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Duties of a Mentor

In general, the Mentor provides advice, helps secure materials, eases the new/inexperienced teacher's transition to working in the school system, shares information about job requirements, staff development, and provides orientation to this demanding profession.

Mentor Teacher duties may include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

1) classroom visits by the Mentee to demonstrate successful teaching and classroom management techniques, for informal observations, team teaching, or to observe model lessons;

2) visiting the Mentee's classroom for similar purposes, however, any teaching demonstrations in the classroom of the new or inexperienced teacher shall be by mutual agreement, not be ordered by the administrator;

3) encourage the Mentee's participation in staff development and advise them about professional development opportunities;

4) assist the Mentee in developing class organization and management plans, and encouraging parental involvement;

5) assist them with long term planning for instructional goals or objectives in the various educational strands;

6) share materials, curriculum developments, and teaching methods.

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