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Third Quarter of 2005

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July 2005



The media's mess:

So, read what the man, Bush, actually says when interviewed on Iraq, environment, Africa and so on, a laundry list of issues, right here (070405a)


It seems that each year we've been in Afghanistan the casualty rate has gone up. This year already surpasses the total of US killed in action for all of last year. We may have to be there for years longer. That is the optimistic view? (070505c)


Whither Pakistan?

Pakistan has been mentioned by myself as a country to be concerned about The reasons are it is a nuclear power, headed by a man most all in the country do not support, there are sections of the country which are not under his control and where the Taliban is welcome. It is a country of young people, divided, and with education systems that, in part, promote racial views, today's Pakistan (072305a)


It seems the rush for resources puts Japan and China on a courses that will either bring them together or bring them into conflict, oil is the resource and the timeline is now. (070405c)

Iran, a mess to come:

How to become the "darling" of the US neo cons? Just "do the right things" meaning become a dissident in a country those neo cons would like to change the government in. (072305b)

A disappointing portrait of the point man in team Bush's effort to undo Iran and make it too into a bastion of democracy. Portrayed here as a liar, a bigot, one who "cut his teeth as a swift boat veteran" and something of an incompetent makes him the intelligence community's perfect candidate. (070505f)

Iran's new man. Who is he? What is his past, as they say cabinet's are being rattled, everyone wants to know (070105b) 

Iraq as a mess:

The winner in the Iraq war? Well it is Iran. Lots of deals going down now that Iran sees the deep ties and friendship that connect the two governments, all thanks to the US invasion. (072305e)

Despite horrendous cause and the fomenting of radicals, despite evidence that sectarian violence may have a foothold in the hearts and minds of some the Iraqi preferrence for pluralism still holds (070505e)

Sectarian violence getting underway, questions about the police role in such things, vengeance against the Sunnis being an issue, the occluding cloud of chaos allows much it seems. Do we have progress? (070595b)

Oil, Kikurk, Kurds, reversing the arabizaton done under Saddam the issue is raised again, divisive as it is. (070505)

Too bad this article is so short, it proposes that the occupation's strategy has stoked sectarianism in a nation that has little or no history of such; it proposes that a withdrawal would speed up the process of democratization, short circuit the violence and that a large and influential group of government and religious figures have called for that exactly. Upshot? No dice, take that to the bank (070505a)

Another small step in the development of the Iraqi resistance, two of the more visible groups appoint a spokesperson. (070405b)

The future of the US:

Microwave "ray guns" for riot control in Iraq? It seems that we're more than interested.(072305d) There have been reports of similar weaponry already in use, this article makes no mention of those.

The nature of "religious schools" in England is different from that in the US. But the ultimate cause for concern applies to the US, and probably even more so. Separation of church and state is one thing, perhaps it is time to separate education and religion. Not like to happen, I know, but the article makes the point that faith based radicalism is one of the results of teaching that there is "one way, one truth and one life". It is a world wide issue, really. (072305c)

It doesn't take long for this Supreme court decision to have immediate impact in Oakland, California: read it and weep: (070205a) If those who have set their sights on the US as their enemy can read, and by all accounts they can, then they would look at the following two articles and probably get an idea, anyone would. part one (070405d) part two (070405e) part three (070405f) And then this: 50 Terrorist groups believed to be in Canada. (070405g)

The future:

Readying the ground for regime change in the Philippines? Could be, the hints are being given, clues clatter and so on... (070505g)

What a difference some fear makes, or a half year makes. A worst case scenario has oil topping 100 dollars a barrel by this year's end. Translating that to pump prices has me thinking that we'd be looking at prices over 4 dollars a gallon. The G8 summit apparently does not have this issue at the top of its agenda. (070505d)


The media's mess:

England also suffers for lack of media opposition to the Iraq "misadventure" if most of the people, most of the time opposed the war, why isn't there a media drumbeat to reflect that? And why isn't their representative government representing them? Do they have what we have? Maybe so. (072805e)

If I can put it together anyone can: If the military had "serious misgivings" about the interrogation techniques allowed in Guantanamo, and there is evidence that they did doesn't that mean that "higher ups" were involved, and not only for Guantanamo, but by extension Abu Ghraib? Yet, no hot dogging TV news team is snuffling up the pant legs of this one, hey? (072805b)

If you remember those "infamous" 16 words in a Bush state of the union speech, it seems the CIA was made to take the blame for their inclusion, despite their having been on record as disagreeing with them. Some of this is in the news. (072705b)

As Bob Dylan put it in one song "Only a pawn in the game" the color coded democratic "revolutions" ran into Uzbekistan's strongman Islam Karimov. Now the repercussions of the slaughter of some 700 protesters has larger powers jockeying for influence. (072605c)


Pakistan, as I've written before, is the center of the storm. It is nuclear, it has an unpopular absolutist ruler, large numbers of radicalized groups, porous borders and is set right in the midst of the US drive to democratize Asia, troublesome Iran, Afghanistan, and it has it's own internal problems. Could more US and Brit pressure make things worse? You decide (072405d) As this article makes clear Pakistan's support of the Taliban and others, as well as his "fence sitting", even as early as 9/19/01 - days after 9/11, makes one wonder what is going on in his mind, his country, with his military and what the future holds. (072405e)

Iraq as a mess:

How we spend our money in Iraq? Accounting is absent in some instances, fraud is evident as millions go missing (072905c)

If we don't have enough troops now, and we plan to withdraw 20% of them sometime next year, and there is no sign of the insurgents "giving up" and the Iraqi government and armed forces are infiltrated, what does that mean? I guess you can figure that one out. But then such considerations won't be our affair, will they? (072805d)

Remember Fallujah? It's hardly in the news these days, this is a quick peek into a city where sporadic fighting continues, civilian casualties mount, and, as one marine put it, "No one wants to talk about Fallujah" (072805c)

Is the Iraq war unwinnable? That is the topic being broached in this article. The writer spends a great deal of time in Baghdad, and reports that despite what Tony Blair says, Iraq has radicalized many Muslims and it is the reason that many join the ranks of suicide bombers, by the hundreds if not thousands. (072405a)

Related to Iraq's mess are the ambitions of the Kurds. Here is a primer on what they might dream of. Go the links for the maps and see for yourself. For some background, here is a Google image search for maps of Kurdistan.(072605a) Some of the most ambitious (072605b) mark out a region reaching to the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Caspian Sea and the Gulf. Edinburgh University has an interesting linguistic map (072605c) which matches reasonably well with the most detailed map on There are excellent summary maps on showing past claims and autonomous regions (072605e) and a rough guide to the Kurdish percentage of the population (072605f) in different areas on

The future of the US:

How we do business: the energy bill passed has a lot to do with keeping oil in business as well as details, one of which threatens to reorganize the electrical utilities nationwide, do we have long to wait? (073005a) and part two of the article (073005b)

The changing "face" of the US army doesn't yet show up in the commercials showing in theaters or on TV, but the numbers are significant, foreign born immigrants are signing up for a "quick path" to US citizenship. (072905d)

How to give away hundreds of millions of dollars to companies that your friends or supporters own? Simple, write the provision into a bill AFTER it has been reviewed and approved by your peers, it's called the "Tom Delay move." (072905b)

The Bushies are famous for putting the fox in charge of the hen house, and here is the latest example the EPA delays an "embarrassing" report about US auto fuel efficiency for purely political reasons. Hint: our cars, overall, are less efficient than in the 80's (072805a)

Judge John Roberts, who is he and what does he stand for? Well he does not stand for Roe V Wade, supports the president, in fact he met with Mr. Bush the day before he made a decision regarding the military tribunals of detainees at Guantanamo (072705a)

The future:

In the super power chess game that central Asia has become the US just lost a piece, Uzbekistan, totalitarian state which recently "crushed with extreme prejudice" what might have been another "color coded" democratic revolution has, with support of China and or Russia, told us to "get out." Well , see what it really means I guess, later, (073005c)

So, it's OK to export weapons grade uranium? Bush and his supporters think so because they support such a provision in the new energy bill. (072905a)

Ocean fish in decline? It seems like it from this study. I don't think the scientists will get their wish, however, that of some "off limits" regions in the ocean, places where fish populations would be allowed to recover, oh well. (072805g)

Valerie Plame, the story goes on. Here is an overview with links and everything. It explains how the Rove defense is full of rot, that there is more to this than meets the eye and that it is a serious threat to the administration. (072805f) And here is the simplified time line for the Plame case it is really beautiful and implicates higher ups of course (072805g)

How the National Endowment for Democracy, NED, has worked to topple regimes in "color coded" revolutions in central Asia now targets more "sensitive" areas starting with Nepal and, dast we say it, Tibet. China, understandably is "interested" (072405c)

Dubai, a small nation which is looking to a future all its own. Ruled absolutely it has no qualms about what it wants and how it goes about getting all of that and more. (072405b)


There is a new story headlining the fact that popular support of terrorism in Muslim countries is waning. The countries surveyed: Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Indonesia and Jordan. Jordan's figures show increased support,while the others do not. However not in the survey, notably, are Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. They are all absent, and reasonably so, but the headline may therefore be misleading. (072505i)

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August 2005




Two dovetailing stories: Mauritania a bit of background to the US involvement with another dictator in a poor oil rich nation (080305d) Who is overthrown (080305e) by the military.


Does it look like two of our opponents in the middle east are getting all comfy cozy? Yes it does. This follows on the heels of Iraq and Iran making all nicy nice. All three of them have no love for the US. One can't help but wonder what this portends for the near and mid term future. (080705a)

Two soldiers kill themselves in Texas. We are taking casualties over here for what is happening over there? (080505b) Some say "support" is needed, certainly the soldier who killed himself and his wife could have used the help. (080505c)

Don't forget: your tax dollars are hard at work in Iraq, even if we don't know just the what, where, when, why , how and who, all the time. (080305b)

Two dovetailing stories: Nation Building in Iraq is a Disaster, (080205e) and Iran' role in stability in Iraq as important (080205d) And a specific example of how helpful Iran is being to Iraq, say, didn't they fight a war? (080305a)

Another report on a previous rumor/story: that the US plans to draw down the number of troops in Iraq as early as next year. What happens if the insurgency reads this public report, what will happen as we reduce our presence if they don't? The US military's concern is that another rotation of troops into Iraq will impair the viability of the "all volunteer force." (080105g)

Iraq, continues on, simply because it exists and has not been destroyed, yet. The Kurds have their aspirations and have made no bones about them. Virtually 100% of the Kurds want independence, they make continual efforts in Kikurk and the region around it and hold the would be constitution of Iraq hostage in the light of their dreams and desires. One wonders what will be happening a few months or a year from now. What will the map of Iraq look like? (080105f)

Iran as a mess:

"all options are on the table" and laughter ensues. Bush the comic gets the yuk yuks when talking about "dealing with Iran" Don't worry logic doesn't matter as this article makes perfectly clear. (080405c) And here is the overview of the situation, now, and "possibilities" (080405d)

Could this be good news? Iran saying it is going ahead with the nuclear programs we and some others want to dissuade them fro pursuing? I guess once a member of the axis of evil always a member, eh? (073105a)

The future of the US:

Supreme court and Catholicism, or better both at the same time and place. Is is a source of undue influence by a foreign power? (080205c)

When people abroad read this article will it make them more or less likely to feel that the US is the "leader" in the free world where justice and fairness are valued? (080205a) Or how about extraordinary rendition? (080205b)

The future:

With coalition casualties in Iraq topping 2,000, 90% of which are US, we may well have passed the ironic turning point. That is to say the number of "our people" killed in the "global war on terror" may now exceed the number of those who died on 9/11. Of course the Iraqi's have lost a number of "9/11's" worth of people since we invaded them. Ironic since they and their erstwhile dictation had nothing to do with that, or WMD's, or terrorism in general, or threats to their neighbors... and so forth. (080405b)

Just read the lead paragraph: "Even as an authoritative report from an arm of the US government warned of a potential nuclear war in South Asia triggered by an "arms race" between India and Pakistan, the George W Bush administration is working hard to complete arms sales and transfers of astronomical proportions to the two nations." Says it all does it not? When well we ever learn? (080305c)

When we "lost" a base in Uzbekistan was it "a valuable asset, vital to our success in the war on terror" (080105d) or was it "no big deal" (080105e)

I won't go into this much but some word from London has it that the official story of the deadly first set of bombings had official stories that did not add up, but then who pays attention to dissenting views, or eyewitnesses? (080105a) And this addendum to that, (080105b) This is sort of reminiscent of the 9/11 "story of the twin towers. (080105c)

The Past:

A bit of history: how the Brits helped Israel get the bomb, without knowing it, it seems, how quaint. (080405a) A slight amendment to that story (080505a)


Odds and Ends in the News?

Election 2004, still in the news, Republicans still fighting charges to impact voting in New Hampshire, they got to "gung ho" there. A few go down in flames but the RNC still backs one of theirs to the tune of 3/4 million peed, I mean paid, out in legal fees to hold onto their smoldering weenie. (081305a)

The US and India have an interesting relationship, we say jump and they say "how high" or so it seems (081105c) 

How to succeed as president without really working? Bush leads the pack with about 300 days of vacation time, but manages the press, how? Well here's how. Except there is a butterfly on his salad days, the butterfly named Cindy Sheehan of Vacaville Ca. (081005d)

Syria says we'll get rid of our WMD if Israel gets rid of its. Now isn't that just about fair? (081305b)


One expert, from our military says, "The wheels are coming off this thing." Meaning we might not be able to sustain the troop level we have been or want to. (081205c)

It's Friday, the Iraqi constitution is supposed to be finished by Monday, and there are several versions, Kurd, Sunni, Shia, American.... or that's what it seems like to some observers. Gee, I wonder what will happen? Will they finish? I can't wait. (081205b)

What's a few hundred million slipped around among friends? I mean isn't there enough to go around? Apparently there is. Like my mom used to say, "spend it while you have it, and plan a good getaway. The Iraqi's got the first part down, let's see if they get the second. (081205a)

There are arguments against cutting and running - the great escape from Iraq. This article answers the most common ones being proffered to date. It is a good read, unfortunately is makes sense. And this is the reason no one will listen to it, not to mention the corporatized press, the massive spin machine of the "Christian/conservative right and the neo con's own fat little Napoleon, Rove. Oh well, it is a good read. (081105b)

Kurds want a federal system, now there are some indications that the Shia's do as well. This would leave the Sunni's hung, almost literally, out to dry, and this happening a few days before the constitution is supposed to be "finished"? Can anyone spell c-o-n-f-u-s-i-o-n? (081105a)

So the mayor of Baghdad, appointed by the "central government" is removed by an armed "legitimate" gang, (081005e) Here are some details. (081005f)

Playing a number game. How many insurgents are there, how many do we kill, how many are left. The "official data" seem to be contradictory causing one to wonder about their validity. Are we lying to ourselves? (081005b)

Iran is possibly the source of new IED's used in Iraq, but since the new Iraqi government is sympathetic to/with Iran it's becomes an issue of debate. Upshot, my guess is that in chaos, anything is possible. (080805f)

Interesting story: Fallujah, reading the article, stressing progress one almost "reads over" the artillery firing in the background in retaliation for a mortar attack, we are told insurgents want to get back inside. (080805e)

Drawing down our troop levels some 30,000 by next spring? Will that mean we're that much closer to achieving our objective? What was the objective again? If Bush does simply "go for it" I know 30,000 persons who will be particularly happy. It will make the bi-elections that much more easily handled, and well the Iraqi's they'll figure in somewhere, no doubt. but who cares? (080705b)

Iran as a mess:

How did the US invasion of Iraq change the region? Well here is an analysis with some juicy tidbits and frightening possibilities. The upshot is that we improved Iran's internal cohesion, ensured a connection between Iran and Iraq, decreased our influence in the region and harmed our own interests. Sounds good? Read it here (081005j)

The Iranians have an out for any argument the US uses to pressure it about its nukes. The out is Israel, to say the least, it has been secretive, in fact, officially, it has no nuke program is not a signatory to the NPT and so forth, all this with US and Brit approval. Then there is Pakistan, um can anyone there even spell n-o--n p-r-o-l-i-f-e-r-a-t-i-o-n? (081005i)

Well, shall we have an interesting time? Iran seems to be restarting some of its "forbidden" activities. We, here, just have to watch and look on. (080805a) and the second page (080805b) and page three (080805c)

The future of the US:

Hold on to your stomachs, or your colin's whatever, a very short and interesting peek into congressional workings, if you call this working....(081205h)

We are and have been told that US citizens are not "spied" upon by our government, it turns out that remarks by Mr. Bolton, our new UN rep have put that whole idea into question, but then what's 10,0000 incidents anyway? (081005g)

While the US military prepares scenarios, (080805i) boning up on a bit of law "Posse Comitatus" might be relevant just about now. (080805d)

The Past:

A brewing scandal involving high powered republicans, a mysterious or shady lobbyist, gambling, a cruise line, murder, millions and more. Story one gives the facts as they are known now. (081205d) Story two makes unsavory connections between the lobbyist, those events and a Mr. Atta and company of 9/11 fame, an involved but interesting read. (081205e)

This scandal involves, in part an intelligence effort which identified Mr. Atta as a terrorist associated with Al Qaida and recommended his arrest. That wonderful recommendation was not, as we know, followed. (081205f) The program was called Able Danger, how apt, no? (081205g)

The 9/11 commission report, according to this article, disappoints. I do not disagree with him. If you want to be disappointed and a bit depressed read the article and take a few aspirins, or if you're of "the generation" then "get high with a little help from your friends." (080805h)

Global warming, hmmm, it takes a great leap forward in this report, we may have a "doubling" of greenhouse gasses very soon. But this is only the tip of the global warming "iceberg." (081005k)


One woman is waiting to talk to Mr. Bush. Will he or won't he. If she gets to much attention, what then? (081005a)



A great page here, a bit of humor, well, sort of. Bush flip flops on Iraq, there is a whole collection of them. And the main site has sets of flip flops for "every issue" how convenient. (081905b)

This recent update: the mess worsens as the debate over "federalism" continues to ramp up and making the task of creating an acceptable document all the harder. (081905a)

Serious "planning gaps" were noted and reported before we invaded Iraq. The report if heard was, apparently, ignored. (081805d)

"Americans should not imagine" that Iraq will not be "dependent on significant levels of U.S. military support for years to come," says military historian Frederick Kagan (081705a)

Someone tell the Mr. Bush that it's "Time to Get Out of Iraq" this from Armstrong Williams (081504e) Or "Someone Tell The President the War is Over, New York Times (081504c) Maybe he doesn't know that "Doubt on War grows in US, Chicago Tribune (081504d)

This is a three page story wh ich gives a peek into the "political scene" of Baghdad and introduces you to a man, a courageous soul actually, who exemplifies the miracle of the human spirit and who is being hunted by just about every major group he knows because he's involved with the writing of the constitution.(part one) (081405j) (part two) (081404k) (part three) (081404l)

How refreshing this seems, it is said that the US is becoming more "realistic" about the "goals for Iraq." It is said that the original goals were "never realistic" simply marvelous is it not? And after only 28 months plus the few used for planning, and despite being told of their folly numerous times, by experts. Maybe congratulations are in order, eh? See the three part missive from the WP: (part one ) (081405g) (part two) (081405h) (part three) (081405i)

Everyone, it seems, is waiting for whatever the hell is produced by what could be called a "constitutional convention" Word does not seem to be optimistic, predictable problems permeate and, well, it is the 11th hour at this writing. (081405f) There have been reports of Sunni' the Sunni's give voice to a desire for a federal system. (081405a) Meanwhile, at the border, weapons are intercepted from Iran, the Brits say, and this is "not cricket" (081405b)


A new front in the war on terror? This nation has been forced to enter the fray willing or no. (081805b)

Iran as a mess:

What are the risks for attacking Iran's nuclear facilities? There seem to be several. I've heard these before so the reasoning should be part of Bush's calculus if he does ever "go for it." (081805e)

Iran's new leader, takes advantage of circumstances beyond his control, becoming more popular, and powerful in the bargain. (081404m) He does not seem to fear threats at this point. At this point what can we do to bring him to heel? Iran accuses the US and Britain of fomenting unrest. Sounds like we've a problem goin' on. (081405e) Some proof of Iranian claims that the "weapons grade" uranium found some time ago, in trace amounts, was from foreign sources. (081405d) That said, with Bush in control the US can ignore any fact it wants to and substitute whatever. Iran getting accused of supporting the Iraqi insurgents with a more powerful armor piercing bomb. (081405c)

The future of the US:

Continuing AIPAC scandal is still simmering along, now with some "higher ups" being charged. (081805c)

Russia and China engage in their first joint military training exercise, practicing the invasion of a "restive" nation; the article cites "Peace Mission 2005," is the latest indication of warming post-Cold War ties amid shared suspicions of U.S. dominance in world affairs. (081805a)

Pardon the paraphrase: "Oh how can you quote opposite things at once when he might not mean both at all?" The Koran in the toilet did not and then did cause a surge in violence in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard Myers says yes, exactly. Though it took a freedom of information suit to see his exact words. (081604a)

Re: prior stories about Mr. Delay and a Mr. Abramoff, a noted lobbyist and possible link to all sorts of underhanded shenanigans, including connections to the infamous Mr. Attsa. It seems Mr. Delay, House Majority Leader, says he severed his association with Jack Abramoff as of Feb. 6, 2001 (081504b) well public sources indicate other wise. So the guy is lying? It would seem. (081504a) 

The Future:

"When will they ever learn, when will they eee veeerrr learn?" Global warming, given short shrift by neocon knownothings has a couple of new backers: Senators John McCain, a Republican, and Hillary Clinton a Democrat. Odds are they'll be ignored Bush be dah man yew mus' rec uh lek dat, yassuh.(081805f)



Last minute hold up of the constitutional process, another extension of time, the next story elaborates but this one is dated later. (082505d)

Have I said this before: it is a mess? Have I? O.K., well the latest scene has Al Sadr defiantly playing his Shia hand with the Sunnis' both don't want a federal state, while the Kurds and other Shia's do. it WAS hoped that the constitutional process would mend fences and make peace, but it may not prove to be that way. (082505b)

A few months back I posted a link which talked about "the return of the body count" well here is all you might want to read about that event, what it means, and how it is used. (082405e)

Going beyond the "wire" is worse than going down to it. The Iraqi constitution is just another example, in a long, long string of such, demonstrating Mr. Bungle Brains Bush's poor planning. I want them to agree, make peace, set up shop, have us go home and call it a day. Though I fear it will be contentious, divisive and that we will have continued violence. (082405a)

The army plans another 4 years? Well, well, well (082205c) And we can't get real agreement on the constitution, will they take more than the one week extension? Kurds feel betrayed by the US backing of a principle in which no law could be passed that does not meet a "religious test" (082305a)

Election workers killed, but seriously folks things are "getting small," as they used to say, in Iraq with division in the Sunni's as to whether or not to support the constitution and other fractions lines appearing.(082103a) and part two (082105e)

Iran as a mess:

Israel's Sharon makes the prediction of Palestinians come true, that being that the abandoning of Gaza will precede continued building efforts in the West Bank areas. and today that is what is in the news, as the last Gaza settlement is cleared out. (082305a1) 

The future of the US:

A bit out of date, but still a very brief and comprehensive overview of the essential problems of the Bush Administration. (082605a)

Bush has number problems, his approval rating sinks to 36%. Zogby has an article (082405d) The American Research group does too (082405d1) And a place where you can make your voice heard about impeachment, an idea whose time has come (082405d3) What this means, folks, is hold on to your hat, Bush does not want to go, and I suspect that there are plans afoot to "distract us" once again, but good this time. I mean he wants the draft back, to fight another couple of wars, and then some. Go figure, or pray.

From May of 2004 to July 2005 we have here a collection of stories about Abu Ghraib, fascinating material, interesting reading, the kind of information that our opponents make use of, I would guess (082305d)

I guess anyone can make foreign policy these days. Isn't threatening the life of a foreign head of state something of a major kind of "no no"? We wonder what Pat Robertson is up to. (082305b) Well, Patty boy was recorded using the word "assassinate" but he says he meant "take out" or that he said "take out" which he did, after he said "assassinate" twice. (082405b) Even Rummy boy says it was "Certainly, it's against the law" (082405c) so does that mean a prosecution is in the making? I know, I know, but I had to ask....


Well, back in the news are we? And what is this we hear? Pakistani scientist, Kahn, father of their bomb provided North Korea with centrifuges. Doesn't this sound like proliferation? And to one of those "axis of evil" countries too. I think Bush should wag his finger at them and tell them they are bad, bad bad bad! And not to do that again, ever, you hear me? (082505c)

The Future:

John Bolton, is off the hook, in da house, he be flyin' on sumptin' dat boy will cumatcha wid bowf hans, see what he dun did to da UN jus' now. Whadafukup he be! (082705a)

Oceans are at the "tipping point? This article has the scoop on that skinny, or whatever. (082505f)

The see sawing continues: Iran or North Korea, back and forth, right now Iran is the "concern" while North Korea is seen as tractable. Whatever (082505)

Health, nothing more pure than a mother's breast milk, well that is if you like PCB's and PBDE's (082505a)

Global warming, and the famed and legendary "northwest passage" is now a reality. Canada is taking note that shipping from the northern Atlantic, across the arctic, and into the north Pacific is possible, even if only seasonally at this time. Disputes come to the surface between various nations (082305c)

As "Strider" asked Frodo, "are you afraid?" Well, I'm not saying you should be but we to have to talk to the Russians about their biological labs part one (082105b) and two (082103c) and three (082105d)


One of the "reddest states" has its biggest city's mayor calling for a protest against Bush's upcoming visit. Can you believe it? Salt Lake City, read the news and let the quandaries flow (082205a) Just a quick look back: the election 2001 a bit of perspective (082203b) and the evidence for it however this is 50MB document and I have not archived it. So good luck with that, it is an interesting read.

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September 2005



Egypt's election process gets underway, there is a promise of no more beatings and the police have been told to restrain themselves, oh, by the way, the incumbent is heavily favored to win (082905b)


A study of the "five kinds of violence" shows them all to be present in Iraq and all factoring into the chaos. Sorry to hear that. (090305g)

We again assault Tall Afar, "allied" forces "cleaned it out a year ago, but since then it has been ruled by the resistance, so we go in again. This pattern must be frustrating and is part and parcel to the lack of planning, the disappointing participation of other nations, the slow training of Iraqi forces, and our low troop levels. In other words we are paying for the "Bush/Rumsfeld" plan. (090305c)

And its a good thing that we're in Iraq, otherwise all that oil wealth would fall into the wrong hands. Yup, you guessed it, that is the latest reason for staying in Iraq, we are fighting for the oil. So nice that he's finally mentioned it. (090105b)

What's bad news for if you don't get a laugh every now and then. Sadr on the inside or outside posits a good question, maybe he's trying to be the center and play it against the edges? Essentially he'll be making hay while the moon shines too, and he won't need "mutant blue" to do it. Anyway. (082905k)

When language changes so does reality. US marines in this article are said to call the Iraqi fighters "mujahadin" and to describe the situation as a stalemate, referring to their gains and losses. You tell me that that adds up to. (082905i)

Chaos? What else is new the constitution seems to bring out the worst in some people (082904h)

Haliburton gets some heat about, what a surprise, corruption in Iraq, a whistle blower blows the whistle and she's outta there faster than spit in a hurricane, nice.(082905g)

Now forgive me for asking, but didn't we go into Fallujah, subdue it in harsh fighting, surround it with barriers, force everyone to be checked as they either go in or out and wasn't it not too long ago that it was declared the safest city in Iraq? All too true, yet we read this today: "As we all know, we have mujahedeen operating in small squads throughout the city,'' Marine Sgt. Manuel Franquez said before leading a patrol in Al-Fallujah last week. So what gives? (082905f)

Same o, same o. Bush repeats what he's said about the Iraqi resistance, the constitution creates problems, exacerbating differences and threatening the disenfranchised, however, for the time, this article says, we do simply move on, momentum has everything in its cold unfeeling grip. (082905d)

Women get a short shrift in Iraq's constitution, but what they hey, the US didn't give them voting rights either until last century, no matter that establishing freedom was one of the reasons we went into Iraq. Oh well, chalk up another dissonant bit of reality which I am sure will be played down, no, ignored. (082905e)

Update on the big picture in Iraq, things are not going swimmingly and I am not talking about the constitution, attacks, casualties and cost. Things like oil output, electricity, infrastructure and so forth; this brief article makes for an unhappy portrait. (082805b) Bin Laden? What's up? Well here is a listing of stories that contains descriptions of the various tapes and announcements from Al Qaida through the years since 2001 to this current time (082809a)


The skinny on Iran's nuclear "possibilities" remain "unclear". Some of their excuses hold up, other's don't and suspicion remains. The future is uncertain therefore and patience grows thin. (090305d)


Overall progress in Afghanistan's war against the opium poppy. The results are mixed but the overall acreage is down. (082905a)

The Hurricane and Flood:

Don't this beat all? In an interview with ABC on Thursday, President Bush said the U.S. was not seeking foreign assistance. "This country is going to rise up and take care of it," he said.(090305i) Of course he changed his mind for it appears that on Friday Condi said, "We've turned down no offers". Except those from Cuba. We won't accept 1,100 doctors with 26.4 tons of supplies which Cuba has offered (090305k) twice! (090305j)

If you want a selective snapshot of stories, check this MoJo page out. A good range of stories, all very brief and informative. (090305h)

In the near term, it must be pointed out, that the hurricane season is not half over, there is another storm brewing, Maria, and with the Atlantic ocean's temperature "about as warm as it ever gets" we have the precursor for a hurricane season that can produce storms at a rate far above the average. Let us hope, in the coming months that another storm does not follow Katrina's path. (090305b)

Here is some background as to why FEMA is not "what it once was" decisions and choices effected its effectiveness, lay such decisions on the Bush administration's doorstep, but do you really think anyone will hold his feet to the fire? It hasn't happened yet for all the bungling idiocy he has perpetrated thus far, why expect change? (090305a)

So look at these two links, the first shows the stories about "disaster in the dome, in mainstream media, the networks, CNN, major newspapers and so forth (090205a) Then we have, Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security, claim he "hadn't heard about it!" Amazing no? Fire the idiot? No, not in Bushland, he's a friend...(090205b)

Not that it matters in the short term, but this article details what has been on the radio the past couple of days, Federal cuts in local flood control budgets stopped the ongoing maintenance of the levees in the region for the first time in 37 years. Typical Bushist action (090105j) And some one did complain, Michael Parker, and he was relieved of his job for it, again, typical Bushit thinking (090105k)

The future of the US:

Some stories in the past suggested a convergance of Israeli agents operating in the US and that of the 9/11 "crew". This brief story hints that there may be more than coincidence but one wonders, what more? (090105f) Or get the 166 page pdf file right here (090105e) And this one too, gives an overview (090305f)

I love this story asks for someone to ask "hard hitting" questions. I second that emotion! To be sure, but to be fair I have a question of my own, who is supposed to step up to the plate? This overview covers the legislative bodies back seat sleeping while a unsteady but ever so greedy hand is at the wheel steering us into pothole after pothole, and going a bit to fast on the curves. What it means is that I think they'll wake up, at least enough to serve their own servile interests, those of the states, and also of the body politic, I know, I know, don't hold your breath, but read the article. (082905k)

I think this is more a domestic issue now. I have come across the "entire" public record of the "Affair de Plame" currently playing in the DC area. The curtain has gone up on act after act but the curtain has yet to come down, surprisingly short for all that. Names names and dates places, neat (082908j)

There is a lot of talk, in pundit land, comparing the charade in Baghdad to our own constitutional convention. This comparison does not stand cursory scrutiny. Notable is the fact that our founders had expelled an occupying army, and the winners in a national struggle for independence, ahem. (082905c)

The Future:

Confusing and "as dense" as prior stories about the dollar have been, this one is brief and makes it understandable. The "dollar bubble" exists and there are fears that it may burst. What happens next is speculated upon, oh yes, it's not pretty, not at all. (090305e)

The infamous and misnomered "Clear Skies" was famous for its polluting provisions, however, if memory serves, it went down, now however the egregious portion is being revived. I would guess it has to do with energy and the "situation" whatever that means. (090105i)

In the "deluge" of coverage given to Hurricane Katrina there is barely a whisper of "global warming" German papers and scientists think its a no brainer (090105c), our scientists think we may well be in for more and fiercer storms. How wunnerful....(090105d)

The History:

Bush set another record this week he is THE FIRST president to preside over five straight years in which household incomes failed to rise. (090105g) People working the longest fared the worst: Earnings for full-time workers fell by 2.3 percent for men and 1.0 percent for women.(090105h) for the big pdf doc. And there has been news stories that the poverty rate rose for the fourth consecutive year, after declining every year from 1993 to 2000. The percentage of people without private health insurance also went up for the fourth year in a row. How wunnerful, boss man

This is a long page. Some portion of the material can be dismissed, some is "out there" however it contains speculations about the National Socialist movement of Germany and its attempt to survive ensconced in the US. (090105) I include it for the photographs, the bits of historical data and the curios.

Also, in case you want to see a few years of Cheney shenanigans, here is a fairly comprehensive list: from 2000 to 2004, October. (090105a)



Ray guns for Iraq? Yup that is the skinny on this story. Prior story reported them being described this story talks about deployment. (090905d) And here is a bit more on that (090905e)

Just a little reminder of how the oil for food program was circumvented by those sneaky oil tankers that just slipped on by the US navy send there to guard against just that sort of thing. How did they manage to do it? (090805g)

Those sly Sunni's now they are registering to vote by the hundreds of thousands, except a lot of them want to vote the constitution down, then, of course they''ll be more represented in the next government elected to write the agreement, it is suspected that more sparks will fly then, c'est la vie (090805f)

We went into Iraq, so it is said, because of WMD. Well, if that is the case why have we only apprehended 3 of the estimated 200 Iraqi nuclear scientists? Maybe that would have made a "deck of 52 most wanted" to big, but still, what do they know, where are they, and who might they be working for now? Part one (090705k) Part two (090705l) Part three (090705m) Part four (090705n) and Part five (090705o)

Incidents in Turkey imply that events in Iraq may well have "spill over." Kurdish demonstrators get violent, attack and are attacked. (090405a)

The hide and seek method of warfare: US forces sweep an area, but the opposition for the most part leaves, goes elsewhere and then, comes right back. Today a city is taken by insurgents, casualties mount and the struggle, chaotic as it is, continues. (090705a) 


Perhaps this is why Iran doesn't feel a pressing need to "do anything much" about US or European concerns regarding its nuclear programs. (090505a)


To say that Egypt's recent election was a model of democracy as we know it, is to make quite a stretch with participation varying from 4 to 15% and "nobody watching" it seemed a landslide for the incumbent was no surprise part one (090805h) part two (090805i)

In Egypt we have a couple of stories covering their election. This event was hailed as part of the Bush described "blossoming of democracy" in the middle east. Well, it may or may not be, a description of the opposition groups, note the largest is disallowed from participation (090705e) quotes from "ordinary people: (090705f) and accounts of protest and fraud, oh well (090705g)

Fallout from Katrina:

Keeping track of the eight biggest lies told during the whole affair. (090905c)

A snapshot of how Bush runs his office how he "governs", not pleasant, a brief recap (090905a) So who runs FEMA? Not the experts (090905b)

No good deed goes unpunished? That's what they say...Go Navy (090805e)

The side of Katrina's survival tale that was not covered. A tale of two paramedics who were at a convention of same, the day it all came down. (090805d)

Ah, simplicity of the essence of wit and wisdom, so here is a simple timeline of the Katrina situation, who did what, said what, went where and when. Clearly Bush could have done more besides holding a birthday cake for someone to blow out candles, don't you think? (090705h)

There is help a plenty just waiting, and we're not just talking about the 1,000 Cuban doctors, but Swedish, German and Canadian assistance is slowly making their way over the paper hurdles. (090705b)

The race issue brought up "indirectly" by Katrina is not appreciated by the US news viewers, perhaps because only 22 of 1300 broadcast segments "mentioned it." (090605g)

I like how this article ends, "we have no choice but to fight the war with the president we have" but read the rest, it's brief and just as good as that little zinger. (090605f)

Karl "Bush's Brain" Rove is in charge of "damage control" over Katrina (090605c) So the following attempt at using the technique of lying louder than anyone else until the lie is all that can be heard should come as no surprise.

Newsweek and others reported that Louisiana's governor called for a state of emergency. The White House says that the reason the feds were so slow is that the governor did not call for a state of emergency for several days. (090605e)The news media PRINTED retractions. However according to the evidence they should retract the retractions, see the white house web page here (090605b) And here is of those that did the retracting of the retraction (090605d)

Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans? Yup, that's what it says, read it here from the Army Times. (090605a)

House Speaker Dennis Hastert has said of New Orleans: "It looks like a lot of that place could be bulldozed." and that rebuilding hurricane-ravaged New Orleans "doesn't make sense to me," How about that? Oh, he backpedaled but this article goes into all of that. (090405b)

The future of the US: 

Hey, I scored 7 out of 10, that means I passed! How many of the 10 most under reported stories of 2004 did you miss? Find out right here right now! (090705i)

Well, I hope you are ready, I thought I was, but then perhaps I really was not. Here is the deal. The concept of "Peak Oil" is the idea that since oil is a finite resource, and demand is growing that prices will go up. Secondarily since it is a finite resource that, eventually, we will begin to have demand outstrip production causing a rise in its price. Everyone can see that, but what happens when the production peaks and then what happens when the production declines, inexorably? We not only have a price rise, we have economic disruption on a scale that dwarfs anything we've ever seen. These two web page articles spell out what Peak Oil is, how it came about, what can and cannot be done, and spells out the seeming paradoxes as time grows short. We may be seeing the first "throes" of a new world in which oil only gets more expensive and the means to acquire it more and more desperate, part one (090705c) and part two (090705d)

The Future:

This study from England estimates that, due to global warming, the amount of CO2 being added to the atmosphere is rising. This is because at temperature goes up the processes that occur in soil to break down organic matter speed up and release more CO2, a "warming" gas. The article estimates that the amount being given off exceeds the amount of emissions reductions that England has been able to achieve. My question becomes this: So, is this happening around the world? And if so don't we "have a problem Houston?" (090705j)

Terrorist Alerts! or Recipes for Resistance?

Let us look at these three articles, man freaks out on plane,(090805b) HIV spitter gets 13 years, (090805a) and pranksters put up a Pterodactyl (090805c) In the first case you have an example of how our security is still vulnerable. Anybody can get up on a plane and say the "magic words" and force that plane to land. What would happen if 200 people decided that three times a week, some one of them would board a plane only to announce that it had a bomb aboard, that the bomb would go off in an hour unless the plane was landed? Of course they'd land the plane, a fuss would be made and arrest made. However, after a couple of weeks of this, would people want to fly? Second, did anyone else see the connection between this and the so called "infected hooker" plot during the 2004 election? Another means of terror we are not protected from. And last, if a group of teens can erect a sizable structure anywhere they might like, what is to prevent them from putting other items out for "display" and calling in bomb threats and so forth? We are vulnerable to fraudulent terrorism, acts which are essentially "put up jobs" but which still force the emergency system to work and cause it to waste effort.



Levels of violence spike upward in general (091605e) and there is a Fallujah redux (091605f)

Sectarian violence is more common and is the precursor to civil war. What was our plan again? (091105a) Those who are not Kurdish and live in Kikurk are coming out against the constitution, and they want to form their own militia's (091105b)


The madrassas of Pakistan seem to chafe under a renewed effort to register them. What can President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's do? (091505a)


If you can recall any battle in Afghanistan you probably recall the name "Tora Bora". This was where we were "going to get Bin Laden" as it were. It did not turn out that way, here are some of the details, hint: when are friends allies and not at the same time? (091205a)


The same English group that provided "vital intelligence on Iraq" now also has "vital intelligence on Iran." My thinking is this, even if they are right there will be doubt, if they are wrong it is even worse. I guess we can call the the "ripple effect." (091405m)

Geopolitically, Iran is a key energy supplier to China as well as India, its political relations with China is excellent. Its trans-Caspian alliance with Russia is ironclad, as both countries are dead-set, in diplomatic language, not to allow "other great foreign powers" to penetrate the Caspian. This means a peaceful, non-confrontational solution to the nuclear issue will be in the interest of all Iran's neighbors if not Washington. (091005a)

Our media inaction:

Meanwhile there is a "no photo, no story" policy being enforced in New Orleans, now who could have thought that up? And why? Any guesses? Aw, come on, you can guess, can't you? (092405c)

Fallout from Katrina:

It has been mentioned that Bush travels in a bubble of his own reality, including visits to Potempkin like events,but in New Orleans he gets the lights turned on while he drives through parts, eliciting cheers, and when he goes, so does the power. Whatever...(091605a) Here is a prime case of the "bubble president" he gives a speech in the Big Easy and guess what no crowd, no questions the press kept at distance,but a "live" backdrop. (091605c)

Let me see, securing power to hospitals and other emergency related facilities or getting the petroleum moving through pipelines, which is more important? I guess you'll have to read this to find out the exciting answer that that trick question. (091405k)

It seems that Bush told Chertoff, Dept. of Homeland Sec. that Katrina was "actionable" on 8/27, however it was some days before the maligned Mr. Brown was allowed to take any action. In sum three days passed while Homer's "Duh O" might best describe the public's reaction. (091405j)

So, get this, the company hired to "take care of the dead bodies" is run by a Bush favorite and has a record of desecrating bodies, dumping them, and so forth as a matter of public record. Hmmm, another scandal in the making? (091405h)

Katrina and Iraq connected by how parts of our society create meaning for or from our dead. Bush, Cindy Sheehan, anti war groups, war supporters are all grappling with the "meaning of our dead" and it may be that Katrina will effect the war effort, one way or another. (091405e)

A hospital of dead and dying and those who tried to take care of them. (091305e)

Want to know what might be polluting the water in New Orleans? So would the people, but the EPA is stonewalling, I mean there is on known super fund site ... but what else? Well, maybe some one will talk, oh that's right it's a Bush administration, how silly of me. (091305c) Here are the details (091305d) And we're still getting stonewalled, what gives? Taxpayers pay for the EPA to do its thing, and now we get squat. (091405a) And here is a bit more, links to pictures and descriptions, it is not as it the "possibilities are unknown, you know. (091405b)

In a top down, "do as I say" organization, such as Bush's White House, it seems the Katrina episode only proved the underlings to be as poorly organized as the "overlord" was. (091205d) A day by day portrait of miscommunication, improvisation, heroics and forbearance. (091205e)

Things are getting better but this story is bizarre, 15 tons of aid flown in from Germany gets turned away for what appear flimsy reasons, don't you think a phone call and could have allowed SOME of that materiel to be donated? (091005d)

The Future:

The arctic ice cap is a stabilizing factor in the worlds temperature regulating system. It is impacted, severely, and it seems that the ice pack is definitely on the decline, this does not bode well for global weather patters. (091605b)

Selling weapons to human rights abusers, despots and so forth, (091405f) And how we go about selling the "hard stuff" to the world (091405g)

Japan reelects Koizumi, China doesn't like that or him much, their militaries have met up close a few times and old memories die hard. Resources are in contest as well. With a will and mind of his own he might be shifting Japan to a new perspective. part one (091305a) part two (091305b)

Greenland provides hints of global warming, some say proofs, yet nay sayers abound. One wonders what will it take for them to see , A: that although we may be in a natural warming period now that we ARE effecting the climate, perhaps making it even warmer. Permafrost regions around the arctic are defrosting for the first time in 10,000 years, said one article, this one gives other details. part one (091005b) part two (091005c)

The future of the US: 

A great overview article of Bush's "war on Nature" religious conservatives and so on (091605d)

Has Russia regained some of its "losses" in central Asia, has the tide begun to turn against the US? Despite the color coded revolutions? (091405l)

If you think FEMA is the only agency run incompetently by hacks check out the small business administration (091405i)

While Katrina has put a spotlight on FEMA's politicization other agencies suffer from a similar disabling condition, here is the scoop on that poop (091205f)

Wither the war? The facts seem to bear one thing the Bush administration did say, "it will be a long struggle" Bin Laden has made errors, but the Bush errors seem to trump them in scale and effect. Terrorism is up, the US is suffering to achieve elusive goals. We are at a crossroads in history. This article spells out the evidence and rationale for Bin Laden's actions, a great recap, analysis and read. (091205b) And here is a bit of retrospective from the US, Seattle in fact. (091205c)



Complications, we have a declared civil war between the Sunni and Shia in Iraq, and now rumblings of a Shia on Shia schism which threatens the relative peace of the "British Zone". Apparently is is Sadr versus Badr, not unlike the Hatfields and the Coys, these two are finding common enmity the division is dangerous, Iran is involved, and it goes back decades. (092305b) And in this mix, ironically it is our one time foe/villain Muqtada Sadr, leader of the Mahdi Army who would want what we want, a unified Iraq, strange bedfellows indeed! (092305d)

When is civil war, Civil War? When the leader of one faction publicly declares as such? If so Iraq now has a Civil War. Ironically it may benefit US Chicken Hawks, arms dealers and other profiteers, god knows. (092105g)

Is there a plan B? If not there might be a rationale to consider one, even Richard Pipes asked the Putin to negotiate with the Chechens on the grounds that the conflict had historical roots (there were real grievances) and because the Chechens had "resorted to terrorism for the limited objective of independence … not [destroying] Russia." Al Qaida's goals and situation is similar enough to enjoy comparison. Only thing is time is running out and, well, with that goes our ability to negotiate. (092105c)

Anti war protesters had signs saying "No Blood for Oil" well, perhaps now the signs should read "Blood for no Oil" I guess the not so surprising lack of coverage of this aspect of the Iraq war will continue apace. (092105b)

How short is the fuse in Iraq? Need one ask, but here is a story from the "British Zone" in Basra where two English troopers dressed as natives were arrested by Iraqi police after an Iraqi officer was killed in events leading up to their arrest, the rest is chaotic history. (092005b)

A catalogue of our errors? What did we do to let this mess happen? Here are some of the pieces of that puzzle which led one to quoted as saying we're making the same mistakes we made in Vietnam." While that may not be true, the articles reach is thought provoking. (091905e)

I still wonder how can some one loose this much money? How can you loose a billion dollars? I mean that IS truckloads of the stuff. It was supposed to help equip the Iraqi army, as they say in the states, "Oh well!" (091905d)

Chunks of Baghdad out of US or Iraqi government control? Seems so according to this report. NGO's are sending people off to safer towns such as Arbil.(091905c)


It seems everyone in the Middle East has used the Kurds against their neighbors. The puzzle piece that isn't is another of the regions intractable problems only exacerbated by the US policy which depends on them as a primary ally. One wonders how long that will last and what will happen if it ends or does not. Stay tuned for another harrowing misadventure in paradise, (092105j)


It seems Iran wants to have its nukes, according to a "fiery" speech at the UN. To me this short article makes clear some of their reasoning, but the kicker is the last sentence "Mr. Ahmadinejad said, 'Iran is ready to transfer nuclear know-how to the Islamic countries due to their need.' On Saturday, he asserted that 'the quote was incomplete,' but did not explain further." (091905j)


So the brouhaha over registering the Madrassas is nearing a close, the schools have agreed to register. The main objective, of the government (and the US) was their curriculum and the sources of their funding. OK? Well the schools agreed to being registered as long as their funding sources and curricula are "their own business. Now the change is set to take place. Does the term "window dressing" come to mind? (092305a)

This nation seems to slip under the "man on the street's" radar. To me its importance to the greater middle east region is very under rated. Here is a description of the confusing "relationship" between the US and Pakistan from proliferation to Afghanistan, Bin Laden to Madrassas (092105h) Here are specific details which highlight the "imaginary" border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and how some portion of Pakistan's government support, publicly, the Taliban's efforts. Confused? So is everyone else. (092105i)

Ya Gotta love this guy, taking a lesson from Bush, Mr. Musharraf "makes a big time verbal boo boo" has witnesses, is recorded and when the comment blows up simply denies it. Essentially he was complaining about women who get raped for money and as a way of escaping the country, or some such. I am sure I am speaking for you when I say that Us citizens are glad he is on our side fighting for truth, justice and the American Way. (091905h)


Oh well, is the update on this story, NK wants something first and we want something else first. So the issue is now in doubt. What is more fleeting than hope? A six party agreement. (092005a)

Big story is that there is "agreement" a reading of this article lends credence to Mr. Bush's skepticism. I would like an amenable agreement, and there is agreement that this agreement is agreeable, but it will be November, it seems, before the next meeting and some of the agreement seems to be vague or contain various opinions as to what has been agreed to , exactly. Still hope, is nice, no? (091905a)

But as they say "Dey Debbil' be in de details, yassuh!" And that seems true here what kind of nuclear program will be allowed, will the North Koreans have a light water nuclear reactor? If so when, where, and so forth. This issue has been postponed ... (091905i)


They had their first election. The turnout according to this article was about 50%, other sources give lower estimates 30 to 35%. If it is anywhere in that range it is about what we do in the US. So is it good, most likely yes. What will it mean? Who knows. Warlords tried to legitimize themselves I have heard, but the Taliban did not succeed in stopping the elective process. I hope for the best. (090905j)


A hunger strike in progress, a couple hundred of them according to one source less than half that according the the US Government, either way, if those people start dying it will be "not good" for the US effort in Iraq, Afghanistan as well as making our coalition of the willing, perhaps less willing? Who knows, but one thing is certain, time will tell. (091505g)

Our media inaction:

Here is a reporter, for a major publication contradicting himself in his own article which is, it would seem, trying to bolster Bush. The article is described here (092005d) and the article itself is here (092005e)

Fallout from Katrina:

Some might say that 1500 doctors would be a help in the Katrina aftermath, but since those doctors are from Cuba ... well .. they are still on stand by, but I don't think they'll be called anytime soon, they've been waiting for weeks now. (092105a)

How to yank the news around, a piece talks about the "early reporting period" when news actually got out, questions were asked, and in the chaos, reporters reported and they had a scent of blood, however soon it was same -o, same -o and the curtain closed the "show" from view. (092005f)

The person to head up the "Katrina" investigation "demanded" by Bush is someone who knows little of emergency services but knows how to handle cover up situations. How does Bush do it? I guess no one pays attention or those that do are voiceless, beyond the "electronic curtain." (092005c)

Image over substance, that is the theme of this article and it starts with Katrina but segues into other areas a bit as well. The details are, of course, disturbing, but this approach, symbolized by putting PR people, such as Rove and others, in control of the refilled efforts. What the hey??? (091905f)

The Future:

China builds a railroad where the best builders said it was impossible. A visitor to the project gives a first hand view of the highest track in the world, one that links China's "wild west" with Tibet in a bid for better management or should I say, development, part one (092005g) part two (092005h) China's can do spirit is spotlighted, interesting read.

The future of the US: 

Bush is a poor president but no matter how bad it has gotten, the likelihood of getting rid of him is, well, not likely, here is why (092305c)

Going for a "blast from the past" we see a nice overview of how the press "decided" the election in 2000, ignored major stories and allowed our current commander in mess to be just what he is a jackass without a brain who, asleep at the wheel, doesn't know shit from beans, (092205a)

This is your "Healthy Forests Act" in action. We take you to the Bitteroot Valley of Montana and the struggle of locals against the Forest Service, the Lear Jet Set, and well oiled PR machines get set for a struggle over old growth, virgin, forests. (092105e)

We seize a Canadian, ship him off to Syria for interrogation. 10 months later he's back, appears to be innocent and the US government says, essentially, "Well, you know it could happen again, we're not sorry." Talk about how to "Win friends and influence enemies." (092105d) Here are the stories details (092105e)

What went wrong or is wrong with the protest movement against the Iraqi war? This article talks about a lack to take discontent to the next level, which involves non -violent demonstrations with impinge upon the smooth operation of the machinery, to resist, to sacrifice, to be willing to suffer and campaign...(092005i) I concur with this. But how many others do?

Here is a brief article talking about how blocks of nations are forming up, ostensibly for their own reasons, but what is occurring is a multi polar world in which the US, as the hyper power, is not being questioned, disagreed with, ignored and or countermanded. We can thank Bush for the acceleration of this trend and the difficulties it will bring about. (091905b)



He once said "bring them on" well his wish has been granted, 13 of ours dead this week, 105 Iraqi's, no totals for wounded (093005b) So we spin the story prophylactically speaking...(093005d)

In July we were told three brigades of Iraqi troops were "ready" now we're told it is only one. Yet, we are told this is not a "backward step." I guess it must be that "New Math". (092805e) Meanwhile sectarian violence notches up. (092805f)

So the war goes on, we've "taken" aka destroyed Tal Afar to pacify it. However 5 more cities have fallen to the enemy and I guess they'll be next on the list. (092705f)

More prisoner torture scandal to come? Well, if they every let a witness off his base, perhaps. Others have come forward telling tales of wantonness and cruelty. (092605h) A bit more on Captain Fishback's "situation" (092805d)

Porn and the Iraqi dead. That's the new sicko thing not in our news. The site is up for all to see, I guess you have to "join" Then you too can see such lovely classics as a woman whose right leg has been torn off by a land mine, and a medical worker is holding the mangled stump up to the camera. The woman's vagina is visible under the hem of her skirt. The caption for this picture reads: "Nice puss -&endash; bad foot." (092605g) Oh, yes, and don't you think the Iraqi's and our other enemies can get the pics too?

Take a look at parts of the Iraqi constitution, and read this article which concludes: "Federalism based on geography is acceptable, but federalism based on ethnicity and sect? Why not simply declare civil war and get it over with?" (092605f)

Not that anyone will listen but here is a set of reasons that argue for our leaving Iraq, sooner rather than later. (092605c) Statistics are interesting things. Here is one: for every "insurgent" killed the US military uses 250,000 bullets. Is that good shooting or what? (092605b)

The Brits in Basra and what happened to the "disguised" men, who were they? What were they doing? No the place is just more of a mess. (092605a)

What do you do when Civil War comes knockin' at your door? Sunni's flee Shia and Shia flee Sunni. Chaos, pure and simple (092405a)


A detailed portrait of the area in which Bin Laden is supposed to be hiding. An bizarre place with a legendary history whose uniquity has only been highlighted in recent times. It is another place whose people have, from time to time been "played" and are now in the forefront of yet another power struggle beyond their capacity to control or effect. (092705f)

Where are the Democrats anyway?

They were not at the giant anti-war rally in DC, they have not taken advantage of Bumble Boy Bush's same-o lame-o administration, So where are they? (092705k) Of course if the Dems "speak up" as did Kerry recently, claiming "progress in Iraq" then what would have been the use? It is a sorry state of affairs and the Dems seem determined to hold on to their number two spot in politics. (092805a)


Headlines were splashed and then, this, the details. Yes there is an "agreement" but no seems to agree as to what the agreement agrees to. One thing, it may take years for that to be figured out. (092705a)


Violence at an all time high, as are casualties. Allied success in running an election but the opposition may be waiting to see what happens are they waiting to see if the US military decides to draw down forces following the Sept. 18 parliamentary elections? Do they have Stinger missiles? (092605d)

Our media inaction:

Interview with Cindy Sheehan, makes good reading even if it makes no headlines. (093005f)

While the death count gets higher and the stakes rise and their constitution or election process proceeds, we pay less and less attention, why would that be? (093005c)

Who is taking over the Corporation for Public Broadcasting? Oh no, not again! Yes, some one willing to "enforce accountability" (092805b) So in terms of "accountability" read a bit about the number two person at the CPB, chilling to say the least (092805c)

Torturous silence on torture, the title of this brief says it all. Who is asking questions, demanding answers, what is happening over there? Who is doing what? Now that Ms. England is found guilty are we to presume everything is OK? Not quite (092705j)

So there is good news and it seems it is ignored. If this story is correct many stories of chaos and violence in New Orleans were just that, stories. To be sure it was a mess, but headline grabbing tales of shootings, murders, and the like may not have happened, that's the word now (092705d) Here is a bit more on that, unverified tales grab headlines and have the worst imaginings taken at face value ... news anyone? (092705e)

Ignoring and ignorance, our media mavens marvelously marvel but don't seem to know who Cindy Sheehan is meanwhile big papers bury the DC protest and others pic their pics, oh well. (092605e)

The Future:

The law of unintended consequences, that is what this article, brief but sweet, is about. The US has made, probably the largest scale goof it has ever made when it invaded Iraq. The gap between reality and the high blown goals of a "democratic revolution in the middle east" is a fantasy at this point. Only drastic and large scale alteration of circumstances can rescue the mission. If we are going to be fighting for fifty years as Rummy has said, we need to see some evidence of progress, at best it is stalemate, or so it seems. (092705i)

Katrina's headlines washed out this story, but Al Qaida has cells in Saudi Arabia, I know, big surprise, but this one was quite well armed, had plans and though it was destroyed it seems others are expected to take its place. Their target: the world's oil prices.(092705h)

Change is here. China's military becoming modernized, is large and freed up from border concerns with Russia and others, now they practice. (092705b) And develop and deploy new naval vessels. (092705c)

The future of the US: 

An Israeli spy network in the US? Yup, and part of it is being exposed, to bad it's not getting the headline news that it deserves, story has been around for months by the way. (093005a)

Karen Hughes takes a tour of the middle east region. Her purpose is to polish how the area perceives us, to bad her efforts provide Bin Laden's ilk with support. (092805g) As to suicide attacks, here is a summary of the scoop, "Why do they do it?" How about this as a simple answer, "Because we're there." (092805h) According to Mr. Pape's thesis, "Dying to Win."


Remember extraordinary rendition? First no one knew about it, then we denied that it happened, then we said it did but it wasn't bad; now Italy has issued arrest warrants for nearly two dozen US citizens involved in a kidnapping, including CIA agents. As they used to say on Laugh In ... "very interesting" (093005g)

I don't rightly know if this belongs here, but that's where I'll put it. It speculates that Bush is done for. Not that I disagree with it, but hell, he has a few more years and his finger is still on the "big button" so ... I think it's to early to count him out, I mean there is another election to steal, a war to start and another, and even better 9/11 to create. That is my bad side talking there. (093005e) (

The "Saint Patrick's Day Four, a group arrested for an anti-war action, spilling their own blood at a recruitment center, have been found "not guilty" of the most serious charges. Finally a democrat New York congressman Maurice Hinchey breaks the silent ranks and uses their case to tell it like it is. (092705g)

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