern or even threat it may pose to the concept and actuality of privacy. When our possessions, such as shoes or purchases can be tagged, don't we become "it"? Big Brother has nothing on this technology. (120705e)

If that is not enough for you, how about the use of surgical implants which can moderate a persons behavior, it is a miracle, of course, for some persons, certainly a tool with potential, but exactly what are its promises? Part one (120705f) Part two (120705g) Part three (120705h)

Asia's big wigs get together and klatch it up, but the US is notable for its absence, not because we weren't interested but because we were not invited. Over the last year there have been indications of a multi-polar world shaping up and this is the latest tick on that measure. (120705b)

Chavez's party seems set for a bit win! I would bet Whackerboy in Chief would like to have such support, but then, well, he doesn't. (120405a) One would be hard pressed to find major newspapers covering the election in Venezuela, I mean this is a guy who embarrassed Bush, is loud, a lefty, works with our "enemies" buys arms by the boatload and so on. So he's not a news item and the big news is ... mortgages. (120505b)

And Venezuela is not alone, it may seem that the winds of change are taking the whole continent the key to being elected? Being anti - US (120505x)

The submarines Israel is getting from Germany are allegedly capable of launching cruise missiles, maybe nuclear capable cruise missiles, meaning that they would be the counterstrike weapon that Israel would brandish to any potential nuclear threat from its current enemies. (120305e) and part two (120305f)

The future of the US: 

Absolutely stellar article from Common Dreams, called Art, Truth and Politics. Takes one from a consideration of what truth is to a post WW2 brief on the horrors of US activities during the "Cold War" to what such a past allows us to do today. Optimists beware. (120805a)

Oh, yes, jobs. We've heard that over 200,000 new jobs were created, but looking behind that kind of headline figure, well, let us say the numbers are, uh, soft. (120505k)

Can our relations with Europe sink any further? Apparently the can because they are a plucky man from Switzerland is taking on the global superpower that is the US over the use of European sites for extraordinary rendition, black sites and over flights. A row is brewing and not only "across the pond" the Senate here is becoming awakened. (120505c) I guess the relations can get worse, witness the upshot of CondiGirl's recent whirlwind tour 05 (120705d)

More on the CondiGirl "Torture Tour 2005" Magically see how "that girl sure can lie up a storm!" (120805b)

Our "whacky and fun kind of guy" president, a "real boy's boy" if you get my meaning, from blowing up frogs to branding pledges, well, Mr. "Dry Drunk" has issues, let us say and here is a site that goes into them. (120505a)

Will she EVER learn? I doubt it, she's not her own man, as it were. Condi Girl goes to EuroLand and is just about sick and tired of being asked about extraordinary rendition, so she's going to tell them to "back off." I am sure that this will make the trans Atlantic community all the more friendly and cooperative. (120305g)

New Orleans, the "Big Easy" as it was once called, may be that again, but the gold diggers have their sights set on a "depressed" real estate market, some say New Orleans will not be as black as it once was, but the man quoted as saying that won't, I'll wager, ever say it again. (120305d)


Hey, we have something here: A lawsuit in Ohio moves forward, it's proponents argue that the voting system in that state was egregiously flawed and that people were disenfranchised - will The League of Women Voters et al. v. Blackwell, be a clarion call for similar actions, say in Florida? HMO? Anyone holding their breath? (120705j)



Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks of wiping Israel off the map and has added that the holocaust was a myth. This riled up the leaders in the west, but I have to ask, who is he speaking to? Who finds this appealing? It seems he certainly is "feeling his oats" as they used to say, does pride go before a fall? We've said Iranian Atomic weapons are intolerable, as had Israel. Yet the rumor persists that they are working on them. The ticking time bomb has long been set, we, now, just wait for the detonation. (121405a)

Israel, Iran and its nukes the "chatter" seems to have it that they're on a collision course. It all comes down to what kind of delivery capability Iran develops along with the weapons. We will know who means what they say when the Iran has its bomb. If I were them I'd have a number pre-prepared so that after testing and recalibrating, as needed, they could quickly build up an arsenal which would make an attack "costly". The "brilliant" Bushwhacker strikes again. (121005h)

Several stories here, parallels with Hitler's Germany in as much as a weak state with a "poor hand" out foxed its superior opponents. The general picture has it that Iran will go nuclear and that the US has, at least inadvertently, strengthened Iran's hand in the region. (121005c) Some of the strategic considerations from a couple of months ago (121005d) And Iran's plan for the region called "Pipelinistan" with the idea of becoming a sort of oil clearing house for the region and beyond. (121005e)


If you ever want to trash the Bushwhacker's assertion that Congress got/gets the same intelligence as he does just read this (121705b) And here is the short, the very short version of that (121705c)

An argument for getting out now, simply goes like this: getting out now = disaster, getting out later = catastrophe. Essentially by staying on we allow the much discussed potential "civil war" to be delayed and for everyone to build up and get ready. (121205l)

Another Iraqi torture incident, this time its the Iraqi's own interior ministry running the show. (121205c) Some more details, including the idea that there is a sectarian factor involved, this cannot help matters. One wonders what the last straw will be. (121205d) Now we hear that the torture or abuse of prisoners is far more widespread and serious, so not we're going to search the hundreds of locations to "check it out." (121405b)

The War On Terror:

Patriot Act is not renewed (121705d) Because of abuses (121705e)

We spy on our own, without the usual "impediments of judicial review" and that pesky Bill of Rights. (121605a) And the press sat on the story for a year or so. I guess Bush had asked "pretty please, let me run roughshod over the constitution." (121605b)

Here is a piece on "agroterrorism" the newest of the "... terrorism" suffixed words. The irony pointed out in the article is that we, ourselves, are the source of thousands of deaths a year due to food borne contaminants of one kind or another, that we ourselves have attacked our fresh water supplies, contaminated our beef, or attacked our own crop yield by the very way we farm, if it could be called that now a days. (121305h)

A lengthy bit of an article here, six parts, detailing the descent into murky abyssal deeps. Torture and the US war in Iraq: 1 State Violence and Brutality, and Totalitarianism (121205e) 2 Of Means and Ends (121205f) 3 Brutality and Sadism as National Policy, and the Monsters of Our Time (121205g) 4 Becoming Monsters, and Ensuring Our Ultimate Defeat (121205h) 5 A Monster's Confession, and the Choice to be Human (121205i) 6 The Truth that Lies Within, and the Truth that Many Will Not Face (121205j)

Condo Rice went to Europe and was questioned about torture, what she said in part, implied that we DO torture, DO send persons to places where they will be tortured; sometimes what is not said is more important that what is. (121405c)

But we are not alone in torture biz, Europe may decry what we do but they signed on none the less, what this means is that any torture besmirches the morality western civilization professes, and ultimately serves our opponents by providing them with high value propaganda with which to sway undecided millions to their cause. (121205k)

Senator McCain fights to restrict terror, has a victory or two in the Senate's struggle but the George " brand'em on the ass" Bushwhacker, Mr. "I used to blow up frogs" has been ramping up efforts in the House and in the "court of public opinion" A battle for our moral compass is being fought, I hope I will not be disappointed. (121305c)

Some in Merry Olde Englande feel that Jack Straw is "full of _ _ it" and want an investigation into CIA flights and torture connections in general. (121305d)

A few thoughts on "extraordinary rendition" from the WW2 perspective, at least at the article's conclusion anyway. Civilization was threatened then and more patently and directly, yet the English intel forces seemed to take the high road, (121105b)

Just how did reporters, or anyone else for that matter, find out about the over flights of captured terrorists and the extraordinary rendition? Simple, folks called "plane spotters" whose hobby is akin to bird watching, they watch airports, for fun, take pictures and often enough write down identifying markings, serial numbers what have you and the rest is history (121005f ) It is stories like this that make the US task difficult and chills our relations with the world, torture (121005g)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

This article is long, but contains some beautiful little stories, check out the link and go to the following headlines: Pinochet's Men, Dumbing Down The Army, He Was For It Before He Was Against It, and Meanwhile In Iran (121705a)

How to put misquoted, out of context words into the mouths of Dems, make it look like a soldier is watching them speak when he watching the Grinch, but this is not a headline, apparently it's not important that Bush pimps a soldier off on us, thank God the man's face is not shown. We'd probably learn more than we want to - as would the soldier, I'd wager. (121305x)

It would take some 24-7 coverage to keep tabs on the Abramoff scandal. Want to know the ABC's of it all? Here is the list of those currently involved in one way or another, and, oh yes, there is more to come, the article says words to the effect that it is amazing that it is still unclear whether the actions have been criminal or just DC business as usual - truly odd that, then again, maybe not. (121305c)

The Katrina Event came and went, now changes are afoot, large corporations, poor or nonexistent renter's rights, and the decision to "fix the least damaged sections of the city first have combined to hurt those who lost the most (121105d) Is the city at "Death's Door"? Speculation on that possibility (121105e)

The Future: 

Endangered species: yes there are lots of them, but a filtering analysis lists the nearly 800 which are most in danger, from us or our activities of course. (121305a) Oh, yes, and global warming, we're left outstanding in our field. (121305b)

Racial violence in Australia? Something similar to what happened in France? Maybe, maybe. Differences there are, certain that, but if this is a "second data point" in a trend how long will it take for the war on terror to take another turn? (121205a) Counter attacks and more? (121305e)

How we help Haiti become a nice democratic state, I mean after some model we approve of. The fix is in, the shadowy groups are bold enough to operate in the open and the history of US manipulation of the region is played out again, a bit of a review and an overview (121105a)

China is playing the game in East and South East Asia, we are standing aside and not even watching - truly odd that, (121005a) Here are some more specifics outlining parts of their approach to their version of the "great game." (121005b)

The future of the US: 

I have to ask, what does it take for the Dems to "give it up" and "go for the throat"? Hmmm? What is up? Here are some recent events that explain why the Dems are viewed even more dimly than the DimWit in Chief himself, Mr. "Hey I ain't no damned dry drunk" , Mr. "I talk to God and do what he says" (121305g)

And The 14 Worst Corporate Evildoers are: drum roll please then read on, and mind this is just a sample, one wonders what the top one hundred would be. (121205m)

The tide of change continues to sweep South America, Bolivia is the next nation poised to provide the US with headaches and setbacks. (121205b)

Should Israel give up its nukes? That is the question, the article suggests there would be advantages, however, it's not going to happen. (121105c)



The man who runs Iran has something in common with our Commander in Goof, a belief in the second coming, that he is especially chosen to lead his nation in the "end times" really. Read it all here (122005i)


Probably making the fault lines in Iraq deeper and wider is a Iraqi court decision to disqualify a number of important and successful Sunni candidates because of their Baathist history (122305h)

News is that we'll be drawing down troop levels, not covered news is the increase in sorties flown to "fill the gap". (122305e)

Speculation that "good news" is "bad news" will the good news of the Iraqi election be followed by the bad news of a "democratic" civil war? (122105c) Here is an "in country" reporter's take on the election (122305a) This person goes further simply saying "game over" (122305c) Many Iraqi's protest in the streets claiming the election was rigged. (122305d)

Some good news from Iraq, from what appears to be a good source too, Sadr City: the noise of construction drowns out the gunfire, progress is made! (121905g) As part of the coalition of the willing completes its pull out. (121905i)

It is good to know, from Mr. Cheney, that "we've turned the corner" in Iraq. Victory must be at hand therefore: here is what happened on his most recent visit (121905c)

It is nice to know that we are winning in Iraq. One would have thought otherwise with the news and analysis and proof and so on, yet that is what the Bushwhacker in Chief blathered on about (121805x)


This article makes the cut for being selected because it involves the expansion of NATO, Ukraine's election of a US backed leader, gas and oil and heated rhetoric. (121805a)

The War On Terror:

Italy issues EU warrants for CIA operatives, sounds like the trans Atlantic alliance is alive and well. (122305b)

Perhaps related to the next story is this one: how the Bushwhacker in Chief's intel, secret ops, blah blah blah, targets "terrorists" such as the vegans and the Catholic Workers organizations. I sure FEEL safer now that I know they're being watched. (122005b) And, oh yes, watch out for high school students too (122205d)

This story talks about Greenpeace discovering that France ships used nuclear materials to Russia for either storage or recycling. The article goes on to say that the storage of the "waste", the material not recycled, is not truly secure. My question is, if Greenpeace can find this stuff, where it is stored, and that it's done inadequately then why can't some terrorist organization as well? If the transport of such materials is secret, I mean, how did Greenpeace find out? (121905f)

Bush can say he's not the only one who did domestic spying, he can claim Bill Clinton did it too! (122105d)

The war on terror, and the potential for conflict with the constitutional rights of American citizens - that is the issue raised by the "secret spying on American citizens instigated by Bush. There is a constitutional issue here, he's supposed to have the constitutionally-required court approved warrants for such, but he avoided that step. What I want to know, as does this article, is this: isn't violating the constitutional rights of American citizens an impeachable offense? (121905b) if it isn't what is? Some Repubs are repulsed by Bubble Boy's bullying (122205a) FISA judges also are not happy with our bully boy (122205b)

Plame Game continues on - did Rove prevaricate? He did change his story, Fitzgerald has a new grand jury - it goes back to the Watergate type of questions, what did he say and when did he know he said it? (121805k)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

Some one famous once said, "Play it again Sam" and so we will, perhaps, here is the pattern of how Bushist idiocies are managed and massaged into vapor which, no matter how badly they stink, still seem temporary and insubstantial as applied to the current warrantless wiretapping scandal (122205c)

A report covering biased news, Iraqi civilian deaths, leading cause US forces, minor cause, some 10%, insurgent violence, and more media coverage (122005l)

Last year there was a time when someone noticed how congress did business very late at night, two, three even four am votes and roll calls, now, it seems, they are early birds, sometimes, as well. On Capitol Hill, predawn votes a little after 6 a.m. yesterday, approved a five-year budget (122005f) plan that included almost $40 billion in cuts to programs such as Medicaid and student loans. An hour earlier, the House also passed a $453 billion military spending bill that included a provision to permit oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. (122005g) The bill, which includes money for hurricane relief and preparations for an avian flu pandemic, might put lawmakers who are against ANWR in a tough spot if they do not want to be seen as voting against funding the troops. Also, some are pointing out that the legislation to help prepare the country for a possible outbreak of bird flu (122005h) protects vaccine-makers from any liability, including the result of negligence. So who stays up to watch these antics? Who gets up early to check on the cuts to Medicaid? Do you know what a "midnight rider" is?

So King Bushwhacker breaks the law, uh, I mean the constitution, so? Does anyone bring up the word impeachment? (122005c) Well someone uses the dreaded "I" word, this article talks about the range of people involved in the domestic spying cover up (122005e)

Here is a nice overview of the "warrantless wire tap" episode (122105a) Here is a report that talks about how the government misled the court regarding the FISA process and more. (122105b)

Oh yes and here is the Jackass in Chief holding forth on how and why wire taps and such like must have a court order supporting them, no matter the USA PATRIOT Act he says, nothing has changed, he says. (122005d)

Why wait for science, reason, or logic? Just buy an expert, or, better still, a whole think tank and get your press coverage for fee, uh, I mean, free,well, sort of. (121905e)

I've said it before but just because Saddam WhoSane? tortured people and horribly does not mean that what we do is excusable because it is "not as bad". There should be absolutely no comparison between the way we treat our prisoners in Iraq and the way Saddam did. No comparison should be possible, we are the good guys, in the white hats remember? (121905d)

Here's a story that bears covering, Clinton had Whitewater and Lewinsky because of that House Government Reform Committee issued over 1,000 subpoenas. Because of leaks of CIA secrets, the largest intelligence failure in US history, 9/11, an illegal war with cherry picked analysis, numerous government departments being run by those they are supposed to regulate, record breaking incompetence during the hurricane season, substantial foreign policy blunders not limited to Iran, North Korea and the establishment of Black Sites or the use of torture, this House has seen fit to issue only three subpoenas to the Bubble Boy's Administration. Sounds fair, so it's not a story, right? (121805f)

Here is how it used to be with "real reporters" Jack Anderson gave them hell, had murder plots against him by "some of the president's men" and more, much, much more. Who takes his place? (121805c) For a more detailed look, part one (121805d) part two (121805e)

The Future: 

A bit of history to the Anglo-American invasion of the Middle East (122105e)

Radicals believe that the age of oil is nearing its denouement, among those are a small group who claim biodiesel or corn based ethanol are the answer, and within those are an even smaller group who say: "Do the math, neither of these solutions add up, in fact they make matters such as global warming worse, encourage environmental destruction, and loose energy rather than produce it. (121905j) see the 8th and 9th story on the page.

The revolution continues in South America with Bolivia being the most recent "growth opportunity" Two elected center right governments toppled in as many years and now a native, meaning a man of non-spanish descent, has a chance at taking the reigns of power. (121805g) Another story gives a broader picture (121905a)

The debate over global warming has shifted, now the detractors have the burden of proof, results from around the world point, increasingly to a warming trend while the US remains outside the Kyoto fold and the trend seems destined to increase its effects on climate, food production, water supplies and, yes, politics. (121805b)

The future of the US: 

Impeachment, pollsters say it's not being asked about because it's not in the media, its not "a topic of general discussion", congress is not talking about it. Well, that's changed hasn't it? Impeachment polling regarding Clinton/Lewinsky began quite early on - with Bush, it's late in the game, here is coverage of how polls have been covering the "I" issue. (122305g)

Fear of the Devil is a hell of a governing tool, how "evil" is being marketed and everything egregious Bubble Boy does is defended, ultimately with the notion that "as soon as an atomic bomb goes off in American city ..." (122305f)

Just for fun check out a record of the Bushwhacker in chief's lies, misdirections and so forth, I have read a few of them other places but this collection is a nice read, if you have a half an hour or so (121905x)

Request the right book and you too can have a visit from government agents! Be the first on your block! My thoughts are these, lots of people should check out Mao's Little Red Book, the original translated version then they'd have to visit us all. What a concept! (121805x)

What the hell, who cares about Canada anyway? I mean WTF? Our man up there stirs the pot of their internal politics, perhaps to our disadvantage - so what else would a "good boot licking bushite" do? (121805i)


Conyers wants to investigate a whole range of Bush and Cheneyist activities. Any chance of change? (122005k)

A article which touts 2005 as a year when the "Goliaths" did not fare all that well, not that the "Davids" did smashingly well, but the upshot, globally, is that there may be a measure of optimism in regard to a shifting of power to "the little guy." (122005x)

Here, possibly, is an example of how bio - engineering and or genetic engineering that has benefits, perhaps low impact and a real potential to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from illnesses, especially the poor as it ha the promise of reducing cost and increasing quality. (122005a)


Great quote by a younger, much younger Lincoln, and one that has particular relevance for today and yesterday. Read on! (123005d)


Iraqi unity? Seems like "like voted for like" religious fault lines are clearly being drawn. It was not two years ago that the secular nature of the Iraqi culture was touted as being the foundation for a democratic Iraq, no longer, it would seem. (122805)

Some insight into Kurdish ambitions, the impression is that "nothing has changed" independence and Kikurk, even Mosul are on their minds. The article indicates they are preparing for an opportunity to arise. (122805k) Many in the Iraqi army believe civil war is coming (122805l)

A list of the ten biggest lies being told about Iraq and the "evolving situation" "on the ground." A good read, brief and concise. (122705e)

Are you ready for a year in review? For Iraq? For 2005? Here it is full of quotes and fact is, milestones and memoirs, flip-flops, contradictions and all of the disparate errata of a chaotic system in dynamic collapse. (122605h)

How we work to secure one city, this is the third time in as many years we're trying to turn over Samarra to Iraqi police. A two part tale of "success Part one." (122605a) and Part Two (122605b) Violence flares, the election, some say, stokes the resistance. I ask what doesn't stoke the resistance? (122605c)


Chalabi was our point man for operations in Iraq, point man of sorts, a man with many lives, and a long, long story. Now we have another of his kind, meet Farid Ghadry, who is the head of a group wanting to change the regime in Syria, meeting with neo con "drum head" Perle with Chalabi himself. (122805x)

The War On Terror:

The hunger strike at Guantanamo spikes for Christmas, Read On: (123005h)

CondiGirl thinks domestic spying is OK. How do we know? She OK'ed spying on the UN delegates when the debate concerning action in Iraq was at its height. (122705b) And, Padilla, a case where the Imperial Presidency meets resistance from the Judicial Branch. (122805n)

How to loose friends and strengthen enemies, the Homeland Security operations alienate US Muslims by spying on mosques, harassing those who are traveling and so forth (122605d)

Our media's presstitutes inaction:

Summaries of under reported stories, actually two ten point lists, it's a nice summary of the anti war movement for 2005. Read on: (123005j)

So our allies in the "terror war" torture children and we fund it? A brave Englishman, the Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, spills the proverbial beans from that same country. Read On! (123005f) Here are some of those memos, now available on the web. Read On! (123005g)

One might think that, what with all the coverage of rendition and such, that such controversial and or illegal proceedings have been on the wane, and one would, of course, knowing BubbleBoy and his ButtBrained sidekick, be wrong. (123005a)

There is the "electronic wall" and the "semantic wall" that is to say the chosen subject matter of the stories that are covered and then the way terminology effects perceptions. (122805g) What happens when Presidents lie? Here is an overview of a book covering just that topic. (122805h) And in case you think our democracy needs a nightcap here it is, no plainer words could be chosen, well maybe not. (122805i)

Terrorism isn't terrorism when it's anti-abortionist "direct action" or so it seems. I mean a tossed bomb is a tossed bomb, bomb threats are bomb threats, murder is murder, no? (122805f)

Here is an update of some of the "embeds" the reporters that were integrated into the first wave of the US invasion of Iraq. Many thought it would be quickly over, all were effected by the process. (122705c)

Fox News, if you can call it that, offers a sampler of how news is "analyzed" No wonder we're heading to hell in a hand basket and the viewers of this pap think they're informed, oh well. (122705a)

Lets look at about a month's worth of news worthy stories and how the news organizations covered them, the questions that should have been asked, the points that were made and accepted without question, the speeches with errors and so forth, a long depressing sort of read alive with links to the originating sources. (122605g)

The Future: 

Here is a stunning chance to see how predictions hold up. In 2006 there are a number of elections world wide which have import, Part one (123105a) Part two (123105b) Part three (123105c) Part four (123105d) Part five (123105e) Part six (123105f)

This story caught my eye, I mean I'd seen a brief headline but upon reading this it struck me that Oklahoma and even parts of northern Texas should be cold this time of year and getting dustings of snow and such like. This is not the central plains kind of weather I read about in history books, or check it and let me know. (123005c)

The article says the US has had "wild weather." The hurricane season demonstrated that all to well, as did late winters in New England and changes in rainfall. Gee I wonder why that might be? (123005b)

Some time ago there were stories concerning the notion that the myopic concern the US has for Iraq and the "war on terror" has caused it to ignore or "loose" South America, encourage alternate alliance building in Asia and Europe as well as this: a souring of relations between Japan and China, 2005 has been a bad year in that regard. (122805b) and page two of the story (122805c) It will be yet another example of the law of unintended consequences if this escalates in any way.

The future of the US: 

An economic measure shows the US troubled relative to other economies in the world, the article does not mention China's boom times though it compares other "more traditional" economies. I believe that the relative poor showing is an indicator that we are on the "wrong track" both economically and politically. With Crazy George The Third in office can we expect a dramatic repair? (123105x)

A scary look at the line of succession if Bush is impeached successfully. Not at all pretty; I mean really. Read on: (123005i) So who will impeach Bush, who will fight for the constitution? Rhetorical questions to some extent but that is what is discussed here, the apparent bankruptcy of the Dems, Repubs, and the media make one wonder. (122605e) But we see some "blowback" on this "imperial presidency" not much true but some. (122605f)

How to pass a bill "Godfather" style, yet, despite the "bells and whistles" (read "pork") the bill failed. (122805e)

The wire tap scandal shows that if we have not crossed the Rubicon, we may be wading in its waters. (122805d)

PTSD among returning veterans is higher than for those from Korea or Vietnam. (122705f) But the VA is reconsidering how "serious" PTSD is and how much it should be "covered." (122705g)


Perhaps a relevant glimpse into the past how the US, in a small New England town, hosted the peace talks for the Japanese Russian war which ended 100 years ago. (123005e)

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