Regime Change Begins at Home

Second Quarter of 2006

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April 2006



The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

How did Bushwhackoff get his "War On?" Well, he lied, and uh, lied a lot. Months before the war started he had a date set, regardless of the outcome of any "preventative strategy." (032706l)

The Muddle East:

Is Saudi Arabia going for the nukes? Did they help Pakistan fund their research and now is the time for some Quid Pro Quo? interesting reading. (040106b)

Israel / Palestine:

Israel's new party, Kadima, seems destined to go backwards. (032606l)

The bias in US meddle - east policy favoring Israel is costly and dangerous. It is also the one aspect which seems to get virtually no coverage, has millions of supporters and contributed to the creation of the wars we are now fighting or supporting, such as Israel's "go slow/quiet" war on the Palestinians. (032606i)


Vietnam and Iraq are different conflicts in many way, but quite similar in terms of the kinds of errors the US policy makers made. Here are the top ten of the repeated errors. (033006f)

Update: the experts look at Al Sadr, his rise, motivations and his attitude toward the resistance. (032906b)

Dozens die daily and now children going to school become targets. Spinning out of control? No, already done that, what's next? Can you spell chaos? (032906a)

Battles and beheadings, the article says Baghdad deteriorates by the hour. (032706j) Speculation is, in this article, that attacks are more and more sectarian and designed to segregate the society (032706k)

Well, image and message is the thing, ephemeral as they are, and it seems US troops and their allies shot up people at mosque, the mayor of Baghdad wants to sever cooperation with the US, others call it a massacre meant to ignite civil war, the street has a bad impression of this event. (032706a)

Regarding the 17 people mentioned below there is clarification, but this article talks about an alleged attack by US forces on people at mosque, Shia's at that, and well, this is the word that has gone out, maybe the facts, if they are different, will catch up, but image is everything. (032606e)

Why were 40 Iraqi police arrested for holding 17 non-Iraqi prisoners? Chaos seems like. (032606a)

The Greater Islamic regions:


A new weapon, more rhetoric, more speculation regarding nuclear capability and the dance continues. Something has to give, eventually, and something will. Just what, how or when is a mystery. I feel it is a matter of time, however. (033106b)

The tango trip continues: another meeting,, another call for Iran to cease and desist, another assertion from Iran that it can to what it wants to do and that what it is doing is in line with the NPT. No one mentions the Israeli factor in all of this, but it is there nonetheless. (033006h)

Maybe this is good news: oil trumps nukes in the Iran debate, everyone wants it, it is just a matter of who gets it. Iran is busy making deals and, ironically, is still importing it - go figure. Pipelinistan, as a geopolitical adventure, is alive and well. (032706e)

Some speculations on the Iran situation, what if they cut off their oil to the world? (032606b)

Questioning the "Clash of Civilizations" theory. Some thoughts which make complex its over simplification of the issues and divergent nature of cultures. (033006i)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Just to bring it home. The oil problem in the world, this article demonstrates how much oil goes into making a simple breakfast. Energy costs are hidden everywhere. We are oil dependent and this is a weakness of our civilization. (032606d)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

I wonder if this counts as a "severe" weather event. And is there is a "hint" of global warming, when the article some were surprised at the speed of the snow melt? (033106a)

Global warming = more hurricanes that will be both bigger and stronger. That "surprising" word gets some coverage (032706i) Here is an overview of the approaching or present "tipping point" (040106d)

A brief report indicating that the kind of ice melt we're seeing could be similar to what happened some 130,000 years ago, when the sea levels were several METERS higher than they are now. (032606i)

Arctic ice cover fails to reform ... (032706h) You have to buy the article but the lead paragraphs are enough for me.

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

Sometimes the frustration leaks out, even on CNN. Here is a bit on the Cancun confab and the issues and opinions being ignored. (040106a)

What is reality anyway? What does it matter? The Pentagon investigates itself and, guess what, everything is fine. No matter the Lincoln Group's planted stories, torture scandals, and so forth . (033006x)

One would think that huge volumes of cancer causing chemicals being leaked into water tables would be news. One would think that the EPA would take action. One would think that those in charge of defending our nation would be in agreement with such actions - and - yes, you saw it coming, YOU"D BE WRONG. (033006e)

Hey! the NYT finally mentions what should be called "memogate." The memo talked about indicates that Bush lied. Pretty clear and simply, he lied and people died. (033006c)

Iraqi Vets Against the War, IVAW, goes on a march, interviews happen, some bits of the truth spill out. (033006d)

Hey! Can it be only 326 days since congress requested an investigation into the Downing Street Memo? Boy time sure flies like hell when your having fun! (032706m)

Is the press in decline, some numbers suggest that it is only their profitability that is in question, and even that aint so bad. But there is a "sea change" in how they are owned and run (032706b)

The war on Terror:

 So how secure are we when radio active material can be smuggled into the US, set off detectors only to have forged copies of import documents downloaded from the web get them a wave through? (040106c)

The future: 

The "seismic" "continental drift" of the evolving multi-polar world continues onward. Bushwhackoff doesn't seem to get it, the witless, limpwristed, jackanapes of a turd ball. (032706g)

Just how do "millions and millions" of women go "missing" every year? Here are the clues (032606m)

The future of the US: 

A look at the Bushwhacko religious right, the Iraq war, "end times" and more (040106e)

James Maidison, in his writing, would have me believe that we now have a tyrannical form of government. (033006a) Even some FISA judges say Bushwhackoff has it wrong - o (033006b)

Where has all the dollars gone, long time passing, where has our GDP gone, long time ago: financial house of cards? How hooked are we to exporting debt? (032706f)

Something that resembles a victory for immigrants, but it is really only a battle, the war has yet to really get under way (032906c)

Immigration reform sparks "contested" discussions at home and abroad. I don't want a permanent underclass of low-skilled and low-wage workers who have no enfranchisement, this would only hurt those native born who need such jobs by lowering the wages offered for such work. This is what Bushwhackoff might want for his corporate cronies ... (032706c)

Abrogation of the Constitution is a way of life now for Bushwhackoff and Co. His stealth weapon of choice is the signing statement. Essentially he uses them to admit that although he's signed the law he'll enforce is as he sees fit. (032606g) Here are the specifics on one case, the renewal of the USA Patriot Act (032606h)

George Bush has done what Che Gueverra, Castro and Daniel Ortega all together weren't, that is to say, bring leftism to South America, unify it against the US.(032605c) So one of our government's ideas is to build a wall across our border, how does that sit with the rest of the Americas? (032606e) The issue generated a stiff reaction, from Latino's and neo-confederate types (032606k)


A woman's work is never done, so goes the old saying, this woman created a movement and spectacular as her results have been she knows there is a distance to go. (032706d)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:


I don't have a solution but I do have a question. If Hamas remains true to its fervor, regarding Israel and Israel continues as it has and the international community cuts off the flow of aid, what happens? Would not we see a devolution of social order, meaning chaos? Meaning that some will take advantage of circumstances that will worsen, would we then call it Iraq 2? Mr. Abbas predicts another generation of warfare (040706i)


What is the "tethered goat strategy"? And why are jobs going unfilled and projects being ignored? What's in a blame game? (040706f)

Options in Iraq, one wonders, after we shoot ourselves, first in one foot and then the other, we try to fit both of them in our mouth. Then, when we complain about the pain while managing to twiddle our thumbs we manage to increase our enemy's strength, weaken our own position and put a blinder on so we don't see what is going on, That's my take on this interesting article. (040706c)

Condigirl out of touch again, just a few months late, I wonder if she's getting any and from whom? (040506d) How Condigirl "helps" out in Iraq (040606h) Mosque bombings provide another step towards open civil war. (040607a) and some details (040706b)

A demonstration that civil war is underway in Iraq, that the Sunni resistance has achieved, or very nearly achieved a significant strategic goal, at the expense of the US, and, well, it all seems to be chaotic. (040506b) And here is what I mean, we train police and the Iraqi government will not use them, bizarre that, it is a "contentious" issue, probably one of many. (040506c)

Large scale internal "migration" increases the sectarian divides which now fracture Iraq. (040306d) Meanwhile the US military remains "Clueless in Baghdad" see Major General Lynch's comments critiqued. (040306e)

The stats are in, segregation of Sunni and Shia, motivated by sectarian violence, now numbers in the tens of thousands. (040206d)

The Greater Muddle East


Another coalition of the willing? For Iran? Sanctions? That is the rumor. (040706g)

A quick look, as if we need a reminder, at the pragmatics involved in a US strike on Iran. (040706d)

A set of new weapons, a hint that Russia has supplied them with a helping and more bluster as Iran runs through some war games in the Straits of Hormuz, an oil shipping bottleneck by the way (040306h) and part two (040306i)

Is this fear mongering, a realistic assessment, or just something to make a dull news day less dull? Iran, "they" say, has nasty options should we attack their nuke sites. (040206e)


If it looks like civil war, sounds like civil war, and there are organized units taking and holding territory, well, what do we have? "Nothing at all according to the government. This is the third front in Pakistan's besieged condition, it is the most serious at this time. (040206a) and part two (040206b) and part three (040206c) I mean especially if the rallying cry is for independence...? (040206g)

Meanwhile in Waziristan ... fighting continues as well. (040206f)


Don't fool with Mother Nature:

Take a voyage through storm and beautiful calm in this 12 part article on the "Fate of the Oceans" part 1,(040806a) part 2, (040806b) part 3, (040806c) part 4, (040806d) part 5, (040806e) part 6, (040806f) part 7,(040806g) part 8,(040806h) part 9, (040806i) part 10,(040806j) part 11, (040806k) and part 12, (040806l)

Update on the Bird Flu. They use the word "alarming" but like they say in the article, who knows when, or if really, it will be come dangerous, pandemically speaking, to humans. (040306g) You might wonder why I include bird flu stories, well, my thought is that if we had more resources we'd be way ahead of this thing, but we, the US, are somewhat distracted, are we not?

The take on global warming evolves to, "Well, it has already begun, it is worse than we thought and the chance for fixing it looks small." (040306f)

Apparently professor Pianka's thinks that killing off 90 percent of humanity with airborne ebola "is the way to go" in solving most of the ills of humanity and for those we are causing the planet. Here is the story (040306b) Here is a web site with a piece of evidence for his view, look to the last comment just before the evaluations for fall 2005 (040306c)

Does this story from Europe sound familiar to what has happening in the north central US? Unexpectedly quick snow melt? (040306a)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

It's just too "juicy" what are republicans made of? I may not know but I do know what one of them likes, 14 year old girls, and how! (040506a)

The war on Terror:

So, let's go back to square one, 9/11. Would it surprise anyone that the pipeline of electronic financial transactions was very, very unusually active in the world trade center right up to and including the time of the tower's destruction? (040606d) That wasn't the only source of profit taking, there were "short sales" and options that made 9/11 a very important date for those who were "lucky" (040606e) And a name pops up in all this stinking God awful mess; (040606f)

How about "Spooky" banks, what is the role, hmmm ... can't figure that one out. (040606g)

The future: 

125 new nukes a year to replace old ones or rework the raw explosive materials into new configurations, but this effort is not meant to spark a new arms race, no sir, not at all. (040706e)

The future of the US: 

Yet another nation, Peru, heads for the LLLOL camp where Bolivia and Venezuela await them with salutations. (040706h)

Noam Chomsky: the US as a failed state, as a rogue state, a terrorist state ... just telling you what I understand him to say, but read for yourself, it is interesting. (040506e)

The Election Bets:

Does anything f - cking matter? Can this buffoon, this jackanapes, this proverbial turd in the swimming pool of life, just say and do anything while everyone just flaps their yap flappers, or does a crazy chicken dance? The story about the "leaker in chief" who has promised to "punish" leakers. Well, all I can say is don't hold your breath. (040606a) and part two (040606b)

Republicans may be in the path of a political hurricane (040606c) Or so says the article. It is wrong.

My prediction for the upcoming election is that the republicans will not loose congress. Oh, there'll be "close races" but a media so biased and corrupted allows no real examination of reality, election machines and vote processing rig the totals, various groups, organizations, business organizations and others support the republicans significantly WITHOUT cash donations, and the religious idiots who believe in creationism, that we're in the end times and that we ARE fighting evil, well ... need I say more. Then too, those persons or groups backing Cheney Bush et al, have determined to hold onto power, whatever the cost. Be worried about that.

Of course the Democrats, well ... um ... uh ... enough said, since they aren't saying anything worthwhile.

I have taken bets on this, with the understanding that A) elections will be held, B) there has been no large scale or sudden change in the important circumstances / issues which should frame the election's debate and C) that nature does not take a hand in things.

How low can Bushwhacoff go? I, cynically, don't think it matters. Those who want the repuglicans in power will keep them there. (040706x)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:

Turkey's problems with the Kurds take on an uptick. This situation is directly related to the US involvement in Iraq and how poorly, nay, badly we've goofed that all up to hell and gone. Another generation comes of age and the obdurate nationalist government is concerned that the uptick might be the start of a long term trend. (040906b)


I can't believe that I still hear people ask "What fuels the resistance?" How about hundreds of thousands of dead? How about more of the same every day and reasonably enough Iraqis can lay the blame on the bungled US invasion/occupation/liberation or whatever it is called (041506d)

A "non-government" really and escalating violence. A stubborn Jaffari and just as stubborn opponents. (041306f) The result of the chaos is the refugee problem as families, by the tens of thousands, seek "their own kind" (041406b)

Death rates for US troops climb again, does this coincide with US forces resuming a more active role at this time, for the time being? (041306b)

Two senior military officers who questioned Bushwhacky on the "Iraq thing" speak out again. Refreshing to hear their take on the situation now. (041206b)

Unpleasant commentary, what essentially is different about Iraq's conflict and what does it mean in the long term? (041006j) part two (041006k) and part three (041006l)


What happens if you put serious question to the relationship of the US and Israel regarding foreign policy? All hell breaks loose and the presstitutes hardly take note (041006e) A writer of the research takes losses (041006f)

With the restriction and or cutting of of US and Euro aid the line has been drawn. Now, there is a process of cantonization to complicate matters. (040906a)

The Greater Muddle East


Here are some understandable reasons for an attack on Iran. You may not like what is said, but there are parts of it that make sense. However, I feel that Bushwhacky won't build a cooperative coalition, plan well, or be prepared for what may happen. (041406g) And, in case you need a review, these are some of the first few things we'd have to "fear or deal with" if we did attack Iran (041406h) And it all may just be bluster, lies and misdirection (041406i)

Reading this article you can see the fault lines appearing in what one might still call "the west" as well as between it and large Asian powers such as China and Russia. India probably has its own agenda as does Israel. How long will the US stand by and let Iran do what we said we attacked Iraq for doing, which it hadn't been doing - well - uh - that 's another story. (041306g)

So what's the big deal with not even a couple hundred old centrifuges? (041306a) And what would be the "cost" in casualties if we used those nuclear bunker busters we're so proud of? (041306c)

The dance continues with announcements and counter announcements, a nuclear Iran seems a certain development unless it is prevented by diplomacy or by force, gee I wonder which one Bushwhackoff will choose? (041106c) part two (041106d) and part three! (041106e)

El Baradei's trip yields nada, (041406e) The Chinese visit too, Iran such a popular summit point. (041406f)

Sy Hersh says Bushwhackoff is "cruisin' for a bruisin' " with Iran's nukes as the reason for an attack meant to topple the regime,. Administrative sources and the Brits say "Tut, tut, nonsense, no one is thinking that way." Smoke and mirrors, rumors? Whatever (040906c)

Comments regarding that article, one says we won't be going into Iran soon, (041006c) and the other says, "Well, why not? He lied, ignored counter indicating intelligence and common sense (041006b)

Interior details of Iranian culture, illuminated here, provide understanding of the regime's willingness to "stand tall" (041006i)


A sectarian attack here? Sunni clerics killed in a blast that takes 40 lives (041106b)

The Greater Islamic regions:

In Afghanistan computer data is available in bazaar's. Some of it is very sensitive and one wonders how such data became available and if anyone who might use it against us is preparing to do so? (041406a)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Oil prices rebounding? Seems like instability in Nigeria and Iran seem to be part of the key, note that the article says OPEC is pumping at capacity

Russia wants to scuttle a pipeline and yearns for more influence in the "Pipelineistan" region of southern Asia. (040806n)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

The Danube, a major river in Europe, is at an 111 year high mark. Something of a reprise of last year's flooding and problems; are we seeing the onset of new seasonal patterns? (041506a)

At least the Brits are sounding the alarm concerning global warming, some of the predictions for a 3 degree rise in temperature, something we are like to have to deal with. (041506j)

Well, coral bleaching and other plagues make their mark in the Caribbean. Coral the " canary in the mine shaft" of the ocean seems to be having a rough time with increased temperatures in various places in the world, (041006a)The bird flu makes some "interesting leaps" of geography and "something unusual is going on." (040806q)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

So when general speak out it gets some air time, but the real message is lost, as to what it means for them to speak the way they are, as to what it means for our military in terms of taking an assessment of morale, and leadership. (041506e)

How a government lie develops and keeps going and going and going ... (041506b)

This is Sy Hersh sounding the alarm regarding action against Iran, (041206c)

This article calls him the "Pretzeldent" for all his contortions regarding leaking and such like. The issue raised are constitutional and thus connect with the bedrock values of our nation, the Plame Game continues to smolder (041206a) Here are more contortionist moves that the Prezydick breaks out - read carefully - and slowly (041306e)

Why don't stories like this get the kind of play that would turn the public's stomach? Oh, my bad, the press doesn't do that. (040906d)

China has changed, many people can talk about its economy, its military and a quest for a place on the world's stage, however something that looks like a terrorist bombings and which make the news? That is different, no details, just a preliminary death total. (041106a)

The war on Terror:

 It is not just a war, it is a crazy war. As if any war is not. Well, here are some insights to the meddle east, Lebanon in particular, during the Reagan years and how we duked it out using car bombs. (041506c)

The future: 

McCain and Bush, the election coming and the "stupid state of the Union" given some critique (041306h)

The "famed" Council on Foreign Relations hails a new era of American nuclear supremacy which makes MAD obsolete. It is felt that we can destroy the Russian or Chinese nuclear arsenals in a first strike. Hurray! Now we can contemplate the impossible! (041006g)

China makes more moves in Pakistan in the areas immediate to the Indian Ocean, the "string of pearls" strategy continues. Developing a nice port near the straits of Hormuz, in Myanmar and even the Maldives. (040806m) And a glimpse into the glitter of a globalizing, growth hungry China, things were never this way before (040806r) But such things area a global phenomenon (040806s)

The future of the US: 

Protest is back in the news. Interesting that we have "waves" these days. Immigration has sparked the latest round, antiwar continues, then there was Paris and now China. Other places too, interesting. In that light look at this story if you want to reflect on "seismic changes" to the US political landscape. There are, uneasily you'll agree, to many groups around the world forcing their way onto the world's stage - to the regret of many. Think on it. (041406d)

Want an uncomfortable armchair view of the Bushwhackoff Administration's faith based plans and so forth? Great reading, lots of links, but I just have the overviews here. (041406c)

Iraq to be come the central issue of 2008's election? Kerry moving away from Lieberman and the military praying to be rescued? A wrap up of current issues by Mr. Buchannan. (041306d)

Anonymous quotation: "Will somebody PLEASE give Bush a blow job so we can impeach him?" Love it; it says it all!

South of the Rio Grande, continental sized changes are afoot and no one seems to be paying attention, well Bushwhacoff is, but then he's caused those changes and it's not really a good thing for the US. (040806o) In Colombia, meanwhile, the old recipe is being worked one more time, a repressive government impoverishing its people who rise against it. The US interests, globalization and so forth are after what ever they want, land for instance... profit essentially (040806p)

The NAFTA factor in the immigration debate, highlighted by the half million marchers in Dallas and demonstrations in other cities around the nation. (041006h)

Peru, has its electin and the results may go to a run off, the controversial nominally anti US contender has a bizarre family and a strange history, (041006x)


 Slowly, the interdenominational churches are not only waking up to the military, pulpit and business complex. Some resistance has formed and one wonders if the movement will spread, if there is time for any real effect to be felt. (040906e)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:


Those who can, are leaving, while not quite an exodus, hundreds of thousands have taken shelter in Jordan alone, while others go farther afield. (042106a)

It seems we ignored the rise of the Shia militia's, because we were focused on the Sunni uprising, because we did not heed intelligence, because the planning was bad from the get go and no one who made all this chaos possible, Rummydumdum included, are taking any responsibility (041806h)

Recollect Fallujah? We went in to clean it out, then surrounded it walled and fenced it, we, one time, declared it the safest city in Iraq, well, that has not been the case, the fighting continues. Lord only knows how the citizenry can abide in such a chaotic mess (042006a)

And here we read of a "new force" in Iraq, numbering some 146,000 and of it it is said: "the militias.," he adds, "are slowly gaining control of the [state security] apparatus." (042006d)


This story has a discovery of weapons in Jordan leading to some interesting facts, half of Jordan's population is Palestinian, these have a sort of "discounted" citizenship when it comes to representation and they have a measure of sympathy for the Palestinian cause (042206f)

Palestinian's have a shortfall of funding because the "west" has cut off aid to the Hamas led government. One wonders who will step in to fill that vacuum and what effect it will have. A spike in violence perhaps as this note suggests. (042006h)

I wonder why there has not been shrill invectives launched at Russia for its "involvement" with the Palestinians, Is Russia still trying to be a "playa'" in the meddle east? (041506h) Iran also wants to be a benefactor, a prospect that Israel must "truly think is wunnerful, jus' wunnerful" (041606a)

Israel declares the existence of a new "Axis of Terror" Hamas in Palestine, Syria and Iran. Threats and counter threats continue. (041806x)

The last Conquest of Jerusalem, a good description and a detailed map of various lines, walls, borders and demographics (041706h)

The Greater Muddle East


The interesting thing about this article, Afghan resistance won't slow, is the number of US troops given, it is 18,000. My memory has it that this is higher than it has been in some time and higher than the original invasion force. More troops, less stability? Sound familiar? (042106b)


LIeberman talks about the Iran war (041806d) Is it more than the usual saber rattling? (041806e) and more information about what we're already doing inside (041806f)

What will we do? What will happen? One has to ask this with every provocative sound bite being aired. (041506g)And what of Saudi Arabia's rumored nuke program, its involvement with funding that of Pakistan's? Then, well, they follow through on recycling ambassadors, portending what? Evidencing what? (041706a)

Claims, counterclaims, suspicions, boasts, threats, and a situation that is as clear as mud, it seems Ahmadinejad is busy making a recipe for what? (041706d)

Here is some speculation based on reports over the last few months and statements made (041706e) And Mr. Tony Blair is reported to be saying "no" to action in Iran. (041706g)


India accuses Pakistan of continuing to support militants, while that may be, but does anyone suspect that, perhaps, someone else would have reason to give that impression? Wouldn't Al Qaida want friction? Wouldn't they love to have Pakistan's government fall? Does anyone think that? (041806b)

The Greater Islamic regions:

Adaptability, that is the key phrase to the Jihadi's now a days. The recruitment of "white Muslims" who can blend in with "western crowds" seems to be another adaptation. (041706b)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

South Korea and Japan still "struggle" over a set of rocky outcroppings. At issue are fishing rights and, of course, the prospects of oil. Normally, if we weren't so distracted that is, the US would be right in the midst of this situation, on top of it, as it were, because both are allies, we'd like a slice of whatever action comes of making peace and North Korea may well find a way to take advantage of the problems, as might Russia and China for that matter. Who knows. (041806a)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

And dear old "Global Warming" gets some coverage, this article talks about a three degree change, there are scenarios, computer models, which figure on an increase of twice that, even more. (042106h)

The mystery of falling ice. From reports it is nice, hard, white ice. Not the blue stuff that planes might "drop". One wonders about this phenomenon. Explanation include being a side effect of global warming. It's no laughing matter. Who'd want hailstorms with hail the size of microwave ovens? (041506f)

Dust storms in springtime, an annual event in Chin's capital, this year, more storms and heavier ones at that. Ring a bell with anyone? No? Oh well. (041706c)

This report has it that this year promises the worst wildfire season ever, already the acreage burned is already five times the the average and we haven't seem summer yet. (041806c)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

When a US government report says that 2005 was a record breaking year for terrorist activity and that 85% of the deaths due to terrorist action occurred in Iraq, will this get coverage? (042206g)

What does Scott Ritter have to say now a days? Plenty, about Iraq, Bush, Clinton, and even the peace movement. (042106d)

Want to have some fun with details? Remember the Niger/Yellow Cake/Wilson/Plame/CIA/Leak/Scooter Libby/Cheney/scandal? Here are two documents worth the reading, first the overview (042006e) and second, the documents referred to (042006f)

Does anyone remember how "the war would pay for itself" that "war is cheaper than continued containment" or how lowering the price of oil from its high, pre war mind, of 37 dollars a barrel and that things would go so well we'd have big tax cuts coming. (042106e.)

How did we manage to keep out of Kyoto or anything related to it? How did we "overcome' the "greenies" (041606d) 

And just a typical payola scheme, if you helped Bushwhackoff in Florida during the 2000 fiasco, you got your props and then some dough to go (042006g)

Warmongering in the press, a description of one case shows how far it has gone (042006b) and more of the same with CondiGirl quotes thrown in yet already (042006c)

The future: 

Russia, a recent poll has it that 57% of them feel that the US is a "threat to global security" (041606b) In another story we get a picture of a substantial racist "tide" that has resulted in killings (041606c) The juxtapositioning of these two stories has me wondering what kind of government would be "electable" in Russia if they could tap both those sentiments and how such a government would "act" in the region.

The future of the U S: 

So, China's leader comes to the US and nothing much is done. One headline read "agreed to disagree" The next day China's leader goes to Saudi Arabia and they wheel and deal, make speeches, sign agreements and so forth and so on. (042206e)

Why generals are "revolting" (041706f) Is it time for bushwhackoff to "go for" the "Hail Mary" play to beat all "Hail Mary" plays? (042106c)

9/11 and the mystery continues:

Here is a set of pages that one might peruse, the first has to do with the sciences that understand the nature of the collapse of the twin towers.(042206b) Soon after 9/11 several of the hijackers, who were supposed to be dead you'll recall, protested their innocence from abroad. so who was taking their place? (042206c) And then there is the stock market where "unusual bets were placed" against the airline companies involved and insurance companies as well. (042206d)


Hugo Chavez is investing in his nation's people, what if other people's found out? (042106g)

Using sewage as a power source? Leave it to Norway to figure such a profitable scheme a trick that can be used in any city (042106f)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:


A potential for civil war in ... Palestine? Yup, with the money squeeze draining things dry chaos may have a larger and larger role (043006g) And here are more details on why there is "no deal" and no money getting through from others (043006h)

Our NeoCons get their big win only to have it squandered for them because, well, the wrong people won the election (042706f) Hamas has survival issues, Canada disappoints and crisis looms (042706g)

The Greater Muddle East

Persian Gulf states are stuck as Iran and the US tug at them. Which way should they go? The interesting part of this article is that it says no one takes the US threat of war against Iran seriously. We shall see soon enough. (042606)

Saudi Arabia: they see the great divide between Sunni and Shia (042606h)



It is unbelievable how money is wasted in Iraq! No it isn't and here is a stellar, if small example in four parts: part one (042506a) part two (042506b) part three (042506c) and part four (042506d)

Kikurk hasn't been in the news for some time; it is now. It seems that Sadr's Mahdi Army is making a move into the burg to counter Kurdish influence which means, more violence there (042406x)

Read the first part of this article, it reminds you of what we were led to believe would happen in Iraq. Fantasyland indeed! (042406p)

Iraq's new "main man" wants to reign in militias, but he is supported by two of them, one with Iranian connections and the other with Sadr all over it , but at least he's saying the right things. (042406d)

Could we possibly have another worrisome issue raised in Iraq? Why, yes we can! It seems Turkey and Iran have built up a military presence on Iraq's borders. They both want to "deal with the Kurds" but one wonders how they intend do do just that. (042306c)

Portrait of combat in Ramadi. It is nowhere near pacified despite the fact that open clashes are rare. (042306d)


Is anyone surprised at the news that Iran refused to stop enriching uranium? Not I said the fox. (043006c) Page two has a McCain comment (043006d) On page three Russia waffles and China seems to disagree, still, with sanctions (043006e)

At the 11th hour CondiGirl talks about credibility, fancy that, regarding the security council, Iran and the nuclear issue not much information here, just the word "credibility" and Rice in a headline. Ok, ok stop laughing (042706a) Russia, meanwhile, seems to have no really good option in this situation regarding sanctions whether they support, abstain or veto problems will arise. (042706b)

Iran and Korea, working together for security and peace. That's spelled m-i-s-s-i-l-e-s. (042706d)

This article mentions, in passing, that October 06 is the date for an attack on Iran. It also suggests another reason for the attack and why Arab governments in the area are amenable to it and why they are visiting Pakistan (042306i)

If we ARE going into Iran why are we telegraphing our intent, plans, techniques and so forth? What is up with all that? (042306h)


The Energy/Resource Wars:

So there is an alternative "trade zone" developing and, guess what, it involves Cuba, who would have thought, and Venezuela helping out its "friendly neighbors" with oil. (043006a) Yes the partnership is limited, part two (043006b)


China's Hu on a something of a world tour makes a stop in Nigeria. Oil is on the agenda and trade, of course. No word on what the US "is doing about this continuous expansion" of China's influence in the world. (042706c)

China's ever expanding role in the world has taken another step. Closer ties with the Vatican mean loosening ties with Taiwan. (042306e)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

Let's look at Earth Day, Bushwhackoff style: Easing air quality restrictions is part of this story, (042606a) And tearing up the landscape, just a bit (042606b) He, his staff, or some such showed themselves just a tad insensitive (042606c)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

A kind of a debate is going on regarding the right to dissent during war time. A range of opinions are compared. (042506f)

The future: 

Let's do the numbers: C02 emissions, global warming areas cover the globe (042406f) What is for dinner? Oh, no, not "rain forest again!" (042406h) Hurricane seasons compared, it can't go on like this, certainly (042406i) A portrait of C02 how it is contributed (042406j) The water picture, is less more? (042406k) Have we improved gas mileage in 30 some odd years? Uh, nope. (042406l) Retreat of the ice cap (042406m) And one more C02 chart (042406n)

African tyrants, one is brought low simply because the US threatened to withhold assistant programs to any of his neighbors who helped him continue on. The trick worked. It shows what can be done and how easily - why are other despots allowed to continue festering? Anyone's guess is as good as mine, but I'm not talking (042306f) And here is something of a survey of those kind of individuals about the world today. (042306g)

The War on Terror:

Oh, by the way, this war goes terribly. Stats are in and they aren't pretty. (043006i)

Portly Gross, I mean Porter Goss, has some house cleaning to do, not that he will, he's to busy squelching anyone who puts the welfare of the US and its constitution ahead of his pig headed, "I'm a jackass in your face" kind of management style. (042606g)

No charges, no trial, no release? Well that's what you get for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a vacation in "Club Guantanamo" (042506e)

Bin Laden tries to keep relevant? (042406b) Are they a spend force? (042406c) and Terror Statistics show a increase from 2004 to 2005 this means we're winning correct? (042406e)

The future of the U S: 

An interesting point here a study of presidencies has illuminated patterns. the pattern that Bushwhackoff has is, not unsurprisingly, the one which would have us be the most concerned. He's right in there with LBJ, Nixon, Wilson and Hoover. The bad news is we have more to come. (042606e)

How is our economy anyway, not good according to this article's facts and figures. (042606d)

Has America ceased to be "great"? Have we ceased to be "good"? As Alexis de Tocqueville once had it? Are we radicals now? (042506g)

What is the "American Dream?" This article speculates on its simple basis and what may be coming when "the party's over." (042406o) Meanwhile the general's still speak to power (042506h) And there is more found here (042506i)

Do we have a democratic alternative to the repugicans? Sure we have "Bush Lite" the Dems seem to think an election about "nothing much" will work. It is amazing to me that titanic mistakes, vast corruption, incompetence, and more are not issues being raised, that leaves, well, nothing much. (042406f)

Even the investigations into the "intel problems or other such things" which led the US to go to war in Iraq, are tainted, that is to say, it was cherry picked, only this time to assist in a cover up. (042406a)

9/11 and the mystery continues:

Well it is fun to go back and look at the scrapbook, as it were. Here are a couple of URLs to pages that feature photos from the Pentagon on that fateful day a few years back. One wonders, still, how the "explanation" the world was given was accepted - as accepted it was. No matter, apparently, even nonprofessionals can take apart the photos distributed in the press or on television to put together a puzzle the 9/11 commission cold not. Here is the first site (042306a) and here is the second, (042306b) peaceful dreams.


Some motion for impeachment, using an little known procedure where the motion can be introduced by a state legislature through its representative, but it is way to little and far to late. The agenda for further aggression, I believe, has been set 042706h)

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May 2006



The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:


The Greater Muddle East

This story involves Turkey, Iran and Iraq. The latter two have built up troops near or about the "tri-state" border region. Iraq can only complain about it. The Kurds are becoming active, that's the excuse for the troops, but Iranians shelling Iraq rebel bases is the headline. Interesting that they say the PKK is who they are shelling, a group we've listed as terrorists but now hailed as allies in the liberators of Iran - at least in other stories. (050106a)


This country's circumstances deteriorate, we spend many many millions and get all that corruption can buy, which isn't much save growing enmity from the people we went there to "save" (050606e)

Times are changing here, the US is set to withdraw and hand off to NATO, who won't handle the country in the same way, provinces have fallen to the resistance and, well, more fighting is to come. (050306b)


The "Shiite Friends" of the US are not as friendly as they used to be. We need their continue peaceful deportment so we can focus on the active rebellion of the Sunni's (050606h)

The infrastructure used to export Iraqi oil is "not really up to code" and vulnerable because it all goes to the same place (050306c)

Ramadi, just a glimpse into how we defend a road which is part of a supply route. (050206a) Japan is talking about the withdrawal of some of its forces from Iraq, gee I wonder why that is? (050206b) Sunni resistance targets Iranian goods being sold in their areas. (050106j)

Slowly the US military plays "catch up" we are finally admitting there is sectarian violence but deny that tens of thousands have become displaced (043006s)


The US, Iran and realpolitik ... interesting (050406i) Meanwhile Russia and China "dig in their heels" against Chapter 7 provisions. (050606b) part two of the story (050606c) and part three (050606d)

According to this article Hillary Clinton is more of a hawk on Iran than most repuglickans. (050306d) She's voices support for a "quick strike" (050306e)

Here is the quote: "The head of the Republican Party said Tuesday that Iran's nuclear program threatens Israel, the Jewish people and the United States, and we must confront an evil ideology head on." Thanks Ken (050206e) And they say they've found new deposits of ore (050206f)

Bushwhackoff calls Putin and chats him up regarding action on Iran. Rice mentions "chapter 7" type sanctions, which include military action. Russia does not seem to be interested. (050106b) Will Israel sit "idly by" as Iran proceeds? (050106c)

Rice the "punisher" says we can "work outside of " the UN if its security council doesn't act the US won't wait. (043006t) And we are concerned as to how "Iran speaks", page two, (043006u)


Time grows short, both sides or rather all the sides in Pakistan gear up for more action they are on the line, the fence, the hot seat - you name it; they're on it (050406h)

Could the government be loosing control of the situations in various parts of the country, the west, north, south, east, southwest and northwest for example, this story is from Waziristan and environs (050406b)

The Greater Islamic regions:

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Nigeria's struggle continues, losses are significant and there is no end in sight for now. (050406d)


Though this story could be placed in other sections, it highlights China's newest move on the world stage regarding Iran and the importance of central Asia. (043006k) Chinese "spies" in Canada seeking technology (043006m)

Meanwhile the US is making its own moves and plans, of which the "temporary bases" in Iraq may well become integral to a "continental strategy" (043006l)

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

About half our wadeable streams are polluted, that is the finding, now what do you think Bushwhackoff will do about it? (050606a)

Trade winds fade? It seems so. Global warming weakens the "Walker circulation" and, by implication, others. Over a century of data supports this, the consequence is that rainfall patterns will change and so will the "fertility" of oceanic areas affected, the circulation mentioned runs between South American and Indonesia. (050406a)

Changes both global and local have put stress on eco systems world wide. Global warming gets the attention but there are other factors which put thousands of species at risk. (050206c)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

How the press "does it" to anyone who criticizes our "Fearless Leader" Dat wily ol' Bushwhackoff in Chief dat is, he be ly-in' and folks be dy-in' but his attack moufs keep barkin' up de wrong tree, yahs-sir. (050206g) Why do we not know about depleted uranium? Here's why: (050206k)

If I read this article correctly, and I do, it means that billions live in nations which do not have a reasonable measure of freedom of the press (050206d)

I guess no one much heard the Bush impersonator getting his yucks off at the expense of a all to present Bushwhacky, who did not laugh at these lines, one wonders why... (050106i)

Well it is a "extravagantly delicious entree" for our "hungry reporters." The recipe: Hookers, Congressmen, Money, Lobbyists and to cap it all off, the Watergate complex. Hooya, lets see some hoopla on this one (050106h)

The future: 

South America continues on its own way, creating an "Axis of good" (050606g)

Gang members in the armed forces, interesting problem, vis a vis the lowering of standards for recruitment. Blowback anyone? (050206i)

Just a little statistical look at the "signing statements" Bushwhackoff uses to deny the legality of laws that he signs. I guess this has to do with "that constitution thing", whatever... (050106g)

The War on Terror:

The lowdown on the Lodi terror ring, or is it three ring - as in circus? (050306g)

Abuses of prisoners, what are the stats on "fixing the problem" that is to say, how well have prosecutions fared? Ignore the fact that the chain of command was not investigated thoroughly, and the graphic is, well, graphic. (050106e) And here is the word on that, including some details. (050106f)

A new report shows that torture by US and allied forces continues despite US law, but then maybe Bushwackoff used one of his signing statements, who knows? (050306a)

The future of the U S: 

Medicare and Social Security the twin pillars for the safety net we use to assist our elderly. Look at how Bushwhackoff manages the personnel, described in this story, how he disregards congress and does what he wants, in microcosm the macrocosm. (050606x)

The US has been involved with the "management" of over 200 "regime changes" between the time WW2 ended and 9/11. Not one of them produced a democracy. A number of cases our "dictator" was overthrown and then a real election took place. So with a track record such as this we can expect great things from Iraq, can't we? (050406f) If you want a list of our "regime changes and related lists, go here for an eyeful (050406g) And here is one more article that supports the prior one and puts some of the information in context (050406j)

What about our "Apocalypse Now" moment in Iraq? Civilian casualties mount and so does the resistance, what's up with that? (050406c)

Real money, by that I mean gold, has been doing well lately, up 60% in a year this article says, yet the perfect storm of circumstances which might have our economy, and the world's, tank is yet to congeal, or are we waiting for a match? (050306f)

Putting Canada "under our thumb" if not overtly, then covertly, quietly and hopefully without anyone taking or making note (050206j)

In case you need a refreshing overview of Bushwhackoff's overstepping constitutional bounds and ruining this nation both at home and abroad, here is a short article that brings one, well, up short. (050206h)

The steppingstone to war, the "Iran Freedom Support Act" another time when so many democrats just went along, even some who are, I guess, nominally "antiwar". Oh well, that is the way it goes. (050106d)

Regarding the articles on China, and the overarching policy of containing any potential rival, or rather preventing the rise of any rival, we see an assessment of how an attack on Iran could "undo the US" (043006o)

Predatory capitalism, nice phrase, yes? When such "behavior or practice" become the norm capitalism crumbles (043006q) A new "social contract" is needed, for example in the "NAFTA Zone" (043006r)


More on the Nordic "Fossil Free Fuel" story (043006j) Also how Russia and the G8 may be "busting out a move" on the issue (043006p)


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Muddle East:


Israel intent on keeping the Jordan Valley, in microcosm the whole shebang is reprised in this pitiful tale of settlers and geopolitics (050806c)

The Greater Muddle East


I guess our democratizing ally Egypt is sure showing progress in beating back peaceful demonstrators (051106l) And beating back other democracy protesters as well (051206n)


In Tal Afar, "a model of our successful strategy in Iraq" bombs go off, air strikes happen and sectarian killing is on the uptick. Yup, sounds like progress to me. (051106c)

Sectarian killing: the evidence mounts, just ask Baghdad's morgue (050706a) So why not just cut the country into pieces, that is what is being touted by some conservatives, "destroy it to save it" (051006e)


Does the "balloon go up" in a few weeks? Rumors run, aircraft carrier groups head for Iran and well rumors fly (051206c) and here is a report on a "war game" run by a man who knows such, having to deal with Iran, part one (051206d) part two (051206e) part three (051206f) part four (051206g) part five (051206h) and part six (051206i)

So if it's not about oil, nukes or Iraq, what is the reason for attacking Iran ... surprise ... surprise, read on (051206j)

Here is a story that gets play: Iran asks for bombs from Pakistan, a threat to Israel is touted and more (051206b)

I like articles like this, lots of named quotes so that, in a few years, we'll be able to look back and see who called which of the shots as to the future of the current diplomatic debacle that is the dysfunctional US Iran relationship. (051106k)

An insightful overview of the Iran situation now that the "letter has been read" and "nothing" has changed. Realpolitik, geopolitics, oil, insurance and more all concise (051106a) Also, Ahmadinejad did not say he'd" wipe Israel off the face of the map", according to this article the translation of what was said goes something like this: "This regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time" But the spin factor, well they had to "spice it up for the press gang. (051106b)

One cannot say the Iranians or their leader isn't smart, a deft move it's called, a trump card, hardly but still it gained time and wiggle room (050806d) However, together, Iran and the US have managed to make matters worse and even intractable, appearing (051006a)

Indonesia supports Iran's peaceful use of nuclear power the article makes a connection however muted that its a quid pro quo (050806a)

A quick and rational look at the Iran vs. US nuclear issue - what is all the fuss when greater threats loom and we do nada, zip, zero, nil and so forth (050706d) Tony "blah blah" Blair says nuking Iran is nuts, so if we go in - we go in alone? (050805b)

The Greater Islamic regions:

Uzbekistan, just another unstable central Asian nation, a target of US manipulation? A horrid dictator? Go for two out of three, it's your choice (051106h)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

The Baluchistani part of Pakistan, another "indigenous people rising against oil and infastrucure" Terrorism against anti terrorism specialist forces (051106j) howzaboutdemappleshuh?

Don't fool with Mother Nature:

Just an object lesson, water is supposed to be clear, by itself. If it's purple or red perhaps it's not best for swimming or other recreations? (051106i)

Simple butterflies, are they just another "canary in the mine shaft"? The article does not state what the consequences would be for a butterfly die down. (051006d)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

The press seems to pad along after a whacko Bushwhackoff regarding its coverage of the Iranian "threats" while ignoring rather large truths which are inconvenient. If we attack Iran and there is severe blow back, will the press then wake up? Will the US population demand a real press corps? (051206k)

Bushwhackoff's defenders claim that "other presidents did some wiretapping" With jackass like logic they say, yup that means it's OK. Well it doesn't and here are the three leading reasons why. (051106d) and the man Bushwhackoff wants to run the CIA, Hayden, doesn't know illegal wiretapping is illegal and is worthless besides (051106e) But he does know his bippies or bidets...seriously.

Prying the lid off an "unpleasant reality" that has been hammered down tight for about a half century, that is debating the US relationship to Israel. How to stop the debate? Call any questioner an Anti-Semite (050706c)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

190 Nations meet up to talk climate and global warming, the US is participating ... sort of ... taking of a back seat (051306b) and part two (051306c) and part three (051306d)

Meanwhile the evidence is stronger that we've heated the world and that the rate of change is faster than we've been thinking it is (051306e) and part two (051306f)

The future:

What's this, a free trade agreement forming between the EU, Caribbean nations and some from South America? Yup, chalk up another by product of the Bushwhackoff's jackass administration gone wild. (051306a)

The pattern of urban development the "exurbs" as it were, where most of the population growth is likely to occur are, well, slums or worse. (051106f)

These recruiters really went the extra mile and the autistic 18 year old will make an excellent cavalry scout, you Betcha! (051006b)

A good question: What do we owe the American Indigenous People? Is it in the millions? Could it be billions? I heard about this lawsuit some time ago and now the punch line to the whole article is the last line, good writing (050606j)

The War on Terror:

On the home front, we seem to be fighting amongst ourselves and incompetently at that, millions of phone calls filed and searched through (051206l) But it's OK Bushwhackoff says its all legal, not bothering to cite any constitutional or other basis (051206o) US, read Bushwhackoff, goes to the mat to defend AT&T's giving up data (051306g) And parsing Bushwhackoff's words (051306h)

Helicopters are an important "workhorse" in Afghanistan's operations, this one may have been shot down, it is an indication of how "bloody" the theater can become if the region heats up. (050606l)

The future of the U S: 

What's this I hear, even more security problems with the diebold machines? Seems like the hole in the system is big enough to drive elections through. (051206m)

Just one more instance where reality is inconvenient to policy makers and we see evidence that abstinence based sexuality programs are ... uh ... backfiring (051106g)

Nancy Pelosi seems to have motivated the party base, unfortunately it was not her party's (051006c) Maybe she's warming up with some "clever ideas" wouldn't that be nice? What is the "real danger" of the Bushwhackoff administration? It will be their legacy ... unfortunately (050706f)

A nice and concise overview of why FEMA and DHS are as dysfunctional as they are and provided disastrous management of a disaster. (050706e)

Leading toward the left, "Latin America" goes one more step (051206a)

This story is apt here, US intel is so busy worrying about "Muslim Bomb" in Iran that we fail to see the possibility or consider the consequences of a Latino Bomb. Brazil has made progress, not a bomb, yet, just enriching (050606k) And a concise overview of the "restiveness" as it might be called by SouthCom's Craddock. Bases anyone? (050806e)


Bush has low poll numbers, that is clear, however, the key in this article is the point that half the people polled said that "Bush is not a factor" when deciding who they'll vote for in 06. (050706b) The Dems seem optimistic, however I am not. I predict the Repuglicans will hold onto congress and maybe even make a gain or two. Oh and no, I won't tell you why.


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

The Greater Muddle East


A debate over aid to Egypt concerning its treatment of protesters and lack of progress toward democracy. There are "concerns" (051906a) part tow makes it clear that the "terror war" trumps that concern, and we still use dollar diplomacy (051906b)


For 18 months now the violence has been on the uptick, the story has some recent details. (052006b)

The car bomb problem is established in this country and UN forces are being targeted (051606b) An uptick in violence as US forces transition out and NATO enters in (051806j) And how western projects are bleeding the Afghan govt. white (051806l)


Now that a "government" is formed take a look at this bit of background for the new prime minister (052006a)

When you think that it cannot get worse, along comes some more bad news, amazing! Killing of innocents? (051806n)

Mosque bombing in Baqouba, Sunnis and Shiites both take part in the destruction, a cycle of retaliation seems underway (051806f) A weekend's worth of Iraqi violence and special note Basra seems to be in chaos, no one seems to be in control, not the British anyway who are supposed to be, not the governor or the state (051506q)

The "Battle of Baghdad" continues: casualties, a helicopter downed, accusations of innocents being targeted - the usual mess. (051506e) part two (051506f) part three (051506g) part four (051506h)

The Greater Islamic regions:

News from the Russian front, the "Chechnyan region" has the car bomb problem beginning to spread (051606a)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Colombia faces renewed attacks on oil infrastructure? (051906c) Russian energy infrastructure and bullying tactics with its unstable neighbors is a volatile mix and no one really gives the situation much attention (051906e)

Food productions, globally, is outpaced by consumption, while in some places surpasses mount in those same places farmers need to use food banks. A skewed system allows starvation to mount all while solutions exist. (051806m)

North Korea:

Back in the news, after such a long break, apparently Bushwhackoff has changed his mind on several points: We'll talk, we'll offer a peace treaty, and we'll do these things before they get rid of nukes and so forth (051806d) and part two! (051806e)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Record low ice pack in the Arctic portend more climate changes and alterations in weather patterns, the region is warming faster than most of the globe is (051906h)

The strongest cyclone on record forces a million to the coastal regions it affected (051806k) How to combat the spread of HIV AIDS? Certainly the do's and don'ts in any such effort are exposed here in an article about Russia (051506a) China's sand storms are more frequent now and larger. They also reach Japan and this riles perhaps (051306i) The science has it that the ice on the central Asian plateau will have 50% melt off each decade, resulting in vast, vast changes in the ecology and water supplies of the surrounding continental regions. (051306j)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

Does anyone know what is "going down" Anyone? (051906o)

If the world is not the way we like, we can always ignore it, as it seems we do (051806g) Investigative reporters? Who needs them? Not Time. (051806h) How simple word manipulation matters most, Canada takes a lesson from our own prevaricators to push anti environmental agendas (051606h) Here is Cheney's own handwriting asking questions (051506k) which leads the writer of this article to speculate that Fitzpatrick is "closing in" on Cheney as well as Rove (051506l)

The future:

Here is the quote: "The world's oil, gas and mining industries account for nearly two-thirds of all violations of human rights "read the details in the article here (051906j)

There are "concerns" that we are seeing human to human transmission of "Bird Flu" in Indonesia? (051906g)

We don't have control over our borders, says the Bushwhackoff in chief. This after billions spent on security, 9/11 and so on, how reassuring. But put the national guard on the task and "see what happens"(051506b) How "the plan" plays south of the Rio Grande (051506c) and then how it plays to the north (051506n) part two (051506o) and part three (051506p)

Then add this: the guard will be rotated through "as normal" which means that instead of getting the training they are supposed to get they get border duty instead, that sounds "good" doesn't it? (051506r) part two (051506s)

We have newly released footage of the Pentagon strike o 9/11. Here is the page where the link can be found (051606c) Oh, guess what: my question is why don't they use any one of the other dozens of cameras that the pentagon has covering itself 24/7/365?

The War on Terror:

An overview of the problems faced by the CIA, but one point stands out, the writer wonders how we got the intel on Iraq so wrong, um, maybe the persons in charge went cherry picking instead? Maybe the CIA was drubbed into being what is is now? (051506m)

And it is OK to wire tap, listen in on, conversations and emails and so forth according to nominee Hayden, what a fat faced porker he is and just about as bright. (051806i) This article mentions that the NSA's eavesdropping may go beyond what is known, but that it is OK, Article two of the Constitution provides ... (051906d)

The NSA's horde of phone call records is a best of questionable legality, however it is also stupid. Consider the theory: they think that by sifting the phone records they will find "patterns" that allow them to "zero in on" probable terrorists. Only problem is the terrorists, say those of 9/11 fame, did most of their business face to face and their phone call patterns were not the sort that would ring alarm bells. Oh well stupid is as stupid does (051506i) Oh, the best part: Negroponte's LIE on record. (051506j)

But you know they don't just want ANYONE'S phone records, they may be quite picky, actually. (051606f)

These would be called a "terrorist" attacks in many parts of the world, Brazil's gangs demonstrate muscle surprising to no one except the world's press who reports on it. (051506d)

The future of the U S: 

How Bushwhackoff supports our troops: benefit cuts, lack of support for PTSD and more! A range of data points on a stressed out force (051806c)

193 Million immigrants will be allowed in under the Bushwhackoff plan? A border fence and National Guard patrols? Resistance from repuglicans (051806b) Immigration and border control: the "would be" bill works its way through congress one wonders if the tough or the tougher version will pass muster. The article does not mention a border fence so I wonder if it has been "removed" from the package. (051606d) and part two (051606e)

Buswhackoff has problems, he is the lamest of lame ducks and has two more years to bungle his way through history. Will he make a "hail mary play by going toe to toe with Iran? Who knows, but he does not have any of the three traditional options presidents have used to rescue a failing administration (051806a)


Seoul demonstrates that a city can move toward being more "green" (051906f) There are other "green trends" also, but, world wide, it is a mixed bag at best (051906i)

Here is hope for you and color it blue. The Blue/Red maps we've seen so little of recently have changed. With Bushwhackoffs approval rating in the proverbial bidet we can see it clearly int he county by county map as well as the state by state map. (051606g) Don't get me wrong but I still think the repuglicans will stay on top in November because of the advantages they enjoyed in 2004, money, media, the "bully pulpit" and they'll cheat, then too we'll be involved in a widened war, and some emergency will come up.


The "Great War"

I inaugurate a new headline section, the "Great War" will contain stories having to do with the new "East and West" struggle first:

Some call it containment, that's what it seems to look like, it will be different from the practice as it was developed during the cold war, but time is short, we don't have 40 years for "the plan" to work (052406g)

The Muddle East:


So understand this story: Palestinian prisoners in an Israeli camp hold negotiations and discussions to produce a document which the current Palestinian leader, Mr. Abbas, has decided to use. He wants a referendum on the document which spells out a peace plan. Hamas may be taken a bit aback by the effort, but the key in the document is a return to the 1967 borders, that 's not going to happen and then, well, the story doesn't mention a right of return either, that won't happen either, not in the world as we know it now, anyway. (052506a) page two (052506b)

Dovetail these two articles: Israel expands settlements, guess who gets cut out? (052206g) Horrors mounting as resources dry up, death civil war and chaos (052206h) Then the Israeli supreme court defends their racist, indefensible decision, indeed! (052206i) This is the nitty gritty on the law (052206j)

This article hopes to dissuade persons from accepting a recent "sensational article" regarding the relationship between the US and Israel. It goes at length to dissuade, however, I disagree with the dissuasion, and I may not accept the tenets of the article. The US has been the most vital supporter of Israel, in term of money, UN security council support, military aid, "popular sympathy" and more. that there is more to this than meets the eye is clear. That the article may be wide of the mark is possible, that there is no "special relationship is patently false. The US had its atoms for peace program which cannot account for huge amounts of nuclear material, the English helped Israel build their reactor. Oh well (052106k)

The Greater Muddle East


Gasoline is a rare commodity in Iraq, production is under assault, corruption in Iraqi circles and in our own result in a chaotic system that could be choked off at a border crossing (052606d)

It is said that this could this be "worse than Abu Ghraib? (052606c) Italy reduces its forces in Iraq (052606a) Japan mulls a similar choice (052606b)

An interview with Iraqi's in the know. One says: civil war is happening, it is too late, the government elected is an insignificant event, and that they've seem to many milestones and turning points all the while reality remains grim (052406h)

With "a galaxy of small groups" each with their own agenda as well as a few hundred thousand men under arms with various government and non government organizations the amazing thing is that the bloodshed, bad as it is, is not so very much worse. (052406b) How come our military cannot be "effective" regarding its goals and yet be without the option to withdraw? (052406c)

"We are seeing corruption everywhere in Iraq" That's the LA Times quote, take a look at just that part of the story on the front page. (052306b) Then look at the other "interesting" stories as well. Then this rerun, what ever happened to a BILLION dollars? (052306c)

The hype is that there is a new government in Iraq, unfortunately it is located where we want it to be, in the green zone, which we control access to and from in absolute terms, and then our "man in charge, Khalilzad, had to stage manage their show purporting to be a government coming to order, complete with the bringing in of reluctant participants. A sham would have some aura of illusion, this "show" does not. (052206c)

Here is the question of the hour. If our troops with air and armor support cannot control Ramadi, how the hell do we expect a new Iraqi force with no such "perks" as those to do it? Yet that is the plan. (052206b)

How we botched the deal with making an Iraqi police force first, do real poor planning not listen to intel (052106a) second, do what the Bush Admin said shouldn't be done, because , well it works (052106b) third, ignore loud and clear lessons from Bosnia and Kosovo (052106c) fourth, have the left hand and right uncoordinated loose plans, and throw people at the task without preparation (052106d) fifth, don't forget to having plan but no people (052106e) Sixth, reduce the number of trainers, wait too long to start and outsource work (052106f) Last, add a dose of corruption, finger pointing, and going for a third plan (052106g)

British in Basra: things are getting dicey. Sadr is in on it, Iranians look one, perhaps bemused, the US is "speechless" and can't sent help without inflaming matters. What's an empire to do? (052006g)


Iraq government official says that Iran has the right to develop nuclear technology. How interesting. Iran's power waxes, it seems (052706c) And part two (052706d)

Will we or won't we talk to Iran, that is the question that has been raised since a very public letter raised the issue in a way our press could not ignore. (052406a) Germany steps up to the world stage and plays a dicey role within the EU, between it and Iran, and in the midst of a realigning world (052706e)

"Headline Traps" stories that lead you on with the headline only to show that there is nothing, of course China might want to have Iran discontinue its road to nukes, but are they talking sanction? No. Are they talking force? No. So what is news is that two countries agree on what they might like but not at all as to how to go about achieving that aim. (052206a)

The stakes in the Iran Crisis transcend a simple issue of disagreement between the US and Iran. Russia and China have their hand in this "rich mix" as does the EU - a complex set of circumstances may yield either uncomfortable or painful results (052006h)


The main story out of Pakistan this week contains the word "nationalist" Baluchistan, the "other Pakistan war" is heating up. (052706a) There is a follow up, connecting any attack on Iran with volatile situations in Baluchistan, now part of Pakistan and a conflict over resources, no, not oil, but gas this time, lots of it. (052706b)

The Greater Islamic regions:


Uranium contamination found in people suggest that some new sort of DU weapons may have been deployed so shocking are the levels that the subsequent generations born will be at risk. (052406i) Oh, our troops and those providing aid are also at risk, nice!

The recent uptick may be a long term situation, on a growth track as it were. A larger scale confrontation is in the offing and "everything" depends on it, depend on that (052306f) and page two (052306g)

Assume the story's facts are straight, then the attack described has killed many innocents. The airborne force used may be creating enough "collateral damage" to effect the population's view of the occupying forces. (052106i) and part two (052106h)

What is behind the recent upsurge in violence in Afghanistan? A new commander may be the key to understanding what is happening and the threat of what is to come. (052006f)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

See the second Pakistan story for the scoop in that country.


New source of oil reaches China (052706f) Chinese population shifts, or rather percolates, into Russia's Far East (052706g)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

The shrinking polar ice cap: the pace of shrinkage may be accelerating and far faster than previous modeling projected. The tipping point may have been reached already - it used to be thought that we'd have an ice free arctic by 2050, this article has it at 2030 and there is a possibility that it could be within a decade (052405k) wunnerful, simply wunnerful - Bushwhackoff should take a bow and then get reamed in the rear.

I didn't know that methyl mercury occurs "naturally" in tuna. (052006c) That is the reason a lawsuit desiring warning labels was struck down. The decision may be in line with upcoming federal legislation to "unify" food product warnings and such like. Sound reassuring, no, but that is the story, thanks Dondero

The War on Terror:

Amnesty International lists the US as a nation doing what amounts to "disappearing people" (052406f)

The "architect of the global resistance" already captured, is given some exposure here: part one (052306h) part two (052306i) part three (052306j)

A tiny article that hits the elephant sized jackass on the head; we see horse shit, so where are the ponies? (052206n)

Guantanamo, prisoners rioting? I thought the place was "impossible to disrupt" I have said it before, when those prisoners start dying so will George, "The Asshat" Bushwhackoff's standing in the world (052006x) But it was not "serious, press reports Colonel Mike Burngarner, the base's chief of detention operations as saying: "guards suffered cuts, scrapes and bruises just like a good football game" Whew, I'm glad its just a game they're playing down there. Inmates succeeded in getting attention however, and maybe we'll see some suicides before this plays out (052206f)

The future:

China, maybe it should have its own section header, but clearly it is a nation whose military is on the move, developing and with an intent that has not, perhaps, changed all that much in 50 years. (052406k)

What is the cost of cheap imported textile goods? Seven day work weeks, forced overtime, pittance pay, riots and the occasional killing: Bangladesh is seeing the birth of a labor movement, painfully, as is usual (052306a)

Global equity markets had had something of a tough time, but is it a blip or portending danger signals, the debate is alive, and will be until time proves one case or the other (052006i) Just a handful of years ago US supremacy was undoubted, now it is in doubt, thanks Bushwhackoff, thanks a lot (052006j)

The future of the U S: 

Here is the quote: "American power as the problem, not the solution. And it brought me close to despair that the response of the internal opposition and of the American people generally proved to be so tepid, so ineffective. It led me to conclude that we are in deep, deep trouble." Here is the story (052706h)

The "Latin Left" may acquire the "crown jewel" in a coup this July. Our nation's debate on immigration and any law passed or wall built will impact Mexico's upcoming electoral results. Will we start looking beyond our nose? (052406e) Well the current version of the bill gives a go ahead for a fence and "it will make it easier for the government to detain or deport immigrants&emdash;whether in the country legally or not." (052606f)

Veiled in the egregious, another assault via intimidation on separation of powers and the executive branch's respect for the legislative. (052306d) and part two (052306e) Or maybe it is or is not an "assault" on the separations clause, there seems debate (052606e)

What the Asshat Dems DON'T GET, kills people, I mean that really. Don't believe me? Read it and weep: (052206m)

Millions to fall through the "doughnut hole" gap in Medicare. Hurray for the new system that baffled millions and now puts millions at risk (052106j) Electronic, paperless voting, again in the news, with software/hardware problems big enough to run an election through (052006d)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

The worse things get in Iraq the easier it is to pretend all is well, ironic? You bet, here is the word on that (052406j)

18 months ago Bushwhackoff promised an "ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world" well dictators and autocrats are great friends it turns out and Bushwhackoff's words were little more than appealing sound bites for the domesticated herd ... moooo (052406d)

Maybe the fact that journalists are being spied upon, watched as it were (052206k) and that someone El Dorko Dumbzoles, I think his name is, , who should know better, is saying the Bush administration has the power to imprison journalists who publish stories revealing conduct by the President which the administration wants to conceal (052206l)

Will the press cover the possible Abu Ghraib case where the chain of command may be "touched" upon? (052206e) Some torque wads, such as Mr. Hume, believe that "Iraqis continue marching on politically down the road toward democracy in spite of the violence and perhaps to some extent… because of it." Can you fathom that nutwhacker of a jelly brained Ignatz? (052206d)


A commencement speech from 2006, wonderful, hopeful and yet realistic and even poetic a good read, even twice (052106l)

Back to the top 

June 2006



The "Great War"

The Muddle East:

If "ignorance is not bliss", then the western intel agents in this region must be happy as clams. How do we miss the obvious? (060306f) We say we "don't talk to terrorists" and why? Well, it depends, but mostly it seems the radical fringe on both sides" run the show" (060306g) And what are we afraid of? Regarding any opening of a real dialogue with our opponents in the region? (060306h)


Financial crisis now with a humanitarian crisis to follow and soon the Palestinian Authority cannot fund its day to day payroll, much less anything else. Hamas won't give on its goal of destroying Israel, Israel won't give on returning anything, aligning its border in accord with any UN resolution or common sense. (053106k)

Gaza devolves into ... into ... into what? Gangland or warlordism, you take your pick (052806e) Meanwhile there is some hubbub concerning a document written by Hamas and Fatah prisoners, calling for recognizing Israel and a two state solution. The article goes on and sounds hopeful that a potential referendum on those ideas will yield the result that Hamas would do those things. The Tarantula in the butter dish is this: what will the borders of the "two states" be? Who will determine them? (053006k)

The Greater Muddle East


Terrorist activity in this country is rare, however not as rare as it once was, meaning none. (060206g)


The US does not need to have video clips of a small girl, a Haditha survivor, being seen. It just makes matters worse. (060306a) What does the US military's spokesperson have to say? (060306b)

"Battlefield ethics" that is the new buzz word. Troops are being made aware of our "strong rules of engagement" But when innocents die, or appear to do so it harms any effort we may make (060206h) The media has a duty, (060206i) but does it include investigating or questioning authority? I mean consider this article's attitude, something has to be done (060206k) And a bit about Haditha's killings (060206l)

A brewing battle for Basra? The Iraqi army is set to move on the city and "take control, trouble is that who is really on who's side in this struggle and what role is Iran playing. (053106l)

A view from Iraq's perspective regarding Bushwhackoff and "Blah Blah" Blairs recent show of spin, smoke and mirrors. part one, (053006f) and part two (053006g)

Gearing up for a another fight in Ramadi (053006e) Which relates to why talk of "drawing down" our forces has been light of late (053106g)

Spreading fear "democratically" in this sad, sad place (052906e) The coalition is shrinking? (053006b) Then the Haditha "massacre" is said to be "Iraq's My Lai" but there are "many such incidents" (053006d)


The US willing to talk to Iran? That is the headline, the pundits and rubber stamp press all make hay out of it, however what does the US offer really mean in practical terms? (060306e)

Gulf War III? A summary and description of the "war games" run for an attack on Iran. (053106h) Why is the divide so deep between the US and Iran a few snapshots from history suffice and the "baggage of culture" as well. (060306c)

The Greater Islamic regions:


The outline, in brief, of the battle plan of the resistance (053106a) And the overview of a day that "changed Afghanistan" (060306i)

How "hot" is it in Kabul? What may have been a traffic accident sparked rioting, eight deaths, at least, and 100 wounded. So much for rush hour (052906b) and part two (052906c) and part three (052906d) The "peaceful island that was Kabul" has had a taste of discontent, but there are hints of orchestration to the protests, meaning organization, meaning resistance already inside the island. (053006c)

Heating up more than expected, opposition stronger than expected too (052806f) and part two (052806g)


The US Pakistan relationship strains and strains, but has not yet broken, meanwhile Pakistan warms up to Iran (053006l)


It seems that "story" there is more complex and that efforts, however well intentioned, have stoked the fires of strife and genocide rather than abate them. (053106j)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Why will there be resource wars for oil? Here are two stories or reasons (052806b) And here, in the Arctic, is where the "groundwork" for some conflicts are already being laid. (060106a) 

South of the Rio Grande:

Venezuela's buying to refurbish and upgrade its military as the US links it to Cuba and Iran and tries to scuttle arms deals. (053006a) Meanwhile the "narco presidente" next door gets reelected (060206j) and there is friction between the two to deal with.

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Here is a sampling of what might be a new seasonal pattern in the western portion of the US (060206f)

Global warming could enter a "feedback loop" and our estimates of how much warming we'll have to deal with and how soon may be low. (053106d) And this has effects on the Arctic, of course, there are resources and "concerns" and "interests" and "claims" (053106e)

Predicting disaster? Greenpeace pointed out that scientists "saw the floods coming" and say there is more to come, global warming (053106b) And speaking of predictions we have our own for the upcoming hurricane season (053106c) Keep in mind this is the same "government information" produced by those who want to "please the boss" One wonders what the real deal is, I guess we'll find out.

Mother Nature has something against Indonesia, earthquakes (052806c) and a volcanoes (052806d) which is now erupting so they tell me. Difficult situations make all the more so for worries they have there regarding Al Qaida and the Bird Flu possibly being transmitted between people.

The War on Terror:

More on 9/11, did we get more warnings bit did the NYT and J. Miller let us down, or let someone off the hook? You decide. (052806a) Personally the story isn't really much, its import lies in what might have happened had the story been run and some kind of investigation made or action taken.

The future:

Recent stories talk about HIV/AIDS bring "resurgent" or still a threat, so what to do, "send in the clowns" The Bush Girls get the big bucks and no doubt will appear as sincere as anything (053106i)

Why should Syria or Iran "work with us" when we, our Resident Bushwhackoff rather, make no bones about how we want to remake their governments. Sound like a peaceful future to you? No? I 'm not surprised (052806j)

The future of the U S: 

Revisiting Election Fraud 2000 - 2006

A grand report on the election fraud system as it is becoming known 104 pages/pdf (060206a) A reminder of "who won" and how (060206b) and more on "voting rights" issues from a US commission investigating "Fraudida" 2000 (060206c) and just a touch more for those truly masochistic souls, this from CBS (060206d) And this from the Ohio of 2004 (060206e)

Meanwhile in other areas

"Putting lipstick on a Pig" a term for "bandaiding" or decorating what is otherwise and the still ugly. Our new Sec'y of treasury (053106f)

The four fundamentalisms, I'm not talking religion here folks, which rule the roost and will provide us with all the problems we'll ever need (053006j) The massive "Christian right" has its objectives and has its obstacles as well, an overview (053886h) Who are the "dominionists? (053006i)

Here is the quote: "As for that other Constitution-empowered check on the executive branch, the U.S. Supreme Court differs from a rubber stamp on Bush policies only in that the latter leaves an impression." Now read the story (052806k)

The immigration debate continues to heat up, with conservatives who are fed up with the matter sending bricks to their representatives, indicating support for a wall and no compromise allowing illegal immigrants a path to citizenship - this will go down well in Mexico one would suspect and effect the election down there, in ways probably not helpful to us or the problem (052806h) and part two (052806i)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

If you have not read Slate lately, look at this issue, several things are covered, Iran, the India US nuke deal, Bush being open to new ideas and the Wen Ho Lee denouement (060306d)

How Bushwackoff and "BlahBlah" Blair tell it like it isn't and no one puts their words or feet to the fire (052806l) How a government/military can lie and lie and lie ... for decades and yet the lie remains. This is one sampler from Korea (052906a)


The "Great War"

CIA and NAZI connections and protection, 27000 pages worth gets a viewing, Eichman's name pops up, wunnerful (060706h)

The Muddle East:


We finally hear from this nation regarding the Israeli plans to wall off what they want and what it means for the Palestinian state and Palestinians in Jordan, essentially "there is no room at the in, so go home" (060706c)


This writer contends that Palestine is finished and that it was/is all a part of the "grand plan" some 30 years in the making. (060606j) Is is any wonder that Hamas calls of its cease fire. But, in truth, what will it mean, as if they can have any effect on Israeli policy or the "facts on the ground" We shall see (060906x)

What do people do when they are facing starvation, depravation and more ills than can be listed? We'll find out what Palestinians do soon enough when the food runs out. (060506e)

The Greater Muddle East


And you thought they were serious when they said "no permanent bases in Iraq" Ha, and again ha! (060906i)

Women suffer death for "dishonor" which can be as simple as inappropriate dress, appearing outside without a male relative, or engaging in an y professional work (060806b)

Zarqawi's death is announced and a few minutes later deals are cut in the Iraqi government which benefit the Sunni's and everyone seems very, very happy. This article smells something, a deal or rather a sell out of Zarqawi in exchange for cash and influence - speculation perhaps but it makes as much sense as the "all of a sudden everyone is just so happy that they can all agree to finalize the government, a battle that has been months long at this point. (060806a) And how did Zarqawi get his start? Who make the choices which prepared the ground for his horrific rise? Bushwhackoff and Co. (060906b) This article has it that there will be no real change in the level of resistance (060906x)

How not to find 21 billion dollars, even when the news breaks, and congress acts and Bushwhackoff signs the law creating an investigator - fascinating (060706g)

Another atrocity by US troops? Who knows, it's the rumor that counts and there are lots (060706e) And another view of the deterioration in Iraq (060706f) How do "ordinary people" committee atrocities? Maybe all it takes is "wink and a nod" (060906j)

Hey the LIES that the LIARS LIED about LYING about, from Vanity Faire (060706b) Surprising suppositions regarding the Niger "yellow cake" documents used by the US to "excuse their war."

Hey, hey, hey, its that new math, I guess ... here we understand that checkpoint deaths are down, which means they must have been up previously one can only guess the total (060606a) and then a survey with no explanation of who was polled and how indicates the Iraqi's are hopeful (060606b)

The morgue in Baghdad, bodies brought in by US soldiers are not given autopsies, why would that be? Haditha anyone? (060506m)

Here is the quote "direct link between Haditha, the national embarrassment of Abu Ghraib, going on four years now of uncontrollable chaos in Iraq, with the bad judgment, poor decisions of our secretary of defense back in late 2003 and 2004" Here is the story (060506l)

Here is where a simple map and graph tell the story: oil pipeline attacks are "down" But we can see the strategy the resistance uses here (060406e) and the flip side of this is that it forces the use of tanker trucks which in turn facilitate all sorts of "unsavory" activities (060406f) part two (060406g) part three (060406h) and part four (060406i)

Another day another raft of violent attacks, seemingly senseless and or random (060406a) meanwhile the government "fiddles" (060406b) and just a bit more on the Sunday events (060406c)


Do we hear a new "deadline" for Iran, by the G8 Summit they have to "decide" And then what? (060906c) page two has Iran being defiant (060906d)

A persecuted and threatened Iranian woman, also a Nobel Prize holder, believes many things, but says the Iranians see a the US as having a "double standard" regarding its nukes and those of Pakistan, she does not mention Israel's or those of India. She also, in my mind, with naivety, assume that a democratic government is supervised by its people and therefore cannot be a threat and so a democratic Iran is a solution to the problem, obviously she ignores the situation in the US, I mean Bushwhackoff being "supervised" by the people, that he is held in check? A minor point, in some way, but I had to say it. (060506a)

The Greater Islamic regions:


A long report on the "open warfare" in Helmand province, a harbinger of others facing similar conditions (060706a)


Here are some details on the "operation in Somalia" (060806c)

Islamic forces have entered the capital, ousting those rumored to have US support (060606f) Here are some details (060606g) But ours wasn't the only hand in the pie (060606h)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

Water in Pakistan is becoming an issue, as it is globally. The deserts can become a resource for civilization, if it is used correctly, will these problems be solved or simply another excuse for warfare? (060506h)

Hey, the muddy media actually illuminated Cheney's duplicity, or rather his fascistic double standards and his belching ruminations regarding what Russians regard as the portents of a new cold war, wunnerful, simply wunnerful (060506c) Oh, yes, it's over oil.

I guess much of this article is appropriately placed here, dealing as it does with a cooling relationship with Canada, of all places, the ambitions of an oil thirsty China and the developing problems with US foreign policy as it relates, mostly, to natural resources on a global scale. (060306n)

South of the Rio Grande:

School of the Americas has trouble getting cooperation from this region, one wonders why, no not really. (060906f)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

Studies indicate warmer oceans yield more frequent and more powerful hurricanes. Not a surprise to me, it's been said before (060506g) The issue used to be called "desertification" but the issue becomes more pressing in this time of climactic change and political instability in the "fringe regions" surrounding desserts world wide. (060506i)

The War on Terror:

Hey, I know how to fix that pesky phone tapping scandal thingy, change the rules so its ok and then pardon the president and badda bing- badda boom, presto chango its all fixed - a non issue! (060906h)

Good to go, European involvement in the "secret holding sites" (060706d) Here is a map that makes it easy to understand (060806h) And some NYT details (060806i)

The most recent "scare" comes from Canada. The operation was a sting really and there was, apparently, no real possibility of the would be terrorists using the explosives that was bought and transported by the RCMP (060406j)

The future:

The Vatican, that pillar of global civilization, finds alignment with Bushwhackoff on "marriage issues" and such like and Italy is poised to make decisions (060606k)

A boycott of Israel gains some momentum and although it is a long way off from influencing governments there are enough parallels with the apartheid rule of South Africa that it's main arguments may find support, though probably not in the US for sometime (060506b)

The future of the U S: 

In November we have another set of elections, in California we've seen a foretaste of what may well happen, nothing. The Repuglicans will retain control overall but the tally will be close, so very close. That will be "swallowed" by the electorate because the cheating is, by now, so "expert" This California election may have been fair, but the nationals certainly will not be. (060906k)

A four part article on the underside of the Information Age, Geopolitics and Global Economy, shedding new light on corporate hacking, industrial espionage, counterfeiting & piracy, organized crime and related problems: 1.When Insiders and Competitors Target Businesses (060806d) 2.When State-Sponsored Trade Secret Theft Targets Businesses (060806e) 3.When Counterfeiters, Pirates and Organized Crime Target Products (060806f) 4.Strategies for Business Security and National Economic Security (060806g )

This is a good article, it articulates something which though debatable strikes at the heart of what how bushwhackoff is failing the US and dangerously so, by redefining the insubstantial "image of America" in the world's eyes (060606i)

Three upcoming constitutional crises, a brief look (060506f) He we have more state secrets than ever before, thanks to Bushwhackoff (060506n)

I know it might be boring, but bear with the article, a futures market dealing with housing shows a pending weakness in the market. Per previous stories on our economy the question that should be asked now is: "What will happen if the housing market contracts, or worse?" Then ask what can or is being done, now, in a prophylactic manner? (060406d)

Here is the "famed four part article on the 2004 election fraud" from Rolling Stone: part one (060306j) part two (060306k) part three (060306l) part four (060306m)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

This should be headline news, a new "communications" act would effectively end what is known as "net neutrality" which is the concept that that everyone, everywhere, should have free, universal and non-discriminatory access to the Internet. (060906g)

This article talks about Haditha, and is mildly critical of Bushwhackoff and the management of the war, but then it says: "What we do have to prove is that we are strong enough to fight this war, and intelligent enough to win it" Well, I have to say we have done neither of those things, we've done the opposite (060606c) Here's Tush Lumbargh flapping his greasy asshole and blowing gas on the subject (060606d) But there is more, Haditha is not isolated, Iraqi's say (060606e)

Hey, if you don't see it, it isn't there - is it? (060506j) Ok, I saved this article because it was worth it, just reading it makes one sick to ones soul, it's only a page or so, but by the end you just want to howl, no one presses these points What a mess (060506k)


Some limits to privacy are preserved? Maybe for now (060506o) Some news on a newer version of tapping the energy of tidal movements, so to speak. Norway has an idea whose time has come (060506d)


The "Great War"

The Muddle East:


If you want dismal, no grim statistics on what is happening in Palestine, read this, the children suffer 99 percent have trauma, experienced military attack, death and relocation, horrible (061606c) and here is more on that in the context of a longer column on the region and its problems. (061606d)

Suitcase cash is not enough for Palestine to survive (061506c) Hamas is "convinced" to stop the rocket attacks (06156d) how does one spell collapse and what will it mean if the Hamas government "gives up"?

The opening salvos in a renewed struggle between Hamas and Israel. The referendum which was viewed as "hopeful" may be in jeopardy (061106c) And a rising "symbol" makes appearances, becoming an icon of the suffering Palestinians (061406h)

The Greater Muddle East

The Saharan Nations:

The headline reads: The US opens a new front in the war on terrorism. It talks about 500 million dollars. Experts disagree with the approach, but that does not matter. (061606p)


Who runs the prisons and "takes care of those incarcerated?" Militiamen, and that's not a good thing (061606j) and part two woohoo (061606k) While military defeat is not likely, some form of defeat may be, speculation on this count is found here: (061606b)

Here is an interesting document, Iraq has more, much more oil than generally known. To keep oil prices in their "very profitable zone" many want that oil to stay in the ground. A little bit of history goes a long way, and this tale goes back to the "creation of the 'modern' Middle East" after WWI. (061606a)

Now we're getting an "unverified translation" of a Zarqawi document illustrating the "fact" that the insurgency is "gloomy" This makes headlines, the fact that it could be pure fiction does not deter anyone from covering it. (061506a) Zarqawi, was the "big story" but just as big should be the fact that Bushwackoff had three chances to whack the dude, take him out, as Pat Robertson puts it, one wonders why? (061206d) Here is what one interviewer hears from Iraqi's in the resistance (061206e)


It might now be called "Battlefield Iran" for all that it matters, China, Russia and the US are the tri-polar opposites each angling, though, in some ways the US is odd man out - an unstable situation threatens war this year, more hints of that (061606m)

Some hints about what we "might be planning" surface in Italy, but rumors and more rumors only (061606f) Still sitting in the proverbial "cat bird" seat, regarding the so called stand off regarding its nukes (061006a)

The Greater Islamic regions:


More answering the call to Jihad come from Pakistan, they say, by the thousands. It cannot bode well for US interests, or peace (061606o) Here is an expansion on that, why Pakistan youth are attracted to the Taliban (061706a) "Every rocket is a pain killer" That is what the survivor said, this article talks about what he meant by that (061606e) Fighting continues to escalate, casualties mount, hundreds dead, and both sides seem determined to make gains (061006c)


Further thoughts on Bushwhackoff's bungling in this country (061206a)


40 bombs go off - Muslims in the country's south have a bone to pick. (061606n)

The Energy/Resource Wars:

The US being out played for the big time stakes in the Asian energy competitions (061206g)


History buffs recall the "Silk Road" today something like it is being built and promises much for the 32 nations it will, eventually, link (061606q) China seems to take game plans from the US play book regarding the securing of oil and support for non democratic regimes. Competition heats up globally between the US and China (061006b)

South of the Rio Grande:

The election in Mexico has a lefty in the lead, how wild is that? (061606g) And there are reasons for this, NAFTA for one (061706d)

It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature:

The lead story in this column is about the stress and strains being put upon the oceans, by fishing, pollution, global warming and maybe even deep sea mining. Then the rest are interesting, a profile in what is "going on"(061706s)

I heard that this past April was the warmest, in the continental US, since records have been kept, by 4.5 degrees. This story talks about the regions of permafrost which are defrosting now for the first time in thousands of years. This change will add huge amounts of carbon, in the form of carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere (061506g) and part two (061506h)

Eating tuna? You shouldn't at all if your are a pregnant woman, that is the latest. Isn't progress wonderful? (061006e) Even more data is in: global warming = warmer oceans = more and bigger hurricanes, for example (061206h)

The War on Terror:

An overview, the "troubles in Shri Lanka" how does terrorism start? (061506b) Supplanting natives and then making them second class citizens is a start.

The war on terror is "deeply flawed" "consuming hundreds of billions of dollars" (061406a) And here a report grading Bushwhackoff's terror war, he gets a stunning 1.8 out of a possible ten, that's failing where I come from (061506e)

Three suicides at Guantanamo open a new "front" in the war on terror. In my humble opinion each such death will have repercussions in the wider war (061106a) part two has Britain's Constitutional Affairs Minister asking hard questions to answer (061106b) in part three our supremes slowly get around to considering the situation (061106c) What does the US do about this? Expel the US reporters, of course (061406g)

And Zarqawi, made into something more than he was, by us and how US military planted stories about him in the US media (061206f)

The future:

Russia and Kazakhstan being very friendly space-wise. The US is out of this loop and faces another competitor in another field. (061706e)

The health of the world's people is at stake, by the millions, because of US policy? Sound like another "disagreement" with the world? Thailand is the center of this story, but its impact is global. (061606l)

It is the US vs. the UN. Who will loose? Both! Who will win? Neither. If funds are cut off it will only make managing the "hot spots" in the world that much more difficult. (061006d)

The future of the U S: 

Economic signs show worrying signs, luckily no one is paying attention (061606h) And a few more fun facts in a short article (061606i)

The "soft power" of the US, its media, culture and so forth, the "Hollywood" factor is taking a beating world wide here are some stats (061506j) and here are some speculations (061506i) What does the "final arbiter" of the Bushwhackoff regency have to say? Not much: (061406i)

I've run this article before, the three constitutional crises that are heading our way. The third one supposes congress will go democratic and then "oversight will begin" and thus topple Bushwhackoff's house of cards, but two things are laughable, first the idea of the Dems will taking congress in November, I'm taking bets against it and I only bet when I am certain, then, as for them exercising oversight, what is preventing them from raising a stink now? The second case involves covering Cheney's butt with an assertion that "wartime powers" disallow a sitting vice president from being distracted by being summoned to court in the Plame investigation - my thought: what is stopping that now? And the first was an assertion that the NYT can be prosecuted for its reporting, well, isn't that already, essentially, true? I mean a reporter was put in jail until they revealed their source. The crises are already upon us, but read the article anyway (061206c)

Our media's presstitutes inaction: 

The Global Warming debate, fueled by big oil and allies it's long and ongoing effort have been successful in managing the coverage of this story, arguably the biggest in history and relegating it to back pages, being dismissed, or balanced by "industry experts" (061706c)

How the Repuglicans will use Iraq to improve their chances, I for one am taking bets that congress will not shift a wit in November, unless some catastrophic event takes place which somehow obviates that possibility (061506k)

More on Rove, Plame and the scandal that should have had the headlines for months (061406b) Will they EVER go for Rove or, gasp, Cheney? (061406j)

And how about Diebold's insecure security systems combined with a stark and surprising lack of oversight of poll workers who took machines home with them before the election in San Diego., California (061406c) And it may be worse than that (061406d) And if that is not enough for you here's an article (061406e) and here's a friendly map listing 25 publicized incidents of voting machine mess ups (061406f)

This story should be headline news, but as with many, many others it is not even getting a peep: Rove's indictment (061206b)


Reducing mercury releases, 1/3 of the country sues the Feds regarding lax limits. (061706f) Reducing the use of fossil fuels = reduction of C02 = less global warming. UN projects around the world show what can be done (061206i)

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