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Fourth Quarter of 2004

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October 2004



Election, not selection:

Gallup Polls, well, uh, let's see, their own information provides grist for the bias mill. Don't have to believe me, read the story here. (100104c)

Dan Rather, CBS, the Bush files, Burkett, Rove, Bush and how lying is the norm it seems. (092304d) Ohio, lots of pre election hoopla over voters' confusion, lists being processed and, oh yes, chaos. (092304a) Here is a story from a "staunch republican" blasting Bush on environmental policy, the main complaint foxes in charge of the henhouse. (092605a)

The elections, American, Iraqi, and the facts that are being fudged to us are costly on the ground, fact checking Bush. (092704e)

Dare I offer a hint of hope? Dems increase registration of new voters in battle ground states of Ohio and Florida. (092704b) However that must be tempered with the fact that, Florida's system does not meet standards that we set for other nation's "free and fair" elections. (092704c)

Hints are a' rumblin' from the "Old Dominion". Yessireeboberino, Virginnny seems to have "somethin' goin' on. Kerry activists are making waves, now O'l Ginny aint gone demmicratik for some time, pert near 40 years, but it is not cut and dried Bush country. (092904a)

A Michael Moore retrospective of Team Bush's explanations of how we handled Iraq. It is a bit funny, but includes some worthy quotes that team Bush would rather be forgotten. (092604b)

Read why John Eisenhower, son of the late president, and a republican for 50 years has abandoned Bush (092904b)

And get a laugh at long last, The Iconoclast, the "hometown paper" of Bush in Crawford Texass has endorsed Kerry with good reasoning. (092904c)

Here is monumental Bush flip flop, or the sending of mixed messages: First, get Osama Dead or Alive (100104a) and then: "You know, I just don't spend that much time on him, Kelly, to be honest with you." Which is the real message and which is the mixed one? (100104b)

Global Warming:

Scientists are getting on the campaign bandwagon touring the "battleground zones" and providing voters with data they might need. (092904d)

The wars:

Does anyone feel a draft. From time to time hints appear that "its baaaaack!" (092304b) In the war on terrorism you would think that Bush wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on some one credited, now, with hundreds of killings, US troops included, but it seems that he, inexplicably didn't pull the trigger, not just once but a few times. (092304c) Bush and Allawi both talk about how nice things are in Baghdad, would that our own data supported that claim, attacks are up since the hand over, and spreading over a wider area, it seems. (092704a) Yes, attacks are up, higher in "quality" quantity, and spreading over a wider area ... maybe Bush is right, there is steady progress. (0982704f)


Civil Rights, Human Rights, technology, surveillance and some thoughts:

You know it is the little things that hardly get covered that sometimes are big news. Take this, Implantable Medical ID Approved By FDA (101414c) This story details how we humans can be "chipped" and, as the Post put it, "scan patients like cans of soup at a grocery store." This would allow a person to be scanned at distance say, as they pass near a store's security camera, walk through an airport, enter a company's parking lot, check out a book, buy groceries, in short lots of places. The technology has good uses to be sure but how many of us want that kind of power in the hands of well, just about any agency, company, organization or party?

Election, not selection:

A few items that are hopeful: The Band of Sisters, the loved ones of those in Iraq, goes on campaign (100304b) Then too a group of military families whose relatives died in Iraq are also going on tour. (100304c) Even more data on the upcoming Ohio voter fraud and action you can take.(100304d) And voter registration drives, they are impressive this year, and potentially influential since newly registered voters are not usually polled, another random factor in a wild and woolly election (100304e)

More trouble with touch screen voting machines. One of three voters will be using these machines, so they say, and the system crashed in a public test recently made in, you guessed it, West Palm Beach Florida the site of the famous hanging and pregnant chads of the 2000 election. Absentee voting anyone? (101304g)

Are we safer now? According to this story while we've been in Iraq great amounts of equipment, whole buildings even which could be used to make of nuclear weapons, have disappeared. (101204l) And this report shows that the resistance is after chemical and biological weapons; we know this because we've stopped one groups rather extensive and worrisome preparations. (101204m)

The CIA seems to be at odds with our man Bush. The leaking of information, documents and so forth is well underway and there are promises of more embarrassment to come. (101204d) Not only that but Israel seems to get in on the bandwagon criticizing the effect of the Iraq war, they say it was/is a distraction from the war on terror, made it harder, and provided the enemy with recruits. (101204a)

Conservatives abandoning Bush? Horror of horrors that it might be, it could come to pass and Bush has no one to blame but himself and those he and his daddy surrounded him with. (101204h) Edwards and Cheney's debate, fact checking Cheney: what didn't he lie about? (101204i)

Georgie Porgie managed to set a record, the first president in some 70 plus years to have a net loss of jobs during his occupation of the office of president. And he wasn't small about it either, some 821,000 jobs were lost. (101204c) Also, check this out, Bush is 4 for 4, each and every year he's been in office the deficit has grown each time, a first since about WW2. (101204k)

Georgie and Ralphie sitting in a tree K - I - S - S - I - N - G, that is the long and short of it; Nader vows to campaign and seems to be focusing on "battleground" states where polling shows statistical dead heats between Bush and Kerry. (101204)

What was Georgie wearing during the debate? There is photographic evidence that he could have been wearing a communications device which would have allowed the use of a small ear implant to transmit a voice to him. There is some evidence that he has used such a device in the past, can anyone recall Milli Vanilli? (101204f)

Diebold is in the news again. This article describes how a simple operation can switch the totals of millions of votes. Sound easy? It is! Has security been upgraded? No! Why would that be? Good question. (101204j) Onward and upward more voter fraud there are two stories, similar, a private organization sets about registering voters, however, the forms filled out by democrats are torn up, hows about that my friend, one story is from Oregon (101304b) and one is from Las Vegas. (101304c) and then there is this one from Florida. (101304f)

A note on the third debate:

At last night's debate President Bush claimed that, contrary to Sen. John Kerry's assertion, he never said he was "not that concerned" about Osama Bin Laden. Bush chastised Kerry saying, "Gosh, I don't think I ever said I'm not worried about Osama bin Laden. That's kind of one of those exaggerations. "Bush was completely wrong. At March 13, 2002 press conference, Bush said "So I don't know where he [Osama Bin Laden] is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him... I truly am not that concerned about him." Watch the video of Bush's remarks:

Global Warming/Environment:

How can he say it with a straight face: "I am a steward of the land." George seems to have forgotten the nearly 400 proposed rollbacks of environmental law and or regulations that his administration has pushed for. (101204g)

Some time ago there was a spate of stories about a decline in the population of various frog species, now in a belated follow up there is this story outlining the decline in similar species such as newts and other amphibians, some 32% of such species are endangered, disturbingly there is a lack of understanding as to why this is so. (101404b)

The Wars:

Seymore Hersh reports during a talk in Berkeley that he's been told of a massacre perpetrated by US troops, witnessed by US troops. Two units, one which knew the Iraqis who were slaughtered, they were guarding some granaries, and the others who insisted that they were the enemy and were counted as such. Shades of Vietnam. I wonder if we'll hear more of this. (101304a)

Terrorists threats increasing for South Korea? Say it aint so! But it is. Though they've yet to "make a splash" as they did in Spain, South Korea is allocating impressive resources to circumvent "newsworthy or noteworthy events" (101404a)

Afghanistan's Election and fraud, massive, pervasive:

Just one person's viewpoint here, but the article is troubling in that it provides widespread evidence that the election was not valid. It is just another example of how we've just soldiered on no matter the reality, no matter the cost. (101304d) and another report in the same vein. (101304e)

Atomic Terror?

We are shipping tons of weapons grade plutonium to France so they can process it and send it back. Russia is set to engage in a similar set of feats, what's troubling is that I know about it, others were able to follow the shipments and the described security was, well, not as good as one might think. I mean think AQ, think Osama. Then ask, what are we doing putting enough plutonium for hundreds of bombs out where someone could grab it? (100304f)

World Opinion:

How is world opinion effected when US groups petition to the UN for election monitors for November? How embarrassing. (101204b) If the world could vote in our election Bush would be OUT OUT OUT. Read the story here. (101404d)

It seems that we do not enjoy the reputation that we once did. The picture is not completely bleak, but it is certainly not at all what it once was. (100304a)


Civil Rights, Human Rights, technology, surveillance and some thoughts:

You know it is the little things that hardly get covered that sometimes are big news. Take this, Implantable Medical ID Approved By FDA (101414c) This story details how we humans can be "chipped" and, as the Post put it, "scan patients like cans of soup at a grocery store." This would allow a person to be scanned at distance say, as they pass near a store's security camera, walk through an airport, enter a company's parking lot, check out a book, buy groceries, in short lots of places. The technology has good uses to be sure but how many of us want that kind of power in the hands of well, just about any agency, company, organization or party?

If 50 million people vote and there is a 1% difference between Kerry and Bush that translates into a numeric difference of only 500,000 votes nationwide. If each state had an equal share in that number then the margin of victory in any given state would be 10,000 votes. A slim margin indeed.

Election, not selection:

Did you know that November second is "National Celibacy Day"? That's correct, no bush and no dick.

I am picking up stories about long time Republicans lambasting Bush. Here is one that is a worthy read. This man was twice asked to run against Bill Clinton in Arkansas, is a long time Republican, of course, and a well known fundraiser for the party. Yet, despite this he does take Mr. B. to task, and rake him over the coals of righteous indignation. (101904a) Then there is this: former Republican Gov. William Milliken of Michigan endorsed Democratic Sen. John Kerry for president on Monday, saying President Bush has pursued policies "pandering to the extreme right wing." (101904b)

Speaking of endorsements the Tampa Tribune supports Kerry and this article explaining that choice reads as a concise litany of the error of Mr. Bush's ways. It is a great read and useful for a debater's "talking points" (101904c)

Speaking of endorsements, this story from Teheran, Iran has it that the Iranian's see Bush as their best bet. The reasons presented would be humorous, the stuff of comedy it it were a real report (102004a)

Karl Rove has pulled off elections before 2000's Florida theft, just check out this one story to see how he operates. (101604c) With "artisans" such as Rove and the voter fraud already reported in the last newsletter it is unsettling that we are not prepared to manage the probable flood of fraud that this election might produce. (101604e) Would you like an overview of some of the voter fraud stories not yet covered? Here it is (101604f) And here is the update on the Florida voter list purge. (101904d)

Voter fraud in Wisconsin, just the latest in a series of reports. (101604i) And there is this story from Ohio (101604j) And an update on the Nevada story as well (101604k) And there is involvement/connections between the Nevada story and Bush/Cheney (101604m) And let us not forget Florida (101704a)

Good news on the voter rights front, this article describes the public release of The Civil Rights Record of the George W Bush Administration - the official staff report prepared by the US Civil Rights Commission - whose submission is required by federal law, was blocked by the Republican commissioners: guess why ... its portrayal of Bush is not at all flattering, it is flattening instead. (102104a)

This article is especially for the 22 million young women who did not vote in 2000, who are unlikely voters in 2004, Oprah says, publicly and for the record to "get off your butts and vote" (101604l)

One sometimes wonders why George Bush is "still standing" well this well written article gives several reasons, illuminates the nature of the beast, and while it does not provide a recipe for reducing his threat, it does allow us to look at Georgie in such a way as to clarify the largess of the threat he poses and might well explain why he'll do so well in the polls, all cheating aside. (101704b)

Here is a twist, The Guardian, a center - left paper in England, is organizing people in other countries to contact undecided voters in Ohio, how unusual is that? (101804b)

Let's pick apart a wonderful little set of Bush lies. I am not going to archive these two stories, they're here just for fun:

During the debates the flu vaccine shortage came up. President Bush has tried to avoid any responsibility for the flu vaccine shortage by making misleading statements. During the presidential debate last Wednesday, President Bush said the problem was that "we relied upon a company out of England." That isn't true. Chiron Corp., the company whose vaccine plant was contaminated, is a California company - subject to regulation by the U.S. government - that operates a factory in England.

During the debate, President Bush also said, "we took the right action and didn't allow contaminated medicine into our country." adding in effect that by June 2003, the United States Food and Drug Administration inspected the Chiron plant.[5] Initially, the FDA found that the plant was contaminated with bacteria but later announced, "the problems were corrected to their satisfaction," and allowed the plant to continue to operate. That isn't true either. It was the British authorities who, after inspecting the plant, revoked the factory's license on October 5th.

A nice article here lets us know that the Global Warming is "just the tip of the proverbial iceberg" it is an interesting read (101604d)

The Wars:

Unprecedented that 500 national security specialists simply say that the Iraq war has been, is and will be a big negative for the US and its interests. (101604g) Cheney, Halliburton, Saddam, Iraq, and the UN oil for food program is again in the news, more bad news for Mr. Cheney who was in charge of Halliburton during the "kickback days." (101604h)

The first report of US troops refusing to follow an order? It gets no coverage as of yet. (101604a) And here is a follow up story. (101604b)

We did not do the war in any way that could be considered correct, from beginning to end according to Knight Ridder's Washington office. (101704c)

So maybe I shouldn't put this story in this section, but I think I'd like to know where he was going with the Cesium 137. And I ask you to consider "the possibilities. (101804a)

When Wars Collide, Afghanistan and Iraq: a criticism of the policy that robbed the first to fight the second. how it was done, opportunities missed, and the details, a worthy read. (102204a)


Civil Rights, Human Rights, technology, surveillance and some thoughts:

You know it is the little things that hardly get covered that sometimes are big news. Take this, Implantable Medical ID Approved By FDA (101414c) And a test of the electronic voting machines fails (102704b)

Election, not selection:

Well, here it is Al Qaida's "endorsement" of Bush. It came out of the Madrid bombing. We heard about the threats but did not get to hear the part where AQ stated a preference for Bush over Kerry, read from this article from Al Jazzera: (103104a)

"A word for the foolish Bush. We are very keen that you do not lose in the forthcoming elections as we know very well that any big attack can bring down your government and this is what we do not want.

"We cannot get anyone who is more foolish than you, who deals with matters with force instead of wisdom and diplomacy.

"Your stupidity and religious extremism is what we want as our people will not awaken from their deep sleep except when there is an enemy.

"Kerry will kill our nation while it sleeps because he and the Democrats have the cunning to embellish blasphemy and present it to the Arab and Muslim nation as civilization.

"Because of this we desire you [Bush] to be elected."

The pollsters seem to want us to believe that the numbers are different from what they really are, Gallup and others have skewed methodology leading to misleading figures that don't figure. (103040b)

58,000 absentee ballots disappear in Florida's Broward County. Now, they may be found and may be delivered but what happens if they are not? (102704a)

In Florida #1) about half the voters are going to be using electronic voting machines, the kind with no paper trail and the sort that have security flaws big enough to drive a presidential election through (102504g) Florida #2) A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's African-American voting districts, a BBC News night investigation reveals. (102804a) Florida #3) MIAMI, Oct. 26 - A federal district judge here dismissed a lawsuit Tuesday that was filed on behalf of more than 10,000 new voters whose registration forms had been rejected as incomplete. (102804b) and Florida #4 Early-voting advocates are angry that outgoing Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore neglected to put booths in the largely black communities in central Palm Beach County (102804e)

What does George Bush do when employment is down, Wall Street is down, oil is up, the economy stalls, the wars, both of them, are faring quite poorly? Well he certainly doesn't run "on his record" repressing voters rights is the course of choice, Ohio is the "star state" in this effort. (102504d)

This would be funny if it were not so true, 100 facts (about the Bush administration) and one opinion. It is a devastating read for any who care to debate a Bush supporter. (102304g)

I guess we have had it made clear that voter fraud doesn't have to wait until the votes are counted, not when you can tear up, invalidate or otherwise remove voters from the rolls. Now it seems that in Ohio there will be people at polling stations who can and will challenge voters they believe are challengeable. (102304a) Here is as follow up on that story from Ohio like the article says, something is terribly wrong (102804d)

Twelve ways Bush is now stealing the Ohio vote, The Republican "November Surprise" to steal the 2004 election is in full force here in Ohio by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman (103004a)

Polling is a science and, as it appears on CNN, an art form as well: selectivity, editing, and bias prevail where numbers should rule. (102304e)

In 2000 is was mainly Florida that people focused on, most all forgot about St. Louis where thousands of voters couldn't vote because there was a lack of ballots and Republican's disallowed an extension of the polling hours to allow time for ballots to be delivered. Well, shades of the past, with electronic voting coming to the fore we have potential "Floridas" in several states. (102304f)

An overview of how the middle east sees benefits of Bush. But how the opinion is more diverse in the wider region and the "Arab world" in general, writes Brian Whitaker (102904a)

The Wars:

Here is an interesting analysis of what Bush supporters believe being contrasted with the facts as they are known. Surprise: they believe contradicting items but it does not seem to be a problem. (102304c)

What does the CIA think? Bush et al does not want you to know about a report just out, well it was out in June, but the congressional committees who mandated it have not seen it yet. We may see it after the election, then again we may not. 102304d)

Some months ago I posted reference to an article which detailed how the 101st Airborne had made successes in the Iraqi territory it was responsible for. Here, again, is another similar story, the sad part is their success is not being copied and the unit is due to be replaced and who knows if their operational style will be continued. (102304h)

Mr. Bush made a comment during the debates and during the campaign that Kerry has not done much as a senator, but perhaps he forgot about his daddy and the BCCI scandal. For those who do not recall this huge, landmark investigation which did strike at the terrorist financial infrastructure, here is an article that provides the basics of the story. (102304b)

Hints of war or an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and other targets? This is the most recent of these stories. I would suspect that a true "October surprise" would include a precipitating event however, meaning, in my mind, an attack of some sort for which Iran would be blamed, then the plan stated in this article would be unleashed. Speculation? Probably. Probability of such an even, low, or so we hope. (102404a)

London: Researchers have estimated that as many as 100,000 more Iraqis -- many of them women and children the results of a research study. From what I read I wonder how many more indirect casualties could be estimated (102904b)

These two stories dovetail nicely: "There about 900 ammo dumps around the country and a bunch of these places still aren't guarded." (102904c) And a senior U.S. military official as says al Qaqaa "was one of numerous times when Iraqis warned us that ammo dumps and other places were being looted and we weren't able to respond because we didn't have anyone to send," (102904d)


Our ally in the terrorism war seems to be slowly "slip sliding away..." and our policies help this nuclear armed Moslem nation on its way. It's not gone yet, but shouldn't we be doing more about it? (103004c)


We believe we let Bin Laden slip out of the Bora Bora loop, (102504b) As the toll of mayhem inspired by terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi one wonders why we did not go after him when we had the chance? (102504c) Then too we shouldn't let "whoever" get their hands of hundreds of tons of very high explosives. (102504e) Then also one would not want to leave 500 million dollars around somewhere for "someone" to get away with and use. (102504f)

Then again, another story reporting how we could have gotten Mr. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi our most sought after terrorist, at least at this moment, but did not. Mr. Bush didn't pull the trigger and so much more in the article (102804c)

If we do ever see nuclear weapons in the hands of "stateless terrorists" this 5 page article from the Washington Post will be illuminate how Bush mishandled this aspect of his charge "... to serve and protect ..." (102604a, 102604b , 102604c , 102604d, 102604e.)

That article talks mostly about the past, this one is the update for today. It seems some important things are missing, in fact, lots of important stuff is missing and Pakistan, or rather, Dr. Khan is not talking overmuch it seems. 9102604f)

Ecology, Iraqi farmers and farming, and "protecting patented plants"

We have had this sort of thing in the US and now we "export" this dubious practice to Iraq, how wonderful. (102304h)

Connecting how land, people, jobs, ecology, government and business works, this article is food for thought. (102504a)

"Military Service (by Democrats , Republicans, Media Pundits)


Richard Gephardt: Air National Guard, 1965-71 ... David Bonior: Staff Sgt., Air Force1968-72 ... Tom Daschle: 1st Lt., Air Force SAC 1969-72 ... Al Gore: enlisted Aug. 1969; sent to Vietnam Jan. 1971 as an army journalist in 20th Engineer Brigade ... Bob Kerrey: Lt. j.g. Navy 1966-69; Medal of Honor, Vietnam ... Daniel Inouye: Army 1943-'47; Medal of Honor, WWII ... John Kerry: Lt., Navy 1966-70; Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V Purple Hearts ... John Edwards: did not serve ... Charles Rangel: Staff Sgt., Army 1948-52;Bronze Star, Korea ... Max Cleland: Captain, Army 1965-68; Silver Star & Bronze Star, Vietnam ... Ted Kennedy: Army, 1951-1953 ... Tom Harkin: Lt., Navy, 1962-67; Naval Reserve, 1968-74

Jack Reed: Army Ranger, 1971-1979 Captain, Army Reserve 1979-91 ... Fritz Hollings: Army officer in WWII, receiving the Bronze Star and 7 campaign ribbons ... Leonard Boswell: Lt. Col., Army 1956-76; Vietnam, Bronze Stars, Soldier's Medal ... Pete Peterson: Air Force Captain, POW. Purple Heart, Silver Star and Legion of Merit ... Mike Thompson: Staff sergeant, 173rd Airborne, Purple Heart ... Bill McBride: Candidate for Fla Governor Marine in Vietnam; Bronze Star with Combat ... Gray Davis: Army Captain in Vietnam, Bronze Star.

Pete Stark: Air Force 1955-57 ... Chuck Robb: Vietnam ... Howell Heflin: Silver Star ... George McGovern: Silver Star & DFC during WWII ... Bill Clinton: Did not serve. Student deferments. Entered draft but received 311 ... Jimmy Carter: Seven years in the Navy ... Walter Mondale: Army 1951-1953 ... John Glenn: WWII and Korea; six DFCs and Air Medal with 18 Clusters ... Tom Lantos: Served in Hungarian underground in WWII. Saved by Raoul Wallenberg ... Wesley Clark: U.S. Army, 1966-2000, West Point, Vietnam, Purple Heart Silver Star. Retired 4-star general ... John Dingell: WWII vet ... John Conyers: Army 1950-57, Korea


Dennis Hastert: did not serve ... Tom Delay: did not serve ... House Whip Roy Blunt: did not serve ... Bill Frist: did not serve ... Rudy Giuliani: did not serve ... George Pataki: did not serve ... Mitch McConnell: did not serve ... ... Rick Santorum: did not serve ... Trent Lott: did not serve ... Dick Cheney: did not serve. Several deferments, the last by marriage ...

John Ashcroft: did not serve. Seven deferments to teach business ... Jeb Bush: did not serve ... Karl Rove: did not serve ... Saxby Chambliss: did not serve. "Bad knee."He's the "man" who attacked Max Cleland's patriotism ... Paul Wolfowitz: did not serve ... Vin Weber: did not serve ... Richard Perle: did not serve ... Douglas Feith: did not serve ... Eliot Abrams: did not serve ... Richard Shelby: did not serve ... Jon Kyl: did not serve ... Tim Hutchison: did not serve ... Christopher Cox: did not serve ... Newt Gingrich: did not serve ... Don Rumsfeld: served in peacetime Navy (1954-57) as aviator and flight instructor ... George W. Bush: six-year Nat'l Guard commitment (incomplete) ... Ronald Reagan: due to poor eyesight served in a non-combat role making movies ... Gerald Ford: Navy, WWII ... Phil Gramm: did not serve ... John McCain: Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit ... Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross ... Bob Dole: an honorable veteran ... Chuck Hagel: two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, Vietnam ... Jeff Sessions: Army Reserves, 1973-1986 ... C Watts: did not serve ... Lindsey Graham: National Guard lawyer ... G.H.W. Bush: Pilot in WWII. Shot down by the Japanese ... Tom Ridge: Bronze Star for Valor in Vietnam ... Antonin Scalia: did not serve ... Clarence Thomas: did not serve ...


Sean Hannity: did not serve ... Rush Limbaugh: did not serve (4-F with a 'pilonidal cyst) ... Bill O'Reilly: did not serve ... Michael Savage: did not serve ... George Will: did not serve ... Chris Matthews: did not serve ... Paul Gigot: did not serve ... Bill Bennett: did not serve ... Pat Buchanan: did not serve ... Bill Kristol: did not serve ... Kenneth Starr: did not serve ... Michael Medved: did not serve.

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November 2004



Just a word on the name change. I changed the name to the weather report because, well, it seemed like we "like t'be in fer a long and bad spell of it" as Vermonters like to say. As to the news, well, of course with radical conservatives in charge of all three branches of the government, completely dominating the media and with the acceptance of touchless screen voting there would seem to be nothing much for me to say.

Folks we're on a new road now, an uncharted path. I believe we've lost our democracy and that is truly spectacular.

After the Election:

So let's get on with a post mortem: Is it not a sorry state of affairs when those who would resist Bush accept the voting as if there were no problems whatsoever? But there was: one third of the electorate used touchless, traceless, can't be verifiably double-checked, corruptible and unreliable systems. All during the night I heard news reporters repeating: "there does not seem to be any problems ... the machines seem to be working perfectly.

Unfortunately we may well never know just how this election played out, all we have are hints such as these: The hot story in the Blogosphere is that the "erroneous" exit polls that showed Kerry carrying Florida and Ohio (among other states) weren't erroneous at all - it was the numbers produced by paperless voting machines that were wrong, and Kerry actually won (110604d) Or this story from Bev Harris Executive Director of Black Box Voting.(110604e)

Just for the curious, here is an analysis of the election given as if its results were in line with reality. It asks the question: did the gay marriage issue provide the impetus for republican victory, the answer, of course, is not it did not. (110604j)

Then check these out: the loss was not due to their candidate's personality, the flaws of this or that advisor or the party's platform (110604a) "It simply boggles the mind: we've already had four years of some of the most appalling and abusive foreign and domestic policy in American history, some of the most well-documented atrocities ever wrought on the American populace and it's all combined with the biggest and most violently botched and grossly mismanaged war since Vietnam..." so this person says, (110604b)

An optimist opines: progressives, who were on the defensive two years ago, added millions of new voters and tapped a new energy and activism that will last far beyond November 2nd, says this person (110604c)

Hints of trouble from Ohio: A database of voter irregularities is reportedly being assembled, and hopefully there will be web sites devoted to documenting what really happened. (110604f) Do we hear about the protest in Ohio? Not a word it seems, not one. (110604g) Do we hear about the exit polls which were accurate for the senatorial races but inaccurate for the presidential one? A fairly inexplicable contradiction I would say. (110604h)

And some say it was the imbalance in the "media world" that provides the masses with the daily news and, more importantly, the analysis of that news. (110604i)

Some of "Scandal 2004" seems to have surfaced in Ohio and Florida:

Ohio: apparently in Auglaize County someone was allowed access to the computer system that provided ballots and compile results contrary to protocols and illegal (110704a) In Gahanna Ohio there were exactly 0 votes cast in a local election, according to an e-voting machine. (110704d) Then here is the overview of some of the stories from Ohio, suspicions mounting? (110704e)

In Florida: Jeff Fisher, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida's 16th District said he was waiting for the FBI to show up. Fisher has evidence, he says, not only that the Florida election was hacked, but of who hacked it and how (110704b) Oh, yes, if you want to see tables and charts which show discrepancies in Florida, check this web page out. (110704c)

Just so you can't say you weren't told:

Overview of Changes to Legal Rights By The Associated Press September 5, 2002 (original article; (References to: B.O.R.D.C.) (103104b)

Some of the fundamental changes to Americans' legal rights by the Bush administration and the USA Patriot Act following the terror attacks:

* FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity to assist terror investigation.

* FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: Government has closed once-public immigration hearings, has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged bureaucrats to resist public records requests.

* FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation.

* RIGHT TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Government may monitor federal prison jailhouse conversations between attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes.

* FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCHES: Government may search and seize Americans' papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror investigation.

* RIGHT TO A SPEEDY AND PUBLIC TRIAL: Government may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.

* RIGHT TO LIBERTY: Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them.

Prior to the Election:

This you may read by the time the election has been held, though it may not be over. There is an argument, cogent enough, being put forth that since many in the world are greatly effected by what happens in our elections that it shouldn't be too surprising that this time around, with so much at stake, that they are making their preferences known and have a right to do so. Well, this article goes abroad and reports on the "pockets of support" Bush has overseas. (103104c) Does Bush have "strange and even estranged bedfellows?" the answer seems to be, "yes."

It's not even Election Day yet, and the Kerry-Edwards campaign is already down by a almost a million votes. That's because, in important states like Ohio, Florida and New Mexico, voter names have been systematically removed (110104a)

Keeping them from the polls, here is one of the older tricks used, in the old south: some group is South Carolina is circulating a phony letter, purporting to be from the NAACP, alerting voters that they'll be arrested at the polls if they have unpaid parking tickets or are behind in child support (110104b)

War on Terror:

Bush wanted Bin Laden, apparently he was offered up to us, put on ice as it were for a time, by the Taliban and long before 9/11 happened, so what went wrong when he could have had Osama bin Laden's head handed to him on a platter on his very first day in office, and the offer held good until February 2 of 2002. (110204a)

Oh, yes, Iraq:

Well the military says that they cannot "run a war" with a force as small as ours and that's why we outsource to private company for guards or "armed personnel" But who gets hired is alarming. (110704f)


The "election"

First you could ask for your personal copy of a PDF file titled: Unexplained Exit polls. (111604e)

Here is a set of links for those believing that election 2004 was hijacked: No Stolen Election (111404a) If you believe that George Bush won last nights election fair and square; then forget about reading this article. (111404b And here is a nice piece by Greg Palast who did uncover the voter fraud in Florida in 2000, its just no one listened. (111404c) The case for nationwide problems with voting is briefly outlined here from a number of states (111404d) A more radical viewpoint is expressed here at (111404e)

One of the epicenters for investigating the count and fraud is Black Box Voting (111404f) There are updates on fraud investigations in several states New Hampshire, Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and of course, our favorite, Florida. And speaking of Florida, Greg Palast illuminates the problems faced in 2000 are similar to the problems faced in 2004. Read this to see, "How dey dun did it agin' woikin ohber dese po' foks who ain't did nuttin' t'nobody, cept vote dat is." (111404i) And here is some back up for that viewpoint. (111404j) And just in case you have not had enough there is this story that details how Bush's vote tallies exceeded the number of registered republicans in 2/3s of Florida counties, talk about that magic feeling. (111404k)

An update on the Florida polling tapes being trashed but found none the less. 112104b) UC Berkeley enters the Florida Fraud Fray with statistical analysis that challenges the result differential between polling places with e-voting machines as opposed to "ordinary balloting means. (112104a)

Getting Kerry to Unconceed in Ohio and perhaps elsewhere? Interested? Here is an email address to send info to Cameron KERRY, John Kerry's brother at his law firm at the address, In Florida there are puzzling results that, well, simply don't add up. Also the article mentions that Kerry's folks are involved with recount activities in two states, one of them is Ohio. Something the mainstream media flatly ignores. (111404h) Another Ohio story: They might have conceded - but we haven't conceded our right to have our votes count. from the League of Pissed off Voters (111404f)

The Ohio hot seat gets hotter and hotter, will GW get burned, singed, or have a hot flash? The people tell their stories. (112104c)

Media is not interested in voting fraud stories rumors of a "lock down" on such stories circulate. (112104f)

The recounts are on:

First we hear of an investigation into fraud by A businessman in Nevada (111704a) As to Florida et al, there are some tantalizing tidbits of a fraud audit in several jurisdictions in Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona,while the Greens and Libertarians are going for it in Ohio, see: BlackBoxVoting (111704b) for stories dated, 11/13/04, see the one about Florida's Volusia County where voting "paper trails" were being trashed, literally and the police had to break up a fight over plastic bags full of the stuff.

Why recounts and fraud audits? Because of the math, the recount/audit mantra should be "It's the math, stupid." And it is. Here is a mathematician's view point that anomalies, well, just don't add up - the odds seem to be against that, interesting no? (1`11704c) So here is a bit more math on the equation of this election (111704d)

A word on exit polling, how could it go so wrong? Last week in an analysis of a similar, but incomplete set of data, Dr. Stephen F. Freeman from the University of Pennsylvania calculated that the odds of just three of the major swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania all swinging as far as they did against their respective exit polls were 250 million to 1. Dr. Freeman's academic paper contains a thorough description of why and how exit polls are conducted (in some countries they use them to prevent against vote fraud), and considers a number of hypotheses for why this year's polls could have been so dramatically wrong. He concludes that the reasons are unknown. (112104d ) and this further update verifying the "puzzling results" (112104e)

The Intel War:

Take a look at these stories, if this is the tip of the iceberg then we'll have no more of the intelligence community second guessing Bush, or, more importantly defending itself against Bush's own errors. CIA Purge by White house (111504a) So we are seeing resignations of the more prominent, meaning those that are newsworthy, who else is going? Not much on that (111504b) Of course, Republicans are in favor of the action and here is a bit on that party's perspective. (111504c)

The Draft:

The way they can do it this time around, Louisiana is showing the way Registering for a driver's licensee gets you your draft registration at the same time, sounds efficient doesn't it? 111704e)

The Mess in Iraq:

I can't call it a war anymore, it is a chaotic mess: Iraqi forces joint the "enemy" (111604a) Another lie: Fallujah was under control of foreign insurgents, not (111604b) And here is corroboration of that story from the LA times (111604c) And who would want to go there? Not many that seems sure. In fact about 2,000 former soldiers ordered to go are fighting that order. (111604d)

How is Vietnam compares to Iraq? In the eyes of observers both here and abroad and to those who have experience with them both? This article ends with an unhappy set of paragraphs and concludes with a horrifying quotation from a child in Iraq, Falloujah, as a matter of fact, talking about how they play with guns, what else, the child says: 'We divide ourselves into two teams,' he said, 'the mujahedeen versus the American forces.'' And in their battles, he said, the mujahedeen always win." (112104g)

The future of the US?

Here is a story getting some play. It seems that for the first time since 1971 the number of foreign students coming to the us is in decline. Were this trend to continue we could see an end to the "proverbial brain drain" of which the US was the global benefactor. (111504d)

Tom Delay a Republican leader stands to be indicted, if he is it will cost him in the Senate, big time, so the Repubs are planning ahead, just change the rules so he doesn't get harmed. Don't misunderstand me, this is not just a "Republican thing" but exemplifies what has gone wrong wholesale in our government. Small story, large principle. (111804a)

Stephen J. Hadley, selected to be the next national security advisor is hawkish: in one paper, he wrote that it was often "an unstated premise" in nuclear arms debates that such weapons may only be used for deterrence. But he added: "I am not sure this unstated premise is true." (111804b) And then we've Colin Powell claiming that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and developing the missiles to deliver them, maybe it wants to be a player too? (111804c)

Anymore Nukes anyone? To that question Russia's Putin has a hearty "Da!" Apparently they want back on the world stage, gee I wonder what might be motivating them? (111804d)

Protest at the White House?

This is the second story involving suicide, the first was a suspected protest against Bush's reelection, a shotgun suicide at the "ground zero" site and now a man sets himself afire at the White House (111504e)

The trouble with ecology:

There is a saying, "voting with ones' feet" meaning that if you don't like a place you walk away from it and "vote" so to speak. Well, animals do that too and they also go extinct when circumstances prevail against them or their environment. At this point 15,000 species are "trying to tell us something - but will we listen? (112204a)


The "election"

Litigating the election, this story gives an overview of the efforts in Ohio and Florida and a few other places as well. (112204a) My personal opinion? And how cares to hear it? Nothing will come of it. The giant purple elephant having grand mal seizures in the living room is the simple fact that millions of votes were tallied on machines that leave no trace of a voter's original intent, cannot be truly audited, have security problems, and are manufactured by a die hard supporter of Bush. The pot in Ohio keeps bubblin up, suspicions firm into evidence, complicity is suggested and the list of petitioning claimants grows longer. (112304a)

Then there are these would be headlines, were the news media interested: Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged (112304c) and Litigating the Election (112304d) Widespread Election Fraud in Cleveland? (112304e) And this one, which might be titled: Why did the touchless computers in Florida begin counting backwards? (112304f) Even in Maryland there were problems with the e voting machines (112304g)

The coverage of the media's coverage of the election makes for interesting reading, explains, once again, how biased news has biased American's opinions regarding the war, Bush, and terrorism (112304b)

It is obvious that our exit polling must be faulty just as it is obvious that the Ukraine's is not. Wouldn't one expect the opposite to be true, after all, we're the professionals, a more stable government, greater access to freedom and so forth and so what is wrong? Is it exit polling itself or the fact that in the US it just doesn't favor who was favored? (112704a) Yet our media do not cover the stories, several states are involved with challenges of one kind or another to the elections results, that is unprecedented, but like so many other stories placed here and elsewhere on the web the people just don't get to see them. Perhaps this story will explain just how and why that is so. (112704c)

In Europe it is wondered just how could so many Americans be so stupid? Well part of the answer is found in how our opinions get formulated, and it seems that they are, in as much as surreality has taken place of the real. (112704b)

The Mess in Iraq:

The influence of the media on the public's perception of Iraq and how this played into the election. The media played a role, but this article evidences only enough to show the tip of the proverbial iceberg. (112204b) Then there is this story, after we've declared Fallujah occupied, the fighting continues and this report says we control less than half the city, while air strikes, artillery attacks and insurgents still cause casualties. (112204c) This more optimistic view from the LA times is closer to reality, but even here bullets fly and the task described is daunting (112204d)

The future of the US:

These stories are those which indicated effects or situations that will effect the medium or long term, 4 years or longer.

This is a new category for stories that have to do with our long term status as a nation. Did yo know that almost half of Americans believe that God created human beings "in their present form" about 10,000 years ago, and that only one third think Darwin's theories are "supported by evidence. (112204e) Here is another harbinger, WTO supports EU sanctions against the US. One more step apart for what were once solid allies (112604a)

And do we learn? Well, yes and no. We are still in the "toppling governments" business, and business is good by the way, now that we've figured a way to rig, rerig, or challenge any election in foreign nations. The technique is to have a truly grass roots appearing movement "catch fire" and say popular opinion in the direction we'd most like. Currently we are 3 and 1. I guess you can't have everything. (112604b) One of those four attempts is Ukraine and the US and Russia back opposite sides. The electoral maps I have seen show a distinct North South split between the two men contesting the presidency. No one looks like they are giving in any time soon (112604c) A somewhat wider perspective on the situation is given in this article which informs on the regional implications, what's at stake for Russia, and a bit more. (112604d)

In his second term, the President intends to preside over one big, blended Family of Texas yes-folks, hawkish or neocon fundamentalists, Congressional fundamentalists, and fundamentalist fundamentalists ... Beltway is the equivalent of what was created for the President on the campaign trail -- those adoring rallies, that moving campaign bubble, lacking the slightest challenge from reality. In a sense, what's now being put in place is a full-scale fantasy regime, armed to the teeth. Inside the castle (or the bubble, if you prefer) reality will be -- for a while at least -- what the President and Vice President decide it is. (112604e)

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December 2004



Red and Blue:

Humor in disguise: With the Blue States in hand, the Democrats have firm control of 80% of the world's fresh water, over 90% of our pineapple and lettuce, 93% of the artichoke production, 95% of America's export quality wines, 90% of all cheese production, most of the US low-sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools, plus Stanford, CalTech and MIT. We can live simply but well.

The Red States, on the other hand, now have to cope with 88% of all obese Americans (and their projected health care cost spike), 92% of all US mosquitoes, 99% of all Southern Baptists, 100% of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia. A high price to pay for controlling the presidency, Ne'ces't pas?

ACLU has a refuse to surrender petition online: Here's where you can sign on and or do more if you've a mind to.

The Mess in Iraq:

Reading this article you begin with a pair of descriptions of a war, you wonder which, the answer is interesting. The article compares and contrasts Fallujah with others, the eerie similarity gives one pause and the way in which media coverage and "naming of the enemy" is done likewise gives one pause. (112904a) Here is a portrait of what Fallujah is like right now, a hunting ground, it seems, as fighting continues. (1120304a)

The "election"

Stories from Ohio's "election" It seems that tens of thousands of votes were not counted, thousands more were tossed out in one instance because the precinct had 3000 votes for Bush but only 600 or so voters registered. (120104a) Here is another story detailing a set of data that suggest that perhaps 100,000 votes went "missing" or were uncounted and that the touchless voting systems produced patterns of results distinctly different from those areas without them. (120104b) I guess it is useless to say it but this story shows how Gore won in Florida, talks about how people taking to the streets could have made a difference and how the US overturns elections overseas, why not try that out here? (120104c)

Recounts in Nevada and New Mexico. (120104d) And we hear from North Carolina, thousands upon thousands of ballots lost, in some places more votes than voters apparently, (120104e) And more news from Oklahoma, where votes appear and disappear, how convenient. (120104f)

And to revisit a election time fiasco, that of Dan Rather's story which involved forged documents despite the fact that the information was "old news", accurate and impugning Bush's sorry assed war record. Who lost out? Dan, of course, and Kerry. (120104e1)

The future of the US:

These stories are those which indicated effects or situations that will effect the medium or long term, 4 years or longer.

This story from the LA Times shows that it is possible to "ship nuclear factories" in disassembled parts. The find was in South Africa the destination was Libya, and Pakistan's Khan was involved, so they say. Questions do come to mind, how much does such a "factory" cost and does Al Qaida have that much money? That would be my number one concern. (112804a)

Debt, huge, massive, intrusive, mountainous and no one seems to be paying attention. With Bush's election there is movement abroad to use the Euro for example for international exchanges of large commodities, such as, say, oil. Our economic situation, explained in a great overview here, is frightening. We are skirting the edge of reality here. (112904b) More on the looming dangers of our economy, an expert warns that we are treading dangerous waters, the things to watch for, the signs: increases in the interest rates, inflation, a decline in the value of the dollar and, oh yes, bankruptcies. (120204g) Like the previous article, this one indicates that there are still exit strategies for our economy, that would obviate a crash, but the "medicine" is one that Bush has not interest in swallowing. (120104h)

And here is a story, we have the European Union, and now, it seems another competitive block, a 2 billion strong free trade zone with China at its heart, is forming and quickly too. (120304b)


The "election"

I spell hope, "O-H-I-O"! And that's the best news: here is an updated overview (120804a) And another piece which makes the salient point that if a recall happens the voting machine counts have no effective way of being independently verified. (120904a)

Stories from Ohio's "election" continue this one: protesters at the state capitol building (120504a) For example representative Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud (120504d) And then consider this, even if Kerry is shown to be the winner in Ohio, the news may come to late to change the outcome foot dragging by the secretary of state, Blackwell, a Bush booster, has seen to that (120504e)

Then irregularities being investigated in six states, and guess what, Florida is one of them. (120504f)

Here are 20 reasons, facts really, that together allow one to doubt the validity of the results that we had in 2004. (1`20504a) And in this brief article we see the proverbial tip of the iceberg, in terms of voting irregularities (120604b) Then take a look at this, the graph at the top of the page says it all, then the article spells out what it means. (120604c)

Red and Blue:

Humor in disguise: With the Blue States in hand, the Democrats have firm control of 80% of the world's fresh water, over 90% of our pineapple and lettuce, 93% of the artichoke production, 95% of America's export quality wines, 90% of all cheese production, most of the US low-sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools, plus Stanford, CalTech and MIT. We can live simply but well.

The Red States, on the other hand, now have to cope with 88% of all obese Americans (and their projected health care cost spike), 92% of all US mosquitoes, 99% of all Southern Baptists, 100% of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia. A high price to pay for controlling the presidency, Ne'ces't pas?

It's the stupid media or it's the media stupid, you make the call:

Here we see another example of how a story was "buried" during the election and ignored thereafter. The Task Force on Strategic Communication finds that the US is not liked, to say the least, or believed and that this is because of our policies in the greater middle east and not because of "our freedoms" gee, is that a surprise? Oh, well ... (121004b) Despite the fact that the AP covered the story but not even a handful of news outlets seemed to notice. (121004c)

ACLU has a refuse to surrender petition online: Here's where you can sign on and or do more if you've a mind to.

The Mess in Iraq:

Mosul, Iraq, what remains of our one time showpiece is sobering. (121004d)

Reading this article you begin with a pair of descriptions of a war, you wonder which, the answer is interesting. The article compares and contrasts Fallujah with others, the eerie similarity gives one pause and the way in which media coverage and "naming of the enemy" is done likewise gives one pause. (112904a) Here is a portrait of what Fallujah is like right now, a hunting ground, it seems, as fighting continues. (1120304a)

Several articles recently have hinted at the threat of civil war in Iraq this is the latest in that vein. (120604d) Then, too, there are the Kurds in Kirkuk, Iraq who are another problematical point in any "civil war" equation being formulated. (120604e) More than you'd want to hear on Kirkuk, this article indicates discontent and disaffection on both Kurd and Arab sides. (120704b)

What do you think of this pair: we hear Syria is helping the Iraqi forces opposing US occupation(1210804c) and we hear that Iran is doing the same. (120804d) If those are true it is bad enough, if it is not true what are we being told? Could these be the excuses we'll need next?

The future of the US:

These stories are those which indicated effects or situations that will effect the medium or long term, 4 years or longer.

Well here is a story detailing how our "essential ally" in the "war on terror" Pakistan, has been all mixed up in the nuclear development of Libya and Iran and frustrating US attempts to stop their Dr. Kahn's "nuclear bazaar." (121004a)

Perhaps things will never be the same in South America, Chavez now has independent confirmation, from us, hat we were involved in the coup attempt against him, we knew about it, worked with the persons who, ultimately, tried to oust him. (120504b) Certainly not with stories like those involving the School Of the Americas, 16,000 recently protested there; it is truly a bloody mess (120504c)

And here is a story, we have the European Union, and now, it seems another competitive block, a 2 billion strong free trade zone with China at its heart, is forming and quickly too. (120304b) And speaking of financial news, experts don't want to think about what would happen if the debt held by, say Japan and or China, was suddenly sold off (120704)

Here the EU is setting up, more and more, its own shop and doing things its way. With a market of over 450 million it has muscle to stand on its own and if we want to do business there we'll have a new set of rules to live by. The first page sets out the basic facts. (120904b)

A recent measure of US support in the Arab world has been given measure. It can be seen by the fact that only five Arab nations ban Al Jazeera, this implies that the vast majority of them do not. There is a more moderate competitor but still Al Jazeera seems to have the edge and the attention of the Arab Nation. (120804b)


The "election"

From we have a viewpoint that Ohio is restless, the challenges are continuing, evidence mounts and the media, of course, is mum on the whole shootin' match (121604e)

The ranking Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, plans to ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a county prosecutor in Ohio today to explore "inappropriate and likely illegal election tampering" in ... Ohio. (121604f)

Ohio: so NOW the lawsuits get in gear! We can only hope as the Kerry campaign joins Greens and Libertarians in adding "election tampering" to a civil suit filed against the state of Ohio. (121604d)

Who says pol's done have a sense of humor: John McCain gives another no confidence vote to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, a Seattle Times op-ed says that it's time to "get the heat off those risking their lives" and put it on 'The leaders we have, not the ones we might want.'

In Ohio some recounting began until the secretary of state, Blackwell, ordered "a lock down" preventing completion. (121104b) and Greg Palast expands the coverage in his 12/10 column (121104c) Here names are named and specifics cited to provide some insight into who and how computerized voting was manipulated, and not just in Florida or Ohio. (121104d)

Another report, first from a Blog, then in the Times and Post: large scale fraud in Ohio, now as the post goes on to say the "biggies" came in just after the Ohio delegates announced how they'd cast their votes. (121504b)

In Ohio the Conyers hearings have produced stories of TriStar employees tampering with voting tabulators, (121404a) There is some argument that a full and complete recount would hand Ohio to Kerry, some of the links for this can be found, conveniently, on a weblog here (121404b) Even when some inspection of the poll records was allowed it was quickly canceled by Ohio's Blackwell. (121404c) According to information here there were thousands of absente ballots received in excess of the number of actual absentee voters. Wha'happened? (121404d)

Here is an example of voter fraud, verified and proven, however the election stands in New Hampshire and no ongoing investigation is even being suggested, too bad that. (121304c)

It's the stupid media or it's the media stupid, you make the call:

The New York Times ignores the Conyers hearings investigating voting fraud in Ohio the media marches on regardless of reality (121104a)

The Mess in Iraq:

A month after US military reported occupying Fallujah but there is obviously fighting there. "We are still in the combat operations phase," one Marine spokesman told the Post. (121404f)

The future of the US:

These stories are those which indicated effects or situations that will effect the medium or long term, 4 years or longer.

Add Germany to a burgeoning list of nations that have "difficulties with the US." Seems we don't like our government people sued by them. (121604g)

Well, can some one sing "Oh Canada"? They don't want to station new missiles on their territory and don't deny they'd assist those who resist fighting in Iraq (121604a) Both civilian and military leaders are distrusted by the rank and file, thus, as in Vietnam, the resistance within our military, is reality based; those in charge don't know what they're doing. Did you know that 5500 deserters are "on the loose?" (121604b) Then too, there is this report which estimates that 100,000 veterans will return and be impaired so as to require health service and assistance. Now with Gulf War one the touted figure was that 1/3 of the troops that served are requiring health service and assistance for long term needs, but we've already rotated some 700,000 troops through Iraq, at that rate we should see 233,000 in a long slow train a commin'. (121604c)

Here is a story about how Iran would react/defend itself, so we think, against a US attack. It is thought to be impossible to do, really, without ground forces, which would mean a draft, which, conventional wisdom has as being politically impossible. Agreed, but what if someone set off a nuke somewhere? Anywhere? And we blamed the Iranians. What then? I'd think an invasion would be a "no brainer" and so would a draft. IMHO. (121504d)

Previous stories posted concerning a new free trade zone featuring India and China as the "anchors", military or strategic conferences have spawned an impression of India's being "willing to play its own hand" however now we see Bush "engaging" the new nuclear power in a "strategic partnership" the battle is on for India, I would think. (121504c)

Sometimes you get a story that, in a nutshell, so to speak, exemplifies much of what is going on in the world, meaning what is wrong with it. It is also a David and Goliath story to boot, and a good one. It seems the Inuit are taking legal action, against the United States, because of our policies and activities related to, you guessed it, global warming. They put forward the fact that we are threatening their ecosystem and thus their existence. (121504a)

This is in honor of Gary Webb, an investigative reporter who took on "the powers that be" exposing connections between the CIA, crack cocaine, and the contras in Nicaragua. He has been found dead, an apparent suicide. However this story here is relevant because of its wide ranging consequences, that of the media being asleep at the wheel, illegal actions by our government and, yes, conspiracies that were admitted to. (121`304d) And here is an overview of Gary's story, how the "bad guys" got awards and he "got dumped on" even after the CIA admitted he was right, "with liberty and justice for all" (121304e)

France intends to launch its own version of CNN, touted to be an alternative to the US media's views. Other nations are mentioned as being of a like mind. I think our electronic barrier will hold for some time to come, but will this result in us being even more at odds with the world's community? (121404e)

Another large grouping of nations are discussing another potential free trade zone or unified super national organization, in South America there is promise at the start, despite problems. (121304b)

War games being held, for the first time, by China and Russia, are evidence of the old Arab proverb "the enemy of my enemy is my ally" The story hints that this is the tip of an iceberg. (121304a)

And here is a good 5 part story, providing a historical perspective on the "four pillars" of US legitimacy in the world, four of which have been toppled by the current holder of the presidency, see parts One, Two, Three, Four and Five. (121204b - f) The message is that we've squandered our legitimacy and, in my humble opinion, ignored the real threats of say, Iran, North Korea and others.


The "election"

Kerry to enter the Ohio recount fray (122304b) In addition members of the House Judiciary Committee want to see the major network's exit polling data, and they want to have such data secured prior to any investigation. (122304c) John Conyers continues to look, pry, peek, investigate, listen, and inquire as to what happened in Ohio, hear about it in his own words in an interview with Tim Grieves (122304d) Here is another story stating, blatantly: the discrepancies between the exit polls and the actual results, both in the critical states (OH, PA, and FL) and nation-wide, are "not credible." (122304e) And specific locations of fraud being suspected, (122304f)

A disheartening review of the Ohio recount situation where in house bickering may undo those who are trying to prove "who done it" While a long term solution may be in the offing. (122204d)

The Columbus Free Press highlights a few of the problems with the election in Ohio. Fraud is the word, incompetence is another, widespread is another, together they spell four more years of a belligerent, incompetent, self centered and purposefully ignorant White House and we cannot afford it. (122104b)

Fraud patterns cited for New Mexico, Florida and Ohio in this article. (122104f)

If you have not already transmitted your opinion to Congress as to whether they should contest the election in Ohio, you can find the new action page at

It's the stupid media or it's the media stupid, you make the call:

Here is Bill Moyers telling it like it is, the media has a slant, it is a right biased slant, it is important, it is a problem, and he leaves it to us, he's retiring. (122104g)

Sometimes Russian news sources have real interesting stories: Wild horses, made recently famous by "Hidalgo" are now to be slaughtered and shipped off as meat. It seems the cattle "industry" claims that they are using up too much of the government's pasture land that beef folks want. A typical Bushism: soon thereafter an annual "National Day of the Horse" was proclaimed to honor its vital contribution to our culture and history. (121904c)

Here is a detailed look at the 2000 election in Florida from Vanity Fair. It is a good read that will take 20 minutes but the "factoids" and general information cast a shadow on Bush that should have been and should still be in the news, but then "that's our media, love it or leave it." (122104e)

So why is "whistle blower" Sibel Edmonds still being silence, why the gag order to "block discovery in a lawsuit of any information that, if disclosed, would adversely affect national security" Who is being protected? Ashcroft? There are 25 other "whistle blowers" but no one in the media seems interested in this story. (122104a)

How did the media succumb to the inanity that now passes for the information mainstream? Well a record year for reporter's deaths, media mergers and "infotainment" for another. But a systemic problem exists, it is deep, wide and long term. (122104d)

The Mess in Iraq:

Who will be monitoring the Iraqi elections? The only monitors will be Iraqis, adding another layer of complexity to already-troubled elections (122304g)

In the week that has English headlines state that they might be in Iraq for 10 years, Fallujah, is also still in the news, continued fighting, weeks after it was supposed to be "over" and the purpose was to clear the town of resistance, move the people back in so they can vote. (122304a) I report this because, well, it evidences the ignorance, poor planning and stubbornness of Bush and his neo-cons. Our soldiers and civilians are paying the price that George and his buddies never had to in all their "chickenhawk" lives, the bastards!

Here she blows, Kurdistan has presented a petition to the UN requesting a referendum for their independence. Exactly what this forebodes for the rest of Iraq is anyone's guess now (122204c)

Here we have an overview of the possible outcomes of the Iraqi election, there are a lot of problems or "concerns" no matter what happens. (122204a)

The January 30th election in Iraq is a date set in stone. It may be that a large percentage of Iraqi's will not be able to vote, that violence will continue and it is possible that the election itself will result in divisions being exacerbated rather than ameliorated. I can say that I did not vote for Bush either time, protested and wrote against the war, donated to those who campaigned against him, but here we are in another fine mess. (121904b)

The future of the US:

These stories are those which indicated effects or situations that will effect the medium or long term, 4 years or longer.

Well it is the little things that show up first, if they are noticed. Well a small animal, the pika, a relative of the rabbit is disappearing from habitats, the likely culprits: higher temperatures and a decrease in rainfall, aka global warming and team Bush's irresponsibilities. (122204b)

When China talks about establishing a "strategic partnership" with Russia we should listen, when they start war games and other cooperative activities we should be engaged, concerned etc., but we are not. (122104c)

The US fails to "kill off Kyoto" and so takes another step out of step with the world. Our regime seems to be determined to be undeterred. (121904a)

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