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Second Quarter of 2008

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April 2008



The "Great War"

What is the greatest mistake our dearly beloved "jackanapes in chief" made regarding Bin Laden? Well read the article and you'll see, have a laugh anyway. (040308c)

When a Great Power goes insane: PBS "covers the Iraq war" and by covers I mean covers up the central issue, the wars illegality and its "Nuremburg" aspect (033008k)

Kipling created the phrase "the great game" back in his day Britain and Russia were "engaged" in Asia over oil supplies, now new players are afoot, the game is played on a much larger "board" and the stakes are higher than ever. (033008i) and this time around it is not just oil, but water as well.

Hazy minded and "pickle up his but" lazy MuCrazy lets a real whopper loose. Either he is flagrantly lying, or the Bush admin KNEW of pre 9/11 calls being made to the US that, according to his teary statement, led to the acts of that infamous date. Read what he says and you have to ask, is he lying or did Team Bush know but then NOT act? (033008g)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


Here we see Bush the dumber, acting well, dumber than usual, as he foments a civil war in Gaza after pushing Fatah to stage elections they knew they were not ready to win. So when they lost and Hamas came to power, out came the knives. (040308k)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: - Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Kurdistan - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

Some say there are hints that Saudi Arabia is getting ready for possible nuclear fallout from a preemptive US attack on Iran (033008m)

Here are some of the facts concerning "earth penetrating nuclear weapons" the kind that could be used against Iranian nuclear facilities (033008o)

Here is more on what is called "Global Strike." The US nuclear bomber force is on constant alert, how reassuring is that (033008n) Here are a few more disturbing thoughts on the preparations for Iran, hmmm (033008n)


A day in the life of Iraq, here again, is the news (040508b)

So how did Iraqi forces fight during the recent fight? A mixed bag. (040308j)

What was the battle of Basra all about? Well, opinions vary, but the result is Iranian influence grows, Sadr crows and the plans of "fat boy Cheney" for sucking Iraqi oil have been put on indefinite hold. No port-no export, plain and simple (040308e)

Another loss, due to that in Basra, is that any US claim of success of the surge is now looked at critically, it simply does not stand any examination (040308f) Also McStain, Mr. "100 years in Iraq" must have liked the crow Iran served him, or then again, maybe not.

Sadr is "lookin' good" right about now, proving that "he is the man" and can "deliver the goods" (033108f) or receive them.

Maliki declares that his plan worked, well, NOT. Sadr calls his boys off the street and the deadliest month since last August was over. (040208a)

The upshot is that Maliki, but putting everything on the line and then not winning, looses (040108b)

Western press now plays the "blame Maliki" for the battle gone bad, but it wasn't just him, the US was in on it and knew, or should have known, what was going on. (040108b)

So what is it like in Baghdad during this time of unrest? A very sorry state of affairs to say the least (033108d)

So here is a reasonable approach to leaving Iraq (033008j)

The opinion of an observer has it that Maliki is a "nowhere man" (033008h) Basra has not been "taken control of" and fighting continues elsewhere, maybe this is something of a lull (033008d)

Sadr calls for a bit of a break, perhaps he feels his point has been made, perhaps some real talking is going on and deals are being cut, who knows. (033008a) And this article gives some of that information up (033008b) Here is the background for Sadr's decision, Iran was involved and so was Maliki's own party members who went around his authority … how embarrassing. (033108a)

Battling spreads around the country, the Green Zone receives pot shots and Basra is the "big one" for Maliki and his "government" (032908c)


A financial declaration of war, a type of pressure used on North Korea, looks like its being tried out on Iran, (033108i) Part two, what it can do, a lot! (033108j)

So then why the willingness on the part of Bush to "talk to the Iranians in ways he's not done before, meaning with something like reason and calm" (033108j)

Iran and the nuclear issue: see the long detailed accounting of what is known. Makes what Bush the Dumber look even more "jackassic" than ever before. (033008p)


An update on Kikurk and now Mosul, where the Kurds are in the "way". Not really but they are going their own way as they travel to the beat of a different drummer. (040308a) Kurds and Arabs fight over Mosul and Kikurk. At some point there will be more open struggles as push comes to shove. (040508d)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan


The fighting continues (033108g)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Violence continues in Tibet. Two monks have committed suicide. The method of suicide was not detailed in this article. However, when, in the west, they burn themselves alive, getting the coverage they cannot in China we shall see an end to Chinese rule in Tibet.(040508a)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande

Do you win using the "body count" method? In the war against the FARC this has been an increasingly difficult part of the equation (033008f)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature

We now have two states "battling" over a border dispute, Georgia claims that its border with Tennessee is "off a bit" and wants to redraw it so that Atlanta can harvest the Tennessee River. (040408a)

This is not about ecology, but rather about the danger of cell phone use. Essentially there are dangers with their use, the research was done and a cover up ensued. (033008l) The use of cell phones, there are some three billion in use globally, may be dangerous, that has been the suspicion among a minority of researchers, however, now there is more than just a suspicion and it may be that cell phones will be the 21st century's "cigarette" problem. (033008q)

What could be the effect? Well, many more brain tumors, for one. The problem is that the declarations of safety are not based on studies of persons who've used the cell phones for 10 years or more. Cancers can take that long to develop, so the article says. If true then we may see a "wave" of such cancers. (033008r)

The Future:

The "concern" over the Arctic ramps up, slowly but surely, and we have a "claims race" if not an "arms race" to go with it. (040508e)

A primer on "peak oil" and why it hasn't gone "mainstream" in the news that is (040308i)

A perfect storm of hunger, is the title, various factors, the weak dollar, biofuels, "real" shortages in production, meaning bad harvests, politics and, I would bet, global warming, all have their effect and food riots make the news for the first time in a long, long time. (040108e)

The current "plan" to deal with financial melt downs of banks and other Wall Street players is challenged for what it does not do, and that is to say, really solve the cause of the current problem, I mean besides throwing money at it. (033008e)

This article talks about the "big plan" to rescue the financial system, but one quote stood out like a sore thumb,, and that was this: "But Paulson leaves it to states to enforce federal regulations on independent mortgage brokers - the same states that failed to rein them in during the housing boom." In fact the federal government sued states that tried to regulate the housing crunch long before it became a problem. So maybe there is a shred of hope in this approach. (033108c)

According to this article the plan is a "wild pitch" and not close to the "strike zone" (040108c)

This story gives evidence of two trends, the price of gold going up, as it does in times of uncertainty, the dollar's dropping and the housing market boom and bust cycle, all happening in the same state: Nevada. (033008c)

America's "Selection of 2000", current elections and future

Recession? That is the word in this article, not one that Bush the dumber cares to hear, but still a record loss of jobs, housing, the dollar crisis, and banking, well, it IS a mess Georgie boy and that ain't no dick! (040508c)

McStain cannot keep his lies or whatever straight. Maybe it doesn't matter as long as he gets the good drugs and they are cheap (040308c)

Some other's thoughts on the unthinking and error prone flip-flopper McStain (040308h)

And yet ANOTHER way that the Federal government can "screw" localities, especially liberal leaning ones: the census figures. (033108e)

The economic downturn is evidenced by the surge in Food Stamp applications. Also many states are facing big budget cuts. This year will end on a whimper (033108b)

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction:

When is a treaty not a treaty, apparently when the president decides the US does not have to abide by it Yoo's memo on torture makes just such an assertion, and many others apparently. (040308b)

A timeline for Palestine, from 1915 anyway. (033108h)


4 out of 5 Americans say" "We're going in the wrong direction" but Cheney the royal dipwad doesn't care what citizens think according to other articles. (040308a)


The "Great War"

Previously reported upon, this reviews the dichotomy between the alliances that the governments of Islamic nations engage in, as well as policies, and how these contrast sharply with the unexpressed or non-enacted, "will of their peoples" (041208b)

To be honest I don't know where to put this story, it should be with any incompetence story, could go under corruption, how about high crimes? Torture approved of at the "highest levels of the US government" even Asscraft was a gassed! (041008a) So the Jordanian portion of this group's agreed upon policy (041008b) And a particulate example of the "programs" created in the good old USA (041008c)

This archival page from PrisonPlanet has links to a wide ranging set of articles on the web, any one of which challenges the "story as it has been set" regarding 9/11 and more. (040608h) And here, from the same source, are some interesting "factoids" about the incidents on that day of infamy. (040608i)

KBR, a military supplier for the US in Iraq does not handle rape very well. In fact it treats victims horribly. (040508f)

Some soon to be infamous quotations from our Fatwad, buffalo butt VP and our dumber than dirt P: read on (040508g)


It seems the US is not alone when it comes to a housing mess pouring grit on the "gears of their economic engine" (041308f)

China finds itself criticizes on the Left Bank, as it were as protesters stop the torch (040708b)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria

Nothing to write home about the "more than usual" rumors of war in and around Israel (041008d)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: - Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Kurdistan - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

Petraeus' has his day "explaining" things and finger points to Iran as being the cause of hundreds of US soldiers. The upshot is that we are ALREADY fighting Iran. (041108a) And here is the "talking heads" version of that story (041108b) And so with all that "goin on" we hear of the "official" meeting in DC regarding the current situation in Iraq (041108c)


The resistance in Afghanistan gets a booster and NATO gets a promise of a more intense period of fighting. (040608g) The stats show that attacks are on trend to spike this year, nice (041108e)


The week has proven deadly for US forces, a loss for the Iraqi government, overall, and the chaotic fighting persists belying any success claimed for the surge or its effectiveness (041208a)

Here is a story, reported on earlier, that shows it was Maliki who sought the cease fire and Sadr who accepted the offer. McStain has been quoted as saying it was the reverse, what a "Jackasso" as my mom would call him. (040608a)

Later on, the violence moves to Baghdad and Maliki ups the ante, declaring that Sadr has to disband his Mahdi Army-let us say the disagree (040708a) Sadr's counterpoint is to say he can lift his ceasefire … and then what? (040808b) So, the upshot, the fighting escalates as "talks" in the US proceed at a glacial pace (040908a)

Fighting continues and the speculation as to the outcome is open as violence spreads and spikes. (041108d)


What would be rational? What is likely? As far as US policy regarding Iran the most likely surprise is no surprise at all. The only "odd" worry is that the US will "target terrorist camps inside Iran and or nuclear facilities. (041308c) and yes that is very much on the table despite a recent call, by the US, for a meeting on Iraq.

What do we make of them getting some 8000 centrifuges going? They say that some 54,000 are needed for full scale production. Does it matter what the truth is if you cannot find it out or if image and sound bite have replaced substance? (040808a)


A flash point on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan-in the fabled Khyber pass, is the transit station between those two nations. (041308d)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan

Blood on your cell phone, symbolically? It is possible, just read on about the rape in this war zone. (040808c)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia

Apropos of selecting an oddment, here is a snapshot of the sex industry in Bangkok. (041308d)


Are things heating up? The rhetoric is, to be sure, but what of it? Is time short? In my humble opinion, NK may well want to leave Bush the dumber with some kind of "farewell affair" but who knows (040608f)

The Future:

The housing-dollar-credit-corruption-problem has reached Switzerland and the normally cool and reserved Swiss are hot and rather explicit to their financial bank UBS (040608c)

America's "Selection of 2000", current elections and future

McStain and the "100 years in Iraq" flap. Yes, it's been somewhat taken out of context, but there are far more serious quotes that the Damnocraps could be using and they don't. I thought Obama had balls? (040608b)

There is talk in DC, even proposals, even some sweat on the brows of some who are working to prevent a financial collapse. Millions of home loans are delinquent and millions more will become so if circumstances are not altered. But no one plan is gaining unobstructed approval. Time is a'wastin' as they say. (040608d)

Our "Loverly Presstitutes" inaction:

Gee, let's see how long it takes you to find evidence of bias in the news/media while reading this story. A few thousand people get far more coverage than millions upon millions. Gee, I wonder why? (041008e)

Doesn't Congress have to approve agreements made with foreign governments if those agreements involve the use of US military? Oh, right, it's that pesky Constitution thingy (040908b)

And we DON'T have any permanent bases over there, just "enduring" or "Temporary" ones (040908c)

US lawmakers have a stake in Iraq, and many have investments too, see the who's who (0408908c)

Somethings from the past

A brief on DC's history of the riots of 68 and what happened in the aftermath, promises and a real long wait for the development that came at the cost of who it was supposed to help: the residents who suffered and waited and waited and waited (040608e)


The "Great War"

Well, if we have not eliminated the AQ threat, and do not have a plan in place to deal with one should it occur and we know they are plotting an attack (041808c) doesn't that mean we are something like a sitting god damned duck? And here are some details on that (041808d)

Some insight as to why western antiterrorism strategies are not working as well as they might like. Read the letters, there is one about proportionate death rates, fascinating. (041708c)

If you have not heard of the PNAC, Project for a New American Century, then you should read this brief description and history in a nutshell. It may be that the disaster in Iraq is just what the doctor ordered, after all money is being made, by the billions thank you, and the people making it are very supportive of "the program" which is to transform the Middle East. (041408a)

Dumber and dumbererest, the Great Dimwad in Chief says he signed off on torture, and after all his friends said he wasn't in on it too. (041408c)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


Are Hizbullah and Israel gearing up for a grudge match? (041608c)

Seems like at least one side is getting ready, at the least (041608d)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: - Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Kurdistan - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


What is "fort Kabul" and what does it look like today? (041608e)


Iraq: a major war or a major debacle, but it's two-two disasters in one! (041808b)

The first page of this article "illuminates" the manner in which the three remaining major candidates would "deal with" Iraq. (041708a) Meanwhile something of a surge is going on, among the insurgents that is (041708b)

Is this the "new battle for Baghdad"? Seems like (041408e)

A peek inside Sadr's City, in Baghdad (041408f)

This is for reference only, our military leader in Iraq details the progress. The high point for me is the description of Fallujah as being one of the safest cities in Iraq. (041508b)

And the "safety" comes at a steep price. (041508c)

Sadr's power base expands taking advantage of situations beyond his control, provided by the US ironically enough. (041608a) Apparently they are taking their lessons from Hamas and have learned how to "give away the goodies" and supply social services. (041608b)


Border troubles, it seems are still with Iran who suspect the US and or its allies of pimping the violent incursions (041508d)


Related to the problem in Tibet and Darfur the forces of protest targeting China as it hosts the Olympics is engaging the world (041608f)

The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Shangri-La it was not, apparently, pre-communist Tibet was something of a feudal society with most everything owned by big landowners or big monasteries and the boss' word was law (041908a)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

The EPA has been compromised, essentially, by the WH itself and G.W.Dumbass Inc. (041508a)

The complex of reasons why staple food prices are rising world wide. (041308g) The prospect of hunger is now on the horizon as food riots are reported in the news. The nutshell: greed, global warming, biofuels, carnivorous humans as well as simple corruption and mismanagement. Here are three brief stories illuminating and detailing some of the facts in this increasingly important issue. (041308a)

America's "Selection of 2000", current elections and future

Perhaps a couple of years ago, or a bit more, there were stories predicting that we'd have a "surge" in "veterans with problems" that would be quite serious, well, it now numbers some 300,000 who require some kind of assistance or whatnot. (041808a)

The housing/dollar/credit/fraud/incompetence/cash flow problem has a new wrinkle as credit companies freeze Home Equity Credit Lines. (041408b)

Did I say the housing market is a "global phenomenon? It is! It is! (041408d)

What saps our will to regain our "greatness"? This article outlines some items. I will add the following, unhindered greed, a lack of accountability, corruption that is both widespread and deeply entrenched in the systems which manage our society and the political machinery. However, I also believe that this kind of problem has been a long time coming. (041308b)

Somethings from the past

What have we learned from the past? Why do we have so poor an understanding of the century that we've so recently left behind? (041808e)

And why the lessons that Europe learned from the previous century are so different from those learned by the US. (041808f)

How do large corporations get away with murder? Well, they can, as did Merck, simply lie, cheat and commit fraud that has, most likely, resulted in deaths. (041608g)


Years back, what's his name, a serious third party candidate was famously quoted as saying words to this effect, we have the solutions, they are all documented and the research is done, all we need to do is apply them. This story is a case in point, but here they've gone a step further, the ideas ARE being tried out, millions are being saved and a carbon footprint has been seriously trimmed. (041308h)


The "Great War"

The personal cost of one soldier who died in Iraq (042608d)

This should be headline news, but it isn't, Bush achieved the status of a record breaker today, his polling is now the absolute lowest of any president in the last 70 years-he has a 69 percent disapproval rate, no wonder he shows up on game shows now. (042208f)

A set of briefs, one talks about how men, who would previously been eliminated from any enlistment aren't OK to join, nowadays. Then too the level of suicides and the fact that they take place while the veteran is under VA care-raises questions. (042208e)

But the military's problems does not end with recruiting, the suicide rate is alarming, Some 12,000 attempt suicide annually. Previously, the Pentagon's figures were at about 800 per year, quite a difference, must have been a typo, someone misspoke (042608a)

CondiGirl goofs again, no surprise that, but she may have incited the enemy and thus cause a spike in attacks and deaths of US troops. Is she THAT irresponsible? Seems so (042108g)

Lest any one of them be forgotten, this is a tale of one homecoming. (042008h)

" … a recurring problem for the White House: that the place where the terrorist threat is most acute is the place where American forces are most restricted from acting …" Sound familiar? Recall Vietnam and other places where politics prevents military sense, in this case however it is the result of the Great Hole in Chief and his empty headed echo chamber (042008b)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


The Israeli bombing of a site in Syria last year is back in the news. It seems, though, that questions remain rather than clarity. (042508e)

But looking at the article more closely you see that there is very little real data, it seems that Mr. or Ms. Anonymous are the sources for this "piece". (042508f)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: - Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Kurdistan - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


A lifeline for the US and its allies in Afghanistan is in the hands of one man, and no it is not the ruler of Pakistan, nor is it anyone any one seems to have control over, he may well be his own man (042608b) Then there is this related posting, the battle for the Khyber Pass may be over to the Taliban/AQ's loss. (042608e) Money DOES talk.

More "Allied" troops are needed, and although some are coming, more were promised and some are leaving-doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement to me. (042108h)


Answers to the 12 most unasked questions regarding Iraq-and why ARE they the most unasked? I ask you! (042108b)

Those with memories will recall how the American citizens were told that Iraqi oil will pay for the war, occupation and reconstruction-well the "facts" on the ground clearly indicate "NOT". Even now when there is some debate over what WE should have THEM do with THEIR profits … the margin is very, very slim (042008g) And, by the way, aggressor nations have NO rights over an occupied nation, that is what the US said when Iraq invaded Kuwait, remember?

The reports of Basra being "held" by Sadr is not obsolete. His forces fought the Iraqi governmental forces to a stand still and then they vanished. Iran has a role in this affair to say the least, but what IS going on? (042008c)

Then too, perhaps Sadr will change his mind about the reported "fight only to cut and run" strategy, which has served. Only time will tell (042008f) And Fighting intensifies in Baghdad? (042108e)


Someone who knows the regions says that he is increasingly frightened that the Bush Team is "going to go for it" Iran style (042208a)

Iran gets the blame for many of the attacks in Baghdad, 70% of them in fact. (042408e)

"I have reserve capability, particularly in our Navy and our Air Force," Mullen said. "So it would be a mistake to think that we are out of combat capability." (042608c) Sounds like a warning to me … how about you?

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater

This story has a focus in Africa regarding as it does the metal Tantalum, which melts at about 5400 degrees and is used in many electronic devices it is said of it "Kids in Congo are being sent down into mines to die so that kids in Europe and America can kill imaginary aliens in their living rooms." (042008k)


Maybe this won't be as bad as Kenya, maybe it will. A one time hero fights to hold onto power? (042108i) Maybe there is some hope, neighbors help out a nation in need. (042208d)


In the continuing saga of a Bush policy gone bad, Mogadishu sees a surge in fighting over the weekend that is as bad as it has ever been with dozens killed. (042008e)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande

Ecuador gets set to remove a US base from its territory. The country's military leadership is shaken as well, interesting. (042108d)

Paraguay makes a left turn and so the trend continues, generally speaking. A one time Bush Ally is down for the count. (042108c)

The "leaders" of the US, Canada and Mexico meet up with the North American Competitiveness Council to plan how they'll "harmonize" regulations of various industries and companies. The company leaders will be there, but no one else will-on the agenda how to move cheap Chinese goods into the USA via Mexico to avoid all those "nasty" regulatory restrictions that might apply. Oh, and yes, boodles of money to be made-forget about the idea that congress needs to approve treaties with other nations (042108a)

The housing crunch moves south! Lowering the positive rewards for a behavior while simultaneously increasing the negative consequences for engaging in it and you usually get a decrease in the behavior. Illegal immigrants are no different. Read on: (042008d)

A brief story that relates to the following: global warming, corruption, rising demand for beef, ecologicalmismanagement and lack of law enforcement. (042008e)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Science and politics usually don't mix that well, and now we see why, scientists at the EPA say they're being pressured to "toe the line" (042408b)

Even as reports continue that large scale changes are underway, more "Global Warming" gasses are being detected. (042408c)

An invisible force putting many, many lives at risk, called the "silent Tsunami" the rising cost of food is yielding painful results. (042208c)

The Future

A far to short an article, mainly because it brushes over one aspect of slavery, that of the imagination where people have "a mind whose confines are defined and imposed by others" Though it does include the nature of slavery today, what Passover means and other salient commentary in the letters (042008i)

How Haiti Got Hungry, the role of the US Govt. and others, such as the IMF (042408s) Here is a bit more on that the "global view" as it were, is summarized here (042508a)

America's "Selection of 2000", current elections and future

Just another illumination of how broken the system is regarding any "real" action on Iraq. What a mess! (042508d)

Recall Eisenhower's warning regarding the military industrial complex? Well read a brief which will "capture the essence of today's omnipresent, all-encompassing, cleverly hidden system of systems that invades all our lives; this new military-industrial-technological-entertainment-academic-scientific- media-intelligence-homeland security-surveillance-national security-corporate complex that has truly taken hold of America." (042508c)

Are we running out of fuel for our poorest? Utility shut offs take off and set records. (042508b)

We've heard about Obama's religious life and mentor, but have we heard about Clinton's? No? Well read on, my friends, read on (042108j)

When you read this article alone you think that people are leaving other parties in order to vote in the Democratic primary and support Obama. However it is known that there is a "plan" going on supported by Rush, "the fat one" Limbaugh wherein conservatives switch parties in order to vote for Clinton, the weaker candidate. (042208b)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

If you hide the dead from view are they still as controversial? Still as dead? (042408d)

So, it's not just Iraq where "retired military officials" feed Pentagon BS to an all to willing media and thence form the opinions of an all to gullible public-it is an established practice (042108f) How the Pentagon has "objective" military analysts "spread the talking points" read bullshit from the Offal Orafice to the American consumers who consume it with or without relish (042008a)

When wondering what has happened to the quality of public discourse, social debate and what used to be called "open minded ness" or liberalism with a SMALL "l" one should read this article that details how, in my mind, everyone can have their own echo chamber and reality checks are few and far between. (042008j) as a result: "A vast public laziness feeds the media's predilection today to distill news through polemicists of one stripe or another and to condense complex information into meaningless sound bites" sound familiar?

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May 2008



The "Great War"

Are the hawks "getting their groove together"? Some evidence points just that way, but, of course, only time will tell. (042808e)

So, does all this privatization of the military, such as Blackwater, really save money? Do you think that after some five years we'd have some solid evidence one way or another? Do you think that we'd have some way of comparing public versus private funding? The answer is no we do not. So, do we go back to the drawing board? No. (042808b)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


One wonders when this story will finally clarify itself, the Bombing in Syria what was the building. This story talks about the pictures and how they "don't add up" (050108c)

You know outside of the fact that the structure destroyed by Israel was/is unknown it is amazing that so much "detail" is available, even pictures which seem to be shot from inside. So here is the take I've taken. They say that the reactor was a year away from really producing any fissile material and it was bombed into dust. Now Iran is also at that very same stage, so is it OK to bomb its reactor into dust? No matter that the basic logic is that if Israel can have nukes why can't its neighbors? (042808a)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: - Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Kurdistan - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

Cheney dances to the beat of a different drummer, war drums that is and he is all over the tom-toms like a fat evangelical on a stack of porno rags. (042908a)


The Taliban suffer setbacks but are still contenders-is the end near? (050308g)

A "nationwide trend of rising violence" as the insurgency moves northward and strikes in Kabul itself making a try for Karzai (042908c)


Walling is big business in and around the country … can you spell success? (042908g)

Forgive me but this does not SEEM like the capital is pacified very well, does it? (042908b)

It seems that the attacks on the Green Zone continue when conditions are favorable for example when a sandstorm occludes (042708a)

Are we seeing the long slow end to the "surge effect"? (050108f)


What is the view from an Iranian perspective? Are they under the gun? Do the act like it? (050308e)

Our CIA director makes direct accusations regarding Iranian involvement in Iraq saying that the Iranian government is fully aware and approving of their surrogates attacks on US forces (050108c)

Well, the Iranians don't think they'll be attacked anytime soon. I wonder if they are right. (042808c)

And while it seems Iran does send stuff over the border, what is being sent, how much is sent and to whom are something of open questions. (042808d)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Seems like supplies for Iran's reactor being shipped from Russia have run into a road block. One wonders just how that came to be (042708b)


So what is up with the Korea problem? It seems like they feel they can go tit to tat with us, if not quite toe to toe, and, it seems, the US under Bush has made matters measurably worse. (050308f)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

The closing of west coast salmon fisheries because of a decline in stocks. This is at least partly due to climate change researchers say. (040308b)

Poles apart the arctic and Antarctic react to the human induced planetary climate change in nearly opposite fashions. (050308a)

The greedy bastards play pinochle while poisons percolate. The EPA offs one its own because DOW was having a hard time keeping everyone's head buried in the stinking sand or whatever. (050208b)

Frabjous Day Calloo Kallay, but do we chortle in our joy? No. A new strain of stem rust is making its debut in the breadbaskets of Asia-it can only worsen an already difficult situation with food supplies (042908e)

In this follow up story the salient is that the fungus is evolving, of course, and the recent strain is more virulent. Not good news, eh? (050108a)

So even Texas realizes that ethanol fueled increases in the price of corn is "bad" in more ways than one. (042708c)

Stealth foods? That's right additives that do not add flavor, rather they turn your tongue off! (050108a)

Part one, the nature of what is called a food crisis is misleading, there is no shortage of food, what there is, is mismanagement, corruption, ethanol production, global warming and fakery. Not that the deprivation or starvation is not real, it is. (042708d) Wall Street has a role. Part two, how the price inflation is felt in a few selected sites around the world. (042708e) And Part three, the article wraps up with a discussion of the role ethanol and that of governments. (042708f)

This assessment has it that the oceans are stressed out, over fished-but it is the "wild west" out on the open sea (042808g)

Even a place that tries harder than most still has to face the effects of global warming. (042808h)

The Future:

Can you live off debt if the debt is not redeemable? That has been the experiment now coming to call on the US and the financial structure of the world. (050308h)

And the debt keeps going up and on and on and on (050308i)

The spike in food prices world wide is alarming as are the number of nations experiencing food crises and placing restrictions on exports (042808d)

In an unguarded moment McStain, touting HIS energy plan, says something to the effect that his plan will prevent our soldiers from fighting for oil again. Which means we ARE fighting for oil? (050308d)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

While Obama has to answer questions the Bushes don't have to say a work about their connections to Moon and his "moonies" or millions (050208a)

Already one million people who wanted to vote couldn't. The primaries seems to be skewed. Maybe the one thing the royal jackass and his minions learned from 2006 was that all their "fixes" were still not enough, so more are in the making. (042908i)

Voter ID laws are controversial, not that I disagree with the idealized intent: that only voters should vote (042908d) More on that decision and its effect on the upcoming primaries and the November election as well. (042908g)

And then there are the humorous ideas here and the serious ones as well, if voter fraud is the problem why focus on whether or not individual voters have their ID? Where there is little evidence of danger when you COULD focus on the voting machines where there is lots and lots of evidence of fraud, corruption or manipulation. Where is the law suit for that? (042908h)

Broad trends show that as money tightens up so do people's spending but it's not that they are not spending, but they ARE changing how they spend and their priorities. (042708g) Maybe all these job losses can be a contributing factor? (050308c)

Empty houses are more and more common and so they become a law enforcement concern when criminals use them for various purposes. (042708h) Why doesn't someone start a house sitter service and send teams around to mow lawns, clean up appearances and inspect the inside of the empties every once in a while? Part two, the empty houses correlate with a rise in crime (042708i)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

Is 12 to one fair? I ask you, is it? But what if big papers say that it is! What then? (050108e)

As long ago as 1958 the battle for keeping real, award winning, "in your face" news on the air was being fought. Legendary Edward R. Murrow, when cast off, spoke of it in words as relevant today as they were back when he spoke them. (042708j)

There is always hope. Increasingly it may not seem that way. However, I believe, despite appearances, that the truth will out, justice will prevail, and that we are on the way to a better world. I have faith that this will be a good year. I choose to harbor hope.


The "Great War"

So do we let ANYONE into the military service or ship them off to where ever? (050808h) In what could be a first of dubious distinction, it may be that the suicides by US troops could trump the deaths from combat. Truly odd if it proves to be. (050608d)

Hundreds of thousands of veterans are impacted by the wars. This was predicted years ago. Why hasn't the problem been proactively been addressed? Oh, yes, we have a jackass running things down the toilet. (050908c)

A bit more thinking on the McStain statement seen to evidence that the Iraq war WAS about oil and the commentary has a letter from Cindy Sheehan. (050408g)

The Bushists may be the current elite mismanaging things but they are not alone, nor are such new to the US, however they are more than usually incompetent and determined to sacrifice everyone else with all they own in order to reap a real windfall - global control. (050508g)

The press, liars, self-serving Dimwads and witless wonders promote a war with Iran; their man is McStain. Israelis are "on board" with this claiming that Iran will have a bomb by next year. Onward and downward (050808i)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


Sketchy as this story is, it does portray some of the suffering that Gazan's are undergoing. There is no hope that the situation will improve any time soon-the war will go on. (050408b)

Call it "Flow Back" as raw sewage travels to Israeli beaches after being dumped into the Med off of Gaza because of a lack of power for treatment plants due to Israeli decisions and policy (050508f)


Yesterday there was news of both sides in the "conflict" calling for general strikes. Today the news is that fighting has broken out in the capital. (050908a) The fighting spreads, according to reports, and seems sectarian-no surprise there. (050908g) After the government, on the advise of the military, reversed the policies that stirred the resistance the fighters left Beirut's streets, thought fighting was sporadic elsewhere. (051008a)

Earlier: An IDF defense drill has some repercussions in Lebanon. (050408j)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: - Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Kurdistan - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

Iran breaks off talks with the US. Does it matter? Is it a portent? (050608c)

And the "Dolt On" says that he thinks attacking Iran is "responsible" and likely to happen under Bush the Dumberass' administration (050808d)


Just when you thought "surging" was over, the US is planning to "surge" in Afghanistan to the tune of an additional 7000 troops for next year. (050408l)


Iraq won't play along with US blaming Iran for its troubles. Whose? Everyone's, but no matter that. The point is that the US was trying to get them to go along but they won't. What is the use of having a puppet that pulls its own strings or has others fingers on the strings? (050508b)

Building a wall to isolate a section of Sadr City proves complex. Now there is a call for the people to evacuate by the government. Some 800,000 people live in the affected area. This brings up several questions: how will the incompetent government manage that? Will the area become something like a "free fire zone"? What will they do if the people just don't go? (050908b) Here is the answer to that last question, if patterns were to be followed (050908e) Oh, well, all's well that ends well, a cease-fire which leaves the Mahdi Army standing but promising not to display weapons. One wonders … (051008c)

A portrait of an endless war. Madness " .. the ever widening gyre .." (050508j) What does a street battle in Sadr City look like? Well, read on. (050408a)

The contractors in Iraq really know how to make a job worthwhile, theft is a good option so is running a prostitution ring using military vehicles, but wait there is more, if you become a whistle-blower you get in trouble, transferred or fired. (050408k)

A real odd ball story, I didn't know there was a golf course inside the Green Zone in Baghdad, did you? Built by the Brits don't you know, jolly good. (050608a)


The same old, same old … Iran's "red line" remains where it is and the division among the worlds current nuclear states provides enough wiggle room for the Iranian nuke program to proceed, whatever it is. (051008f) So there is more talk, more BS, more of the same really-neither side has any real "log jam breaking' type of options-even if "everything is on the table" as it were (050508e)

Some more of the surfacing back chat regarding the "Fallon thing" and some rumors of war, wonderful (050508h) Here is more on that, this may be the "reason" stated for attacking Iran, well not Iran, just some bases inside Iran used by, well, Iranians to, well, attack US or allied forces in Iraq. The match for a short fuse to war? (050508i)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater:

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan


Rebels attack the capital, Khartoum, for the first time, a promise of more chaos in a chaotic region, wunnerful, that's all I have to say. (051008b)


A illegitimate government goes about its business and the people stand by. Another democracy done gone? (050408d) Violence spirals, albeit slowly at the moment, but the party in power does not seem to want to give it up. (050808g)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia

Contrast other US administrations with the Bush plan for aiding Burma. What you haven't heard? Well no one else has either! (050808f)


A new nuclear submarine base has India and the US looking and reviewing matters concerning security but the article lists a number of military programs in several nations and it seems the arms business is doing quite well, thank you. (051008g)


Food, politics, starvation and hard lines all conspire to keep the harvests and aid supplies low. Problems mount but it is not as if the N. Korean Govt. seems to want to tackle these issues successfully. (050408c)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:


A secessionist state in this country wants to defend itself. They are mainly white, rich, do not deny the history of slaughtering natives and keep some of them, here and there, in their place. (050508k) Of course there is money and land and it smells like a civil war may brew if Santa Cruz "goes for it" (050508l)

And the trigger for the civil resistance is outlined here. The peasantry of the "rich" is only referenced indirectly in this story. (050508m)

The Future:

When the Berlin Wall fell and the USSR broke up it clearly signaled the end of an era, however, the US dependence upon foreign energy resources has it in similar straits, not that we'll disappear from the map, but we are not the "super power" we once were. Russia has seen to that. (050908h)

Another food riot, this time in Mogadishu, where tens of thousands riot, literally, all over town. (050508d)

What's 500 billion in additional losses? This article says there is an upside to all that and it may be true, after all they ARE the experts. The same ones that saw what was happening and laughed all the way to the bank. (050908d)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

Just a read of this article gives a sense of what is happening in the world. It is a sign of the times that McStain is now trailing Damnocrap candidates mainly because of his jackass nature and how he is associated with the failed Bushist economics.

Apparently some liars are saying that Obama has gotten endorsements from unsavory characters (050808b) Hamas to be specific, but whereas this is a rumor, the number two man in Al Qaida happens to be a McStain man because he'd like to someone to "bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb bomb Iran." But then so would lots of people, really neighbors can be such assholes.

Then too McPain's record stinks for itself. (050808c)

"Hairy Fungus or Cosmic Muffin?" that was once a tongue in cheek expression used in a spoof, but that this article portrays is the media bias, now, momentarily being seen Clinton bashing but goes on to portend how the target will later on be whoever is the Demnocrap candidate. (050808a)

Social Security may be troubled but that is fixable, what's not is the retirement system in the US which leaves many "out in the cold" (050608b)

Some brouhaha over the crossover voting and Limbaughs "plan" to deal the democraps a blow, which would, ostensibly, be of their own making (050408m) This gives the Limbaugh plan boot and illuminate deeper worries for the Repuglicans.

Or could it be that Repuglicans just can't sell themselves, except if they go VERY short these days, here another special election in R territory goes to a D, prescient or no? (050508c)

More on the Obama preacher thing, McStain as do others get a pass, it seems if the radical words and fiery rhetoric come from a white preacher, whither the race card then? (050408h)

If you must judge one candidate by the preachers they associate with why not give EVERYONE equal treatment. McStain has a lot to answer for, especially for the Great Whore of Mr. Hagee. (050508a)

Sometimes looking backward IS looking forward. To get a hint as to the GOP's election play book we can go back to those thrilling days of yesteryear, 1988 to see how a distrusted, incompetent and corruption ridden Jackass, George the first, became electable and then elected (050408f)

Clinton and Obama have a "gas tax flap" goin' on what would "clear thinking" pundits or the public make of it, were they clear thinking and logical? (050408e)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

The title: "We're in a war-Where are the Media?" says it all. (050408i)

Greed seems to be the new "bottom line" as companies flock to the Caymans to avoid taxes and responsibilities even as they snag huge contracts. (050908f.)


I don't know if this belongs here but the innovation of this idea, a home based machine that is a "brewer" for ethanol. One wonders how helpful it will be ultimately (051008d)


The "Great War"

Tough talk and smarmy dreams of future success have the Repuglican president as well as his party's presumptive candidate making asses of themselves all while drawing electoral battle lines and hoping that the dupes, I mean the citizens, will go for "the long war". Obama, the presumptive Damnocrap in some minds, will have to craft another approach. (051708b)

Once touted as a strong point, this administration's ability to manage, micro manage its talking points now seems to be sowing some confusion. (051608c) But maybe our allies and enemies enjoy mixed messaging?

Speeches and more regarding Iran get coverage and so the drumbeat goes on and on. For a long time now it has been a question of "Will they … " attack Iran that is. The fear and motivation seems to be there and bush seems to be doing the old "wink and nod" but who knows, really? (051608d)

Here is another's take on the speech (051608e)

Iranian weapons in Iraq, now you see them, oops no you don't, it seems what was, was not, after all. (051308a)

Will the architects of the torture programs, protocols and black sites please step forward and admit to what they did? Well, don't hold your breath. (051208g)

Something that is news to me, Obama was born Muslim but renounced that faith. This is not generally known in the Islamic world. However, if he were to become president it would, and it would not make relations between the US and those peoples any easier for the knowing. (051208h)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria

How Iran and Hizbollah are on a roll and how this may prove to beneficial to Bush the dumber in his upcoming "tour" in the M.E. (051408f)

Remember the "new middle east" as it was called? The "birth pangs" Rice described? Well here is the current status on that claptrap. (051208e)

So here is the thinking of this piece, forget the two state solution for Israel and Palestine. Toss it out and what do you have left? A multi-cultural state that embraces both peoples and lives in peace. More Palestinians are thinking this way and some Israeli's are too, it may be the way to go. (051108p)


Bush and Israel are on the "same page" and "tangible actin" on Iran is what they agree upon. So is this the wind up for the pitch? (051608a)

A new kind of Palestinian rocket detonates as Bush the lesser visits Israel. (051508c)


An overview of the diplomatic and street views (051608f) Part two more and more unraveling (061608g)

Beirut, as it is and what it might be … lost. (051408a) This article shows how the present state of this nation portends the future for Iraq. Part two, the slaughterhouse (051408b) Part three, the remains … oh well (051408c)

While other news sources mentioned, "fighting in the mountains" this one gives up important details saying that Hizbollah has gained some high ground for tactical and strategic purposes. (051208j)

Some analysis points to the recent events as a blunder by Hizbollah-meaning, to me anyway, that a peaceful resolution to the problem of forming a unified and independent Lebanese government is more distant. (051208f) However the article has it that they've worsened their ability to be accepted by others and increased the "fear factor and divisiveness overall.

More details regarding events are here, it seems that developments are at least daily, but more like hourly at this point. (051108e)

While Beirut is calm, seeming, reports of clashes continue. With about 50 people accounted as killed in one week that puts the "annual rate" at 2,500. This compares with the death rate of the civil war times of some few decades ago. Unfortunate if this spiral continues, and that would be putting it mildly. (051108a)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


The poppy harvest causes a lull in the fighting. Data show attacks up 40 percent compared to last year and so expectations are that even more is coming. (051408d) And the opium crop is spectacular; in fact, were it not for the US invasion it wouldn't be so damned large. (051408e)


A cease-fire partly brokered by Iran holds in Baghdad. Something of a tactical retreat for Sadr is seen as a boost for the current Iraqi government. (051308b)


Read the last two stories for this posting dated Monday, May 12th. Both talk about war with Iran in one form or another. Taking out a few bases seems to be the current "possibility that is 'on tap' " Oh well. (051208l)


Again we return here, currency is fleeing the country, there is a trend, the new government is a bit shaky and the situation in the "war zone" of this country has lines being drawn as well as forces being drawn up, I would imagine. Time to expand the war? That is the question facing the US and its allies inside Pakistan. (051308c)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


In what should be headline news, an indication of a new center of power emerges; Japan and China enjoy a "warm spring" with the US being the "odd man out" as it were. In the power vacuum G. Wimpass Bushwhacker has caused such developments are to be expected, as I've said before. This is the kind of thing that, generations hence, may hail as yet another turning point that is directly attributable to the "crazy George" the second. (051208)


Another example of "globalization's beneficial effects": suicidal farmers taking the "easy way" out. (051108b)


Reading this you'll see a prime example of how investors never really learn, as long as profits look good or likely to be good, human rights, rule of law and open war do not matter. All that does is the likelihood that any of these could expand and cause losses. (051108d)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:

I absolutely LOVE this piece; in it the US accuses Chavez of projecting power in the region and says that this is a destabilizing factor. Imagine that, the US accusing Venezuela of rummaging about in South America by backing rebel forces, influencing political parties and elections, overturning governments while vying for influence and projecting power. How DARE they! (051108e)


Some hint of influence by the Bushists regarding Bolivia's autonomy movement (051208b)

The referendums on autonomy get a boost. The rich want their way and seem to have held sway at that ballot box. Santa Cruz had 85% of the voters backing autonomy, other provinces may well follow suit, right now there is talk no talk of violence, civil war, which was the worry peaceful resolution to follow an upcoming national vote of confidence? (051108g)

Its not nice to fool Mother Nature:

So here it is in very plain English: "if humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 385 ppm to at most 350 ppm." (051108a) Here is the web site for the movement for doing just that:

Here they say that the Arctic ice melting is proceeding faster than most computer models have predicted, with last year having the smallest ice cap ever recorded it may well be that this year's will be smaller still. (051208a)

Nice article here on what are called "nonlinear" shifts. To compare, global warming is linear-it is a gradual change over time. A nonlinear shift would be one that is sudden and transformative. Linear shifts continue on until "something gives" that "giving" is the nonlinear change. Geologic evidence exists for "sudden systemic and large scale change" such as when the Sahara formed. (051208i)

But there ARE scientists who proudly list themselves as Global Warming deniers. (051208c)

But the media and the talking heads have done their argumentative jobs well as fewer people, overall, believe in global warming now than compared with January 2007, (051208d)

The Future:

Oil production, globally speaking, has been flat for two years now that is the word in this article. But no one talks about "peak oil"; it is not on the radar, much as global warming was a few years back. (051708a)

In a nutshell the 15 numbers that add up to insecurity demonstrating the flat out failure of the current administration to deal with any problem that has crossed its path, save by making it far worse than it was. (051608b)

It does not seem like it, or maybe it does, but the price of a barrel of oil has gone up 25% so far this year. The prospect of a similar rise is not out of the question. So the question is what will the EFFECTS be? This article does not address that. (051108m)

This is a look at the fiscal impact of the increasingly large numbers of disabled veterans who are living among us and in need. (051108c)

One of the "data points" in the dour economic picture gives an indication that some retirement plans may also be in danger from the sub prime mess. Lawsuit anyone? (051008h)

Did I say "some retirement plans" how about over 40% of them? And these include such biggies as teachers, police and all sorts of public sector employees at the local ad state levels-yet another ticking time bomb that, being a few years off, is being "played with' and ignored studiously by politicos who don't want to "face the music" because they'll be out of office by the time it goes boom (051108h) Part two, the accounting game, does not really mean accounting, but rather trickery and fakery-but all was well as long as the "debt economy" was booming. (051108i) Part three, when the jig is up, the piper must still be paid, even if promises are broken and, it seems to me, cheaters prosper, as do liars and fakirs. (051108j)

And here are some basic figures in a cogent little article written just you homeowners. (051008i)

But going back to Switzerland, the UBS is sacking thousands after bad bets went waaaay bad (051008j)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

Just an archived copy of Slate, a quick eye view of the election and some issues around the world, nice and concise (051308e)

So maybe the Repuglicans do have reason to deny their "fearless leader" as they get shot down in some by-elections, have money problems and image problems-the problem for McStain is that he is closely associated with the cause for all that, by pandering to the Bushists he's painted himself into a corner-(051108l)

Read the comments some raw humor here as Lieberman is able to lower his standards once again, I know, I know … I didn't think it was possible either-the kicker is that he is also just repeating a lie already demolished. SheissKopf Lieberman UberJuden! (051308d)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

An analysis of a Mr. Friedman, a cheerleader for the Iraq invasion and who also wants Tony Soprano to take a two by four upside Iran's head. (051508a)

And as for "low blow" Joe "the fly up his father's ass" Lieberman, he says one should just down a shot of whiskey and bomb Iran, that he's good with that. (051508b)

Somethings from the past:

Well, not really the far past but the recent past, the wars of choice that the US has engaged in and the deplorable, nay despicable, treatment offered veterans who suffer. The topper is learning that we are loosing more men to suicide than to combat. The figures are in (051108n) It may be that some 22,000 have died if the 18 deaths a day figure has held steady over the last three years and whose to say it has or has not. If that is true then we've lost far more to suicide than to combat, by a factor of five to one. Hmmmmm … Does anyone remember the cakewalk talk we were all so hyped with?

And this nice article puts some details on the picture outlining the administration's or the VA's rationale for denying the needed treatment and the response of a judge who slapped them all down. (051108o)


The "Great War"

This administration has as its hallmark the "killing of the messenger" in the process of stomping down truth tellers and those with a rational and questioning spirit. Is anyone surprised to find out that the even CondiGirl knew "all about it" and those who tried to "do something about it" were "given no hearing, so to speak. (052108e)

For a brief example see the testimony of an innocent ex prisoner of Guantanamo (052108h)

How do we treat our veterans? Well, if they might have PTSD we try to "minimize" that kind of diagnosis, in fact we'd rather not spend the time, effort and money on that sort of thing-memo from the top says so. (052108b)

Ignorance in high places? Pelosi lauds Israel for resisting weapons of mass destruction-hmmm, doesn't Israel have nuclear weapons, lots of them? Could she be THAT ignorant? (052008c)

When Bush lectures no one really seems to hear him, his big trip to the M.E. gets him zilch, nada, nill though CondiGirl assures us that "intense negotiations" are going on and that Bushwhackoff will return to the region to help with peace efforts if need be-oh well, now THAT'S reassuring, isn't it? (051808b)

A "front" in this war is the internet and the ability of Bin Laden to use it in much the same manner as our own Dimbulb massages the mass media here. (051908a)


Well, well well, what HAVE we here, a simple story about a family being implicated in the trafficking of nuclear know how. But the evidence is destroyed because, well, it would be "explosive" as it were. The Swiss are not known, however, for having the noggin's for nukes. So one wonders who else was involved (052308b)


By giving the opposition what it wants a peaceable solution is obtained, for now. The US doesn't get what it wants and well, has to live with it, so does Israel. (052108c)

Sectarian passions are inflamed in this country. Bush the dumber's and Israeli policy regarding Syria Iraq, Palestine and the region have seen to that, empowering enemies seems to be the Royal Dimwad's forte (051808c)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


The Khyber Pass, the supply route for much of the material that US and allied forces depend upon moves through this historic place. Chaos is afoot along the route and it is a weak point that is vulnerable to attack. (052008b)


The recent "allied" efforts in Mosul have been hailed as a blow against Al Qaida, but it does not seem to be what is going on, but well … who cares? (052308h) The operation in Mosul has had its effect, a sharp, 85% reduction in attacks-now time will tell if it is lasting, enduring as it were. (052108d)

Does success breed success or failure? US military achievements in Iraq are seen to strengthen the hand of someone who HAS pushed the US around and may do so again. (052308g)

Where ARE the Iranian weapons the US keeps talking about, yes there are a few, but we find most weapons are from Pakistan, China and Iraq or the "open market" (052208a)


Do they or don't they, are they or aren't they? Who knows, everyone suspects and only time will tell for sure. (052008)


Election results and some other tidbits mentioned in the article show that change is possible, even democracy-but challenges remain (051808j)


I wonder what Mr. Jackanapes, the "Great Hole" himself would call the Pakistan dealing with what Afghanistan and others call terrorists (052108f)

Saudi Arabia:

The public was told Bush the dumber asked for increased oil flow, but there WAS something else and since that something else was Iran there and the deals and papers signed … just in case Iran does respond to an attack (051908b)


Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater:

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan

Africom, the US military plus command for this continent has not been received to well, even after the Great Sucking Hole himself went there to get our good allies to accept it, no one wants it really, hmmm do we have an image problem? (051808i) Meanwhile chaos spreads in the continent, this may go down as very bad year for the place in general (052308d)


Arms shipments come from all over and go to where ever or whomever. Fighting and violence spread - US policy in "full flower" (052208d)

South Africa:

Some thousands escape South Africa, as their law enforcement "takes back the night" so to speak, but the root cause of the riot, that being a belief that "foreigners were 'stealing' jobs" relates to the spate of stories concerning the rise in commodities prices, oil and the economic squeeze going on world wide-the study of which would bring us back to the US and its malignant foreign policy, corrupt monetary practices and the confluence of influences which are feeding back on each other and the poor "eat" the poor. (052308a)

There is poverty involved here, this story makes that clear although it is well into the story 12th paragraph Zimbabwe has economic chaos, for example, or some such, but there is also a tinge of racism both old and older, it is said. (052308c)

Riots in this country target foreigners, and there are millions of them, both legal and not. The reputed cause was typical, "they're stealing our jobs" One wonders is there is a connection to the rising commodities prices which also make things "rather short" (051808a)

The rioting continues foreigners are stealing jobs, which means money and which means that things must be in short supply, this connection is not made in this article but I still cannot wonder if the rise in commodities prices are the fuel for this fire. (052008g)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


The "footsie" game continues, now we're in the "good news" phase again and hopes are touted, but one has to wonder what IS the likelihood that North Korea will simply hand over its nuclear materials at some time in the foreseeable future? (051908a)

Its not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Just a briefing on the increase in the number and severity of natural disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes and earth quakes for example. (052208f)

The future of food may well be in the hands of corporations which are even now patenting the genetic strains most likely to "do well" with global warming, contrary to what might be common sense and reality. (052108a)

Another aspect of the developing problem with food supplies are the budgetary commitments nations make to research in food crops. There are solutions but overconfidence and lack of resources dedicated to the problem are having their consequences at a particularly bad time (051808e)

And the political consequences of the food supply problem has "radical" Muslim charity organizations translating bread into electoral power, even in places like Jordan and at the expense of the popular perception of the US. (051808f)

The Future:

Oil has "changed sides" and now it is not on ours … but what to do, what to do? (052408c)

Crossing the line? Nothing new to G.W. Jackass, but taking a legal resident of the US and holding him without trial, due process or representation is a new power for the great hole and one that will go to the supremos "soon" the article says. The guys only been held for 6 years in the US in a military brig. (052408a)

A signal that the "neo con" age is fading? PNAC vanishing act? (052308e)

Reports of inflation from around the globe, here in the US we have some doctored figures but the truth, it seems, is no harder to find than a grocery store (052108i)

What if the greater middle east had 12 or 18 nuclear powers instead of just one, Israel? What kind of future is that, yet, many nations in the region are making plans to do just that and Iran seems to be part of the decision making process (052008f) This is ANOTHER find mess the Great and Wonderful Fly up his Father's Ass has gifted the world with.

The rise in oil, food and most all other commodities is fueled by speculation and this is spurred on by the flight of capital from the real estate market and the dollar to those same commodities. This is the new bubble, it seems to me, and it's killing people. (051908h)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

Here is Oberman's take on the Clinton "Kennedy assassination" remark. I took it one way, but this is clearly OK. (052408b)

The ripple effect, how oil's price gouges all along the economic "food chain" to bring it on home (052308e)

Flip flopper McStain's flip flopping is now being delegated to underlings, it seems (051908c)

Another comment on McStain regarding his flip flop on military spending, Iraq, the price of oil and, of course the Great Dimwad himself. (052108g)

How many trillions will it take before someone says, "wait, I cannot keep track of them anymore?" A mountain of debt, no exaggeration, I mean how big a pile would 61 trillion dollar bills make? (051908d)

This article talks about how the devaluation of the dollar has been engineered for "fun and profit" quotations mine, not the article's, but the essence is those who have are wanting more and are determined to get it. (051908e) Everyone gets the blame except those who have caused the problem.

Our Presstitutes inaction:

What was supposed to be a carefully crafted "exposure of Iranian meddling in Iraq" via a cache of weapons that was to be "exposed" to US media proved to be, well, not from Iran. So the story should have made headlines, as it would expose Bush's lies for what they are and an attempt to subvert the US media and the public, well, DID you hear about it? No, and no one else much did either. (052008d) And yet rumors fly regarding an attack on Iran. It is THE question of the times, I think because it has such great potential for making a regional mess wider and worse at the same time. (052008e)

Somethings from the past:

A story that goes back to 1928. Iraq's oil was, even then, an "issue" for other oil producers and states. It was decided to keep their oil "off the market" and it was. Now the "program" continues albeit in a very different fashion. (052208b) And here is the "quick version" of the modern day events (052208c.jpg)

Bush remarks about appeasers and compares, "indirectly" of course such persons to Obama, when, in fact, his family's fortune is tied to the rise of NAZI power in Germany. Our current president's grandfather was arrested, tried and found guilty of "trading with the enemy. But the "bush bubble" seemed to be working even back then and so the family prospered as it lived off the crushed bones and blood of slave laborers, You would think someone in Israel would have made a comment to this effect; all I can say is hmmm? (051908g)

Nuclear weapons accidents, they have happened, do happen and will, so far none have gone Kabloooie-that is to say no news is good news. (051908f)

Will the memorial to M.L.King present him as he was or as some would want him to appear, kindly, soft spoken and peaceful? Wasn't he confrontational, radical and fiery? Shouldn't a statue of him reflect who he WAS? (051808d)

Just a bit, and I mean that, a bit of history, though the article has links to some videos, this implicates WW1 European powers in creating the mess that is now the ME. (051808g)

This Israeli "radical" historian says he can document the "genocide" of 48 when Israeli forces slaughtered Palestinians erasing villages and killing many thousands (051808h)


The "Great War"

"My how you've grown" remember how, as a child, some elderly relative would make that remark, well the same may said of the Pentagon under George W. Jackass the 2nd. (053108e) and part two, the rest of the crap (053108f)

Why aren't US strategies working? Well, could it be we are fighting the wrong war? (053008g)

A story that shows what PTSD can do, what it is doing, creating a lot of collateral damage. I wonder what the "casualty rate" would be if we added in the soldier suicides that occur in the operational theater, at home along with the murders, any guess? (052608h)

President Carter says the Israeli's have "at least 150 nuclear weapons" I guess that's news to some, but the article makes an error when it says that "Israeli officials have never admitted their existence" for they have, earlier this year, their prime minister or some such "big wig" specifically said as much. (052608b)

More coverage on what Carter said, talk about "crossing the line" bejeezus hallelujah! (052708e) But this is not news, Gates said as much in 2006, though he did not put number on the nukes; I've heard the count was around 200 anyway. (052708d)

Central statistic: most of the women in our military are sexually harassed and many are raped by their fellow soldiers. Then, when they come back from duty, they're on their own more than one would think … G. W. Jackass sure takes care of our fighting military, so does the VA. (052608c)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


Olmert, an MK, quotes the Israeli law which says the death penalty is appropriate for any who ceded Israeli territory to others. Why didn't this happen when Gaza was ceded I don't know but such a quote is bound to "bollix" up any current secret negotiations by giving away bargaining chips, or rather tossing them away (052608f)


A review of the agreement hammered out recently shows why Hezbollah and its associates are happy while the US, Saudi's and Israeli's might not be. (052508g)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


The effects of the Pakistan "peace" program is being felt in the field (053008i)

At the same time booming prices for wheat cause farmers to plant it instead of opium and so bring a bit of a problem for the Taliban resistance, financially speaking. The market doing what NATO and its allies could not, reduce the opium crop. (053108g)


This one is worth saving, it says that Al Qaida is very close to defeat. Well, let's look at this at no time did the US military ever say that Al Qaida, in Iraq, comprise more than 5% of the resistance. So it's taken us this long to do that? Also, need we be reminded that Al Qaida had no presence to speak of until the US invasion let them get "their magic" started. Also, do the math, 6 years to solve 5% of the problem that means in 120 years we'll be done. Maybe McStain is right, another hundred years … (052408f)

Some headline, but the meat of the story is that violence is down. (053008e) Mostly (053008f)

The theme of this article is that many have pushed the "pause" button regarding violence, so we have yet another "window of opportunity" which may be beneficial or prove as illusory as the previous ones have. (053108a) But Sadr seems to retain a great deal of influence, with support in the Iraq military being very noteworthy (053108b) part two, apparently the UN mandate for the US presence in Iraq runs out at the very end of this year and many Iraqi's STILL want the US out. (053108c)

Basra has a measure of peace but beneath the surface are the nearly 50 different militias that are still armed and dangerous. (053108d)


What might pass for a pessimist's view of the "Iranian situation". The writer debunks the set of reasons why G.W. Rumphead could "get away" with an attack on Iran. (052808a) And the rumors about an impending attack continue to circulate (052808b)


This US erstwhile ally is "giving in" to terrorism despite what the US needs, clearly (053008h)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater:

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan


The violence increases, the democratic "flame" is wavering and the threat of more violence or the overthrow of the government is talked about. (052408g)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:

Obama and the land south of the Rio Grande, he makes a policy presentation that gets applause but then those are Americans who are making all the noise. (053008d)

Its not nice to fool Mother Nature:

The rain forest in Brazil has fueled a debate and now the "Soybean King" and the space agency which found deforestation on the upswing are competing for influence with a "green president" old Lula himself. (052508h)

Perhaps portending what decision may be reached the minister responsible for Lula's environmental creds resigns. (052608e) Just one example of how climate change is affecting a city in Europe (052408e)

The Future:

An overview of the American conservative "movement" over the last few decades from Nixon on down to the present date and why it is falling apart now (052908a)

What kind of students are we creating? What is high school like for "achieving" students today? Stressful to say the least, demanding for sure (052608d)

Commodities prices are driving up the price of rice, for example and, for example, hundreds of thousands around the world dependent on food aid are finding that suppliers who can get more money on the open market are giving the cold shoulder to aid programs-the speculation boom in commodities has "only just begun" but the damages are wide ranging, spreading and getting worse by the day. (052608a)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

McStain and Bush tromp on a new GI bill. WTF is wrong with those A-holes? (052708f)

"Flip flopper McStain" Yucca mountain and the promises of yore….. (052908b)

One set of ripple effects interact with another, the housing crash and the rising price of oil conspire to create a food bank problem (052708a)

This housing market may be historically bad, that is to say worse than that of the great depression. (053008a) And here is a sampler of the collateral damage in the auto industry (053008b) And some banks may close, they say. (053008c)

A bit more on the housing slump, the numbers for March are in and there is very little good in the news (052708c)

Much ado about nothing? If a "serious", meaning capable of drawing votes enough to effect the national outcome, Libertarian candidate ran would it just offset Nader and leave nada? (052508i)

Not directly related to the election but this has to do with how the US selects judges as opposed to the rest of the world. We elect them here, elsewhere they are tested for entry in to a rigorous training program which weeds out many. The article attempts to do a compare and contrast but does not go all the way. I think that a combination of the two is good, why not have the testing and training, and then an election process in which their court records are part of the public's decision process? Could that be a way to go? (052508e)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

Lying bastards that is what we have here and continual lying bastards…. (052908c)

How the press let us down, but was never taken to task, a "tell all" book creates a stir in the proverbial pot. (052808c)

Some things from the past:

Well, it is the recent past, recall Katrina and the emergency housing? It turns out that sloppy specifications, poor materials, imported from China, has resulted in health problems for the people who are still, by the way, in the trailers. (052708b)

The devaluing of the dollar, the changing world economy returning to a revaluing of the economic sectors that have to do with "stuff" have the US economy turning away from the service and info sectors. The heartland gets a lift, sort of, and opportunities for growth exist in the "dinosaur" industries of steel, potash, farming and construction. (052508d)


So it takes a teenager with some clear thinking and a bit of an aptitude for the scientific process to find a way to bio degrade plastic bags. Canada thinks he's onto something so they awarded him a prize, honors and 30K. (052608g)

Slowly but surely as problems mount people become aware, people change and the problems find solutions, Singapore is beginning to "find a way to recycle" because it has to. (052508c)

This analyst, with creds according to the article, says that the mortgage crisis is not yet half over and that it CAN be solved. He says it won't be as bad as the S & L debacle of the 80's where 15,000 S & L's failed. I guess that is some kind of comfort. (052508b)

A new kind of solar power cell with an efficiency of 10%? Sony. (052508a)

Good news in small packages, for 30 billion a year, more or less, we could reverse 20% of the greenhouse warming effects we, the world, are beginning to see the effects of. What is the plan? Why, it is planting trees, lots of trees and halting the human hand at deforestation. 052308d)

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June 2008



The "Great War"

Why the reason we went to war in Iraq IS still important, of the MOMENT and should be part of the dialogue when we consider what a REALISTIC plan might be. (060508e)

From CounterPunch, 06/03/08, we have a bit of coverage on the Military Commission's Act, and it's vague language which strips humans of rights that have been fought for over the centuries. (060308j

Black sites once in Europe now we hear of "black ships" prisons maintained on the high seas for prisoners the US does not want to have put in the limelight (060208e)

The concern for an upcoming war with Iran still gets coverage, one wonders. This piece suggests Israel is in the van for this "push" (060208f)

How to get a war on? Well, the one for Iran has had trouble getting traction, some accusation have fallen flat, or have been derailed, leaving the great Dumbell with shit on his face. Even as he licks his lips gibbering for another go-he'll have to make do with some other means of hyping up the nation into accepting a US or US Israeli attack on Iran (060208g)

Should trials be fair or unfair, that is to say decided on their merits or decided in advance and in secret? Real Americans know the answer to that one, but those who run the Guantanamo trials see it differently-(060308d)


A story from England, actually, describing the emerging problems in the food markets in that country. It gives an overview of how the "oil surge" is impacting the food production and delivery systems upon which most everyone depends. (060708g)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


The dateline may be in the US, but Olmert says that "all possible means" should be used to end Iranian nuclear programs. (060408a)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


Something of an up-tick in violence in this place, a threat to any US hope of early withdrawal or an "easing" of the situation. (060508i)


Some burgeoning resistance to the idea of creating an agreement by which means the US will continue its presence in Iraq, beyond the UN mandate that expires this year. Does the US have a back up plan? No? Why isn't anyone surprised? (060208a)

A bit more on that and some of the daily violence. (060208b)

Resistance to the concept of this "continuing presence" agreement has one wonder what will happen if it is OR is not passed-a watershed moment to be sure and one that will "go off" just as the year ends, December 31 to be exact. (060708a)

An overview of who is for this agreement and why as well as who is against it and why, seems like it may be "controversial" at best. (060508d)

Basra has some progress, some measure of peace which is still in its infancy, yet it is welcome (060208c)

And so the overview is one of unwarranted "crowing" about things really turning around, the key, in my mind, is what happens if the people do get a referendum that declares that the US should move out? What happens then? Like I say, plan B anyone? (060208d)

Wither Kikurk as an issue? Is some agreement afoot or is this just speculation? (060508h)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater:

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan


As if this country does not have enough problems the not so old civil war may show signs of being reawakened (060308a)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia


Just the first half of the story holds the essence of the story, outer space, the ultimate military "high ground" a no longer a completely demilitarized zone. (060508f)

This story reports an account of an underground nuclear explosion near the site of China's recent earthquake. I report this because it is the kind of "fringe" report that may bear fruit. Certainly the US and other nuclear powers could determine if that HAD happened, but if EVERYONE believes it was a devastating earthquake then that will be all there is to it, no matter the truth. (060708d) Here is the originating report (060708e) And here is the original in Chinese (060708f)


The Russian elite go those of the US one better, even if crudely, by erasing opponents or critics of all kinds. (060308e)

From the land south of the Ol' Rio Grande:

The nails being driven into the coffin? South America goes its own way and the US is left in the dust. Thanks to our dumbbell jackass of an idiot resident evil thief, that ol' bastid' dingbat hissef, George W. Dimbulb. (060208k) Pardon the typos in the article, several glaring wonders.


A portrait of the first successful, at least partially, pushback against the "leftist" tide in South America but the trend continent wide is something of a settled issue at the moment with "rightist forces" in retreat. (060208h) Part two (060208i) Part three (060208j)

Its not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Here is a stark overview of the forces that impel the rising cost of the basics, water, food, and fuel-market's being manipulated for a purpose that makes lives of millions difficult, save the very, very rich. (060708h)

The Future:

This is an article from NASA describing the upcoming solar cycle, which will be very weak. (060708i) This, according to some, not indicated in the article, is a cause to believe that there will be a period of colder weather. There is historical precedent for such thinking, solar cycle one that occurred from about 1790 and 1830, was accompanied by colder weather, crop failures and such like.

Then there is this, Mars is warming up too. And since there is no human input on the Martian climate one might consider the possibility that the Sun is helping out in the global warming process. Or will we see cooling? Shouldn't something like this be pretty clear to determine and then, once the truth is out, enact sensible policies? (060708j)

The dollar's status is getting a bit shaky, but can anyone say what might happen if it "gives way" to something else, or some plurality of currencies? (060308f) Part two, some guesses as to the answer to that question (060308g)

Of course, all that only makes the domestic scene even more doggy, take a look at the evidence for economic stress as markets react, finally, to the popping of bubbles, the corruption of the past few decades and the disregarding of financial logic or law (060308h)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

I guess this would be in the "political theatre" category, if I had one, the Senate finally says that the reasons Bush gave for invading Iraq were suspect. But then they do not follow up with any recommendations or even suggest that any "action" might be taken. (060708c)

Let us see, both McStain and Obama believe Iran is developing nukes. So that leaves us … what kind of choice? What? (060308b)

Obama has it? That is the word circulating but Bunker Brains Hillary keeps her own "alternate reality" going. (060508a) Here is more on how it happened (060508c)

Flip Flopper McStain strikes again; keeping with a patter is, after all, something of a virtue, if not practical or sane. (060508b)

Well, maybe not a flip flopper, maybe a carbon copy of The Great Dumbell, as "Old Dead Brain McStain" "goes with Bush" on warrantless wiretaps. (060708b)

Obama's shifting stance on Iran, brings him closer to AIPAC and the dreaded dat wiley ol' "Dead Brain" McStain. (060508g)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

The Bilderberg Group: a set of extremely wealthy individuals who have as their members persons who become the leaders of nations. For a "Kingmaker" kind of group it gets very little coverage and who knows what the hell these sorry bastards are making and shaking about-what I want to know is WHY we DON'T hear about them more? (060308i)

"Rovian" an adjective usually preceding the word manipulation is now meaning someone who is caught not only with their pants down, but with their limp dick flapping in a cool breeze. When with they jack his sorry


The "Great War"

The phrase "hearts and minds" came to me when I read this article that talks about how anti-americanism is at a record high (061208h)

So, "Investigate This!" that's what this article invites you to do. It is worth the journey replete with an overview of the old slippery slope. (061008d)

The "War Times" web page headlines and briefs are illuminating, especially regarding how the peace movement is not being reinforced by the genuine and general unpopularity of the war. (061008c)

The Truthout main page for Tuesday 10, June 2008. Headlines gasoline protests in Europe, impeachment being introduced in D.C. and the Senate dumps an ecology related bill (061009)

How the great war started, what could have been alternatives and what might be possible now, considering the nature of the beast. (060908i)

The arguments the US military used to derail Old Numbnuts Cheney's "drive" to bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. (060908g)

It looks like very few Americans, 7%, think that a military attack on Iran is a good idea. (060808f)

Despite that figure, the Hawks were calling loudly and clearly this week, even if it might be some kind of bluff meant for one or more audiences. (060908d.)


Sarkozy, our great Dumbell's great new lap poodle, gets up a growl for Iran much to the pleasure of the aforementioned Global Village Idiot (061408f)

Seems like England is suffering a bit as those with "get up and go" are doing just that (061108a)

The great dimbulb tours Europe and blathers on. So do others to be fair. But why be fair to a criminal whose penchant for violence has killed hundreds of thousands the world over. (061108c)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


Another summer war? Who knows what the Israeli rulers are up to these days. (060908j)

"Muddle East" Western Theater: Egypt - Kurdistan-Turkey


The problem here is that the ruling party may be banned. This would be another destabilizing factor in a region that really needs no more such than it already has. The US and Israel are not beaming upon the ruling party either, so one wonders (060908e)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


Whoopsie baby, a big prison break but it is not important, so says US military figures. (061408a)

Portrait of a prostitute, Afghanistan's sex industry is underground but "everyone" knows about it. (061408d)

Why isn't there debate on the Afghan war? Well, because it is the "good war" so say the Damnocraps while Iraq is the "bad war" (061408c)

This war is NATO's "lost cause" says this article, but some of the commentary is very much worth reading. (061208f)

A lost opportunity that will be very hard to recover. The window of opportunity to drive out Al Qaida and others from this country's borderlands with Pakistan will be hard (060808b)

Another report from a person interviewing "ordinary people" paints a picture of a nation that is not going forward as the US may have wanted, or the west for that matter-how many last chances are there? (060908a)


A double whoopsie here as Maliki thinks SOFA negotiations are "dead" and Sadr prepares a new offensive against the occupier only. (061408h) And part two of the story, some details and you make what you will of those. (061408i)

The US scales back its proposal? (061408l) Well, sort of anyway…? (061208g)

The SOFA is hitting a snag, seems like lots of people don't like it, at all. (060908b)

Some use the work "uprising" to express their dislike for the yet to be signed agreement. (060908c)

So it would seem a collision course is set, barring extenuating circumstances. Who will get what they want in Iraq, the Americans or the Iraqi's? (061008b)


The "Iran is supplying weapons" lie is given some airing in this piece (060808g)

Here are the reasons why Iran will not be attacked, a reprise actually of the common arguments. (060808h)

And yet the "public debate" seems to be turning toward just such an attack. (061108a)

Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi's thinking now is to increase production. Their planned increase will amount to adding about 1% to the worlds daily output. Considering the price has gone up about 35% this year one wonders if the price will drop. There is also concern that the projected increase will be sustainable. (061408g)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater:

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan


A food riot in or near a coastal city is symptomatic of a new kind of food crisis. (060808c)


A peaceful nation is not what is in the cards for the immediate future as an election looms as violence increases and the international community seems helpless (060908h)

Its not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Weather factors into the price of corn nearly doubling since the start of the year as floods in the US Midwest hamper planting, harvesting and destroy perhaps 1.5% of the crop. (061408b)

This article gives a broader view of the damages and the potential that there is more and worse yet to come. (061408k)

The war on science goes back decades and is the product of an organized assault on the process of public debate. (060908d)

In the "fox in charge of the hen house" department, the recent protests in Korea regarding their great dimbulb's desire for American Beef (061308b)

The Future:

Nukes in Merry Old England take a bit of back seat. (061308d)

And in France, which has gone "whole hog" for it, well, there are limits and the "fancy talk and boasts" do not alter the reality that they STILL use large amounts of oil, gas, and coal. (061308e) and they import their nuclear fuel and have a nasty history of proliferation that has morphed into "selling reactors to anyone" oh well.

While in the US it is the costliness of the plant and the waste issue. (061308f)

Protests regarding the cost of fuel sprinkled around the world, soon more of the same, unless someone does something real, fat chance of that eh? (061208e)

The food crisis in the US shows up and some innovation is being tried out. (060808d)

Trillions are lost in the credit market and the housing slump is seen to be a continuing factor in US reality. (061108c)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

And exorcist governor in Louisiana? You betcha and he out Bushes the Great Hole himself, just ask Mr. Oxycontin, Limbaugh, I mean (061308c)

Has McStain peaked out in the polls? That's what is argued, however, "anything" can happen. (061208k)

So, get a load of what McStain wants. You can see it by those he's accepted as advisors and their evident predilections and "philosophies" (061308a)

The Republocraps are on the defensive against the Damned Dems. We shall see if the gap widens as time develops. If this were normal times I'd say we have good news coming, but these are not normal times. (061108d)

Justice delayed is justice denied. And that is what is happening to the numerous whistle blower cases that are "pending" with the DOJ. (061208b)

Our Presstitutes inaction:

Impeachment articles have been introduced. The stolen election has been exposed, again. The 2004 "contest" as it was fought in Ohio involved a large group of persons and the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of voters making the DimWads "victory" possible (061208d)

These are the impeachment articles filed by Kucinich. It is a laundry list of what the Great Jackass has done. It is a long list. He needs to be removed. (061208c)

They lied and people died, who is to pay for it all? (060808e)

Dan Rather, remember him? Rove saw to it that some corporate lackey shit canned him for the unspeakable temerity to air G.W. Jackasses "military record" but the piece talks about the larger issue of how we've lost the battle for a free press in this country (060808a)

Somethings from the past:

Back in the 50's there was a UFO craze, which never really died out. Now a report from Texas has thrown a whole town for a loop and made people wonder. (061408j)


The "Great War"

Telecom Time! The Congress rolls over and gives the Prez a victory, what a mess! (062008e)

So, as other stories report, the "enhanced interrogation techniques" made famous by Abu Ghraib were the product of the "highest levels of the US government" (061708e) meanwhile The pentagon's portion of this story falls apart as contrary evidence comes to light. (061708g) And isn't hiding detainees from the Red Cross something that only "the bad guys" do? So why did we? (061808f)

A remarkable week of "truth but no consequences", as the article says, for those who made torture acceptable. Apparently there are more than a few "rotten apples" in the very big barrel. (062008f) Now we hear that the illegal actions and declarations that led to further illegal acts, including torture and denial of rights, had, as their source, the WH and "top" Admin officials-(061908a)

Guantanamo a hotbed of radical organizing? Seems like we create "graduating" members who "take to the hills" and come back with a vengeance (061708a)

Then as now, it may be that a reprise, in essence, is being managed to allow another war, one waged against Iran, it will be differently done, to some extent, but similar enough as we see. (061508b)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


Another cease-fire. Some promises are given but essentially everyone is in a wait and see mode. Both sides could benefit from a dose of peace and quiet. (061708c)


Just what we need more rumors of the attack Iran kind. (062008d)

And some more details about this "practice run" (062108b)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia


Another battle for a "big prize" may be shaping up, time will tell (061708d) And the battle is over for now (062008c)

The raw figures quoted in this article show that the ISAF forces and the Afghan Army together have some 110,000 "pairs of boots on the ground" as it were. While the estimated for the size of the insurgency is somewhere between seven and twenty two thousand. The problem is that, for decades, the ratio for a successful anti-insurgent campaign would have the insurgents outnumbered ten to one; clearly this is not the ratio between the forces in Afghanistan. (061508a)

Speaking of this issue the "president of Kabul", Karzai, "writes checks with his mouth that he cannot possibly cash. (061508c)


the SOFA negotiations, proceed, essentially in secret as far as the common Iraqi's are concerned, but they constitute a mounting and major problem. (061808g) So here is more, talk is going on and time, it seems, is short. (062108a)

It seems one our own "allied groups" has taken up car bombing. Probably this is not a good thing, what say? (061808a)

So when we do get whistle blowers, and we do, what happens but they get shit canned. Here is yet another example (061708f)

Another battle looms and the pattern is already repeating. The "Iraqi operation" organized, managed, directed and supported by US military forces are massing out side a town near the Iranian border. But the "bad guys" have already fled and Sadr is making an end run around the laws recently passed to outlaw his supporters from participating in upcoming elections. (061608a)


Maybe "allied" forces would bomb out Iran's oil export infrastructure-a "clever" idea being floated these days. (062008g) And other acts of war are being considered in Congress (062008h)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater:

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan


Rebels trim a good deal of this country's production and now have shut down an off shore oil field. (061908d)


While the horrific situation in Mogadishu might be unreported the refugee flow indicates it certainly is not, in any way, improving (061808c)


This chaotic region continues to be so as this recent report demonstrates. (061808b)

Its not nice to fool Mother Nature:

Weather changes are coming, but as this study shows the more one is tied to industry and or this administration the less likely you are to believe that Global Warming is serious-still even today that is true. (062008b)

The Future:

Even more nuclear faux pas? Hundreds of "missing parts" are missing … what??? (062008a)

Part one of a four-part article on recent, 40 year, history of monetary policy by the US to maintain the dollar's value (061908e)

Part two, big money is played and given away, so to speak, illegally, but everyone was "on board" including our dearly beloved Jackass. (061908f) Part three; I'm a bit lost in all this, well, more than a bit. (061908g) Part four, bringing us to modern times (061908h)

What ever happened to manufacturing in the US? Well it was the "stars", "cows' and "dog" theory of corporate management, I know, I know, read on. (061808i)

This article talks about why the cost of oil is going up, hedge fund types are a part of the problem, so is refinery capacity bottlenecking growing demand. But the kicker is that a report that is soon to come out will assess the "real" amount of oil left in the worlds' top 400 fields, including those of Saudi Arabia, and guess what, the proven reserves will not show as being so "proven" after all. It is this that will make things spiral, if it comes about. (061808h)

This is another take on that same issue and guess what? US energy policy is a vital factor in the price surge, as is the notion that oil production has peaked or is peaking. (062008i)

Iran's president puts it bluntly and may have read that article or something like it. (061908c)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

Dennis K. says impeachment "will not go away" Maybe we'll see some fireworks and watch Bush catch some serious flack. (061908b)

Another example of "Flip Flopper McStain" (061808e)

Carly Fiorina as part of McStain's campaign? OMG, if what she did to Hewlett-Packard is any measure another "shit-mess" is in the "public's pants (061808d)

Now Obama gets a closer look, at his economic advisors. Are the signals clear? Are we seeing him support the "Chicago school" of Freidman economic, which has brought such "blessings" to the world? Or what? (061608b)

If you think the "election is over" meaning that the Damnocraps have it "all over" the Repuglcians, well think again; this piece had me thinking again anyway. Has hate and blind ignorance ever gone out of fashion? Has name-calling and irrationality ever LOST anyone an election? Well, batten down the hatches here comes the upchuck election of all time (061708b)

Somethings from the past:

The pre-history of the housing crisis goes back a few decades. Here is the first installment of a series of articles that shows "how it all got started" and takes the reader to that point in time where the first "uh oh" should have had "someone" take action, oh, that's right, Bush the dumber was the president select… (061508d)

An unsung story, overall, a confusing one at that and a mystery. Crop circles. What are they anyway? This story reports on one that is, in many ways, a record breaker. (061708h)


The "Great War"

Iran states the obvious, reminding the world it is capable of striking back in various ways if Israel does attack its nuclear facilities, I guess the message is meant for the US as well. (062808i)

He is 22, he runs a "company" of less than two dozen persons. He is a newbie to be sure. Yet a quarter of a billion dollars later, he is infamous for buying ancient ammunition for the US that is shipped to the Afghan army, disguised of course so that its illegal origins would go unnoticed. Fortunately the ammo did not work all that well and the truth came out. Will the guy get sent up. Hahahahahahahaha (062608c)

This was the week that was, certainly, Democracy under siege it says in this article, that would be true if Democracy was fighting back - apparently it is not. I believe the battle has been lost and that with the advent of some "precipitating event" its loss will be both apparent and a fait accompli. (062608a)

For example here is a US general flatly accusing the Great Hole himself of war crimes. Does congress get on its high horse and DO SOMETHING? Not a snowball's chance in hell of that. (062608b)

What does the US get after spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a sort of "radio free Islam"? We get "zero" as the article says and just a bit of chaos when those monitoring Al Hurra don't speak the language, Arabic, and so miss things like anti-Israeli diatribes, oopsie (062508e) And here is a discussion about some specifics (062508f)

This article details those companies, reaping billions in defense contracts, are not generally known as doing that, I mean such companies as Coca Cola? So the upshot for me, the bottom line, as it were, is this, what political party to these "billion dollar babies" contribute to, which policies do they support, gee, I wonder (062508g)

"Muddle East" Central Theater: Gaza-Israel - Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria


Here is the thinking, which backs up the proposition that Israel has not, and will not, in the short term, attack Iran. Essentially timing and the balancing of cause and effect. (062308j)

Greater Islamic Region: Eastern Theater: Afghanistan - Iraq - Iran - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia

There is more "cross border" action between Afghanistan and Pakistan these days but it is still sporadic and not systemic. (062308a)


Mosul is not really under Baghdad's control now, is it? (062708f) And indications that the county is becoming "unsurged" as it were (062708g)

Roadside bombs still take a toll. This story does not lead me to believe the bomb struck at one of the newest kind of vehicles being deployed in Iraq. (062508c)

That we have progress in Iraq can be seen in lower casualty counts, but is this any reason to "fudge" other figures? (062408d)

The SOFA is having a bit of a "rough go" as the Brits might put it. Part of this is the "institutional memory" of the Iraqi people who understandably compare this agreement to a 1930 treaty made with the Brits. (062308g)

The "happy hour news" in the US continues on, but the raw statistics for Iraq are still God Awful-despite the "improvements. What a mess, what a MESS! (062308h) Meanwhile crappy information such as this passes for mainstream reporting (062308i)


A portrait of Iran's internal woes … problem is the touted replacement does not look like he'll do much better in "accommodating" the west. (062408b)


US plans for this country have gone "into the ditch" at this point. The Paks don't want to do "joint attacks" in the tribal areas … a big oopsie for the US (062408b)

Africa and the Sub Sahara Theater:

The Greater Islamic Southern Theater: Ethiopia - The " horn of Africa" - Somalia-Sudan


Now we have a report that chaos is loosed in the region as dozens of groups fight it out for whatever it is any of them might want. (062108b)


"If this is the endgame for his (Mugabe's) regime, the brutality of the tactics employed reveal his determination to win at any cost" (062208b)

Democracy takes a long stride backwards as violence trumps justice and freedom vanishes from this nation. If we had a prez that had a brain and or a heart and who was not enmired in numerous errors and scandals, perhaps we'd have some sort of policy being coordinated to obviate this tragedy and "spread democracy" as we're supposed to be doing. (062308d)


The Greater Islamic Theater: - India - Russia - China - South East Asia

A term new to me oropolitics, the practice of using mountaineering for political purposes. India and Pakistan "play the game" (062408c)


So, here is Bush at his "best" he lifts sanctions against North Korea despite the fact, as the next story indicates, that the main reason for instituting the sanctions has NOT been addressed-even some of the worst jerkaholic Repuglicans are aghast and "upset" about this move. (062608d)

Recent articles headlining "progress" in the 6 party talks regarding nuclear programs must have been somewhat premature-NK's upcoming disclosures will "tell all" except for the bombs (062508b)


The torch passes here with nary a whisper-I tell you one wonders how they managed it. (062208d)

Its not nice to fool Mother Nature:

What a "naked north pole" which will have no ice cover for the first time in … well … forever. (062708a)

Follow that up with a simple set of articles that bid farewell to the Holocene Era as we go onto the next and warmer period which will be called the Anthropocene 062708b)

I guess the gist of this is that as more energy is "dumped" into the atmosphere the more active it becomes, stronger storms, hurricanes and such like, more extremes drought and disastrous rainfall. (062308k)

The problems with agriculture in India seem to as political as they are natural, at least the political portion can be solved, climate change, well, that's another kettle of fish (062208i)

The story brings together many strands but not overtly. The price of corn has been rising due to rising "energy costs" and weather changes, but now a flood partially caused by weather partially caused by poorly maintained levees makes for another kind of "perfect storm" (062308d)\

The Future:

Homelessness becomes a "middle class" phenomenon; some cities adjust others become punitive. (062808)

There have been stories about the "future of water supplies" before; this is the most recent installment. The US targets Canadian supplies even as US supplies dwindle and cause shortages to loom as a distinct probability in the short term. (062308c)

The housing slump has NOT run its course; in fact, it has a ways to go yet. (062208e)

Some examples, from around the world, as to how the "value" of the dollar is changing lives for billions who are "connected" to it's value. (062208g) And here are a few more examples of the same thing. (062208h)

More on the global inflation conundrum in which the universality of the dollar and its decline in value is creating a "checkerboard" effect causing various nations to enact policies that conflict with one another yet are sensible to themselves. (062308e)

Of course it seems to be legal, but why be so secretive then? The companies corporations use to spy on those that "resist the machine" (062208c)

The Damnocraps give The Great and Wonderful Jhackoff in Chief legal cover for his illegal acts … that's showing him Pelosi (062108d)

America's "Selection of 2000" current elections and future:

McStain and nukes, he loves 'em and wants 45 nuke plants built. (062608e)

Obama's support of government surveillance bill that offers retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies &emdash; a bill that he vowed last year to filibuster &emdash; the honeymoon has ended. (062508f)

Obama pulls out the stops to register hundreds of thousands of black voters, if all were fair and he could do just that, it would be a vital effort to take Repuglcian "strongholds."(062508j)

Here is an unsettling set of thoughts for you: first, recent polls put Obama as much as 15 points ahead of John, "Bush lite/heavy" McStain, second, that Obama leads because people like his stands on various issues and, third, McPain only has an advantage in the area of "terrorism". So, we begin to hear about just that as being the "top issue" (062508h) and a bit of a follow up on that brief (062508i)

Now, in the wild and whacky department comes another "actor" going for office. What HAS this country come to when it takes a long shot candidate to call out Bush and others? (062508a)

Speaking about our current election and the state of our democracy in the US Noam Chomsky says that the public's opinion is irrelevant to whatever the US government decides to do or not do and he explains Obama's rise to success. (062408)

McStain the Dark Horse candidate- what I mean is that most people do not know him yet. All the focus has been on the Obama-Clinton "show" but not that that's over, well, maybe the real man will come out of the shadows and scare the shit out of even "good" republicans. (062208a)

Maybe the word is getting out as Obama opens up a wide lead over McStain. (062208f)

So Obama is "all about" ethanol, no doubt his home state, the corn producing Ohio, has nothing to do with this stance, that's what his campagn says, but if that is so, what's up with his stance on Brazilian produced ethanol which is much more efficiently produced from cane sugar. So this article points out. (062308l) And to go a step further there are many plants which out do cane sugar

Our Presstitutes Inaction:

How an expert that never was has become the "go to" guy for sound bites regarding UN WMD activities in Iraq and so forth (062708c) Part two, some specifics on how he got started (062708d) Part three, so the guy is a liar and a fraud, it seems (062708e)

Here is another case where something wrong was done, it was known about at the time it was happening and then, when it "finally comes out" I heard on NPR that those responsible are no longer in office and so no prosecution is possible-also that the persons who benefited from the "errors" are still holding onto their jobs-amazing no? (062508d)

You can, as a reporter, TRY to post stories about the war, but well, who wants to know, after all? (062308b)

Somethings from the past:

There is one graphic on this page that stands out, it shows that, nation wide, many banks are not keeping up with their fundamentals, many do not have the cash on hand to take care of their debts … ??? (062508k)

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