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First Quarter of 2004

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January 2004



The Heinous:

Environmentat Assault: Sooty Santa, Hog Wash, and Estate Tox ... a banner year for dismantling the EPA, Clean Air Act, and others, a brief list of the "Lowlights" (010404a)


Here's the latest on the new prosecutor for the CIA's case against the White House, the article builds uip Mr. Fitzgerald, (new link here) (010405b) but ends ominiously with "If anybody from inside the Justice Department has to do it, he'll be as good as anybody. That said, it would be my feeling that it should have been someone from outside." Here is another view from Josh Marshall, (bew link here) (010405c) and still another, viewpoint, questioning the official line.(010404d)

Mad as hell and not going to take it any more? You bet. Some people are and this one has let us know all about it. (new link here) (010404e) Eventually we'll understand the worst labor market in 20 years, flat or falling incomes, yet a banner year, relatively speaking, for Wall St and the well to do's stores. (new link here) (010404f) But the Dollar has seen better days....

Mad Cow and culpability, a industry lobbyist now runs the Dept. of Agriculture, so now we know the story, how dangerous is Mad Cow? Read on, right on! (010404g)

How a campain against Dean begins, how the media will define him out of existance, (010404h) no threat to small I say, get him while you can.

Ecology, Bush probably can't spell it, and ths shows he does not understand it or and government says it can be treated as a "lesser" pollutant and that computer projections of cost for containment, clean up, and so forth won't be forth coming. and one of the men central to this decision has pesticide's interest at heart.(new link here scroll down to 12/30/03) (010404i)


Merry Olde Englande, it seems their intelligence, well, um, uh, prevaricated, or rather more simply lied (041405j) about Saddam, but its all water under the bridge, I guess that's just fine.


What is the fuss over there, (010404k) Parmalat goes billions of dollars in debt overnight, a media king rules or changes the rules to suit his tailored needs. So it seems they learn from the best, us.


Sorry about this, my opinion: The capture of Saddam could prove an error. Here is why: if the resistance had managed to oust the US before his capture, he would have been the most likely one to come back into power, and many who disliked us disliked that just as much. Now he is out of the picture, various ethnic segments, religious factions and so forth have a chance at real power. Some of the motives are clear, Kurds want more freedom, Sunnis and Shias more power, Iran influence, Baathists a return to power, and so on. All they have to do is to "pull together" and get rid of us so each can try to settle things to their favor. Keep in mind the resistance does not have to force a military victory, all they have to do is outlast us. With Saddam out of the picture many might see a possibility of gaining control, once we go. It may also be that Al Queda and others like them also have a fine place to "do that voodoo that they do, so well"

Paul Bremmer, Iraq's "go to guy" and that smashing fellow Mr. Prime Minister himself, Tony Blair cannot keep their stories straight, (010404l) either there are labs, weapons, and programs or there is not. Great laughs here, if only it wasn't so serious. Then we support Iraq when it has and uses Weapons of Mass Destruction, and invade when it does not, (010404m) sounds logical to me, how about you? Then a bit more than most people want on some US/Iraq background, whoah baby. (010404n)

Here is a source for Freedom of Information Act materials put on the web. The National Security Archive. (new link) (010404o)

If you want a good overview illuminating why the Iraqi's live in darkness, have a gasoline shortage despite oil reserves , or why new Iraqi army is plagued with desertion, read this.(010404p)


The Heinous:


Its all hush hush you understand, but read between the lines here and the strong implication is that the investigators were active in more than one American city during the month of December last and they were trained for detecting nuclear material. Meanwhile the costs associated with the basic error, that of mishandling Bin Laden, continue to mount.

A little story that illuminates more than a few instances of how our media has become biased and people simply have not seemed to notice much.(011004a) Fredonia goes to war! Will we get some clean information on 9/11 out of this lawsuit? (011004b) We can only hope.

How safe can we be? That is what I want to know. How safe? Consider airlines escorted by jets, massive computer ID records, the centralising of data banks through credit data et al. What I mean is consider the Mad Cow Story, (new link) (011004c) and then consider, how hard would it be to go around the country infecting cows? What would happen in dozens of cows around the nation are found to have it, what would that cost? Now if I can think up something like that, what kind of thoughts are our terrorist enemies considering? Hmmmmm? Mad Cow, here is why you have no way of knowing where the beef is, even though government officials can tell, which county received it, even which stores.(011004d)

The environment? We have a few items, first, global warming may cause us to loose 25% of the living species in the next few decades. (new link) (011004e) English government scientists blast the US policy regarding global warming, it is a greater threat than terrorism the article says.(new link) (011004f) If those don't grab you, check out this: Cutting to the quick? Talk about a man's ... Well, ahem, or sperm count. The article suggests environmental or life style factors as possible causes, nah, couldn't be those, could it? (new link) (011004g)

Oh and here is another write up of that global warming story, but the wording in this one is just a tad stronger. (011004h)

Along with flights being cancelled, escorted in by fighter plane and defences being placed at certain airports, the ID request for foreigners lends me to believe that threats are becoming more important, (011004i) we are mounting a real defensive effort here, why else? But lets go back to the start of it all, what Bush knew, well, what did he know? (011004j) And then, a new link here concerning the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11. Eye witnesses report explosions, the bizzare "free fall" of the towers. (011004k)

Don't like the wars? Want to protest? Its OK to do so as long as you cannot be well seen by the presidink "ob dese You Ess of Ay" (011004l) But we can still talk about it can't we?

News bias found in the basic numbers, how many news minutes are spent on global warming, aids, and Iraq, the not so surprising answers here.(011004m)

How do we treat our soldiers "over there"? Well, some who were set to retire are told, implored, or otherwise convinced to stay on, and on, (new link )(011004n) Presidential candidate Kucinch says this amounts to a kind of involuntary draft. (new link) (011004o)


It seems that the story about the Kurds capturing Saddam has been getting lots of play around the world, this article speculates about what that might come to mean.(011004p) And a nice dovetail to that piece is this recent event, Kurds are given reassurances, public reassurances that they will have continued self rule, others would like that too, trouble is the Turkomen and Kurds what the same place. (011004q)

And here, again, we are told how the Iraqi's had nothing, sometimes less than nothing as far as WMD are concerned. (new link) (011004r) Why did we invade again, what for? By the way we are pulling out teams who were searching and have found nothing. (011004s)

Take a look at history, compare Iraq to Algeria's revolution as well as Turkey's. (011004t)


The stories that have already come out are precursors to this: officially unofficial: "These guys are now three for three as supplier to the biggest proliferation problems we have," (new link) (011004u)


It seems they at least want to say they should not give up WMD's if Israel does not. (new link) (011004v)I think it's the best argument he's come up with in a while, dovetailing antagonistically as it does with our recent Libyan efforts.

The Hope:

Here is one for the Gipper all right, General Wesley Clark pulping Bush for all that's worth. Read this "he be tawxtin' trash bout' de Prxidink!" (011004w)


The Heinous:


Want a glimpse of the headlines? Iran hasn't gotten the UN in yet, suicides among our troops on the up tic, mothers have become murderers in Palestine, and WE want the UN back in Iraq? Will wonder's never cease, glance at Reuters. And it's not as if criticism isn't being heaped " 'pon po' massuh Bush" Kennedy blazes away for what that's worth. (011604a)

And a modest comparison of Vietnam's ending, with what may be our June 1st "deadline" for a functioning Iraqi government. (new link) (011604b)

What Massuh Cheney, he be habbin' somat hard tahme. Hebe sayin' dat he coo, but da'bitch aint no waaaay co. Cuz he be nippin' at de cash box. Meaning: Cheney has been gettin' down wid some uh-thu man's bread. The French claim, with English support, that Cheney via and with Halliburton has been bribing and jivvin'.(011604c)

"Yasssuh, dem 'publikans deyse sho is not knowin' dat dat dere Saddam he ain't been sheeeit fo' summat long arse tahyme." By which he means to say that there is a paper, see chapter 3, which details the lack of evidence for WMD in Iraq and how our intelligence did not reflect what we, the public, were being told. (new link, see chapter 3) (011604d) If you don't want to read 107 pages, take a look at this briefing. (011604e)Then this article gives a good coverage of the paper and some details. Then there is this article by Paul O'Niel, a Bush insider, an it be sayin dat Massuh Bush he done been lyin' fo' de longes' 'bout dat dere Saddam and was wantin t'git him from bee fo' nine eleben, 9.11 and das'a fac'." (new link) (011604f) Here is a poignant summary of the O'Niel position, very brief.(011604g) And another insider's tale, this time from Air Force Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, she worked at The Office of Special Plans, or OSP, was a Pentagon planning group directed by Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, She be sayin' dat dat durn ol' massa Bush done been lyin fo' dee longest (011604h) and she tells all in a recent article referenced in this story. Then we hear 'dat wiley ol' massuh Bush, be of two minds when it comes to the planning of Iraq.... what's up with that?

Electronic voting machines are getting some of the coverage they deserve, and there is a new trend of states wanting to have paper trails, printouts, and accountability. (new link) (011604i) The battle for this is not over, but it is beginning in earnest.

Our all - volunteer army, a great idea when it was initiated, has its weaknesses, (011604j) especially when troops are, essentially, forced to stay on in hostile territory after their original period of duty expires,(new link) (011604k) this makes likely volunteers think again before signing up. Result, we've shortages. Solutions include, leaving Iraq and or re-establishing the draft, neither are to palatable for Bush. And speaking of troops and war, you can listen to this audio which talks about the under reporting of casualties and the difficulty in getting information regarding them.(011604l) It seems the DAV, Disabled American Veterans are also unable to treat with the wounded as it has been congressionally mandated to do. (new link) (011604m)

How about that war on terrorism, some experts think we've crossed a Rubicon to Far, so to mix metaphors (new link) (011604n)


Maybe there are a lessening of casualties in Iraq since Saddam was captured, maybe that is a measure of progress, if nothing else is, at least it could be that the resistance is dissolving and that might mean peace will come all the sooner, but according to the Star Tribune "The outcome of the invasion [of Iraq] and the reasons for it have always been separable questions. They need to remain that way." In a way it is the Wrong War' (new link) (011604o) So no matter that the Post Tramples (011604p)Times on Iraq Weapons Story;' or that the Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman tells the Washingtonian that the "The Bush administration misstated and exaggerated it pretty substantially." or further that 'Bush's WMD case weakens further.(011604q)

"An dat aint be all dat's a trubblin' massa Bush's mahnd. Dems Eyeracki's is a wantstin' somat freedom massuh Bush done been tawxtin 'bout, yassuh."Now in this article we see the larger Kurdish problem only mentioned, while elections are being called for, open and free elections, whatssup wid dat? (011604r) A couple of days later, we read about the differing wants of the Kurds, the Turkomen, and Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, (new link) (011604s) look near bottom of page for January 28th and then the 4th and or 5th


The Heinous:

The "blow-back" we get from other nations regarding how "trustworthy" our intelligence is includes China's belief that our intelligence on Korea's nuclear developments is not accurate, (new link) (012304a) this effects their policy, and how they may or may not assist us in our attempts to effect change in North Korea. IMHO, we may see other nations using the pre-emptive strategy as a cover for their own expansionist aggression. After all, if we attacked for no apparent reason, then, why can't they?

And here is more blowback, serious too, and personal for Bush and cronies. Check out this Blast from Palast, Greg that is who illuminates how political road kill has necklaced opposition to Bush that even 60 minutes can feel. (012304b)And the chill is that the story just shows that no matter how cold you think it is now, we are in for a big chill. (012304c)


I believe that the Afghan National Army has a 30% desertion rate, while resistance is annoying, (012304d) and, seeming to take some lessons from the resistance in Iraq.(012304e)


And what are Americans most concerned with? This poll is interesting, even more so when you lump quality of life issues: hunger, health care costs, economy, joblessness and compare it to terrorism and war. (new link) (012304f)

And the New York Times finally talks about voting machine fraud, or incompetence, and what this might portend for the upcoming election (012304g) scam that am.

Only in America can we manage to take a high profile investigation and manage to staff if with persons whom it needs to question. So my question is, Do you think the 9/11 commission should be handled that way? (012304h) No, I didn't think so... And besides it's time to wrap that puppy up, no use clogging the campaign chatter with any untimely revelations, is there? (new link) (012304i)

And speaking of disqualifying rules Scalia and Cheney sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. ... Only they went "fishing" (012304j) wink, wink, nod - nod, know what I mean, know what I mean?

Ha, ha, ha, and you REALLY thought that Bush was making with the "Star Trek talk" because it was "the final frontier" and we were explorers? So read some of the clues about the militarization of space.(new link) (012304k)

Oh dat dere 'lecshun is dis hee'ah yee'ah, ya'll so you best be hopin' fo' ABB, anybody but Bush. Michael Moore has a piece 'bout dat genr'l Clark, he be sayin' I won't hab t'pay taxes, I be likxstin dat, yassuh. (012304l) Further, there are two kinds of Democratic contenders, (012304m) those who think this is just an election between two parties, and those who think we have liars, criminals, conspirators, and idiots running our government, nation, ecology, military, social safety net, education system, and justice department into the ground, and damned fast too! Ah'n den we gotsda bush boys lie - in, yassir. Dat wiley o'l massa Wufowits dun said, no budy kud say wha'de war gonne be a'kostin' but he fired massa Lindsey's ass but good an' quick too! (new link) (012304n)

The kicker of the week will have to be the State of the Union. But this piece is a primer for, it seems way back in 1995 we knew that the Iraqi's had disarmed themselves of all WMD's in 1991, captured Iraqi documents verify this. (new link 1) (new link 2) (012304o and 012304p)Will this be an issue in the upcoming election? One would hope so, but I'll believe it when I see it.

If one recalls that republican "activists" took direct, physical action to help shut down the Florida recount, you will be interested to see similar action taking place in Iowa. Now, I don't think they wore brown shirts, but...(012304q)


What bees dis heeyah pro'lem? Dose ol' Ruskies wanna stay but we be sayin' dat dey gotta go outen Georgia fo' good and keeps. (012304r) Whut happens if'n dey don' wanna go? Do we bee's a dookin' it out wid dem?


Well, well, well ... "bubble, bubble toil and trouble..." The Kurd's just won't go a'whey will they? (new link) (012304t) Turkey does not want them to have independance, even the autonomy has not been "good for them", and well, we seem to want to make that decision for them both, how interesting. Meanwhile Shiites are taking this "whole democracy thing" waaaay to seriously folks. (new link) (012304u) And what do the Shiites want, it's not as if we don't know, for though their leader does not speak, he does do the fatwa. (012304v) Oh, my bad, he does speak, and to over 100.000 Shia's he said: "The sons of the Iraqi people demand a political system based on direct elections and a constitution that realises justice and equality for everyone," Ayatollah Sistani's representative, Hashem al-Awad, told the crowd. "Anything other than that will prompt people to have their own say." (012304w) Which is something the US does not want, exactly.


This site requires a membership to read the stories, but not the headlines: (new link for most of these) (012304x) Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf Saturday shifted his residence from Army House in Rawalpindi to the Aiwan-e-Sadr, the presidency, in Islamabad. There have been assassination attempts despite great precautions and a hint of insider involvement. Then, this: Islamabad, Jan 17 (IANS) The Pakistani government Saturday prevented several opposition MPs from attending a joint session of parliament addressed by President Pervez Musharraf but he faced noisy protests nonetheless. One wonders, he moves from a "dangerous place" to safer digs, rigs his legislature for a speech that runs counter to what the Army and his radicalized legislature want. Sounds like progress and security to me.


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February 2004



The Heinous

So for those of you who slept through the last few years, here is a great article referencing articles that have Colin Powell say, "containment worked" and Cheney says it too, (020204a) then there is more, how Bush et al were told certain intel was not good, but it wound up in his SOTU speech anyway. So now if Bush tries to claim that faulty intel caused this fiasco, well, um, he'll have a "newspaper" trail to contend with.

There was a contest to create a 30 second ad, that was anti-Bush, well the winner can be seen here, (new link the video link is gone) (020204b)it is fairly tame, yet CBS disallowed it from being shown during the Super Bowl.

Now if it ain't Cheney and Powell dem boyz be at it again! Argerin, and disagree'in. Nebbah mahn dat dey be contradictin' dem'sefs, But Cheney dun sayed stuff dat ol massuh Bush dun been sayin' wuz nuthin' but a lie! (new link) (020204c)

An, in dis heyah stowree, Bush seem t'be dissin' what Reverend King, (020204d) An' Ah' say shame on dat bad ol' massuh Bush.

And who cares about our growing federal deficit, -The U.S. comptroller general, David Walker that's who. And he should know, he's with the General Accounting Office. "an' he be sayin' dat dis heeyah defisit is jes' about' gwen'ter go ohbber da' top." (020204e)

Again Cheney and Scalia sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. (020204f)3)


Why, "Surprise! Surprise!" looks as though we did get some 9/11 warnings, good ones, (020204g) from a good source, but, somehow, well, 9/11 happened anyway. It sure is good to know that the people on the job on 9/10 are the same people that are there now. And speaking of the people still on the job, what about the FBI, take a look at how they "handled" translations, a whistleblower, and security...not well at all, it is a good read. (see: from 1/26/04) (new link) (020204h)

Yay, the stupor bowl is here, but this anti bush add won't be aired: it is zinger, but understated, perhaps And then, in the more than you'll need to know category, here are several stories behind that story: 1) "Who's Buying What At the Super Bowl," Ad Age, 1/20/04 (new link, subscription site) (020204i) 2) "Democrats Fold on 39% TV Cap Fight", Broadcasting and Cable, 1/21/04 (new link) (020204j) 3) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (new link) (020204k) 4)"New Media Campaign Stresses Link between Drugs and Terrorism," U.S. Dept. of State (new link) (020204l)

Then, perhaps this, a littel comment on how our media helped us mispercieve the Iraq war, how nice of them, and, just for us! "Misperceptions, the Media and the Iraq War," PIPA/Knowledge Networks Poll (020204m)

England: Is this a swan song for British investigative journalism? (020204n) May well be. And so sealing one of the last such major, world class sources which challenge the Bush/Blair perspectives. Death and resignation what could be more cheering? Here is a bit more on that story, and I mean that, just a bit. (020204o) And then the bigger picture, most people believe the Hutton report was a whitewash and that the truth was not found, and soooo... the battle may not be over. (020204p) Wow, talk about kizmet, from The Scottsman, this article detailing the criticism that England's intelligence community had for the way their data was treated, or mistreated (020204q) yet the Blair story continues and the people remain uninformed, not unlike what we have over here...Where is Frodo?

"Waalp, da'man hissef', Lawd Hutton, be speekin'an' he be a doin what he dun been tol' Ah gess. He be sayin' dat duh BBC's stowree did not check out, wahl suh, dere warnt no attum boms in Iraq were dere? So whudda bou' massuh Blair's stowree? (020204r)


And it all comes back to the WMD, which the chief inspector, or rather the former chief inspector, has said there ain't any. (new link) (020204s) Going a bit further this story shows how Tony Blair is "in for a perfect storm" of troubles, primarily because of how England wound up going to war, could get uglier and uglier. (020204t)


Want to buy a bomb? Bomb parts? Plans? Whatever? The scientists and the government both blame each other for the accumulating evidence that proliferation did occur from Pakistan, does it matter? (020204u) What is on the black market these days anyway?

The Hope:

Part of the USA Patriot Act has been declared unconstitutional? Amazing! Here is the story.(new link) (020204v) The stuff that "happens" could be hitting the fan, or at least the stink is being circulated, check out Ellsberg et al (new link) (020204w) And here is some hint that republicans might be interested in ABB, anybody but Bush, (020204x) so hope? We shall see. NEW YORK - Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg warns against civil rights apathy (new link) (020204y)


The Heinous


Here is a medium long article that provides an overview of what is happening in Afghanistan now, how our policies are undermining our policies, (new link) (020704a) an accounting of the Talibans comeback, and why there seems to be less order rather than more. Why aren't more NATO troops there? We don't want them to be. The window of opportunity is closing fast, adventures surely seem to be in the future.


How about that 9/11 commission, here is the pooper scooper on Thomas Kean the chair. It seems he has his own connections to Bush, natch, but also to Bin Laden and others, (020704b) such as the notorious BCCI an outlaw or renegade bank according to the US government.

And speaking of undermining: Mr. Tenet says Iraq was not a threat. So did Massuh Bush's own Mr. Kay. (new link) (020704c) And guess what, someone is writing a book, here is an overview, on how the intel community is being set up to take the hit. (020704d) It seems the same might be said for Merry Old England, they have the truth burbling out as well. (new link) (020704e) (new link) (020704f)

Lost in all the primary election campaign's talk of the rights and wrongs of war were the names and faces of the war dead. (new link) (020704g) "An' wha' de' hek don' dey jus' git riduh dem votin mashines, dose computers dey stupid'" Yes in Alameda we found another case of votes leaking from one candidate to another. Yikes! (new link) (020704h)

"Ah, jes lub dat budget o' Massuh Bush! He be leabin' out da best, lak Iraq, Afghanistan and Ah no' dat dey be costin' dose big bucks, yassuh." No Iraq/Afghanistan monies in budget? (new link) (020704i)

"Dat O'l presydink Bush, he be fly'in in dem jets an' stuff, but he went AWOL jes lak ma frend's daddy, 'sept he gotta load of it now, been in da' pen for de longes', yassuh. But dis heyah news man, Peter Jennings. he don' no wha's done been in da news fo' de' longest" (new link) (020704j)

Two House Democrats added to the pressure on Justice Antonin Scalia to withdraw from a pending Supreme Court case involving Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday, saying a recent duck hunting trip the justice took with Cheney posed the same kind of conflict of interest that had forced an Arkansas judge who was a friend of President Clinton to withdraw from a 1995 case.(new link) (020704k)

How Global Warming May Cause the Next Ice Age (new link) (020704l) While global warming is being officially ignored by the political arm of the Bush administration, and Al Gore's recent conference on the topic during one of the coldest days of recent years provided joke fodder for conservative talk show hosts, the citizens of Europe and the Pentagon are taking a new look at the greatest danger such climate change could produce for the northern hemisphere.

"Den, dat wiley ol' massuh Bush he be beatin' roun' hissef, cuz he be lie'in 'bout jus' why we done hab dat big baaaad deffysit, yassuh." The source of the "revelation is the CBO, Congressional Budget Office. Well...well...well.(new link) (020704m)


What I gotta say: is this, if Pakistan acknowledges nuclear hanky panky that is one thing, but a small story out of china seems likely to be as worrying. But then what does Iran plus nuclear bomb production add up to? Beauty might, it seem, still be in the eye of the beholder.(new link) (021504a)

Meanwhile here is a look at how the US military, large as it is, is being stretched thin, "like to little butter over hot toast" (new link) (020704b)

Last, I recall that war was to be a last resort, is this why we had a spy operation to undermine last ditch efforts by our allies to avert war with Iraq? Read it all here in the Observer. (020704c)

The Heinous


The Post says investigators have phone logs (new link) (020704d) "indicating that several White House officials talked to columnist Robert D. Novak shortly before" he penned his article officially outing the CIA agent. The Times says some in the White House have been informed that they're "subjects" of the investigation. (Apparently, that's a legal term meant to suggest you're in deeper water than a "witness" but less than a "target.") (new link) (020704e)


In the "run up to the war the CIA was loudly and publicly criticized for downplaying the Iraqi threat, now that their downplaying has been verified "on the ground" they are being criticized for being to "gung ho" and giving Bush intel that caused us to go to war. (new link) (020704f) You cannot have it both ways, and, either way, "Bush be lookin' baaaad." And in Bush's own words, on Meet The Press, he tries to change what he said before the war, Kerry lambastes him about it. (new link) (0207204g)

I have not mentioned it recently but a wonderful little story says it all in a nutshell, Clinton and Bush both had "problems with the draft for the Vietnam war" yet Clinton has 13,000 media references and Bush has 50. I guess that is a fair and balanced media? (new link) (020704h)

American Elections, (not Selection):

A friend of mine advises: keep the Republican's three lock plan in mind: Lock #1: The Bushies will outspend the Democratic ticket two or three to one, Lock #2: the grip on "US mainstream news media" is like an abused spouse, she'll make excuses for the batterer and take him back, Lock #3: black box voting is not as far along as they would want it to be (thanks to world-class information security experts, the Information Rebellion sites and the work of Bev Harris), but is still a factor in some key states and cannot be underestimated (just ask former Senator Max Cleland D-Georgia) And, speaking of Georgia, on my mind, Die Bold eVoting takes a beating even as time and "progress marcheth on wants a double dutch dixiecrat it would seem. (020704i)

Maybe the 9/11 commission is buckin' up? They are using the Subpoena word. Maybe the Plame case will "flame on" (020704j) and that would be a tasty dish to set before the man who would be king.

From Deserter to Commander-in-Chief By WILLIAM D. McTAVISH (new link) (020704k) As Campaign 2004 continues to heat up, will Georgie Porgie Puddin' and Pie ever come under public scrutiny for what he did or did not do while avoiding Vietnam? And Georgie he keeps sayin' he did the right thing during Vietnam, he's released his records, and his papers are in order, are they? Well, once we see them we can find that out. (new link) (020704l) Sounds like he served no? Then there is more, a Mr. Burkett says, the National Guard had "cleaned up" the records of Massuh Bush right quick like. And, if you want to hear about how he boasted he "got away" with drunk driving, overindulgence, and more, read this article covering him circa 1972.(020704m) And just a bit more (020704n) in case you have some doubt left. This here article focuses on his lack of medical examination which was the cause for him being grounded. (020704o) And the stories just keep on a commin' down the pike, this one covers what should have happened when he was grounded, meaning an investigation, which was not done, oops. (new link) (020704p)


Yes well, all that is well and good but since when is weather change a national security issue? Since we have some evidence that the transition period between normal and "ice age" can be as brief as ten years, even three according other articles.(new link) (020704q)


But when it came to UN voting on the war, the British and we did do our homework, even if it might have been illegal. (020704r)

One other thing, before we went into Iraq we did not do our homework, a National Intelligence Estimate, NIE, is standard, but, of course, we did not do one OK, well we did, kind of (020704s)


It seems that Bush and others in our government and the media were surprised that Pakistan had a "nuclear" bazzar" goin' on. But they needn't have been so shocked, Bush called of the investigation into Khan in 2001 because of Saudi involvement and they were untouchable. And recent events make Musharraf more of a target. My question is what might happen if he is assassinated? (new link) (020704t)

Cheney's Staff Focus of Probe By Richard Sale: Federal law-enforcement officials have developed hard evidence of possible criminal misconduct by two employees of Vice President Dick Cheney's office related to the exposure of a CIA officer's identity. (new link) (020704u)


What I gotta say: Max Cleland, a former senator from Georgia, and Vietnam vet, who was horribly wounded there and who recently lost his seat to a republican campaign which challenged his patriotism, heard this: "If Cleland had dropped a grenade on himself at Fort Dix rather than in Vietnam, he would never have been a U.S. Senator in the first place. Maybe he'd be the best pharmacist in Atlanta." from Ann Coulter. He had a reply for her, and here is the story.(022504a)

Then there is this, a must read primer: How Bush et al use, misuse or abuse science, scientists, the EPA, and other agencies to mislead, lie, or discredit the ecological bad news that seems to going mostly under reported or unheard.(022504b)

And this story, related to the one above: The Pentagon knows that ecological emergencies may emerge.(022504c)

The Heinous


Bush, who has never really been in combat speaks well and loudly about how he cares for our fighting men and women, but quietly demonstrates the opposite, earning the ire of veteran's groups. (new link) (022504d) (new link) (022504e, about 10th link down )

Here we see an overview of how we went about bogging ourselves down in Iraq, having an unraveling web of deceit and PR, and damaging the intel community such that we may only be able to get faulty intel in the near term, (new link) (022504f)"Oh what a tangled web," indeed!

I have included stories about Karen Kwiatkowski before and though you should be hearing what she has to say, you won't, unless you scour alternative news sources. A conservative, she was appalled by what Cheney and Rummy et al did with the intel in the "run up" to the war. (022504g)

American Elections, (not Selection):

The bank of England may not want to have John Kerry as president, they have a gripe with him, (022504h) it seems he talked up their BCCI fiasco which cost many, many people their life's savings...shades of Enron et al.

Speaking of dirty, we have Kerry's response to the republican's trashing of his war record, and other juicy items, ironic that chicken hawks deride veterans, is it not? (new link) (022504i)

Related to the election is that humongous albatross of Haliburton that hangs around Cheney's neck, who in turn is a fat albatross himself for Georgie boy. If voters ever "get" this story Bush will be dragged along to the trash heap of history, maybe he'll even be tried for his willful incompetence? Not! (022504k)

Nor do I think the MEDIA's impression of his recent trip to the Daytona 500 showed the true feelings of those present, I mean they were flipping off the prez, and by the hundreds and thousands? Whoopsie Daisy... (022504l) Could it be that his economics figures and predictions, plain and simply, suck canal water through a dirty IV? (022504m)


Soldiers die daily. The numbers reported as totals in the papers vary widely from 375 to near twice that. How hard can such accounting be. I note that we do not hear of the number of wounded, or disabled for service. Meanwhile the Kurds are up and at it again, they want to keep their "army" up and running, they don't trust us, I wonder why? (022504n)

Suicide amongst our soldiers in Iraq? Haven't heard about it you say? Nor are you likely to at the rate the official report is being produced, or is it? (new link) (022504o)

You know while the UN inspectors in Iraq, before Gulf War Two, were complaining that they were being sent on "wild goose chases" for weapons sites and the press was nay saying "the very idea" we find that the CIA did withhold information from the inspectors. (new link) (022504p)What a mess.

And Iraqi "head man" Chalabi takes a lesson from Cheney and Haliburton, 400 mil just happens to be headed to friends (new link) (022504q).

Dem dere Kurds, dey be wanstin dere own lan'. Dey be wanstin t'hab dere own gum'mint, yassuh, an' dat massuh Bush he be not likin' it one bit, betcha dats so.(new link) (022504r)

How about a comparison between the "Suez crisis" and Iraq? Interesting speculations, and how Tony Blair gets trashed in the bargain, not that it matters to America's lead attack dog.(022504s)


Here we have the Vice President being called a liar in public to millions and a strong implication that the president is also caught up in a lie, well, that should be newsworthy, but not in the "US of good old A" (022504t)

And just for good measure the Ann Coulter/Max Cleland story, not being played, Ann strongly implied that Max injured himself and is not therefore a hero, the officer who ordered Max on the mission in question responds. (022504u)

Kerry has a lot to be concerned with we hear how big coverage is given to what amounts to a lie, "a relationship with an intern" and when the woman and her father bring up the truth of the matter, well, it is stuffed inside, it is S.O.P. in the US and England now a daze (022504v)

Also, not in the news: We keep hearing about nuclear material, Highly Enriched Uranium, HEU, there is a story that reports we have a lot to worry about, a few thousand Kilograms. Enough for real bombs, dirty bombs, whatever. So we ARE working on this aren't we? (022504w) (new link) (022504z) The problem started with the Atoms for Peace program (022504x) back in the 1950's and here is the audit that gives the sad picture (This is a link to the last pages of the report referenced in the last link)


Here are a few of the questions people would like to ask those in charge on 9/11. You read all 22 and tell me if they ain't just some "hot damn" kind o' humdingers.(new link) (022504y)

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March 2004



What I gotta say: Can there be hope? Can there? This article from Mother Jones details the travails that even Bush's 150 million in campaign funds might not be able to ease. Even, dast I say it, the press is becoming "a bit uppity" treating the presidents spokes person Mclellan that 'a ways. (030204a)

Let us not forget the Valerie Plame affair.(new link) (030204b1) How many people work in the White House, how many of them had access to the vital info, how long should it take to do a check of the well kept phone records? So why the LONG LONG delay in finding out whodunnit?

Meanwhile genocide rages on in Sudan, not a part of its ongoing civil war, but a new confrontation in which "blacks", as they are being called, are slaughtered. (new link) (030204b) I mention this and remind you about what is happening in Haiti, because, if we were not so preoccupied, we'd be making a difference in these two situations. But we can't, because, well we have a bumbling fool in charge. C'est la vie.

The Heinous


Pretty hairy insinuation: The doctor believes that what has been found is that a genetically modified strain of corn, the corn's DNA has been combined with that of some virus, has quite possibly recombined with natural viruses to create new hybrid viruses with unpredictable characteristics. If confirmed, this could suggest that they could cause new diseases. (030204c)

Doonesbury offers 10,000 dollars to anyone who can prove that Bush served in Alabama. (030204d) I up the ante, I would like to do the same, except I'd like to see published photographic proof of plane wreckage at the pentagon on 9/11. Where is the beef? I mean that place has 24/7 automatic camera where are the pics?

Well Greenspan says it best: we have to adjust Social Security so it does not cost so much, we have to raise retirement ages, cut benefits and, whoa baby, trim the deficit....that is when I started laughing, (new link) (030204e) I stopped when I realized ... I'll be retiring AFTER the shit hits the fan in 2008 ...

The election, not selection:

Here is an article about Republican Military Veterans against Bush, (030204f) amazing but true.How to run a press conference Quid Pro Quo (030204g)

While the manufacturing job count seems to be going down Bush has found a way to "fix the stats" he believes that flipping burgers can be included in that job count...interesting thought but is it fair?. (new link) (030204h)

And what about the 9/11 commission? Bush says he is very interested in cooperating, but this story belies his public relations spinning of even the basic facts.(new link) (030204i)

Speaking of LieBold, uh, I mean Die Bold, they produce many kinds of machines, such as ATM machines and all of these have "paper trails" so why is it "so hard" to come up with a "paper trail for a voting machine?" (030204j) Inquiring minds want to know. Die Bold's machines had last minute changes prior to Max Cleland's defeat, what were they? (new link) (030204k)


Dat dere UN has Massuh Tony Blair illin' cuz he done been cotched big tahme by Mister Annan fo' liss'nin in, eebsdropin' (new link) (030204l) dey callz it in da spy biznez...yassuh, Tony be freekt 'bout it sho'nuff. And here is the follow up, other nations may be involved as well. (030204m) France's Chirac was spied on for example, (new link) (030204n) not good for Anglo-French relations, n'est ce pas? A rogue operation no doubt...


Under energy industry pressure, President Bush's EPA plans to defer controls on mercury emissions by power plants for at least a decade. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 4.9 million women of childbearing age in the U.S. -- that's 8 percent -- have unsafe levels of mercury in their blood. The people hit hardest will be newborn infants -- every year over 630,000 infants are born with levels of mercury in their blood so high they can cause brain damage. It's time to tell the EPA and the White House that our kids come first. (new link) (020304o) and this older story, "the road to ruin" gives one an update on the reason for environmental losses (020304p)


Dem Durn Kurds, dey be wanstin' t'hab eberry thang a gummint kin gib'em'. Dey be wantsin'dat dere freedom mo' and mo', sho'nuf dey do, yassuh. (030204q) I wonder if you can hear the detonations. Over in England it was revealed that the legality of the Iraq invasions was in question and their military was unwilling to go in for fear of liability until a Mr. Goldsmith told Tony Blair it was legal, (030204r) turns out his decision was very last minute and "inspired" by Mr. Blair's eloquence in the matter, no doubt.


Dennis Kucinich, running for president, but you'd hardly know it from the coverage he gets, (030204s) I mean Edwards gets a "publicity boost after making a good show, but not so for Dennis, even when he placed second in Hawaii. I guess that's one way of being "fair and balanced."

And then there is this: Lifting the Curtain on E-Voting (030204t) By Mark Lewellen-Biddle and Danielle Taylor talking about how some 50 million voters might use some kind of "touchless" voting system which has no trail, the media is not covering this story, or its controversy.


Well, it looks as though the "official line" that rogue scientists sold Pakistan's nuclear supplies and equipment undercover, is simply not so (030204u) (new link) (030204v) so why does the US, so determined to halt proliferation, go easy on Pakistan, a proliferator? Good questions with no answers as of yet


The Heinous

9-11 more than you want to know

The 9/11 Truth Movement - No Easy Answer: Heroin, Al Qaeda And The Florida Flight School By Sander Hicks part one here (new link) (031004a) and here is part two (new link) (031004b) Believe me this is more than you might want to read, drug smuggling into the USA by the planeload? CIA operatives partying with Mohammed Atta? The DEA busting the DEA operatives? Wild times at Ridgemont High indeed!

And Mr. Kay wants Bush and company to come clean, (031004c) fat chance of that, about 9/11. But it may unravel anyway if the commission begins to get some effective backbone as it may be doing now. (new link) (031004d)


When republicans steal and get caught we hear things like this, from Alberto R. Gonzales, the White House counsel, asking if his office received any of the stolen information: "I am not aware of any credible allegation of White House involvement in this matter. Consequently, there has been no White House investigation or effort to determine whether anyone at the White House was aware of or involved in these activities." (new link) (031004e)

Haiti, news is that Aristide is out, but just how he went might be in doubt, (new link) (031004f) does it matter? Here is the story as New York times tells it.(new link) (031004g) Not that I agree or disagree with them but what here's what they say the next day. (new link) (031004h) Then this opinion piece that mentions The US put in place not only an aid embargo on Haiti, but just a few other items as well. (new link) (031004i)

Election, not Selection:

A quickie anyone? Some real gaffe's by Cheney/Bush et al. as the article rhetorically asks, "What do you have to do to get fired in that organization?" to which the proper riposte is, "tell the truth." (031004j)

Interesting reading here, a poll indicating that Bush leads in the "red" states and Kerry is ahead in the "blue" states. (031004k)The margin is not by much on either side to be sure but opinions on issues seem to be dividing the nation just a bit more.

And here it is, the potential for a reprise of 2000 when Nader was a factor in shoe horning in Mr. Bush? Here are some poll numbers (new link) (041004l) and an analysis that is, perhaps, more hopeful sort of. (031004m)

Some do not like Bush's use of 9/11 as a backdrop for his commercials, firefighters for example (new link) (031004n). Seems like some say it is a "slap in the face" in the New York Daily News. (031004o) Here is a follow up, see what they're saying: this flap, the current blip on the election's radar screen.(031004p) If he just hadn't said, in Jan 2003 he had "no ambition whatsoever to use this as a political issue. (new link) (031004q)

We should change that "Got Milk" ad to "Got Jobs?" the numbers are, to say the least, disappointing.(new link) (031104r)


Cook books are for the kitchen, not for altering scientific data concerning various matters, but Bush, it seems, would disagree with that. (031004s) Here is another article that goes into detail, covering the same ground.

Life is not the same in the "Petticoat Junction" world and will the world of "Oklahoma" still be with us in later years, not if Bush can give away first. (new link) (031004t)


Some brief facts found in this article: (new link) (031004u) tens of thousands of Iranian Shia pilgrims cross the Iraqi border each day, and we worry that Syria is infiltrating, we supported both sides in the Iran Iraq war, our toppling of Saddam has helped the Shias in both countries to schmooze up to each other, it goes on and on.... sounds like we had a play, to assist our enemies?

Just a comparison of Vietnam and Iraq. (031004v) Bush doesn't like such comparisons, because he says we didn't explain our mission in Vietnam, nor did we have an exit strategy...well... I, for one, am waiting for just exactly those two things.

Well, is it OMG time yet? (Oh my God!) Probably not, 223 Iraqi's Shia's today make the point, if anyone is listening. (031004w) But similar events in Pakistan give pause, (031004x) is a larger problem evolving? From the NYT we hear some interesting opinions, that being that there is now more reason than ever for the two main branches of Islam to duke it out, in Iraq for starters and then, in other places. (031004y)

And the person standing accused of the Iraqi killings, a Musab Zarqawi, is some one we've known, had targeted, but man, he must be lucky, because when we had him in our sights we did not pull the trigger, a few times. (031004z)

And from The Nation a reporter who has visited with resistance and US troops. (031004z1)Sometimes getting to close blurs the facts, as does being to far away. Clarity, reason, and solutions are the things most in short supply it seems.

Some speculation as to civil war's likelihood, (new link) (031004z2)

Want to know what the discontented soldier's view is? Read this interview with an anonymous soldier.(031004z3)


Inquiring minds want to know: Why does Iran state, and publicly, that they should be invited to join the "nuclear club?" Does this mean that they already have nukes? Does it mean they are determined to get them? Is it another move in a game without clues or logic? (031004z4)


Well God bless America, if it isn't Howard Stern, the Jerk-Off Jockey, being pinned to the wall for criticizing Bush while others get shit-canned into Limbo-land. Man, Clear Channel yanks the chain and we all get flushed. Read it, while you can, and weep.(031004z5)

Muddle East:

I haven't had a lot in this category that isn't Iraq, but this story has Israeli troops, "surprised" by the return fire from Palestinians, and withdrawing without making any arrests, The start of something new? (031004z6)


The Washington Post has a nice article, where in, toward the end, we hear evidence supporting Aristide's claim that he was "put out" by the US, that the "uprising" was also a "put up job." (new link) (031604a)

Wahl suh, how dat man be lie'in through his teef, yassuh! Dat stumble bum we call a presydink he be sayin you gotta' have facts, well suh, he don' be doin' as he be preachin'

President Bush attacked his opponents today, saying, "If you're going to make an accusation, you ought to back it up with facts" (1) But on everything from the economy to national security, this high standard stands in sharp contrast to the president's own behavior.(new link) (031604b)

(1) On Iraq, President Bush said before the war that Iraq "recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa" (2) despite the CIA previously warning the White House not to make this factually inaccurate statement (new link) (for one and two: 031604b1) (3). He also said there was "no doubt the Iraqi regime continues to possess the most lethal weapons ever devised" (new link) (031604b2) (4) despite receiving repeated warnings that there was little hard evidence Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction after 1991 (new link) (031604b3) (5). He even said that "we found the weapons of mass destruction" when none had been found (6). (new link) (031604b4)

On economic policy, President Bush said that, with his tax plan, "by far the vast majority of the help goes to the people at the bottom end of the economic ladder." (7) In fact, according to Congress' bipartisan Joint Committee on Taxation, households making less than $40,000 - roughly the bottom half of the economic ladder - would receive only 10 percent of Bush's income tax cut.(new link) (for number 7: 031604b5)

The 9/11campain advertisements still generate heat for the prezidink.(031604c) What big news carrier carries the story? None....Then there is the crusading heroine from Seattle, or rather of Renton, Bev Harris. If you want to know about Black Box Voting, she is the expert, she has been campaining, she is the point source for the basics, here is her story, (031604d)

And another Die Bold, "black box" voting story...cheating is possible, so, there fore is influencing an election.(031604e)


A follow up story about the effect of global warming on what we called the "Gulf Stream" when I was growing up. Some evidence now exists that we've been effecting it ... ice age anyone? (031604f)

Speaking of that story, here is some corroboration and an indication that we may have already gone too far and that the damages will become more and more apparant even as we fiddle away.(031604g)


The inside scoop, from Karen Kwiatkowski, on how the systems used to balance intelligence squeezed to extract the "needed conclusion of going to war. (031604h) Then there is another side let the blame game begin, what happened to the original intel on Iraq? (031604i) Inquiring minds want to know... But you know the intel community was not the only one, the MEDIA STUPID played it's role all to well, can anyone spell "suck up" out there? (031604j)


The Heinous:

If you want to know how much the war is costing, check out the numbers.

Then there are several reports on the following story, Al Qaida acquiring nuclear devices. (new link) (032804a) Who knows if it is true, the article states there's evidence of their interest, that they have the money, that Pakistan and others sold information and parts and pieces ... so ... is anyone worried? Doesn't seem like it. Then too, we have our own terrorists, homegrown, who seem quite capable of hell raising. (032804b) What with a half million rounds of ammunition, and cyanide bombs The Texas Terrorists. (032804c)


Usually I've talked about global warming and sometimes pollution, but here is something else, extinction. This article illuminates some evidence that we may be heading for a sixth "die off." But it will be the first with an "organic", meaning human, cause, how wunnerful.(031604d)

Did Bush take Al Qaida seriously when he came to office; some think not. (032804e)


The president of Poland admits, publicly, that he was mislead into the war. (031604f) An Italian minister says the same thing. (031604g)

Meanwhile an up tick in sectarian violence? It cannot be good, no one "official" wants it, (031604h) but it it troubling none the less. And speaking of violence here is a postcard from Baghdad, sounds like progress? (new link) (031604h1)

Iraq/Israel: These two conflicts are inextricably intertwined now, complicating both. (031604i) It seems the spheres of influence are at a confluence and the friction is bound to burn, a watershed moment, this!

Senator Rockefeller says his vote on Iraq was wrong, intelligence was shaped, that the whole thing is a sham, and that the resistance is home grown. (new link) (031604j) By the way he is a Republican, ouchee on Mr. Bush.


Here is a take on Richard Clarke's revelations and hints of how the "objective" media will cover him and his story. (new link) (031604k)

I have heard of "talking points" but not "laughing points" Seems the president thinks the search for WMD is "funny." (new link) (031604l)


Apparenttly there might be more to the current conflict than meets they eye, of course the press is being removed from the areas of conflict so we can't be sure (new link) (031604m) There are indications of a spread in the fighting, cracks in the Pakistan military, and the inexorable pressure from the US. Could it be a recipe for disaster?

9/11 commission:

Max Cleland tells it like it is. Bush et al had plenty of information about Al Qaida, George Tenet said numerous times that "We are at war with them." (031604n) But did we protect ourselves? Nada, zip, nix, nyet, nein, nope. Do we have a dope on a rope for a presydink or what?

Speakin' o' de presydink, whom we dowun heyah call de boss'm Bush: he be dat lie - in - est! Dat sho'nuf de truf, bee-leeb-you me! Ony TWO out of 100 meetings dedicated to terrorism? That sounds like "top priority" to me? Read the story and check the links. (new link) (031604o: read about 1/3 the way down, the other stories aren't bad either.)

As to the notion that we had: "... no warning." See the deconstruction of this myth. (031604p)

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